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Produce tracks on the go with iMASCHINE 2 and share your creations with the world.


Create a beat on 16 pads with hundreds of professional sounds. Use the Smart Play keyboard to add melodies and basslines that are always in-key. Spice up your track with vocal and field recordings or sample directly from iTunes. Use Apple’s 3D Touch technology to optimize your workflow and get even more creative.

The Arranger in iMASCHINE 2 lets you turn your loops and scenes into full tracks with the swipe of a finger. Add parts quickly and easily. Change the color of your pads or groups to see your entire arrangement at a glance – rearranging and editing tracks on-the-go has never been quicker or easier.

Share your creations with the world by uploading them directly to Soundcloud. Or export your projects to the MASCHINE 2 software and continue working on them in the studio with your full MASCHINE hardware setup.


- Use 16 pads for real-time drum sequencing on your iOS device
- Quickly create beats without finger drumming using Step Mode
- Use the Arranger to structure your track by adding, moving, and deleting different patterns on the fly
- Play always-in-key melodies and basslines by combining Chord, Scale, and Arpeggiator features with the Smart Play keyboard
- Use Note Repeat in Keyboard and Drum Pad Modes to create rolls, fills, and fast note attacks with note ranges from 1/4 notes to 1/32 notes
- Better organize your sounds using multi-colored pads and groups
- Optimize your workflow using Quick Actions with Apple 3D Touch for app and pad shortcuts*
- Control the velocity or rate of note repeat depending on how hard you press the screen using 3D Touch*
- Capture vocals, field recordings, or any audio from the microphone on your iOS device
- Sample directly from your iTunes library
- Mix your sounds and choose from professional audio effects
- Open your existing iMASCHINE projects effortlessly in iMASCHINE 2
- Start building tracks immediately with the included extended iMASCHINE 2 library, featuring over 300 MB of content: 19 projects, 38 drum kits and over 750 samples
- Choose from a huge collection of additional drum kits, projects and instrument sounds from top sound designers and renowned artists with iMASCHINE Expansions – available at the In-App Expansions Store
- No matter which iOS device you use, iMASCHINE adapts to your screen size – a compact workflow for iPhone and an optimized iPad workflow for two-handed groove production
- Learn how to use the app and discover helpful tricks with the New Features Notification function
- Export your mix as an audio file or directly upload it to SoundCloud and share it with the world
- Export your project (including samples) to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. Projects exported to MASCHINE support multiple Scenes as well as Pad and Group colors.
- Universal App. Purchase the app and iMASCHINE Expansions once and use them on all iOS devices registered to that iTunes account

*iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only


Requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

Reverb is supported by iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, or iPod 6 or newer.


iMASCHINE is based on MASCHINE – the renowned groove production system from Native Instruments, used by professional producers all around the world. MASCHINE is available in three different hardware versions: MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. All come with the same cutting-edge software including professional sound library, drum synths and melodic synthesizers, and effects. The software also features a cutting-edge sampler, mixer, clip-based arranger, and visual browser.

iMaschine 2 App Description & Overview

The applications iMaschine 2 was published in the category Music on 2015-11-12 and was developed by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH. The file size is 485.09 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using iMASCHINE 2 and leaving us your valuable feedback.

For version 2.2.0 we are pleased to announce the addition of reverb to iMASCHINE 2.

Reverb is supported by iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, or iPod 6 or newer.

Exporting projects including reverb to the desktop version of MASCHINE requires MASCHINE version 2.5.0 or newer.

For help, tips and tricks, please visit the iMaschine 2 Forum: (

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iMaschine 2 Reviews


The Best, Period!  ThatBJP  5 star

I’ll start with what could’ve been done differently, in my opinion. (Hint, Hint Guys. Make it happen, Please!!) First, more pattern selections. Four per group is nice AF but I’m sure 8+ would have been doable. Second, more plug-ins (FX) on the final output. (It would also be cool if you could assign plug-ins to each sound not only groups like with the desktop version, but whatever) Now, what is “soooo” great about it? First of all, the price! There is no mobile app that I’m aware of that can do this, period. Definitely not for under $10!! (maybe it was like $5.99 or something) Secondly, transferring files, via iTunes file sharing, is too easy! (You can’t f*** it up). I’ve found that making beats in iMaschine then juicing the hell out of them in Maschine is the most convenient experience I’ve ever encountered! I’ve made many beats unsung Maschine (a few have even had major radio play in the south) but now, ever project starts with iMaschine. I️ know it sounds like I’m just really jocking these guys but I’m telling you what it is! I️ don’t normally drop reviews for anything, but I’m telling you what it is! I️ typically use Logic Pro X (with a midi keyboard or my MK2) or Maschine to produce beats but I’m finding myself leaning towards iMaschine more and more everyday!! Make no mistake about what I’m saying though, you probably won’t be able to get a proper mix using iMaschine but you can definitely put down and structure the foundation of some real Bangers! If you’re making beats, even if you don’t own the desktop version, this app is a must! You may or may not be able to take the track all the way to a finished product using iMaschine but at the end of the day it is just a mobile app and I️ absolutely love this **it!


APP wont open after IOS 11 update  KenJohna  5 star

This app is probably one of the best apps on the iphone for music production, but after updating my phone to ios 11 the app doesnt open the starting screen opens but then exits out the app. NI please fix the bugs and give an update!!!


Right now, useless.  Wsdowdy  3 star

App hasn’t worked since iOs 11. It’s really annoying. Won’t open 70% of the time. Great app otherwise. Right now, useless.

Juanie Juan


I’ve been using iMaschine since it’s inception and then upgraded to iMaschine 2 once it came out.. bought almost all the expansions and now that iOS 11 is here it’s not working properly.. fix this ASAP! We need this guys! Make it right! Peace.. -Juanie


Doesn’t open on iOS11  UmanzOmar  1 star

Great software if you can can it to open. worked fine until iOS11 came out and now it crashes all the time. Looked in the App Store and Native Instruments has failed to update the app in over a year.


Great app! Has it’s issues.😑  Gshetley  3 star

So I started with the first iMaschine app and loved it! Then I upgraded and for about a year I was loving the app, but now it’s really starting to tick me off! It’s only one issue that I have and it trying to open the app now it just keeps force closing on the start up over and over again.


Killer App... Killer Suggestion  micahjoel  5 star

Love imaschine! Super fun and easy to use! Now for the suggestion. Spire makes the best app for recording voice and instruments. imaschine is the best app for making and producing beats and samples. Make your two apps compatible! Importing and exporting between spire and imaschine would be amazing. I'd be able to record me singing and playing on spire, then import it into imaschine, and add beats and samples. That's be awesome. If you made that happen, it would be a game changer for tons of artists!


Great App, Until it starts crashing.  freeappswoo  1 star

Updated from the Maschine 1.0 app Great update. Even spent money buying the ultimate sample pack ($9.99) Ever since I downloaded the expansion pack. It crashes, constantly. I’m lucky if this app open. This needs to be patched soon or it was a complete waste of $20 This should be able to run smoothly on my IPhone 7


Pretty annoying on iOS 11  vegathavillain  3 star

Overall, an AMAZING, AMAZING app. Super intuitive and sinple but After having it since launch I still have a few gripes: - still no number sliders so I have to guess and listen to see if a sample is pitched the same or at the same volume. ( cmon bruh) - no way to shut off 3D Touch in app, so if I’m hitting a pad I might accidentally screw up recording because the app thinks I’m trying to use a 3D command. ( common sense function bruh) - on iOS 11 when loading a sample sometimes the slider glitches - still no way to stretch samples (BeatMaker has this and more so it’s definitely possible and there’s ZERO excuse) - no auto chop which on an iPhone app would make things WAY easier than chopping samples then still having to go and manually load each one. ( also something beat maker has) While it’s my go to app and has been since the first one, it’s super limited for no reason. I actually went it and bought a Maschine Mikro because I love this app so much and it’s collecting dust because this is so much easier to use, but you guys shouldn’t limit it like you are, I would rather have these simple functions than a new beat pack every month.


Keeps crashing  pezatop  5 star

I’ve been trying to use this for 2 months. I was testing beta iOS 11 and I wanted to send a message saying the app wouldn’t work. And with a fresh install and With reinstalling the app and the kits it still won’t work after closing the app. So basically it installs the app it works. This is before adding any kits. But I did notice it would crash but I would be able to open it after trying again. So it will allow me to install download all previously bought kits and then. But if I close the app it will never allow me back in. It crashes on the opening imashine 2 screen before the pads even show. One other thing. I tried to download one kit and it was one that I previously bought. Years ago and for some reason it wasn’t responding to as if I had purchased it before I have the iPhone 7 Plus so I had my finger on the home button and it purchased it again. I didn’t know that it would charge me again. And now it’s now showing in my order history but they sent me an email about 5 days ago as a receipt. And I don’t know how to get a refund for an error on apples side. 10/18/2017 App is still crashing. May open up once or twice in the beginning. But after refuses to open. I haven’t downloaded or added anything to the app. It just crashes. I’m using iOS 11.


Please add MIDI support!  Brad.drum34  4 star

I have been using this app for just about 2 years now and love it! The drum sequencer is great and all of the instruments are good quality. I’ve found that the keyboard is difficult to edit. There are 2 ways this could be made easier: Add a keyboard editor where you can place in individual notes Or add MIDI support so we can use an actual keyboard

Bearded warrior of doom

AWESOME  Bearded warrior of doom  5 star



Recording is way off.  Jman782655  1 star

Compared to the first iMaschine on iPhone 4s using iMaschine 2 on an iPhone 7Plus is a terrible experience as the record, on playback is completely different from what is recorded.


-$  Doct0rs  1 star

Once I purchased iMaschine 2 it did not let me restore an expansions from the previous iMaschine Don't get me wrong great app, great experience but why purchase all those expansions again ? Hungry hungry hippos


Where's the integration?  wharf99  1 star

The blurb for this app says you can open projects from the original iMaschine in v2.0. But how? There is no function to do this. Please explain. I feel like I have bought a lemon.


Latest version not working  AndreLovesReviews  3 star

Hey guys, latest version of the app as of Aug 16 is not working for me. I open the app and it hangs and crashes. I have to 'force quit' the app. Could you please fix?


What happen?  TheKarmaKeeper  5 star

Guys what happen to the app? All my kits are disappeared, I've tried to restore it but doesn't work...and all my projects now are missing of some instrument or sound.. Please fix this because is not good. Greetings..


It got deleted off my phone now I can't re download it...  Jollyrogers74  2 star

Help at all?

just say maybe

Easy to use, great samples too  just say maybe  5 star

Much easier to use on iPad than iPhone but it's the best thing out there for drum machine/beat making. Exporting just to wav not just Soundcloud and then downloading the wavs from there would be ideal.


Step in the right direction but still needs more work  Jorund  3 star

I like all of the new features, however the lack of ability to edit your keyboard parts in any way, is a major disappointment. The editing of drum pads is a very nice new feature, but in regards to the keys, it's just as limited as the previous version of the app...


Why the extra charge!?  Valkery96  1 star

I got charged $35 for this app and it said it was $9.99


Bluetooth Lag  AyeDee_Wats_Up  3 star

This app would be great if there wasn't latency while using bluetooth. Since apple is promoting Air Pods this should be something that you guys address.


Nearly there  DaMacMaclure  4 star

Interface is nice, Quick/easy to use, Nice samples that come with it, - but - Needs 3/4 or 6/8 time, modify the box sequencer to have 12 boxes for that or something NEEDS!!! ABSOLUTELY NEEDS ITUNE FILE SHARING!!! Adding your own samples takes forever using AudioCopy. Should be able to load many samples at a time through computer or at least a quicker way of doing it. Needs the ability to change note velocity. Check out yellowfier's velocity function. Maybe something similar would work for this.


Almost Great  Joshmehler  3 star

Really fun, but only 2 effects at a time. And no midi. I personally want more tweakability of tones per channel. Keep updates coming.


Improved from v1. Lacking key workflow features.  Subimage  2 star

First lemme say this is definitely an improvement from v1. I'm using it as a quick field recorder for percussion and loop creator. Dig that they now have audiocopy, sample reverse, and ableton link implemented. Still this is missing some key features for me and I'm sure a lot of other people using this as a sound creation (instead of consumption) app. PAD COPY/CUT/PASTE. Please let us EDIT pad location in this way; so we can split large samples, organize our created kits, and double kick drums for fast playing. (It's hard to "double time" hits on the phone with such a small UI) Next...WHERE IS THE MIDI SUPPORT? Let me use my usb controllers please. Last — why can't we play "16 levels" for sample tune, velocity , etc? The sample songs are clearly using pitched samples but it's impossible to play different pitches in this app. These demo songs were obviously created in the desktop version of Maschine. This is false advertising.


Amazing  Lonchvzh  4 star

With one conception I would like more scenes to add into my song so I can chose from more than four. It gives more variety to the song.

Skrillex #1 fan

Can't upload to SoundCloud  Skrillex #1 fan  3 star

I don't understand why I can't upload my songs to SoundCloud


Great But Needs Some Tweaks -> Desktop Import  SmittyWit  4 star

The app is only good if you buy all the packs it offers(it's worth it if your serious). It has a VARIETY of sounds && you can basically export it in SoundCloud or IMachine for the desktop and continue your work just how you left it. My only problem is when you actually export it into the desktop. There's no way to import the project back into the app. Idk I like working on the phone better than computer. Faster workflow for me.

Chris 364588

Good but  Chris 364588  3 star

I really like the idea of this application but have only used it to capture real rough ideas. Considering the touch interface on phones and try to get the timing right one of the biggest things that I think would really take this app a lot further would be truly being able to edit the notes or at a bare minimum being able to quantize after recording. Please please add an update that at least gives the ability to quantize after recording. I think this App would be so much more useful with either a real editor or post recording quantization.


Refund  Jojotheescomomo  4 star

It's a cool app with a cool concept but I would like a refund . I don't really like music or have any real type of mk2 or whatever it is called . If I could have a refund it would be greatly appreciated. Anyways it's a great app for music lovers and I recommend it I just was watching videos and it got me in a music mood and now I regret buying it because I'm not good at making beats.

iMaschine 2 Comments

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