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Welcome to Toca Life: City, a metropolis filled with everyday fun! Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures — there’s something in every corner!

Thanks to the great response to Toca Town, we're bringing you Toca Life — a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. First out in the series is Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City!

Try, experiment and customize. It’s time to get creative in Toca Life: City! Change outfits, dye your hair any color and switch hairstyles in the Hair 3000! There are millions of ways to personalize the characters — we dare you to create them all.

Say hi to 6 locations and 34 characters! Go shopping at the mall, grab a bite to eat at the food park or invite friends over to your loft. Characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be transported between locations.

Record and play with the new recording feature! Create stories and record, save the video to your camera roll before sharing with your friends. What are your friends in Toca Life: City doing today? You decide!

- 6 locations to explore: loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon, food park, theatre and tailor
- 35 characters that are customizable in over 4 million ways!
- 47 hairstyles to test, 37 colors to choose from and various outfits to try on
- 7 different food stands at the food park — have some sushi with your burger and try the famous fish ‘n chips!
- Shop for clothes, kitchenware, pets, toys and groceries at the mall
- Write a play and perform it at the theatre
- Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
- More fun videos and games for the TV
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

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At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Toca Life: City App Description & Overview

The applications Toca Life: City was published in the category Education on 2015-06-25 and was developed by Toca Boca AB. The file size is 254.78 MB. The current version is 1.5.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Your favorite app has been updated!
• Life Weekly got a makeover and is now Toca Life MIX! Your source for everything happening in Toca Life. Check out the latest news, watch cool videos and vote in fun polls.
• Everyone can wear towels!
• And of course, we’ve fixed some bugs!

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Toca Life: City Reviews


I have a cool idea!!!!!!  starrypandathecoolcat  5 star

I think you should have a 4 story mall app . The first flour should have an arcade. The second should have exclusive clothing items in the spa and fashion store. The third floor should have a rollarcoster amusement park. The last floor should have a water park. Also in the arcade there should be a crane machine with squishys in it. Also the arcade should have a ticket stand. If you want more details i can get there. Please consider making this toca life game. 😻


Can you please add  caty317  4 star

Drive cars, Cut hair , More people, And closets with hangers, And more room in the house


Toca amusement park  sage08838$(/+  5 star

U should do a amesment park it would be awesome rides like Ferris week and a little roller coaster food courts little mini games to play and win prizes a pool maybe anyways please get back to me I would and other people would love this idea and I have every toca boca app there is thanks bye

the jellyster

The. Hair. Dye doesn’t work  the jellyster  3 star

I don’t know if it works for others but when I try to dye a characters hair the hair color stayed the same and the bottle just sat there. Other than that I love this game!


Toca mansion  NOBBBBOOOODDDDYYYy  5 star

My kid loves this game so much! I’m constantly having to say get off toca and go and clean your room or stuff like that. My kids friend had this really good idea toca mansion! I know a lot of people probably put their review here with their ideas. So mine will probably go unnoticed but if you do and you make one I’ll be sure to buy it and so will a bunch of other people it will be a jackpot game. On toca mansion their can be like 3 huge mansions and you can make a mall to go with it so you can fill your house with lots of stuff and make a really cool house and then you can add it to your toca world collection.


This a good game, but few suggestions  Doubletap2008  4 star

So, this is yet ANOTHER good game from Toca, and yet I do have a few suggestions. I don't mean to bother you or waste your time but it would be great if you could read my suggestions and maybe consider them. 1. Could you add another apartment or multiple floors to the apartment? There’s lots of people in the game but they don't have a space to live. 2. In the clothes store with that old man who "makes" clothes could you actually make clothes yourself? I mean like design them and stuff. That would be really fun and cool. Thanks for all your hard work, Toca! Keep making amazing games.


Hey Toca boca  Mewlover667  5 star

Are you going to make another app. Cause I was thinking about you making the next app about snow and it we’ll be called Toca life: Snow day It could have the Mountain cabin from Toca life: World it could have a snowy park, a ski/snowboard mountain, a place where you can get Christmas tree and a sledding hill. I love toca boca


Love the game! Just one thing....  Lauren-The-Panda  4 star

I really like the game but I feel like one thing could have been improved, I like how you have all the stores and stuff and there is a lot of people but, there is only one tiny apartment. I feel like if there were more apartments I would not be using the same people over and over like I do now. But besides that, the game is addicting, I would recommend this game all the other Toca games to you. Thanks for reading!


I had a problem with the game  ghostmostist  4 star

I love this game so much! But when I updated it I lost all my Christmas presents from the post office:( I have updated it before and this hasn't happened I don’t think.🤷‍♀️ Still an amazing game though!


Great 👍🏻  Sweetniss24  5 star

It’s good you can go like 10 places like a hair salon 💇 and a house 🏠 it so fun get this game if you’re in to these games 📲


Idea *lightbulb emoji*  9year  5 star

Please add a Toca evolution where there are different areas (like toca world) one could be the Stone Age, one could be the past, one could be the present and one could be the North Pole. Also please make the weather like real weather so if it is summer they sweat and the plants die if it is winter their teeth chatter and it is snowing if it is spring flowers grow everywhere and if it is autumn… well you get the point. What I’m trying to say is, when you enter the game it asks what season you want and the season you choose is like what happens during that season in real life. Thanks! Please consider the two ideas! Bye!


Please READ  bettibeast2014  3 star

Toca life town is amazing but please make the apartments like toca neighbourhood, please make more than one apartment. It gets so boring with just on apartment. PLEASE READ TOCA BOCA. PLEASE DO THIS ADJUSTMENT!!!!!!!!!


Sooooooooo goood  brooklynn4490  5 star



Great app butttttt  Zaraunicornfluff  5 star

It would be a really good idea to put Christmas trees in the game since it’s nearly Christmas and you would be able to decorate your house. You would be able to put the Christmas tree in your house. I just thought it might be a good idea , Thankyou!!


Toca life game suggestions  Jimmyv7  5 star

I love the toca life games but the one thing I wish you could do was combine all of the Toca life games to together. Imagine being able to work in toca life city one day and then go on vacation to Toca life vacation the next. I would repay for all of the toca life apps again just so that I could play them all together. I think a toca life space would be amazing. You could have a town on mars and a big spaceship. I also think you could make a toca life earth where there were different towns in different places around the world. You could use an airplane as transport so that you could take all of your belongings with you. I think this would be great because you could have many different races and traditional clothing from that country, art and food at the restaurants and supermarkets. I also think you could make Toca life famous where you could wear amazing dresses or suits down a red carpet. You could have an area for actors and another for tv interviews. Than you could have an amazing penthouse apartment will a pool. You could have a hair salon for amazing hair doos for the red carpet and a big clothes shop with huge chandeliers and you could make big toca Boca clothing brands. Another Idea that would be cool would be that you get to create a character. I also think that in the future games you create more clothes and characters or places. I think that in all your future games you should also put in a place where you can change your hairstyle and hair colour. Thanks for reading all of this but please consider a combined Toca life game, a Toca life Fame and put places were you could change your hair, hair color and create a place where you could create your own characters.

David from wa

Great Game and Suggestions For Next Games  David from wa  5 star

Such a great game, I have some suggestions how about Toca Life: Video Games (You get a studio and there is stadium to announce stuff and you get a home) Hollywood/Films (You get a film studio, an editing studio, a cinema and a home) Camping (You can go to the forest and sleep in a tent) And Medieval (You can see Gladiator fights and go to the village and buy stuff and you have a home) Thank You for reading my suggestions and it is a really good game BYE


Hours on end  Ufhffhdccuh  5 star

I could play this for hours on end. This game is truely magnificent. I love customising the characters! Also there are many locations in Toca Life: City which is very admirable. I recommended this to my nine friends and now they've been roped in as well!


I LOVE IT BUT PLEASE READ!  Wolfsrock4445  5 star

It would be really great if you could add more rooms and when you click the tunnels you can do something I would love it if there could be a reception at the bottom floor of the appartments and maybe another apartment, also some sort of bike track or park maybe lake. I have a really good idea for a game where you could have a subway and it could travel to different parts in the city and a country.


Some suggestions  StephToll  5 star

The Toca life games are amazing!some other ideas are: University, camping, woodland, ocean, Australia, Europe, America, Mexico, Canada, drivable cars.


UPDATE MAGIC!  GamingPikachuGirl  5 star

Ok, the title is weird, but hear me out. I have been playing these games for so long and they are amazing, no ads, thousands of option, no wifi needed and stress-free gameplay AND the latest update made it better! I have wanted the characters to wear towels for so long 😂 and Toca life world will be amazing. P.S I have nearly every Toca:Life game except for pets and After school and I 100% recommend them. 🤩TY Toca Boca for making amazing games!


Four stars  spaceinvader  4 star

This is one of the best Toca life games there are, but I wish there were more apartments. Maybe they could add two more and an elevator like in toca life: vacation. Just a little nitpick but the kawaii of all the games is simply amazing and I love all the little details especially the food. I would like more recipes maybe in a cookbook? My favorite character is definitely the girl with a top bun and freckles, because she kinda looks like me! If there was a setting that you can change the facial features and body sizes (kid, adult, baby) I would love that too 🤗


Love the idea  DArealtdm  5 star

Love it


I have a idea  Tj030915  5 star

I love this game and the other Toca life games but I saw your new Toca life game which was Toca life naberhood and I was like really a quigji bord.I am agenst quigji bords and I think in your games you should make something to delete things from your games.It makes me so mad that I want this game but there is a quigji bord in it . I am not the only one who is mad about this check out your other questions people have sent to you guys about the quigji the way I do not like the sloth gost ether.PS, I am a kid sending this to you.


One more idea  Hiiii😜  5 star

I love this app So many people and places and Clothes You guys should make a yacht one or a Zoo or a park like Disney Bye thx


very good game but more work  POBMOM  4 star

add more people and pets gwalkamolea avcods please


Amazing!  mjdf23  5 star

This game is so fun, and totally worth the cost! It is low key fun for everyone, not just younger kids. It is also great for road trips and flights because it does not take up data or need WiFi.


Love it but...  _Sparktivity_Official  4 star

I love this game! I also can't find the record button! Please response and tell me how to fix this. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I have an idea. Toca life You-tubers. You make you-tubers like Annie Leblanc Dan tdm Guava juice etc. You can blog and go to partys and like weddings. Another is Toca boca LIFE. Its basically you name your own character pick its hair and skin color. ( and you can dye the hair ) make a family and get married. There will be a big house, A hospital, airport, beach, church ( to get married) and a super market and or mall. Also a theater lol. I'd hate to delete the game! Please also make my ideas possible! Also make the house two story? We should be able to have a two story!


I like it  mnoorsaadgh  5 star

Thank you for this beautiful game 👏🏻

fff fffd

👍  fff fffd  4 star



Could you please add a few things?  Cdsc  5 star

First off, I want to say that you did an amazing job at making this. I was wondering if maybe you could add two more layers, a smaller apartment, and a lobby. And also, was wondering if you could add a Maine Coon, they are absolutely adorable! 😻 All in all, you did a fantastic job. Please add. Also please make Toca life stable free thx!

ASB and Helen

Toca Life: Broadway  ASB and Helen  5 star

It would be amazing if you made a toca life broadway where the characters are pop stars and there are limousines to get around in with paparazzi and dressing rooms and concerts with band and maybe instead of The Hollywood sign saying Hollywood it could say TOCA LIFE haha.I would love to see loads of things and it would be AMAZING if you could connect all the toca life’s since I have them all and characters from each one can go into different toca life’s.They were just some examples but I am dying for more toca life’s thank you All of the toca life’s are amazing and I have nothing bad to say about them


Suggestion for all the Toca Lifes  BlackWidow123456  5 star

If you could connect all the apps, like maybe introduce a taxi service to all of them, so that you can go from one to the other. For example if I had a character from Toca Life: Town that I wanted to go on holidays, so they go to the airport in Toca Life: Vacation. Or if someone from Toca Life: Farm needed to go to hospital. Just having more than one Toca Life app and you could travel to there via taxi or bus or something. It’d be great to customize all the characters and connect all the Prumpet and Snippet little guys! I know there’s another “series” of free play apps like this that you can do that in so it is possible. But I just think it’d really improve the already amazing apps and promote buying the different ones


Plz more places  fresh_tappl  5 star

Plz can you add a pool it would be so fun and a lift sorry if I’m asking too much but it’s a great game plz keep updating love this game ❤️❤️❤️


Needs more stuff to do like...  Tmc5555  4 star

You can walk down the street get married and have a church and have a party after the wedding l love this app but it would be great if you put more buildings and more things to do in this app then I would definitely play it more i don't mean I don't play it but I would play it more thank you merry Christmas❤️💌💌💌💌💌💌


WHY!!!!😭😭😭😭😭  😅lol  1 star

this game is very good and so are the others!i had paid a lot of my money for them.. I deleted them for storage and when I look them up it says that I need to pay which is not fair!If you delete other apps you got you can get them back for free it's not fair pls fix this or do a day where they are all free!!😠☹️I support you but I want this fixed Thegamerater23

Rose EC 10

Need more toca life games  Rose EC 10  5 star

Ok I love this game and all the games but I would like if there's was a new game like toca life mall or something and in toca life city there should be a house or like more apartments love this game so much xxxxx


I need help  Areaman2  5 star

I don't know how to get to The new location.


Brilliant!  Bil71  4 star

I think this is a very good game but this is the only one I have in the Toca life series I will get more! it's a brilliant game really good and I think you should add in a park that would be so cool! There could be a playground in the park and a pond with duck and you can feed the ducks! Thanks🙂😀 and I love the toca games bye!


Hey  Cutealex9  5 star

So I think that there should be a house and an apartment because I need extra space and can you add a double bed in the apartment please. Thank you xoxo. I LOVE ALL UR APPS AND I HAVE THEM ALL NO JOKE PLEASE ADD THIS STUFF. And I wrote a review on toca school about joining all the apps together. GoodByeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Xoxo


Loooove this game❤️  CraftingDevil  5 star

It would be so cool if you added a park and lake like in Toca Life: Town

Toca Life: City Comments

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