Toca Life: City

Toca Life: City [Education] App Description & Overview

Welcome to Toca Life: City, a metropolis filled with everyday fun! Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures — there’s something in every corner!

Thanks to the great response to Toca Town, we're bringing you Toca Life — a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. First out in the series is Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City!

Try, experiment and customize. It’s time to get creative in Toca Life: City! Change outfits, dye your hair any color and switch hairstyles in the Hair 3000! There are millions of ways to personalize the characters — we dare you to create them all.

Say hi to 6 locations and 34 characters! Go shopping at the mall, grab a bite to eat at the food park or invite friends over to your loft. Characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be transported between locations.

Record and play with the new recording feature! Create stories and record, save the video to your camera roll before sharing with your friends. What are your friends in Toca Life: City doing today? You decide!

- 6 locations to explore: loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon, food park, theatre and tailor
- 35 characters that are customizable in over 4 million ways!
- 47 hairstyles to test, 37 colors to choose from and various outfits to try on
- 7 different food stands at the food park — have some sushi with your burger and try the famous fish ‘n chips!
- Shop for clothes, kitchenware, pets, toys and groceries at the mall
- Write a play and perform it at the theatre
- Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
- More fun videos and games for the TV
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

About Toca Boca
At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy Policy
Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: City Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Your favorite app has been updated! • Life Weekly got a makeover and is now Toca Life MIX! Your source for everything happening in Toca Life. Check out the latest news, watch cool videos and vote in fun polls. • Everyone can wear towels! • And of course, we’ve fixed some bugs!

Toca Life: City Comments & Reviews

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Amazing app it really is but I can’t type in the codes I need too get stuff, I don’t blame this on the creators because I may just be being really dumb. If someone finds out what I can do too update it please let me know!


I love this game but I can’t find the record button anywhere. It might just be me but I’m really sad. So can you please read this and tell me how to find it or use it!

- Great Game 😭😭😭

Love the game and it’s great for all ages to play. I love how you can make like stories and drag the characters to make them move. The characters are also really creative like Paper Bag cat 🐱 or Marco (a yellow hairy cute monster) The art style is awesome as well 😀 And I love the locations 🙂

- More housing

I wish there was a few other floors on the apartment. It’d be a lot of fun to be able to have many people living in the same apartment. I would love if there was more housing because I would want to have many different families in the game because there is only one place to live. Other than that, I love the game!

- Suggestion for game

Hi, this isn’t a review, just a suggestion. I think you should make a boarding school game There should be girl and boy dormitories, classes, common rooms, a large dining room, etc, etc

- Hi am big fan

Could you like you know you have toca boca world you can separate the game games in inside the game and can you make a Winx game and roller skating rink if you the games separate you can connect the worlds together please right back bye

- Really fun game except..

I love this game so much, it is really fun to play. I have all of the apps, but I like to decorate the rooms with items from every world but every time I gather everything and set it up in the rooms it glitches me out and everything resets. I’ve tried multiple times and it does it every time. Can you please fix it, I would be so happy.

- I love this game!

This is such an amazing game for kids and I love it! My sister and I love playing it together and it is just such a great learning game and it is very entertaining. I love this game and there is really nothing wrong with it. ❤️

- I love it

So this is one of my favorite games out there it’s really fun there’s so much to do and the characters are pretty cool! Keep if the good work Toca Boca company.

- Really cool game. BUT...

This is a really cool game. You can take a trip to the mall, do a characters hair, and MORE. But I kind of wish that there were more than one house. Me and my sister were kinda stumped when we found out that there was only one in it. But there are still a LOT of fun activities and areas to play around whith.

- What Happens when we run out?

I’m 11 and will never be to old for this game, But I have a few things you can change in the game that would be amazing! What happens when we run out of clothes and food and get all the good stuff from the stores and don’t want anything else? Sometimes I can’t play for weeks because I’m scared that I’ll have nothing else to do. I run out of stuff to do in the game. U probably won’t read this but plz get back to me soon!🙏🙏

- I like it!

I love this game!but there should have a hospital.a way to wear nothing.and a way to change their feelings. So I hope you can fix that!p.s.also a school!


I’ve been playing this game for my whole life. It never disappoints. Literally my favorite game ever. It’s so much fun. All of the toca life games are fun. Thank you toca for making great games!

- Rip off

Ok for me this is 4$ and it’s the same exact thing as the free toca world starting Point REALLY AND I CANT GET MY MENOY BACK

- I love toka but…

I’m mad I have so many toka games and this is the same thing as toka world but there’s just one page and it has a sine that said city

- Good it just needs.....

It is good but it needs some more stuff

- I loveeed! I have a idea for us

I loved the game is fantastic! 😍🥰 but i want more free toca life games 🥶😭

- Crashing

I keep trying to use the app but it crashes no matter what. Please fix that.

- Have a idea

😍I am in love with this game,pretty much all of the of the toca boca games I’m in love with😍.i did have a idea,so you now how you have to by other worlds on this game my idea was that,you go download a toca boca game and be able to connect it to this game so you don’t have to bye every other world.🙂🙂

- The Same Thing

Toca Life: City is the same thing as Toca World, which is FREE. I feel ripped off. I want my money back.

- It is the best game💖🦄

I really like playing Toca boca games but I want to install the other games but I should pay money please make the other games free please Toca boca ionly have Toca life city and I want the other Toca life games

- Just a minor glitch in having

Hello, first off I’d like to say MY SISTERS AND I LOVE THIS GAME. I got this game for free during an event. But let’s get straight to the point: Just yesterday my sister asked me if she could play Toca Boca City on my phone. I told her yes and we load up the game, but it didn’t go right, we were stuck in an endless loop of the little smiley face turning into the city. If you could fix this glitch that’d be awesome, just wanted to let you know

- So cute

Toca is my favorite game. It’s cute.

- Really fun but

I love this game but it just randomly crashes out of nowhere and sometimes I go in and 10 seconds later it crashes I still really like it but that is really annoying

- Codes

This is my favorite. Can you please bring the codes back? And make all Toca Life apps free? Thank you

- it's great but...

I really like this game, I play it sometimes when I'm bored and I have a great time. Something I don't like is that the developers never add anything new and for me it just becomes very repetitive, the same things and all that stuff, it would be great if they could add new things every once in a while...

- Toca Boca Idea

Hi Toca Boca! I know there is a krumpet place already in Toca world... but I was thinking what if you guys could make hole town for them! Your Big Fan, Gigi

- Great game! But...

I LOVE this game! I’m a fan of Toca and their other games. But I found that this game got a little... boring after a while, ya know? Like, it’s fun at first but after a while it’s just the same thing every time. Also, I have an idea for a game! Toca Life: Library! Basically the main thing is a library and there’s a kid’s section where there are picture books and fun puppets or something. And a front desk area where there is a deposit box for books and a scanner to check out new books.

- By:swordartzonlineanime/#tocalover

Ok so like last time I’m not sorry I screamed and raged because I got in trouble and yeah I raged 😡😰😓😤🤯😡 and After I finesehd that comment last night I went to read other peoples comments and Wanna support there stuff I’m still a toca lover but it sometimes gets boring it’s not big enough either like last comment and I seen this other comment or ya know I’m also not black but toca city is racist! No black baby’s!? Ok toca I think you have gone to far with babies 👶🏻 and stuff next is that make it free I wasted to much on is game!? PLEASE and I know all the secrets you know and I got this game before the update and the curtains wouldn’t open for me either I seen the comment were this parent said her daughter is screaming about the curtains not opening and she needs help she said so please fix that and also ALL MY CHARACThERS WERE MIXED UP August the man had some5ing ... let’s just say weird the woman had beards! So I changed them and the next day it changed toca I love you 😘 so much but YOU JUST GONE TO FAR AND MADE THE TIGER 🐅 ANGERY😡🥵🤬😢☹️😫😩🤯😠😡ok toca boca devoleper I still think it’s a fair price and I’m not suppose to be this rude and I don’t want to but.. I’m just asking if you could fix it for other people cause I already deleted this game so I can’t see if you changed it I’m a little sorry for why I was screaming 😱 and stuff and raging but I still got Introublemand I appreciate your choices but please fix it for my comment and talk back to me I’m sorry ok 👌🏻 I hope you fix it By:swordartzonlineanime/#tocalover

- Omg

Hi again you probably remember me from the last review the one who put 7 year old anyways I love you people and the other people who are doing the reviews love u bye!


my kids have been nagging they wanted this app for months and I thought it was those silly games they download but no they played it almost everyday and have a strong education and imagination of worth every cent thank you for making this game possible for us to play on!!!


Listen, my kid likes the game, but I discovered something super sketchy. She was in the game, and I heard some music and thought I maybe she didn’t turn the volume all the way down. I put my ear up to the speaker of my phone when I heard WHITE NOISE. Now I don’t know if you’re familiar with that, but when there’s white noise in a game that means THEY ARE LISTENING. I know what you’re thinking, “your phone is listening to you all the time anyway, what’s the difference?!?” Well it’s extremely DISGUSTING since this is a children’s game!!!!! This is horrifying and I refuse to let my kid play again.

- I stopped playing after Toca world

So when I started playing this game I stoppedPlaying it because Toca world came 👩🏾‍🦱 👚 👖

- Lovin’ it

I love playing the toca life apps so much! But please make more free life apps. I really want more to explore and play! If your making a new life app please make it free! I don’t care if it has in-app purchases I just want to play something for free. If you could also make more free apps besides toca life, that would be really great! Thanks and bye!

- Toca App Suggestion!

Hi! This is not about the game, I just needed something to type this on. I would like to suggest some Toca Life app suggestions. An amusment park and not to be religious or anything, but a church. Of and can you make it multiplayer. Thanks!

- Money

So I love your games and all but they cost money so I can’t get so much:(

- I want my money back

This was the exact same as toca world so basically I was just finessed😤😡 I paid 4 dollars for an app that I could just get for free !!! TERRIBLE app I would not buy this💯🙅🏽‍♀️ might as well just get the free one because it’s the same thing nothing more

- It's look cool

This game is awesome

- It's amazing. But...

So I was so excited to play this app when I bought it. I still love it. But when I went to the reviews for fun, I saw that Toca World has ALL the locations for FREE, plus one. This disappointed me, because I bought this app with some of my Christmas money, and I basically wasted it. I can't figure out how to contact Toca or I would, so I can get a refund, because in another review I saw it says that deleting the app for a refund does not work. If the developers contact me (or my mom) about the refund, I will most likely just get the hospital toca, so no need to worry about me spending my money on another company (other than animal jam). Please help! PS my family still loves ur games keep making more!! I love the mansion, wedding and fantasy ideas. I even have some ideas of my own. -toca tech: would have arcade, electronic store, a tech based apartment, and a movie making studio (secret could be robot) -toca woods: would have a scenic waterfall trail kinda like in the stables game, a camp site, a wood, and secret could be a dragon sloth -toca pirates: would have all pirate based characters, a ship, a beach, a tropical jungle, and a house boat. The secret could be a chest full of gems, a sloth mermaid, or a pirate shark

- Make more Toca life apps.

Make more toca life apps.

- OMG!!!

Ok so I've been thinking about how in toca life:world that all the other locations besides the city and creators campus were all gone and I paid for all the updates and new locations. Must be some sort of glitch. But my parents don't trust the website so I'm thinking how about you make it so it's trustworthy to all. Sassydog101

- Deleted my purchases

I purchased everything in the Toca Boca shop and one day, I woke up and ten were deleted. Toca Boca is trying to make me buy them again!!!!!! What a scam!!!!!😡

- Did you know

Did you know that you can get this game for free it is called Toca world this part of the town is all inclusive when you get a Toca World which is free. So don’t waste your money on this game by toca world if you want this game. This game is fine too but you can get it for free

- Good but no money back after deleted

I love this app it is so fun. I deleted it because I got the Toca World and it had this one and I didn’t get my money back...:(


Oh my gosh!!! When does the video even show u know???

- Really fun

I’m 13 and I can’t stop buying these games

- Thus is weird

So if the people are holding there phone in there hand in the mal the alarm will sound. I think it should not be that way I think the alarm soulful go of when someone is actually stealing something like fod toys or pet or blender fruit drink maker ok the alarm should only go off then U

- make more free apps 🆓🆓‼️‼️‼️‼️

please make more 🆓 apps!!!

- I love it!

This app is so much fun it is really amazing you should definitely download it there’s a lot of characters animals places and more and I just love it ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛

- It’s noice

I like the game’s overall aesthetic

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- I love this game!

Toca city is probably my favourite toca game! I really enjoy playing it since I can edit the character’s look by changing and dying their haircut. I don’t have all the games so idk if there are other toca games that can do that too, but it’s still awesome! And I LoVE how if 6 of the characters all hold the 6 musical instruments, they all play this amazing song together! Although when I tried the instruments today, it didn’t work. But that’s probably just my iPad and not the game(my iPad’s really old). You should definitely get this game if you don’t already have it. Request: please add a sheep in the pet stop. I 💗 🐑

- Love it

Best game ever

- Amazing!

Hi, I’m 11 and I love this game,it’s very interactive and interesting u can do many things which makes it so fun! If I ever had a dream toca a world it would be called toca parrots! And it would be fun of amazing and colourful birds (because I love birds lol) ! Thank u some much for making this game!

- More houses!!

I love this game even though I’m probably a little old for it. I wish that you would make more houses and more people. You guys should also make more clothing stores and places to go. I’ve spent so much money on this game it’s not even funny


Ur app is amazing BUT my friends r getting the vacation one for free some how and I’m not and no there not paying for it. It just shows up??? BUT OTHER THEN THAT LIT GAME GOOD JOB! Hi it’s me lol umm so I see that u add people’s ideas sometimes I hv one... so a zoo would be REALLY cool or a mall or even a church ty for ur time Toca


Hi I’m 8 yrs old, and I LOVE this app!! But, could you please add a park in toca city?

- Here’s more game suggestions. I will tell you my ideas for new games.

A “Learning about different cultures, continents, countries, and a geographic region” set. -Continents: North America -Continents: South America -Continents: Europe -Continents: Asia -Continents: Africa -Geographic Region: Oceania (You(anyone) can tap on any continent/geographic region. Then you(anyone) can tap on what country you(anyone) want to learn about. You(the game developers) can do the rest.(a.k.a clothing, food, etc.) p.s, thank you for listening to my ideas.)




This is soooo much fun to play with and customizing the characters and theres is a lot to do. You should buy this game, its worth it!


Hi I’m mya and I love this game!i play it everyday I’m attracted to this plz add a bigger apartment.thanks!


There should be a toca life movie star game with lots of clothes plz make one 😀👍oh new 2 idea 1 make a Toca Theam park 2 ad school bus's to Toca school! Plz plz plz😄I was thinking more drumroll please! Toca mansion a new idea Toca waterpark

- This is a good app

So I do like the game but the apartments very boring even I am 8 like everything else is good but the apartment is very boring and there is not aloud of cool stuff in the apartment please fix Please thx

- Uhhhh

Hi um I love this game but I can’t get the tv at the post office it’s just a poster on the wall and I can’t use the codes

- Hi

Please make a game called Toca Life Bakery . You own a bakery and 2 homes to choose from and a grocery store last but not least a delivery truck so you can deliver the treats . Make all toca life apps free.DO IT NOW! . Please think about it. Yours Truly CaramelSweets

- Toca city et vacation

Ce jeu ne peut plus ouvrir sur mon téléphone. Please help those apps do not open on my cellphone anymore Thanks

- Awesome

This is a great game for all ages

- Upset

Hi, my granddaughter bought this game a while ago and loved it but I feel it’s a waste of my money because your new game is free and it has this game in it and so I wasted my money and I’m very upset. I want my money back

- It’s great.

Hello and I’m 9. Idk why I but that detail but everybody else is. As a kid who can’t buy any games which cost money due to freaking strict Parents this was like god since it was free. My only hope is for you to add more details higher the quality but have a low equality setting know. And add more features inlarge the house it’s a bit crowded. Maybe a zoo put things that would be in a city. Maybe floors to the apartment and different rooms/few cause that’s hard ;-; skate area? School? What would be in a city to make sure it can run. MAYBE THE WHITE HOUSE? AMERICA! (T^T I’m sorry)) and most importantly. Them features. More food combos maybe a guide to it. That would be nice. More uses for it. Maybe more interesting outfits like hoodies for teens and things. CARS! And maybe a proper cash system. Thank you for listening to the development of this FREAKING HELLA long comment. ;3

- Disappointed

I just got this app and loved it until I realized there was the same app as this called Toca Boca: World! I was very disappointed because the other one was free and this one was 5$ Noticing that they were both the exact same! Not very happy and I would like a refund!!

- This game is amazing

This game is amazing I love it but it has a lot of bugs I can not figure out how to get the winter cabin. Some of the bug are when I go to a new installed place I makes me go out of the game.HOW DO I GET THE WINTER CABIN.

- Lags and the game kicks me out

Any time I try to go into the game it kicks me out! Fix this please!


I really like this game but the prices r way to high. I recommend that if u want more people to buy your game. Put it for a lower price 🙂. I enjoy playing the game but I would buy more if u put the prices lower. Then everyone would buy more. And pls add more things to the games. Ppl get bored. Pls let everyone know soon. Thanks....

- Love it but can u.......

I love the game it’s sooo much fun but....can u add that when u press the apartment there’s a lobby and an elevator so u can go to all of the floors please do that please so then I don’t have to make my Toca boca people live in the same apartment I want different rooms because so I can have like different rolplays at the same time please and if u can please add a pool if u can that would be fun and thank u for all the awesome games u made love yall!

- Mushy goo💩

Toca Boca is so fun I luv how u can die there hair with ketchup I would say more but I am almost speechless because toca boca is so good I wish I could rate this game 1.90000000

- I loved it

I love this Game it was fun .I really liked the characters I think everyone should play this game just because it’s that much fun. I also like the movie theatre and the hair salon and even the apartment I really thought the pet store was adorable. can you please make a Toca life Game called Toca life create it’s where when you go on it it will show you all the Toca life that you’ve already made and if you want to add onto the Toca life School Office city or even after school you can type in stuff you want to maybe inside toca life school maybe you could put more apartments a store and if you want you can create your own you just have to type in Toca life dentist or even eye doctor. then if you type in what you want inside Like if you want toca life dentist you could type a house a dentist some grocery stores a whole and bunch of other things. also you can make you’re very own Toca life characters and you can still use the old ones that you have made and fix them And make your own food.and clothing or use the ones that you made.

- This game sucks

This game was not worth all that money

- ?

i went on the app store to buy a toca game and all the prices went up... i was confused

- Ok

This game is great but you should put more apartments and a library and my rooms. Please fix this game.

- Toca boca pls add this

I love this game just add four more appartements or Two big houses pls!

- Cool ... but

This game is really cool ... but it gets boring after awhile , can you make it multiplayer so friends can join !

- Read this note devs

Im a youtuber and i show this app to my family they love this app but we all think it should add more houses and a place where you can make your own face and a place to get married

- Please join all apps!❤️

Hi im Olivia and I'm 11 i love these apps but not enough to buy all of them because they aren’t joined all together for example my town and my play-home are all joined together so u can go from one app to another so u can bring stuff from the other apps into that app and walk to for example the airport from the town

- This app is Awesome! I have a suggestion

I have to be honest here... I’m 14 and I still play this! Its like a little dollhouse in your phone! I love it! Anyways, here is my suggestion: you should add some thing more places like more places for them to work or an amusement park would be really cool. Also another apartment or house would be nice too!

- New ideas

I have some new ideas for toca life city could you add a police Department and also car shop And can you make a toca life prison game thank you!! Ps. Toca boca please read!

- Tailor

We can not make any clothes are selves but in after school we make art but other than that its great


Plz add a secret place or a Some kinda park

- hair dyes

this isn’t a review, but more of a suggestion, can you make more of a natural looking dark purple? i feel like the darkest purple is too neon. for reference, try searching up ‘yuri from doki doki literature club’. thanks(:

- Please Read

Can you please make more updates on all the toca boca life games it would be amazing to have a little more in all of them! Thank you🙂

- I like it but...

This game is addicting but they should add more things to do because it gets boring after a while

- PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Can you please make a summer fun app like we're you can go go carting and have a race or have a cook off, play in the park, go shopping, camp or go to the water park, be lazy and sit on the couch and watch tv or go to a concert meet celebrities get there autograph or even take your drivers test have a party go on vacation get a makeover have a slumber party go to the spa .Please please do this

- I like it

I'm ten and I like the games. Suggestion is I want you to make a toca life dinosaur. You don't have to make it but I would be cool

- Make more rooms in the lofts

I love your games but you need to make more room in the lofts In toca life hospital there is an elevator you need to put in an elevator oh and did i say i have all the toca life games!?!??!?


Hi, I love the game, I’m also trying to get the other ones, but a few suggestions ( if that’s how you spell it ). 1 is can you add more to the apartment. Like remove the cracks and brick walls from the kitchen, 2 add a library please. 3 if you can’t remove things from the apartment, pls Add a house or something. And also a few more things are I agree adding a toka life zoo and add a Toca life 2 for all of em. Ty if you do byeeee

- I love toca boca life!!!

Hi I’m 11 my name is Sarah, I love toca boca!!! But I find after a while it’s sort of boring :( And I think it would be SUPER COOL if u made a r Toca life with ALL THE TOCA WORLDS put together!!!!! Please consider it:)

- Just one little glitch

I love this game, 5 stars. It’s just that when I make a video it would not say anything till the last few seconds, and also please make no limit for videos because I always try to remake your what’s going on videos it’s just that it won’t let me make a full one so please do all that.




Can you just make the apartment bigger

- Make a new game

I wanted to right a review on toca pets but it wouldn’t let me so I think u should make toca life titanic it would be sooo cool and I would love it cause u could live in the titanic and have 1st 2nd and 3rd class rooms the grand staircase a eating room and so much more it would be my dream and my favourite thing ever

- Good

I love toca can u make Toca hairstyles for free? Love u games there so fun ;)

- Glitch that’s not so important

I love ur games! But a glitch that I found is at the post office the glitch it u can tap on the sun or moon through the wall! Plz fix also make a toca life zoo!

- It’s good but..

I just got this game and I really like it! but there are some issues. 1. There is only one house aka apartment room. 2. The theatre doesn’t make sense because I thought it would be a actual screen with a movie instead of some stage play thing aka area. 3. The costumes are...a bit weird (in the theatre)... (I love your games my Toca games are Toca city and Toca world pls make Toca zoo ! <3)

- This game is amazing but I would like to have a refund

I love this game but I’m going to have to delete it and I was wondering if I could get a refund and get my money back ($5.99) thank you if I can do that how?

- I don’t like it but it’s ok

So it’s like the toca world one but this one is money so it’s good but it’s so much money but the toca world is free so can I get my money back if I delete it

- It’s great but..

You guys did pretty good on this game! but there are a few things.. 1. You should PLEASE add a park? It cannot be a City without a park ! 2. Your the best always try your best! 3. Maybe add a elevator in the loft apartment? to other rooms like the service, chill and the apartments! 4. That’s basically it? I really love the rest. So bye!

- Great GAME!!😻😻😻😻

This game Is AWESOME!!!!! It's totally worth all the money. It's the best game I've played as well with all the other Toca games!! You can do anything in the game you can mess up anything make characters eat money, Rub out the words or drawings on board with the rubber. I think it's the best entertainment ever, I feel you should 100% buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Meh it’s ok not that good

Once you have played this once. It gets kinda Boring. Same stuff and needs more options for homes and others. Yaaa

- Why me

All my friend have this game and i do to but daily they get gifts from the post office but I dont they have showed me how so many times but on my ipad i cant get a gift please help me or i will delete the game in disappointment

- Amazing Toca

I love this game because there’s lots of secrets and you can do little game plays so I hope you want to get this game!

- Great when it works

Really like this app. Great for young children. Disappointing it does not work without internet connection, as I purchased it for my children to play on a long haul flight. Glad it wasn’t the only app I bought to keep them busy, TALU city worked just fine.


I have played this game since I was 9 and guess how old I am now 13! It is the best game ever, Keep it up Toca Boca

- It’s okayish

I think like all games the advertising was a little over edited as you can’t do all of the things shown.

- Game progress is lost!

It’s so annoying how whenever I leave the game for a while all my progress is lost! Please change this!

- Awesome game!!!

This game is sooo awesome and I love it. Even though I am getting older, I still LOVE these Toca games. I have lots and lots of them! This one was the second game I got and I love it. Although there are many other games, I still love all of them. Best for little kids but I’m not saying that you can’t grow out of them!

- love but...

Hi toca boca I am writing to you because some times I wish you could make them free because I would love to have toca life after school But you have to pay money to get it and my parents won’t let me so can you please make toca life after school free. From cookie girl

- Idea *lightbulb emoji*

Please add a Toca evolution where there are different areas (like toca world) one could be the Stone Age, one could be the past, one could be the present and one could be the North Pole. Also please make the weather like real weather so if it is summer they sweat and the plants die if it is winter their teeth chatter and it is snowing if it is spring flowers grow everywhere and if it is autumn… well you get the point. What I’m trying to say is, when you enter the game it asks what season you want and the season you choose is like what happens during that season in real life. Thanks! Please consider the two ideas! Bye!

- Please READ

Toca life town is amazing but please make the apartments like toca neighbourhood, please make more than one apartment. It gets so boring with just on apartment. PLEASE READ TOCA BOCA. PLEASE DO THIS ADJUSTMENT!!!!!!!!!

- Sooooooooo goood


- Great app butttttt

It would be a really good idea to put Christmas trees in the game since it’s nearly Christmas and you would be able to decorate your house. You would be able to put the Christmas tree in your house. I just thought it might be a good idea , Thankyou!!

- Toca life game suggestions

I love the toca life games but the one thing I wish you could do was combine all of the Toca life games to together. Imagine being able to work in toca life city one day and then go on vacation to Toca life vacation the next. I would repay for all of the toca life apps again just so that I could play them all together. I think a toca life space would be amazing. You could have a town on mars and a big spaceship. I also think you could make a toca life earth where there were different towns in different places around the world. You could use an airplane as transport so that you could take all of your belongings with you. I think this would be great because you could have many different races and traditional clothing from that country, art and food at the restaurants and supermarkets. I also think you could make Toca life famous where you could wear amazing dresses or suits down a red carpet. You could have an area for actors and another for tv interviews. Than you could have an amazing penthouse apartment will a pool. You could have a hair salon for amazing hair doos for the red carpet and a big clothes shop with huge chandeliers and you could make big toca Boca clothing brands. Another Idea that would be cool would be that you get to create a character. I also think that in the future games you create more clothes and characters or places. I think that in all your future games you should also put in a place where you can change your hairstyle and hair colour. Thanks for reading all of this but please consider a combined Toca life game, a Toca life Fame and put places were you could change your hair, hair color and create a place where you could create your own characters.

- Great Game and Suggestions For Next Games

Such a great game, I have some suggestions how about Toca Life: Video Games (You get a studio and there is stadium to announce stuff and you get a home) Hollywood/Films (You get a film studio, an editing studio, a cinema and a home) Camping (You can go to the forest and sleep in a tent) And Medieval (You can see Gladiator fights and go to the village and buy stuff and you have a home) Thank You for reading my suggestions and it is a really good game BYE

- Hours on end

I could play this for hours on end. This game is truely magnificent. I love customising the characters! Also there are many locations in Toca Life: City which is very admirable. I recommended this to my nine friends and now they've been roped in as well!


It would be really great if you could add more rooms and when you click the tunnels you can do something I would love it if there could be a reception at the bottom floor of the appartments and maybe another apartment, also some sort of bike track or park maybe lake. I have a really good idea for a game where you could have a subway and it could travel to different parts in the city and a country.

- Some suggestions

The Toca life games are amazing!some other ideas are: University, camping, woodland, ocean, Australia, Europe, America, Mexico, Canada, drivable cars.


Ok, the title is weird, but hear me out. I have been playing these games for so long and they are amazing, no ads, thousands of option, no wifi needed and stress-free gameplay AND the latest update made it better! I have wanted the characters to wear towels for so long 😂 and Toca life world will be amazing. P.S I have nearly every Toca:Life game except for pets and After school and I 100% recommend them. 🤩TY Toca Boca for making amazing games!

- Some ideas

Hi toca boca I love your games and still play them at 10 years old. I do have some Ideas. Could you please make a toca life swimming complex please with a swimming pool and a water slide and maybe even some goggles. Me and my little sister who is 5 sister really want one.

- Some suggestions

Hi toca! I really love all your games, especially the toca life’s. But recently my toca life games will not open. I have all the toca life games and I tried them all. It will load until about halfway through the intro with most of them. Other ones will finish the intro but crash when I press the play button. I really love to play them but I can’t because it crashes. 😢😢pleas e fix this so I can play because I’m really sad. From me


Ok! So I live these games, but for some reason the sound isn’t working? I’ve turned music on in settings and when I screen record it works just fine! Please help

- Bugs and fixes

Hey Toca so umm there is a problem with my Toca life city. The Asian looking guy, his arms are always bending so it disables him to hold stuff. I don’t know how to make his arms be back to normal but I also don’t want to restart the game or else i’ll have to create everyone again. 😱😰😥😞😔😪


My cat is so cute and fluffy but always meowmeowmeowmeowmeowing for three hours straight and because i’m ALI-A the youtube hot guy and youtube senasion i oviesly am good at speling the good at engrish i think i dont lick this game. By ali-a

- Please listen....

I have all of the Toca games and love every single one of them, but it gets boring being alone in a world full of cute role play people. Anyway, I tried playing multiplayer on my iPad with my sister, but it's too hard to do so because you want one person at the salon and the other at home and it takes forever to switch between the two people. Please make a Toca game were you can role play multiplayer on two seperate iPads easily at your hearts content. THANKYOU for listening.

- more than one house!

I love this app and all but I feel as though you should add more than one home, it would make things a lot more fun. please take my idea into consideration!


Hi I love your games but could you please please PLEASE add 2 more levels to the apartment complex it would be so much more fun🙏😀

- #Hello

I don’t really get how you can only put certain things in the backpack in the post office 😠so I don’t like it

- 😁 great game!

I love it but when I downloaded it (the second time) the background was in the middle of nowhere. Also can you please add more apartments it would be so good! Because you can pretend that your neighbour is making loud noise and stuff. And more people working at the theatre...AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!❤️🕹

- Love this game and recommend u to get it!

I love this game SOOO much, even though I’m 17. I recommend that you get this game right NOW, before they Toca crew ups the prices! (like Minecraft) This game I’d TOTALLY worth it!!! Besides, it’s only $6.00, and only costs it once, instead of once a month or something. It’s totally child friendly, AND DOESN’T NEED WIFI!! Like, HOW cool is that?! The other Tocas are great too, and I have every one of them! They don’t have adds, things that pop up and ask for personnel information or even... wait- forgot the last one. But anyway, this game is GREAT! So get it today, for six dollars only! Thanks for taking the time and choosing to read this! 😊

- Liked till 7

Ok this is embarrassing but I loved it till I was 7️⃣ 😳but it good but plz extend it like add a beach or something 🤓 -CatMaster OUT

- EPIC GAME (I have a few suggestions)

I love this game I can’t stop playing it (I’m 11) please make more games and add more SLOTHS!!! Now for the suggestions: A park to play at and a garden you can plant things in Maybe a plane to fly to a different town/city And more hair styles and clothes Now I’m going to give you some game ideas Toca life: cafe (or eat street a epic place search it up) Toca life: sloth world (I like sloths) I can’t think of any more anyways can you make a rainbow potato hidden in every game (I looooooovee potatoes) Thanks for reading my long thing thanks Love sienna

- Money is totally worth it

Please buy it

- Great but there is one thing


- I 💗 it...but...

I absolutely 💗 the game except that it can get a little boring sometimes and you should make it that you can visit other hotels and things like that. You should also add cuter kittens.

- Hey guys!!

Hey Toca Boca I have a request for you guys. Can you please make another toca Boca life. I think the next toca Boca life should be a game about family’s and winter vacation . Maybe there could be a hole street of homes,a shopping center and a winter base were a mad scientist as lots of huskies, Oh and also there should be a pool, petstore, library, work space, school and mystery objects you have to find to make a pathway to the base or something. But that’s what I think, please take my ideas in and please please please make another toca Boca life P.S I love toca Boca and anything and every thing you guys make! Love your BIGEST fan EVER.

- I wish you could make

I love this game I have all of the toca life's my fav one is toca life pets because all of the pets are so cute but on the front page of the city we're you get to chose we're you want to go on the apartment there is so many rooms but you can only go in one1️⃣

- Whyyyyyy😫

I've paid for this than accidentally deleted it than went back to download it and it said I had to pay again to play it.😡😡😡 please help I want to play this game but now I have to pay $6.00 again.

- Ideas and stuff:

I love this app but once I’ve explored everything there is nothing else to do so here are some ideas to make it more fun: Name your characters. Design clothes for your characters. Have mini games to play with your pets or characters like walk the dog, wash the dishes .etc, Make a zoo as one of the places to go to Make more characters It would be cool if you could choose weather to let your pet walk around or sit. This would be good for Toca pets. Drive around in cars. Daily challenges. It would be good if there were more things like the post office where you had to find the words. Please take my ideas into consideration, thanks 😁 And thank you for reading. P.S Who ever suggested the idea of having a world to explore and choosing where to live in it I love that idea and I hope it happens one day!

- Some ideas

Hello, I love it and all but I’ve had and idea if we get a pet if a new one will come through e.g a mouse,a mother dog with puppies. Also i would like more beds and more rooms also more kids. Thx From Keirah

- A idea

A toca cruise with a medical area a spa a pool a island

- Awesome

I love this game to pieces but here’s an idea: maybe an update where we can name the characters, that would be super cool and I would love the game even more

- Cool and fun

My little sister loves this but if would but she really wants to e able to mix and match clothes, also 5 bucks for a small game is pretty expensive so if you could make them cheaper or free even that would be great (I understand you need money)

- Ideas

I absolutely LOVE this game but with the day and night thingy, why not add different weathers. So, you could make it storm or rain or snow. Just some ideas so I won’t be annoyed if you don’t notice this.

- Awesome game but I have some ideas

Hi Toca Boca! My sister and I love your games! They are so much fun! But the thing that would make things even better would be being able to move from game to game and take the people from one game with you to the next. So you could put the pets in the pet hotel and then bring the people from Life pets to vacation for a holiday! I hope you see this idea and consider it. Thanks

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- I love this app and all toca apps

This and all of the apps in the toca life series are so amazing. They are SOOOO WORTH THE MONEY!!! Buy them if you haven’t. Now developers, here’s some feedback. I am in love with Toca Life World. But ever since I downloaded it, it won’t let me back in to any of the other toca apps except Neighborhood. This is a weird glitch and please fix. The other feedback I have for World is that one day I was playing the game and then all of a sudden it crashed and took me to the home screen of my device. When I went back into the app all of my progress was gone (I had totally customized EVERYTHING and this was devastating). Please fix! My final word on Toca Life World is PLEASE put all of the hairstyles in the barber shop in City. It would save me so much time. Other than that, you guys are doing GREAT! Keep it up! Side note: My friend sent you guys a letter about her idea for a toca mansion. I think that would be so cool!! please do that!!!

- Great App Needs Tweaks

This is a wonderful app but, however, it needs tweaks. BIGGER apartments, they need more beds and/or cribs, and more storage for food. Maybe also consider a bathtub and useable shampoo. Those are my notes for the apartment. For the barber shop, I think more hair styles and useable brushes and combs. I like the shopping mall and how you can take anything you want without coins or dollars. But great app and keep making more. Sincerely, A Happy Customer 🙂

- Love this! 😍

Everyone can love Toca Boca games! They are awesome and let you express your creativity. I have one suggestion. In Toca Life: City, I was really hoping they could make an update that includes more hairstyles at the salon. The newer Toca Life’s have hairstyles that I adore but aren’t at the salon. I really hope you can consider this. Thank you!

- Love the game ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

This game is the 2 best game toca every made 🥰 I love it sooo funn

- Fun

I love this game so much it was one of the first games I've had! I've had it for so long and I still play it just as much! Please keep making more! 😄


All I’m asking is to add new hairstyles to the salon like African American hair, Dutch, French, fishtail braids something new please just please even one new hairstyle is fine just add one at least please


I love this game although, you should add more hairstyles to the hair salon please and thank you!

- Luve yourr games Toca boca

To Toca BOCA I likke yur game but it’s For 4+. But im 7!!!! Do you read me?? From Damo

- We need to talk 😠😭🥺🥺

Guys y’all need to put a school in toca life city because well my parents won’t let me have toca life world so please can ya put a school. Now reason 1 is I don’t want to let ALL of my characters to be home schooled. Reason 2 I don’t want my characters to be dumb (need more homes and hairstyle )And that’s all thank you for listening. Well I think your listening 😐😔

- This is Great

I really enjoy playing this game, but I do wish there weresome changes. Sometimes it kicks me out of the game when I am in the middle of playing. I also think that it might be fun to add something like a shoe store so that you are not wearing something like pink sandals with a nice dress.

- Won’t open 75% of the time

I like it, but it won’t open most of the time, and it is very frustrating. I will press the play button and the app closes. I am confused as to why this happens, as the app is at the current version too.

- GET THIS GAME! 🔆❤️❤️

This game is so good for kids and it allows you to do such fun role playing and you can feed the people, and you can change their hair or dress them and a lot of other fun things! Get this game for sure! I recommend it! 🌟❤️

- Hang on..

You can get the same thing for FREE come on toca.

- I have a cool idea!!!!!!

I think you should have a 4 story mall app . The first flour should have an arcade. The second should have exclusive clothing items in the spa and fashion store. The third floor should have a rollarcoster amusement park. The last floor should have a water park. Also in the arcade there should be a crane machine with squishys in it. Also the arcade should have a ticket stand. If you want more details i can get there. Please consider making this toca life game. 😻

- Can you please add

Drive cars, Cut hair , More people, And closets with hangers, And more room in the house

- Toca amusement park

U should do a amesment park it would be awesome rides like Ferris week and a little roller coaster food courts little mini games to play and win prizes a pool maybe anyways please get back to me I would and other people would love this idea and I have every toca boca app there is thanks bye

- The. Hair. Dye doesn’t work

I don’t know if it works for others but when I try to dye a characters hair the hair color stayed the same and the bottle just sat there. Other than that I love this game!

- Toca mansion

My kid loves this game so much! I’m constantly having to say get off toca and go and clean your room or stuff like that. My kids friend had this really good idea toca mansion! I know a lot of people probably put their review here with their ideas. So mine will probably go unnoticed but if you do and you make one I’ll be sure to buy it and so will a bunch of other people it will be a jackpot game. On toca mansion their can be like 3 huge mansions and you can make a mall to go with it so you can fill your house with lots of stuff and make a really cool house and then you can add it to your toca world collection.

- This a good game, but few suggestions

So, this is yet ANOTHER good game from Toca, and yet I do have a few suggestions. I don't mean to bother you or waste your time but it would be great if you could read my suggestions and maybe consider them. 1. Could you add another apartment or multiple floors to the apartment? There’s lots of people in the game but they don't have a space to live. 2. In the clothes store with that old man who "makes" clothes could you actually make clothes yourself? I mean like design them and stuff. That would be really fun and cool. Thanks for all your hard work, Toca! Keep making amazing games.

- Hey Toca boca

Are you going to make another app. Cause I was thinking about you making the next app about snow and it we’ll be called Toca life: Snow day It could have the Mountain cabin from Toca life: World it could have a snowy park, a ski/snowboard mountain, a place where you can get Christmas tree and a sledding hill. I love toca boca

- Love the game! Just one thing....

I really like the game but I feel like one thing could have been improved, I like how you have all the stores and stuff and there is a lot of people but, there is only one tiny apartment. I feel like if there were more apartments I would not be using the same people over and over like I do now. But besides that, the game is addicting, I would recommend this game all the other Toca games to you. Thanks for reading!

- I had a problem with the game

I love this game so much! But when I updated it I lost all my Christmas presents from the post office:( I have updated it before and this hasn't happened I don’t think.🤷‍♀️ Still an amazing game though!

- Great 👍🏻

It’s good you can go like 10 places like a hair salon 💇 and a house 🏠 it so fun get this game if you’re in to these games 📲

- The boringest game ever

They only have a HairSalon and restaurant and a movie theater And a store to get things and a gross house there has to be better things like roller coasters!!!😈 And gorilla stores!!!😈 And I wish the people could be taller their so short!!!!!!!! And a bigger mouth store!!!!😈These stores may be crazy BUT IM ONLY A SMALL KID

- Ideas!

Okay, so, I’ve bought many of the Toca Life games and i love them all! But i had an idea that you could possibly make a game for say, 5 dollars, which has ALL the life games merged into one! It could be called Toca Life: Ultimate or something like that. You could travel to The Farm, or the City. I think that would be amazing! Thanks!

- Suggestions 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Ok. Toca Life:World Is Ok. There Should Be A Toca Life Medieval Toca Life: Cruise Toca Life: Water Park Toca Life: Mall And Finally Toca Life: Theme Park. All These Good Suggestions. Thank You - Beastmode56738

- Love it but.......

I love this game so much but there is one problem... THE APMENT IS TOO MESSY! Okay.. the apartment is too messy.I really wish you could have cleaned it up a little.Thats all I ask.(I love dis game!)

- awesome

can you guys make a game called toca life universe and it has all the characters even future characters and make this come out on march 28 2019 becuase im writing this in november and you will have plans but then the game will” let you create 15 custom characters and there will be a thing to make different dimension and there will be a science lab to go to thosse places please make this game it will be the best game you’ve ever made so make it free and have in app purchases so you’ll get enough money thank you .

- There are so many places to explore I love it

I love this app so much because of how there are so many places to explore and go to and I like how they added the mail room a couple months ago

- More rooms?

I have a idea of you to add more homes!

- Awesome

This game is awesome the people who like Miga are turds don’t listen to them


Great app, unlimited fun and really never EVER gets boring. But I honestly wouldn’t pay five bucks for this when I bought it before it was three dollars (fair price) now I came back to buy all the apps for toca world and what happens they are five fricking bucks. Really toca boca? I mean that adds up you know I am broke and I bought the app because it was quality for an affordable price but this app isn’t worth five dollars. That’s all I have to say. OH! Also, I want you guys to know I love toca boca still it’s just overpriced. Also, if any game makers read this please make a buy everything pack in toca world it would make our life’s so much easier.

- Love It But...

Like every Toca life game there are too many people to fit in the existing houses this is very annoying but it is an amazing game overall. Also there are not many secrets to find.

- Love it

I love toca boca it’s a great game maker. It would be cool if you could connect the games so that all the characters and places in the life series could be in all the games it would also be cool if you added more to toca life school. In all I love the games you make. Updated: I love this game and Toca life works but this should have it where you have every hairstyle of all the characters and a big mall and a age changer and face and skin color changer you should also make more hair colors thanks

- Awesome!!! 😆😆😆

This app is so great! I love how you can change the people and guess what there is a PULLOUT BED in the couch! So much cool stuff. The only thing is... I wish you could customize the characters a little more, like skin color and mouth, cause some of them aren’t smiling. And the bandaid girl I wish I could take that off. Overall I highly recommend!

- Still donuts!🙂🦄🍩

I’m A Young Proud 7 year old With ANNOYING brothers and I like this it relaxes me after “IM CHUNNLE! HEY SISSY,F IS FOR FIRE! YOUR A BUTT TOO! IM SO SMART IM SMARTER THAN DAD AND YOUR SO DUMB THAT YOU HAD TO GO TO PRESCHOOL TEN TIMES!!!!! I Like This Because When I Use characters in the storage area,I make a homeless roleplay,it’s good. 5 donuts!🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

- The app kicks me out! 😠

I can’t even play on it because all it does is kick me out and I want you to please fix it for me thank you!!!!

- Amazing app!

Okay, Toca Boca, you are awesome. That’s all I can say. I’m soooo excited for Toca Life World and I have never heard of a terrible game from you guys. Parents, if you are reading this, it’s completely worth the $3.99. I’ve been playing Toca games since I was four! Little kids in my neighborhood love these games, and they make up such cute, creative stories. Toca Life: City is one of my personal favorites, but I have a request: can you add all the hair styles from other games to the hair salon? There are a few hairstyles I really like from other games (e.x. the girl with the braid in Toca Office), and I would really like to add it to different characters. Also, could you do something, kinda like My PlayHome, where if you and your friends are both playing the same Toca game, you can connect in a way so that you can do your own stuff, but also meet up at spots in the game? (Check out My PlayHome to see what I mean, though it isn’t nearly as awesome as Toca.) It’s a little annoying when me and my three friends are squished together on the couch, trying to fit into one house. I’m soooo excited for Toca World, and I will continue to download every game you make. Thanks for being awesome! Your biggest fan, pineapple

- Love Toca city!!

Okay this might sound weird, but I’m an older kid and I love this app! Look, you are probably older, but trust me, this app: THE BOMB!! Look, i use it to role play. It’s actually kind of fun. Also go check out Toca neighborhood it’s the newest one! I am so excited for Toca world!! BTW it is coming out December 7th!! Thank you!!!

- Love it

I like it because it you could do hair get pets and buy clothes and more I love it toca boca I have a Suggestion for you to make a new toca life game call it snowy island like you could do like skiing and snowballs and hot chocolate and more like it’s Christmas

- Soooooo amazing and addictive

It is so fun and relaxing. I play it for hours and can’t stop

- It’s okay 😐

So I like this game but i do not like how there always staring at you.And also the new toca boca games your coming up with are just BAD

- Soooo

I’ll give allllll the apps 5 stars if you release Toca life world on Sunday November 18 2018 😏😏

- Refund Please!!!!!

Now, I know this may not be a good reason.. and your company may not take this in, but I am a 9y/o and got this with my hard earned money.. I got the game, and for some reason.. I had no interest. I got quite bored, so I ask for a refund. Please!!! I worked so hard!!!

- Thanks toca boca

Hi creators of toca boca I almost have all you games I’m so excited for toca boca world on the 22 and one wish can we have everything free every app on holidays please that’s all and every time I get money on my phone try to download all your games and I need to collect 4 that’s it thanks with all you have done so much thanks.

- fun! but please add this!!!

My friend and i are almost 15 years old and we love toca boca games! They are so much fun and give you so much creative power! Amazing apps, but as you know Toca Boca’s long time rival, My PlayHome has some convincing better features. First of all My PlayHome combines all the different apps you have purchased, so it’s one big world. I would love to see that in toca boca life games. My PlayHome also has partner play where you and a friend can be in the same game on different phones and interact with each other. I think this is an amazing feature and i would be so smitten as a kitten if this was on toca boca. Oh also please find a way for the characters to move without us having to drag them. It’s annoying and just looks stupid. Overall Toca Boca life games are really fun but if you guys can’t make these improvements and changes i will be bringing my business to My PlayHome instead. Thank you!

- I’m the biggest fan of this game

Ever sense I found out about this game I liked it 💗❤️💖

- Toca Boca, please read this...

Dear Toca Boca, I am writing this concerning the fact that none of your games are personalized. I know that is not a great way to start a letter, but I just wanted to cut to the chase. I have an idea for a new Toca Boca game. It would be called My Toca Boca (can be changed) and it would be completely customizable. You could create your own characters, like you could change the hair style, nose shape, face expression, clothes, etc. You (as in the player) could design houses and add in different types of furniture (there would also be the choice to play with pre-made areas) that is the basic idea that I am going for. Thank you for your time. (and could you add some sort of multiplayer version please)

- An Update Idea

So this might take a while but maybe as an update could make another apartment in the building. I and maybe others are gettin bored of the same 1 apartment and also could you maybe do some different furniture in the store. Hopefully you see this and you might update it


I want to start by saying I love this game I’m addicted to it I do wish there worlds were connected but still it’s my favorite game. But it won’t let me enter the app sometimes. I go on the app and there will be a white screen and it will turn black for a second and then exit me out. I’ve tried everything including turning of my phone deleting the app and reinstalling but the only thing that works is to leave it alone for awhile and even then I can only play for a while then it exits me out. Please fix this or tell me how to cope idk if it’s just my phone or what but please fix

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- I love this!

I love this game and I’ve been obsessed ever since I got it! I would love for it to have a few more places to go and maybe a few more apartments so that you can choose which one you want! Overall I definitely recommend this game and plz keep making amazing games like this cause they are the best! Thanks for reading! 😊

- Awesome game

This game legit is fun I really do mean it! U get to dress it has shops it’s just so amazing! From toca boca lover!

- Don’t bother- you can get it for free.

Now free to access on Toca Life. Disappointing as myself and many others paid for this app and won’t be refunded. They could have designed a new area and added it for free on Toca Life, but decided to make an area free that many people have paid good money to enjoy. So don’t waste your money, download it for free.

- Every time I play

Every time I what to play it keeps playing the toca boca screen

- Great app but needs some updates

This app is great but it needs some sort of update but great game

- How I found out about toca life!!

I love this game so much and would totally recommend it!! My friend let me share her iPad on a playdate when we were like six and I saw toca hospital and I was like can we play that??? It was so fun!! So when I went home I asked my mum if I could get this app and she was like,sure! So I went to the App Store and got it and saw loads of other cool apps and I always went on the App Store when another one came out and now I’m 9 and have all the other toca life apps (including toca city and world) and am a toca fan!✌️ps: on toca city pls pls pls pls pls add in another apartment because I have no space for some of the people I’m using but this game is so amazing anyway😄😄😄😄😄😄


This game is so good I enjoy playing it and it makes kinda play role play it is like one of the best games I have ever played it is a great game ❤️❤️❤️👍

- The app is-.. was good.

The app crashes every time I go onto it. I even deleted it a few times and re-downloaded just to see if it would work, but it continues to crash. I really like the app and want to use it, but I can’t if it keeps crashing like this.

- Love it 😍

I love every things about it!! Apart from you can't move furniture or paint walls and stuff but that's just me wanting everything perfect 😂. To be honest that hardly matters when it's such a fun game!! When I was small and had a kindle fire we got Toca Boca stuff for free but then it got deleted off are devices 😭. I missed it so much until a few years later when I got my first phone I asked for it again and gave the money to my parents. I play on it every day and it's so much fun. You don't need wifi either so it's a perfect saver when ur on a flight!!

- Love it but

I’d really love if the apartment had more floors and there could be more pets but all in all it’s really good 🙂😀

- I love the app so much

It is good for 4 or more

- Greatest app ever

This is the best app it’s good to pay beacause it has unlimited access to everything sooooooo good ❤️❤️❤️👌

- Great game 🤩🤩🤩

Toca life city is a great game. But you could add a church to have weddings and funerals.Or make a game “Toca life:wedding “ Love this game 👍🏻

- Good but...

Creators of toca apps can you make all of them free???if you do THANNNKKKKK YOOOUUUUU because I love them but I’ve seen their advert go to the App Store can’t get it sooo plz make them free because I really really want to play them.Because they look so cool so pls make all toca apps free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Cool but...

I have had this game for two years and I love it so much but I do think there should be more than one apartment so you can have a big family

- Help!!!

My toca boca city life game has stopped letting the books sit up in the book shelf in the house and it’s very annoying can you please fix this? I would really appreciate it thanks!

- Brilliant game but....

I love this game and all the other toca games but what I don’t understand is why some of them have wheelchairs while some don’t I think they should all have them . Please add this feature but apart from that I love how you can get so many clothes and hair styles and colour I love all the food and The shopping centre and theatre .

- Best one yet

This game is so open and creative, there is so much to do and explore and it really leaves room for people to play out their own game. It is amazing

- SO AMAZe but

This is AMAzINg but could YEE pls make it so YEE can record in different locations in one video and pls put a police station in like in toca life town also could YEE pls do a thing where one day toca life neighbourhood is free for one day thank YEE! 💩😝😀🦄

- Upgrade the bathroom

Please upgrade the bathroom in the house/apartment PLEASE and please upgrade the whole apartment to a bigger apartment please

- Switching games

You should be able to join games like if you had toca life: farm you should be able to take characters to the other game. You could also make a new person on there Also, more of the games should be free because I would be disappointed if I bought this game for £3.99

- Cool

I really like toca life city because you get lots of locations and I love going to the shopping complex xx

- 💜💜

Yes hello, I’m back again. But I just saw something. “Rated ages 0-5” . . . . . . . Excuse me? I’ll say it again, 0-5. Noooo!! I am NOT 5!!! I love this game! Everyone does! Sorry but 0-5 is not and age rating, it should be..... “age rating: 0-100” that’s more like it! Or better yet! “0-INFINITY” well anyway, just to actually make this about the game 😂 great game but totally consider my other review!


I have two friends of mine and they told me about a game Called toca life city 🌃! They said you could make a burger man have a big purple Mohawk! I said is it free? And they were like na it’s 3 pounds 💷!!! Im like wat the!!! And they say it’s worth it! I got it and it was soooooo good but one day it said on it UPDATE and it had a theatre 🎭 I loved it there was also a post office added two years later and it was amazing! Thank you 🙏 toca for making this game!🙀😽😼😽😿😿😽😼😿😽😽🙀those r unnecessary emogiis

- Toca everything

You could do a Toca boca game called Toca everything Basically it’s every single app off Toca boca in one so a cafe that has a pet bit for Toca life pets, some apartments 4 precisely for Toca Niebourhood, a fashion shop for Toca hair salon or Toca city.A lot of things like that.please do my idea I’m only eight From Isabel dyer P.s. You don’t have to call it Toca everything if you want.can it be free?please do the update soon like on the 30th of October or something.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!

- Toca world

Did you know that I was the one who suggested Toca life world and I cannot believe that it’s going to be a real thing 🌎🌍🌏👩🏽 👩🏽 by Chloe Esther cafferkey age nine

- Rubbish

Always glitches whenever I go on it and it won’t control things properly

- Can you make toca life world on iOS pls

Can you make toca life world on iOS pls

- More games

Hi well I tink there should be more toca games like toca life zoo,like a town like a big one I know u already have one but maybe a bigger one would be great but I love animals so kinda toca life zoo.

- Bugs need to be fixed

Highly recommend but the game has seemed to be crashing a lot recently.Please fix as it is an enjoyable game!

- Greatest toca ever!

I love this game you can make it like real life!


Toca life just keeps getting better and better I recommend it for all ages because it’s the best. There’s no pressure, no time limit and it’s all fun fun fun! I hope more games come out in the future because I will play it all the time if I could! 💖

- Great game

Amazing game but please can you make a Toca life swimming? It could have a pet pool indoor pool and outdoor pool and a restaurant! Plus, showers and changing rooms! Please do this!

- Suggestions

I think this game is wonderful but it would be cool if you connected all the Toca Life: series together. Also many people have asked for you to lower your prices on your games, but instead you raised them. I know you must have thought that since you are getting more customers you would get more money by raising the prices, but a friend of mine said that she would definitely not afford to buy your apps anymore but if you did a special offer where for one month/week you would make a Toca Life app free, more people would buy your apps. Also if you have time please lower your prices back to £2.99($,€ etc) or £1.99-£0.99. Overall, this a great game for kids and big kids (especially if they get bored a lot) and please continue to make more apps in this series! Thanks for reading this! Sincerely L. Dumbuya #Toca_Life

- Not happy

Why? Half the apps cost money and I do not want to pay for a bundle for 20 pounds because it’s silly I really want the games free so everyone can play because I’m a big Toca boca fan ☹️

- Pls listen to these ideas should make a toca life mall then 2 homes 🏠🏡and one🏚abandonded home 2.a toca life club with sports and Dj and art also 1 home for each tipe of club 3.toca delivery 📦 where when your person touches the iPad or laptop 💻 there is eBay to buy things like squishys or a football And every game should have the same people

- Best game 😍 one suggestion 🤔

I love this game sooooo much but it would be so good if there was more then one apartment. I feel it would be more realistic and it would be a lot more fun for making more characters.

- Toca Orphanage

What if there was a toca Orphanage a big building with lots of beds a kitchen a dinning and a room a playroom.Also a shop a park and apartments as well as one big house maybe restraint and a hair salon and clothes shop so the new family's can take the kids out

- I’ve got an idea

I personally love all the toca boca games. I have so many ideas, there could be toca sports (with Olympics and Paralympics), toca civilisation (a bundle , with one roman app , one ancient Chinese, one Mayan, one Egyptian and one Viking), I would really like them thank you.

- Love it

This is a really amazing app which can be for any age. It is really good for an imagination the reason I didn’t give it five stars is because it needs more houses or more beds

- Apartments

I love this game it’s one of my favorite games but there’s only one apartment and I think when you tap on the apartment there should be a bottom floor and there’s a elevator that at least has 5 apartments

- Boring


- It can't get any better than this 👌

This is a great game,I love to play it,I always make the characters look like me , my family and my friends and all I want to say is dis is a bewy good game. Oh look,there's more! Suggestions: ~ maybe add houses that people can live in. ~ add a MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE clothes shop. ~ add a tennis court (because I adore tennis). And that's all for now, Peace! ✌️

- Toca path

First off,I definitely recommend the game. now for my ideas... I love all your games and love the mall idea but how amazing would it be for a game called toca path where all toca life games were linked together so you could travel with any character you like!I think that would make people want to buy the whole toca life set (which I have) because they could have more fun by travelling across the games moving the characters with them!I also love the mall idea someone has came up with another idea is to have a furnished shop and a bigger house for people who play with a lot of characters in their family. I hope you consider the toca path idea and my other ideas. Recommend to anyone,,

- Editor pls read

I think you Shouuuuuuuuuld add more lofts / apartments because my sister wants her own loft so she has to use the theatre pls make more lofts and a lobby then I will give you 5 stars 🤔🤨

- Books

You can’t stand the books upright InYour apps any more :( please fix this

- Love it but

I love this game!!! But the screen recording button isnt there any more maybe its a bug have gone off and back on double clicked but its not there!!!!! I like the game but its really expensive if the price was down I would buy all of the versions, please fix the screen recording bug cause I loved making the videos I deleted it ages ago and I just re got it and now the screen recording isn’t working, thanks.. Anonymous

- Amazing...Except...

I got this a couple of years ago and I love it, I don’t know what it is but my Toca Life Games automatically (It might be me by accident) resets itself. It’s really annoying because I have done a lot, please try to fix this or let me know more Thank you - Sloth x

- Love

I would love it more if you could put more hotels and rooms so you can pick which one you want to live in and also have more clothes for all genders and ages, plus if there was a shoe shop would be great, also put some more activities in as well thank you for your time to read this

- Brilliant but could be 5 stars if...

Brilliant app but I think if you could add the new hairstyles from the other apps and the outfits too it would be better. Ideally you could connect the apps from the Toca Life range and then these apps would be 10 out of 10 every time. I think until then it will only really be 4 stars from me because other competing apps do have this brilliant feature. Other than that though you have a good app here:D

Toca life city

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Toca Life: City 1.5.1 Screenshots & Images

Toca Life: City iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Life: City iphone images
Toca Life: City iphone images
Toca Life: City iphone images
Toca Life: City iphone images
Toca Life: City iphone images
Toca Life: City ipad images
Toca Life: City ipad images
Toca Life: City ipad images
Toca Life: City ipad images
Toca Life: City ipad images
Toca Life: City Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toca Life: City Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Life: City (Version 1.5.1) Install & Download

The applications Toca Life: City was published in the category Education on 2015-06-25 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 254.78 MB. Toca Life: City - Education posted on 2018-07-06 current version is 1.5.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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