Polarr Photo Editor - Photo Editing Tools for All

Used by the world's most professional portrait and landscape photographers, Polarr offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit every detail of your photo.

• Advanced suite of face-editing tools
• Complete set of color masking and brushing tools
• Create, customize, and share your own filters
• Multiple local and brush adjustments
• Customizable toolbars and workspace
• Batch export with filters
• Dehaze and Denoise tools
• Multi-face detection and auto-detection of multiple facial features
• Photos extension
• Full EXIF viewer
• Customizable theme

Adjustments include:
• Face: Smooth, Whiten, Tone, and Reshape
• Color: Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation
• Light: Dehaze, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Diffuse
• Detail: Clarity, Sharpen, Denoise (Color and Luminance)
• Vignette: Amount, Highlights, Roundness
• Lens: Distortion, Horizontal and vertical Perspective
• Effect: Fringing, Pixelate, Noise amount and size
• HSL: Hue, Saturation, Luminance for eight color channels
• Curves: Master, blue, red, green channels
• Toning: Highlight and shadow tone, Tone balancing
• Denoise: Focus, enhancement and clarity
• Local adjustments: Gradient, radial, color masking, brushing
• Additional local tools: Lens blur, feathering, invert.

Desktop version also at https://www.polarr.co.
Contact [email protected] for questions or more information.

Polarr Photo Editor - Photo Editing Tools for All App Description & Overview

The applications Polarr Photo Editor - Photo Editing Tools for All was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-06-25 and was developed by Polarr, Inc.. The file size is 55.24 MB. The current version is 3.7.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

1) Bug fixes.
2) Fine tune Apple Pencil performance.
3) Fixed EXIF data issue.
4) Better layout for iPhone SE.
5) Re-arrange local adjustment tools panel.

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UPDATE!  jadaangeld  4 star

I love the app, but when I try to add one of my own filters, random text and shapes would be added to my photo and I can't fix it! I would really love it if it wouldn't appear


❤️  alihdimoqdm  5 star

it's great!


Great app  reviewAPPS1904  4 star

I use this app so much it's awesome But needs some work lately I been working on a photo and once I get to like 50 edits and up the app gets lagging and crashes I'm not sure why also I been having trouble with zooming in and out while I have 20+ edits and it happens when I use raw photos never happens when I use jpg or tiff and can you make it read a tiff file as a tiff right now it reads it as a raw file not tiff ..... DNG are raw files and tiffs are lossless photo files that are like jpg but hold more data on a bigger megapixels size


Minor Adjustments  Jaycorey  4 star

I've been using polarr for quite a while and it's proven to be better than anything else I've tried out by far, it's my go to photo editing app and I rarely find myself needing to use anything else. Polarr does have some bugs though, it seems to not be very consistent in functionality, it will sometimes run extremely slow to the point where it either crashes or just gets stuck on a blank screen, reinstalling the app did nothing as I just tried that. Also one other little tip, the white background is nice but it actually clashes with the white lines when trying to work with the RGB curves and I can never see where I'm moving the line.


Best  Griffindoorzowl  5 star

So far.


Has amazing potential but  Saul0213  2 star

I have been trying to find an alternative to light room and I thought I found it with Polarr but when I try to edit RAW image files the Application scales down the image. Only happens with the raw images from my DSLR.

Pour Favor

Pour Favor  Pour Favor  5 star

I have been using the app for a few days and zi love it 🙌🏾


Lots of options!  kyspr597  5 star

Polarr has a wide variety of editing options that other apps don't offer! It definitely strays away from the generic editing "toolbox", and allows for those key minor edits that make a significant difference in the final outcome. Love it!

Ana Kircher

Wonderful App, Wonderful Results.  Ana Kircher  5 star

This app is incredibly simple to work with. After a few times tinkering around I got the hang of it fairly simply. A lot of great filters, corrections, and masks. This app is made perfectly for everyone who's looking for a few adjustments, to changing a photo completely and adding a fun effect to the photos. Highly recommend!!


Good  kingsami15  4 star

تطبيق ممتاز / ارجو منكم اضافة اعدادات


Stunning  Svenskaman  5 star

Great app! A more accessible version of Lightroom/photoshop.

mia 🤘🏼

The best app forever ❤️  mia 🤘🏼  5 star

I always try to find a good app for my pictures and well I download this app and is amazing 🥀💓

Jean Rock

I love this app  Jean Rock  5 star

This app is truly amazing. It's so powerful and all the tools are so great. I bought the tools and the filters (even though I never use the filters) and they're awesome. I do automotive photography and I use this to edit them and they come out tremendous. You can see the pictures I've edited with this app on my instagram (@angelm_ix) I love the quality of this app and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in photography


Amazing  jq_0913  5 star

Definitely my favorite editing/ color correction app, this is my go to app when I'm not using photoshop CS4 extended


No pude usar herramientas  Mc_alphaLaChorrera  3 star

Al hacer mi cuenta pensé que podría usar herramientas que permanecen bajo llave, pero no fue así, la verdad la aplicación siguió igual de bloqueada que antes, así que no fue más de lo mismo, por otra parte todo es igual, muy similar a la competencia con Photoshop, sólo que al tener cuenta de adobe, los filtros si se desbloquean.

Peaches farts

Lovelovelovelove  Peaches farts  5 star

This app has taken my photography to the next level!!! So happy I found it 🖤


One of the best mobile photo editors!  JonasORL  5 star

A very feature complete app. Adjust everything from the basics to individual color curves and much more. This is hands down my favorite app for retouching photos from my DSLR on the go.

Connor Keenan

Great app!  Connor Keenan  5 star

Great photo editor app, and way more in-depth tolls than with default Instagram or Photo App.


LOVE THIS APP, although...  CaptainUnderpantsUncleGrandpa  5 star

I really love this app. It is amazing. I have posted a couple pictures I've edited with it on Instagram (@ryanpathriot1). If you want to see which ones they are a picture of a Ford Focus RS and me going down a technical section while mountain biking. Before this app I used pic stitch, but this is waayyy better. There is one thing about pic stitch that I like more than this: the focus and blur. I really like to use the focus option sometimes, and it is helpful with the blur so I can blur peoples faces and/or license plates. Polarr could you please add that into this? Thanks!!!


help  twoyounghearts  4 star

how do you get rid of the "double tap to edit" watermark in the top right of a photo?

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