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Tappytoon Comics & Novels Comments & Reviews 2022

- Decent but...

There’s a specific story I’m using this app for that I really enjoy but I’m a free user so I have to grind in order to unlock chapters. Overall the UI and the content it offers is rather high quality even if a lot of it doesn’t really appeal to me. However that being said it can be rather slow/laggy sometimes and I have had technical difficulties getting free points. I just recently had to delete and then reinstall the app because when I would watch videos it wouldn’t give me any points even though I clearly watched past where it says reward. Or sometimes the full thing because it wasn’t giving me anything!!! However some things to improve would be increasing the hourly limit to ads and giving more points for the longer ads as it’s weird that both the 20sec ads and five sec ads give the same number of points. So longer ads should equal more points. Duh. Overall I would pay for the app but only after it starts fixing its bugs and starts running smoother. Close to being great but so far only good.

- Too expensive

The stories in here are good. There’s so many comics here that are much better than the stories you can find in other comic apps. The only thing I don’t like is that i can’t rly read a lot of chapters. To unlock a chapter, I have to pay 3 tokens or 300 points. Tokens are bought with money, while points are acquired by either watching ads or completing an offer. It looks good for now, but each ad will only give you 10 points. So to complete a single chapter, you have to watch 30 ads! Literally, you spend more time watching ads than finishing a single chapter. I know that it’s because you have to pay the artist and stuff, but not everyone have money to buy tokens, and not everyone can watch 30 ads to unlock a single chapter. Plus, you can only watch 30 ads an hour, which means, for us broke people, we can only unlock a single chapter every hour, that is after we watch 30 ads. Im just gonna say, not everyone can pay, not everyone has a job, I am currently in middle school, which means I can’t buy things, because my parents doesn’t spoil me. What I’m trying to say is that there’s lots of people like me, teenagers who only wants to read a comic. I’m sure if you guys would just add more points that you can receive in one ad, many more people would download the app. Anyways, I’m just saying that. As I said earlier, I love the stories in this app, it’s just messed up how I watched 30 ads just to unlock a single measly chapter that I can finish in 2 minutes. ^^


This is a good app but what’s RIDICULOUS is having to switch back and forth for the mature content. Also, having to buy more coins SEPARATELY on the website and app. When I was new to this, I bought some MATURE CONTENT on the website because I thought it was going to transfer over just like the other apps that I currently use. However, that was not the case. I reached out to customer service and they told me that the content does not transfer between the two. The mature content is only for the website. So, in hoping I would get reimburse for the 3,000 points that I used. In the end, I was not refunded. So, if you’re looking for mature content go for a different app that can be read between the two. NOW, for the coins! If you go onto the app and buy coins on there then go to the website you’ll see your coins are not appearing. This also goes vice versa so don’t panic if you don’t see your coins because that’s how they get you to buy more. According to Tappytoon’s policy it’s because of Apple’s restrictions. Yet, the other apps were able to do it so, why can’t they? What’s also weird is the points convert over but not the coins or the mature content. So like, why can the points convert over but not those two? Doesn’t make sense. Overall, I just use this app for the NON-MATURE CONTENT now. I hardly go looking for the mature content since I have to pay more just to get it.

- A great start, needs fine tooning

I love the stories and the new update where you can read a comic chapter daily. The only problem I have is the method of earning free points, and the expensive coins. I think this app can easily be compared to tapas in the way where you can watch ads and do favors for free points. They say you can get 10 free points if you watch an add yet you only get 8 points when you watch it... Not to mention that one chapter costs 300 points.. It’s very time consuming and the other actions you can do to earn points will give you such a small amount compared to tapas which also has comics set at a price of 300 drops of ink. I also do believe that the comics are very pricey. I can usually spend 10$ on a tapas comic and then I’m good to go. Some of these comics can be more than 20$ which is ridiculous in my opinion! You can go to the store and pick up a manga for 10-15$ so I think it’s unfair that Tappytoon is charging so much. I think Tappytoon needs to fix their prices and make it more reasonable. I’m glad that the authors are getting paid well as you can see the quality in their art, but I believe there should be an option where you can buy the whole series at a time for a cheeper price from around 10-15$. That being said, I still love the app, but I would like to see some improvements.

- Price hike is ridiculous - BE AWARE

This was one of my favorite apps, and I was happy to pay for access to translations that would go to support the original authors/artists as well as the translators themselves. But the recent price hike (started a few weeks ago I believe) is outrageous. Currently you’ll pay about $3 for 11 tokens, which gives you access to only 3 episodes (assuming each webtoon is 3 tokens and not 4). You’re paying about $1 for every episode —- this is the most expensive payment option (compared to competitor apps) that I’ve seen so far. But a few weeks ago, you could pay $2 for 16 tokens, giving you access to 5 episodes total, and saving you a dollar on the new price. The same holds true for the bigger bundles. You now have to pay $11 ($10 if it’s on sale) for 65 tokens, which gives you 21 episodes. Sounds great until you realize that a few weeks ago, you could’ve paid less ($10, not on sale) for 27 episodes. Basically, this is now the most expensive webtoon app (that I’m aware of), and I wanted to warn everyone who isn’t aware of it. I really hope that Tappytoon will revise their prices so that it is more reasonable for the average person, bc I would love to keep using their app in the future, but I’ll be taking a break from buying from Tappytoon for the foreseeable future, and will use the other apps instead. Thanks!

- Annoyed

While the comics are cute and worth the read, i unfortunately can not spend a whole lot of money on tokens or tickets and stuff because the pricing is just too outrageous for the amount of content (some chapters are short and totally not worth the money). But what has me OUTRAGEOUSLY ANNOYED the most is the Free to Read comics. Like anyone else I wait for the 24hrs to be up and when it says “Read Now” it tells me I have to pay tokens or whatever for the next chapter even though it’s supposed to be free!! Now I know they can change it being free at any given time but they are STILL “free to read” comics, so what gives!?!? I have SORT OF figured out a way to fix it but it isn’t guaranteed and I have actually gone at least a minimum of 6 days for some comics (since the chapter you just read has a cool down of 48hrs). I understand I’m getting them for free but when the app says “”Time till free” is a portion of the Tappytoon service where you can read the next chapter for free, one chapter at a time, every 24hrs.” I shouldn’t have to wait a week and do some weird fancy trickery reset to get that one chapter... which to be honest is almost not even worth the time as I have already forgotten what happened previously. Come on developers, before you add more comics and other little silly features, fix the “Read Now” function??

- Amazing Comics Worth the Price

With the recent update I’m loving the new layout and there hasn’t been glitches when reading chapters. Very smooth reading 😆 I have honestly so many favorite comics here and I do keep up to date with a lot of the new comics. Yes you will spend money on these comics but it’s worth every penny! I also have noticed there has been more sales that make certain comics cheaper for a limited time I think that’s really awesome although for some I already had bought the chapters 😅😆 but if people are looking to try a comic but hesitant maybe wait for these sales? Also I think it would be cool when we buy token packs we can earn a extra bonus for buying besides the points we get with whichever pack. Also I love we can unlock points for multiple chapters in a comic but I’m the type of reader to keep up to date so unless I wait for 4-5 weeks then I could earn points. I would like maybe after buying 5 single chapters in any comic we could earn like 80 points. Anyways excuse my long review I love the new update and excited for any new comics added becoming one of my favorite apps 😍

- Tomfoolery...

The biggest problem I have with Tappytoon is the sneaky way they change content on their app vs their website. You can only access mature cutscenes of a series on their website, but not the app, but this isn’t openly disclosed unless you dig around for it. Why am I paying for only part of a product??? Also, they won’t let you use your credits between the two platforms—your credits on the app do not carry over to their website AND you’re gonna have to pay again if you want an already-purchased chapter with all the extra scenes that Tappytoon has cut out, which I feel is a huge disservice and feels completely misleading. I will no longer spend any more money on Tappytoons because of this until they fix this mess. When I pay for something, I expect to get all of what I’m paying for, not some watered down version. The Apple App Store may have restrictions on mature content but Tappytoon can do a lot better at being transparent and comping paying customers with full access to cut scenes for already-paid-for chapters from the app on their website. I’ve already thrown too much money at Tappytoon but no more. I’ll now be taking my money elsewhere to support the writers/artists on a different platform that won’t mislead/cheat their patrons, and more importantly, won’t change or censor the original work.

- Fantastic but...

I love this app so much and is one of the only places I can read cherry blossoms after winter without Mangago which I don’t feel comfortable going on. Though one slight issue is the fact I have to wait a FULL 24 hours just to read the next chapter. I don’t necessarily find this fair since I don’t want to have to buy tokens just to read something that could be free. For instance in the app WEBTOON you can read free but there’s also other things you can purchase such as getting a look at the next chapter that hasn’t yet been released to the public. If this app had something like that where you can read without charge or waiting but also had in-app products you could probably get a lot more business! I’m a very impatient person and reading cherry blossoms after winter usually leaves on a cliffhanger as I can tell so far. Though I really don’t wanna have to spend my money on reading a webtoon comic that could potentially be free. Though I absolutely love this app and definitely recommend it!

- Only bad thing is you have to pay to read

Out of all the web comic apps, tappy toons definitely has the best quality comics. The only down side is that it comes with a price. Thankfully, all stories have a few free chapters so you can pick which ones you like. It’s basically like going to a store and buying a book (but more expensive because 30 bucks gets you like 100 ish chapters). Authors update regularly, art is pretty quality, stories usually have little filler and are relatively long compared to free comics (at least the stories I’ve read are). Overall, if your looking for something higher quality than something like webtoons and don’t mind paying or have some extra cash, check it out. You’ll probably find something you like, especially if you’re into romance. The authors on tappy toons don’t hold back on the romance factor at all unlike some other comic sites that are trying to be family friendly. Plus, it makes me feel good that these authors are getting paid for their work.

- It’s AMAZING!! I love it!! BUT!

I love this app! I think it is great that we can support authors because they work SO HARD! But to be honest a lot of people can’t afford this.. if the point system were a bit fair then I don’t see why people wouldn’t buy more... for example every 5 tokens you unlock 15 chapters... or you spend 20 tokens and you unlock the whole Managa..... or a discount if you want to buy the whole thing! You can buy a manga in BOOK STORE FOR 10 to 15 dollars... why are we spending more on that?? lets be honest the chapters are short and if I have to pay 3 TOKENS for 1 chapter and I get 5 seconds of read I am pretty disappointed..... the authors still get to make some money, but they also still have their READERS READ THEIR MANGA! You have to spend $20+++ to even get to read the whole manga MAYBE it depends if the authors is still writing... it’s basically you have to chosen 1 book till the END to read but you won’t be able to read any others after the “free” chapters.... it’s disappointing.... either way I hope TappyToon can fix this or give a big discount if you want to buy continuous books....

- Content

Hi so I’ve been using Tappytoon for a while and I love it. I also follow on Instagram and noticed a novel mentioned on there and searched for it and wasn’t able to find it on the app, but insta was linked to the website which I found it on. I would appear that the app doesn’t have access to the mature novels; additionally when you go to the website to read these novels your Tokens aren’t available from an IOS product. If this could be in the next update that would be amazing as it is blocking so many readers, who only use the app, from so many of these novels, as well as not letting the authors have the full clientele they could. So if the app had the helpful mature switch option and mature category for when that switch is on it would open a wider fan base and be available for the users to use the Tokens they have purchased. I love the app and will continue to use, this would just be so helpful and user friendly, please consider in the next update.

- Good But Restricted!

I have use the app for a while and I love the fact u can read all these varieties of WEBTOON comics (or Manwhas) free of charge. It’s similar to the WEBTOON app itself, however it restricts from reading further in chapter of certain comics. Example; I have been reading Solo Leveling due to its popularity and I see what the fuss is about, it’s actually good. But I actually had to buy the rest of the chapters to unlock for further reading. Tappytoon should really let everybody read all the chapters for free and establish system like WEBTOON that if you want to read chapters before it’s released worldwide for free users, u can by buying coins and use those said coins. Idk just a thought. I wouldn’t have never been able to read Solo Leveling to its entirety right now if I didn’t spend my money to read the rest of the chapters. Though ppl say that you can accumulate points to unlock the rest of the chapters by reading but I have yet to receive those said points before. Just a little nitpick that’s all.

- Use Another Webcomic App

Tappytoon has a terrible business model and needs to reevaluate their approach. Unlike some of their competitors they’ve decided to make the first few chapters free, then put all the rest behind a pay wall regardless of how long they’ve been out. This wouldn’t be so bad if there was a feasible free option using points, a subscription option, or a drastically decreased chapter price in coins. The current cost for a chapter using free points is 300, you can earn this by watching 30 ads. Yes, 30 ads, each ranging from 15-30 seconds + 5 seconds waiting for the x to appear, so 10 to 18 minutes of straight ads for a chapter you’ll probably finish in around a minute. ‘There are other ways to earn points’ no, the other option is full of scams and partnered sales. The most approachable option is probably the $4.99 package which gets you 41 coins, which unlocks 13 chapters. 13 chapters might get you around half an hour of entertainment (probably less). For a similar price you could buy a monthly subscription to a streaming service and watch hundreds of hours of content. Don’t encourage this behavior with financial contributions, read your comics elsewhere.

- Worthwhile!

I’d been seeing posts about “Who Made Me A Princess” for a while and finally traced it down to this app with English translations! And I know, paying to just read a strip of a comic was honestly a little disappointing at first. But after giving it some thought, I made a turnabout in mindset. The artist and/or author needs to get paid and so do the translators and web host of the comics. And it doesn’t hurt that I know that I actually have the extra funds to pay up. I usually get the $25 token/coin bundle and it lasts me about 1-2 months of keeping up with different webcomics. (I keep up with 4 and occasionally check out a few others.) And also, the app itself it pretty clean and intuitive to use! I’ve tried looking at a few others but I ended up deleting them because the app pages were so overcrowded visually or had stories that felt really... like Harlequin romance novels. (No shade to those who like them but they’re really not my cup of tea.)

- I really love’ I’m addicted now! Haha

UPDATE: A lot more stories have been added and I love it!! Though I would love to be able to read them offline without the use of internet or WIFI/secular date. If that’s added that would be awesome!! I have enjoyed pretty much every story that I’ve read on this app. The spelling and grammar is pretty good too I have not caught any mistakes so far. Although I kind of don’t like the fact that you have to pay for it but that’s totally fine since the pricing isn’t that bad honestly. Plus the stories are well worth it! Overall this is a pretty good app! If you really did spend and you’re really to wait a little bit for every chapter that comes out every week and I truly do recommend this as it has a great variety of stories! So far this is one of the best apps I have in my phone. Keep up the good work! PS: I would like to see more stories, especially supernatural ones! Either way great job keep up the good work!

- Worth every penny

Short version: I like the app, I love the stories. I would highly recommend this if you’re willing to spend money on webcomics to support creators. Long version: To address some other reviewer concerns, yes this webtoon app can get a little expensive. You buy tokens and with those you can unlock the comics. Every comic I’ve viewed has the first two to three free chapters free, which is awesome and usually helps me decide whether or not I want to use my tokens for further reading. Tokens unlock the chapter permanently for an account. I’ll admit I’ve spent a good amount of money buying tokens, but in my opinion the comics are worth it. The majority of comics have beautiful art, fun stories, and great translations. In the age of free webcomics, a lot of people seem to forget that these artists need to make a living too. Comic creation is a full time job if we expect consistent updates. There’s a good variety of comics already, but I’m really looking forward to the app getting more. Some of my favorites (Who Made Me A Princess and Doctor Elise) were just released recently and I’ve got my fingers crossed for some more great ones further down the line. As a general app I’ve found that this runs smoothly. It’s easy to use and has a nice layout. Any bug issues I’ve had were addressed, and I super appreciate how interactive the social media team for this app has been (they’re a lot of fun to follow on Instagram).

- Ripoff to Webtoons...but eh, I like the addiction

I recognize an addiction when I see one, and this is it. When you start on one, you get to another, and another. Though it’s fun, some of the writing is poorly written and looks like it’s there just to make money. I really do like a few of the mangas I read from here, storyline, plotwork AND artwork, but I recommend, and be wary of your addictions. At some point you’ll just be reading just to read and it’s not really that well written. It’s best you stop yourself there (or die trying once you do). If you’re an addict like me on these things, I recommend you try and get as many points as you can when starting a manga. If you know you’re stuck reading one, might as well get 10 chapters (or all) so you can get points back. For every several chapters, you’re given points and these points are useful when you have no money to buy coins. If you like it just remember: buy many chapters to get most points!

- Tally Toon Comics

I personally think that hey should give you a few more free episodes bc I’m running out of money and time to earn the money in order to buy more tokens. I feel that maybe they should have rewards? I doubt I’m the only one who finds it pretty annoying that you have to worry every time your going to read an episode bc you might get a pop up saying you need more coins. Yes personally I don’t mind it as much as I used to, but I still wish it could be changed or at least a bit cheaper. I only have Tappytoon for one comic and one comic only, and that’s Cherry Blossoms After Winter. Also if your going to charge us for literally every episode after you read the first few, at least require the episodes to be a bit longer. I mean you charge us 3 coins per episode. But once again I still love this app only because of one comic. Once this comic is finished I might delete this app. 🤷‍♀️

- Much better apps you can use!

You do realize there are reasons Webtoon is more popular than you? 1) They don’t shove ads down your throat 2) its free too use and has ways to support/ see things ahead as a means to help support the app 3) it’s user friendly 4) Webtoons are usually long 5) they have fun events that allow you too get excited for coins and entice you too buy some yourself. I wouldn’t want to pay for a short chapter of a comic on this app when I can pay for one that’s three times as long! Tapas is better than this app and it has many of the same problems! Is it petty too compare apps? Maybe, but I think the prices are even more petty. It’d be a better use of your money too just gamble! The one star is because I can’t go any lower but also because I’ll admit many of the comics are good, the fact of the matter though is that there are TONS of good comics! And I can get the on apps for free! So why would I want to spend so much money for them here? I’m not saying you need to make everything free or “copy” webtoon I’m just saying you need to dial the prices back especially with competition like this.

- TappyToon is my Happy Toon

Great stories on this app I personally like the romance ones but wished it had more options like coolmic for the more mature romance theme options, a suggestion for improvement is to give better bonuses too its monthly subscribers. I usually put out $20-30 a month and there are zero perks to what I put into the app. I’ve got a lot of points saved up but the app doesn’t let you use them to convert to tokens or anything just a bunch of stacked up points with no use. Kinda lame. I also wished that some of the strips updated sooner, can be a week or two week between updates. Web comics app has better perks, in my opinion for buying and subscribing, it’s only competitor besides WEBTOON which is free unless you buy the tokens to bypass the wait. Has a lot of potential wish it would take off other app ideas and grow. Very user friendly and easy to use.

- Was a great app until the free points for ads stopped working.

I watched eight ads today and was given points for one video. I made sure I watched until the end, and even shut the app down to try and fix the issue. Since there’s no customer service link in the app, and nothing mentioned about this issue, I can no longer enjoy this app as I used to. I’ve been using this app every single day and have spent hundreds in the app but had to cut back so I promised myself a budget on how much I would spend each month and the rest would be from watching ads. Well, that option has been taken away from me by this app. They are no longer rewarding points for watching videos even though it says you can do so. I reached out on Facebook messenger but doubt I will get a response as my attempt via the app didn’t open a conversation so I went through Facebook on my computer. I’m starting to believe they don’t have someone to respond for customer service issues.

- Happy about no comments

Often I find myself wanting to argue with people who leave comments because my opinions differs from theirs, so I’m actually glad that there are no comments on this app. It means I’d have to actively seek discussion pages to talk with other fans. So all my thoughts don’t have to be refuted by someone else and I don’t have a stupid urge to say unnecessary things to someone else. The only thing I’d say that might be done better is the possible procurement of new stories, a lot of the stories on Tapas would actually be great here as well. But either way I love this app and frankly I hope that aside from acquiring new comics that there isn’t too much they change, it’s perfect for me to simply read and enjoy without having to worry about any interaction with someone else because I wanted to comment something or feel the need to be a popcorn eater with someone else.

- Decent app but..

I like the app, has a good variety of mangas to choose from. However there are 2 things I dislike: 1- the app doesn’t link to the website, even though you use the same log in. So if I purchase episodes through the app, but then decided I’d rather have the mature version, those purchased episodes are not reflected in your website account. Why? It’s the same thing. Why aren’t mature chapters avail in app if you can’t link the app and website ? 2- I purchase tokens but at times wld like to supplement by viewing ads for points. The issue is there are never any videos available. It says you can watch up to 30 per hour, however it gives me 1-2 at best. What’s the point of offering if you don’t actually give videos to watch? Those gripes won’t keep me away bc they have a few mangas I really like and was waiting for English release. But I’m not truly happy w the app.

- Pros and Cons

Now I have been using Tappytoon for almost a month now and it’s great, but the problem is, I have to pay money to read more chapters of a comic. Now I’m a person that can’t pay for the chapters (due to personal reasons) and I think it would be nice to be a free app. Now I’m still happy for the writers and artists of the comics getting paid for their work. But it becomes a hassle for the people who can’t pay, because we can only go from on comic to another reading only 3-4 chapters and hen being disappointed because we can’t pay for new chapters. I think that a good idea would be to implement a game into the app. Such as a few mini-games we can play to earn tokens and points. Such as a candy crush style game with modes to earn points or tokens. Are a card style game against bots to earn tokens/points. Those are just a few options and I do really think this app is great they just need to fix this major problem for those who can’t pay.

- Please, improve it!!!

This app is great but have some problem that need to fix it. I only have 16 years old and I don’t have a credit card or something like that, all I want is just to read a good comic. I don’t want to watch 30 adds just to read at least one chapter. I know that is a pay for the creator but in my opinion that is also not fair for the readers because we spends our time to read some comics in your app. If you the creator, do something for us to at least watch 1 to 5 adds, that would be awesome because if we take at least 1 hour or more of our time it’s because we want to read more chapters not only one. I want to read some chapters and I have to watch 30 adds just to unlock 1 chapter??? I think this is not fair. So please, improve this because if you improve this maybe more people will be join to your app and that will be more great!!!

- Great UI

To be honest I avoided using Tappytoon for the longest time because I’m a cheapskate. And also didn’t use it because the chapters are far behind what I could find scavenging around the web. But as I could no longer find any of the comics I read due to copyright I finally gave this a try. To my pleasant surprise it is very cheap, there are good deals, and I’m happy to be able to support the authors of my favorite comics. The UI is very easy to understand. I’m also glad that it supports iPad. The quality can become a bit pixelated but I hardly mind. It’s also convenient having all the manga I read in one place with notifications turned on, rather than having many tabs and websites open on my phone. Totally recommend if you don’t mind spending just a tiny bit for good service and to support the makers of the comics you read.

- Tappy toon

I really enjoy reading Tappy toon. It’s the first thing I do every night. Each story I have read has been fulfilling and truly made me addicted to this app leaving me wanting more. However this has caused some money issues as well. Since you are only allowed to read the first 3-4 chapters for free everything else cost coins which you must buy. While it does have stories that are released daily, a majority of them cost money. I find myself spending 30 dollars or so a month right now after putting half of the the stories I was reading on hold so I do not spend to much. While to read many good stories you must pay if you are willing to put in the money it’s not a bad deal, and while I have spent hundreds of dollars on this app I truly do not regret it since they bring a certain joy or feeling that I cannot get in any other app or book

- Horrible

The app and the idea behind it is lovely. But you have to pay to continue reading after a maximum of the second chapter in each story. You have to pay for each chapter as you go and you have no other choice! You have an option to “earn” some tokens to pay with but the effort and amount you need to get is crazy! You need 3 tokens to unlock each chapter and if you want to “earn” them you have to do quests. I did one to see if they were doable because i dont want to delete the app without trying. I had to do a quiz which was said to give me 360 or so points if I passed it. I got a full score on the quiz that was just silly questions while I get bombarded with ads on some website on my browser. When I went into tappy to check what I earned they only gave me 3 points. Keeping in mind that I need over 300 ones to be equal to 3 tokens and unlock the chapter. I still tried to search for free toons or stories but nothing. All of them require either money or crazy unimaginable and not doable amounts of efforts. It’s quite a shame.

- Ads for earning free points “Unavailable”

I’m the type of person who doesn’t spend any money on comics, so apps like Webtoons and Tapas are my preferred way to go. They offer a lot of free-to-read comics, and Tapas has a semi-decent system for earning free points. I downloaded Tappytoon to read the official English translation of a specific story, and I have stuck with Tappytoon for a while now. Overall, I like it. I’ve finished a few good series and am currently reading some more enjoyable comics that update weekly. As I mentioned, I don’t spend money on comics, so I rely on the Time Till Free series and the ability to earn free coins. For a while now, however, the system for earning free coins has been awful. Getting to watch more than one or two ads at once is extremely lucky, but you need to watch thirty to earn enough to unlock an episode. I’ve been holding out, hoping this would be fixed eventually, and have been completing offers to earn points, but it’s been quite disheartening.

- 24 hourStories

Although you do have a chance to read stories for free, you just have to wait 24 hours so you can unlock all the episodes, but you can’t unlock all the episodes with this which is a total bummer cause I won’t be able to finish reading the stories that I love. I really love this app and it has great stories but I don’t think I can still have installed cause I can’t even finish one story on the app. Yes I k ow that we can buy coins but that’s out of my region, I don’t like spending money on apps. You can also watch adds to get points but it is a total bust when you only receive 10 points per video when each comic costs 300 points. It takes me at least 30 minutes to watch all the adds and only have enough to unlock only one chapter of a story. I hope they can change so where you can unlock all the chapters on the stories you wait 24 hours to unlock, if not then I might delete it.

- Untrustworthy Poptarts

I can’t justify buying tokens in this app. You see, the people that made this app also made the app called SpotToon. SpotToon just up and disappeared one day. Poof. Gone. Oh. You were reading that one webcomic on SpotToon? You had hella tokens in SpotToon when it went up in smoke? Too bad so sad. Guess you’re just going to have to deal with it. Because these developers don’t care how much money you just threw away. I have screenshots of the SpotToon App being on my phone. I can tell you with certainty that it did exist. And I have email confirmations from the App Store with the purchases I made on the app. I’m not thrilled that I can no longer read The Sensual M despite paying for it. So place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. How much longer before TappyToon goes the way of the dodo? I would be very skeptical about buying tokens in this app, because next month, you might not even be able to use said tokens. The developers don’t have a “email the developers” in the TappyToon app, (at least that I could see) probably because all the SpotToon-ers would probably be asking for some sort of refund for tokens they have no access to. Never mind the webcomic series I unlocked and never got around to reading. Stupid me, huh? So fair warning. Don’t be like me. Now you know. Do the wait until free. That costs no money. You won’t lose anything that way.

- Overall Good App

It’s really hard to find a place that has a constant update for the translation with a good price for a good manga that I’m actually interest in reading. The price you have to pay in order to read a chapter is something I can see why people might complain because it cost money. But if you compare the price of token to other English manga app like LezhinComics, TappyToon is much more affordable that gives more tokens which allow you to be able to purchase more chapter for less than what you would in LezhinComics. I’m honestly really glad I found this app and downloaded and use it as I was having trouble to find a place where they do translations for manga that I really want to read for a low price of good quality manga with a reasonable update like once a week. Keep up the good work !!!

- The cons

I enjoy the easy flow of adding to my library and I love the stories on this app. For me, I think it’s worth paying for since I hate finding sites that upload it for free but each time you click somewhere your sent to a random website. Con #1- PRICE. Though I don’t mind paying for great quality and no ads, the price is still pretty expensive; especially when compared to the price of buying tangible mangas at the bookstore. Con #2- Library. I wish there was a way to sort the library by most recently updated. Right now it only goes by most recently added to library. I wish there was a way to sort it to the users liking. Con #3- Flow of Chapters This isn’t really a big con, but it can be a nuisance when I’m scrolling through, reading with one hand. I wish I could just scroll into the next chapter instead of constantly clicking on the next chapter button. Slight inconvenience, but again not a huge deal. Con #4- Purchasing multiple chapters at once I’m really happy that you can purchase multiple chapters at once with coins and as incentive you get points. I just wish you could purchase multiple chapters at once with points as well. Other than these small things, I genuinely enjoy using this app.

- Hooked on Comics Again!!

I used to read comics all the time growing up well into college but as an “adult” I slowly bought less & less comics and spent less time reading them. Then just a few months ago I stumbled upon Tappytoon and was immediately sucked back into this world of fantasy and I am so so glad for it!! Tappytoons app is so extremely easy to use and hasn’t failed to disappoint!! It’s also a sweet treat knowing the the platform pays its artists and you also aid in that by paying to read the comics. The other thing that’s awesome is that a number of the chapters in the beginning are free to read so you can see if you will like the story enough to pay to continue reading or move onto a different series. For me this app is a 10/10 and I’ve LOVED every series I’ve read so far 💛

- High Quality Web Comics

The fact that one must pay real money for “coins” to read these comics may seem off-putting, but these comics are well translated and generally beautifully drawn so it’s definitely worth it—to me at least. A lot of the stories are kind of same-y but as a fan of those types of romance stories, I’m personally okay with it hahaa There’s even a wide variety of couple types, actually. BL and GL are just as prevalent as Hetero romances. I also like that there’s a limited number of ongoing series at once as it focuses more on quality over quantity. Overall, I enjoy this app for its curation of well made comics and easy to use interface! (However sometimes I wish there was a feature for discussing the chapters with other users. It may be for the best that there isn’t though... hmmm.)

- I love this app

I love the series that are available on this app, and I’m happy to be paying a little bit for each chapter. I believe artist and translator should be supported if we’re going to enjoy their work. How can they continue to work on this if they don’t make money? I just wish I got more than one chapter a week. The stories are so good. Also, a system for people to earn points would be nice rather than just always paying to get points. Not all readers will have the money to consistently read the chapters every week. (Pssst...other people might not like this, but I would be willing to pay a little extra to skip the week wait time and read the next chapter. Maybe add that as an option for people who are willing to spend a little extra for early access?)

- Disappointed

Tappytoon has always been my favorite and my go-to app for webtoons in part for its selection, but also for its coin/points system. It was simple and incredibly fair and balanced so that both the app and the reader could benefit. The most recent update has removed that fair system and made Tappytoon just another money-hungry app. I understand wanting to make a profit but I’m really disappointed when the system was already so fair and balanced (I’ve spent enough coins and points and literally sat down and done the math to be certain of this). I’ve returned to Tappytoon time and time again because I liked the simplicity and fairness of the system and removing it makes it no different from other apps and I’m just really disappointed. It feels icky, like I’m being taken advantage of. I understand business but I’m going to be bummed about this for a while...

- $50 per comic

You have to buy tokens or earn free points to unlock chapters. I looked at unlocking an entire comic and it was going to be about $50 in tokens. So, instead I turned to the free point system. They use Tapjoy where you can perform actions such as take surveys or complete quizzes, and they’ll give you free points in return. Well I completed some of these actions and didn’t receive the points. I tried numerous times and did everything according to the limited instructions and still didn’t receive the points. It worked for some and not for others so I’m very confused because I did everything the same. What few free episodes and episodes I’ve managed to unlock I really enjoyed, but I haven’t continued the stories because they are basically inaccessible. There are comics that have timed chapters where the next chapter will be unlocked 24 hours after you start the first one, so I will check those out. I’m just upset because the ones I really want to read I can’t.

- I love it😍💕💕💕💕💕

I am currently reading the story, “Daughter of the Emperor.” It is such a good story that I can’t stop buying coins for one day. I love the art work and the comedy that is also in the story. I love the way that they bring political things also in the story to make it sound more realistic. I would recommend this app to a lot of people that love to read anime artwork stories. I found the app using Instagram and when I started using the app and reading the stories I couldn’t stop. My favorite character is...well... all of them😁. I love how the characters have different personalities but sometimes they all seem the same. But there is one problem, every time I run out of coins it be left on a good part of the story. LIKE COME ON!!! Give a girl a break sometimes.

- Awesome!!

EDIT: I just found out how- but 300 per chapter? Oof Everything on Tappytoon is great! Payments are easy, finding comic are easy as well! Everything’s well organized and I hardly have any trouble with this app! Though the only problem I have is using my points for comics. I’m able to use my tokens but I never get the option to use my points I receive when buying tokens AND points. I now have 1.3K points on my profile but I don’t see anywhere to use them on most of my comics. I honestly feel kind of cheated for buying these token and point packets but unable to use half of what I buy! Yes, I’ve looked for help on the app and it basically just says to spend them when you don’t have anymore tokens but I never get to! I’m not sure if I need a certain amount in order to use them but I still haven’t seen an explanation like that anywhere on the help page. I’ve also tried spending them both on the app and on the website but I’ve had no luck. As said before the app itself is awesome, so are the comics! But I don’t appreciate being pretty much scammed and unable to use my points - the money I put into the app and now unable to use what I buy. Unless I’m doing it wrong, but I wouldn’t see how I have been. ^^;

- Good concept toooo expensive

I like the concept of this app I tried it because it had good ratings and some fun titles but it’s too expensive for me to get far into anything you have to spend so much money if you want to finish 30 chapters. It is very sad especially since titles are exclusive to this app I feel stranded and strapped to spend more money. You can’t earn enough free points to do anything unless you buy products from other companies or watch a ton of ads for 10P an ad. Please fix your pricing not many apps on the market and they all seem to cost money to read webtoons and manga their should at least be subscriptions you can purchase that are more cost effective to the reader. I would possibly consider continuing to use it if prices went down or subscriptions were available like some of the other apps. The content was good but can’t enjoy what you can’t read 🤷🏼‍♀️ and honestly just can’t afford too keep putting so much money to read so little chapters

- Quality over quantity

The reason I have rated this app 4 is because of the content and the quality. I get hooked into these stories very fast. I don’t mind paying for the manga but I would appreciate if the manga would come out faster. I’m currently reading about 15 different stories that have yet to be finished. It takes about a month or more of waiting for me to have a couple of minutes of reading the story. I keep coming back because I like the content, the English translation is perfect, and everything is beautiful. I can tell the artist really appreciate and put effort into making each scene gorgeous. I know you typically can’t have both quality and quantity but I do see more and more mangas coming on this app and it does seem to be getting a little bit speedier with uploads.

- Could be better... pls read this.

Hi there! I loved how this app has a chance to get 48 he free comics, however there are some things that need some change. Here they are: 1. Pls pls pls make it so that the readers can suggest which comic should become the next free comic. In my opinion, we should be able to vote for our fave comics to become free. For instance, I became the ugly duckling and The demon kings daughter should both be free in my opinion. 2. The comics which are free should be completely free, instead of having to wait 24 hrs. If u must put a time limit on it, pls make it 1 hr not a whole day. 3. Any time u use a free comic chapter, it should stay open forever and not close after 48 hrs. That’s infuriating. 4. I get that u have to make money, but it’s unfair how every time you want to get another chapter u have to use up points. Instead of it being 300 points per chapter it should be 100 or 10 points per chapter- this way you’ll get happier readers and more people will go get points using sponsors. That’s all I have to say. Please look at this completely as it’s super important. I feel like deleting this app since getting another chapter is so hard. Reading is supposed to be fun not stressful.


This is app is AWESOME!!! I was thinking that it should be more like Webtoon but then again this app doesn’t make you wait a whole week for episodes! It’s only a 24 hour wait! I just wish all the stories were like that😕 there was a story I was reading and the first 3 episodes were free but then the next ones I have to pay with tokens, like yes I understand that that is your way of making money but.... some of us readers don’t have the luxury to pay for those and the point thingy... we’ll we all obviously don’t want to do the tasks so we go for the videos but it takes like 40 minutes for one video to pop up for us to only gain 10 points !! Anyways other than these things this app and it’s stories are AMAZING!

- You have to wait if you are reading for free but it’s not necessarily a bad thing

When you first start reading the first few episodes are free to get you invested. Once the episodes are read the rest are locked behind a timer of 24 hours until you can read the next episode (this timer doesn’t start until you have read the next episode). I don’t find this to be a bad thing. I find that this mechanic actually keeps me more invested that if I would just binge it. I know me, if I have unlimited access to a tv show like in Netflix I end up binging it and then I never finish the series because I’m burnt out. This system ensures that I always come back to read my free chapter and be invested. It’s genius(for me at least)

- Comics are great, but tokens get costly

I really enjoy a lot of the comics/manhwa available. Tokens can get costly after a while. It would be nice if their sales/deals were a bit better. Their sales are only like, 5% more tokens for the same price tier. I assume their model is where the money used to pay for chapters goes to the actual artist, but I can’t find any pages in app that states how. If you think of buying tokens as buying a book or two at the store, they aren’t too bad. I do wish you could view mature comics in app if you’ve turned mature comics to On via web browser. It’s greedy to have to pay tokens to two browsing sources. If you could at least bookmark/subscribe to the mature version on browser, then move back over to app to read it, that would be great - Tapas functions that way and I prefer that model.

- $50+ to read a series

I cannot stress how money hungry this company is. Yes, the quality of the webcomics produced is incredible and I do enjoy it, but I find its token/point system to be absolutely absurd. I would much rather buy a completed series upfront or buy an ongoing series based upon the estimated chapters for completion rather than the token/point system. It takes 30 ads to be able to read one chapter (900 seconds or 15 minutes to be able to read a 2-3 minute chapter). The token system is completely rigged against the reader as well. $2 will buy you 16 tokens, enough for 5 chapters. Which means $1=8 tokens. Dividing the total number of chapters by 8 gives you the true cost of each story ($30-$45 on average). Because of the token system you would have to pay $50+ to read any series to completion (an inflation of $5-$20). And this is true for ALL series on this platform. The company needs to reevaluate their pricing and take into consideration their consumers

- Good chapters, bad cost

I love the stories so much, they are way better than other comics. The only big problem I have and the reason why I gave it three stars is because you have to pay money to read only the third or fourth chapter, I barely get to read 5 chapters before getting charge, it’s extremely frustrating and annoying and I hate it, I try to find other good comic apps that will give me good comics without charging but the only one I could find was WEBTOON and it doesn’t have that much good romance comics as the other apps such as webcomic and MangaToon etc. I know that the artist needs to get payed to pay bills but I suggest to get another job cause not only are you charging other people, but you are losing so many of your readers cause many people can’t afford the chapters. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR COMIC APPS THAT DONT CHARGE AND HAVE GOOD MANGAS PLS TELL ME IM DESPERATE. .

- The content is great... But expensive

I would love to give this app a better rating because the art and the general content is pretty amazing. But, there is a HUGE issue with how expensive everything is. The chapters are short but cost 3 tokens each. The story I want to read costs about 480 tokens altogether. I’d have to pay a little more than $50 on tokens to read that entire book and that’s an insane price when a book the same size costs only $15 at the local book store. I’m all for supporting the artists but at some point it becomes a rip off and is too much. I overall sadly wouldn’t recommend this app because you get sucked into a book and then become disappointed because you can’t afford to read the entire thing. They should really look into making the books more affordable or at the very least have some deals so people can afford it.

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- Really good service but expensive

The manga are incredible on here, the translations are good, for the most part the art is incredible. My only issue is it’s really expensive. I don’t even wanna know how much money I’ve spent over the past year on this. As much as it’s an amazing app, every few months I need to take breaks from it because it’s costing way too much. They’re not physical copies of manga and yet I’d say to get the same amount of story as one manga it costs more. Just something to consider.

- Not even enough to read....

It’s a bit no quite frustrating how little library they have. Even more frustrating to see and know they do it only once a week to update a chapter.... even when some of these comics are already completed... I don’t care about paying, but at least add a good amount... I have considered thinking to delete this app not because there isn’t good comics but because it takes forever to upload and then there’s nothing else to read.... I probably will delete this and download this next year lol.... no offence but as a reader who has been on your app for quite a while and spent a lot money here... it’s very annoying and disappointing...

- Everything missing but help provided

I had really been enjoying reading the manga in TappyToon. But I went into the app and found I had been logged out from my account I then had to log back into my account to find everything had been wiped. My tokens, my points all missing and my read chapters locked. I then contacted TappyToon via email and was told step by step how to fix this and I am now very pleased and getting back to reading the great manga

- Great collection

Tappytoons has a great collection of quality Manhwas. The app is easy to use too. A few points that frustrate me is: - sometimes when I accidentally slightly swipe left it goes back to menu page and I lose where I was up to, so I hope they get rid of that function - purchased coins on the app can only be used on the app - some manhwas with mature themes can only be viewed on the browser so even if I purchase it on the browser, I can’t view it on the app Considering I am spending a lot on this website it would be great if they could integrate the system so that my coins and manhwas would be accessed across platforms. If this was the case I would give them 5/5 and also use competitive websites less.

- Daily Tokens

This app needs some sort of free element when it comes to the tokens to read on further. I understand it supports the creators and organisation, but not everyone has the money to spare to continue a series, especially when some series have over 100 episodes. I believe having a daily bonus of enough tokens to read at least an additional chapter would be more approachable than only being limited to free ones of only 3 to 4 chapters. And those that wish to purchase more, shall. It will not only attract more people, but built more of a community.

- aH! It’s so good! But...

Oh my goodness! This app is so amazing! There is so many different stories and beautiful art styles! But my one problem is that you have to pay for coin, I believe that there should be an advertisement option. (Like, “watch a advertisement and gain 10 coins!”) but overall, I give 4 stars! ❤️

- If your new start with ‘light and shadow’

Have been enjoying this app, especially the ‘light and shadow’ series. A strong female character, and an excellent story line with a hint of love and desire... has been fun to read! On with ‘empress from another world’ which is also looking fantastic! I do wish there was an easier way of earning points... the quizzes never work.

- If I could give half a star, I would!

The only reason this app even gets half a star is because the manga actually looks like it would be a good read. BUT you have to pay money to read the next chapter! Only the first three chapters of each manga is free! This accumulated to so much money. If they want profits why not just do a subscription or something! Better than not making any money at all cause no one wants to pay that much just to read one chapter. Whoever is actually paying to use this app is really being ripped off!

- Wonderful!

The coins are not to expensive to purchase and there are plenty of free to read books I quite enjoy this app, if there would be one improvement I would suggest it would be an easier browsing experience within the app

- Tappy Toons

Charlottes letter is probably the only reason I own this app. Still the selection is pretty limited but the quality of the pictures and images are quite nice so I would say check it out at least the once and see if you like anything from it. Because I do.

- Earning points by watching ads

I love how we can earn points by watching ads but I also dislike how we have to watch 30 ads to get to 300 points, I suggest make it 20 points per ad and make it 15 ads instead of 30 ads that we have to watch.

- Super Great!

I love using this App! It’s super easy to use and the stories are amazing! 😍 You have to pay for tokens but I think it’s a really fair price for the amount that you get! 🥰 I love that you get 2-3 free chapters so you can get a fee for the story before you buy the rest of the chapters! 🥰😍

- I actually really love it

I have just three stories I read, but I really enjoy them and find them to be of the highest quality. I have been using the app for several months now and am very impressed with the content.

- Great - only one feedback

Love this app and the webtoons listed are addicting. My only feedback is being allowed to start from any chapter when unlocking multiple chapters instead of being forced to unlock from the start.

- Great stories but paying for the chapters...

I really like the stories but I kinda wished they would make the chapters free and have a fast past like webtoon cause it’s gonna be annoying if you have to pay every time you read a chapter but you have no money.

- Awesome, but...

I love the variety of stories and the graphics are great. But I wish they had like a subscription where you can get unlimited tokens, instead of buying every time you run out.

- A little expensive but good

I absolutely love the comics. My only slight issue is with pricing, especially when I have time to read a whole comic in one day. I absolutely love that I’m supporting artists and writers but I wish it were a little easier on the wallet. Thanks for a great app.

- Good quality but expensive

I really like the manga uploaded here, they’re all bergs unique. The only issue I may have is that it can get extremely expensive if you are buying tokens, especially as some chapters cost 3 or 4 coins .

- Seriously

Who on earth is spending money on this app to read a new chapter. It’s stupid. It’s beyond a joke and find very hard to believe that so many people are dropping so much money on this app when you could just go online and read every single one of these for free. I want to support creators and if it was a monthly subscription I would. But no way in hell am I spending money to read a chapter.

- Too expensive, not worth it

What this app is charging just to be able to read and finish a story is insanely expensive. Even though the stories look good and interesting there’s no way I would be paying that much to read just one story. This app would run so much better if it was a one off premium payment like mangarock did or at most a subscription service.

- Great to read, if the app worked

I don’t have issues with the content or the price (there are comics where 1 can be read every 24 hrs for free which is great.) HOWEVER, I can’t read them because the app keeps going white or shutting down mid read, despite updating both my app and ipad. It’s incredibly frustrating.

- In app purchases

I don’t like to fact that you can only read the first couple of episodes before having to buy more but other than that I love the app lots of good reads

- Great overall.

There is a lot of variety and good BL. The app layout is easy to figure out, and prices are not bad. I would have liked to have a comment section, or maybe I just haven’t found it yet 😅

- Pricey

I love reading the books on this app and looking at the art work but it gets so annoying when i have to pay so much for the comics (happy to support the artists and everything) but cant you just put a hard price on completed comics?

- It’s alright

I love the comics on this app! BUT I just don’t like how much you would pay per chapter. I would watch 30 ads just to read only 1 chapter of something which is really quite annoying. Also sometimes when I actually complete the offers, it wouldn’t give me a reward for it!

- App

I love the app so much tho it keeps logging me out and sometimes won’t let me sign in, I have to delete the app and reinstall it. Gets frustrating sometimes. Please fix it I really do eNjoy my reading daily on Tappytoon.

- I'm too broke😥

I really like the app, it has a lot of amazing features and all, but is it ok if we can y'know earn some tokens inatead of paying maybe?? Like do some tasks for a specific amount of tokens??

- Very expensive

The stories are really good but what makes me don’t wanna read is I won’t be able to enjoy it. Tokens are too expensive, i could buy a book for $12 but here i could only get couple chapters, i hope you could give us moreee

- 🌸🌸

I absolutely love this app, it’s definitely worth the money since you have to pay for tokens to read the stories

- It’s really cool

It’s a really cool app and the stories are great. Just wish there were ways to earn tokens and that so that those of us who don’t have money can actually finish the stories posted

- Great stories

The Tokens and points are a bit much money wise but in my opinion it’s worth it, the stores are amazing and the comics and art work are just brilliant

- Good stories

Enjoy reading. Wish didn’t have pay a arm and a leg to keep reading one book

- Love love love

I absolutely love it!! Tokens to read more chapters are super cheap and you can continue loving whatever book you’re reading:))

- Worth it

Great comics. You can read for free if you watch loads of adds. The translations seem quite good. Good graphics.

- Very good

I love reading all these different kinds of things. But I recommend letting the daily ones out earlier like mid day ish

- Love it

Great selection of cartoons. Needs to improve on its search and filter functions though which are not so great.

- Y do I have to buy them

I was excited to get tappytoon so I could read cute comics but u have to pay with tokens to read some of the episodes like y if u just want money maybe just don’t do that now I can’t use tappy toon. So yeah sorry tappy toon webtoon is better

- Horrible

I would not recommend this app to my worst enemy! When I was trying to reed a story from the start I couldn’t, what makes you think that I’d want to start reading a story at the end without even seeing the start!!! I’d recommend a better app (that free!) called WEBTOON 😊. Don’t wast you time and money on this app!!!!!!!

- Meh?

I really do like the manga on here. It is lovely. But the tickets per chapter is insanely expensive and there is a limited back catalogue. Would rather pay for a subscription like other services offer.

- Very good

It has very amazing story’s for every type you would like

- Loading issues

I’ve been waiting for it to load for the past hr, it’s frustrating, please fix this bug

- Love it, but......

I really love the content and think the webtoons are great and the art is of such high quality, but the only criticism I have is the lack of free content.

- It’s great!

A good pace of week-to-week episode release. Leaves me wanting more though!!

- Great!

Good selection of comics... in app purchases are a bit expensive but most of the works are worth it.

- Tappytoon

It a great way to read good comics/mangas especially since my old manga site was shut down

- Too expensive

Honestly there was a book on the app that I really wanted to read but the prices are absolutely ridiculous. If you want to read a larger variety of better articulated and entertaining manga install WEBTOON it’s free and less of a headache than this lousy app.

- Amazing!!!!

This app is amazing the story’s are so enjoyable The only thing I wish is that we get free tokens

- Limited library

There are such little stories and manga’s that fit my liking please expand your library

- Great!

Love it wish it was cheaper though for more tickets 😂

- Pay to read

So we have to buy tokens with actual money to read they give you 3-5 chapters free then you start to have to pay money to read more

Payoneer 💰

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- Token gratuit

Si vous pouvez donner des token gratuit ce serai beaucoup mieux

- Dreadful!

This app is dreadful. I downloaded it hoping it would be similar to WEBTOON (an assortment of awesome comics, completely free f charge) but Tappytoon expects you to spend money to read it all. Nope! Back to WEBTOON I go!

- This app PISSES me OFF

Like you can’t read more than 3 chapters without paying like that’s just absurd! It pisses me off because there are comics that I want to read so bad but I can’t because you have to pay! I am sorry but whoever thought paying for every chapter is a good idea ITS NOT it’s just gold digger app I am sorry but it’s true! You could’ve made it so that you have to watch a video to read the episode ones or watch vid to get coins and then pay with them! 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡 I hope you will fix the app since it looks promising and I would give it another go if you made it free in any way!

- Had potential

It had a great deal of potential but it was ruined after simply asking to pay money. WEBTOON has a similar feature but unlike WEBTOON, you had to actually pay for a single episode and continuously pay after. WEBTOON uses coins but with coins, you can use them to skip the waiting time for daily updates. This had so much potential, I am disappointed.

- You must pay to read

Ok so the comics are pretty good but you can only read like the first 3 so unless your good with paying would recommend going to WEBTOON its way better you don't HAVE to pay to read and its overall abetter experience on WEBTOON

- Cost too much

When reading the comics you're expected to pay after reading only 2 to 3 episodes I mean the comics are great but I can’t spend that much money on them I’d rather stick to something like Webtoons

- Charging

I keep getting double charged or charged from the app for purchases of tokens I did not make while making a certain purchase of tokens and still have not found a way to contact them. I will probably stop using the app, which is unfortunate because the quality is really good.

- Extremely expensive

To read anything on this app costs far too many points. You only ever get the first three episodes free. Not worth it. Use Webtoons

- Disappointment

The stories are great but they expect you to pay to continue reading after 1-3 episodes. That’s just absurd who thought that would be a good idea, not everyone can pay for it especially for a comic I mean are you for real. I really wanted to read some of the stories but not anymore, I prefer webtoon to this, at least comics are free over there. You could have even made some free ways to read like watching ads for tokens or reviewing for tokens etc. Disappointing excuse of an app.

- Add a couple of changes

If the app just does it to where you can unlock comics just by watching a video and not by watching hundreds just to unlock one single chapter then a lot of people would be so much happier

- Money system

I like how you added the points system so people can earn points but when I tried it and waited a few days it gave me no points. But I still like your books I suggest maybe a daily login reward? If that’ll work but the books are thrilling I just hope you can do something about it.

- Disappointed

You have to pay to read more chapters, the stories are interesting but I don’t want to be paying for tokens.

- Uh why

Why do you need money for this app? We might as well get the novel of a comic we wanna read after all getting a novel from the library is free and better than staring at ur device the whole day.

- Not impressed

I’m sorry but who the hell can afford 5 comics for 3 dollars (on average) when each story has about 100+ chapters? Do you actually think I would spend 180+ dollars so I can “catch up” or finish a story! What a joke! I wouldn’t even spend that much on a book! This formatting is also a spitting image of WEBTOONs (which is free for the most part). I would agree to a 8/16 dollar a month subscription but not this...

- Too much price

They want you to pay money for all the chapters

- Read before downloading

Definitely not worth it you have to pay a heck of amount of money just to read an episode thats about 5 min long (for me at lease). There r plenty of apps where u can watch all episodes for free like webtoons.

- Bien mais cher

Les histoires que l’on y trouve sont super bien qu’il n’y en ai pas énormément. Par contre il faut payé régulièrement pour des tokens alors ça devient coûteux à la longue

- :p

You can’t go three episodes of a comic without having to waste money!!!! Cmon either make ur comics free of charge or let people have an optional choice such as daily rewards ability to watch ads for coins and so and so on...

- Ugh so much money spent

I want to read more but it cost to much 😭

- Better than most apps.

This one actually gives u a chance to read stories that are purchase only. Definitely prefer this app over the others.

- J’adore

Les manga en ligne est une belle découverte pour moi et cette application en est un elle aussi.

- Really quality sapphic comics for my HEART 🥲❤️‍🩹

The w/w content is amazing- my only grievance is that I wish there was *more*- ♥️♥️♥️

- Awful

Why I got to pay for everything

- Super cool experience

I am enjoying the app there is lots of different stories to choose from

- An amazing app

It’s so clean and lovely to use! And I get to support my authors too!!! It’s dope yo.

- Ads

300 ads for one episode is way too much. Sometimes when you watch it, it doesn’t even give you your points. Why not just have one episode free per day for everything? Or reduce it to 100 ads. I don’t understand why Lout of the count’s family doesn’t have it like Solo Leveling does

- J’adore

Tout les histoires sont fantastiques, sans cette application je ne pourrait pas les regarder en français. Même si sont payent ça veut la peine.

- Don’t be fooled by the old bad reviews

Chapters really don’t cost that much, totally worth it for the creators hard work. Definitely so much better now that you can earn points from ads.

- what the hell

they’re really making us pay for less tokens than before. it used to be 41 tokens and now i’m paying more for only 31 tokens? are you insane are you mentally enslaved??? i’m still a slave to society so i shall still pay:|

- It’s not a good app...

It’s really disappointing that a person has to pay to see the chapters. I don’t recommend, don’t download.

- Love it

Most of the titles her are great

- Fun but pricey

Good selection but pricey for how much it costs to read a few screens at a time...

- A little annoyed

So while I’m not a fan of paying to get access to comics, It’s never really stopped me from purchasing tokens. However, I am really frustrated that they put on a comic that you’ve been paying for and then decide to not continue the series until it’s fully done. Rather they’ll send a notice saying ‘it won’t be available any longer.’ What I see is ‘yea you just spent a lot of money but you won’t ever know the ending of this comic. Hope you understand.’ That honestly feels like a slap on the face.

- The best comic app I have ever read!

✨💖I love Tappytoon! 💞I enjoy the comics on the app,🌈 It has a huge variety of comics to read and you can read the comics for free!🌟 I enjoy the app in general, ⭐️🤍

- Duke’s Maid

I really enjoy reading this novel, I can’t seem to put it down. I definitely recommend it.

- Videos Unavailable

You can watch videos to earn points every hour to read chapters for free but for the past few months it keeps saying “videos unavailable” and it doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to get fixed.

- Sucks

This app sucks so bad I didn’t want to read on the website so I thought this would be a good alternative but it’s not I’d rather use the website then use this like come on

- Big yikes

I wouldn’t recommend this app. You have to pay to read every story. WEBTOON gives you a choice to read for free and you only have to spend money if you want to read ahead. Tapas has the options for you to earn ink like watching ads or completing surveys. Tappytoon has none of that.

- It’s good! Just wish it had some features

I love the stories and supporting the authors. It’s easy to navigate and pretty user friendly, though I wish I could comment or like the stories and chapters and that the comments and likes wouldn’t affect the likelihood of authors receiving pay or ratings U-U

- Great stories!

I’ve only had this app for a day so far, but it’s a fantastic place to read!

- Expensive

It’s awesome, and I enjoy the wide variety, but I can only read three episodes before I have to buy the rest.

- Had such great potential.....

Webtoon was like my go to for webtoons and manwha so i went searching for another app and came across this one. The first initial thoughts were wow this is kinda like webtoons but then I realized the first 3 chapters were free and then the rest has to be paid with “tokens” what wasted potential this app had! It had the makings of a great app but they had to ruin it by having to make profit off of tokens like much rather go back to webtoons to read there. Unlike manga where you pay a volume into supporting a creator this app is the opposite of that. Seriously what waste!

- I love the app

It is so amazing 😻💕💕

- No help!!!!

I really like Tappytoon it’s fun and has great comics, but I have been having problems with a glitch where my comics that are free every 24 hours won’t let me read them. I don’t know what’s wrong but now 2 comics that are supposed to be free every 24 hours haven’t let me read them for the past 5 days. When I tried to find a support bottom or a contact us section I found it doesn’t exist. It wouldn’t be such a big problem if I could simply find someone to help me but the fact I can’t is really frustrating. If anyone from Tappytoon reads this PLEASE help me fix this glitch. Sincerely Anna E

- Great Reads!

I feel like it is a bit expensive to keep having to purchase coins for incomplete stories... they do give you ways to get points, but it’s pretty hard. Anyways, I like to support artist so I’ll pay here and there.

- Love Tappytoon

I honestly love Tappytoon. The stories are captivating, well drawn and written.

- Great

I wish there was some more "time till free" options and that it was easier to get the types of coins, but it's a great app with great content so I can't complain.

- Lack of method of payment options on Your official website

There is a terrible lack of option on the Official website Tappytoon for people that want to use different way (like something else than PayPal even if it’s as a guest login without PayPal account it’s difficult to use) to pay for tokens and points and it’s something that’s something that will always be saddening for me to see. I hope that in the future you guys of official Tappytoon website will offer more options to choose from for the method of payment for the customers so that it will be more various choice to offer to your customers.

- Good

Breath taking

- Tappy toon ftw

There the Netflix of Digital comics ! I really only use it for solo leveling tho

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Tappytoon Comics & Novels 3.15.0 Screenshots & Images

Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone images
Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone images
Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone images
Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone images
Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone images
Tappytoon Comics & Novels iphone images

Tappytoon Comics & Novels (Version 3.15.0) Install & Download

The applications Tappytoon Comics & Novels was published in the category Book on 2015-06-25 and was developed by Contents First [Developer ID: 804634083]. This application file size is 50.19 MB. Tappytoon Comics & Novels - Book app posted on 2022-04-19 current version is 3.15.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tappytoon.tappytoon