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What is maxpreps app? MaxPreps is America’s Source for High School Sports.

High school sports fans: Follow your favorite high school teams and get alerted when new information is available. Find schedules, scores, rosters, stats and standings. Get push notifications for game scores and when your favorite teams updates their sports information.

+ Get exclusive push notifications about your favorite teams
+ See real-time updates from all your favorite teams when games are scored live in the News Tab
+ Easily contribute live scores when attending a game, or become an official MaxPreps scorer and have fun providing live play-by-play updates to remote fans using the Scores Tab
+ Obtain an alert when your favorite team’s rankings are updated or when new photos or videos are published
+ Automatically get regional scores for teams in surrounding neighborhoods on the Scores Tab

With the most timely and complete high school sports information anywhere, the MaxPreps app is exactly what every high school sports fan needs to keep up with their favorite teams.

COACHES: Get our free team management and communication app, Teams by MaxPreps. Log in with your MaxPreps coach admin account credentials and share your team's unique app code to get your athletes and parents access.

Feel free to email us anytime at,

***Currently available sports: Baseball, B/G Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, B/G Ice Hockey, B/G Lacrosse, B/G Soccer, Softball, B/G Volleyball, B/G Water Polo

***MaxPreps has, by far, the largest national database of high school information; but not every team or school participates at the same level. The more information your favorite team or school provides MaxPreps the better you’ll be able to enjoy your MaxPreps App experience.

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MaxPreps Customer Service, Editor Notes:

MaxPreps Version 5.5.208 April 2022

Added Fall 2022 sports..

MaxPreps Version 5.5.125 November 2021

Fixed a bug with parent-athlete linking..

MaxPreps Version 5.5.015 October 2021

Fixed a bug that prevented users from editing their rosters..

MaxPreps Comments & Reviews 2022

- Consistency is the Ticket

I enjoy reading the reviews of games in the spot light as well as those teams that may have lots of grass growing in the path on the way to find them ! I have found MaxPreps to be accurate and only take the word of trusted on spot reviewing for their reports ! It’s nice knowing that people will get an honest review of beach game on the Texas Trail to cover the Greatest Football on the planet which includes the overrated California Prep Schools which are built at the expense of others that may have produced talent to better their teams, but before you know it they are playing for the top schools in California ! Private Church affiliated schools in Texas do it to some extent, but I see many schools giving opportunity to more student talent than the California schools . Just my opinion, but if I need some enlightening as to the ways of California gluttony in many practices , I am surely willing to change a view if presented in a professional , believable way with facts to back it up ! Facts are sorely missing in our country today to back up a stated position, but reporters report them as truth anyway with no repercussions for their actions !

- Great appreciation for the service you provide

I’m a life long follower of the Livonia Bulldog football program and a huge fan of the group of men who lead them. I’ve always been ready and willing to give back to the program that gave me so much. Unfortunately the last couple of years my son had decided that he would have to give it up to pursue his travel hockey goals. This is fine with me but unfortunately I’m not able to see many games in person anymore and I don’t have the time to volunteer either. The upside is that because of max preps I am able to follow my coaches and team from wherever our hockey schedule takes us. Cleveland for the opener, Buffalo last week, Canada this week, and Detroit the next. Thanks so much for your service and for the people that take the time to update throughout the game! My dogs are wherever I am and I am very grateful. Joshua Martucio

- Perfect tracker of high school sports

Just found this yesterday in App Store. Our high school girls and boys basketball had games last night, and minutes after games ended, scores were posted. Am following other schools and scores posted immediately. Have and still using ScoreStream and mhsaa app, but max prep beats both hands down. Today, it even posted rankings locally, statewide, and national.. That said, hope max prep covers track and field, golf, and competitive cheer. My niece is doing competitive cheer as a varsity hs sport, but not many site apps cover it. Also, local paper comes out weekly, and majority of sports coverage is basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer. Update. Just received a response from developer. Thanks for the feedback and looking forward to future upgrades to app

- App is cool, but has some negatives

I love that we can keep up to date with highschool football rankings. It’s really cool being able to see all this stuff. The biggest thing that bothers me are the Rankings are really skewed. They keep certain schools ranked at the top regardless if they lose or not. It’s a bit of favoritism. Let’s look at American Heritage is some how ranked at 32 in the country but treasure coast Titans are ranked at 52. Treasure coast beat AH by 8 points but had a tough away game against cocoa beach with a few injuries and lost by a point for the first of the season. Now American heritage isn’t a bad football team they have a tough schedule. In an easier schedule they’d probably be undefeated. All I’m saying is if they pretty much got dominated for most of the game by treasure coast there’s no way they should be ranked over them. It wasn’t a 1 time thing. Treasure coast is an elite team. Put some Respect on them.

- Great for Coaches

As a high school volleyball coach, I depend on MaxPreps to keep up with our competitors. We are a rural team and no single newspaper covers all teams in our conference or region. Also we encourage other coaches in our conference/region to maintain their team stats on MaxPreps. Yes this helps in scouting, but it’s more important at the All Conference, All Region, and All State selection meetings because the player has a history and coaches don’t get questioned about stats being made up. My only frustration is that it runs as an iPhone app on my iPad, which I mostly use in landscape not portrait mode. The iPad app should be responsive to the screen size and orientation.

- “Heart” Cannot Be Ranked

MaxPreps does a fantastic job cataloging teams throughout the country. Every now and then, teams will upset a higher ranked team. Upsets make football or any other athletic contest interesting. I suppose that analytics, statistics, individual player performances, returning players and school traditions go into the ranking. It would be nice to know exactly what goes into the numbers. There have been changes in ranking whether a team has won or lost. Most likely by outcomes of common opponents or other mitigating circumstances. Overall, as a score keeper, I cherish being involved in my teams ranking. Go #MaxPrep!!

- Missing score board

I love being able to watch my Grandson Joel Speckman Jr play varsity basketball for Chaparral High school in Parker, Colorado, but some of the games don’t have a scoreboard with the real time and score superimposed on the screen. It is very frustrating. I live in Arizona and he live in Colorado. Most of the games I have watched haven’t been close. They are 5 and 0 fit the season. I’m afraid there is going to be a close game and I won’t know the score or how much time is left. Other than that I love this app.

- Locks up on location request

Couldn’t even set it up.... I’m old it’s probably not simple enough for me. Update: Every-time I loaded the app and selected log in - it asked about notification, location, and nothing. Nothing to swipe or touch on location. Had to delete the App to get off the screen(regardless of location settings). The last attempt I selected new setup and input my info. It gave me a message profile already existed and offered to log in- logged in and it worked flawlessly. Maxpreps did email and offer assistance.

- Great to Have

This is an awesome app since our local news is not so great at getting the information out when you can’t make the game. However, I have turned off the sounds & notifications. Leading up to game day it’s notification after notification after notification. I only follow three teams & it seems to be only one making all of the racket. So maybe it’s someone in that team’s organization.

- Good but could be much better

I have been using the app for over a year and am an approved score reporter. I report mostly volleyball score an d find the process a little cumbersome. Whenever you report a score update, you have to re-enter all data, set number, how many sets eac team has won, etc. when you report the final set score, it should auto populate to the final score page, and the previously reported set number and sets won should be retained when you go to report an update score, rather than a blank form again. Otherwise, a very good and useful app.

- Great idea, poorly run

Overall as a big high school sports fan it has been a very enjoyable app. There are a few issues though. When you click on a team roster and click on a single player if you hit the back arrow after you hit on the player it will bring you back to the teams home page. this can be a little frustrating at times. This app has tons of potential if updated.😀

- Not very User Friendly

This App has a lot of good information. However, this App is not user friendly at all. When I had issues, they did not have the decency to reply to my email inquiries. There is no communication when you run into challenges with the App. When the score was not reported for my son’s game, I clicked on “Report Score”. A new screen opened, but the App did not allow me to report the score.

- Review of our local girls basketball game back home

At times we can’t be at the games we have enjoyed Maxpreps in monitoring our grandkids games however there are times when we log on and maxpreps don’t show the updates and any scores even though we contact the coaches wife who is putting the scores in. She says “I enter the scores like normal and she doesn’t know why they don’t show up until maybe the next day” or well after we hear the results of the game from other sources. I would be interested in knowing why this is as we do enjoy how maxpreps use to follow each game.

- ESKO varsity football team

I really enjoy your recaps. I am a proud mother/ grandmother and have close connections to this team. My son is their defensive coordinator. I have 3 grandson’s who play also on this team. Mason #30 (senior), Carter #12 Junior, Makoi #3 Sophomore. They’re top players on the team. Esko’s record is 9-0. And they’re now looking forward a playing in the playoffs. Keep up the great videos!!!

- Review

Overall, it is pretty good. My one complaint is the fact that the “back” button is not reliable - sometimes it will actually take you back to the previous screen, but way more often than not, it takes you all the way back to the original search. Very frustrating when trying to track certain things.

- Previous app was much easier

The previous app for MaxPreps was a whole lot easier to use than this version. As a high school coach it’s a real pain with this version to get to the school that you were following to select rosters schedules find information it’s just a lot more clunky and cumbersome than the previous version.

- Would Pay to Remove Ads

It’s a decent app but I would absolutely pay to remove ads. They’re clogging up the app and showing up in the middle of the screen. I’d also like to be able to find the highlight recording feature easier on the app. It was there one minute, then it was gone. Lastly, whenever I try to share the link on social media from a highlight video it says the page is unavailable.

- Close To Perfection

Great, informational, and clean app. Problem is it’s not very user friendly, and finding information can be difficult at times. Also, if I am clicked on a team’s page, if I exit the app or even respond to a text, I am returned to the home screen and have to look the team up again, which is extremely irritating. Score reports are usually accurate, but inaccuracies can not be completely blamed on MaxPreps. If the simple issues get fixed, undeniable 5 stars.

- Scoring issue

Good app for the most part. Only issue I have is when you’re the scorer if you back out of where you can add an event during the game I’ve yet to figure out how to get back to where you can add an update. And there’s no way to stop being the scorer if this happens. Quite frustrating. Also if you add a comment during the game if it mentions the app in any way the algorithm won’t allow you to add the comment at all.

- Inconsistent

The App is slow and inconsistent. As a scorer several games would not let me send updates. I could get the app to let me resume scoring and posting updates … so I had to make posts in the general comments area. Also, I submitted my name to score the next couple of games for our team. I was removed twice and replaced with a Star Scorer for our team. He never showed up to the game and made no posts. Not sure how to fix that … but we had no scorer for those games. Wished it worked better - really do!! Steve Raemisch ~ Waunakee, WI

- Love the MaxPreps website, disappointed with the app.

The app always crashes, says it “can’t find the teams I have saved”, and doesn’t have all of the sports for the schools listed. The MaxPreps website is great but I am very disappointed with the app. Additionally, there is more information about the school rankings on the website than in the app. There is also a way to search for athletes and schools on the website, but the app only lets you search for schools. When it works, the app is great for scores; however I would recommend using the website for more in-depth stats and rankings.

- Awesome app. Could be just a bit better for iPad users.

Max Preps you guys have a great app that lets people follow along when I’m covering sporting events. The only suggestion I have is that when I’m using an iPad I like the sideways look much better as it goes with my case for the device. I wouldn’t mind if you created a different app just for iPad users. If you can update the app to allow for that I will rate it 5 stars easily.

- Ranking teams

Male (the 2nd winningest team in the nation overall history) is on a 16 game winning streak and are unbeaten 10-0 this season. They were in the top 100 after they were 4-0. Then dropped back further every week since. They beat teams 50-0 with a mercy rule clock in the 2nd quarter. Then drop down even further. MaxPreps rewards teams from losing because of who they played. If you lose you drop back a lot. If you lose 2 you shouldn’t even be in the top 50. I don’t care who you play. It’s just silly to reward a losing team! Look at Male’s football rankings: USA Today #13 PrepNation #25 HSFB #46 Then MaxPreps ranks them at #155. I don’t get it. The rankings are very flawed.

- Syncing

There needs to be a better way to sync with game changer. Game changer constantly changes with game schedules etc. it’s a pain to try to make updates when it makes one sync on a pre schedule and won’t adapt with updates from game changer schedules. It would be a huge improvement to have this ability.

- Utterly dissatisfied

I don’t know if you just don’t require the companies you contract with to meet professional standards or you don’t have any yourself - but at the very least, your subscribers should be able to expect accuracy on your site. You continuously post game recaps with inaccurate scores where you only include highlights of the losing team. As a parent of a St. Francis Football player who depends on your site to accurately reflect scores and highlights for colleges - I could not be more disappointed. Do better

- Getting Started

There’s a wealth of information to be gained at Max Preps and that makes it a useful coaching tool. But if you’re new to it, and not so savvy with technology, it’s a bit hard to get started. Were my wife not the principal/athletic director at our school, I might still be fumbling around with it. But it’s all good now. I’m still trying to upload our mascot (Hornets)to our page but the rest is done.

- Excellent source of high school sports information

I could not be more impressed with the amount of “reliable” sports info for high school sports. Take for instance, i received a score from my home basketball team 20 mins after it ended Mind you this game was an hour away and it just pops up on my phone! A great way to connect!

- Easy to Use

I follow grandchildren in 2 states and several sports. Max Preps sends me notifications of game results on my iPhone. I can see the individual stats of each child very easily and quickly! Allows me to stay on top of their activities and get kudos to them instantly! Thanks MaxPreps!

- Grandma can’t see the scores

I am not sure exactly what this app is suppose to do. I thought I would be able to view game and keep up with the stats and scores of my grand daughter team, St Paul High School varsity softball in CA. The day of the game I get nothing, I do get alerts for game day, time, place and team they will be playing.

- Incorrect Information

As a high school athlete, I like to keep track of my team and schools stats. My first scrimmage of the season was held just last week. I was shocked to see the score of a scrimmage on the app afterwards, when the score was not allowed to be kept. Along with this, the score was incorrect! This angers me because our stats are low when we have not even had our first game! I am very unhappy about this and am still trying to get this changed. DO NOT download this app unless you are looking for false scores and information.

- No way to correct your mistakes

I tried to correct a score in the New Albany (Indiana) vs Bloomington South game. A Bloomington South fan turned in a score of 56-0 and you never even questioned it. I sent in a correction that was ignores. You also had NA losing to Floyd Central 3 times in December and you never corrected that. How likely is that? Your ranking of NA was affected the whole year. I pretty much gave up on reporting scores because your whole reporting system is flawed. How can you believe a 56-0 score with the wrong team winning.

- Still bugs

The app isn't showing notifications on a locked during games whereas it has previously. We aren't getting updates during games and have to go into the app to get the updates, when they should be popping up on their own. Very disappointed in the app's performance so far this season. I relied on this app heavily last season but have started using another app this season which is more up-to-date and isn't having such delays. If this poor performance continues, I'll be deleting the app.

- My review

Last year MaxPreps was better it was up to date and not lacking on the scores, but this varsity football year it has been lacking for example, posting the wrong scores, not posting scores etc, but overall the app is great just need to be a tad but better.

- Okay for what it does.

This app has good content but the navigation is pretty bad and needs to be improved. Some scores and stats can be off from time to time but I think the schools or verified fans are responsible for that not the developers themselves. The ads can be overwhelming and the UI is about 5 or 6 years behind modern apps. If there was another app with as many schools using them I would avoid this one.

- max preps

i am a parent at lugoff elgin. i have written u previously to correct our season record for volleyball. we finished the year 14-2. we lost twice to indianland. on your site you have the same playoff match entered twice giving us 3 losses for the season. it’s frustrating that u all don’t care enough to get the record correct. if i could give u a lower score than 1 i would have because u haven’t researched this to correct it. u have no credibility with us. Ernest robinson

- Great app

This is my new favorite app. I am a stat geek and our coach enters the stats in after every game. I can compare my sons stats and get a feel for where he stands, and how all the other players on my sons team are doing. You can compare them in your division, your state or nationally. You can compare by position and grade. Great app!

- Wish more like team snap

There are some nice things about the app but overall not user friendly. Team snap has many more helpful features and is easier for parents to navigate and receive texts from.

- Out of Bounds

I give this two stars for its potential. I love being able to select favorites based on your location, as well as the ability to group those schools’ scores and pages in one place. However, outside of that, it seems 50% of the pages I attempt to go to in the app are, as the app says, “out of bounds”. If this app worked smoothly, absolutely worth 5 stars, but there are way too many malfunctions for me at this point.

- App is trash

I always have to force quit the able at least 4-5 times sometimes more just to view a the different sports team a high school has. Oh it gets better. Then when you go to watch the game recaps it continues to show a black screen. Forced quit the app 5 times. Nothing. That whole uninstall and install crap doesn’t work. If I uninstall the app then it will be permanently. Unfortunately this crappy app is the only choice. Otherwise I would’ve been deleted this hot trash

- Max Preps

Hard to go from page to page at times. Frequently need to back up to the “Teams” and re enter the team I want to see and the player I want to select. Also, for us amateurs it would be good to have a cheat sheet that defines the terms or acronyms used in the stats.

- Incorrect Scores/Wrong Schedules

While this can be a great tool Max Preps reports incorrect information. It should be a requirement for both schools to confirm game stats and scores before they are final. It also is a nightmare to get things corrected or to submit a ticket via the app which totally defeats the purpose.

- DELSEA football

DELSEA football score that you printed from last night is totally wrong The game wasn’t played last night. It is being played tonight at DELSEA And starts 6:00 PM please check what you print before you print it. Thank You. Alum. Bob Miles

- I paid and...

I can’t watch my grandson’s game due to all the interviews and ads I get when I click on “view game”! What is the problem?? I have been trying for 40 minutes with NO luck! I watched another grandson for TWO years with NO problems! What changed??

- Better than nothing

Don’t assume the information here is correct. Example: 8/24 game between Maynard Jackson vs Therrell, score showed MJ won 61-6.. just got a notification the next morning that Therrell won 31-0. At least you can see schedule and eventually, some highlights.

- Refresh data

Even after updating a score as final and being an approved scorer still don’t refresh the results, same game started from a game from Thursday!!!!! Awful to keep track

- MaxPreps Updates

It gives me something to do on Friday nights to keep me up to date on all Sports & I absolutely love it!!! Keep it y’all. If something happens & I find out more scores at some point I’ll gladly help out if you need me to do so!!!

- The app keeps crashing while I am scolding through the schedule.

The app is great. Many of the features that used to be missing are now available. The only issue I am having is the app crashes while I am scrolling the Pugh my teams schedule.

- Ultimate Frustration

I attempt to follow Topsail JV Girls Basketball of Hampstead, NC because a former student is on the team. You announce the beginning of the e game, I get no score updates, I get no final result for days and God forbid you show a highlight reel let alone a live stream. So what is the purpose of even teasing me with an update that the game has started when you don’t follow up with a SINGLE Pertinent detail like the score or even the stats. So why do you have this app again? Why?

- Thank you Maxpreps!

I’m a big fan of MaxPreps! I’m a grandmother and Aunt of several High School coaches in Texas. I’m not able to attend the different games on Friday nights. I keep up with my favorite scores as they happen. I appreciate the ability to keep up with all my Texas favorites. Thank you!

- Great app, but...

Great app for keeping score and posting scores live. However, the app is a data hog. Had to stop posting live scores after the last game. Also, trying to find info on other teams is also a pain. The UI makes the UX of that process very odd and lengthy.

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Gavin Crow was named the Midlothian Basketball Player of the Game. vs. Cleburne with 14 pts. & 5 rebounds🏀🏀🏀 via @MaxPreps

Coach Fin

@CoachMooreNIU I’m a Coach at Durant High in Plant City Fl. This is one of our 6”4 offensive linemen. Cade here is his tape coach.

Ronald Smith IV

GREAT TEAM WIN too end a strong regular season 8-4🔒love my team with a passion now it’s really lock in time ✅💆🏽‍♂️ Stats 25 points 4 blocks 3 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals @mvhoopvault @PrepHoopsOH @hoop4u @MaxPreps @truhoopzhs

Monique Lewis, Ed. D.

Reflection Sunday: Success isn't owned, it's leased; rent is due everyday! @DonteLewis18 @usatodayhss @MaxPreps @texashsfootball @_EliteProspects @overtime @TexasRankings @sac_tx @QBHitList @TXTPShow @TheQBTech @FiveStarGQB @TheMRQU @SelectQb @top_qb @quarterbackmag @QBC_Recruit

Lake Creek HS Girls Soccer ⚽️

Taylor Hampton was named the Lake Creek Girls Soccer Player of the Game in our matchup vs Cleveland on Feb 12. Taylor had 2 goals and 3 assists. @hamptontaylor12 via @MaxPreps

Bob Putnam

River Ridge infielder Brooke Blankenship, an FSU signee, has named the best player in the state by MaxPreps.

Coach D.Harris

Westwood 2021 @DeErika13 avg 11ppg, 4.4rebs & 2.1 stls.(3.4gpa). She can flat out shoot the ball. She is in top 10 in 3pointers on MaxPreps. @GemsHoops @connect_hoops @GSAthletics_WBB @AlbanyTechWBB @OspreyWBB @CSUBucsWBB @AUMWarhawksWBB @MannieD1P

Beth Rose

@MaxPreps @ryleeholtorf @SMontoyaMP @AnnabelleWidra @ally_sockey congratulations to these exceptional athletes.... Yay G


State high school basketball scores from Feb. 13 via MaxPreps

About U NYC

Updated by @MaxPreps on February 12th. Unfortunately, it does not carve out NYC because we would have our own category: No Sports, No Plan, No Schedule & No Information. @NYCMayor Why? @BKBoroHall

Beth Rose

@MaxPreps @ryleeholtorf @SMontoyaMP @AnnabelleWidra @ally_sockey congratulations to all of these wonderful student athletes...special shout out to our own MA representative G......

Dave Arnold

MaxPreps Gallery: Girls Varsity Hockey - Newton North vs Needham @NHSRockets @NNHSTigers @NEHockeyJournal @MassHSHockey #hockey Retweets greatly appreciated :-) Gallery Link:

Purdue Fan

Caleb Furst | FWBC, Fort Wayne, IN | MaxPreps

Purdue Fan

Jameel Brown | HS, Haverford, PA | MaxPreps

Purdue Fan

Fletcher Loyer | Homestead HS, Fort Wayne, IN | MaxPreps

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The applications MaxPreps was published in the category Sports on 2015-09-11 and was developed by MaxPreps Inc. [Developer ID: 427063492]. This application file size is 76.48 MB. MaxPreps - Sports app posted on 2022-04-08 current version is 5.5.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.maxpreps.MPScoreboard