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Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Struggle free, healthy and practical recipes that are easy on the wallet. It’s as simple as that, and it’s a message that’s seen over 1 million people follow FitMenCook on social media.

Be honest, have you ever heard these complaints about healthy eating?

- “Eating healthy is too expensive!”
- “It takes too long! I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.”
- “Healthy food is too bland”
- “I always end up cheating and slipping back in to bad habits”

Kevin Curry, founder of FitMenCook, has been there. After spotting a picture of himself on a friend’s Facebook wall he knew it was time for a change.

He followed all the common advice, changed to a healthy diet and started hitting the gym.

For a few months, things were great, but after a while he found himself craving the old foods he was trying so hard to avoid.

He got his hands on every book he could find on nutrition and started experimenting in the kitchen.

His aims were simple:

A) Food should be easy to prepare and affordable
B) Food should be vibrant and tasty, never boring
C) Preparing food in advance is important
D) Following a, b, c helps you achieve your fitness goals

The results for Kevin were game change and now he’s spreading message to the FitMenCook community on social media and inside the FMC app.

Top 5 features:


We've taken the hassle out of grocery shopping. Add any recipes you want to your shopping list and we'll organise the list by aisle, so you can easily find the items you need.

The shopping list also works on the Apple Watch.


If you’ve ever looked at recipe instructions and thought “this just looks too difficult for me” then you’ll find the included recipe videos very helpful. Not only is Kevin a great host, who’ll fill you with inspiration for healthy meals, but he’ll also break down the steps in a way that’s easy to follow.


Buying ingredients in small quantities can make recipes more expensive. Not only that, but many of us don’t have time every day to spend in the kitchen.

Meal prep is the solution. By designating two days of the week as your main cooking days, you can prepare your meals in bulk and eat healthy all week.

This is a crucial part of the app, and many of the meals are designed with meal preparation in mind, to make healthy living fit with a busy life.


Bodybuilders and fat-loss superheroes can rejoice as the FitMenCook app has nutritional information built right in! Recipes list calories, protein, carbs and fat. This data can then be shared with the Apple Health app.


Increase the serving sizes by tapping the + and - buttons in the recipe view. You can also switch the measurements between metric and imperial.

There’s more including:
- 700+ recipes with more added each month
- Search by ingredient: Type in Egg Avocado to see all recipes containing both of these ingredients
- Share recipes with friends and family
- Available in English and Spanish

For a video demonstration of the app in action, take a look at:

Optional Meal Planner Subscription:
FitMenCook Pro is available as a monthly (0.99 USD) or yearly (5.99 USD) subscription. The subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There is no increase in price when renewing. Payment will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Your subscription may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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Discover 5 new recipes inside the September FitMenCook app update.

Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes Comments & Reviews

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- Changed the Way I Eat

Ok so I’ve been putting off this review for years so here goes. I started using this app way back when it first came out, I had never heard of the blog or anything. At that time I had just graduated from college and was starting my first ‘real job’. Let’s just say while I had kind of grown up my lunch packing skills were still at an elementary school level 😂. I brought two uncrustables a bag of chips and some applesauce every day😬. I needed a change and meal prepping was the trend so I found this app and gave it a try.’s now almost 2018 and I still use the app every week when I do my shopping and prepping. I prep all of my breakfasts and lunches M-F as well as few dinners. I have my go to favorites but also love to try the new stuff that is constantly being added. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to make the bbq shepherds pie every meal 😁. Bottom line I am not only saving a ton of money but I’ve also really smashed a lot of my fitness goals. I have recommended this app to so many people and will continue to every time someone says “what’s in that mason jar?” or “Your lunch always smells so good”. Download the app, try the recipes, experiment and make them your own. Before you know it you’ll be cranking out a weeks worth of meals in an hour and saving money on that grocery bill. Do it!!!!

- Very Helpful

For someone who is recently focused on diet and meal prepping, this app is perfect. It takes the exhaustion out of finding healthy recipes that fit the diet you are working to maintain. The instructions are clear and helpful and the shopping list feature is great. One note that I think could make this a next level fitness app would be the inclusion of a macro consumption tracker in the app. This app provides all the macro nutritional info on a per serving basis and also lets you organize the meal prep per day. It even lets you send serving sizes to the Apple Health app. But, if I could just log the portions of each meal I ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack each day, it would be far easier. Having all the tracking information in one place, such as this app, would truly put this app above and beyond any others. If you add the consumption tracker I don’t think I see another app on the market that can compete at this price point. Well done in making what is currently available though, very helpful.

- This was JUST what I needed

I stumbled upon this app when looking up healthy meal prep recipes. I was a little surprised after paying $3.99 that I had to pay MORE for the Pro version, BUT it’s worth it. Lots of new recipes I can’t wait to try because I’ve been stuck in my way. It’s sort of like MyFitnessPal but better because there’s specific recipes with instructions and the BEST part is the shopping list which breaks it down by aisle or recipe - made my life so much easier. My ONLY suggestion is that they open up their market towards women. Women enjoy fitness too! The name “Fit Men Cook” almost turned me away when I first looked at it, and nothing on here is specifically for men so I’m glad I kept looking. I also wish the “Add your own meal” function allowed me to search for foods to add (sort of like the My Fitness Pap app). I’m never sure how much is in my meal so for example I need to go to MyFitnessPal to enter in all the ingredients in my protein shake and then take that info back to FMC. Just an extra step I didn’t wish I had to do. Otherwise, game changer and highly recommend!

- Stop Wasting Time

Listen. Being in the military and having a busy schedule is something that is my everyday life. I have been following Kevin since he started his journey with FitMenCook and I have enjoyed cooking some of the recipes and just following some of the helpful cooking tips he has. But not until you start meal prepping with this wonderful app and awesome dude will you really start seeing the differences. I have little time throughout the week to use for my own personal time and setting aside 2 hours on the weekend for a week of delicious food is changing the way I eat. Not only do I have healthier meals but I am also spending less time with the nasty food you can get in a hurry on base. This has not only helped me eat healthier. This has allowed me to stop skipping meals and allows me to not worry about time wasted to get food. I’m telling you guys this app is a great investment.

- Excited

I wanted to add a recent thought to my previous review. ... wouldn’t it be cool to partner with a macro tracking app (or create your own) that we could automatically transfer your recipes to??? I love that there is tracking information at the bottom of each recipe. It would so cool to transfer that info without having to manually input the recipe into my app. I am really excited about this app! I love how you can adjust the recipe to fit the serving amounts. I also love the shopping list feature for my forgetful brain! As a wife and mom, I've been really struggling to find good healthy macro trackable recipes that serve more than one person! And everything looks far from boring. I'm excited to try out all the recipes!

- Great so far.

So I love the app. I like that I can filter out what kind of meal I can prepare, then you can add it to you choosing cart and it makes the list for you while you shop. I love the simplicity of the app. There’s no clutter or other distractions that take you away. For improvements I would like to see in the future is two more filters. A filter that shows of an oven is required or a special cooking tool. The second is a filter that shows few ingredients. I’m always traveling and living in hotels weeks after weeks. Most of the hotels do not have an oven let alone some cooking utensils. I get excited about a meal and then it says “bake”. Also for the few ingredients because I don’t want to go out and keeps buying all of these ingredients and I either can stuff them in my luggage or just let it go to waste at the hotel. Overall I enjoy the app and look forward for new meals.

- Great app for beginners

I’ve been using this app for about two months and I love the ease of planning out my week and creating a shopping list. My only wish is that they would put the ounce of a serving. For instance if you make the raw vegan berry cheesecakes it says 398 calories per serving but doesn’t outright tell you what a serving size is. You have to lower the serving amount and do some figuring out of how much one serving should weigh. It be great for it to just say 4oz is a serving. I also wish I could change the calorie amount for the meal plan program. The lowest it will go is 1500 calories/days, but I’m at a 1400 calories/day for my deficiency. Other than those two request I really enjoy the app. The interface is easy, there are tons of options and it helps making organizing your food for the week simple.


If you guys are trying to lose weight.... or carb up.... this app has got everything you need from amazing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert this app has everything when i paid for this app i was like this app would for sure be like all the others basic chicken and rice and vegetables for meal prep this app have hundreds recipes it’s mind blowong it always has videos on some recipes to show you how to cook them properly ... you can even change how much servings you want so if you pick for 3 people they would increase how much more spices,meat,veggies fruits you need. Trust me this will change the way you eat if you make sure to only use this app for eating!!!!

- Dope AF APP!

After coming across FitMenCook on IG I ended up ordering his cookbook as a Christmas gift for my 25 yr old son and got my self a copy too. I bookmarked a few pages and got to reading the first few pages and saw that there was an app. I downloaded the app so fast and it’s been one of THEE best decisions I’ve made! Both my son and I have been LOVING making these recipes. We’ve both dropped each other a plate off to share how well we did too! This app makes even shopping for ingredients easy as it automatically sorts the ingredients into aisles. That helps to keep me from venturing over to aisles that only have a bunch of unhealthy items I don’t need. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF EVERYTHING IN THIS APP!

- Really helpful

This app is really helpful in finding healthy meals every night. I’ve never paid money for an app but after a week of contemplating the purchase, I finally made the splurge. Now, I’d be lying if I said everything on here was super delicious but it definitely helps me track my macros and I’ve stopped eating the same chicken with Italian seasoning every day 😂. Overall it’s a great app and it’s fantastic that they continue updating it and adding new recipes! I definitely recommend for everyone; whether you are just trying to get fit, maintain a strict diet, or get competition ready, this is a must have!

- Would love an improved shopping list

This app is great. The recipes are amazing, and it’s been great for healthy meal planning. One thing I’d like to see is an improved and more functional shopping list feature. I might have one red pepper in my fridge, but I need 4 for the week. I want a list that I can edit to tell me to just buy 3. To make this shopping list functional at all when I’m shopping, it would need to make items editable. Without the ability to edit, the list is worthless to me in the store. I have to write it down on paper and type it into another app that allows me to edit items. I think the app could be pretty much perfect if that feature was added.


My husband found this app a while ago but never did anything with it. We wanted to start the new year with a new mind set to eat healthy and he remembered about it. I purchased it (bc I’m the one that cooks at home) and started eating every day with this recipes and it has changed our lives. I love cooking these meals, they are easy, it makes meal planing so easy for the week and they are yummy! We have already lost some weight and feel great! I only would like the measurements to be a little more exact, more in cups rather than oz. But that’s not stopping us from using it.

- Amazing!

It’s great to have an app like this! Saves so much time and the macros help out immensely. Such a great thing when someone has so much passion like Kevin to put all their hard work and knowledge into something that helps all of us. Thank you for creating such a great app and loving what you do. Seriously recommend this app for anyone who is in the fitness lifestyle and anyone looking into getting into the fit lifestyle. You can have amazing tasting food all the time! Remember it’s not about how bad you want it but how hard you’re willing to work for it!!

- Discovering Fit Life

This app is great! All the meals I’ve made have been delicious and the instructions along with videos make it a no-brainer on how get it right. The integration with watch app has also simplified my shopping runs letting me quickly check off items. My one wish is that recipe discovery was simpler. As of today their are close to 700 recipes which can lead to selection paralysis, because there are so many good options. If there was a random meal generator button that would pick a random meal in the app it would simplify getting an idea for cooking and help surface a lot of the great meals that might get missed.

- I would do 4.5 but can’t

First week trying this app. Really first day. I bought all the things I would need for my first 7 days. Got a bit confused. Said I needed 1.7lbs of potatoes. Turns out it was only for one recipe. But that’s cool I can stop and get the extra potatoes later.... my biggest problem is the portion sizes. I’m trying to cut weight. It would great help if I could weigh the meal as a whole for portion control, or individual items. I love how it syncs with Apple health and I can add it to my lose it app. But it seems like a guessing game in the control portions.

- Long time user, incredible app

Hey guys, I've been using your app for years now. I have to say I love it. I used to weigh 265lbs. After using this app and focusing on my goals I have lost 60lbs and am in the best shape of my life! I wanted to say thanks. You really have helped attain my nutritional needs and had a huge part in turning my life around. The app itself is incredibly user friendly. The recipes are delicious. I have probably made over 300 of them to date. I really could not be a bigger advocate for your company. Well done guys keep it up.

- Fanastic but...

This has a tons of recipes with categories based on what you’re looking for (high carb, snack, high protein, etc.) The shopping cart is a great feature that sorts ingredients from recipes according to which grocery aisle they will be found in, which is convenient. The issue I have is that the cook times for meat aren’t accurate. When it says to let the chicken cook in the oven for 10-15 minutes, I always go for 15 minutes but the chicken still isn’t cooked well inside. Blood is still dripping when I slice it open and there are still red patches of meat. Other than that, very useful app!

- Great - easy to use, tasty

My go-to app for cooking. I even “converted” few of my friends, including my wife. My kids like most of the stuff we make, and they are usually picky (7 & 9 year olds). I don’t use the meal prep or shopping cart much, but features could be useful for some. Metric and US customary units conversions are handy, and nice touch with Spanish translations. Keep up the good work with updates and please don’t turn it into a mandatory subscription app. Consider adding more high protein breakfast foods, especially if they are sweet.

- What about the money I paid a few years ago?

I was an original supporter of FMC back when it was coming up. I PAID for the original pro version of the app before there was a subscription plan, to get the features. I even jumped on the MPP app because I liked what you had to offer. But I noticed I wasn’t using the MPP app as much as I wanted to because of life. I went back to using the original FMC app for recipes but noticed that now I have to pay a subscription? I don’t think this is fair to people who have supported you from the start. You should “grandfather” original supporters like me who already paid for the features in your app. I want to give you guys 5 stars, but honestly this just feels like a cashgrab and I’m insulted.


Kevin is seriously the GOAT. I am a graduate student with very little time and money and this app has changed my lifestyle completely. It helped me finally lose my freshman 15 and reach tons of fitness goals. All these recipes are so delicious, easy, and fast! When I visit him everyone asks how I’ve lost so much weight and gained muscle and I always tell them it’s because of Kevin! I always hear fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise and this app makes the diet part so easy! Everyone should give it a try!

- Recipes are different online

It's a good app when the recipes match. However, when the recipes are different on the app and I have to check online anyways it makes the app pointless. Case in point... slow cooker turkey cilantro chili. Calls for only 1 can of beans in app but 2 cans online. That's not cool. So now I don't feel like I can trust the app at all and have to look online anyways. Also, some recipes in the app have what looks like a generic banner saying you can use a rice cooker or slow cooker. That's not the case. They cook differently and won't work the same for different recipes. However, the app doesn't include different instructions based on what you're using. The shopping cart is nice. You can add ingredients right to the list and it's well organized. The meal prep tab is stupid. You can only make a meal prep schedule for one day unless you feel like paying more. Feels a little cheap with that. Still a good app, just needs some fine tuning.

- App design and app content

As a graphic designer, who loves visuals this app is by far the BEST designed and most visually appealing. But not just that, Andreas structures the app with many levels yet has a sense of minimalism that makes it easy to use without getting confused or lost. AND THEN, as a consumer and as Kevin’s audience, the content he provides has a purpose, it’s wholesome with information, and it truly shows he cares. As a whole, this app engulfs and radiates Kevin’s and I’m sure Andrea’s positive energy, it’s pure and beautiful! Thank you!

- Outstanding!

I’ve been using the app for over a year, and literally everything I’ve made so far has been great. We have our standard go to recipes, but there are so many you can always try something new. It’s made a difference in how my teenage boys eat...we meal prep their school lunches together on Sundays...and they are always excited to try something new from FitMenCook! I’ve recommended this app to so many people, definitely worth a try!

- Love the App but it’s Missing 1 Thing

Hey, so this app is 100% worth the money. It’s really easy to use and super helpful. It’s just missing one feature that would make it over the top. I have a peanut allergy and it would be super helpful if I there was a way to put in dietary restrictions so that way when the app builds my meal plan it’ll make sure to steer clear of any foods with nuts in them or at least offer substitutes to switch that meal out. That’s it, that’s the only thing this app is missing in my eyes that would make it a straight 5/5.

- Love this App

I love the variety of this app! I’m horrible with coming up with recipe ideas. The videos are great. The shopping list feature is a huge plus! Love that I can change the serving size and the recipe follows suit. I really can’t wait to try more recipes. I love that it offers quick recipes. Being a full time working mom is tough and eating healthy has some nights taken a back burner when chasing a toddler and the clock. Thank you for such a wonderful app!

- I actually enjoy vegetables

I am not a person who loves to cook or try new things- my go to favorites have always been pizza and tacos. But FMC has totally changed what I eat and cook! The recipes are simple enough for a kitchen novice like myself, and are delicious. I’m excited to try the frequent new recipes, although I come back to the household favorite of Teriyaki Salmon with Fried Rice once every couple weeks. It’s easy to incorporate healthy foods now because we enjoy them so much!

- An app I never knew existed 😬

So I came across fit men cool on ig for my brothers who are active workout junkies that also like to eat well and I personally love the food 🥘 on the ig page . Butttttt only to find out it was the creators birthday and I see they have an app so of course I had to support and buy it 😬 from New York making my household smell delicious 😋. Thank you for being you and camera man for being a sweet cohost taste tester 🥳To fit men cooking and my new fav app 🥂 (I’m a woman lol btw 😂 I gotta cook too )

- Most Used App I Have!

I’ve been using this app for almost 4 years now! After eating my breakfast that I prepared today I though why not tell everyone else how awesome it is! Without a doubt this is an app I use every week for my meal prep needs! It’s taken the guesswork out for me making it simple to just follow Kevin’s step by step words and watch his video instructions! I recommend you get this app and it will change your life and health!

- Total convenience

Great app for meal prep! I had been eating chicken breast and ground turkey for lean bulking for 2 months, and it got pretty bland. Downloaded this app to give it a try, gorgeous and functional design, so many recipes, add to shopping features, all just so easy and intuitive to use. Also downloaded on both my Ipad and iPhone, i find recipes on my iPad given the larger screen and add to my shopping list there, it gets synced onto my iPhone app!

- Good food

Well, 4/5 for really good food ideas! Great food, Helpful Videos, I like the shopping list feature, and the menus are awesome! Sadly no one has taught this guy how to cook “Keto” and he likes to name everything low carb if it doesn’t contain bread. If you need a Keto recipe this app isn’t for you. Nothing on here is “Keto” unless you’re a body builder and your macros can afford 25g of carbs in one serving. RT 25g in ONE serving of the “Keto” Alfredo stuffed red peppers are you kidding me? I don’t hate the app or the developer. I recommend this app fellas! Pick it up for sure!

- Great app but..

It's good if you're going to use it only for making the meals. Any extra features such as the built in meal prep feature (not the new meal prep app) is definitely locked down by requiring the paid's silly considering I already paid a fee to have this app in the first place. The shopping list feature is cool but could use some work by combining the ingredients into whole amounts rather than showing individual recipe count. Otherwise recipes look delicious.

- Best app on iPhone

This app has single-handedly changed my families life. I love how each meal can be scaled up to meet family size and how it automatically adds everything to the shopping list which drastically cuts down on those ”dang I forgot X” moments when prepping. I hope y'all never quit as I can see myself and my family using this app for the rest of your lives. Thank you so much, you have my undying gratitude!!

- The Only App I’ve Ever Paid For

I have followed Kevin for a long time and tried a few recipes in the past but this app is a game changer! Even on the weeks I am feeling uninspired and want to way simplify my meals, there’s something in the app that’s simple but exciting. I seriously have never been this excited about an app ever. I love all the features and I am seeing so much improvement in my diet since I downloaded this!

- Deserving of the description "PERFECT"

This app is the BEST food app I have every tried. They have created and segmented recipes for so many categories including low-budget in addition to popular diets. It makes meal planning so easy and even creates your own grocery list. The food is amazing and creative. It is well-worth the money and would gladly pay over 100 for something of this value. Well done!!!!

- Not as simple as I was hoping for

Has a lot of recipes. However for someone like myself who is not much of a cook, wish they had more simple recipes to choose from. Has many different ingredients from different oils, spices, starches, etc that aren’t necessarily common to just have around the kitchen. Would prefer similar ingredients in my simple meals so my kitchen isn’t filled with once used rice vinegar or avocado oil and arrowroot starch. Can see enjoyment of app though for people who enjoy cooking and experimenting with many recipes and ingredients

- Best Healthy Recipe App out there

I have been using this app for years - and I must say there is no other app that I recommend more, use as often, or can’t get enough of. Here are some of my favorite things: - easy to use app; very well made - easily adjust serving sizes, macros, and grocery lists that all update automatically with the click of a button - the videos are great and add an extra level of understanding for a meal - the food TASTES AMAZING - great variety, always updating the app with more recipes so it never gets old - once you get an understanding of the types of ingredients he likes using , shopping becomes a breeze and everything blends together so nicely Best. App. Around. 10/10 would recommend!!

- Became a subscriber to support the app

I don’t even know exactly what the subscription is for yet. I have the book, I downloaded the app and was blown away by what I can do in the app for such a low price. Going to transition from using the book with literal pages falling out to the app so I can track macros and calories more consistently. Looking forward to using this tool frequently.

- Angelo

Hi, I really enjoyed your FitMenCook but little hard understand for me because you don’t have video CC (subtitle) on it. I am Deaf hopefully you will set all video I can understand what you say to follow cook more easier! I show few my Deaf friends want add but don’t want since you don’t have video CC on it. I was like dang they are right about that but still love your FitMenCook really enjoyed. Keep up don’t still can’t wait next new video hopefully with CC thanks!

- Outstanding

I downloaded this app less than a week ago and have already made 5 of the recipes that have all been very easy to follow and delicious. Whenever I try eating healthy before it is always bland and boring but I get very excited every time I am making something from this app. I hope the best for Kevin Curry and his team, they have a great thing going here.

- Best App

I have used this app to cook recipes worth talking about. Great for introducing cooking to other people. Makes people think your healthy and the recipes on here are like for vegan included and all types of diets. He has recipes from lots of countries. My favorite is Mexican I think he captures the Mexican ingredients perfectly for his recipes. Great app and I know I’m set for all his future concoctions. Love you man your a genius.

- Packed with the best features and recipes!

Kevin and Andreas have made a masterpiece. This app has every feature you could possibly want when trying to manage your diet, macros or calories. It allows you to scale easily, break down overall macro goals and make your meal plan fit your needs and tastes in every way. Most apps I tried are rigid in one way or another - they either force recipes on you or are inflexible in calories or protein levels. FitMenCook lets you control everything. And that’s before you even get to the delicious, simple and unique recipes that are easy to prepare and store. Literally changed how I eat and how much I spend on groceries. Also, I love cooking now.


a good friend of mine came across this app & started cooking for his family using these recipes & talked highly of the app so I thought I would check it out, & I can honestly say this app is worth every single penny. even when scrolling on IG I’ll get side track watching him cook up these delicious meals lol anyways, if you’re on the fence about paying for this app, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT 👌🏻

- Don’t Sleep on This

My wife and I love this app. We both aren’t body builders but people who enjoy food, being healthy, and exercising. Kevin has a done a great job with the app and MOST IMPORTANTLY the Recipes!! We have tried a lot of the recipes and they have been great following what he had created!! Thank you for your time, effort and energy for creating this wonderful tool!!

- Life Saver

This app is perfection! I struggle as a mom to cook healthy foods for everyone and make it appealing at the same time. This app is a life saver! Delicious recipes that not only my husband loves but also my 6, 5, and 4 year old. I cannot wait to get through all this recipes. There hasn’t been one yet that we haven’t liked. Bravo on creating such a great app!! ~Stay at home mama~

- By far, best healthy food app out there

Worth every penny. Millions of recipes. I’ve had it since it launched and have loved it! I have made tons of the recipes and had so many people ask for the recipes. Kevin keeps it healthy but exciting. There is so many categories on the app, for example keto, vegan, budget, high protein and more. Love, love, love it. Kevin you’re awesome! Keep up the good work.

- Delicious, Amazing Cook/Chef

I found Kevin Curry’s recipes & Fit Men App & IG account & I was instantly hooked. I love how he can turn an already fabulous & healthy recipe into a healthier version based on on a person’s dietary needs. He also translates his English recipes into Spanish. What more can a person ask for!? Fabulous in one word! Fabmazing, Kevin Curry! Created a word because Fabulous alone wasn’t sufficient.

- Great app

I love it .I am a bodybuilder and get tired of plain rice and chicken , and being raised with six sisters and one brother , we never had to cook , we were always outside cutting grass , fixing cars , fixing the house etc , so now that I eat different than my girlfriend she cooks good food , just not as healthy , this app really comes in handy , and it has a shopping list

- Changed my life

My husband and I only cook from this ever since we discovered this amazing app. I haven't had something from this app that I didn't like. I'm constantly trying new food and absolutely loving them. I will cook anything this guy puts out because I have that much trust. Fantastic app with great recipes. Definitely worth the money!

- I love this app and all of it’s options

The recipes are easy to follow, with simple and clean ingredients. There are meals, snacks and desserts for everyone! The app is user friendly with a clean user interface. I highly recommend this app, it is money well spent. I have been using this app for a year now, and Kevin is always introducing new items.

- Add filtering by tags to favorites section!

Right now I have to either scroll through my favorites looking for recipes that fit a category or scroll through a category looking for my favorites. The search only looks at title and ingredients in the favorites tab and I’d love to fine tune browsing my favorites by category!

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- Making Eating Healthy an Easy & Affordable Lifestyle

Before this app, I was going to the gym 5 times a week, working 50+ hours a week and had outside commitments that took up at least 10 hours a week and I was struggling to maintain healthy eating at the same time which led to a viscous cycle of healthy eating then binges on unhealthy food. This app helps to manage what I eat, how to efficiently shop for it and how to prep so I don't waste hours that I don't have. I've also recently upgraded to the MealPrepPro version and I am loving it!

- Needs improvement

It would be a great app if some features were implemented: Personalised meal plans currently only produce one set of recipes. It would be awesome if there were many alternatives to choose from. This is a feature used in other programs, it’s really odd that it hasn’t been implemented already. Country specific food options. I live in Australia so I really have no access to turkey as a cheap protein option. Again this is only an issue with the personalised meal plans being so limited. I’d really like to be able to swap out a recipe for one that is more accessible. The way it is now, I have to select a recipe to find out the macros I’ll have to replace with another recipe manually. What’s more is I have to do all the calculations myself (it only shows 1 servings nutritional value). I tried the contact page on the website, and after I finished writing, the website would not complete the send action. I’m hungry as ever and now I’m writing this instead of eating because the app is unfinished in my eyes. Forgive my cynicism for I am famished.

- Whole foods never tasted so good!

Most of our home cooking inspiration now comes from this great app. Simple to prepare and very tasty. We even cook these for our friends. There is something for everyone, including sweet treats and healthy pizza bases. We especially enjoy the butternut squash marinara with turkey meatballs. I never thought to put roast veggies in the blender! So sweet and hearty, without using any sugar or salt. The app itself is masterfully made and intuitive. The photography is mouth-watering. Favourite recipes sync across my iPad and iPhone seamlessly, a surprising and convenient feature. I was looking for a “health kick in-a-box” and Fit Men Cook delivers! The updates keep coming, so I haven’t been back to the App Store for a recipe app since. Keep up the good work guys :)

- We LOVE everything FITMENCOOK

Our keto journey here in Australia just got way more exciting with you’re amazing range of recipes! I bought your app a little sceptical thinking it would be hard to covert everything over but it has been soooo easy. I meal prepped with 3x your keto recipes for this week and they turned out unreal!!!! Sooooooo so happy with your food! THANKYOU so much

- Please link in iCloud!!

I LOVE this app! Beautiful, simple, elegant and makes dieting a dream! The one thing I really want is to be able to link my phone to my iPad, so that my favourited recipes come up on both devices without having to find them on each individually!


I love this app. My diet is so limited because of food allergies, but now I have a huge range of meal I can do. And my family love the recipes too. And the meal planner and shopping feature makes life so much easier in a large family. LOVE IT

- We use this all the time! Great purchase 😊

Kev’s cookbook is our go to 3-4 nights a week. Super tasty, easy and healthy recipes. So glad I found this resource I use it much more than other cookbooks. Keep up the great work! 🙌

- Best app around

Cooked a few meals and they literally are amazing! Makes me prep easy and tasty. Only bad thing about this app is that when you browse through the recipes they look so good you get hungry lol.

- Incredible resource for all men!

Absolutely great resource that can help change people’s lives

- (I’m that guy) Excellent app but for vegans

Love this app to death The only reason I’m not going to use it is because I need the vegan meal prep filter for the weekly plans! If I was sticking to vegetarian it’d be perfect and I am the laziest vegan in the world and need someone to do it all for me

- You pay for the app but have to pay monthly to use full features

I don’t understand what the point is of charging for an app if you’re going to lock features behind a monthly paywall. That is edging on predatory behaviour and is just plain scummy. The recipes are all available on the website for free so the app is basically useless.

- Great healthy eating app

Fantastic recipes, easy to follow videos and instructions, colourful design and a pleasure to use. Glad I have it!

- Comprehensive awesome app

Well done gents, just what I am looking for!!!

- Vibrant and a huge range of choices

Versatile app that is great!

- Dope shiettttt

Dope shiettt

- Fantastic Little App

I can cook but don't get a real kick out of it... This App has definitely helped get me back into doing more. Recipes are simple, straight forward and easy. Am a real fan of the 'one pot' and slow cooker recipes not to mention the 'sweet treats' that I can use to curb my 'sweet tooth'! Videos are great and often make a recipe with a lot of ingredients look way more simple than initially thought. Keep up the great work guys and keep those recipes coming. Definitely recommend it.

- Love it!

I love the recipes. Healthy. They fit my nutrition plan. Budget meals are great to have for those weeks you're short on cash. I love the simple shopping list, especially the option for number of servings that automatically adjusts the shopping list qty. Such a great app. A good addition might be a calorie/macronutrient counter, that includes the recipes for seemless recording, to make sure I'm achieving my nutrition goals. But I guess there are plenty of these already available. Thanks Kevin for the great app!

- Fantastic but....

This is truly a great app. Easy to use, delicious recipes and very intuitive. Sets you up for healthy cooking. The only criticism I have is that the recipes are heavily TexMex style, the recipes themselves are excellent but more variety in different cuisines would be of major benefit. The same spices and flavours, TexMex, can get boring and repetitive. If you don't like paprika, stay away from this app.

- Great App!

Brilliant app, well designed and easy to navigate. A tonne of great recipes that are healthy and simple for even ME to prepare. Love the way you can choose a recipe and and just send all the ingredients to a shopping list, awesome. Well worth the price, many times over.

- Making me pay for a new feature when I already bought the app??

This is a good app and has lots of good food in it and with the new update that added a meal planner to make things even easier I though YEW!! That's awesome then when I tried doing it I can only add 6 meals for the entire week before it wants me to pay a monthly fee to add more!! That's bull I already bought the app now they do this. Who only eats 6 meals in the entire week. Step up your game guys if this was fixed would be 5 stars


I have NEVER felt bothered to write a review on an App till now! The recipes were already fantastic, but with my shopping list made for me with a few clicks I won't forget anything and my weeks meals will run smoother than ever! THANK YOU KEVIN!

- Overall ok- if you don't mind paying the monthly fees after original purchase

The app is well designed and runs smoothly, you pay to purchase the app $5 and then to get the full features of the app you have to sign up to pay monthly or annual fee. Bit of a joke to pay and then have to pay again every month.

- Easy, Fun, Affordable

The app is finally here!!! This has definitely made life that much easier with cool tabs like favourites and shopping lists, I am able to be more prepared for the busy week ahead. Thanks Kevin

- Great app - worth every cent

I have never written a review for an app. But for this app I will make the effort. It is great, so easy simple and has made life so easy. Thank you and keep those great recipes coming

- Not worth the money

Not worth the money, couldn't get a refund so writing a review. all the recipes can be found online FOR FREE! recipes don't get added fast enough and if your serious about body building you will get tired of the meals very quickly, as it doesn't give you much variety. 3-4 different meals are added monthly and by the first week you will be bored of them.

- Great recipes, easy to navigate.

I love the recipes inside are great and the way they sorted memes it really easy to sort through them.

- The best app that I have ever bought

Just what the doctor ordered, well done!! Worth more that what I paid for it

- Awesome App

The app is intuitive and is consistently updated with new foods. The food is really easy to make and tastes really good. The macro breakdown is awesome also.

- Finally the wait is over!!!

Amazing app!! Serving size function is sooo useful and the videos are soo easy to follow along with!!

- My favourite app!

An absolute must have if you do the weekly shopping.

- What a great app

I find this app very easy to use. It's well presented and has great recipes.

- Calories to change if recipe is edited please

It's a great app! Sometimes I don't have a specified ingredient and when I untick the ingredient the calorie count is unchanged. Please incorporate this option!

- Quality App, A++

Will make the diet management of many young, aspiring, yet lazy bodybuilders THAT much easier.

- Fantastic app!

This is such a helpful and informative app, easy to understand and follow!

- A ripper app

This is a great app which helps me fuel up with good food. Keep it up, I thank you.

- Metrics

Is it possible to change the setting yo metric. Great app btw

- Meh

Some good recipes in there but I hope more will be added. A few with hard to find ingredients and lack of metric is annoying.

- Good app

Highly recommended. Good recipes

- Amazing!!!!

Helped and motivated me to get healthy ;)


Recipes are pretty good, but you REALLY need metric measurements in here. The world is bigger than the U.S. believe it or not ;)

- Love it!

Tasty stuff, great meals and plans to follow!

- Fit men

Finally 😋😋👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

- Awesome!!


- Top app from a top developer and chief!

Thank you guys this app is 5/5, old YouTube fan here and now app fan !!! Thank you from Sydney!

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- Just what I always wanted but didn’t have the balls to quit my job and create

This feels like it came out of a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if.....’ session. I love it and I use it. Worth the money.

- Wooooow !!

This app is just insane. It has so many good recipes and it’s always mise à jour !

- Untested, incomplete recipes

The recipes in this app have clearly not been tested, nor edited. I have professional kitchen experience, and there are many instances of instructions are at best misleading, at worst incorrect. For example, you can’t caramelize an onion in one minute, it takes about 15 minutes. And this is not me nitpicking, this is just one of many examples. Another example is ingredients simply going missing, like for example the chicken thighs in “chicken with couscous”. They make an appearance at the beginning of the recipe, then completely disappear. There are some great recipe ideas in this app but it needs a proper proofreading before its of any value.


I wish I would of bought this app sooner. I’m kinda cheap, but I’m sooo glad I made this purchase. I bought it about an hour ago, and I’ve already upgraded to pro. If you are a meal prepper this is the app for you! You can choose your meals, set how many portions your going to make, and then add the items to your shopping cart! (I then will go through my pantry and cross off the stuff I already have). As you add it tells you how many macros and calories you will be consuming that day. I know my way around the kitchen, but if you are a beginner there are even videos on most of the recipes I’ve seen to help you out. My days of spending hours looking through Pinterest for healthy recipe ideas are over! There seriously are so many recipes on here guys, I don’t see myself getting bored for at least the rest the year, or two.

- Mind blowing

I started following him from his YouTube channel and for me it was always a struggle for preparing my meals and I didn’t like eating the same thing over and over again but the amount of flavor and taste I’ve got from his recipes some of them I’m OK to eat over and over again.

- Great app, so many NEW recipes - worth every penny!

Talk about bang for your buck! Wow, what an AMAZING app! I can’t believe you don’t need a subscription for all the new recipes they continuously put out. There are so many tasty and healthy foods that are simple to make. As someone who eats plant based and trains hard at the gym it can be hard to find an app to fit your macros and diet. I recommend this app to all my friends. I could not go without it now!

- Amazing meals, amazing app!

This app has helped my girlfriend and I out so much with meal ideas. It’s got tonnes! It’s layout is beautiful and easy to use. The shopping list and water tracker is a nice bonus.

- Feedback recommendation

Most of the recipes are good for those who are doing keto diet, unfortunately I’m a carb lover + high protein. It is easy to substitute/omit some of the ingredients to make it low on fats anyways so no biggie. I would love to see the devs to add a feature where individuals can comment on the food and also able to rate them. This will help the cook to enhance or make the recipe even better based from feedbacks. A question and answer section would also be a great help, incase people ask for ingredient substitutes or alternatives. Thank you

- Fantastic!

Great meal ideas that can be searched by diet type. I love the extra features like adding particular items you wish onto a shopping list, and adding you meal to a different calorie/health app. Keep it up!

- Very good!

Offers lots of options and variety. Well produced and thought out, one of the best apps around.

- Additional purchase required even after subscription

I used to enjoy this app a lot. However now many recipes require the app developer’s own spices set, which sells for 37 USD (for a pack of six spices.)

- Perfect recipe App

Everything is clear and concise, super easy to follow instructions. The whole presentation of the app is flawless.

- Love this

This app is great and well worth the price. Every recipe has the macros already calculated and easy to follow instructions, a video and you can add everything to your shopping list! I find myself using this app so often and love how every detail has been thought out, including breaking down the shopping list by category. Best purchase I’ve made in a while and I can’t wait to see how much money I’ll save not buying lunches!

- Awesome and healthy but can’t play videos

Love this app, just can’t play the videos…

- 1 Issue

I originally rated 5 stars but I’m reducing to 4 after encountering this issue in more and more recipes. Why on earth does it give measurements in g, or oz, and not cups, or tbsp? How many people are measuring out 94g of almond flour or 1.2 oz of mushrooms instead of measuring it in a measuring cup?

- Love getting regular free recepes

I have had this app for sometime and honestly love regularly new recipes being added. That alone makes this app a worthy investment. Keep up the good work on this app.

- Money well spent

Love this app!

- Meal prep made easy

One of the best apps there is if you're looking to make real changes in 2019.

- Healthy and Fun!

This is a great app, and Kevin’s recipes are fun and easy to make. The food tastes great! Worth the investment in yourself.

- Perfecto

This is golden. Nuff said

- Excellent recipes

Great app and amazing recipes, thanks Kevin

- Good app

I like it but you should add a French language version soon!!

- This is all you need !

Best app ever ! It is so flexible, easy to use and it gives you all the macros. Plus, allows you to add to shopping list and organizes it by aisle or recipes. It’s just Amazing !! Almost forget; it’s also in Spanish !! Seriously, the best !!!

- Good but needs some tweaking

I like the app and the majority of the recipes however the fact that some recipes don’t have their own dedicated video and that the recipes aren’t so user friendly, in regards to the conversion of measurements, I give this app a solid3/5

- My wife and I love it!

my wife and I have been making recipes from this app almost nonstop for the last month and we love it! The recipes in the app itself are all amazing. Worth the money!

- Beyond Delish And So Easy To Prepare

I started cooking a meal everyday for my family using your recipes when I discovered the app 20+ days ago. We cannot decide which is our favourite as they are all delicious. I have made the spicy shrimp with lime a few times as it made for a great lunch the next day. I appreciate you have used readily available ingredients and I can prepare any dish in 30 mins or less.

- 👌👌👌👌👌

Great app really turned around my dietary habits for the better!!

- I love it

Such an awesome app. I’ve lost 7 lbs so far. Eating healthy never tasted so good. And I’m doing it on a budget!

- Quality recipes.

This is our family favorite recipe app. It doesn’t have thousands of recipes like some other apps but ALL of the recipes on here are delicious. Thanks for helping us live a happy, healthy life. ✌🏼

- iPhone X?

Where is iPhone X compatibility?

- My go-to app for meal prep

I’ve been using Kevin’s videos for years and picked up the app as soon as it came out. Keep up the great work!

- The one and only

This app is so amazing and the recipes are just ridiculous...c’mon 4 ingredient curry that is good for my weight loss plans and for my bf’s weight gain plans?!?! Two words = Life changing. I’ve never written a review but just had to for this one. Can’t wait for the cookbook!

- Great app with all the trimmings!

I enjoy this app as the recipes are well laid out and the video is quite helpful. I do like the increasing focus on microwave meals as I do find I travel for work a lot and don’t have access to a proper kitchen so the recipes are helpful. Please continue the focus on this and the overall great efforts!!!

- Easy to follow

I love this app! Easy to follow recipes that are so yummy and healthy!

- 5*

Love the app I make many of the recipes!

- Time saver

Love this app. So many recipes to choose from and no more searching the internet for an hour to figure out a meal. Whether you want snacks, breakfast, meal prep or dinner, this ones got it all and pictures of everything.

- Inspiring!

Delicious recipes, drool-worthy photos and clear, upbeat instructions. This app really upped my meal-prep mojo. :)

- Game Changer

This app is a game changer! There are tons of amazing recipes to keep you accountable and inspired in the kitchen. The app makes it so easy to meal prep and create easy on the go shopping lists, I have no more excuses to not keep my eating on track. Love love love it!

- Best Receipt App Available!

I've been searching for an app with a comprehensive meal selection centred around high protein, high quality ingredients, and bulk meals. The ingredients are straight forward and the instruction is clean and detailed. I love exploring the different recipes in the app and have yet to find a "dud". My family enjoys the meals as well!

- Vegetarian meal plans?!

I’m a vegetarian and want to gain muscle mass. When I try to set a meal plan there’s no option for a Vegetarian meal plan. Very disappointing. Wasted $6.

- New keto recipes!

Love the new keto recipes! Can't wait to try them out :)

- Not worth the price

I get more recipes of his off Facebook. This app is never updated. The recipe selection stays the same. 1. He need to put each Facebook recipe on here. 2. His weekly meal prep tab should actually have different weekly meal preps suggested by him and they rotate. This tab is a joke: it's up to the customer to put meals into the plan. Well duh!!! I can do that myself without the fancy tab. HE needs to put weekly meal plans together for us, and change them each week.

- Amazing

Great recipes. Almost 300 total. My little eats most of the dinner meals as well. Worth the money.

- Awesome recipes

There is something here for everybody's tastes or meal plans.

- Great app for meal preps

Thank you!

- Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring!

This is a great app for finding new recipes that are healthy and nutritious, that actually taste really good. It also has tools to help you with meal planning and grocery shopping. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to make a positive change in their diet.

- Life changing

I can't recommend this app enough. It's like the perfect cookbook that also builds delicious and healthy meal plans for me AND it creates a shopping list automatically.

- Great app

Enjoy the various food recipes and layout off app.

- Useful af

The title sums it up. This app is a perfect tool to use if you want to add awesome healthy meals to your plan. I hate cooking, I ate the same stuff over and over again, but with this; I can easily access meals that I could use to fuel my body.

- Prep/Cooking time

PLEASE make a tag or filter for organizing the recipes by their total prep/cooking time! (Short to long, long to short) thank you!

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- Couldn't be happier with this!!!

This app has forever changed the way I eat and made cooking fun and easy. My family and I take these recipes and create a bonding experience in the kitchen. I am proud to say it has really improved the lifestyle of even the relatives who were unmotivated to take the steps necessary to improve their health. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

- Best Investment for a College Student

I’ve been holding off on this review for ever— this app by far is the best purchase I’ve ever made in years. This app helped improve my cooking tenfold and I would recommend it to anyone. I never write reviews so this amount of loyalty is almost unheard of for me. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

- Love this APP!

This app is awesome! I like how you can make adjustments to the recipe as far as servings go, very handy. Great tools too like meal planners, adding to favorites, etc. One thing I’d like to see in this app is another category. My sister is allergic to gluten and I’d like to see a category for only gluten free meals so it’s easier to find meals we can both share.

- Why should I pay more??

Nothing makes me more mad when you pay for a app and then when you open it they only allow you to do so many things before paying more money. Like for instance if you want to create your own meal plan they only allow you to put 6 recipes in and then you have to pay to use the “full” service of the app. If they are gonna do that then they should make the app free and then charge you. I should of listened to the bad reviews I saw and just got the recipes off their website.

- Best recipe app I’ve found

The variety and goodness of all the recipes is amazing. Not sure how the developer can give all of this away for free. Love to understand the business model. In any case, great app. I had been relying on the NYT cooking app (which NYT started to charge separately for, so lost access). Luckily I found FMC, which for my needs is better.

- Saving time counting macros for 6 bucks

I can't believe how beautiful, amazing, and easy this app is. I was looking for an affordable way to be healthy and I have found it. The recipes are delicious, simple, and unique. I LOVE my meal plans and my organized grocery list. I know Kevin has a cookbook. Now I definitely have to buy that too.

- Amazing App!

I have been following him for years now, since before he was huge, and he has helped me so much with my meals and cooking. The app is very well put together and easy to use. I love being able to type an ingredient in the search bar and having recipes pull up. Great job guys!

- Has changed my meal planning💪🏽

I’ve been using this app for so long and absolutely love how I can make my own meal plan or let the app make it for me! With a family of four, this makes eating healthy so much easier. And the meals are simple and tasty! I mean, his last name is Curry. What are the odds that it’s a seasoning?! He was born to be a chef!

- So much detail, support and very user friendly

I love this app! Got it after I got the book. Kevin makes deciding your meals fun and EASY! Also helps you calculate your caloric intake and tells you what recipes to prep to achieve your goals! I cannot say enough good things about this app. It’s worth much more than $3.99!

- Traveling Dad / Husband

I’m a busy dad / husband. I love being able to cook for my wife and kids when I’m not traveling for work. I love the app because I can take some time at work to find a recipe, then on the way home pick up what I need at the grocery store. Enjoying all of it very much!!

- Lost 35LBS

The app is easy to use and I enjoy how there is a consistent update adding new recipes and videos! I’ve learned healthy food does not need to be expensive, and the correct amount of food I should be eating. I’ve liked 90% of the food in the app and really never alternate the recipes!

- Holy Sh***T

I have been searching for quite some time for different ideas with Chicken, but a lot are complicated and never give the accurate amount of Macro’s! This app has been the best purchase so far! I’m sure I won’t be tired if any meals anytime soon! Easier for me to prep for the week!

- Great app although missing big meal prep feature

Okay, I have been following Kevin for a while. Great dude. I would love to break bread with him. The app is good, I just opened the meal prep feature when I added it to the shopping list the ingredients didn’t combine and give me a total. Other than that I am really happy with this app and the community he created.

- Genious!

Very complete, amazing recipe variety and so many added ons that make this app so special. Thank you Kevin for putting this together and continuing to share your talent with your audience with your high quality content. I am an early follower of fitmencook and have enjoyed every improvement.

- Been searching for an app like this

My only discouraging thought about this app is that I didn’t think of it first. This has every feature that I need to maintain a nutritious diet and makes buying groceries easy with less worry of diverting from my plans.

- Nice app

A little over friendly on the videos but hey, he can’t afford appearing unpleasant either. 10/10 on the meal advice, guy clearly understands some people want calories, and some people don’t want calories. Some people want carbs, some people want keto. It’s got something for everyone.

- Love this app A++

Lots of receipts, lots of videos, and I love the way they put it all together. It is very very valuable if you’re someone that’s trying to meal prep, they have a lot of different varieties of food to choose from. Also very cost-effective won’t break the bank at all. 😃😃😃👍🏽

- Removed features

When I purchased this app it provided meal plans based on macros. Now that functionality has been removed and added to a subscription app. I wish I would’ve known that before I made this purchase. Nevertheless, the application looks amazing and the features make it easy to create a meal plan.

- Worth EVERY penny

This app has been a life savior for my wife and I. With us both having full schedules, having the ability to make meals that not only are delicious, but healthy, and enjoyable for picky children has been EVERYTHING. Just do yourself the favor and get it!

- Must Have!

I absolutely love the variation of recipes! With over 500+ healthy recipes it is impossible to get tired of eating healthy. My only complaint is that I wish he would make a low calorie section for meals. Other than that it is fantastic!

- Almost perfect

Please add a feature to smart-swap one meal out for another, and ask us for taste preferences and allergies. Example: I delete a meal I don’t like that has 30g of protein, 20g of carbs, and 10g of fat. Please don’t just throw us into the wild with tons of recipes but suggest replacements based on the macros we need to replace. Also, I hate sriracha, yet it’s all over my meal plan. Why not ask us what flavors/foods we love or hate?

- Great resource for healthy living

This app is great for finding healthy quick recipes when you are trying to stay on track and don’t know what to make! I have the fit men cookbook as well and I highly recommend investing in both

- If this doesn’t help there’s none for you

First let me say there’s a recipe (tons) for everyone in here. The videos to help point you the right way in the kitchen are a great help to me. And the shopping cart feature that breaks things into sections of the store is amazing. Great app guys.

- Great app

Surprisingly functional app. I thought it would just be a cook book, basically. You can choose how many servings or a recipe you want, and then it generates a shopping list based on that. Pretty neat. Worth more than what I paid, for sure.

- Love

I love this app. Everything in it really makes sense and was thought through. It’s awesome. The only downfall is sometimes the recipes are a little bit complicated or involve a lot of ingredients or expensive ingredients. But other than that this is my fav app for meal prepping.

- Keeping my diet change very interesting

I have recently been having ailments and feeling like I needed a change. I wanted to start a diet change but was concerned about my “limited” options. Now I have a literal menu to choose from. THANKS!!!

- Best meal prep app ever

Great flavorful recipes. Easy to navigate app and it has one of the best grocery lists I've seen yet included. You can add directly from the recipe and adjust the quantity. Easy to use premade meal prep plans or make your own. Honestly it's worth paying the cost to use.

- Convenient

I enjoy cooking and looking for new things to cook. Having the app has changed my thought process on food as well. I enjoy that the meals are healthy, but extremely good also! And Kevin is from my hometown! What’s not to love about the app?!

- Love this app but editing meal plans is confusing

If I have a meal plan but I don’t eat seafood, I can delete a meal but then it seems I have to manually scan recipes and try to replace it with something that has similar macros. I wish the app would offer you options that are similar for macros to swap in.

- I’d be lost without this app.

So many recipes. Such a great working app. Each recipe has easy to read instructions, a video, and a shopping list. They are all easy to read and finding a meal up will enjoy is super easy.

- Rarely leave reviews

Amazing app. Get it if you want easy recipes that are healthy and delicious. Love the videos that show you how to make them, and of course the “Boom!” (You’ll understand once you see a few videos)

- This app is awesome! And exactly what I’ve been looking for.

There isn’t another user friendly app out there that tops this one. Worth the purchase. I love that it helps you meal prep for the week with the easy to add recipes and shopping list.

- 100% Legit

This app is well designed and so user friendly. Easy, fast, healthy recipes with all the thinking taken out for you. One of the best apps I’ve ever purchased and the one I use the most when I need meal ideas.

- Game changer!

Amazing quick healthy recipes without missing out the good taste and flavors definitely a game changer when it comes to staying in track with your goals while eating delicious! Who knew eating healthy was this good and easy!


Thank you so much for creating a healthy and easy app to cook. My boyfriend and I use this app every week for our week meal prep. You have literally saved us from having to eat boring meals or eat out every night THANK YOU!!!

- My favorite cooking app

I’ve had this for a few years now and it’s always improving and adding. I’ve made so many things that taste amazing. Eating clean and healthy is great, but eating this way with flavors and creativity adds flare to fuel.

- A new User

Hi Love the app and are using it daily on my health journey. The recipes are great and will not discourage me with the same old same old! My goal is healthy just not weight loss. Thanks so much Kevin for your inspiration. Joy Ps bought your book and spice set too😀

- My Favorite App

I love the recipes in this app and they don’t take long to prepare. The meal prep info has been so helpful that I am now prepping a lot of meals. The photos and videos are very nicely done and the shopping list feature is great! Great job!

- Vegetarian/ Vegan Meal Plan

I like the app and i really like some of the recipes but when i try to start a meal plan, none of the options allow you to choose vegan or vegetarian only. This makes the meal plan part of the app useless for some of us. Otherwise I really enjoy it!

- This App is a Godsend

This is exactly what I need to help me with my diet. The shopping is the hardest part to me. Having all of the ingredients and instructions on top of giving us a shopping list makes it super easy for me to use and follow a plan.

- Bella

This is by far one of the best food apps. I love prepping my meals, and with this app he shows gives you per serving and shopping list. And best part is the videos!!!! And you can share recipes with friends. Love the healthy alternative!

- Love the recipes...just wish it could be account based

5 star are awesome and easy to follow along. My only request is to make this account based so I can sync my favorites between devices

- Add Recipes

I love the app so much. I got to this app by getting the Fit Men Cook book for Christmas. Now I’m trying to add recipes from the book to my meal prep and they aren’t on the app. I hope this is something that can be upgraded. Especially since I just went pro thinking it would be there. It would make this busy mom happy.

- Great App

Finally an app that shows you how to make a healthy meal. There are folks that may not have grown up eating healthy and then have to make a lifestyle change and Fit Men Cook just makes the transition doable. Thanks for all the great recipes.

- Complete Package

This app is an all inclusive fitness meal and dietary guide. Easy to use and a wealth of information and great recipes. Some of the recipes may be more of a challenge to novice chefs like myself. But there are plenty for even the most beginner to enjoy.

- Fit Men Cook

The best App! The recipes are yummy, healthy and hardy. The site is easy to follow, gives you the grocery list and nutritional info. The categories aren’t the usual breakfast, lunch& dinner but also Post Workout meals, high fiber meals etc. the ingredients overlap so it’s economic. Love it!!!

- Overall awesome !

Great app ! Easy to use, very user friendly. I absolutely love it. Gives me a lot more ideas to spice up my meal prep for the week. Highly recommended if you’re tired of the same old bland tasting chicken 💪🏼

- Great app!

Easy to follow! Some great meals here and they don’t break the budget. I’ve found new ways to use chicken, beef, and ground beef. My ONLY request is to have a Keto section. My fiancé is on that diet so I would like to make some more meals based on a keto diet.

- Incredible recipes and easy to use app

Love having the app at all times. Can pull up recipes while out at grocery store etc It’s easy to use and has great recipes

- Life and time saver!

Amazing app, easy to use and delicious recipes! I just used the new meal planner option and got the Pro edition. I have one tiny note I wish that the team behind this app to consider. I liked how there were meals added by default to my plan, but I am vegetarian and had to go through the list to edit it. I wish there was an option choose if you are vegan/vegetarian and the app will fill your menu with all the meals. Thank you so much!

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Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes 5.24 Screenshots & Images

Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images
Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images
Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images
Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images
Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images
Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images
Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iphone images

Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes (Version 5.24) Install & Download

The applications Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes was published in the category Food & Drink on 2015-05-12 and was developed by Nibble Apps Ltd [Developer ID: 900888256]. This application file size is 155.21 MB. Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-10-08 current version is 5.24 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nibbleapps.FitMenCook

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