Basketball Stars™

Basketball Stars™ [Games] App Description & Overview

The world’s best multiplayer Basketball game on mobile, from the creators of multiple smash-hit online sports games!

Dribble, shoot, score, WIN! Grab the ball and take on the world with BASKETBALL STARS.

Play fast-paced, authentic 1v1 multiplayer basketball! Show your skills, moves and fakes to juke out your opponent and shoot for the basket! On defense, stay in the face of the attacker, steal the ball, and time your leaps to block their shots! All in REAL-TIME!

Basketball on mobile has never looked this good: fully customisable 3D players and a variety of environments to play in!

Test your duelling instincts in 1v1 Attacker-Defender battles, or rush to shoot hoops in a time-based 1v1 Shooting Race.

Playing like an all-star? Enter higher-ranked matches with bigger stakes, and unlock special basketballs and unique wearables to grow your power and style.

Start out on the Underdog court and play your way up to the top. Gain access to more exclusive courts and compete with the best Basketball Stars players out there!

True 1-on-1 basketball gameplay
Realistic 3D graphics
2 different online multiplayer game modes
Easy to pick-up, challenging to master
400+ customisation items = thousands of unique looks!
40+ unlockable basketballs
Dribble, feint, shoot, steal, block and get powerful bonuses off the backboard
Free to play!

-- Download Basketball Stars by Miniclip NOW! --

Requirement: iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad 2 or newer
This game needs an internet connection to play

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• Get Ready for Season 1 of the Slam Pass! • Win matches to rank up and earn more and more rewards!

Basketball Stars™ Comments & Reviews

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- Fix

I’m already logged in to Facebook but when I’m in a middle of a game it logs me in Facebook i don’t get it cause I’m already log in.


EVERTIME IM ON A STREAK AND START PLAYING FOR BIG MONEY IT KICK ME MIIIIIIIIID GAAAME BRUH I JUST LOST 500 bands cause of y’all can y’all update it this some bs This my favorite game doe get on I’m washing anybody

- Their is to much hacker

All guesser player are hAcker. is not fair. Miniclip do something thing about it. And some of high level player are too they shot a shot and they put the backboard point without hitting it. Not fair.🤬🤬

- Bruh

Mem shoots the ball it goes past his head, and he blocks it, can we have some logic?

- This game is so awesome I am obsessed with it

We made this five stars

- Review

The game is awesome. I just wish it would stop trying to connect to Facebook as I play the game.

- Amazing Game

Guys this gams is amazing you can challenge people for money and you can earn over like 400 stuff get this game rn its so fun

- Yea

Great game except it constantly kicks you off cuz it loses connection even when on good wi fi

- Worse connection

The worse game that looses its connection and winning players have to loose. We will stop playing. The worse game ever.

- They hate when people are doing good

I was a level 6 just starting to get the hang of the game and I was winning my games I went back to the underdogs where I was playing to get money and they up me up against a vip level 15 and he blew me out the water My Second loss My opponent was higher than me 4 levels

- Horrible

I get that a glitch sometimes happen when you shoot it gets close to the rim, and then he/she blocks it.... yeah I get that but I was 9-2 I was winning and then it happens three times in a row and then he wins.... I’m so angry right now all I can do is meditate 😡

- Too many bugs

The game is excellent as far as gameplay and graphics,but I give it only 1 star because of the one serious bug issue!! You guys really need to fix the bug where some players can just shoot normal shots and get the backboard bonus points without shooting a bank shot. Why would you even make the game be able to do that? 🤦🏽‍♂️ That’s a complete ripoff of people who might pay money for upgrades. You almost have no chance of winning,even if you play a perfect game. That’s a horrible bug or feature of this game! Complete ripoff!

- Idk

I like the game but they really do be cheating!!!

- Fav


- Mad

I liked this game a LOT, and always played multiple times a day, but I’m unable to click on level 28 and cant figure out why. PLEASE help.



- Basketball Stars

Best Game on a mobile device

- Glitched

Fun game but it glitches a lot lately. It’s a five star game until u lose matches b/c of it.

- Needs better shooting machanics

This game is awesome but, it needs better shooting mechanics like a new shot meter. But overall great game!

- Constantly disconnects

Not a bad game, but there network seems to run into latency whenever a user hasn’t paid for the app. Coincidence? Would like this app more if it was better designed.

- Rewards for me but not for thee!

This game has a lot of technical issues, especially when it comes to connection problems. But one thing I want to highlight is that it won’t open videos for players to get rewards, BUT they will happily give you an “ad break” after every bloody match. Idk if this is just an issue for me, but it’s very irritating. Otherwise its an ok game

- Impressed 🥢

REALLY COOL GAME!!!! Wowowowowowo

- Too many hackers

There are far too many people who have hacked the game and take away from any sort of competitiveness once you get to the higher value games. It is a highly addictive game, too bad I will probably delete it.

- Not equal rights

The guys get so much more then girls. For example when I get a bag I will get a guys hair not a girls hair that is so unfair and I want more girl hair I ONLY CAN GET DIFFERNT COLORS WHILE GUYS CAN HAVE SO MANY DIFFERENT HAIR STYLES

- I had enough

I hate the game it has too many high level characters in this game and I’m just a kid god dang I hate this GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Scam

I betted 1mil then it kicked me off meaning the other guy got 2mill you scammers

- Connection

Keep losing games because of getting kick off for connecting problems and have full WiFi

- Fun game

Great graphics fun gamev

- Wow

Best game ever ! Awesome game love it keeps you busy

- Crashes

I love the game , I play it all the time then I pay 100k game it crashes I lose all my coins and I have to start from scratch again . Horrible if the game crashes it should be a draw get your coins back ! Horrible

- Constantly disconnecting

This is a Nice game but it constantly disconnects. Along with the disconnect you loose gifts, money snd the game. 🤬

- There needs to be changes

Worst game ever it is wasting my time 😡

- SO. BORING!!!!!

I thought the game will be cool instead it’s so boring😴😴😴 all you do is block and shoot and steal I’d rather play a game against the whole team and not just 2 vs 2 needs updating

- Pretty Fun

I really enjoy playing this in my spare time it’s got enough of a mix to be fun the only problem is that I haven’t lost a game yet I’m like 20-0 and on my at game I got kicked out because the game said that it had trouble connecting to Facebook so I really wish that the makers could fix my record back to 20-0

- Great game


- No update

I’ve been reading reviews for a while and waiting for someone to respond to my inquiry, but nothing. Every time I get ahead of someone that’s way ahead of me in rank, BOOM. Connection issues. There have been times that the timer has said time out, I can’t move and my opponent still gets to shoot. This game is built terribly so if you’re going to play it, expect to be screwed, mad, cheated and be patient.

- It is so trash

ItKeeps pausing when I shoot I had 13,000 money and because the game paused I lost 13,000

- Gets irritating when you can’t play a full match


- Trash

Game is addicting but its trash because i would shoot the ball and it would be right next to the basket but i get blocked and i don’t understand that because if i tried the same thing they would’ve made the game winning shot

- Good basketball game

It’s a good basketball and I like it🏀

- Block glitch

1 star cause Game made me rage so hard cause when they block it goes over their hands but still get blocked explain that game

- Basketball stars

Best game ever and it’s so fun I love the game

- Fun game

This game is a lot of fun. The biggest problem with it is that there are frequent glitches in the game where it connects and disconnects in the middle of games.

- Ehhh

It was almost a 5 star until i noticed the glitches. It will make me miss every single ball in a game even when shooting perfect shots, i still miss the ball then it’ll say “connecting to Facebook “ rather I’m on WiFi or off. Then playing the attack defense game it glitches real bad. I will shoot then it’ll show it hitting the goal but it’ll end up being blocked. The game need too be fixed.

- Dis game good

I really enjoy this game. Mainly the shooting race mode is the best but I like how the career mode requires you to earn each point

- Help

I was playing game. I had 250000 dollars and was playing a game for 200000 and was leading 83 to 70 when internet connection problems showed up and deleted entire game and reduced my overall money by 200000. Can u fix this

- Still having issues

I loved playing this game but started having issues when I linked my Facebook account. I could be winning in a match and then a sign in the corner of the screen will say “connecting”. My internet connection is great but the server since connecting to Facebook has been an issue. I have lost matches due to this. Also finding it difficult to reach out to the creators of this game to Communicate what the issue is

- Friends

Make it easier to play friends

- This game is dumb

You should turn this game off because it’s retarded and it should you out of your money and it takes it challenges you with other people who are way better than you yeah

- Review

You allow people to hack the game and cheat which makes the game almost unplayable

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- Good

The game is amazing and I play it all the time but I would love some 2v2 online but still a five star from me

- Very Very fun Basketball Game!!!

This game I so fun and you get to get money and you can race people to see how much you shoot then you get money. Also you can play a 1 v 1 and if you win you still get money plus you can chat if you play basketball it will be a awesome game if you want a to try out basketball this is the game to got to!!!

- Players who lag

After all this time the developers have not found a way to prevent major laggers from ruining this game. Shoot an open shot and 10 seconds later they jump and the ball is blocked like how is that even possible?

- Glitchy

It’s a fun game but there are far too many glitches that discourage you from playing for higher amounts

- What is cash used for?

I’m piling up on cash in the game and I don’t know where to spend it. Can someone help me out?

- Basketball Stars

Game is full of glitches

- Ps

It Always Disconnects

- I had this game a long time ago and it got deleted

I love this game. Good job with your game isn’t it the best . Be happy with this game 😎🙊🐵🦄🦄🤩

- Good game.

The only problem I have with this game is that it has connectivity issues. I can pay $6000 to get into a game and it will sit there for a long time before it kicks me out and I lose my money. I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars with the game doing this. Then I will pay gold bars to refill the meter on the career game option and it won’t refill it. Then I lose the gold bars. That’s happened to me multiple times.

- I hate this game.

I am at a elite level in this game and I just lost 500,000$ from this game lagging me out of the game and I have fast expensive working WiFi this is a disgrace of a game I hate it and it needs to be removed or updated

- Unfair

It was a great game but when I reached level 5 they started to pair me with people level 12 and up in career mode. I’m also a very competitive person and I don’t like to lose I will be deleting this game. In an update you should let us pick our own opponents. Another thing I didn’t like was that you had the men in almost every skin tone and only two options for the women, a brown skin and caucasian woman I do think that should also be changed.

- Your game is asome

Thanks Sex

- Block grilh

This game is so ass

- The game is not that good but not that bad

Ok this game is pretty fun but the thing that I don’t like is that when you shoot and it’s already half way to the rim and it get delayed and the other player blocks it and when I’m like two steps away they steel it and it gets annoying

- Horrible

Game lags and continues to boot you out!!! I can be on my WiFi or just my phone and it keeps doing it!!!

- Thumbs up

Great game

- Hack and internet connection

First off, it’s a good game. The issue is the points are very VERY unfair though. My opponent who was 7 more levels than I was, got the “special ball” 6 times in a row and I got none. I played a game and I was almost about to win and it was 1mil and it took me out! This game has some hacking issues and internet issues. I think if it’s an internet issue, it should be a draw and the players earn their cash back.

- iss a gud game

iss a gud game

- Fix this.

It’s a good game to play when you’re bored. But recently I can be in the middle of the game & then it’ll just lag me out, and takes the money that I put into the game. Ridiculous.

- Won’t open

I remember loving this game a few years ago. I redownload the game and it will not stay open. I’m not sure why as all my other games work just fine. I’d appreciate a response from the developers I don’t understand this.

- To glitchy

This game glitches mid game making you lose the money you earned Cause it wouldn’t stay connected. Needs to be fixed for sure

- Bugs and resetting

Guys DeRandy is my player name. I love the game but it’s like I spend real money and can’t win a game until my cash is gone. I’ve hade the game shut off in the middle of many games I was sure to win but when the game resets my game is lost and cash is gone. I don’t mind spending the money but Fix the bugs and keep it fair. Thank you.

- Love it don’t know why but I do

Love it sisters lol I’m a guy

- Good game

Pretty good game but when I get the perfect shot meter it misses

- Connectivity issues

CONSTANT connectivity issues happen with this game. You can be in the middle of a game that you are way ahead in and lose connection and subsequently the game and associated fee to play. It's unacceptable. There's no consistency in how you do either, you can shoot baskets the same way 10 times, 5 times it'll be perfect, other times, it won't even go in. Horrible game, don't bother.

- Cool game

Cool game

- Very fun

Very fun

- You Developers NEED to Fix This Game!

The game itself is actually fun. But every single time I play a round of shooting/offense-defense, I lose connection and it kicks me out. Then since I left, I technically lose. That makes my winning average go down. This is really frustrating especially since I win every game I play (I’ve been playing for a while). But now I can’t win every game :/ I know for a fact that I also have perfect, because I’ve never had any other issue with the internet or other online games. Lastly, almost nobody who plays this game even HAS Facebook. I want to be able to have a profile picture and name, but I can’t. Since I don’t have Facebook. Even if I wanted to have it, I can’t. I’m not allowed. So can you do a “sign in through Google” or “sign in through Apple”? Because seriously. I don’t know a single person my age that uses Facebook -_-

- Stupid bugs

I played a game for 1 mil and the lag of the game was so bad my opponent scored on my turn in attacker defender mode when I had 0 ping

- Hi there I rev

I can do not do call call if we can

- Glitchy

When I would shoot it would be almost in then my opponent would swipe over and block it...

- The game is badly made

I hit multiple greens and they air ball I was at seven and going to ten and the other dude was at 2 then I hit five greens in a row and they either brick or air ball.the graphics are bad and I would play nba mobile home instead

- Hacks, hacks and more hack

I was liked this game, but now I hate it! Everybody have a hack in this game... 🤬 Check this IDs: 070501a2-ae1a-4ba1-a4ec-f010397c9d99 Guest_116203301... I have a video against this user

- Game Crashing A Lot

The game crashes WAY too often. Even when I’m connected to WiFi it still crashes. I understand when I’m on LTE and it crashes but crashing when I’m playing at home makes no sense and I keep losing cash from it because the game doesn’t even try to reconnect back to the game I was just in

- Too many bugs...

Lose more money from CONNECTING TO FACEBOOK than actually playing the game🤦🏾‍♂️. Should be easy fix. Ruins the playing experience

- Great

Greatest game

- Trash

I regret spending the lil money i had on this y’all steady tb “connecting to facebook” when i have no internet issues. the only app that does this

- Connecting?!?

I like the game but there are a few glitches. The most frustrating is how you can be playing and then all of a sudden “connecting”!! I have a fiber internet connection and no one else in online but it still losing connection?! Sounds like their server can’t keep up or something. And when your connection drops you lose your entry fee because you “left the match”. Really frustrating when you have shot left to win and it happens. Also, you pump fake a shot and when the ball is about to drop in the hoop “BLOCKED”! when there is NO WAY other player came close to blocking it. Not to mention when you start getting further in career mode the entry fee goes higher and higher and then you start getting paired with opponents that are 2 and 3 times your level (I’m at level 18 and I’m getting paired with players that are level 47 and higher?! Really?). So it cost me $100K for an entry fee and I’m playing against a level 63 player. Nice.

- Bad report

This game was good but I won because it go’s to 11 points and I dident win but win it wint to 11 on the computer it was game I hate hate hate this game I will never Donald this agin

- Such a great game keep up the work

Thank you

- I like it so much

So it is fun

- Cool

Fun game.

- This game so good I play it everyday! I love this game please have a update I’ll be so happy

Love this ga,Mesopotamia much

- Useless

As you’re winning game freezes and brings you to lobby. Then you lost. Pathetic.

- **Freezes When You Are Winning Takes Money Still

Fun game to play but they cheat really bad they freeze up when you are winning still deduct the money from your winnings for a game that THEY froze and says that it’s connecting really is annoying and need to be fixed other than that it’s fun but the freezes and glitching happens frequently.


Took ALL my coins! I was midgame and it said “ connecting “ then kicked me! I paid for coins! I’d like a refund or my coins back!!

- Servers are horrible

During my time of playing this game, it would say I would have connection issues and then disconnect me from the game which caused me to lose money and I checked my WiFi and it was working just fine

- Lol

It's and okay game to play need some more improvements but it's fun

- I love this gam especially because COVID 19

5 star rating

- I love this game

The game is good boy it needs you know

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- So bad game

Iiiiii hate this game

- Trash


- Best game ever

Really i have nothing bad to say about it all i wanted to say is that it is probably one of my most favorite game right now so keep the good work up

- Don’t expect to do well

If you’re winning a match, 8 times out of 10 the connection will drop and you’ll lose it. Even if you’re connection is fine.

- Emerick is a terrible player

Emerick is terrible at this game man

- Great game

Best game ever

- Glitchy

Always seems to freeze or loose connection when you’re on to a winner! Scam

- This Game owes me money

I was in three matches for 50K and I was winning all of them but I lagged and my Internet was fine and I lost all of money even though I should won also can’t score threes but I used to be able to

- Good but comes with issues

I really do enjoy this game especially as I love basketball. My biggest issue is that it is constantly logging me out of games. I connected my Facebook account to it and when I’m half way through a game I get logged out and it’s trying to reconnect. It’s annoying. If you want to enjoy this game I wouldn’t connect any accounts to it.

- Don’t connect with FB

Great game but always have problems with game re-connecting with FB and ruining your game, leading to a loss of game and funds. Really frustrating. Checked with other people and it isn’t just me

- Good game bad connection

This is game is a good game however every time I’m in a game and it looks like I may win. Suddenly it disconnects from Facebook and when it finally reconnects I have lost the money from the game. Very disappointed

- The best game ever

The best game ever

- Good but has glitches

Sometimes it disconnects me from game for no reason and I don’t get my cash back and either the game I was playing . At least give us back the cash

- Fun but Glitchy as hell

Such a fun and addictive game but it’s glitchy and always looses connection. As you have to spend your in game money to play this is frustrating, 150k in game cash lost in crashed games this week, being as you can but in game cash this is suspiciously annoying

- Could be better


- Fun games but all time fair

I like this game a lot, but sometimes it’s not fair to the opponent matches, if I’m level 15 my match it will be more after level 50, and the lucky ball sometimes I have less then my opponent. Most of the time I have problems with my internet connection, on Wi-Fi and mobile data, I start the game and after it shows Connecting, my games it is lost and it’s annoying.

- ⚡️

Not bad

- Disconnection

It keeps disconnecting from the games, too many ads, spending more time on watching videos than actually play. Not recommended

- Basketball stars

Very fun game

- Crashing and loose your coins

Game crashes a lot mid play and you lose your coins. I don’t know how you can play attacker/defender and the opponent doesn’t score a basket but points keep going up. This game is fixed hoping that you’ll spend money on getting coins

- Epic

people who ❤️ Haskell download🤟🤟

- Way too many cheats

Good game but horribly infested with players that have modded the game and cheat in a variety of ways such as removing the bonus backboard or disconnecting you. In essence a complete waste of your time!

- Constantly Crashes

Constantly crashes all the time. Play it occasionally when I’m bored. Would never waste my money on this game since it’s so unreliable.

- Not happy

When the game is over the over person get to shoot and you’ve one and then after 3 seconds the other person gets to shoot like how unfair Is that I’m really disappointed and also when it says you’ve got in the shoot it doesn’t go through you really need to upgrade I’m not happ

- Good game but problem with connection

Game is really nice. But sometimes is problems with connection so take out you from game to “menu” . Of course the “money” is takes. Is not problem with internet connection but is some bug in game.. please fix it. Thx

- Keeps disconnecting

The game disconnects during contests which makes you lose your gold and money you paid to enter each game. After reconnecting the gold or money is lost and you have to pay for another duel again. No point to enter high stake games as you may lose your stake. Also, get used to losing even if you scored more than your opponent. :)

- Game is so laggy.

Do not rate this game at all. Poor servers mean you loose your money and get kicked out of games.

- Pairing is ridiculous

Great game but the pairing up of players is ridiculous. How can it be a fair pairing when you are level 23 and you get paired with a level 91. Every time this happens you might as well leave the game and give up your coins because you have no chance of winning. And a very slim chance of even getting a basket, the opponent is much faster than you. Apart from this the game is great but this pairing aspect is bull5hit

- Glitchy

This game glitches way too much. It is also extremely frustrating when you are hitting perfect shots and don’t get the points you should or it doesn’t even go in the net sometimes! Sort your below average game out. The star rating on this seriously lies.

- Good game


- Resolve crashing issue

Game frequently crashes whilst in the middle of a match, usually when I’m winning. Very frustrating! Sort this out and it would be 5 stars.

- Yes

I really love the game

- Connection problem

Not a bad game but getting sick and tired of it trying to connect to fb when you middle game so you have to lose as it take a while to reconnect and timing on opening stuff up is too long sort them out it would be a decent fun game

- I miss my talk


- Best Basketball Game!

Love this game! Hours of fun! 🏀👍

- From me

This game is absolutely fantastic

- Bit of a shambles

This game continuously crashed mid game, mostly after you’ve spent gold bars to enter tournaments. Won’t be playing this anymore unless these issues are rectified.

- Connection

Generally the game is pretty good, however it’s very annoying when you are playing a game and majority of the time it’s when you are winning, all of a sudden there is a connection issue. Then you lose the game when it’s not your fault.

- It is good

It’s a 5 star game I don’t play basketball but it’s so good 👌

- A buggy piece of trash

This game seems to be getting worse with time. Constantly losing connection both of WiFi and 4G which results in losing money, and funnily enough it happens most when I’m on the matches where I have to stake £500,000 : is this a coincidence? Also matching me with players 30+ points above me hardly seems fair. The app developers don’t even respond to support requests. Getting close to uninstalling this piece of garbage

- A good game

But to many glitches and a waste of money so unfortunately I’ve had to delete it. Theirs been times that I’ve clicked onto a shooting match and I’ve started the game but it always says connecting and then clicks of it game then you do it again and again and again it takes your money (game money)

- Best app

I’m really enjoy it & wanna see if you can make real money

- So good game

Hi please get this game is so goooooooooood

- Annoying disconnections!

I love this game BUT every time I play for big money it says there is connection problems and I automatically lose the game and the money even if I’m miles ahead!! I have no issues with connection at any other stage, just when I play for the big amounts. Really annoying as you then have to start from scratch again!

- No words

Literally no words just one though amazing

- Ausome game!

GREAT GAME!! Really easy to learn how to play!

- 😡😡😡

The amount of times on this game you lose connection when there is actually no wi-fi connection problems what so ever is ridiculous. So each time this happens you lose the amount playing for even when your winning. Boils my piss. Complete con.

- Horrible game

As soon as I am winning, the game wants to be "connecting" during the middle of my game when my WIFI is perfectly fine then I lose a large amount of money,, waste of time if you ask me

- Ripped off

Would give 5 stars but thought was free but taken quarter million off me not happy.

- Best friend 👍

Cool 😎

- Glitches

Need to fix the game there are a lot of glitches. For Example when playing with someone and u scored a point. The Point is not awarded accurately l.

- This is my favorite game

i really enjoy it it’s the best 👍👌

- Go

Nice one.

- Cool

Cool game. Not yet 5-star because I’m yet to play a full match and for now it’s just one-on-ones. Besides, occasionally there are opponents who when you play against them no matter who scores it is recorded for them. When you shoot they also shoot at the same time and you don’t get the score but they always do. This is a glitch that needs fixing.

- Awesome

Can the cash be of more use It's almost useless

- Gooooooof

I’m enjoying it 😍

- The value should be affordable

I think the more of payment and amount is high considering the network malfunction.

- Good game

I love this game but when I am in a tie with someone if I win it changes my shooting record to a low number. This is a glitch and it needs to be fixed

- Perfect!

This game is absolutely perfect. Even for non basketball fans ❤️

- Great game

Very cool game with great playing experience. I love it

- Love it!

So much fun and passion. The game is quite the best for me. Really love it.

- The game is the worst I feel like sueing the owners of such a terrible game

Don’t get it a waste of space

- Great game

Great game but please work on the game hanging because of network.

- Nice

Great game

- Awesome


- BBstar

Nice game

- Great game!

So much fun!

- Vp


- Best basket ball app

Great app!

- Yeah!!!!



Great game needs to work on well in the aspect of network issues

- Great Game

Love it...

- Cool

On point and casual.

- Fun-filled and great

I love this game, downloaded it today and can't just get enough. Great multi-player, good graphics and everything..#muahh

- Great

I love this game

- Uncle Zeus

Beautiful gameeee!!! So competitive

- Basketball

Awesome getting adicted

- King kenas raymond

Nigeria vs Biafra

- Very good game

This game is really fun coz of the gambling involved

- Nice

Nice app..but lags in player response..lovely n fun app..

- Great but......

Game crashes all the time. Very very difficult to find players at higher stakes. Why does my gold gets taken and I receive same item I already own, not fair at all. If all these can be fixed. Then definitely five stars. And best game ever.

- Star


- Network issues

I like the game a lot. But I have issues with the game hanging during play due to network and you loose unapologetically as though it was your fault when the fault is from the game itself. It affects you and even the person you play with in some cases and you feel cheated or unfairly win in some case.

- Decent 👌🏾

Good game but multiplayer games don't connect well

- Basketball star

It's a unique and a nice game that make people know more about basketball is really fun though

- Awwwwwwwsome

I love every bit of all who partake in producing this game God bless

- Nice game

Really entertaining

- I love it

Cool game

- Cool app

Nice app! I won 95% of my online games. 💪🏽👌🏽👍🏼

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Basketball Stars™ 1.28.0 Screenshots & Images

Basketball Stars™ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Basketball Stars™ iphone images
Basketball Stars™ iphone images
Basketball Stars™ iphone images
Basketball Stars™ iphone images
Basketball Stars™ iphone images
Basketball Stars™ ipad images
Basketball Stars™ ipad images
Basketball Stars™ ipad images
Basketball Stars™ ipad images
Basketball Stars™ ipad images
Basketball Stars™ Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Basketball Stars™ Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Basketball Stars™ (Version 1.28.0) Install & Download

The applications Basketball Stars™ was published in the category Games on 2016-03-16 and was developed by [Developer ID: 337457683]. This application file size is 190.93 MB. Basketball Stars™ - Games posted on 2020-07-30 current version is 1.28.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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