Rever Motorcycle GPS: Discover, Track and Share.

Ride with REVER and join the largest motorcycling community of its kind. Discover the best places to ride, create custom routes and record rides to share with your friends. If you ride a motorcycle, REVER is the social-navigation app you’ve been looking for.

- Find your next great ride with recommendations from route experts around the world.
- Search off-road trails and riding areas.
- Explore MX and roadrace tracks across the globe.

- Create custom routes at or upload your favorite GPX files.
- Any ride you create automatically syncs with your REVER app for easy navigation.
- Share your ride plans or GPX files through email or directly to your REVER friends in the app.

- Track and record your motorcycle rides using the GPS in your phone, even offline, anywhere in the world.
- Get key stats: time, distance, average speed, elevation profiles, cap headings, and lat/long.
- Follow routes you’ve created or that have been shared with you from other REVER users.
- Find and share routes with other riders.
- Save photos with rides to tell better stories.
- Add bikes to your garage to keep track of the distances you’ve ridden on each one.

- Get motivated by joining a mileage- or Point-of-Interest- (POI) based Challenge. Get credit for visiting incredible places around the world and see how you stack up against a global community of riders.

- Find a new crew to ride with based on where you live or the type of bike you ride.
- Share ride plans and routes to make sure everybody knows where the group is going.
- Get recommendations from local clubs, shops, and event organizers.
- Create your own community to stay organized with where you ride and who you ride with.

REVER PREMIUM: Premium features are available for $5.99/month or $59.00/year.

- Never miss a good road again. Get exclusive access to hand-curated recommendations from Butler Motorcycle Maps.

-You’ve made your friends, stop losing them. See their locations on a map in real time.

-You’ve got people that care. Keep them in the loop with automated text alerts that show your location along with a custom message when you start and finish a ride.

OFFLINE MAPS (No WIFI or Cell Required)
-You don’t need an expensive GPS or data plan to know where you are. Get unlimited Offline Maps for the entire world.

Don’t waste time with complicated software. Unlock advanced ride-planning tools at Follow your rides in the app or download GPX files for use in your own GPS device.



- Motorcycles are our passion and we love hearing from fellow riders. Give us high fives or suggest how to do something better by emailing us at [email protected]

Rever Motorcycle GPS: Discover, Track and Share. App Description & Overview

The applications Rever Motorcycle GPS: Discover, Track and Share. was published in the category Navigation on 2015-05-13 and was developed by Rever, LLC. The file size is 130.77 MB. The current version is 3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

What’s New?
More like what isn’t new? We’ve buried our heads in the dark cave we call The REVER HQ and made every corner of the REVER experience better, and not just with Bold New Graphics.
Completely refreshed UX and design.
New, easier ways to connect with friends and invite them into REVER.
Updated Ride Feed with photos taking priority.
Ride Discovery: Find incredible roads, racetracks, and trails around the world.
Community features have been upgraded.
Customizable tracking screen.
New and cleaner map orientations while navigating.

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Rever Motorcycle GPS: Discover, Track and Share. Reviews


Upgrade? Downgrade!  sbridges  3 star

Update: Good DEV response to my review so bumped them up to 3 stars. I'll keep the app and look for their next iteration. Cheers. The recent upgrade took a clean user interface and chunked it up into a confusing layout with poor organization. They need to hire a user experience professional and a content strategist. Here's what I mean...upon opening my features some ride by someone else in some geographic area so far away it's completely irrelevant. I care about my rides. Only after selecting the drop down on the "feed" was I able to just view Me. Next...any time you upload a photo for a becomes the main backdrop for your posted ride; instead of the cool GPS, topographical map. I had a great map of a 112 mile circular loop through Angeles Crest Hwy and Hansen Dam. Jay Leno was there and I took a photo of him. Rever is NOT a photo sharing or photo upload site so it doesn't crop, position, or optimize the photo for their frame. Now instead of the cool GPS image...I have Jay's gut and crotch as the photo! Give me the option to use it, reposition it or not! Now I have to delete the photo just to get the cool GPS back! This app is about riding and tracking your ride details. It is not about social media photo sharing. Next...the banner headline in your ride feed is positioned in the wrong way! If I'm scrolling up with my finger (to scroll down my posted rides) the banner should be positioned above the ride image and not below it. It's confusing since the info feeds blends everything together and doesn't give you a clear delineation between rides. Lastly...Rever buried the easy navigation to My Garage and pushed the Challenges and other content up. Why why why did they remove Max Speed from the ride stats? F'ing lame. The black interface was cool and it made the ride stats bar cool. Who the hell cares about average speed without showing Max Speed? I was going to pay the $60 upgrade Pro version or whatever but Rever has lost me. I think I've moved on to a competing app. It was fun while it lasted.


Great planning app!  NGloyd  5 star

Great app for planning rides. Not so good at turn by turn mapping though. Hopefully they'll address that in future versions.

Odoil Rules

Good for Butler Maps  Odoil Rules  5 star

Great app


Great effort to upgrade  Asdkfkt  4 star

Looks like it fixed a lot of the bugs but now it freezes more. 3.1 will help that.


Was good.  micah490  2 star

Brilliant, simple, easy to use app. Worked perfectly- until my phone automatically updated it. Now it's complicated, more difficult to use, not intuitive, etc. It seems that many app developers don't know when to stop; it's really a shame. On to find another...

The lazy Frito

Great app  The lazy Frito  5 star

Definitely worth it, love the features and interface!


Great group ride tool  FATJONATX  5 star

Use it all the time to track the group when I'm leading rides. Super helpful in pacing and knowing if someone had to drop out for any reason.


The best  Wrbradshaw  5 star

Great update!


Buggy  bitflipper22  2 star

Would have given 4 stars prior to recent upgrade. Since upgrade, the application is unstable.


Awesome app  mototard  5 star

Works great, love the plan a ride feature.


Love it  airzero  5 star

They even sent me a high end phone holder, I really like it.

Standard rider

Premium member with standard benefits  Standard rider  1 star

Still waiting for customer service. Once they fix my problem than I'll change the stars.

Gary 51

Rever App  Gary 51  5 star

Great app, had some questions and quick response back, used it today and works great, would strongly recommend


Awesome  PALEFACE513  5 star

I love this app lets me track even if no cell signal. I've used it coast to coast.


This is a great ride tracker!  Manicorn  5 star

It even works when there's no cell service. I love to document and share ride stats with my riding buddies after an epic ride. Low battery drain, excellent stats and gives a great picture of where you've been.


Great app  Lachieski  5 star

Love this app for tracking my rides! Must have app for moto riders.


Rides on motorcycle  Remy2015  5 star

Work great I like it so I don't have to keep track of my miles. Super for planning a vacation ride and stops.


Best motorcycle app!  AmenRa  5 star

It tracks your rides and donates to charity for your miles! They are doing a great thing! And it gives you bragging rights!

Road Warrior aka R-Dub

Rider  Road Warrior aka R-Dub  5 star

I don't ride without tracking on Rever. Love looking back at all the rides. Using them as references for other riders. Tracking miles, average speed, total time. Love the challenges as well. Fun fun fun


Awesome mapping app!!!  Lbnavigator  5 star

Awesome mapping software! I have used Streets and Trips for years and as some know it is no longer supported and not online. I would make our routes then print to PDF and send out to the group for comments and such. Now with REVER and included Butler routes this has just became so easy! The route panning is very easy and quick. Having the butler routes online makes it even easier as I use the paper versions all the time. The cool part is you can share these routes with your riding buddies who can now see easily and download themselves. I ride with a group from overseas and REVER has made collaboration seamless! Excited to see what new features will come as they grow this application!!

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