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We want to connect you with the people and places you care about. This app has everything you need to help plan your trip today. Right on launch, it displays all nearby route options and departure times giving you instant access to the information you need most. With a couple more taps, you can track your bus on the map, plan trips, view schedules and more.

- Know when your bus or CTrain is arriving with real-time predictions.*
- Plan A-to-B trips with ease.
- See exactly where your transit vehicle is on the map in real-time.*
- View schedules and route itineraries. Even offline.
- Star your favorite routes, bumping them to the top of the list
- Browse real-time service advisories, and subscribe to push notifications for disruptions that may affect your commute.
- Schedule alarms and get reminders before your bus or train arrives.
- Enable stop announcements and get notified when you're approaching your stop.

Twitter: @calgarytransit
Phone: 403-262-1000

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
**Powered by Transit, Canada’s leading urban transport app.**

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Calgary Transit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve made some updates on the accessibility front: 1. We’ve added a “colour-clarifying” option in the settings: tap “show line colour names” to get text annotations, telling you whether your CTrain is Red or Blue. 2. Need to know if a trip will accommodate your wheelchair, stroller, etc.? Turn “accessibility” on in the settings, to see accessible options whenever you use the Trip Planner! (Tap any line to check if particular stops — or particular vehicles — are accessible.) In other Trip Planner news, we’ve done some housekeeping: - Tap on any trip, and you’ll see the *2 closest vehicles* approaching (instead of all an all-fifty-vehicle-fiesta) right there on the map - If a good old-fashioned “walk” is the fastest way to get to your destination, we’ll put it at the top of your Trip Planner results. (Don’t want to two-step all the way to your destination? Select “minimize walking” in the settings.) - Walking directions are now available for super-short trips. What else. Ah yes… we’ve updated how we sort transit lines on the Home Screen, whenever you open the app. Instead of sorting transit lines “as-the-crow-flies”, we now sort them by walking distance instead. Whatever transit line has the closest stop to you (via walking, not flying) will now appear at the tippity top of the Home Screen. Other minor bug fixes and imperceptible app improvements. PS: you are positively *glowing* today! Rate us five stars, to share that shine ;)

Calgary Transit Comments & Reviews

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- Oh

Works great until it crashes. Yesterday it worked fine, today it crashes when I try to plan a route or do anything really. Please fix this!!!

- Not at all what I expected

This app is not user friendly at all. As a New citizen of Calgary Would expect list of bus schedules, etc. Not just real time info! Plus can never get back to main screen (assuming there is one) CT, you could do much better!

- Does not show train delays

Consistently shows service as normal during ongoing delays announced at the platform and on Twitter. This completely erodes confidence that a train or bus will arrive when the app says.

- App shuts down prematurely

App shuts down prematurely when I select get direction. Started shortly after I upgraded last week

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- Bus Tracking

Good features such as Go and bus tracking, but the latter is often unreliable.

- Awesome!m

This is a great app! I don’t know what people want from a app, all the negative stuff is just a bunch of ———-!

- Late & rude staff

I think we don’t need this app because all the buses and trains are always late or they come earlier than time you gave it ??

- Absolutely flawed to the core app

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve missed a bus due to the times displayed from this app. It’s a trash app for a trash transit system, pretty expected from Calgary Transit.

- Inaccurate

Bus times are absolutely horrible. 90% of the time they’re late by several minutes or early, causing you to miss your bus

- Cannot function properly

I haven’t been able to use this app since summer 2019. Whenever I search for a destination, the app automatically closes and takes me back to my phone’s home screen. I tried reopening the app, reinstalling the app, updating to the new iOS, NOTHING works. This used to be the most useful app for commuters, like myself. It’s so much easier than using the online website version. I really wish the developers can look into the problem and fix the bug.

- Buggy

Absolute are almost better off randomly showing up at bus stops and hoping for the best...whatever people are updating this piece of garbage should be fired and never ever allowed to work on another app ever again...what a joke

- Inaccurate navigation

The app wanted me go get off 7 stops before my destination and wait 25 minutes for a different but on the same route.

- If I could rate it a zero I would

No matter what I do, I can’t get the app to show real time location until it’s well past my teenager’s bus stop. Also no updates on when the bus is broken down or stuck - my teen waited for 35 minutes for the bus this morning before finally giving up and going home.

- The Good the Bad and The Ugly

Well ive had some Bad Bus drivers on the YYC Transit but today there will be no talk of those pr the ugly ones! Cause it only takes one good kind soul to make all the Bad and Ugly disappear! Remember that people. Be kind to others even if your having a bad day and in a terrible mood just push through and be kind and you’ll be surprised at how your day turns around;)

- Fix your app

Please fix this app. It does not work as it is supposed to. The bus tracking is inaccurate and false, the bus times are often false, causing me to miss my bus several times, and the route planning feature often plans much longer and more unnecessary routes than are usually needed. Several of these issues are to do with Calgary Transit itself, due to annoying schedules, consistent lateness, and no attempt whatsoever to coordinate bus times with the c-train schedule, but nevertheless this app needs a lot of work and has caused a good bit of trouble on my (and others I know) commute

- Best Calgary Transit app

used my whole high-school experience and go is a life saver

- Sarcastabad

Bus and train schedules are not actually real, you can check google/apple maps for accurate schedules and will notice that the Calgary Transit app is always wrong, sometimes by up to 30-45 minutes. This app was developed by someone who either has a very basic and limited understanding of app development, or has inadequate access to actual transit schedules. The bus tracker will literally show 3 busses on a looping route for an entire day when theres actually only 1 bus. It seems like routes are pre programmed, busses are just simulated instead of being tracked, and none of it is ever maintained or updated. You're far more likely to reach your destination by hitchhiking. 1/5 is far too gracious of a rating and Id rather pay for winrar than download this app for free.

- Not accurate

Times for bus departure are not accurate. I either miss my bus or the bus simply does not come. I show up 10 minutes before bus time on app each time. Both are frustrating and make it extremely hard when you are transferring buses. If there is any improvement that can be made to making sure drivers show up on time that would be great. Thank you!

- older version is much better

hoping it shows the bus number and bus stop or or a search tool for bud number..for someone like me who rely on the app. older version is much better coz it shows nearby bus stop and number, its more user friendly and it has more features compared to this version which is confusing.

- Completely unreliable

It’s good for getting a vague idea of the timing of your bus or train, but quite often i check, wait until the alleged time and it has changed to 10 minutes later. With gps, our taxes paying for and the fare being raised every single year, this should be really easy to figure out.

- Useless

Why have an app when the buses shown just don’t show up when they see they’re going to. #9 thanks for not showing up to the stop. FOR 10 MINUTES

- Completely unreliable

So unreliable - why even have an app when you can get more accuracy from plain old guesswork. I don’t think it’s updated when scheduling changes.

- App Schedule not linked to bus or train Schedules

Most of the time, it shows the wrong time, for example when you check for a bus it says 10 minutes away, and after 2 minutes you check again to make sure that you are on time, and it says 0 minutes, for the same route. The app schedule and the bus stop number schedule are totally different, I have missed the bus a number of times because of that, or sometimes the bus comes way after the scheduled time when the app shows that the bus is 20 minutes away, then the bus shows up, at the stop. Please Calgary transit link your schedules to show the correct time.

- Recurring reminders needed!!

I’m a new user and it seems to work fine, but would be great to be able to set up recurring reminders to depart based on bus tracking for weekdays. Setting up reminders to leave one day at a time is silly, but recurring, live reminders to leave 5 minutes before a bus that’s running early or late would be invaluable. Set it and forget it!

- Awesome!

This app makes using public transit a breeze!

- Often not correct times

This app is not very helpful. More then 50% of the time it’s wrong on bus time’s and when I plan my trip it often takes me the wrong direction. I will be deleting it and using the website in hopes that it’s more accurate


CalgayTransit 79 and 80 bus service wonderful. And as I am a senior I appreciate all the drivers and their kindness. Especially Dean Hasurik as he has a nature group called CALGARY Nature Lovers with over 13,000 members.

- Unreliable arrival times.

GPS from buses only seems to work half the time which makes for unreliable arrival times.

- Bus tracking not reliable

Don’t at all depend on bus tracking for timing your routes, the scheduling does not update for the morning commute or accurately show the location of the buses... google maps does a much better job of informing your decisions and route planning.

- This app needs updating

The app works fine, but it should know when I’m on the train and be able to estimate my arrival time at any station. Please provide this feature. At the very least, I should be able to tell the app that I’m on the train or bus. I’m tired of having to do math to figure out transit times!

- Out to lunch

The bus tracker on this app is really out to lunch at time saying a hour or more when coming in less then 10min

- Garbage

Between the app being highly unreliable and bus drivers basically coming and going as they please this app is useless and a waste of space on your phone.

- Inaccurate schedule

Almost always missing buses from the schedule. I have to check the website in order to get decent information on bus times

- Transit arrival times

Google maps seems to be more accurate in terms of bus arrival times. The bus I take (104) usually arrives a few minutes later than what this app stipulates.

- Useless

Poor layout, takes all screen space to show routes not interested in Limited features, no access to schedule information for a route Simply unreliable, the real-time tracking is apparently time based and not really real-time.

- App

We use this app to tract the charter buses for high school. It doesn’t work well for us at all. It will show what time the bus is to arrive and then once that time passes it moves to tomorrow. There is no indication of a second bus, which there is every day and it is usually 5-10 minutes behind the first however the app doesn’t mention it so one never knows if you have missed it, if the second bus is coming at all. Very poor and unreliable. Provides a very loose guideline of when the bus may arrive only. The rest remains guesswork. In today day of gps tracking this could be soo much more accurate and helpful.

- Completely unreliable

This app is completely unreliable not only does it have the wrong time but the developers didn’t even put out a notice when it stopped functioning. Which is completely irresponsible.

- Not great

I had high hopes for this app. Was truly let down. All comments say the same thing and it’s true. Always wrong. A bus that arrives in 2 minutes suddenly won’t arrive for 18 minutes. How is that even possible. A friend in another major city can GPS track her bus. Why is Calgary always in the dark on new tech.

- Terrible

Times are always wrong and there’s a glitch where it says that it comes in two minutes and when two minutes goes by, it’s in the other side of the road just starting to start its loop to get around and back! It isn’t very user friendly too. Needs improvement.

- UI and Destination Routing needs work

Impossible to identify what bus route is displayed on the map requiring to randomly select the routes listed until you find the right one. No ability to recenter the map on your location. Attempt to use the routing feature didn’t identify the closest route and instead tracked this to other routes and then a 20 minute walk to get to the address (destination is 2 blocks away from a route 1 stop but this line was not given as an option in the auto route). Overall an incredibly frustrating experience.

- There’s room for improvement

No built in support for online purchase No automatic renewal option of monthly passes No storage and display of passes causing customers to buy the fancy paper ticket and add to pollution.

- Frustrating

Keeps crashing.

- Close to Useless

Bus times for the 129, 115, and 82 are almost never accurate often times saying that the bus has left before it actually has or saying the bus is going to arrive after it has left by up to 10min. There will be times when the app will claim the next bus is coming in 30min when in reality the next bus will be arriving in 15min. I’ve seen similar complaints about this app from over a year ago so it doesn’t seem like the developers have done anything to fix these issues. Oh and if it’s snowed the day you plan on taking transit avoid this app at all costs because there is no way you will ever catch the bus using this piece of garbage.

- Bad App

Is often off with its bus times by 50+ minutes, has made me miss my bus, late for work, hours late getting home, multiple times. Terrible app.

- Worst Transit App EVER

Constantly gives me inaccurate times of when the bus is arriving. Been late to school countless times because of the app. Learned my lesson to never use this worthless app again.

- Route 65 Market Mall always leaves 4-5 mins ahead of scheduled time from Brentwood

The app is not accurate or the bus driver decides to leave early. I take 65 mkt mall from Brentwood to get home in the evening. Consistently in the last 2 weeks (when it was super cold), the bus left 3-4 mins early from Brentwood than the schedule shown on the app. Also the bus driver doesn’t stop as you are just a few meters away from the bus stop and trying and running in this cold to get to the bus. Has been very inconvenient.

- Unreliable but all we got

Tips for using this app - 2-5 mins for a bus really means right now - location of bus is never accurate - bus stop times will jump large amounts if you’re not paying attention - will often give you routes that are much longer than actually needed, search your own times/ routes Doubt anything will be updated since it’s been like this for years Helpful about 60% of the time

- bad app

the times are always wrong and some guy on pr said a train was coming and it didnt

- Bus tracking

UNRELIABLE AF If this app were to estimate the arrival of the bus, please indicate the original time arrival of the bus in that location. Some bus arrive too early or too late.

- So inaccurate

The bus tracking times are so inaccurate. It’ll jump from leaving in 2 minutes to 10 back to 2, then oh, surprise, you missed it! And now you’re late for work...

- Useless

You are better off without the app trust me! The bus times change drastically every few minutes making it impossible for accuracy. If my bus is gonna go from 5-15 minutes constantly then why bother using the app in the first place. I’m currently late for school cause my trip went from leaving in 5 to 25. Thanks Calgary!!

- Pay with app

I should be able to pay using my phone. Other than that it’s good.

- Almost Completely Unreliable

We use this app to make sure that the kids are at their stop in time for their bus in the mornings. I cannot tell you how often it doesn’t load properly.

- Garbage

I show up 10 minutes early and no bus at said time. Making me wait out in the cold for nothing and getting me late. Shoutout to my aunt for the ride to work.

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MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police officer killed during New Year's Eve traffic stop - 620 #Calgary #Transit #YYC

Martyn Schmoll

It’s pretty appalling that so many people are OK with governments funding airline bail-outs before they step up to help transit survive. Transit is essential, air travel is not.

MyTransit Calgary

Two teens arrested after Calgary police officer killed during New Year's Eve traffic stop - Calgary Herald #Calgary #Transit #YYC

Calgary Transit

Our customer service desk at Village Square Leisure Centre will be temporarily closed starting Dec 13. Low income transit passes can still be purchased online at or at one of our customer service centres. Visit for details.

MyTransit Calgary

What Calgarians can expect from 2021 fees and taxes - Calgary Herald #Calgary #Transit #YYC

MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police say officer who was killed during traffic stop collision helped investigation into own death | Watch News Videos Online - #Calgary #Transit #YYC

MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police officer struck, killed during traffic stop: police - CTV News #Calgary #Transit #YYC

MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police officer struck, killed during New Year's Eve traffic stop | Watch News Videos Online - #Calgary #Transit #YYC

30's Female in Edmonton Zone with 1 Comorbidity

@gfinockio @jkenney He is at the Calgary transit garage looking for the right size bus to throw his vacationing MLA’s and press secretaries under.

Unifor Local 1990

Here in Calgary the underbelly of racism march the streets, politicians jet off to sunny beaches & front line workers from NE trudge through snow keeping the province going. They don't have benefits, they rely on transit, we rely on them....

Calgary Transit

Our customer service desk at Village Square Leisure Centre will be temporarily closed starting Dec 13. Low income transit passes can still be purchased online at or at one of our customer service centres. Visit … for details.

MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police officer hit and killed during New Year's Eve traffic stop - CTV Toronto #Calgary #Transit #YYC

Calgary Transit

Happy New Year #CTRiders! We at Calgary Transit hope your New Year is filled with lots of joy, laughter and good cheer. Thank you for choosing Calgary Transit in 2020. We look forward to serving our community in the year to come.

MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police officer struck and killed in New Year's Eve traffic stop - #Calgary #Transit #YYC

MyTransit Calgary

Calgary police officer struck, killed during traffic stop: police - Yahoo News Canada #Calgary #Transit #YYC

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Calgary Transit iphone images
Calgary Transit iphone images
Calgary Transit iphone images
Calgary Transit iphone images
Calgary Transit iphone images

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The applications Calgary Transit was published in the category Navigation on 2015-04-08 and was developed by Transit App, Inc. [Developer ID: 889728710]. This application file size is 142.79 MB. Calgary Transit - Navigation app posted on 2020-09-04 current version is 5.7.17 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.thetransitapp.CAL

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