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Sense can predict your future events. Just ask any question and Sense will answer it. You will receive answers to questions about your family, relationships, work, money and many other things.

Sense reveals all the sides of personality, using biometric data - the patterns of the palms and fingers. A few minutes are enough to find out details about your character, professional qualities and relationships with your partner. This can be the beginning of the changes within yourself.

Using the parameters of hands Sense picks up compatible with you people througout the world. When Sense compares the parameters of the hands of two people, there is a comparison and analysis of two sets of psychological characteristics. The more identical or complementary parameters are, the better the two people fit. That this is the main task of Sense - to combine the most appropriate people.

This is a completely new service, which has no analogues in the world. Our team does everything possible to ensure that it is stable and meets the stated requirements. If you notice an incorrect work of Sense or if you have suggestions for improving its performance, please contact us [email protected] We are always glad to hear from you.

Draw your attention to:

1. Processing of photos of the hands and fingers occurs in the phone in real time.
2. Your photos are not sent to the Sense server without your consent.
3. Obtaining the results of the order means downloading them to your iOS device and requires up to 300 MB of free space.

When processing photos of hands, there may be difficulties, which are associated mainly with the incorrect position of the hand in the frame (during shooting, the palm and fingers should be parallel to the iPhone). Sense can not take photos of the palms in any position, as the parameters of the hands will be incorrectly calculated, which will result in inaccurate descriptions of your character. In order to make Sense to correctly determine the parameters of your hands, you must follow the instructions during the shooting. We hope for your understanding of the seriousness of the photographing process. If nevertheless difficulties are not resolved, please contact our support service [email protected] We will help you to deal with the problems you have.

We sincerely wish that the app Sense could fill you with optimism, prompt the right way and help you to improve yourself.

In addition to the standard functions, Sense contains built-in purchases (in USD):

- Biometric Analysis (multiple purchase) - $ 0.99.

Subscriptions with automatic updates:

- All Sense functions - $ 13.99 / 79.99
- Answers Unlimited - $ 4.99 / 29.99
- Personal Qualities - $ 1.49 / 10.49
- Interpersonal Qualities - $ 1.49 / 10.49
- Professional qualities - $ 1.49 / 10.49
- Search for compatible people. Profession - $ 1.49 / 10.49
- Search for compatible people. Relationship - $ 1.49 / 10.49
- Emotional Biorhythm - $ 1.49 / 10.49
- Intellectual Biorhythm - $ 1.49 / 10.49

On automatically renewable subscriptions:

- The length of the subscription - 7 days;
- Payment on ITunes account at confirmation of purchase;
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is not turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period of validity of the subscription;
- You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period;
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the Apple ID settings:
- Links to the privacy policy and terms of use:;

This unique application is designed for entertainment purposes. (App Store)

Sense. App Description & Overview

The applications Sense. was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-04-11 and was developed by Global Sense LLC. The file size is 377.65 MB. The current version is 5.7.4 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

With each new version we strive to make Sense more convenient and better. And this time we fixed many bugs, increased the stability of the application and accelerated some processes. If you notice an incorrect operation of any function, please report us to [email protected]

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Sense. Reviews


Waste .99¢  Zjshera  1 star

Anyone that has given this 5 stars works for them! This app is rubbish. You can get free apps on biorhythms and numerology that will give you a better out look without taking your finger prints. Plus if you want to know anything is cost extra! Not sure why you pay .99¢, you get nothing for it! Buyer beware!


Misleading  rsp8512  2 star

Every different function offered comes with individual charges for use.


Fun but complicated and expensive  Lohanma  3 star

It is a really cool concept but takes long to scan and there are charges left and right if you want to have the good stuff


The Ap  Kymberjo  5 star

Haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Everything asks for $$$. Not sure how it’s going to work


Should’ve read reviews  Pepeparis  1 star

First download I though .99 not bad at all. After you scan everything it makes you pay WEEKLY (which you know it wouldn’t be easy to cancel) to see your results. Then you can go into more detail but again more costs. The app is not a .99 app at all. Very misleading. I’d be willing to pay for additional stuff but not at a weekly charge. The purchasing needs to be simpler and not a reoccurring charge, personally those type of apps scare me off, seems dishonest. Bye!


Waste of $0.99... and that’s hard to say  BeijingTalksMedia  1 star

I would never recommend buying this app!! #1: You have to upload your fingerprints and palm prints to an unsecured 3rd party!!! I don’t know about you but seems a little bit of an invasion of privacy to do fingerprints with really accurate detail... palm lines I can live with. Finger prints are VERY personal, and if anyone says otherwise.... their not smart people. #2: Weird notifications that come in too often, like their app is the only one on peoples phones! Feels like an ex girlfriend sending 30 one line texts to you, reminding you how much she loves you. *One actually just said an insult of Donald Trump?!? Listen people: I’m not a fan of DT but stay the heck out of my phone with your foreign companies rhetoric about your personal views! If I wanted an option of current events I wouldn’t download “Sense”, stop platform jumping. #3: Chat Bots are not exactly AI in this app. A generic response like a fortune cookie doesn’t count. Lol


Eh  Becholas  2 star

Interesting but too expensive. Why there are a bunch of different subscriptions is beyond me. Save your money and your time. Not worth it if you ask me.


Mad  Akjdbdnd  1 star

I want a refund rn I paid a dollar for nothing honestly

So Allen

Fun app  So Allen  4 star

I'm enjoying this ap. Easy to use and very informative.


Money hungry app  kaboomchicken  1 star

Do not download if you don’t want to spend $14 a week for something you could do yourself.


Everything costs money! Don’t buy!  Iamblakeyaus  1 star

Cool app. Cool idea but please does every feature need to be purchased ? Why not just charge $9.99 for the app and be done with it instead of every single feature and only gaining access for 7 days? Such a joke and waste of a great app idea.


Good from far, but far from good...  EmSTARR23  1 star

Saw this app on an ad, and it looked so interesting.... so I bought it. Then it gave a little intro which was cool and it made me think about how cool of an app I just bought. Then it was like, yeah give us money for anything else within the app. Jeez $40 for ONE week! That's asking too much. Not sure I can get a refund, but it would be great.


Don't bother - it's so wrong  Chtibr  1 star

So tested this out by asking how many kids will l have and it have me 1-2 at in 5 years time when l Already have 3 kids and have had health issues with have had my tubes and uterus taken out hence so wrong.


Waist of money  Taramendes  1 star

Not only was it way off the truth , but it keeps asking for you to pay more for information as well as an ongoing subscription !


Disappointed  Doodikens  1 star

Money, money, money.... you buy the app to get no information and then you have to spend more money to even look at any of the features. Very disappointing.


Day light robbery  Howie_hull  1 star

Tried to take $40.99 / week out for subscription to unlimited answers . Are you actually serious !!!!


Expensive but worth a go  sayelmo  4 star

Expensive inapps for every function. Predictions are not that great but the analysis is interesting


Continuous paying  LeiParis  1 star

Found the information very useful, but the fact that i had to purchase the app, the. Purchase again and again for multiple information that i wanted was ridiculous. Made it not enjoyable as it got so costly.


PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY!  Tiny__0001  1 star

I don’t usually do this, but I feel like everyone needs to know this before they even bother with this garbage. This app is a joke, a scam, a rip off. You pay for the initial app. Then you basically can’t do anything within the app unless you pay a minimum of $1.49AUD to unlock a single section or a ridiculous $13.99AUD to unlock all features.


Very good app!  Hanly11  5 star

Very accurate, interesting app! My new favourite! Highly recommend!


Kayla_kaylacheyenne3 star

@Chana_And_Jimin everytime jimin runs his fingers through his hair now, i think about the bald spot 😢 i still can’t make any sense of it


Mazel Tov Nitabachmnitabach3 star

Makes perfect sense if he wants to solidify his support in Alabama & have a long senate career.


John-JohnJohnJohnSequel3 star

@djhomicide @_Mariamariaaa Why we have to be nerds cause we like Star Wars? Don’t make any fucking sense so of you…


Eh  hxjsbc  2 star

it’s a lot of money for somethin you’re not sure works.


Why was this .99 cents?  Tripmasterbk  1 star

I am completely disappointed with this app. It was .99 cents to get in to watch a video with generalized specifics just to try and upsell me to a monthly subscription. The user area you do get access too doesn’t have anything useful until you pay. So what did I just pay .99 cents for? A hand scan with no data on the other side unless I pay more. Worst scam I’ve seen from an app. .99 cents down the drain.


Complete trash  Smuggless  1 star

This application was purchased for fun and it is complete junk. I would have had more fun if I spent the $0.99 on a block of wood and then hit myself in the head with it repeatedly.


Cool  Yoyokisses  3 star

Is pretty cool


Weirdly cool  Coolcat826  4 star

It might be complete crap but honestly It made sense


Not worth time and money  jaynekarol  1 star

I should’ve read the reviews before downloading this. First you have to pay to download then after painful getting your hands and fingers and palms to scan, it doesn’t even tell you anything basic and you have to pay to do anything else. I even as far as paying for an extra service... I HAD TO RESCAN MY HAND AGAIN and then all that for one sentence of info. I usually don’t write negative reviews but needless to say I’m pretty disappointed.

Wyatt Wichman

Ripoff  Wyatt Wichman  1 star

Charges you $0.99 for nothing and then wants you to pay $80 for a 7 day subscription to access all your information. Defiantly don't purchase!


Rip Off  CrossFitNinja  1 star

BS. I fill out all the stuff, scan my hands and fingers (which was a pain to get to work), and then after all that they want me to PAY to see the results after I already paid to get the stupid app. Total BS!


Awful. I want my money back  Abbyjayne14  1 star

Charges you extra money for every. Single. Feature. Every question, every report, everything. Don't waste your money downloading this--it is useless unless you are willing to spend even more for any real feedback.


This is a TOTAL SCAM!!!!!  ClaireBerrett  1 star

My daughter downloaded this app, never bought anything but somehow got involved in a weekly auto renewal subscription cost! $215 later we find this out. This is criminal bull$hit!

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