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What is five nights at freddy's 3 app? NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors, the events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin.

At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a hook, an old paper-plate doll, but then a remarkable discovery was made...

The attraction now has one animatronic.

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


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App Name Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Category Games
Updated 14 April 2022, Thursday
File Size 66.44 MB

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Nightmare mode impossible to beat!!!! I love this game!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀. Oh my gosh it is the best fnaf ever! Phantom Freddy's jump scare is incredible! I played this game and it is so addicting that within two days I was on night four! Spring trap is so scary! I like what you did with phantom balloon boys jump scare with him popping up on the camera making you go off and then him jump scaring you directly after you log off the camera! Here is a tip: when you find spring trap close vent eleven by going to map toggle and double clicking cam eleven and if he disappears then play audio on the same camera and he will come back to that exact camera! Another tip: if ventilation or audio devices or video break down fix it immediately!😳😳😳 it is the most fun game ever! Scott you must make a fourth five nights at Freddy's plz😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply can't live without fnaf it is my soul and life😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 in other words great game! You must get it!

The Epic Conclusion: Or is it!?. I bought this game on a fluke, just to see what it was like. It didn't look too scary to me, but it is in fact horrifying! I can only imagine how scary 1 and 2 are with multiple animatronics! Simple, but horrifying. But not the end to the game, because a few hours ago a teaser was released for Five Nights At Freddy's Four: The Final Chapter, due to be released Halloween in 2015. Spring Trap is by far the creepiest thing I have ever seen in my life. His jump scares aren't the scariest, but they are the ones that make you loose. Get jump scared by an illusion, and you'll survive, but have your heart beating louder than a drum! Scott Cawthon has done an amazing job on this game, just as he has done with the other two. So I definitely recommend this game, and may Scott have best of luck on the upcoming film of Five Nights At Freddy's!

FABULOSITY!. This game was amazing! Everything about its storyline to its graphics were undeniably awesome! For those of you who say it drew away from the original Five Nights at Freddy's, that's what it's supposed to do! It's supposed to provide a new environment with new surprises for all of the FNAF fans who have played the original game. Sure, at first the concept of Springtrap being the only real animatronic was disappointing, but once you realize that the phantoms can also jumpscare, you are perfectly fine with the concept, because you could still get your scares in without dying immediately. That is what makes this game perfection. Multiple scares without dying. Additionally, I loved that this game provided a good challenge. From the great graphics to the storyline, you can't go wrong buying this game!

This is what I know.... You all missed it. It flows perfectly. It's hidden so strategically its amazing. It may be different from the others, but guys, spring trap existed since the first location of Freddy fazbears pizza. The one that hasn't appeared in a game. Proof is found on the night 2 phone call. They hid him away in a safe room because he was dangerous. The purple guy used it to fool the spirits and died in the process. The first game is the aftermath of the BAD ending. The mini games that decide between the good and bad endings happened before fnaf 3. The animatronics are still active because you made it that way. You got the bad ending. And there you have it. It fits with the story greatly. But your opinion is your opinion and I'm fine with that. Love the game. Computer version is much better but I still love the game. Can't wait for fnaf 4!!!!!

Great horror survival. This is a great trilogy let alone just this game. I was impressed at how springtrap, who I like to call kill switch, got progressively harder each night. However, I am now stuck on night 5 for a few reasons: 1) the buttons to switch to different rooms covers the entire video stream so I'm looking around the buttons to see which room kill switch might be in. 2) right at 2 am, I get jumpscared, which lets be honest isn't scary after a few hours on night 5, by balloon boy, Freddie, foxy, and kill switch in that order... Works like clockwork. I'll repair ventilation and get jumpscared immediately following its repair over and over again with little or no time in between. I try to seal off vents and lead him into rooms where I figure he will be going into next and then I have about a minute and a half of nothing but repairs which in my opinion isn't a challenge anymore. I can't even imagine how annoying night 6 on aggressive mode is. 😵🔫

Best game in the horror genre history. But I want more... The game so far has hit a heck rage of a lot of views. The game has gotten so far and I can't wait for fnaf 5. I already beat the 1,2, and 3rd. I'm still on fnaf 4's night 6, but I'm still worried about fnaf's future. When fnaf REALLY ends, what's Scott gonna do then? I worry if zombiewarssmt will stop fnaf videos, or if anyone will start draining out on the fnaf community. Though Scott I wanna tell you your an amazing guy and I'm proud of your amazing game series. I always check your website for new teasers or hints. I'd spend a million dollars to meet you in person and ask you a bunch of questions about fnaf. I also can't wait for the movie! Scott you've really made a good side of the Internet and I'm proud. Please keep it up!!

Awesome 😄😄😄. This is one of my favorite games that I have on my iPad. Just because it is quite a challenge once you get to night 5. I spent nearly an hour trying to get past it. I just loved this so much because it had a ton of hidden surprises. This game is great, and I have devoted a lot of my time into playing it. There is one problem though. I can't hear the sound of the vents very well. When Springtrap climbs in the vent, I have no idea and by the time I find out it's usually too late. I don't know maybe Im not paying attention very well. But overall great game. Good job Scott. P.S. Get ready to buy a new pair of pants if you are easily scared.

Graphics are okay. So I have all the games in the fnaf series (on mobile) and the games have been having updates, now the update make the old games way better but the update for fnaf 3 was not that great. Now keep in mind that I have not played through the updated version yet so there may be new extras but have you noticed that the graphics in the other updated games are WAY better than the original version but in fnaf 3 the graphics are still not that great. (And the game does not have settings or a plushie and cheat shop) i hope Scott or click team read this because I believe that it should probably change ( I am not trying trying to say anything bad about the game, I mean I still love fnaf 3 and all the other games but this is just something that I noticed. P.S. plz do not hate on me for saying that, I still love all the games.

Game is good but.... Fnaf is awesome I been apart of the fan base for a long time now. I have already beat this game once and I have come back to it recently to beat it again to get my second star. I pass all nights expect I’m stuck on 4th night.... but here’s the thing so it’s 5am and I’m keeping Springtrap at cam 9 for the whole night and then I have to reset cameras and I hear Springtrap in the vents and the reboot finished and I was quick enough to find him on cam 11 and it was sealed so he goes back to cam 9. Then guess what I have to reset audio so I hear him in the vents again so I check cam 11 well what do you know he is not there so I check all the vents still not there? Then what do you know he comes to my office and jump scares me... which I’m confused by how he made it across the whole entire building to jumpscare me. To be honest that really sounded dirty to me and unfair but overall the game is good but it sometimes just does some “unexpected” stuff.

Amazing Game. I’m a huge fan of FNaF, I love the lore, the games, the books, pretty much everything Scott has released related to this series. But I got bored of the games pretty quickly. The games released before this were trial and error until you find the perfect strategy, which is fine, many games are like that, but once you find the strategy you just mindlessly do the same couple things over and over again until the end of each night. Whenever I died I almost never felt like it was my fault, and the game was just stupid. Especially with FNaF 2. But this one, although it does have a perfect strategy to follow, it’s not nearly as mindless as the first 2 games. You actually have to really think beyond “Guy in office, put on mask, guy in hallway, close door,” ect. Although some deaths did seem like I couldn’t prevent them, I haven’t really felt like it was the games fault very much. My only real complaint is that it’s really hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, and the phone guy doesn’t really tell you anything. Which I don’t think is much of a problem, of you like a challenge. overall, this is a great game, and is absolutely worth the 2.99$

Scariest and best game ever😝. I am a huge fan of fnaf. I gotta say these games are very scary and challenging. The graphics are unbelievable. If you like scary challenging games, than this game is for you!😃😃 Although, there is one thing I'd change. Scott I hope you're listening, so when I worked for months to get to the fifth night on fnaf 1 my cousin came over and pushed new game I was soooo sad because all that long work was ruined, so what I'd like to change is there be a warning when you press new game that says "by pushing new game you will lose a your data" because I don't like just how you can push new game and it automatically deletes your games data. Otherwise, this game is so fun I recommend it.😃😃

Yes! This is brilliant!. Fazbear’s Fright has never been so spectacular in glorious HD!, The Horror Attraction sounds perfectly... well horrifying! This is a job well done though I only have two issues this time, One: the panning speed (when you’re turning in the office) it’s really freakin slow maybe speed it up a little bit more that would be nice. Two: There should be a button to exit the mini-game because I got stuck in places I couldn’t get out and it would make a great restart button instead of getting to the exit door. All and all I’m glad we came back to the murderer we all know and love Springtrap! He came back for us so we came back for him! Next and final stop should be the new version of Sister Location! Circus Baby will be waiting for us and the new version... we’ll see them again hopefully soon...

Scott you've done it again, so don't end it here!. Thee's really nothing more to say. Amazing graphics, an unbelievable story line like a puzzle slowly fitting together the pieces, and just the amazing gameplay. The fact that the 4hallucinations come so often on Night 5 and 6 and that they can jump scare you. Spring trap being able to be controlled by the audio. P.S. Love that it's BB. I love how on the PC version instead of just getting most minigames by beating night, you have to do special things such as the number panels, the game, BB's picture and Chika's cupcakes. Don't make this just a trilogy, I'm waiting for FN@F 4! Don't end the series.

2SPOOKY3ME. This game is great, but on my ipad mini the jumpscares (excluding the phantom hallucinations) are glitchy, in the iPad mini version there is no (smooth) jumpscares animation. Although, I would suggest it to fanatics out there of strategy and horror games. Also a quick tip for any starters, only check and lure springtrap to camera 09 and shut cam 11 in the ventsand only go out of the cams to reboot any systems that go offline. I'll see you in later in fnaf 4 to give more tips for you guys. ANOTHER message just for scott cawthon, the phantoms should do more than disable systems. And whoever critiscizes the game probaly are too afraid of a furry bunny chasing you around and people who want it to be like a normal game, this game needs to be unique and whats the point if you walk around in 1/20 mode!? Also another thing, I find the map for the cameras too big, I havent been able to beat night 5 because of it.

Still Good.... Just Not My Favorite. I don’t really have much to say about this one. Honestly this is my least favorite out of the entire series, just because of the fact how the camera could say that Springtrap is cam 7 when in reality he’s in cam 2. Scott please if you would dare to read this....not to be needy, but could you possibly update the game so that the camera will always tell you where Springtrap REALLY is because when I check the cameras on night six. It would say that He’s in cam 7 when he’s really in cam 2 or outside the office. I’ve learned that this is a FAKE Springtrap.I don’t really like the idea of a fake Springtrap just because that mechanic could easily screw anyone over. Again a good game just not my favorite.

Epic game!. Hello, today I bought the mobile version of this game! And it is totally epic! This review is about the action you would pay for, and all the cool stuff about the game. Now I know what you want to ask. But superben100, why won't you point out the bad stuff? And my answer is... There is no bad stuff for me to point out! Alright, let's get started. First off, you really do get the action you pay for. (As I said earlier.) Second, it may be creepy to play, but it's a great time killer. Third, I love the way there's only one animatronic. And last, but not least, Forth. The game is great for boring times. I hope you enjoyed my review about Five Nights at Freddy's 3!

FINALLY AN AWESOME UPDATE!!. I love this series, and I love the lore, but I don’t have a (properly working) computer to play these games on, so it’s great that they’re making the games for IOS and gaming systems. Recently FNAF 1, 2, and 4 were MAJORLY updated to their best versions, now also including FNAF 3. As you could probably tell, the visuals, audio, and overall quality were improved! I personally can’t find anything wrong with this game: except that I can’t figure out how to unlock the “Mangle’s Quest” mini-game for the good ending. In the old IOS version, it would occur automatically as you started Night 2, but now it’s not doing so. I know HOW to unlock it: go to cam 7, find the arcade machine, press the buttons on the machine in this order, top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right, but when I do that, nothing happens! Maybe I’m doing something wrong... but I swear I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to... perhaps it’s a glitch? Anyway, other than that there is nothing else to complain about (presumably). It’s a fun game, I love the atmosphere, and especially love the visuals! I would 10/10 recommend it, it’s worth the 3 bucks!!!

Fun, but very challenging. Look, I love this game so dang much that I keep playing it over and over again. However, this game is VERY challenging and can sometimes get very frustrating. In my opinion, this is the hardest game in the series. The main killer who is coming after you is almost impossible to to avoid. In this game you have to use a lot of skill, but you also kinda need some luck as well. That being said, I do NOT dislike this game, it’s great! Once you get really good at it the game should be a breeze, and it will feel really good when you finally beat that dreaded Nightmare Mode. 😉 I love this game, and I wish Scott the best! Thanks again. 🌟🌟🌟

It's a good horror game. I like it, and it's a bit difficult, for I'm still stuck on night three. The jump scares seem to get me every time, making it never get old. You have vents and rooms to check, and many games to play, which makes it interesting and not staring at a camera the whole time like the others. And I personally like how the phantoms are only illusions just to scare the heck out of you. Good job, Scott, thumbs up to you! Can't wait for 4! You make it look pretty scary! Oh and by the way Scott, no matter what the stupid fandom says you should stop after four. You deserve a long break after all that work just for us! I honestly agree three should have been the last game, but the fandom won't shut up. Next time ignore the annoying people yelling at you for another FNAF, because you need a break, and the game really doesn't need to go on. Don't get me wrong, love the series, but there really shouldn't be any more games.

A new Freddy’s!. This game was great! You can’t run out of power, and only springtrap can REALLY jump scare you, but that does not make it a bad game! Night 1: I didn’t really see springtrap, but the phantoms can still jump scare you. Night 2: springtrap appears, but he does not move very often. Night 3: Springtrap’s movement ticks decrease, and he enters the vents. Night 4: The phantoms will become more of a distraction, and springtrap will move faster. Night 5: I haven’t beat this one yet, but errors occur more so you have to go to the restart menu. Springtrap moves quickly, so you will have to send him away a lot to win.

Fun but hard and frustrating. I love 5 nights at Freddy's and I usually beat them all with flying colors but this one is just hard. It was easy on night 1 and 2 and I barely made it past night 3. Night 4 on the other hand, is impossible. I have been stuck on night 4 for 2 weeks now. The latest I've gotten to is 2 A.M.. I normally get killed at 12 or 1. The puppet came into my office literally 5 seconds after I started the game and about 3 seconds after he comes in, I get killed. I also got jumpscared by foxy, chica, Freddy, and then springtrap all within like 10 seconds and it was only 12 a.m.. I also had just started the game and springtrap was in cam 9 and then disappeared and not even 2 seconds later I get jumpscared when he was all the way at the other end of the building and I had just started the game and it didn't even play that creepy noise to warn me. These games are usually fun and easy to me but this one I'm more frustrated than amused. It's very hard and I don't know if all the jumpscares and the difficulty of it is normal but it's practically impossible. I've literally been trying to get past night 4 for 2 weeks now and can't even make it past 2 a.m. Pretty much impossible. Please fix!

As always, a great game that does a good job at scaring:). Fnaf 3 is a game that is something new to the series, and it includes a lot more challenges u must avoid to stay alive:). At first when I heard that their was only one animatronic (that can actually kill you)- I was questioning how this would b done, but as always Scott- u found a way around it. I love how in this game the cameras are used more ( unlike the first/second game when u only needed to check one camera)- and I think springtrap is probably the scariest animatronic yet- in my opinion..:). For those of u who r saying that certain nights r impossible such as night 5 or 6- they are challenging, but as long as u act fast enough and do ur best trying 2 keep springtrap away- you will have the capability to beat it. I've beaten both nights, and currently I'm trying to beat aggressive nightmare mode:). ----------------------------- 2 strategies that worked 4 me was: 1.) close ANY vent springtrap is closest to instead of waiting for him to get their. 2.) find shortcuts. If springtrap is on cam 5- u can send him back to cam 8 (because they r connected). Springtrap USUALLY travels in order-but he also can skip certain cams:(.

I beat this one too and I luv it. This game can be looked down upon because a new animatronic has been thrown into the mix of things and must be accepted by the people who play it and by people who are trying to come up with logical theories. This animatronic, Springtrap, was never once mentioned before, so why should we like the game? Well, because Springtrap HAS been mentioned! In the second game phone guy clearly says: "someone used one of the spare suits" "a yellow one". Of course this is the night where Golden Freddy is the most active, but that's not the suit phone guy was talking about. Many people say that phone guy was talking about the spare Springtrap suit. Anyway ENOUGH ABOUT THEORIES!!! I love this game. I beat it. It was really hard and exiting! It's an odd spin to the game, and it's a little harder to find and play the hidden games on the mobile device, but I still love this!!! This game is horrifying! Every hallucinating jumpscare gets me, especially foxy! I always redo the ventilation, but somehow they're right there! I'm not complaining! I love it!! I think anyone who likes the first or second game should tackle this challenging horror fest! It's so much fun, and I hope people can just accept where the game's story is going! The game is beautiful, no glitches, the graphics are stunning as usual, but this game differs from the rest. In this one there's strategy needed to succeed! This makes the game more fun and more challenging 😉 It's worth it's price!!!

This game is awesome!. The First time I played this I was really scared! I kinda liked it that it didn't tell you really what to do. Also I like the way you brought back phone guy! XD His calls do get a little annoying after a while! But that's why the mute call button is there! Also springtrap looks really cool but really scary to! Once I got to night 2 I got jumpscared and I flinched but I didn't really get scared. But once I saw phantom BB in my camera and pulled it down I jumped and almost fell off my bed! XD Also I like how you have to use the cameras more. In the first you just had to check pirate cove and in 2nd game you just have to wind music box. But now to keep springtrap at bay you have to use cameras more! I love this game! It gets really hard! I beat nightmare mode but still can't beat aggressive nightmare mode! I think you should a a star for when you beat that! Anyway. Awesome! Amazing game! 5 stars! Also there's a glitch that only happened to me once! There were 2 springtraps! Great game!

One very minor but important critique. I have but one critique. This is a minor critique regarding an easter egg within the game, but not the main storyline. In Night 3 there’s a mini game that involves pressing 4 arcade buttons in a specific order. For a PC, laptop, or even iPad this is very easy. But for iPhone it’s near impossible. You have to be ultra precise in order to press the buttons, and I still haven’t been able to press ONE of them even when using a stylus on my 11 Pro Max. It would be amazing if instead we pressed one of the buttons in the general area of where they are. This would make all the difference, and would help a LOT of people struggling with the same issue. Other than that, I have no complaints. FNAF 3 is one of my favorite games of the series. I’m surprised with the quality of the gameplay considering it’s on an iPhone. Thank you!

Now THIS is where the storyline gets interesting.. Okay, so first off, let me just point out that Springtrap’s jumpscare isn’t the greatest. Which, from what I understood from the interview from Dawko, is what led to FNAF 4. Which I’m grateful for, because we got another 4 games because of this one jumpscare! But other than that, this game got me really interested in the lore and theories. It also led to William Afton/Springtrap being my second favorite in the franchise. I find the fact that a psychopathic child murderer has been led to his fate by the ones he has killed. Now THIS is the kind of stuff I’m looking for in games: Mysteries related to murder and tragedy. It sounds weird but it’s true. I love these kinds of things. Great job, Scott.

Would be 5 stars. I LOVE fnaf, buuut I do have some complaints on fnaf 3’s mobile port. First of all, as far as I’m concerned, it’s impossible to get the good ending. I’ve tried, tried, and researched, but I just can’t seem to get to the Mangle minigame! Please someone correct me if I’m wrong and there is a way to access it. Second, Scott, I beg with every fiber of my being that you add an option to disable vibration. Not only does it drain my phone battery faster than Balloon Boy if he got hold of my phone, but it’s also annoying and I hate it when it does it in public! I get so many weird looks. Anyway, these two issues are (I think) easily fixable and would make the mobile port 100x better, so plz Scott.

Harder. So I like that he added the mini games and hints to the mobile version but it’s way harder to get the mangle mini game because of the buttons. Also the phantoms seemed to be increased by a lot. And the puppet phantom lasts way to long almost always causing your death. And in the mini games have the gravity like to 200 or something but the camera and the seeing view is bigger and I like that. The mini games after the nights are so hard to control. They have a mind of their own when I try to control them. And Springtrap is way faster than he used to be on mobile and he travels to the e vent so much more often than in 1.0. All in all this game is amazing.

Best eveeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I love this game and it’s better than the other fnaf games and those are rocking.I want to tell tips 1.don’t go to camera 8,4,and7 unless needed. 2.once you find springtrap close the vent closest to him for example if you’re in 9 close vent camera 14 .I think that’s the right cam 3 if your camera fails and you are on Springtrap stay into the camera lights up more then do a audio thing to lure him back then do a Reboot All(do also if he goes into vent) 4 dont stare at Phantom Freddy when he is at your window 5 when you see Chica in a video game screen get of the cameras or switch to a different camera (do the same for balloon boy) Make sure you do this and it will be easier to win I love this game

This is a mix of a lot of things 😀. This is, first of all, a lot of fun! There was a time when i just played it on and on for at least an hour! There is so much to do like beating all the nights, and trying to get the good ending (Im glad the secret minigames are included in this port). It is, secondly, SCARY!!! 😃 It has really creepy sound effects, and i love how whenever you play a night, (except night one) you are guaranteed a jumpscare because of all the phantoms. And most of them are pretty unpredictable! All the characters in this game are reeaallyyyyyy creepy looking too. Third, this game is challenging! There isnt too much of a pattern you have to follow like in the previous games. You have to instead come up with good ways to react to something that just happened. (AND I CANT EVEN GET TO 3am WHEN PLAYING NIGHTMARE MODE WITH THE "AGRESSIVE" CHEAT ON) 😝😝😝 And last, it can be tear jerking. When i get the good ending, and after i play the "Happiest Day" Minigame, i almost end up crying cuz its one of those happy/sad things 😌😌😌😌😭😭😭😭 but overall, i LOVE this game and as always, i can only rate 5 stars at the most but i wish i could rate 20 stars. 😃😃😃😃😃

Love the game but a few issues. I love playing this game, it’s really fun but there is an issue, I don’t know if I just don’t understand the game very well or I’m just dumb. But on night 2 when I’m playing and after I have played a little bit I’m looking at spring-trap on the camera, and the camera glitches and then spring-trap is gone and then, he appears in the window right in front of me (also he is like at the farthest camera whenever this happens). And then the ventilation goes cRaZy and I go to fix it and right before I can pull up the reboot menu I get jump scared. This has happened every time I play and maybe I’m just really bad at the game but I find it annoying it happens every time and I can’t beat the game. I’m starting to feel like this game was a bit of a waste of money. Also spring-trap’s jumpscare is not scary enough compared to the ones in the first and second fnaf games.

Really good but.. needs a phew things. It’s REALLY good but kinda hard I think spring trap should move a little slower in nightmare mode I also think the puppet should also get a jump scare like (jump scare then they block your view) I think that would be cool also maybe change the time of the nights to be a little faster and the time to reboot the thing could be faster I also think phantom chika could be harder and finally the mini games that they are pretty hard to get into (mostly mangles quest) and just a little thing change the ends to good ending instead of “the end” to not confuse people but other than that it’s a pretty solid game and so are all the others :) (you did good Scott) (oh yeah I can’t wait for the new game)

Idea for ya Scott.. Sister Location is out! *squeals in happiness* Hey everybody! BB here with a review for our Scott! You did an awesome job making these games.(I would write a review on the fourth one, but apparently you have to buy it to review, and I don't have enough money..) And I was hoping you would add Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location to the list. Which I'm sure you will! My review for Sister Location: What I truly love about the game is that it's different than others. You move around, and there are different animatronics to interact with. And just like the rest of your games Scott, which I highly love, have suspense, and mystery. It's like you jumbled all the games up, except you added new characters. Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy. I do want to know a answer though. Where do you get the inspiration to make these games? Five Nights At Freddy's has became a more popular game now with Sister Location. I've noticed all the Youtubers are playing it.(Markiplier, DanTDM, 8BitRyan Ect.) and they're absolutely LOVING it. Keep up the good work Scott! (And I so hope there are more games of FNaF in the future! *wink wink*)

Jump Scares Aren't Really. This game is good, but I'm not impressed. All the games in this series had unexpected jump scares. After playing the 3rd one a couple of times you get used to the jump scares because they're expected. There also isn't much of the old characters in it, just a new one called Springtrap. I have passed the whole game and haven't seen Freddy in the room once. The 4th one that has recently come out is phenomenal! It changes the whole concept up showing you more of the backstory behind the series! I think the 4th one and the 2nd one do the best with the jump scares. But, if you are planning on only getting the scariest one in the series, I suggest you get the 4th one. It is unbelievably amazing.

A little bit missing. By far, this is my favorite installment in the series. The phantoms are really annoying and if you get hit with more than one at the same time you start to get more and more scared and you are almost guaranteed to die. The Springtrap animatronic is really scary and I usually cover my phone screen when he jumps out! I’ve beat this game before on the nightmare mode, but in the extras menu, you don’t unlock mini games or jump scares after you beat nightmare mode like in the PC version. You need the mini games in order to unlock the good ending and aggressive nightmare mode (The Ultimate Challenge). The mobile is a bit laggy but in my opinion it just makes the jump scares more abrupt and even scarier so it just makes it better. Phantoms only disable stuff you need to keep Springtrap away. Love this game, worth 3 bucks for sure.

Better Than The Old Ones!!. Five stars! I love this game so much! It's funny though, Night 3 was easier than Night 2, but I did get jump scared three times, but I survived. I was playing Night 3 in class, and I got jumped! I screamed😂 So, I just now played Night 4, and I played for two minutes. I could see the animatronic in the first hallway it starts out on, and it stayed there forever. I check the camera, check the vents, then check the window and the door. Not there. Check the cameras one more time. He's still in the same hallway and it's 1 am. Gets off the cameras -BOOM- jump scare. You're dead. It was only 1 am, and I just saw him in the farthest hallway. How did he travel that far in half a second?! Haha, I love the challenge and adrenaline rush. Worth the money💰

Perfect. I don't know why anyone would say this is the worst of your popular game trilogy because it is the obvious best fnaf game we have seen yet. It is less broken up or random because of all the animatronics interfering with one and other and has more central focused gameplay and felt more fair and less of just a gamble. It is the only one that kept me interested enough to keep playing and give it another try even after multiple losses. There are much more secrets regarding the Atari 2600 style mini games and it is fun to mess with the codes in the extra menu. It is the only game in the series that I was able to play to completion. It proved to be wrong to call the series overrated.

A little advice.. It's a great game, phantom BB gets me a lot, I can't beat night 3, and, man be you should redesign the way you have the phantoms go away, especially phantom BB, maybe instead he could appear on cameras but you have to play the audio on another camera in 10 seconds before he pulls off your camera and jumpscares you. for Freddy, he should go a little faster through the view screen and you have to bop his nose before he gets to the end, if you fail, he will come from the right of the office, going down, when he is completely down, he comes up and jumpscares you. For Foxy, when you go to the left of screen, you might hear fast footsteps, but f you do then go to the right of the screen to avoid his jumpscare. For Mangle, she will appear on the ceiling of your office, you have to stare at her to make her go away, if you look away from her too long, she will start twitching, and cause an audio error. For Chica, she appears in your office, and if you are on the cameras too long at a time she will jumpscare you, after a while, she leaves the office. For Marionette, don't find her on the cameras, if you do, then she will block your view. Also why did you not have Phantom Bonnie? Springtrap is not Bonnie, he is Springbonnie from Fredbear Family Diner, With William stuffed into the suit! (William is Purple Guy.) Please respond to my question.

Amazing- but kind of unfair.. I used to watch markiplier play this 6 years ago, and now I decided to finally give it a try. And it was awesome! I got to night 5 in just a day, but there is one thing. It’s kinda unfair when Springtrap shows up at your office at 1-4 AM. And since you just have to stare at him, you can’t do anything else. Sometimes the ventilation goes wrong, and other times it’s phantom freddy walking across the hallway, and I can’t look away because SPRINGTRAP IS THERE! I know that this game is 6 years old, and I know for a fact that you won’t update it, but it would’ve been better if he at least didn’t come right at your door from 12-4 AM.

You don’t do that.... FNaF is so awesome until we get to the 3rd game... one thing is being a hard game one thing is a dirty game... this game WILL literally do ANYTHING for you to lose!!! When you are passing this game and you are at the 4th or 5th night the game doesn’t turn hard but dirty and I can tell... one proof is that one time I was at 5th night at 5AM and there was no Freddy AT ALL and Springtrap was really close to me BUT I could call the audio device so he can at least go to the 1st camera so I tried to do that and guess who came in to mess up the night... FREDDY so he came up at my face without seen him walking by some magical reason and I lost because of him... another proof is that bb came up and I was quick enough to react, BUT... here it come some dirt from this game, magical things came up again and by some reason the map toggle button was just NOT working... obviously I said “here we go again” and lost... AGAIN... and the fact that I haven’t pass this game’s 5th night since the game came out because of these type of reasons is really disappointing and waste of my time and money to buy this game... I know I know... this game is old now and probably Scott is not even paying attention to this game right now BUT, can you please do something to fix that Scott? If you really took your time to read this thanks a lot and hope this helps you improve.

Jumpscares. Ok so I just got the new update and so I get on the app tape load game5 and I look on the cameras put the camera down looked left tapped on the thing were you fix things( forgot the name) and closed it and immediately got jumpscared by foxy the i fixed the ventilation and got jumpscared by freddy and fixed the ventilation and boom another jumpscare but by freddy then I fixed ventilation and looked on the camera then jumpscared by balloon boy then jumpscared by springtrap Plz fix this I didn't even play for 10 seconds and got killed please make it so that you won't get any jumpscares till atleast 1pm pleeeeaaasssee

Scariest game ever made!. This is one of the most scariest games I have ever played, I played the other games too, I can't beat the first game but I had beat the second in 4 hours on the day I got it. I have never been so scared when Springtrap/ Purple guy kills me or when I see the phantoms but one concern, where is Bonnie?! I know that Phone guy says the yellow Bonnie suit, and I think that's still something like Bonnie but I want to see him, for now that is fine and I still get creeped out on Springtrap and knowing he is Purple guy! I give this game 5 stars because it helped me stop being scared and being brave! Thank you Scott! Please make a fnaf 4, I really don't want this to end because then how does the series not get a movie for it he game, I hope to see the movie and fnaf four so I can still make art about it!

Scariest game on earth five nights at Freddy's 2 and 3. This is my one of the scariest games on earth I'm not lieing it is!!! And I'm not talking just about if one ALL OF THEM!!!! I got the 2 one too but not the first 1 and I got if one. If is is the scariest I have on my it fun but some say the 5night is the easy on the 2 one I bet that a lie because on the 2 one I made to night 5 and my age is cool too get too the 5 night ok now if one if one is the the is the scariest one foxy is so scary that I just saw him if morning he so scary Om but why is the golden bunny isn't scary it so weird!!!!! I just had to talk to you Scott and saw something to me if the 5night is the easiest or not please me talk to me about it!!! And on if one I'm on night 4!!!!!!

FNAF 3: Probably everyone's least favorite FNAF game in the series. Scott,this game brings on the creepy feel and all, and the new and advanced technology is amazing,but since in the FNAF timeline it is supposed to be the last game in the series it has this slow and sluggish feel to it. Maybe it is because there is only one real animatronic. But as a plus it has some animatronic movements,like actual movement not just cam to cam movement but... you get the idea. And also,just like my last review,please reveal when the iOS version of FNAF world is gonna be released. I am so excited for that game! Just like I said FNAF 3 it has this slow and sluggish feel to it. It needs a little more piazzas. But when you say FNAF 4 now that is piazzas! I sometimes shake when I play that game!

Cool nice. I bought this game because I like the Fnaf series this is a fun game however if you do not like horror themes I do not recommend this unless you want to try it out to really under stand the lore behind the other three games you do not have but and play them all you can just watch matpats game theory on FNaf how ever this is one of the more not as scary games as the others I'm saying it's not scary I'm just saying some of the jump scares arnt as good as in the other games but his work is fantastic good graphics nice gameplay and handful of different secrets so 10/10 game but 6.5/10 on the jumpscares I recommend this for new Fnaf players as it is not as scary anyways I'm out

Great game. Wow I played the 1st game terrific then 2nd even better then when I got to 3rd I couldn't imagine what was going to happen and here's what happens so at night 1 easy as always night 2 honestly I got jump scared bye spring trap 5 times night 3 was easier and I'm at night 6 uhh it's so hard I just wanna kill myself every time I fail 😭 I play this game every where like on the last day of school we got to bring our phones I didn't scream in class but I jumped up and everybody stared at me I was so embbaresed lol it's worth the money but now I can't imagine how much better 4 is gonna be thx Scott for a nice killing game lol

Great game, I love it.. This game is my second favorite but just by a hairline. I think it's awesome. I like how complicated it was to get the good ending, and I love how there's so much mystery and how many questions there are still in these games. That's the biggest factor in why I love this series. How many Easter eggs there are and why they're there. However, no game is perfect, I don't like how the animatronic scream was changed so much. That's the only reason I thought the jumpscares were scary. But I do think that spring trap is the scariest one. When I first played, no, he wasn't. But after completion of the 5th night, you figure out what spring trap really is, and from that moment on I never saw his jumpscares the same way again...

FNAF 3 = best in the series.. I have played FNAF ever since it came out, this one (in my opinion) is the best. It has the same feel to it as the first one to me. I know it has different mechanics but I like the camera system way better then FNAF 2 and I like how they made it a little more modernized. Spring Trap is really cool and its really fun to lure him into different rooms. In this game, the jumpscares are a LOT scarier then the past games. (Especially id you play with headphones like i do) and I like seeing the old animatronic "relics" being around the map. If you are considering this game, think no longer. This game is one of the best horror games I have ever played. Horror is my favorite genre of games and these games are my favorite.

Love the update and one question. So when I saw you guys remastering the FNaF games on apple I was so excited to play them and get to experience the pc graphics and I really enjoy playing all 4 of them now since there much better so thank you guys. And also I have a question I know you guys don’t own the old games Scott made like Sit N survive or wood chipper lumber co and all of the other ones he made which I LOVED but when iOS 11 came out I couldn’t get them and I was wondering if you guys would ever be able to update those ones like how you did with the 4 five nights at Freddy’s games because if you did You guys would be the best.

I'd give every fnaf 1500 stars if I could. But when are you gonna put fnaf 4 on the App Store,Scott?your games are absolutely the best thing that's happened to planet earth!but i really really know what kinds of secrets will be revealed in fnaf 4 and I will not watch any of the game plays until I have played it myself!! And I know it will not disappoint me no matter how much blood and gore! I may be 11 years old but I've played the first three games!!my parents let me play them,and I know if I beg hard enough they'll give me an iTunes gift card to get the fourth game on the App Store as soon as it's on the App Store.

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Help please anyone ? I can’t work out how to contact ap developer. Just downloaded it to my phone for my daughter to use on hers , thinking it could be shared for free. But when she opens it it only gives the option to buy it again . Am I doing something wrong ? If I have , can I get a refund and buy it from her device ? As I def don’t want this app to use for myself xx

Brilliant!. Wow, you’ve really outdone yourself this time, Scott! ❤️the game, and love Springtrap and the phantoms! I’m up to Night 3, and I’ve already done Chica’s Party on the highway to the good ending. Jump scares are perfection, phantoms are terrifying, and when Springtrap is hiding just outside my office and then attacks? SUPER SCARY!!! Really good game, really feel it had a strong place in the FNAF saga. Love from Jake❤️😱😄👍

I love this game Scott is a genus but it is pretty easy and not long. So this is my favourite fnaf game it just so easy and the levels are not long I need a level to last 20 minutes like bendy and the ink machine

Awesome game. I’ve past every night and got all the stars I think it’s better because it’s a little bit easier and it tells you a lot about the story of Fredbears family diner so good job scot and I hope you make more games in the series like this.

a review plz read scott. Hey,im Liam I finished night 5 and up to nightmare mode.... I think it is a cheat (no offence) but springtrap/purple man/phone guy is at the top of the map then chica jumpscares me then phoneguy/springtrap/purple guy is at my door plz fix but apart from that fnaf 3 is amazing i giving it 5 stars P.S i got all three games P.P.S the new teaser (freddys hat) i think that means it is the last fnaf :( PLEASE MAKE FNAF 4 ,5,6 PLEASE IM YOUR NUMBER 1 FANNNNNNNNN even though it wont make sence because purple guy is dead but make it purple guy's son XD

Great game!!!. Scott I really like this game but I think the phantom animatronics should be different and not be phantoms because I want them to be real and actually kill you because I don’t just want spring trap killing you but anyway I do really like this game and it’s the only one I actually get scared apart from fanf 4 because I don’t play that one and also I’m up to nightmare mode.

Hardest and scariest. You know me reviewer all FNAF games yep reviewed (bad at spelling)all them but some hard some easy THIS ONE IS HARD(for me)some people think it’s easy some think it’s hard I’m one that thinks it’s hard so I wanted to let anyone that’s reading know bye.

Can't wait for FNAF 4!!!!!!!!!!. This is so far the best FNAF game in the franchise.........yes it's hard but I loved it especially the animatronics I mean Springtrap is my personal favorite animatronic of all so far. If you like FNAF and Scott Cawthon games, then you're going to love this! And 1 more thing before I go THANK YOU SCOTT FOR MAKING THE FNAF SERIES AND THANK YOU FOR FINALLY MAKING THE 4 AND FINAL CHAPTER IN THIS SERIES!

Great series wraps it all up. Great series, I honestly think it should be the last one because it wraps up the backstory of all 3 games. Long live the Fnaf Trilogy! Update: I've heard that there might be a fnaf movie, hope to see it one day!! Thank you for making this great series Scott.

FNAF 3 review. Yes, many don't agree with this FiveNightsAtFreddys. But I honestly like the game it's very unique. Smart how you defend yourself but sound. I like all the games in the franchise and yes many didn't like this one but I liked and that all people liked about it was just the answering who was Springtrap and if purple man was dead. But yeah 5/5.

BEST GAME EVER!!!. I love this game! Just one thing though, whenever I get Jump scared by Springtrap, he is not his normal size. And it just doesn’t feel right. Could you maybe try and fix it please? But apart from that, I love your fnaf games! Keep it up, Scott!

FNAF4. This game is even scarier then the 2. Which is awesome. I love the freddy nose Easter egg it's LOL and could u please make a fnaf 4 and the fnaf games a bit cheaper like to 2 dollars PLLZZZZ. Anyway great game but in the part where u can see the animatronics u forgot mangle Scott. GREAT GAME. 5 stars

This is practically really scary for underage players. So, I really do love this game an all, great job on it btw, but I’m really concerned that this game has a really big amount of underage players. What I mean by this is one of my younger brothers saw on my computer that I had it, and he still had leftover money from his give card, so he went and bought the game. I am the only one old enough in our house to have this specific game, and when I saw a jump scare sound coming from my brothers room, I found him frozen in fear. So people should really be concerned about this. I do feel like some kids that are “brave” enough and “aren’t scared of anything” Buy this game on App Store, but their parents get worried that they might be to obsessed and they will start to think that they are a robot, and that’s really scary when your asleep and your children make a heck lot of noise to scare you. So please make sure no one underage has this ( if you even can) and stop this at once! Thanks, Blake

UPDATES!!!. There needs more updates click team and Scott make a update for fnaf three the last update was 4 years ago but for the fnaf 2 You can’t look in the middle and I need the survival kit and nightmare for this game is so hard!!!!!

Love this game!. Scott, this game is soo much fun coz u actually need to pay attention. All you peeps saying it's terrible don't have good taste. :( love the gameplay and love Springtrap and the phantoms. One little confusing thing; why is Chica the only original Phantom???? Confusing!!!

Please release Pizzaria simulator. I love these games and I have completed all the games except Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria please release it on iOS because my computer has fallen apart so I can’t play it unless it comes out on IOS please Scott

So good. It is so fun and u not need Internet for this and I’m really happy and u need to make fnaf 7 and more with new robots new story lines and more your very good at making video games and I’m great full

My Final Review. To most people, Five Nights at Freddys 3 is the worst game in the series, but to me it’s actually one of the better ones. First off, the story is good and chilling. I love how William Afton is Springtrap and he is after to kill you. I also like the 2 different endings and how you can play normally and get the bad ending, or go the hard way and get the good ending. Now allot of people say that Five Nights at Freddys 3 is bad because of the jumpscares, and they aren’t wrong, the jumpscares just don’t do it for me. They also say that the 1 animatronic thing mechanic is bad, which is also true. While many people underestimate the phantoms, i actually really like there design. The burnt look and there broken look, you kinda feel bad for them in away. Overall Five Nights at Freddys 3 may not be the best but it sure is a good game.

Scott please update to be muitlty player!!. Scott please make it muitlty player I agree with one of your fans so someone can be animatronic and one can be security guard, if it was muitlty player this will be the golden game on my iPad and make it offline too. Please do it for your freinds please! Because this is your last fans game.

Great. Wow Scott great game and I can't get past night 4 also try make spring traps jump scare scarier also spring trap in the room that has a top view and wires the wires go missing for some reason so many fix al that thnx😃

To hard. It’s a great game but nightmare is to hard if it was a bit easier than that would be great and springtrap moves way to fast and audio cues do not work

AWESOME GAME. This is a great game (like all fnafs). If this was the last, it was a great way to end the series. If there are going to be more, YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! I wish I could comment on other's reviews, because some are not true. Some say this is a bad game. NOT TRUE! Some say it has no story. How? It finally ends the story of the kids stuffed in the suits, they get to go to heaven now. But, most of the reviews are good, so that's good. This game is challenging and fun (I can't manage to beat nightmare). Thanks, Scott! :)

Best game ever. Great game Scott I am looking forward to the movie and five nights at freddys 4 but in all games why are the animatronics more active in mobile? Than pc Scott also I like the graphics of the game too. I also like that the games 2d but looks 3d good job Scott. (:

I hate spring trap!!!!!. Hey this game is pretty cool but I'm on the third night of game three and only at 3 or 2 spring trap comes and I do not know how to get rid of him and when I get jumpscared it is always freddy and spring trap will always come straight after him! It is so crazy and I'm so upset that one and two crashed on me ! Scott i really like your games but I can't get through it all because of one animatronic. Scott I'm still angry at one thing but thank you for makeing these games and I hope there is a number five :) best games ever

Anything else?..... This app isn’t bad, but i just have a question. Can you get killed by anything else other than Springtrap? Like, any other animatronic? Or is it just Springtrap? Because if it is, than that’s a bit disappointing.

Make spring trap follow the audio and only move when the audio plays on a cam. I’ve got up to night 6 and I’m being destroyed and make the no errors because it’s getting annoying spring trap should follow the audio not walk on his own so please fix that I love the game tho

Fanf 5. The Fnaf series has got to be endless so I want to make a new Fnaf 5 in December because that would be awesome and if you did I would love the game 1,000,000%. So pleeeeeease make an endless series and I will love the game 1,000,000%.thanks😊😊😊😊

Great game. This installment of the five nights at Freddy's is my favorite one out of the three except, you knew all the jump scares where coming and I often got attacked by bb then it would lag a the static came up. Besides they few bugs it is an overall great game.👍🏻

Best game ever played. When I got this game it didn't look like FNAF it looked like five nights at springtraps but what I didn't no that the phantoms when phantom foxy jumpscares me I flipped my iPad same with the other phantoms any way this game is really good

Just one thing.... I love your games Scott! But could you please add mini games in the extras menu? I’m not asking for jumpscares or anything though, I would just appreciate it if you put in easier access to the mini games in the game. Thanks Scott!

Can you even get the good ending on mobile. Ok so I just got the game and was going for the good ending but when I tried to click on the buttons for mangles quest the inputs didn’t register so I was wondering if there was another way to do this on mobile and if not can you add another way please Scott thanks

WHY?!. Ever since you retired I’ve been so heart broken and been making clay sculptures and drawings and the quality of the jump scares and the movement and everything about this game blew me away when i got this game and it still does! Thanks scott. Thanks for this wonderful life you’ve given me.

Sound issues. I love this game, but for some reason the sound isn't working. I can't remember if it stopped working after I tried making music while playing the game or when spring trap appeared on my screen for 10 seconds before the games loaded. I refreshed the app, restarted my iPad and even uninstalled & reinstalled the app, and lost my previous progress. I need the sound so it's easier to play!!! Please fix this!!!

Fnaf4. Five nights at freddy's 4 is out guys and will be on the AppStore any day now so be ready it is awesome. If you have a pc buy it now, it is so amazing and if I could I would give it 6 stars. Fnaf 4 is a must have. You are a kid in a room and you can walk around and check your doors to see if there are any monsters. They get on your bed and in your closet and the jump scares are absolutely amazing

Why isn't freddy the main character any more. Hi I'm danika and I'm really confused but why did you change the main character you may as well all it five nights at spring traps like seriously but other wise this game is awesome give it 10/10

Remastered Greatness!. The remaster was a great decision, as it gave mobile player the same experience as pc (which is the point) and gives players the true mini game experience instead of walking left and right while only having one shot for each mini game (aside from bbs air adventure)! Great decisions and so forth!

I love this game so much. It is my second day and I am already on night 6 night 6 is challenging and I loved how on night one springtrap does not come so you get to look around the place and night two took me two hours because I was not ready for him it scared me when he was at the window when he is at the window play audio in cam 2 and slowly go up to 10 9 8 and maybe 7

AMAZING… but. Hello I was just gonna say that you have a awesome game and I like it it’s the best but people saying they don’t like the new menu theme and everyone said that five nights at freddys 1 menu theme is better because it has a awesome beat it’s cooler also five nights at freddys 2 4 5 they said that there all good except for this one that’s what the people said

Only hard if foxy messes u up. This game is actually really easy unless foxy messes you up. All you really have to do is shut the vents on CAM 14 and keep Springy on CAMs 9 and 10. If a phantom comes, then, you’re basically screwed.

Thanks for everything, Scott. These games were all perfect and if anyone gives HATE (they better not!!) I know that you worked SO hard on these games and I very EXTREMELY hope five nights at freddys 4 comes for new mysterious acts, like with the fire maybe the person that buys the parts from the auction may be a Museum worker and put them in the museum and that's when the the watchman comes in!!! Like all the spare parts build and make a FREDDYSTINE!!!!!!!!!

This game made my life. I have loved fnaf ever since it first came out. I love it so much that I can't even... How you come up with this is amazing I am praying you make a FNaF 4 I have also heard about the movie and yesterday I checked your website and saw that the hat was gone all I am doing now is simply waiting...

Pretty decent!. Fnaf 3 is amazing because it’s a little bit different to the first two. This time there’s only one animatronic that can kill you. Some people may not like the game because of that, but it’s more challenging than you think. Now (just to not get you confused), there is more than one animatronics, but they only scare you. As I said before, only springtrap can kill you. The system rebooting and ventilation were incredible ideas, and they definitely helped add the suspense for when you lose springtrap on the monitors. The only thing I didn’t like is when if he sees you through the window, it’s pretty much game over. But I guess that means don’t let him get to the window room! Keep up the good work Scott! (I know that the series is done, but it would be great if you made a prequel game or add ultimate custom night to iOS somehow).

a tip. completed fnaf 3 and it only goes up to night 6 nightmare mode so this is what i do act VERY fast and stay on cam 8 and is he’s not there just click the audio and yea that’s how completed nightmare mode!

Hold on!. Now, I have FINALLY played fnaf 3 on my iPad and I have to say.... Scott, I'm kinda disappointed. First game: U try and stay at Freddie Frazbears pizza and u have doors, lights and cams but also have limited power. 5/5. Second game: U have a hallway, vents and of course cams with lights to defend u! Iights! Really. Lights defend u! 3/5. Third game: u have cams and, well.... I guess audio? Do u just stare at robots until they disappear? Do u use sound, to make robots disappear? Really. I am not that impressed! I'm sorry Scott but, the third games a 1/5. I am looking for original robots, DOORS!!!!! Lights and cameras. Also, considering u r a security guard. A gun! Something to REALLY defend u! For bonus points. I guess u could, wonder around a bit? I mean I don't wanna get greedy, but, I don't know. Anyway see ha.

It's better than the 2nd one at least. FNAF3 good game. But there should be a update on 2017 because it's really boring and needs a thing to keep it going. I wanna put those poor souls to rest! So can you make it a bit easier to do? Like on the computer version? The way Mangle appeared at the window to me is just so unrealistic so can u fix that PLZ. Thx and plz add them!

Horror game? Yeah nah. Hey Scott I've like FNAF since the beginning, I've liked the backstory, Easter eggs and parts of the story you can only find out about on minigames, or random times, but there is one... Big problem, it's a horror game right? The sounds and jumpscares don't really scare me, on the 4th game can the jumpscares be scary? Like really really scary, since it's the last game, I just wanna get scared, but other then that, the games are pretty good

Five nights at Freddy’s three. So hard i am stuck on the 6 night for one month 15 days too hard but I admire the game the first was really good but it’s really hard and I got pretty sick playing it was really dark

Unfair!. The fnaf series is awesome and when I find out that the trailer is out, I literally bounce off the walls. (parkour) but the games aren't finished, for example, in fnaf 2 u can't do the full custom night. (Choosing Ai.) also in this u can't view the jumpscares and the fixing time takes for computer is: audio: 5 seconds. Video: 6 or 4 secs. Vents: 7 or 6 seconds. But in iPhone, audio it takes 5 beeps, but is actually 10 secs!!! Same with video and for full reboot, 15 secs!! MADNESS! The game is great and all but it is a little unfair. Oh and the cameras, they don't fully show what the room looks like! I couldn't even find springtrap anywhere. I can't wait to get the fourth game. I hope it is fair. Bye

why I waited for it. All the time I waited for the game and it is always be the best horror game ever from 1-3 all plz note you ARE going to make the 4 game are you?but eveyway could you plz release the 4th game on iOS first plz thx Soctt Cawton

Hard but my most favourite game 😄. Scott Cawthon, thank you, for everything. This game is hard, BUT I GOT THE GOOD ENDING AND BEAT NIGHTMARE MODE!! Which means I have CHEATS! Also can you make an update when there's four stars so we can do aggressive nightmare mode please. Also make a cheat called NO AUDIO RECHARGE. I want that cheat to be when the audio doesn't have to recharge. This game is great Scott, and also the other FNAF's. I heard that there is a FNAF movie and a FNAF 4. Looking forward to those two soon! By the way thank you so much Scott, because you made my life. From Alex.

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Plz update. It’s great but Scott please update it

Awesome!. I love the game soooo much!

Great game plz update though. Please update it’s a great game!

Another update. Awesome great game Scott! Worth the 3,47$!

Good game. Nice graphics nice objectives just amazing

Soooooo hard. The game is epic but night 5 is really hard

Fnaf fan (lukeguy999. This is the game that has the biggest lore in my knowledge. I have loved this game senses I played the first game. If u find this game scary get to a high night with so much stuff going on it’s not as scary. Can u add the phone dude audio so u can here it when ur not in game. Also can u add a mode were u die from any jump scare or add another Anamtronic like spring trap that would be so fun love this game the most this one and the first thx for all of this Scott and the people who helped him you are the best

Ghost Feddy. Ghost Feddy

update cool. glad there was an update recently makes me feel like the 4.99 was worth it cuz idek how to play😂😂😂😭 anyways yeah i just don’t get it it seems like there’s not much to do at all…. cool game tho ig

This is a hard game. Night 3 and higher is AIDS to beat

Nice. This game is awesome

Really good. Update phantom Bonnie please

Best game ever.. I’m 9 years old and I love this

Report a bug. Hi Scott its glitched on both of the sides can you fix it so there can be options thank you

Kina easy. It looks easy because only one animatronic can kill you but trust me it’s not buts it’s do fun

Wow. So I had to delete fnaf 3 first because it wasn’t working and when I went back to redownload it I had to buy it again so thanks Scott Cawthon

WHAT THE HECK. Awesome Game But can You Plz Make a Phantom Bonnie It’s Boring

Amazing game but there’s one thing you should fix. This isn’t a bad problem, but when you see Springtrap behind the glass and play the audio, he stays there for a while and eventually disappears immediately.

Eeeeeeee. Spring trap keeps killing me

I love these games. This is my favourite Fnaf game out of all of them I love it so much. This is a great game and very challenging. Thank you Scott I love all the Fnaf games you have made

Yikes. It’s impossible to get the good ending. I can’t even get the mangle mini game the size of the buttons is too small for me to activate the mini game. Fix it click team

Amazing game. This game isnt that scary as i thought,but i would say you really nailed it on this one.Also there is no phantom bonnie because st (springtrap) is a bunny -Élias Chowdhury

Great but. I love the game it is really fun but night 4 is not possible I close the vents where he is at does not work I use the audio to draw him to a room does not work

Good game but. It’s a good game but it needs an update so it can be like the pc version of the game

Add jump scare category. In the extras add a jumps are category like pc

Glitches. There is this weird glitch that happens sometimes it's where bb jumpscares you when you don’t see him on camera. Please fix this glitch it is super annoying.

AWESOME. I got to knight 5 it's amazi

Cool. I like the game but it is scary and also WHERE IS PHANTOM BONNIE

The best. I don’t know why people say this is the worst game in the series, but in my opinion, it’s the best. I mean, come on. Springtrap.

Awesome game. Scott thanks u for this update but i dont know how to get past night 3

great game!. this is probably my favorite fnaf game out off the ones i’ve played, the springtrap jumpscare is a bit weak, but the gameplay gets really exciting. good job on making this!

Bruh to ez. Spring trap has a good combo but i fix all the problems but nice game😎😍

Can’t get past night 4. Hi! I wanna say this game is awesome I love it so much I play it every day but the one problem is that I can’t get past night 4 Springtrap comes to fast please make it easier overall great game! #Thankyouscott🐻🐰🐤🦊

Awesome. Hey Scott, awesome game. I love the Phantoms can’t kill you only Springtrap can kill you and I also love you can put Springtrap in a room with the auto of Balloon Boys voice. Keep it up Scott

Awesome. I love this game Scott one of the best your amazing

Fun but.... I can’t get past night 2 beacause I fix the ventilation but springtrap still kills me maybe when there is a ventilation error the phantoms will come?

Haters. I don't get it. This is one of the most addicting games I played and you guys still find a way to say its one of the worst? It's all just so cheap when u guys ask to make it easier, or u don't know how to play to game? REALLY!? Like come on, isn't that what the internet is for? Don't listen to these guys, it's a very addicting game that has an amazing storyline and makes you want more of the franchise and more answers to the story line.

Dan2273k. I really love this game Scott. You are awesome

Phantom Bonnie in the game???. I like the game but where is phantom Bonnie?

good game. Very great game but unfortunately there’s a few bugs I click the audio lure button he doesn’t go and all the time when he’s at the door I try to put the audio but he doesn’t go and I’m stuck in night 3

New update👍. Amazing graphics and looks just like pc

Langue. Salut J’aimerais comprendre en français

Pretty easy and my favourite. It’s not to hard other than night 6 and aggressive mode. But very fun

Rare scene 1 in 10B. I found normal puppet on cams which is really rare and it’s auto lose because spring trap teleports to you and everything is sabotaged

So good. I love this game

Spring trap. This game is amazing I love the jump scares but spring trap jump scare is not really scary I wish it was a bit cooler,but other then that this game is really fun and amazing 😊🙂

Fnaf 3. I think Fnaf 3 was the best game in my opinion

Uhh. It's ok but it's too easy

Spring boy broke. So, on night 3, spring trap doesn't listen to the audio can you please fix that?

Amazing. Awesome game! Keep up the great work Scott!

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Very good, also nice update!!😀😃. I really love the new update and like it’s not really scary anymore but like I’m still on night 3 and bro it’s HARD!! But phantom chica in the hall is freaking cool! I thought “ok, another of those games not even updated” but til I see this it’s just awesome thanks Scott I really like your FNaF games they creep me out I have 6th game just I don’t get jumpscared. I let the heat go all the way up, I pass out but cool though just nice games Scott please make more scary games for your fan of fnaf Me Noah that’s my name!!😂😃

Great Just One Thing!!!. Great game Scott I loved it, but their is a glitch in Nightmare mode, when you get jump scared be a phantom and you look at the cams Springtrap can be in more than one cam then he's at my window then at my face! That's one glitch and when I hear the vent I check it and he's not there until I put my cam down! But it's still great Scott I love the series just if you could fix that that would be great!!! Everybody should get this game the price is worth it! 😀

Amazing as always scott. I've been playing Scott's games before he even made the five nights at freddy's franchise. His games were already amazing as it was. Then he made five nights at freddy's. This game blew up to be one of the most popular strategy/horror, games of 2014. When Scott saw the results. He made 2 and 3. These games both skyrocketed the franchise, and he had people clawing there way through evidence to learn more about the five nights at freddy's franchise. Personally this is my favorite game scott has made yet, I highly recommend it. Sincerely- a fan

LAST SECOND WIN ON NIGHT 4!!!... and night 5.... So I was on night for and at 5 am springtrap was staring at me through the window and I fixed the vent but after a few seconds the vent broke then I just walked away from my IPad and just left it there but springtrap was gone so if I used anything he would jumpscare me so I left it there and a few seconds later.... DUN.. DUN.. DUN DUN... DUN .. DUN.. DUN..DUN......YYAAAAYYY!!!!!!! I WON BOIIIIIIIII!!!!... oh I didn’t win the hole game? No I didn’t? Aww man...... kinda the same thing happened on night 5... lol....

Succeeds at scaring me. This game is amazing. This is one of my favorite games in the series, mainly because of the fact that Springtrap is the only one that can kill you, but also because of one of the phantoms: Foxy. Phantom Foxy succeeds at making me jump every time I see him. I never can see it coming! Am I looking to repair the audio? Boom! Now you got the ventilation to fix as well. This game is a 10/10. Its place in the lore is amazingly easy to understand, and I love that.

Will you remaster?. For a long time now, I loved FNaF 3 for being a fun, Horror, and Great mechanics and charators! However I notice that somewhat FNaF 1 and 2 Have remastered updates. But however fnaf 3 doesn’t? I’m not trying to be picky but it’s just I really enjoy the remastered updates, trying out everything that wasn’t in before, It’s because this is the 2nd game with the most lacked things. (Sister location in 1st) But it would be at least nice to give a specific release date? If so I would love it.

The best five nights at Freddys game. You need to buy the game now because you have audio devices, camera system, ventilation and reboot and reboot all mean if you need to fix audio devices and camera system and it can do ventilation to and it’s is better than five nights at Freddys 2 and 1 because In five nights at Freddys 1 the power runs out quickly and five nights at Freddys 2 it’s mostly impossible to past night 2 because the stupid music is like 10 before puppet (marionette) and balloon boy is like he he he he and put the Freddy mask for 2 minutes and withered foxy can get you.

Fun :D. Wowwww this is so fun I love that certain animatronics cause a camera problem .For example,P.Mangle causes audio issues. It’s fun because you can fix the camera issue so you don’t get jump-scared! I like the jump-scares too and the jumps are sound is scary 😂 This was so fun and scary the thing that scares me is when Springtrap is literally staring at you through the glass Lol. This was a very fun game no complains at all! 👍 ( I am the players sister who wrote this because the player has no idea how to type )

Very fun and very hard but also very scary 😱👿👻💀☠️😈. I have been telling my parents to buy fnaf 3 I also have fnaf 1 Witch is kinda the same but my parents never bought it but then That all changed the fnaf life of me was starting (well my name is Lucas but I should change it to uuuuummm the horror Lucas Makes sense cause I LOVE ❤️ HORROR)well my parents bought fnaf 3 first in the morning and thirty minutes later they bought fnaf 1 well in my first play through I GOT TERRIFIED but now I look away a little while because I’m still a little bit scared 😱

A Veteran at Five Nights at Freddy's. I absolutely adore fnaf I've played it on mobile since September 2014 this game is definitely the most underrated "Luck based" what do you mean "luck based"? Night 6 is possible without repairing ANYTHING and night 5, but it takes ALOT of focus and listening to do... Luck based is 10/20 mode in fnaf 2 (which I already beat) not 4/20 mode in fnaf 1 since that's possible and easy with the right strategy... Anyway what I'm saying is this game is very worth the what? 3 dollars it is will give you more then 3 dollars of entertainment.

AHHHH. This is the second time I played this game and HOLY CRAP ITS SCARY! I am on night three and I just got it today. And may I just say the animation is the best. So it takes place in 2023 so hence the 30 years later. They use actual relics from the first and second game also all of the phantoms see to be burnt. Which is the torching of the acrattion. Like smoke said in one of his videos it might be a look into the future of fnaf. At the end you'll see that the newspaper says fazbears freight burns to the ground. so I give 10/10

Amazing just wow. I loved this game but I'm confused why isn't the shadow Bonnie plush on your desk past night 5 also why isn't mangle a character in sections I looked and mangle wasn't there i mean even the phantom puppets there but not mangle also it seems like only a few cams are useful vents and where springtrap starts the hallway and the 2 arcades he never move except those cams finally can you update the minigames so you can jump like the computer edition

WAY too difficult. I've been stuck on Night 4 for the longest time now (since the game's release) and I can't get past it. Why do I instantly get jumpscared by BB only seconds after the night begins? Why does Springtrap instantly move to Cam 7 at 12 am? I can't even make it to 4 am without dying, it just can't be done! I'm sorry, Scott but this is just too difficult to even enjoy playing. And did I mention that this is Night 4? I can't even imagine how excruciatingly difficult Night 5 will be, or even Nightmare mode. I'll go back to FNaF 2, because that game is challenging, but not impossible. I'm on the custom nights in the second game and I quite enjoy the challenges; but this game is just impossible.

Glitch?. I'm rating this game 4 stars, due to the fact that in all respects it is absolutely amazing. However, whilst playing this game, I have come across a glitch. Whenever Balloon Boy jumpscares the player, I have noticed that no matter where Springtrap is in the location, that he will ALWAYS glitch to being behind Balloon Boy, this is somewhat agitating, however it doesn't change my opinion of the game, because in all respects this glitch CAN BE AVOIDED! Just don't let Balloon Boy jumpscares you, otherwise it means game over. This game is still one of the most amazing games, and I am a HUGE fan of the series and game creator! This game is with your time and money!

This game is awesome. The layout of the game is enough to send chills down my spine but the animatronics were pretty easy to avoid except the puppet I never want to see that again but as a guy that loves fnaf games this one is one of my favorites but this game has its fair list of glitches sometimes I would see springtrap on two cameras at once and he would scare me from the door when I couldn’t even see him and sprint across my room when he was on my cameras but honestly this game is more frustrating than scary

Scary...😨. This game is incredibly hard and frightening. To be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. 😎 I've made a FNAF fan book called "Clawmarks" that I'm hoping will get published. What's funny is that I started making it in December, and halfway through the book, you announced "The Twisted Ones". Even crazier, I was making a prequel while you were making a sequel! I love your work, Scott. Someday I hope to do all the amazing things you do. And I'm not just talking about the games. I want to have a relationship with God and ask Him for wisdom and guidance. Take care. 🙂

I'm obsessed!. I had heard about these a few years ago when they first came out, but I'm not much of a bandwagon girl. I decided to check them out a couple days ago to see what all the rage was about and I'm so glad I did!! I bought the first three over the course of three days, and intend to buy the fourth. In order of best to least favorite so far, FNAF 2 is my favorite, FNAF 3, and then the first one just because the graphics aren't great. I never get sick of jump scares and love being kept on my toes!! Highly recommend!

Great but fix this please. The five nights at Freddy’s games are so amazing and this is one of the amazing games but with good things, comes some problems. My first question is when getting the good ending, it’s impossible to get into mangles quest on small screens like an iphone. I have tried so many times to get into the Minigame but the screen is to small to press four tiny buttons. Other than that, the game is overall great but please fix this or tell if I am doing anything wrong, ok.

How I See It. Okay so I have both the first and second game and I thought it couldn't get any scarier.😓 Turns out I was wrong about that.😔 Even thought Springtrap is the only animatronic the others are all still there. Well not technically there but in the game if you know what I mean. So they are actually phantoms or hallucinations in the game. They look burned and have like they have eyes like the puppet or marionette in the second game.🙀 All in all Scott did an actually job as always on this trilogy to one of the most popular horror games. 😺

I ❤️ it +fact. The phantoms are good, spring trap very nice modeled and now fact have a fact that Spring trap is Michael Afton you see after he got scooped in sister location he told his sister to take the skin before he got scooped so she wore it in the world and she was a robot you know because Elizabeth the accident with baby anyway after that happened the skin started to purple the sauce but she was purple guy cornered her for self in the suit and then well you know 😵 her song returned to baby and Michael possessed Spring trap if you’re not on board with this fact then fine how your fact

My personal favorite out of 1-4. I don't know what it is about this game but I like it more than 1, 2, and 4. (Sister location is better though.) I just like Springtrap as a character and like rebooting systems. But I just wish that Springtrap could be less active. Just night 5 itself is a great challenge because any system error and you'd either A: get jumpscares by phantom foxy and have to go back and reboot again, or B: Springtrap is really close. That's all, great game, must buy!

Cool. This game is very tricky and I think so far is the hardest one to beat for me. I love how you get to seal many vents to protect yourself. Also you can lure Springtrap away with the audio. I'm also glad there is only one animatronic that can kill you but I think for some reason that this makes it more difficult. You made Springtrap very intelligent and fast I like how you have to be very aware where he is. I also like the mini games that you put in as well. Great Work.

Awesome. Great way to "change it up " but it's funny, cuz I remember going on this coding website, and I played the demo of all the fnaf games...and I just remember thinking "wow, this is scary!" And now I've played all of them up to at least night 4-5 and I'm working on finishing them, and now things are A LOT harder and scarier, so for those people who play the demos, u should really try the real game, even the second, and sometimes first night are harder by a SUBSTANTIAL amount!

Only two setbacks. The only problems that I've come across is that the camera is too small and doesn't take up the whole screen and that is actually why I think that I can't see spring trap sometimes, the other setback also has something to do with the first.......... The camera map takes up most of the space on the camera that your using, which brings me back to what I've wanted to say, Scott..... Make the cameras big enough for the screen! Please

Why all this Hate!!!!111. This is one of the best, no, no, scratch that. This is the best app I have on my IPad currently. But why do people hate this game! It makes no sense. I've beaten aggressive nightmare mode, and it only toke about an hour of attempts. Skill. This game is about skill and reaction time. You can stop Springtrap from killing you if you quickly open the ca,era and use the audio on Cam 1. from there you can move him back to Cam 7. This game isn't about luck, it's strategy and skill.

(Insert Title). Scott, this truly is an amazing game. I love the realistically sized camera XD and the error mechanic I still would've liked a mechanic that allowed you to pick up and use the masks in the box though... Also a lot of people think that the 2-3 Springtraps is a glitch ITS NOT if you have a ventilation error you start to hallucinate and 2-3 Springtraps will be in the cameras at once only 1 is real. There's just one more thing I would like though either night 7 or super nightmare or something since I beat nightmare and aggressive nightmare 1st shot XD (also yes I know FNaF4 is out) -Sincerely, Riley.

My favorite one so far. Okay Scott. You have outdone yourself in this one. It is my absolute favorite of the series so far, and I cannot get past night five. This game is filled with surprises and sly tricks. And we all know that you have many tricks up your sleeve so is this really 'The end'? I will be expecting more from you in the future. I know that the fourth game is out now, but are we sure that this is the final chapter? I hope to see more games from you Scott.

Good job Scott. Way to go Scott you made a game that makes no sense!!!! After all this time watching game theory's and 13 hours of game play I can only come to one conclusion with all your games... It's all a dream!!! First of all most of the story line makes some sense and all of phone guys recordings are pre recorded . But you are true when you said four games one story. Any who you are awesome !!! Considering that you made a game with very fine details in every corner. So congrats Scott lots of gamers and people love you and fnaf!!! YyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaAAaaAAAAayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FNAF3 Is Way Awesome. I have always been a fan of Five Nights At Freddy's, but this one goes beyond! I enjoy the challenge of the rebooting and the vents. I have one little thing Scott, that if you could fix it would be better - I have had an experience with the glitch that sends Springtrap from cam 9 (I have the cam 11 vent closed) to the hall right in front of me. That will not stop me from playing such an awesome game! I LOVE this game and encourage other people to play it!! Thanks - Tee

This Is A Really Fun Game. I really like this game because of the strategy and quick thinking involved, I also love the lore behind it. It can be easy, considering that I’ve gotten up to night 4 in like 10 mins without dying (not kidding). It’s sad that Scott has retired, and I wished we only have games like this, not fancy like Fnaf VR or Security Breach, considering there won’t be a mobile version. Overall I like this game and I really enjoy it.

I just noticed something funny. I just noticed that the three games that came out after the first fnaf including this one was that these games had no security doors what so ever, this isn’t a complaint I’m just saying it was kinda funny, but this game is awesome and all the other fnaf games aswell and you have to use the audio to lure them away, for those who don’t know how or maybe want to know how or for those who even think it’s dum not to have the security doors, also use vent snare or else he can come in through the vents

My Favorite One. I don’t know what it is about old, forgotten, barely functioning technology... but the atmosphere this location and spring trap himself gives off is awesome. The only reason I’m writing this review is because I noticed the other 3 core games received updates, so I replayed all of them to come back to the realization I made 5 years ago that this game is the best. Idk if anyone will actually be looking at reviews for fnaf 3 around 5 years after it’s release, but if you want an opinion it’s totally worth the $3 I payed for it.

A new idea. Like every five nights at Freddy’s game it’s completely different I love the lore of this game and still it’s a fresh idea just because how different the games are they are the same concept but completely different play. I feel like this game is definitely harder but I think that’s a good thing it’s a challenge my only complaint about the old games was they were pretty easy and it just took like a day to beat this one is challenging but possible which I love.

Amazing port of an amazing game.. I, similar to some other reviewers, don’t have a PC, so I thank Scott and Clickteam for releasing this. Anyway, some people have been saying that this game will do anything to get you to lose. This is untrue. You just need to PUT IN SOME EFFORT. I took me about 2+ hours (not altogether, split apart) to beat Nightmare Mode. Yes, the game is hard. No, it is not impossible by any means. It’s actually pretty easy compared to other games (I.e. fnaf 4, sl, pizzeria sim, ucn), so if you want a challenge go play one of those.

Worst 1 out of the series. The only reason why I hate this one is because it's too easy and there is only 1 animatronic that can kill u but the other ones just scare u. Here is my fav ones out threw 1 threw 3 fnaf sister location , fnaf 2 and fnaf 1. These r my fav because fnaf sister location has a pretty scary story line and I hope it comes to mobile because it's the best and fnaf 2 because it's so much and it's the 2nd hardest in the series and fnaf 1 because it started it all and it's the 3rd hardest Thanks for reading my review

It's just sad now. Ever since I've seen premed heir play it and when I saw the ending I just felt bad about the purple guy the ghost of the five missing children and after I heard the FNAF song balloons that just made it even worse so pretty much every time I play this I feel sad and feel like these lost souls aren't trying to hurt us except for spring trap cause he's the purple guy/Vincent. But now that they are making a movie, now I know that this is gonna be gooooooooood

On a scale of 1-10, probably a 6. It's a pretty ok game, really. It just wasn't as good as the other ones. And Springtrap, well he only scared me the first time time I saw him and now I think he's pretty cute. Without the human remains at least. That went a little too far. I had that same problem with some of the characters in the second game, but that one was still my personal favorite. Anyway, the gameplay wasn't great and I don't understand nightmare mode at all. It's not even any scarier. Someone told me it was way scarier but there's no difference except for that it's harder. But like I said, it's not bad, and its

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH😵. I can't beat night 2 because every time Phone guy gets off the phone I'm like no cant do this or I see an animatronic in the window and I freak out and close the game I don't recommend buying these games if you get scared easily or get paranoid easily now don't play these games when you need to pee or you will wet your pants 😳 this is the best game so far... And I don't recommend this game for kids 8 and under I am going to buy fnaf 4 and sister location when it comes out!!😵

I disagree with the comment below. This is a great game like the rest it goes with the game after the place is burnt to the ground they got the stuff they found and Bonnie got crushed but survived and then killed the purple guy in spring trap and that's why there's no phantom Bonnie his soul was released by Killing the purple I know this sounds stupid and Scott never said this but this is what I thought it was like Scott your great at putting secrets and I think I found out this one fnaf fnaf 2 and fnaf 3 are great together and fnaf 4 is as well being a kid and the crying child think out the box I see and it is great

Wow! What a fantastic game!. This is the best dating simulator I have ever used! Works like a charm, and speaking of charm the character you date is REALLY charming~ This app is great if you wanna have fun! The character is so sexy and I think about him every day... his attractive smile... sweet eyes... sexy voice... everything is so great! That hunk of a man will sure take you on a ride if ya know what I mean- SPOILERS: His name is William~ William Afton~ I tell ya that guy is very sexy I tell ya. Mmmmmmmmhmmm, so yeah, this character is sexy mmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes hot yes attractive yes mm hot yes hot sexy hot cute aw sweet looking mmm yes lemme smash yes hot hot hot yes oh yes baby William lemme sma-

Fantastic. For short, this has to be the most iconic horror game series this decade and maybe even ever. Games such as Slenderman, Silent Hill, and many others will never match both the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Five Nights At Freddy's saga. It introduces you to a creepy and mysterious story (and happens to be based off a true one too) that will pull you along as you play the game. It will give both immense entertainment and a very good scare. It's the game you will play for hours straight. It's truly a masterpiece.

This and Sister Location the worst FNaF games.. FNaF 3 sucked a lot. It is not as bad as Sister Location but still pretty bad. FNaF 3 is mostly just copy and pasted from the first two games. I do like Springtrap a lot and Toy Bonnie (FNAF 2) Withered Bonnie and regular Bonnie from the first two games we’re pretty scary. Bonnie did scare me a lot like Scott when he first made FNAF games Toy Bonnie wasn’t that scary to me but he did scare me sometimes and I like him/her (I think Toy Bonnie is female because of her voice in AR.) But I would recommend you buy the other FNaF games like FNaF 1,2,4, Pizzeria Simulator, Help Wanted, and Special Delivery but not this one or Sister Location, because this FNaF game was pretty bad but not as bad as Sister Location.

Needs games involving purple man and more!. On the PC edition after every night you get a minigame in which you play as freddy on night 1, Bonnie on night 2, Chica on night 3, and Foxy on night 4, and then the purple man's death on the 5th night it needs that defenitely! I also think that it needs the key pad in your office to acces a mangle's quest and also the cupcakes in the cameras to acces a chica's party and I have one more… It needs a 6th night dude! I FRIKIN LOVE THE GAME MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE PLANET I HAVE THERE IS NO PAUSE BUTTON, fnaf 1,2, and 3 (of course) and I also play minecraft so I am a good gamer and gave this FRIKIN 5 stars dude! 5S STARS!!

❤️🐻🐰🐤🦊❤️. Scott, This is my favorite FNaF videogame by far. And seeing that you still continue to support and update your older games proves that you are a very devoted developer. Keep making games. Be proud of your work! I loved and was addicted to the original game when it was released, and I still play it to this day. There’s just one really minor problem- I'm not fond of ANY of the games' new menu music. Other than that, perfect games made better over 6 years later. Keep up the good work!!!

Good game! The horror attraction. Good game! It's pretty easy if you get used to it. To those who can beat night 4 or 5 read this > Avoid the phantoms. If not reboot as the jump scare ends as fast as possible. Due to it being the phone edition FOXYS jump scare cannot be avoided it's very random so stay focused. Avoid the puppet on cam 8 and mangle on cam 4 on night 4/5. If you hear scary music like when spring trap was near and he isn't near then it's Freddy. Use the cams to shield your face from him cam/reboot pads are the shields. That is all you need to know. ( if you want cheats get good ending! )

Please Read (Awesome Game). I finished the game. It’s isn’t that scary. This is a bit harder since pc can see foxy. We can’t. You can’t click away for BB and the puppet. I got all 3 stars except the last one. This is nightmare aggressive. This is hard I get it. But you can’t really avoid jump scares as easy as PC. One jumpscare can mess up the run. I got to 4 am and failed because of foxy or BB. Please fix this or make the aggressive easier. Otherwise this game is awesome and worth to buy.

Really scary and awesome but one bug. When I saw this game I was really excited I've been waiting forever and I wast he'd people play it and I thought it would be easy but it really scared my socks off. I really like the setting and it's really challenging I don't know if it's me I can't find spring trap on the cameras. Beside that you out done yourself Scott and I enjoy every fnaf I hope you make more soon. Also foxy jumped scared me on night two and balloon boy got me twice and one night can you please fix that

Fnaf is the best game series ever. These games are amazing everyone with a brain that doesn't make you stay up all night thinking foxy will run you down can get this game and the rest of the series. They have an incredibly amazing story behind them. I just love this game and am sad to see it end but happy to see what horror scot will make next. Also scot or someone write a book or make a movie in honor of this so that it shows the story and it's worth because some people don't see the significance in the story

SCOTT YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! But..... Ok best fnaf so far, but I don't have the right mini games. I played it on my friends iPhone, and after night 1 it gave me mangles quest instead of Freddy following purple Freddy and getting dimantled blah blah blah. I was like ' huh? What ? Why is this happening?' So yeah. I got it on my iPad too! Night 2 gave me the Chica cupcake game. Night 3 gave me the one where golden Freddy and spring bonnie ( springtrap whatever) ) were performing for kids. I played as golden Freddy. So, fix please! Best one so far! Can't wait for movie and #4!

Difficulty. Ok so this might be me because I’m probably very bad or you guys need to lower the difficulty of spring trap because I was just on the second night at 5am and I checked the vent and every single hall way but I couldn’t find him so you need to lower the difficulty or at least make it easier to see on the cameras because with the static happening all the time you can’t see any thing and I know in fnaf 1 there was static on the screen but it was more lit and you were actually able to see the animatronics, please fix this problem

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What do you think of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Clickteam, LLC and people?

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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 2.0.1 Games Screenshots & Images

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.0.1
Play Store com.scottgames.fivenights3
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (Versiyon 2.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Five Nights at Freddy's 3 was published in the category Games on 2015-03-12 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This program file size is 66.44 MB. This app has been rated by 6,403 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Games app posted on 2022-04-14 current version is 2.0.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.scottgames.fivenights3. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Options screen - Subtitles in 11 languages (see app description) - Improved virtual controller - Improved usability of interactive elements - Increased panning speed (office) - Revamped vibrations - Various fixes and improvements

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Find this site the customer service details of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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