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Periscope Live Video Streaming [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

NEW: Start earning when you go LIVE! Super Hearts are virtual gifts you can give and receive during live broadcasts.

Use Periscope to:
• Broadcast live video and interact with people through hearts and comments.
• Discover popular live video streams from around the world or search for broadcasts by location or topic.
• Give and receive Super Hearts to show support.
• Missed out on a live video? Don't worry — watch the best parts with replay highlights.
• Instantly share your live videos to Twitter and other social networks.
• Broadcast privately to specific followers or friends.

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Periscope Live Video Streaming Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We squashed some bugs and made some improvements to make Periscope better for everyone.

Periscope Live Video Streaming Comments & Reviews

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- Great app for broadcasting whatever you want

It’s a fantastic app allowing people to broadcast their lives to whomever wants to watch. The ability to block users as well as report users for broadcasting material that you find undesirable is a great feature. If you see a broadcast that is in violation of the rules of conduct and you find it to be offensive, simply report the user. Taking down an app because certain individual users violate codes of conduct is not an option. Broadcasters who are broadcasting content which is not in violation of rules of conduct shouldn’t lose the app just because certain individuals have issues with the material certain other broadcasters choose to broadcast.

- Really enjoying periscope.

• Periscope via the Twitter Apple TV app. I just wish there were more features on the tv app like there is to the phone app. I would love to give stars, I would love to type in a question, etc in the tv app. But the tv app has a spinning globe UI feature which is really nice. It needs to be updated control wise. It it’s my favorite feature. • The stand alone Periscope app terrible for discovery. Content is organized more by weird uninteresting topics instead of by country or people you follow. And most of the videos that have recently stopped broadcasting still show up as “offline”. Once a video has stopped streaming get rid of it immediately fill the space with a new one along the lines of the users preferences. I think Twitter should move the earth globe UI to the main stand alone Periscope app. In all it’s a cool app just wish it wasn’t so schizophrenic, and that it had a more modern and tighter UI experience.

- Periscope (Twitter) hypocrisy

I have two major complaints about this app. First, there’s no search engine for feeds. You can choose suggested or recent, but then you have to scroll through a long list of feeds THEY choose to show you, there’s no way to choose by country, region, feed type, etc. Second, their enforcement of their TOS is very hypocritical. They will shut down a feed or ban an account for any infraction except drug use and sex trafficking. If you smoke a bong or use narcotics on camera you’re fine, or if you advertise your Onlyfans (also owned by Twitter) sex page on the feed, you’re fine. You can also offer anything you want for payment through cash app and that’s perfectly ok. If you’re going to enforce your language and nudity violations, at least be consistent. Shut down the accounts that are blatantly selling themselves, unless of course making money off it through Onlyfans is more important, as it clearly appears with just a quick look through your site.

- Customer support doesn’t help with safety

I reached out along with a friend to periscope through e-mail and twitter about a pressing issue in periscope. Periscope doesn’t alert you who has screenshotted or screenrecorded you. It only shows that someone did it. I reached out to periscope help to bring this to their attention, telling them that women are finding screenshots of themselves online because of this, telling them this has become a safety issue. I got the canned response of “Hi, we don't have plans to show who is taking screenshots in broadcasts, but we'll certainly communicate your feedback to our team. Thanks for reaching out about this.” The customer support/periscope team doesn’t take interest in user safety and are far behind technologically speaking. Snapchat alerts you who screenshots, periscope still is behind, and doesn’t care because they just want the money. Do yourself the favor and find another app that does show you and cares about the safety of their users.

- Periscope has issues

Periscope brought me the world and introduced me to new friends. Wonderful. But the app has persistent issues that customer support seems to dismiss out of hand. •Accessibility - The interface is abysmal for anyone with (or without) visual impairment. Why oh why are commenters names in a gray colored font? Why? People use this app outside, in the sun much of the time. Broadcasters have trouble reading their commenters names. It’s why I stopped broadcasting. Use a black font!!! The same is the case for profile pages. Why all the grayed-out fonts? What’s the purpose? To make it harder to read? •You, for some reason, blocked/deleted my 3yr old account without so much as an explanation. I suspect it was bands of political trolls filing false reports. Three years of Scopes, followers, friends, and hearts - gone. All attempts to contact you went unanswered. Had to create new account. •Tech glitches- Can’t see comments when viewing on Twitter. Tapping to correct a comment before sending collapses the keyboard •Your inability to control sex bots. Everyday I must block daily2-3 of them. •Not allowing us to see ALL our followers or commenters. Why? Periscope could be a great app but with these issues it’s not possible. Hire a good sensitive UI team, fix accessibility issues, all I’ll rethink my rating AND GIVE ME MY OLD ACCOUNT BACK‼️

- Moderation not right.

The way its moderated when people just talking and getting blocked off positive words is ridiculous. I miss 2014 periscope. Why yall add the dumb moderation? It doesn’t make sense. People can tag any comment as abuse when its nowhere near and you stop people from commenting with their friends. How about adding video chat instead of just voice chat? I’d rather video my friends and not worry about randoms tagging my comments as abuse than voice chat my friends and they can’t see my face. Periscope was so much better in 2014 man. What CHANGED!? Was it FB? Why couldn’t you stay the same? Was it Twitter? Why is every good app turned into some PC, kid app. People are grown, let the kids have a kid version of apps. I hate to give this 1 star but its just not the same and I know you guys know that. None of these apps are fun anymore because of all of these new restrictions. Do better. Go back to the old you. This upsets me so much.

- I’m beginning to no longer enjoy this app

The video quality has gotten better but my main issue is the sound and rewinding for older streams. When watching an old video every 20+ seconds there is a pause in the sound which is extremely annoying and makes me not want to use the app anymore. Also, the comments sometimes appear before what the person says. For example, the person is talking about something that happened in childhood but a comment, with specific details, appears before that part of the stream begins. Additionally, if I rewind the video the comments are even more out of sync as well as the fact that what the person was saying in the first 5 minutes is now repeating at minute 30. Please fix this.

- Best live stream!

There are many live streams but Periscope is unique! Not really a fan of IG Live from what I can see Periscope is still better. One request I really feel Periscope just consider especially now that we have audio broadcasts is allowing the video to still play in the background even when you exit the app the way podcasts do on your phone. It’s annoying to not be able to multitask and have to only keep the periscope app open to listen to content on there. Also if there would be a better way to block phone calls and texts from disrupting the video so it doesn’t end before you’re finished.

- Great app but needs moderation

It’s a great app. Unfortunately nazis and pedophiles run rampant on there. They thrive in communities like this with lax moderation to make it worse many children use the app and adults like to take advantage of them. This is very disturbing and I wish that there was a way to moderate or log these creepers and report them to the appropriate authorities. I also wish that you would add an option to report racist or hate based content as many of the people who broadcast there regularly preach messages of hatred based on gender and race. Luckily these two problems are in the minority but they are very serious problems that I hope the developers of this app address.

- Great app except

Periscope is easy 2 use & opens a whole new world of interactive media to the user. U can discuss various issues on your mind, go to places & c things u maybe couldn’t otherwise, learn new things about other people & their culture & heritage, listen to musical artists, watch an artist create, join a cooking scope,a breaking news scope, have conversations & consider other viewpoints, all kinds great things to do. There is sure 2 b a scope u will enjoy going on in the app somewhere anytime, day or night. This is great to learn about so many things in the world. It connects people n a way no other app I have ever used has been able to. The negative is that, as other types of social media tend to do, I c it can unfairly target Conservative or Christian viewpoints. Also 2 many copy bots. As with any social media use, use common sense & protect yourself & your identity. I also wouldn’t suggest a child 2 b involved in this app without direct supervision by their parent or guardian. Clean the issue of unfair targeting of viewpoints & the copy-bot issue up & I’ll give it 5 stars.

- Love it, but maybe less specific location

This app is so fun and my favorite live app. Most other live apps are complete porn 24/7, at least this one is only ~20% porn. I just wish that my location could be less specific. I post live videos often, but I’m a young girl. And I really wish my location didn’t show almost exactly on my house. There are creeps on here who could find me. I also don’t want to not show my location in general though because I want friends nearby to find me. Maybe if there was another choice, like to just show you in what city you’re in, thank youuu

- Parents keep this app away from your kids

The concept of this app is a natural evolution of the ego driven internet. But the free-for-all format with no obvious oversight or content filtering has turned this app into a nightmare of drug use, porn, “prophets”, and child exploitation. You read that last part right. A big portion of the streaming community is shady sites streaming porn on loop and women teasing the camera with PayPal links in their bio. Kids tend to imitate what they see and increasingly there are girls as obviously young as 13 doing the same while a group of sick predators goad them on. Periscope is a pedophiles dream and a parents nightmare. The app relies on community policing but there’s only so far that can go. And the incident needs to happen to be reported. There needs to be stricter oversight and an overhaul on child safety before this platform can be viable.

- Ok but needs fixing for sure

It's a great ap to speak to people from all over the world, HOWEVER, kids should absolutely not be using this app. Also when you stream yourself it's almost guaranteed that you will get "hecklers" either saying racist remarks or other completely inappropriate things. It needs to be set up so that if you get booted maybe 3 times total you get completed banned from using the ap, as in you phone number or IP address should be banned from using the ap. There are a lot of people who just sit there all day long and go from room to room getting banned by different people for being annoying. Why are you letting them ruin this app????

- blind Voiceover users can no longer dictate while in a stream

We want to be able to comment like everyone else, besides listening, and when you have to use the keyboard, you can’t comment in a timely manner. Only a certain amount of words at a time can be dictated, during which time the stream completely cut out, and after finishing any dictation, the sound doesn’t come back, such that you have to close out of the app, relaunch, find your broadcast, and re-enter, by which time I might have missed anything anyone said to what I said. Please fix!

- Worth5 but: this glitch bug

Yup worth 5 but there has been this really bugging bug during the streams. Ok.. The app launches well. Good. Scrolling is ok. But now there has been this new bug that wasn’t bugging before during live streams with broadcasters. When I tap to go into someone’s live cast, the stream now starts this crazy glitch that won’t stop or settle down. It makes the broadcaster start shaking back and forth as if he or she is mutating like the agents in the matrix.. get it? The stream starts to shake making them look like that— they shake back and forth SO FAST that it looks like 3 of them. Understand? It’s rare now to tap on someone who’s live and get a stream that’s running fine without that glitch and yes; extremely annoying. If you know of it, I hope that you’re working to make that go away like now. 🤨🙂 If not then now you know but I think you should’ve heard of this bug before. Get the streams running smoothly again. Peace. It’s 2 stars because I have to chat now with a broadcaster I’m following while having to look at them as if they’re mutating lol. Seriously.

- Your app is unsafe

Periscope needs to have a better reporting system they is a group of men with fake pictures getting girls as young as 9 to do sexual acts in private groups. These accounts need to be able to get reported. I noticed the system in place for reporting does not work. These men report comments of us trying to warn girls not to use the app and the app comment bans us. There should be a system in place that would not let new accounts to be added to private groups until they had enough hearts or something like that maybe a leveling system so these young girls could be safe. And also allow accounts to just report that try to get young girl to do groups that should not be on the app in the first. That is a big problem with any live steaming app.

- Few things to work on

More freedom of speech, easier ways to connect, less glitches like when you try to hit the smiles and the audio goes out or lose audio during lives, or no connection,poor connection or lagging More options instead of just hearts More transparency of who is viewing or in the lives with you Otherwise this is completely amazing and it is free so you can’t really complain too much Thanks for bringing people together with a little more work this is going to be incredible

- Periscope is SO good!

I’ve been using Periscope for about a year now. Last week, I had a problem and I still don’t know what went wrong. (Gotta work on that!) But it made me realize that I use this app over and over without any problems. It’s so easy to use that even I can figure it out. I use to livestream my talks to my clients. A few weeks ago, however, I happened across a beautiful jazz concert in London and thoroughly enjoyed both the show and chatting with the other watchers all over the world! Thanks Periscope!

- Love it

This has introduced me to many different people that have the same interests as I do. The person being filmed can respond to what the watchers say. For instance, if you want to ask a question, if the person being filmed can answer you if they want. Also, if you find someone that you can befriend, subscribe to them and when they get on you would be notified. The last thing I really like is, many people can tune in to the person being filmed at the same time.

- Number 1

Periscope is one if my personal favorite apps. I’ve been using the app for around 3-4 years. I love every minute of my time searching channels and chatting with people from around the world. It blows my mind the amount of unique people I’ve met and learned about different cultures. I’m not sure why there’s several reviews from people complaining about porn and drug use. Sure you may run into one every once in a while. However people are blowing it way out of proportion it’s not that bad. Periscope simply isn’t like that. Even if you do run into a channel like that or something you don’t like it literally takes a couple seconds to switch channels and block them. Why I gave the app 4/5 stars: My only complaint is the connectivity issues. Some days it really bad and hard to stay connected to people. There may not be much more periscope can do about these issues and I understand that.

- Desktop/Comments/Social media

I think a desktop app for periscope would be cool with sound that goes direct from your computer instead of your mic, (example playing music from your computer) I also dislike how comments disappear it's hard to keep up with them if there was a way to scroll back & see the missed comments instead of having to retype that would be cool. Also would be cool to have a pinned comment feature so the broadcaster can pin a link or comment for new users to come in. Lastly if there was a way to have social media Buttons in the broadcast so people can click and go to your Instagram, twitter etc... Instead of repeating it in the broadcast and trying to fit everything in a small bio I think it would be highly beneficial for users trying to grow their base. I love the app though!

- Nora

This was one of my favorite apps but one day I came back on and my account was deleted the glitch also happened to my friend Gia and we were mad we tried to put in our google or what we used to get in but no matter what we did it would not let us in also a lot of people ask girl to do handstands and we know what it means!!!!!!! Finally I used my parents number and stuff and it was working but in the middle of my live me account got deleted AGAIN and that made me super mad so I would give it 5 stars but now it has 2 from me!! Also please don't give hate to the people that made this they just need to do a HUGE UPDATE on this thanks for hearing my story Nora

- Terrible discriminatory app

This app is awful. Black people are disabled for literally doing nothing while any other race can walk around naked in a broadcast without so much as a report. They’re disablement policy is based upon how many people report your broadcasts . No proof that what the people said you were doing is true. You could be a priest broadcasting the lords word but if a certain amount of people report you your partner will be disabled and you lose everything you worked for . Meanwhile there are racists who come in your broadcasts just to make racist comments, robots who copy other people’s comments for whatever reason. Anything negative on this app thrives while all positivity is well, disabled. Live me is better .

- Deactivated me for NO reason.

Was using the app for over a year and was impressed with live news and information and yes their is a lot of weird people doing drugs and soliciting, how they aren’t instantly blocked by periscope is beyond me. A couple days ago I log on for a few miniutes and watched Donald trump addressing mid America on his infrastructure plans and suddenly Poof! My account gets deactivated and am instructed to email support, so i did send 2 e-mails asking why they did so and they never have responded. It’s very un professional and irresponsible to treat anyone on any social medium like they don’t matter. Transparency and some consideration to explain what the policy violation is for a user is beneficial in improving ratings and sponsorship awareness of how the public is treated.

- Bummed to say the least

I downloaded periscope after reading positive reviews about the app. However, after creating an account and exploring the app, I was highly disappointed in the content. I couldn’t find any captivating channels and overall, found myself bored from the get-go. This feels like an app that not many people use so it doesn’t have the diversity of content that I was searching for. It seemed mundane and not worth downloading. Also, it ought to be easier to delete your profile. There is no button for it in the settings, so it is up to you to send an email to request your profile be removed.

- Streamer warning

This app is just full of child porn. And all the internet prostitution. Every girl has a onlyfans a prem Snapchat. Then you have guys who go around and act like they own the app because they make a group and conjoin and unite to get a drunk girl naked in a private group. Apps disgusting. Doesn’t matter if you can Ban you can make another account in less then 2 minutes. Reporting people and broadcast is pointless because sometimes periscope just doesn’t care. They’ll ban you and take away all your super hearts for no reason and if you email them they’ll just say. You violated terms of service. Big of a joke now this is own by twitter but yet it’s literally a joke of an app. Full of drama and weirdos

- You do not get to choose the camera to use

I do not like this application for a couple of reasons. Number one. You don’t get to choose the camera. Whether it is the front camera or the back camera. Number two. If you want to voice chat or dictate in other words, you can’t do that. You’re in the middle of dictating a sentence and all of the sudden dictation kicks you out. I believe that this needs to seriously be looked at in my personal opinion when it comes to accessibility. I had to help someone else who is visually impaired with this application. It makes me feel like Twitter does not care about this application. Maybe I should uninstall it at this point. I don’t use it that much anyway.

- Great concept, some issues remain

This app is great for sharing moments with distant friends and family. It will be better when data transfer technology allows for higher resolution. The biggest problem I’ve found is in recording high res to camera roll. On iOS, this doesn’t always happen when the app setting says it will. I’d estimate it works 30% of the time. Frustrating! When it does work, the image is recorded to the camera sideways (90 degrees off). These seem like fixable issues, but they’ve been going on as long as I’ve had the app (1.5 years+)

- Great Way To Stream Live Events

Love, love, love this app. Fast way to get immediate News, Politics and a great way to meet new people who care about our Country. People are able to participate with interaction on Periscope and that is the number one reason why I use the app. Periscope is fair and balance and there is no need to to be concern about verbal abuse because Periscope takes care of that problem. In general, people who use Periscope care about love, peace and joy. Best app for meeting people who are passionate about life.

- Awesome app!

I love this app. While I don’t live stream myself, I love watching other people’s streams. I live in Florida, and a few minutes ago I watched a sweet Japanese man film a Yokohama sunrise on his way to work, and yesterday I watched a New York guy give a tour of Manhattan. It is so nice to see Australia, New Zealand, Austria, etc. since I’ve never been outside of the U.S.. I have no complaints about design, and I love that I can comment and give lots of hearts (“likes,” basically) to the people who dedicate their time. Love it.

- Micro Scope?

Normally, an app must be made by Microsoft to be as screwed up as THIS crApp. The idea is great and there are some excellent content creators, but from the tech end, TWITter is surprisingly clueless. They should contract this crApp out to someone who actually knows what they are doing. One of the two more obnoxious glitches is crosstalk. This is especially a problem on replays. It’s difficult to focus on the scope you’re in while another one is blaring almost full volume at the same time. Equally annoying is when you are trying to add an emoji and the keyboard keeps switching back to characters before you can tap on the emoji you want. And TWITter is ESPECIALLY confounded by comments. A third of the time they’re visible, the rest of the time they’re simply NOT. Frequently, you are forced to click out of the scope and back in before you can see the comments. Of course, when you go back in, you can only see comments posted since you got back in. If 1 is a perfect app and 10 is the sorriest crAp ever released, this crApp gets an 8.7.

- Not good, horrible in fact

After a few times you say anything on this platform that’s not a leftist view you get limited. Meaning you can’t comment on streams for a few minutes. Then if you say anything else they limit you a little longer till you’re up to days limited and it’s not a lot before they limit you. This has happened every time I get on here if I chat at all. If you like being in a sound chamber never hearing opposing views to politics, religion or anything that’s not leftist then this app is for you. The true anti- speech app for those that can’t stand to others views or good debates. If I could give it less then 1 star I would because of their insides views.

- Almost a day one periscoper

Periscope is a case study on the human psych. I’ve seen places that I’ll never go to because I hate to travel. Guitars to porn stars and everything in between. To be at a catastrophic event before the news gets there is my favorite thing on Periscope. I’d love to be on assignment for a Periscope type news if they had such a thing. I’ve bonded with a lot of social media characters and I can say I will be on Periscope as long as there is a Periscope 🌴Palm tree trimmer🌴

- Such a terrible policy and app

This is the dumbest policy and app. They disable your account randomly for NO reason at times. I use this app to watch sports, news and talk to a few friends and come on and it is disabled. I never broadcast anything or curse or deal with anything inappropriate and they just randomly disable accounts. Delete and use other apps. It’s a hassle and they disable accounts so u have to find all your friends again. They will disable regular accounts but won’t disable the prostitution, underage kids who shouldn’t be on there alone with men directing and females with PayPal accounts selling videos and other offline services. Backwards security team

- Periscope LIVE streaming is now a force!

Periscope LIVE streaming is faster and easy to use. Replay videos are available almost instantly. You can retweet the video from the beginning or from whatever section you wish to highlight. It is intuitively simple in execution for the user. Made to integrate seamlessly with Twitter so citizens and journalists can bring you news and entertainment as it happens. Watch TechCrunch’s #DISRUPT2019 to see how Periscope is used with a national conference.

- Window to the world

A window to the world. Key is to finding/following quality "periscopes" and then look at who they follow and perhaps follow them yourself as desired. It's Free! If you want to you can do your own "scope" and allow public or only private viewership. Truly best app ever to me. Broaden your horizons! View live events and breaking news. In time make friends. I just enjoy it a lot, especially the scopes outside of the states. Live is so much better than television.

- Do not believe Big Keene followers

He is telling his followers to come here & leave bad reviews of child porn & fraud because he got banned. Do not believe any of these reviews. This app is a good app, you get to see cultures all over the world. The person in question is racists, abuses women & had extremely rude, obnoxious behavior with very foul language. He got banned, so now wants his groupies to talk bad about the app. It is a good app without people like him on it. Try it out, you will like it!

- Love Periscope, but...

I love Periscope! I really have no complaints, but I do have a question. Is it possible to get close captioning of what the people who are scoping are saying? I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask. I have hearing loss in one ear and partial loss in the other so sometimes I have a hard time hearing and understanding what the "scopers" are saying. Periscope is a great app though and I love being able to "travel the world" from my couch! Thanks so much!

- Virtual Travel

I love meeting new people and seeing new places. Periscope gives you that freedom and acts as a virtual travel agent. I learn so much from people who give their time and knowledge to people who they don’t know but want to share with those of interest. I believe periscope will serve as a vehicle to unify peoples who refuse to be treated disrespectfully by leaders who only want votes not voices. You have a platform to share your world FOR GOOD. Remember users stand up for what’s right to preserve the value of this tool. I thank periscope developers.

- Wow! Great app! 😍😍

Wow I absolutely love this app! I use it to watch my friends joke around in streams and ok im just kidding i only got this app to watch cupcakke but i just wanna know why the first review i see for this app is some anti-black bs? please fix this lol, i dont know about you but having a racist review be the featured review for a (semi-)big app is not a good image for you. if it weren’t for cupcakke, upon reading it i definitely got extremely discouraged to download periscope again.

- Works but sometimes not so well after an update

Hey app developers of Periscope - I LOVE using this but there are some major bugs going on with your most recent update. It keeps freezing up (I have unlimited data with a strong signal where I’m at).. also doesn’t consistently give me an alert on those I follow (& I have double checked my settings are all correct).. I have an iPhone 8 with the most current iOS 11.2.1 running..

- Weird, garbage app with little to no moderation

My initial look at the app: Sorting by new-A lot of creeps and naked people. Gross men and then the nasty women are there to take their clothes off while asking for money. Once in a while you’ll find a stream for live church services, which is a weird juxtaposition.m, church being tucked in between two naked people streams. I suppose if you search for gaming or sports or weather, you will find relevant streams, but just don’t sort by new. I reported several streams on my first use of the app, and nothing with done. No moderation, which is very disappointing. Keep young folks away from the app. Far better apps out there.

- Ban for no reason

This app used to be so amazing. Now I keep getting banned FOR NO REASON. When I email periscope they simply send me a generic message saying my account has been disabled for violating terms and conditions and the decision will not be reversed. When I explain that I did not violate the terms because I don’t go live, they don’t even bother to respond. Literally banned for no reason. I had my one of my accounts for literally two hours. I followed a few gamers and when I got back on a few hours later I was disabled. I liked the app. Very simple and easy to navigate but something has to be done about this banning and customer service.

- They can't keep up with the demand

They lie , they don't support the app (Tech ) they don't respond timely .. I'm supposed to have a gold badge by their own rules (2 week evaluation) it's been almost 2 months .. Periscope is just like the rest of the country .. empty promises or bit of more than they can facilitate .. my stream stays freezing and kicking people off .. With all the technology and updates it's still childlike and they market it as a viable communication format .. if you can't provide what YOU, not us said you could that's misleading and basically lying .. the best thing about the app is it's free ... Not as serious as I once believed it was

- Lifesaver

What a great app for events that not all members of the family or friends can’t make due to work, distance, etc. live broadcast is awesome and can go back and view broadcasts after the event. We specifically use this for baseball games and would highly recommend for similar events for anyone! Keep up the great work with this app and thank you for helping me and my family be apart of such events!

- Best outlet for credible & multiple sources

A great resource for a variety of story and news reporting. Incredible platform for firsthand event reporting such as friends and family gatherings or celebrations to catastrophic events while everything unfolds. Love the educational opportunities like connecting with trusted #ObjectiveInvesting friends, or the latest business trends. And fun to connect with people who have the same interests or new and different experiences to share.

- Great tool

I would just like to suggest two improvements: 1. Allow an option in the settings where one can approve followers like on Instagram. I’m tired of bots and spam accounts following me. 2. A setting where I can get notifications when someone goes live but NOT notifications for their shared broadcasts. I follow someone who does awesome periscopes but they share too many periscopes from others and it gets annoying. I wish I could just get notifications when they go live and not their shares.

- Pretty shoddy in comparison to similar apps

Other apps that do similar, like houseparty, discord, etc., not only function far more smoothly but also have more features (that they’d have for years) that periscope lacks. No ability to mute ones own audio, no camera feature on the call ins, etc. The app is constantly glitchy and almost to the point it’s unusable when they’re working on the app before an update. Also, you guys need to get a handle on the deranged trainwreck users like “Big Keene” and “Dree”.

- I do NOT recommend this app.

I’ve was on this App for almost a year, & it was fine at first. They have all these rules & regulations that you have to follow yet, people still get away for the craziest things. I like to creat cool/fun topics to talk about & recently got banned; for no reason what-so-ever. Asked why they banned me & yet still haven’t gotten an answer. This is the worst Customer Service team I’ve ever dealt with, and I don’t recommend anyone going on this app. People on there are rude, disgusting & heartless. Yet the companies don’t ban them. But if you talk about your opinion on the world; you’ll get banned. Screw this App; I’m not going back.🖕🏾

- Fix yourself

You guys will let little kids on this app having numerous of predators after them because those little kids leave their location on. You have racist people on your app saying nothing but hate speech but that’s not a reportable offense apparently and this app was made by immigrants? You have people who pick on the person who is streaming and the people who try and defend them get banned. You need to give the person who live the ability to give certain people moderator status so they can banned for the streamer. You need to also give the streamer a notification for who screenshots.

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- good

have found that some of the broadcasters had gone to green screen and were unable to watch. The broadcast can freeze and won’t continue to play, but other than that i am enjoying the app.

- Not too bad but room for improvement

This app has improved since my last review particularly with the addition of the ability to clear the Cache but I don’t understand why it’s necessary to do this manually, the app should manage its cache automatically. I’m also finding the latest version is crashing intermittently when trying to view a live or previous broadcast from a user’s profile view. According to the Analytics Data on my device, it’s a “EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)” fault. I’ve also noticed in the last couple of versions that lots of live broadcasts “flicker” (that’s the best description I can give), it’s like the video frames are being played back out of order e.g. instead of playing frame 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, frame 1 is played, then frame 3, then frame 2, then frame 4. It would also be useful to include Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support and the ability to perform live translation in the chat to make it easier to communicate with people who speak other languages, maybe one day there could be live translation of the broadcaster's voice like Skype Translate.

- Great broadcasting app

This app is great for live broadcasting, its quick and easy to open the app then click go live. Your viewers can easier communicate with you through chat. I hope this app gets popular as many people probably aren't aware this is around even though it's by twitter.

- Hello?!

Deleted periscope because of a security problem. Periscope still has access to all your pictures and folders even if you have denied it. That’s like the problem with Facebook and the camera. I don’t want you to have access to all my photos. That’s a no go. Deleted and also denied access to my Twitter account, (Yeah I know you both the same company) even if I don’t use my Twitter account for periscope, had a seperate account via google.

- Great App! But lots of perverts

This is in my opinion the best broadcasting app, but there needs to be better security becasue there are SO many perverts on here, they even try to get children to show their privates, they just need to go.

- Only 3 stars until guest call in feature is added to me app

So having a few problems with periscope the feature to add guests in to ya scope isn’t working on my app in fact its not even on it but probably a bug who knows will change review and rate when it is added

- Awesome but needs more security

Lots of perverts that just encourage each other and so many people driving while filming and reading comments. Can be dangerous but a fun and exciting form of social media that can also be a great advertising platform.

- Needs fixing

Last night I gained over 400 followers but this morning I couldn’t get back I made another account but it logged out of that one to why?? Idk but I tried to log back in but it doesn’t work. What I’m trying to say is fix this problem asap

- Regus63

I have been a periscope user for nearly 12mnths now and it gets better with each new update ...

- Great app but.....

Fantastic platform, however, the amount of sexual behaviour is disgusting. I see kids scoping and predators hovering... makes me sick guys. Please VASTLY IMPROVE SECURITY...One more thing..... the amount of bots at times is OVERWHELMING .... I GIVE A 4.

- Simply the best

The only live streaming app you will ever need, packed full of great features and seamless to use 10/10

- High marks!! Couple of changes..

I've struggled with the point of snap chat, but this one I've taken to and run with, in 24hrs. You don't need friends you make 'em! I love the map, and being whisked to anywhere in the world... And I'll try to showcase Melbs Where as, I rarely get a response with snap chat, and I feel a bit vain broadcasting to friends, if someone doesn't like something here, they'll switch off, no offence taken.. No expectations of an answer. Only gripe/suggestion i have so far is that I'd like to be able to fast forward (Etc) the replays. It's a pain to listen from the beginning each time I fail to watch the whole scope. Particularly on long (interesting) scopes. :) I would also like to save my all time favourites on my profiles for forever replay.

- Great

Love periscope and watching live broadcast of people around the’s a pity there are requirements to be super broadcaster in certain countries.. maybe one day every one in the world can become one

- Love it

Awesome live streaming app. Easy to use and love meeting other live streamers.

- Be better

Sometimes it works well for UGC or the odd love new event. But everything else fails. Poor back end

- Doesn’t really work

I live-streamed foR a good twenty minutes then it exited the live and logged me out and didn’t let me log back in. Please fix this problem

- 👍

Watch this space,.........

- Ok, But could be better

It’s great, but has too many perverts on there & reporting is pointless, cause nothing happens!

- Great app

I enjoy watching.

- Free app

I like this app because it’s free i love it

- Love it

A lot of pervs but I don't mind

- Horrible

To many trolls intentionally blocking messages just for the laugh of it. Disappointing

- great app


- Suggestions! 😁

I freaking love this app! I broadcast on the app ALL THE TIME! 😆 I just had a few suggestions for improvement.😊 1) I think that the hearts you receive whilst broadcasting should show up ACCURATELY, in the corner of the screen, opposite to the corner that shows you how many viewers are watching. BUT!..not so big that it takes up too much of the screen. One of the best parts about Periscope is that the screen isn't over crowded. This should ALSO be the same for when you're WATCHING a broadcast and you GIVE hearts. They should show up on the screen in the opposite corner to the one that shows your viewers. 2) There should be a "Hearts" leaderboard so you can see where you stand amongst other Periscopers. It's currently rather inaccurate and not easy to gauge. 3) There SEEMS to be a bug with the hearts.. I have done numerous 'scopes' and accumulated hearts from those scopes, yet a lot of the times it seems like the hearts haven't added to my profile. Haha! Might wanna fix that :p haha! Thanks heaps for this app guys! I hope these suggestions are worth your time! 😊

- Meet new people, travel the world, learn a language.

The app is free, simple, uncluttered, and generally just works. The browse map means you can pick locations of interest or action and for instance watch a coup of Turkey fail through the eyes and lens of a young lady out her window. You get to talk to some incredibly interesting people, and if you feel so inclined can offer your view of your space to everyone (or limit it in a number of ways). Addictive but worth it.

- Waste of time

This is another app that is designed to waste your time in setting up an account. I use two Twitter accounts - one for work and one for pleasure. Periscope in its infinite wisdom suggested my personal account, allowed me to change it to my work account and then ignored my request and created one using my personal Twitter name. I had even deleted my personal name from my phone and it still used it! I sent an email to their help and the response back was in a format that no email reader could read it! I don't understand the current focus of developing apps with no help or guidance built in. It is always trial and error learning how to use them or even login as in this case.

- Love it

I love periscope! I would also love it if people from around the world could make money on it - not just Americans. It would grow even more so if that was the case. But I guess the makers are trying to keep the money in the country since their economy is going down the drain more and more each day. But the app is incredible and I keep introducing more people to it. It's great to connect with rather people over the world. Thank you periscope makers

- one thing I don't like

I don't like how it tells you after someone has gone live because they aren't live anymore and it frustrates me, as I live in a different state to the people I follow and it's hard with the time zones to work out when they go live and I don't want to be sitting on periscope for ages, so periscope if you see this can you please make this change :)

- Broken Hearts

I recently joined Periscope in November. Was great to scope AC/DC and for the world to watch. I now use on a regular basis. Lately I've had some trouble with giving hearts out and also receiving them. While broadcasting they come up. But after they are gone. And visa versa when I give. And I can't give hearts on replays. Are you stopping from giving hearts to broadcasters now. I seen a scope that this is taken place? Or am I incorrect. And there is a bug? I would rate this 5 stars if these were fixed. Thank You

- Love this concept but a couple of suggestions

I love periscope but there are a couple do issues. It would be good if you could choose which camera to start a broadcast on, so in the feed you could have your face and not some random image. It would be cool to be able to search # as well as user names.

- Great community of ppl but app needs improving

The people on Periscope are amazing. Such a lovely community. The app needs to allow you to begin a stream in low connection areas rather than totally prevent you from starting a broadcast. It can be frustrating when it drops out, freezes or doesn't let you scope full stop. It would be good to be able to scroll back through comments you miss.

- Frustrating

Worked well for a few days then my messages were unable to be read. I would send a random comment like where I was from or answer a question and it was obvious my messages were not appearing for the host to read. Also eats up a lot of battery & data. Great concept but need to fix the bugs & ease the frustration of messages not getting through.

- Great modern social media

I have nothing bad to say! I run multiple social and media pages and this is the way to go in the modern day! Everything live, video and straight to mobile devices... Whether it's business, advertising, news, media or even saying Hi... Periscope is the way to go for the modern social/media world!

- Mind blowingly cool

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C Clarke Periscope allows magic to happen. We take it for granted, I have showed my grandparents and they said it was "magical" and they never thought we could have technology like this, now she has it on her iphone in her pocket wherever she goes.

- Changed my life

I started on Periscope on the 1st of April 2015. This app has been amazing. I have been to so many countries while sitting at home. I have met so many amazing pwople, who I have actually met in real life. So far 55 people from around the world have come to my store from watching me on Periscope.

- Pretty cool but still has its issues

I find that it crashes maybe a bit too often than I'd like it to and as always there's connection issues when a scope gets crowded. Would love to see an option of a list of people you have recently viewed as if you're not following someone it is impossible to find them again!

- One Music Suggestion

Curious why the app stops music from playing on the phone the moment you start a stream. It should be possible to listen to music while streaming, for example while walking with headphones on listening to music, while still Periscoping with the app using the microphone.

- You need to install this app NOW 👍

This app is amazing, it will change your life. Only negative is periscope help is appalling I have been emailing daily for 2 weeks and no serious troubleshooting help exists. But the app is the best app you will ever install.. GET IT NOW and see the world through my eyes 👁👁

- Needs a fast forward button

It needs a fast forward button in the replays. Great way to converse with others. Love it! Just needs a few little fixes to be better.

- Good not great

My biggest complaint is the loading time for changing your profile picture. It loads for such a long time that I have to give up and close the app. Changing my profile picture on other social network apps takes seconds so I don't know why it doesn't for this one.

- Awesome app

Love this app! So addictive! Not a periscoper myself yet but am keen to give it a go soon! It's a great way to see the world from home and touch base with amazing people from around the world! If you haven't done it yet, get on board you won't regret it.

- Love seeing around the globe through Periscope!

I love that I can see how other people live and work around the world, thanks to Periscope. Works really well, user friendly, with regular updates. I use it every week!

- Periscope Perth

This is a great way to share a few things I enjoy.. sharing stories, photography, videography and seeing our natural beauty in the amazing place we live.. Australia ❤ Thanks for a great app that is more about sharing than comparing...

- I am a Periscope Fan!

We were encouraged to explore Periscope for a PR Course, and I was surprised at how interesting of an app this is. Potentially Soooooo many different uses and really easy to use! Loving all the live music from random people across the world!

- Love the concept

They have fixed what people asked that's awesome. Love using love most content but God the idiotic men and some women asking constantly for dirty things it's pathetic and ruining the space. Go watch porn if you want porn. Here for world sharing.

- #pottersofperiscope

I was told about this fantastic app in February this year .. I am a part time potter and through periscope I have learnt so much from watching other potters. We have created a great community of potters because of periscope.

- So close...

Highly addictive but I want to be able to click on a users profile and see all their recent broadcasts… And search for hashtags and titles, not just usernames.

- Not enough stars!!

Great app, very simple to use, just open the app and you're ready to start scoping. And if you're not into scoping then there's always an interesting broadcast to watch. Great app!

- Need to enable people to delete their own periscope

You guys really need to invent the delete account button! So people are able to quickly delete their account without having to wait on periscope to manually delete their account!

- needs to be viewed on other devices other than Apple

I would love to be able to use this app, but unfortunately it seems you can only watch it on Apple products (i.e. either iPhone or iPad). GET REAL PERISCOPE, NOT EVERYONE USES APPLE. And so much for being able to view broadcasts through Twitter or via the web, that doesn't work either, unless it seems you are using an Apple product.

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- My pastime.

Periscope is a great app for “independents”. Always had 360 and GoPro until recently. Twitter’s best app hands down, and posting video is to Twitter. If ya have an account, then ya are signed up. Just chat with text, talk without video, or without, post videos to twitter and no 360 anymore. But by far a good app for anyone older than the age. For sure it is easy to get, and hard to get rid of. Friends from afar or from anywhere! Global fun. Be safe. Have fun! Keep your identity safe.

- Missing KEY features for being a live video platform

I love their broadcasting platform except it’s missing two very big things that ALL competitors are using. Funny video filters and an option to add other people to the chat. I love this feature on Instagram and Facebook live, but peri doesn’t have it. It would also be nice if they cleaned up the chat so it looked like all the other platforms. The bubble covers up half of my face. Also why not able to change title of video

- I love Periscope

This app has afforded me the opportunity to share my story of overcoming infidelity in my marriage. I have been able to reach hundreds of wives across the world, some said because I watch you I did not give up on my family. Others say you give me hope to fight for my family. Because of Periscope Through me God is getting glory, because divorce is being defeated.

- Highly recommend +++

It’s an amazing way to entertain yourself and other people around, to make new friends, to improve your skills whatever you are doing on the periscope! So yeah I think it’s really worth it to sign up. Go ahead and meet some new folks around the world, show them your day or your singing and playing an instrument, talk about politics religion or relationships. Enjoy your time!!

- Racist personals, Liars and Unresonable bans

1) It could be nice application but there are a lot of stupid and ignorant staffs who ban innocent lives of black people or brown people. (85% of all banned or disabled accounts are accounts of brown people. Innocent ppl penalized because of their skin colour.) Shame of you! 2) This application is permitted to 17 plus older, but the 75% of the users are younger than seventeen. You can even find lives of 5-7 years old children. Shame of you! 3) They ban or disable accounts with no motivation or reason. They don’t even explain to you. Shame of you! If they continue like this periscope will be like twitter, losing people and customers.

- See the WORLD through some else’s eyes!

That’s exactly what you’ll do when you use this livestream app - this app gives you the opportunity to teleport through time and space around the globe, where you can view whatever is going on in someone’s space no matter where they may be at any given moment in time if they decide to share their moments with the world. If you miss someone’s livestream, there’s a replay

- Can’t remove groups

There’s a bug, that doesn’t let me go to my group settings so I can check stuff or leave the group. The whole thing just freezes and after awhile it closes the app. If you could fix the issue with this bug that’d be appreciated since I’ve join over 30 groups and even tho I don’t add groups automatically cause I changed it in settings, it still automatically adds me to groups. If you can please find this bug and remove it that would be very appreciated cause until then I can join anymore groups and I can’t leave any groups whatsoever.

- Great on iOS but lacking on TVOS

Great on iOS but the TVOS version lacks any kind of control to find things. The videos themselves look great. Absolutely love being able to sit at the tv and watch Periscopes. TVOS would greatly benefit from the ability to log in as well as to search. Currently I am totally at the mercy of the randomly chosen Periscopes that show up. I would find it much more useful to be able to see the Periscopers that I am following. Would like to be able to search for a Periscope.

- If you use this app in a influential way

It depends what you are using this app for, will determine your experience . Personally, I am using this app for broadcasting influential topics and promoting music , so I have had a great app experience. There are ways for me to filter out people, those who are not as positive. I would say this app is great for vloggers overall and meeting variety of people via internet.


I’m not sure why, or if it’s only happening to me! Buy my periscope account was randomly logged out of and now it will not let me log in AT ALL! The application keeps crashing for my phone and will not let me stay logged in. WHY ?!?!?? 😡 and then, I created a NEW account & the SAME thing has happened to me, I wasn’t able to “Go Live” (Stream) or Watch any one else , what is going on? Can I get an answer ! EDIT; I uninstalled and reinstalled the APP , doesn’t help. So what is it.

- Long distance roaming charges?

This is a great app. It lets a person escape the mundane of the Internet. The only thing that even the periscope taechs do not seem to know, or comprehend the question, is if roaming charges will occur. What if you are off Wi-Fi. and you still want to use your data? Do long distance or roaming charges occur if you are using periscope to watch somebody out of state or country?

- Using a DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS when no longer having access to old one.

The app is great, the ONLY ISSUE I have with it is not being able to reconnect your Google account with a NEW email address. If you no longer have access to an old email address BUT you have a new one, periscope should make a way where it can accept the new email address and not having to make a complete brand new periscope 🤦🏽‍♀️

- Best app ever

So I started this app in June of 2016 and three years later I have over 70k followers it’s truly amazing! Periscope better than Facebook and Instagram and any other broadcasting apps they have out here you could chat with people from all around the world and they constantly make cool updates. Coolest live streaming app that there is, couldn’t ask for any better!


To see any news live like hurricane before and after the disaster strikes or live in an earthquake, war, or tornado.. periscope is the way to go. I would give. Periscope five stars if it were not for the childish trolls that feed off their own nonsense. Also if you yourself want to broadcast live to the world a U.F.O. A protest, a race etc. etc. you can do so with the Touch of a button. The world truly is at your fingertips on your phone in your back pocket.

- Periscope is Groundbreaking

Periscope is a groundbreaking feature in social media that allows us to unite and broadcast conveniently without putting a dent in our storage capacity. What is also amazing about Periscope is that we are allowed to post videos longer than the standard 2minutes 20 second limit that are in Twitter. Download this app I recently enjoyed it and so should you. 😃 🎯

- Audio guests and voiceover don’t mix

As a totally blind streamer, I love the idea of allowing guests. That way I can hear what they have to say in their actual voice rather than VoiceOver’s. However, every time I try to bring up my guest list, the broadcast ends. After trying a ton of times, I’ve accepted one call successfully. A friend and fellow voiceover user told me she’s having the same problem. This feature would be perfect if I could make use of it. Please try to fix it ASAP.

- Play ball

I really appreciate being able to watch my grandson play ball even when he's far away. The only drawback is not being able to have anyone talking and giving the line up for both teams. No announcer! I keep a scorebook and have to guess the numbers of the players as well as their names. At least I can see the game and keep track of the runs and balls and strikes.

- Not worth the download!

I don’t even know how so many people get away with the sick, vulgar things on this app! I have scrolled through the feed and it’s literally littered with trash! I was on it for an hour and literally the whole feed was trash and offensive. You cannot even find anything wholesome and entertaining. I literally spent an hour reporting offensive videos. It’s gut wrenching to know that children have direct access to this crap. Children aren’t safe on this app! I don’t even think it asked my age when signing up. How is age monitored? How is it legal? I deactivated my account and deleted the app.


Ability to pin comments? Ability to have a guest? Ability to scroll back and see previous comments? These and MANY more features are none existent in the Periscope App! As someone who’s developed quite a large following (20k followers) its a shame that I am being forced to build another following on Facebook because they have all of these features and people are drawn to them. For an app the specializes on live-streaming you guys are will become obsolete soon if these features are not added.

- Periscope needs to fix the problem as soon as possible

It’s so odd that today periscope has been odd when I was talking to a friend of mine in scope the audio was low my friend couldn’t hear what was I was saying. An I was on someone else’s scope an it’s been going crazy I was trying to sent a message to my friend on there he couldn’t see it

- To many girls selling themselves

Twitter needs to do something about these girls asking for money selling for prostitution and underaged teens showing more skin then breast meat on a grill. I left Instagram because of this and now periscope is really bad on blocking and stopping this problem. It should be a platform to meet new people and see how the world is. 90% are females asking to join groups, and premium service. There are grown men showing their parts to little girls. Don’t say I didn’t warn them if a parent decides to sue.

- Excessive Bullying

This app could be used for so many great things particularly getting your business name across, unfortunately there’s been a turn for the worse with groups of adults using Periscope to stalk one another, share personal information on Periscope, call CPS with lies, and even send the police to one anothers home. The latest is reporting pages to periscope and having others Periscope page taken down. This has been going on for weeks. I would not use this app for anything personal, the online malicious bullying continues with no repercussions.?

- Really enjoy the ease of use.

I like the ease of use once everything is loaded and the broadcasts are found. That was very difficult, even for my millennial friends. I like the audio and visual clarity. I really don’t like that the live casts go in and out and have to reconnect several times. Thankfully it picks up where it left off and I don’t miss anything. If you can fix that I’d give 5 stars

- Notifications

Since the iOS 13 update Periscope is not sounding any of its notifications. I have to constantly check my timeline to see if anyone is live because Periscope is NOT alerting me when anyone I’m following is live or when a live is shared with me. This is very frustrating because unless you’re checking your phone every minute of the day you’re missing some great content. I’ve checked my Periscope settings as well as my phone settings and this is definitely an update issue.

- James

Periscope is getting more and more women and some guys to advertise on periscope for people to go to Snapchat and other sites for (pay premium shows) It use to be a nice app but to many people trying to sell nude videos of themselves. Hope someone reports them for making thousands of dollars to put on shows and not report the money It says if there is someone you see that not in the guidelines report them. I have seen women showing their boobs on periscope. I reported them and their broadcast stopped but in a few minutes they were back on again. Why?

- Pleases Change

Please make these changes to : (1) Give users option whether they want friends to share other people’s scopes. Don’t want my timeline full of strangers. (2) Give user options whether they want to see friends go live with someone you don’t know. (3) Put users in categories : Men, woman, teens, gays or transsexuals . That way the can choose what they watch.

- Periscope is the best app in my phone right now

Periscope is the best app in my phone right now. I enjoy watching live sports, music 🎶, comedy, dancing, educational, recreational, religious, and meet new people. Also you can buy superhearts and give one to the above categories makes people feel so appreciated. If I had one word to say about periscope it would be extraordinary!!!!

- I Love Periscope

Periscope is the best App ever because it gives the users access to a whole world of news sports weather information, people, and cultures all over the world. The features are easy to use and they’ve updated their privacy policy so that we the users now have a understanding of how our data is safeguarded! Thanks Periscope

- Tired of the trash and non live content

Sincerely... I’m a long term original user. I’m just sick and tired of the amount of prerecorded content and “trash”... it comes in all forms... I used to enjoy following people as they experienced events, travel or interesting topics. It’s now full of trash... it is out of control. Periscope fix this. 3 our of 4 broadcasts are now prerecorded trash pointing to Snapchat pornographic sites. I’m going to step away from the site as it is not a healthy or moral environment and I see this just going further and further into a trash site. I’m truly disappointed.

- Suspending accounts

I’ve had my accounts banned/suspended several times EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT VIOLATE GUIDELINES. I DID NOT USE PROVOCATIVE LANGUAGE. I DID NOT SHOW NUDITY. Or any other guideline violations. I would just be laying in bed talking to my viewers. And I guess someone decides to report me for whatever reason. Not to mention I am the person actually being harassed by the viewers comments but choose to ignore the negativity. Yet, periscope always decides to banned my accounts. I’ve seen full on violations of periscope guidelines like promotion of explicit and sexual content yet those people never seem to get their accounts suspended.

- Great App

Amazing app I have enjoyed looking at various places throughout the world that I would have never experienced. Able to ask questions and receive reaponces. Watching daily volcano updates by air, see sights in Australia, Japan, watch Disneyland parade, live concerts, and scopes from all over the world. Truly having fun experiencing travel and entertainment.

- Some lives not showing up

Around a month ago I’ve started having this problem where specific lives won’t show up? I could have watched it while they were love but if I try to go back and re watch it after then it’s no where to be seen ... it’s weird bc sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn’t and I’m sick of it!

- Great place to be anonymous

Having used Live streaming services for several years including Periscope, it’s much more difficult to build an audience of followers in this platform. It is however a fantastic platform to try new material out on. It’s not my go to streaming app but I definitely won’t be getting rid of it any time soon. And I’m sure the followers will come.

- To many spam broadcasters

I love watching periscope but I’ve noticed there are tons of spam broadcasters in the live section now and it makes me not want to use the app any,ore. I am constantly blocking and reporting them but they seem to come back consistently. There should be a selection called “spam” Under the reporting options. If periscope can fix this problem then I’ll will watch more frequently. Until the spam problem is corrected I probably won’t be using periscope that much

- Worth having

It’s mostly girls fishing for compliments but if you dig deeper you’ll find something worthwhile. Last night I found a scope where a black guy was listening to insanely racist music and commenting on it. It was fascinating! Get a live look at anywhere in the world or watch people near you using the map feature.

- Suggestions from avid user

1. Would be great to be able to Upload Videos 2. You have an “Ask to Follow” & “Ask to Share” button in the streaming portion... what about an “Ask for Superheart” button ? 3. In the video editing section you can modify the starting point... how about being able to modify the stopping point as well?

- The best way to travel the world and make friends!

Where else can you watch a spectacular sunrise in one country and five minutes later see a sunset in another country! Plus meet people and make friends! I’ve made many friends from different countries! I love it! I have even made some scopes myself!

- Great!

Love this App. It’s helped us stay in touch when traveling when our kids travel with their teams. We stream live using our phone app and GoPro. I wish it would still stream when you are using other apps on your phone but streaming requires your stay in the periscope app to broadcast live.

- I love it

This app is great and haven’t had any bad experiences or bug issues . It runs perfectly and is a great platform to help others see what’s going on in the other part of the world . You help people by giving information through videos and audios that are well posted out here

- I like this apps there is a but ???????

Why is it my account is been deleted by y’all this happened twice in this year please stop this can someone help me by putting back my account on it keep saying there is a error and it’s not my fault I really love this app and would like you to fix my account please and thank you I use this app a lot please please fix it .......

- Good app but bugs need fixing..

It’s a great concept and I love the fact that I can hop on and share my life/thoughts with my online friends or strangers. But there are little technical things that needs fixing. Such as, when I try to click “people” on the search bar, I cannot click it because it glitches and clicks the “cancel” button instead.

- Diversity

I really like the app because you can view or interact with regular every day people doing whatever. Really gives you a sense of connecting with the rest of the city, continent, or world. Of course there is a lot of “trash” to filter out because humans will be sub human sometimes, but over all, this app is dang decent👍🏻.

- Fun App. Good info. Not for kids though IMO.

Really enjoy periscope. Use primarily to watch family sports stuff when kids are on road and also as a good news, info resource - particularly useful for real time info. It is not, however, for kids as indicated by the 17+ rating... no true way to segregate the NSFW stuff from everything else.

- I love this app but could use improvement

I absolutely love this app. In the beginning it was great but lately it seems to freeze. It’s not me. I know that. My son is educated in this department & said he thinks it’s on Periscopes end. It’s annoying to be watching a scope and then it freezes, skips. Idk why this happens. I do adore this app & hope you guys find a way to make this app perform better. ;)

- Garbage

This periscope app is absolutely garbage bro you get banned for absolutely doing nothing I was in live didn’t do anything left the live went to go look at one of my friends lives and then got banned off the first account then I made another account yesterday and then today I’m in another live and then I leave the live I’m going to one of my other friends lives and get banned again for no reason I didn’t say anything wrong I didn’t say anything provocative or anything but I get banned for no reason periscope is garbage

- Love ❤️ this app!

I watch all the before and after game interviews of all my favorite sports teams mainly NFL. I just have a great time watching people or teams I follow I don’t log on a lot to just see random people although sometimes it’s interesting to see what’s happening on the other side of the world 🌎.

- Periscope pop up beat!

Have loved being notified of and watching meetings w/o commentaries that frustrate me Instead I can see the actual meeting in real or delayed time and draw my own conclusions... Love it!! Also love to serendipitously get on and watch something on the other side of the world feeling I was on a vacation! Lovely! Thank-you.

- Periscope Forever

I do a lot of live streaming from theme parks in Central Florida, and I love using the Periscope app. Solid connections, fast ability to respond to viewer comments, auto-archiving for replay views, user-assignable moderators as well as chat group moderation (users can vote if comments are inappropriate and mute the user for the chat) and now guest chat with voice in live broadcasts from all over the world! If you love IRL live streaming, Periscope is the must-have app for independent creators, reviewers, motivators or just anyone looking to communicate with the world in a new way. The more we communicate, the more we can understand another.

- Periscope really let its self go

I used to come on Periscope to broadcast is my day my interest my hobbies and all of that and I have a well connection with my audience in my streams and get some love back from them. Now it's nothing but bots, perverts, porn, nudity. Young women teasing as well as asking for money while doing so. There's never no actually veiwers there are just as I said bots and perverts. Periscope has no control what is being broadcast on there app and if they did I bet it would be a way better community than it is now. Disappointed.

- Drybegging

Periscope has become a way for people to get paid for doing absolutely nothing, with that being said whether having a PayPal, stream lab or patron account posted on their gold badge it’s dry begging. Welcome to the new way of getting money without working! How can you support someone you don’t know physically? For me it started out as sunrise sunset scopes but that gets old. Also the people at periscope tend to ban users for no reason. Get rid of of the dry begging and this app may be great again! VIP’s shouldn’t be the exception. Just my opinion.

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Periscope Live Video Streaming 1.103.3 Screenshots & Images

Periscope Live Video Streaming iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Periscope Live Video Streaming iphone images
Periscope Live Video Streaming iphone images
Periscope Live Video Streaming iphone images
Periscope Live Video Streaming iphone images
Periscope Live Video Streaming iphone images
Periscope Live Video Streaming ipad images
Periscope Live Video Streaming ipad images
Periscope Live Video Streaming ipad images
Periscope Live Video Streaming Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Periscope Live Video Streaming Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Periscope Live Video Streaming (Version 1.103.3) Install & Download

The applications Periscope Live Video Streaming was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-03-26 and was developed by Twitter, Inc. [Developer ID: 296415947]. This application file size is 73.45 MB. Periscope Live Video Streaming - Social Networking posted on 2020-09-17 current version is 1.103.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bountylabs.periscope

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