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Find rare cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more by searching all of Craigslist from your phone. Craft saved searches and quickly check them.

BRZO lets you find the best deals for Cars & Trucks on Craigslist.

Use BRZO to:
• Craft & save the perfect Craigslist searches all categories
• Collect, analyze and refine frequently viewed searches
• Inspect an ad and refine search results by ignoring them
• Search by city, state or even country for regional market information
• Engage with your friends and the automotive community by sharing ads

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BRZO - Craigslist Classifieds App Description & Overview

The applications BRZO - Craigslist Classifieds was published in the category Shopping on 2015-11-05 and was developed by Hakungala, Inc.. The file size is 23.28 MB. The current version is 2.0.7 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This is a maintenance release.

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Waste of money now!  cris88ma  1 star

The app is completely trash after the update it no longer works and does not give any new listings the way it used to. Every time I go on it now it just shows me old listings and won’t refresh. I’m better off using the regular Craigslist app now. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Pls go back to the old format.


Unreliable and lots of bugs  Appreviewster1  1 star

BRZO will lose all your searches you spent time setting up and refining. Not worth the fee and effort, and it gets worse with each update.


Updated app fails.  SenatorM  1 star

New app no longer provided updated search results. It’s basically worthless.


VERSION 2.0.4  thinoxygen  4 star

I had written a pretty negative review of the most recent update, which initially removed a few of my favorite features. The developer was quick to respond politely and thoroughly - and issued another update restoring said features. Still missing some of the bits and bobs, but cheers for excellent support!


Bring the FAVORITES tab back!  CMS99  3 star

Lots of great improvements, BUT the ability to add individual listings to a favorites category is so helpful, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!


Lost the ability to do more refined searches  Nasachris  1 star

It was MUCH better before the update. I want to look for specific things like color, transmission etc. can’t do it now.


What happened?  Markftlc  2 star

Love using this app, then the update came and screwed everything up.

Disappointed in BOA

Stupid update  Disappointed in BOA  3 star

I can’t get past the accept terms of use on the update!!! WTH!!


Please update  Supadrol  5 star

Please add an option to choose/limit transmission type when searching like prior version. Otherwise it’s been the greatest app I’ve ever purchased. I use it almost daily just for fun looking at all kinds of cars. The new updated look is phenomenal.


They have killed this formally 5 star App!  Alfajag  1 star

The new version is HORRIBLE!!!!


Not bad  Memeselektor  3 star

Not bad, works as advertised. Crashes on my older iPhone when trying to edit previous searches though. Other than that not bad.


BRZO IS AWESOME  5p1a0t  5 star

Being a total CL addict BRZO takes it to a whole new level. Being able to set the filters to manual trans, color, years and THEN searching nationwide is rad. It cuts down on checking multiple CL's, weeding out the junk and gets me ready to cash out my 401k and call a car shipper. Great App.


Great app for craigslist  1971VW  5 star

I love this app! They really need to expand into being able to search on other verticals like boats and car parts

Cedar Performance

Best app on my phone  Cedar Performance  5 star

Worth the dollar. Best app on my phone.


Fantastic App  SocialAssasins  5 star

Can't stop using it. Creating more and more searches... As a car enthusiast, one of the better apps I've come across in quite a while.

pk •••

Meh. Needs prebuilt options for enthusiast cars.  pk •••  2 star

Stretches car pics to fit a square UIImageView. Seriously? AspectFill, brah. Mobile app is better than using the CL website. But still relies on your own CL search terms, which are hard to get right. App should provide prebuilt searches that hopefully find ALL cars of that type. Start with the easy enthusiast cars like "NA Miata", e30, or 240z.


Great app  Cgredditt  5 star

Great app for car enthusiasts to do market research


A must for car fanatics  RuFTomE  5 star

I use it all the time, cool features, works great

McQueen Racing

Grrrrreat!  McQueen Racing  5 star

Literally life changing. Makes my whimsical searches fast, fun and informative.


Really Slick  logwooden  5 star

Really well-built, functional, and fun. You can customize it exactly to what you're looking for in different geographies. Rad app. Based on the early versions, I'm confident it will only get better.

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