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BRZO lets you find the best deals for Cars & Trucks on Craigslist.

Use BRZO to:
• Craft & save the perfect Craigslist searches for the "Cars & Trucks" category
• Collect, analyze and refine frequently viewed searches
• Inspect an ad, favorite it for later, and share with your friends. Refine search results by ignoring
• Search by city, state or even country for regional market information

“Is this car a good deal?” - BRZO helps you answer this question.

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BRZO for Craigslist - Enthusiast Car Search App Description & Overview

The applications BRZO for Craigslist - Enthusiast Car Search was published in the category Shopping on 2015-11-05 and was developed by Hakungala, Inc.. The file size is 20.33 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Version 1.9
+ Minor bug fixes

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BRZO for Craigslist - Enthusiast Car Search Reviews

unhappy and still no email...

Amazing negotiating tool when buying a used car  unhappy and still no email...  5 star

I used BRZO while the car salesman was telling me I would never find a used Toyota Land Cruiser. In a few seconds I showed him 53 in the three states adjoining mine. I’ll never buy another car without this tool.

Ben yod

Needs 1 or 2 more features  Ben yod  4 star

Perfect app except it allows you to save the same vehicle multiple times, then you have to go back through and delete repeats. Also it should allow you to take notes or sort/reorder your favorites so that you can put your 1st choice at the top of the list.


Hit the nail on the head  kooglewerks  5 star

Thanks to the "driving while awesome" podcast, I found this app & LOVE it! Great for the enthusiast and hobby "car guy" to follow trends and quickly nationwide search specific keywords/year model widows, etc. powerful and simple. Again, love it.


Great "lightweight" app for the enthusiast  Sjd812  5 star

Very stable and intuitive app for the auto enthusiast. I enjoy perusing Craigslist for oddball cars and this app brings back all the results.


Great app!  MyCarGoes BWAAAAHHHH  5 star

As a fan of a wide variety of cars, this app is awesome! It's search criteria can find you anything from a super specific model to vague searches. I've used this app to find my latest chump car race car.


Great App for Car Seearches  Infini4  5 star

This app is the best one I've found this far for Craigslist Car Searches. It's quick and effective. I gave it 5 stars for doing what it says it will do well, however, is love it to search Motorcycles too, or is even buy a separate app for Motorcycles.


Huge time saver & provides market intelligence!  Jjenksbauer  5 star

BRZO saves a ton of time if you are hunting down that rare/unusual car across multiple Craigslist markets-it has uncovered cars I would have never found otherwise. Additionally, it provides a ton of useful pricing information so I can be a better informed potential buyer. The developer is a car enthusiast who is solving a real need for our community. Well worth the price.


$1 Can save you thousands!  TweedleboyFabworks  5 star

Used this app to find my 2002 Porsche Boxster. The ability to save a specific search and revisit it frequently is key to snagging a great deal on a car! I looked at my search everyday for a couple months until "the one" popped up one town over! I even used the the analytics part of the app to show the seller comps when negotiating! Being able to show him comps gave me the leverage to bring the price down a couple grand and get the car for a real steal! I really could recommend this app more! It's my secret weapon and gives you a leg up on other buyers who are only using CL.


An Essential App For Any Car Enthusiast or Specialized Automotive Dealership  ZeBenz1  5 star

I wish I had known about this application sooner. This is a great app because of its ability to bring an Autotrader-esque level of specificity to Craigslist automobile searches and also helps to filter out people who list tons of tags/references in their ads that throw off most Craigslist searching apps. Whether you are a specialized automotive dealership or just a car enthusiast that enjoys perusing Craigslist for a project car or track car, this is a "must-have" application. Thank you Phil for all the hard work you have put into this application!


Simple and effective  Rkswryder  5 star

Helped me find my last two cars!


Awesome app  NBCsucks2012  5 star

Great app if you use Craigslist

Steve McQueen's ghost

Highly Recommend  Steve McQueen's ghost  5 star

I never write reviews because I would always be complaining. However, this time the developers have clearly done their research and made an app I want. "FINALLY" a useful Craigslist app for cars. Every time I use it, I find exactly what I am looking for no matter how weird. Because I can search up to nationally (and more), the results are true, realtime comparisons. I love the way you can graph results too. I am sure to save thousands of dollars by traveling a little. Thanks. Can you make one for motorcycles too?


Awesome!  Houseinthehills  5 star

This is the perfect app for every car nut out there. We all love looking at Craigs List for cars and this app makes that task even easier. 5 stars!

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