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** Winner of Apple Design Award 2017 **
** Apple iPad Game of the Year 2016 **

Take control of a one-armed warrior named Sasha, wielding a living sword on her journey through a nightmare world in search of her family.

----- ACCOLADES -----

• "Apple Design Award 2017", Apple
• "iPad Game of the Year 2016", Apple
• "Best Mobile Game of 2016", Destructoid
• "Best Mobile Game + Best Musical Score", Canadian Video Game Awards 2016
• "Battery Park Award for Best Handheld Game", 2017 New York Game Awards
• "Handheld Game of the Year -- Nominee", 20th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards
• "Mobile Game of the Year -- Nominee", 2017 SXSW Gaming Awards
• "Best Mobile Game -- Nominee", The Game Awards 2016
• "5 best mobile games of 2016", GameSpot
• "Best Mobile Game of 2016 -- Nominee", IGN
• "10 best video games of 2016", Mashable

"Severed is a super compelling game that looks great. Its mechanics go to surprising depths and the sword-swiping combat feels fantastic on iOS." 5/5 - 148Apps

"With great game mechanics, unique artwork and tough to master gameplay, Severed is well worthy of your time." 8/10 - Post Arcade

"Severed is just a game that's all-around cool. Its aesthetic is top-notch, its combat is deep and engaging." 5/5 - TouchArcade

----- KEY FEATURES -----

• Dungeon Combat: Master offensive and defensive touch combat techniques to survive intense battles against a menagerie of enemies.
• Severing: Best enemies in combat for a chance at severing their body parts -- then wear them to gain new powers or consume them to upgrade your equipment and abilities.
• Exploration: Follow branching routes through the unknown, using your wits to avoid hazards and solve puzzles.
• Award-Winning Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the haunting original score from Juno- and Polaris-nominated band YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN, featuring Pantayo.

Also includes:
• Graphical optimizations for Metal-enabled devices
• Gameplay video recording with ReplayKit (requires Metal-enabled device running iOS 9+)
• Multiple difficulty modes
• Game Center Achievements
• Cloud Save
• iMessage Sticker Pack (requires iOS 10)
• 3D Touch support (3D Touch-enabled device required)

Severed App Description & Overview

The applications Severed was published in the category Games on 2016-07-28 and was developed by DrinkBox Studios. The file size is 220.53 MB. The current version is 1.0.20 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Fix for an iPhone X touch detection issue

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Severed Reviews


Beautiful game, but heavily letterboxed on iPad  SecondOpinion  3 star

I am LOVING Severed, but on my iPad Pro, there are enormous black bezels on the top, bottom, and sides of the game. The game could be so immersive, but instead it feels cramped. Developers, please let this app fill the iPad display!


Engaged the whole way through  jfkstnrshsjcyb  5 star

A great dungeon crawler I played all through, and I enjoyed the whole journey

Brenook Trouilly

Spectacular, Engrossing, So Much Fun!  Brenook Trouilly  5 star

This game keeps me hooked. The setting, story, and characters are mysterious and dreamlike. The art direction is spectacular! The game uses such incredibly bright colors, but has spooky and eerie set and monster design. I’m several hours in and I hope the adventure doesn’t end! I hope we get a sequel (if the story allows)! This is a must get if you enjoy eerie worlds, strong female protagonists, and amazing monster design, get this game!


Legitimately One of My Favorite Games  Mike_Logic  5 star

It’s just fantastic. Gothic, horrific, grotesque, and weird.


.  마약먹은개  5 star

모바일 아타리 쇼크속의 메시아같은 게임


Was fun until the middle  aracardoso  3 star

The game is really pretty, and the idea of trying to save your family is unique, so I had a great time playing. Once you got near the middle of the story it loses momentum and things become tedious. *SPOILER ALERT* I would have liked the game much better if at the end after defeating the dragon thing, you could find a way to save your family instead of just letting them all die. I didn’t like that the game just left me like that and I didn’t know what to do anymore so I gave up. Would earn more stars if there was more explanation or something to do after the “end.” Thanks!


Great slasher  Sirerdrick  5 star

Way better than Infinity Blade. It makes sense too seeing who made it - good ole Guacamelee devs!


Lovely  zim1912  5 star

Drinkbox Studios produced my all time favorite game Guacamelee, so I might be speaking from a place of bias, but this game was great. Stellar art direction using solid colors and beautiful palettes. An interesting gameplay mechanic that encourages skill and timing, then rewarding you with the in-game “currency” used to upgrade yourself and your tools of combat. As well as an interesting story that was cryptic and alien at first, but I found myself thrust into this land as though it were my own by the end. All-in-all, not a complete waste if cash. Minor gripe is this game is a little harder to play on iPhone models without home buttons, I pulled up my home screen mid-battle so many times, but this game came out before those iPhones existed so you’re keeping the 5 stars Drinkbox. Please keep making great games ❤️


Music Download Interesting Gameplay  Bloodleg  5 star

Bright colors and enjoying the environment.


One of the best games on hand held devices  Shilpill  5 star

A basic dungeon crawl game but with intuitive puzzles , story line and captivating gameplay.


So good....  AVgamer123  5 star

I played this for the first time and got bored, thought it was a waste, I left it there for a few years then when I tried it again...well I just didn’t realise how much the depth, the story has, the new equipment you can gather, hundreds of secrets etc. Now It’s ages after that time I played it and I just played it again, completing it with almost all secrets and I still enjoyed it. This deserved that game of the year award.


One hell of a dungeon crawler and mabey severed 2?  Pug321123  5 star

Severed takes advantage of the touchscreen very well. Slicing your way through a giant temple deserted town and a citadel. The monsters are truly unsettling but in a good way. It just feels refreshing seeing such a colourful game with amazing music and background. You severe monsters to get upgrades which allow you to get stronger and from a medallion allowing you to change the time to a pair of clouds boots I had a blast playing and it was really hard. A must play for dungeon crawler fans


Their best game yet  X114JAM9  5 star

Severed is so good it makes Guacamelee look like Daikatana in comparison - and I loved Guacamelee. It’s so fun to play, has a really cool setting, looks great, sounds great, it’s dirt cheap and it works really, really well on a tiny phone screen. Buy it, then buy a copy for everyone you know.


Great value  allylk82  5 star

What a great little game! Well worth the price, with no additional outlay. I took my time and completed the game in 8 hours. Loved it!


The most simple-minded game ever  APenNameAndThatA  1 star

I played games just like this in the late 1980’s: wander around a dungeon slashing things. It’s 2017, and I’m playing a game on rails? 30 years: huh?


I love it!  JayMcT  5 star

This game is a phenomenon that is my favorite iPad game ever. My favorite character is the two headed bird. Please ad more to severed, the only bad thing was you didn’t get to choose and of the choices, e.t.c. The bird asked for giblets, to burry the armor and weapon with your family or choose to stay in that world or leave. Overall thank you for this phenomenal game. I wish you add more to this game.

Floppy bottom

Definitely worth my money  Floppy bottom  5 star


The the tomy b

It's worth the money  The the tomy b  5 star

This game made me soo entertained and I like all the bosses. it took me a day and a half to complete which I like as well there's a lot of twist. I recommend buying this 10/10


Great diversity!!  Fuji-apple  5 star

Not another white boy adventure quest. Amazing


Fantastic  TRDIP6  5 star

Best game I have played in a long time.


Amazing  ZomBwarrior  5 star

One of the best games I’ve played. Cannot WAIT for the sequel!!!!


Severed is...  ColbyHandy  5 star

The best iOS game of all time


needs to be optimized  Matt1998-16  4 star

on the X there the black lines of the smaller screen, i bought this game cause i thought it was updated for the X, please fix


Love!!!  ScarletRose22442  5 star

Such a good game & definitely worth the price. I was absolutely hooked on the mesmerizing graphics, creepy story, fun battles, and everything overall. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and memorable game!


Optimize For iPhone X Plz!!!  mikey_n  1 star

Game is great but not something I want to play when it's not optimized for the X.


Great story, bad mechanics  SkeetopolisPRIME  2 star

Great story, beautiful art style ruined for me by its mechanic system🙁


Excellent game - quick and immersive  Chris10101  5 star

You can play this game for an hour or play in 5 minutes sprints. It was so well made and has a solid storyline along with it. Very fun gameplay and I would highly recommend it.

Shaw iTunes

Fantastic  Shaw iTunes  5 star

A fantastic dungeon crawler. Buy it.


Dazzling, creative  Raz2323  5 star

Loved this game. Visually stunning. Original battle dynamic and creep cool story line.


Indescribable  MaxieMon  5 star

I am, without a doubt, thoroughly impressed. This is unsettling and extremely morbid, used in such a tasteful way that i cant help being drawn back to it. The gameplay changes enough to keep it interesting; I don't find myself getting bored. Absolutely stunning effects, story, and atmosphere. Never seen anything like it. Truly a work of art, worth every penny.


Fun game  EoinJD  5 star

Really great game, fun combat and dungeon exploration. Good length and reasonably challenging.

Ugh  2 star

Look I bought this game for €6 And now It's 2.99 I demand a refund please this so unfair


Another super title by Drinkbox  jackgllghr  5 star

Severed is brilliant. These guys made some of the best Vita games such as Guacamelee, and Severed is another hit. Highly recommended.

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