HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

HBO Max is the streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more of your favorite TV series, blockbuster movies, plus new Max Originals.

Get comfy, because you’ve got 100 years of epic entertainment in your hands. You’ll have unlimited access to all of HBO, together with even more favorites from Sesame Workshop, DC, Warner Bros., and more.

More reasons to love HBO Max:
- Thousands of hours of hit movies, addictive series, and exclusive Max Originals.
- A personalized streaming experience for up to five viewer profiles.
- Collections hand-picked by real humans — not robots.
- Download top titles to watch on your favorite devices anywhere you go.
- A curated kids’ experience that grows along with their interests.
- HBO Max Hubs devoted to your favorite fandoms.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

HBO Max is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All rights reserved. HBO Max and related trademarks are the property of WarnerMedia Direct, LLC.

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Say hello to HBO Max - the brand new streaming platform that brings you closer to the entertainment you love. Go ahead and stream to your heart’s content with thousands of hours of truly epic entertainment that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Comments & Reviews

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- No Roku or Fire?

70% of streamers use Roku and Fire you stupid jag offs!!!

- Automatic Update Renders App Useless for Roku Subscribers

I subscribe to HBONow via Roku so this automatic update makes viewing HBONow impossible as HBO could not make a deal with Roku. I never asked to for HBOMax. I thought it would be nice to have access via now, but today I just wanted to catch up on an HBO show. And because of the update, I cannot log in! Please bring HBONow access back or figure out your stuff with Roku.

- Maximum Pleasure!!

I am absolutely loving the App. The content is amazing; major TV classics (Friends, Fresh Prince), big Hollywood blockbusters, and amazing original content. I see a bright future for HBO with this app. Everything that was on HBO is on Max, as well as original content plus a lot more stuff. The biggest thing going for it right now is FRIENDS! That alone is reason for me to continue subscribing but HBO has always had great original content of its own and a host of other brands under its name (TBS, CN). I look forward to the future of Max and highly recommend it to everyone else. There’s definitely something in it for everyone.


Theres NOT alot. Ive seen much of this stuff except for a few things. Also subtitles are missing? On my mobile device. I was lead to believe this app would be amazing and next best thing and I’ve been left short handed. Yall need to add more cartoons/stuff /original content to it or something

- Love it but

I love the new but I would love to a yearly subscription instead of a monthly one . But everything else’s is amazing GREAT JOB!!!

- PS4 lagging

Works great on IOS but just can’t get it to stream smoothly on my PS4. At first I thought it was my wifi but even on non-peak times errors galore. Please fix this issue because watching on my phone is cool but paid to watch at home too. Not worth it if I can’t stream at home.

- Missing 4K HDR

Can’t believe this app is missing 4K Movies and shows

- Charged after cancellation

My account shows my trial ended on April 10. Just got billed $14.99 this week. Thieves.

- Can’t airplay on Apple TV 3rd Gen

While the app works well on my laptop, iPad, and IPhone, I can’t Airplay to my AppleTV 3rd Gen. whenever I try I get an error message, I get a “Can’t play video” error message., trouble loading content, check with internet provider. It’s the sane internet as my devices. This does not happen with either Amazon Prime or Netflix apps.

- Buggy

You can’t fast forward or rewind because the whole stupid thing crashes. smh

- The UI is deplorable / No Scrubs

The content is great but the app itself is Stone Age trash. No video scrubbing and a progress bar the size of an inchworm in 2020? I feel like I was transported back to the 90s and I’m not feeling the nostalgia.

- Great app!

I just got the app, and so many great things are on it! It includes so many thing Netflix and Hulu and other streaming services don’t have and I’m so happy about it! I know this is short and simple, but I’m giving my joy and happy thoughts about it! :)

- Worst update ever

The app updated to Max on my iPad and decided I’m not worthy of viewing HBO content anymore although it worked just fine the day before with my Amazon account. Well I have an answer - subscription cancelled. I’m going back to Netflix.

- Worst parental controls ever!

If you open the app on appletv anyone can play the adult profile. So kids can just log into the adult side when they open the app. IF they are on the kids side then they need a pin to SWITCH to the other profile. There should be an option for you to always have to put in the pin to get into the Adult profile. It’s basically useless. Also the layout isn’t great.

- Why did you screw with it!

My HBOnow is gone and replaced with this and now it won’t link anymore based on my streaming tv! Such BS and there help recommendations don’t work.

- Can’t use it

I’ve been looking forward to this release for months. Ever since netflix lost friends. Counted down the quarantine days. It was finally here! But (wah wah), it doesn’t work on any of my TVs. It does not work on any one of my 4 TVs. 2 have amazon fire stick. 1 is a Roku tv. One is an older Apple TV and hbo no longer works on it as of the update. I’ve never been more disappointed

- Buggy app won’t let me login

I’ve been trying to login through my cable provider (att) and this app gets into an infinite loop. Their catalog looks great but I wish they had fixed the bugs before launching.

- Ads and not on Roku

I was really looking forward to being able to stream Friends and The Big Bang Theory (along with the TCM content!). I wasn’t expecting ads before each episode (almost every single episode). I was also hoping to watch these shows on my Roku. Apparently that’s not possible. What a waste to have a TV in each room to have to sit and hold my iPad or phone, where only one person can see it. When the ads disappear and I can watch the content on my Roku, I’ll be happy to leave 5 stars.

- WTH Can’t link accounts

Stuck in a viscous loop trying to link my account. It sends me the code, and when I go back to the app to enter that code it automatically refreshes back to the prior page. Then I click to link and it sends me a new code and repeat. Typical issues with an ATT launch

- What is this!?

I had HBO on Apple TV and now it’s gone and I have to play things through my iPhone. It’s just a pain in the _____. Boooooooooo

- No sirve

No tiene elección de idiomas ni subtítulos

- Are you kidding me!!!

I never ever leave reviews. I also never ever get mad or upset. I usually just let things go. But, thisssssss....I am beyond upset with how this all turned out. You spent so much money advertising something that was supposed to be SO amazing and it is absolutely horrible. YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME TO FIGURE THIS OUT!!! I am unable to download the app on my IPad. Can only watch my one show on my phone and there isn’t a stopping point on If I fall asleep, it just keeps going and going. Find a way for us to be able to have this app on ALL PLATFORMS. Quit cheating people out of their money. Man UP!!!

- Same HBO with new wallpaper

First and foremost HBO is packing 4K and HDR support. Huge missed opportunity for a ‘premium’ streaming service. Dead in the water as far as I’m concerned.... the ONLY reason I’m using is for Sesame Street for my kids and the fact that I get this for free for being an AT&T customer.

- Subtitles Need Fix

Subtitles Don’t Work At All

- Terrible, bumpy launch

Good luck to you if you’re a current HBO Now subscriber via Roku and want to continue watching HBO on your iOS device. The HBO Now app will be force-replaced on your device and then you will not be able to watch anything on the new HBO Max app without canceling your Roku HBO Now sub, and then signing up for HBO Max. Guess what - you’ll then lose the $14.99 you already spent on HBO for that month. Nice fail, HBO.

- Downloaded Shows Error?

App lets you download episodes of shows but will default the playback to a streamed version. If I download a show and press play it should play the downloaded version—not stream over WiFi or cellular.

- Loading and App Issues

Text from my cell provider saying I could get it as part of my package. Says sign in with provider. Loading issues galore, didn’t let me sign in with my provider, had to sign up as a new user. Turns out Do Not Sell my Privacy note was defaulted to off... and then the UI is terrible! Is this really what all the hype was about?

- Sad

Well I would think that if HBO was starting this new service that there would be some great new programs and movies, but there is nothing new. Sad.

- No 4K in 2020

How can you not have 4K in this digital age especially after a huge revamp of the app with so much publicity? Stupid app with ultra low resolution content

- Not good

It doesn’t have all the programming. And to launch this app HBO was removed from Apple TV which was a breeze to access and had all the shows.

- AT&T Lied

Received a text saying I got HBO Max for free with my unlimited plan. I was incredibly excited as I wanted to see what there was to offer, but had no intentions of subscribing separate right away. Got my hopes up all day at work, then when I finally got home to set it up, it says I do not have access to HBO Max. I feel lied to and mislead.

- Was Really Excited to Watch Friends Again

I downloaded this app just for a handful of shows, mainly Friends, and I’m sincerely disappointed. The app constantly shuts down, says episodes are “unavailable” and isn’t even available for download on my Firestick so I have to “AirPlay” it to my TV which hosts its own problems. Overall just upset the app doesn’t work.

- No app for Fire Stick or Roku

I will be cancelling at the end of the month if the days not figure it out. Good content and otherwise worth it, but I’m not paying to watch on my phone.

- Avail. on Apple TV, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, iOS etc

This has been available on all major platforms for awhile. It’s a growing but handful of new releases, with a few choice quality new additions to the “HBO NOW” content in an a slick streamlined interface. The win here is the quality of what’s on offer. It’s not a bunch of B movies overdubbed in English. It’s all considered top quality movies and tv. With the growing content of exclusives it’ll only get better. It’s only monthly. Try it yourself.

- Feel somewhat mislead

I love HBO, always have. I was very excited for HBO Max and all the new content. We had HBO Now through Roku so I cancelled and went direct so we could get HBO Max. Now, I am learning that it’s not available on a Vizio Smart TV, only Samsung even though all along it’s been advertised as “available on smart tv’s” AND the additional content (above and beyond HBO Now content) is only available through the HBO Max app. This means I have to stream on my tablet or phone and airplay it to my tv and my internet doesn’t handle that along with other devices going, we live in a very rural area with 1 internet option). I feel like this is information that should have been released along with all of the other Hoop-La pertaining to the HBO Max launch. After figuring all this out and trying to use the app you have to download content if you want to view it later w/o using data, ok fine, but! it only allows you to keep it in your library for 29 days and you can’t download a whole series at once. For instance, Friends/Big Bang Theory.... you have to download One. Episode. At. A. Time. Maybe these things will change in the future. I guess my 1 request for now would be to make the app available on Vizio Smart TV’s...... PLEASE!!!!! Thank you!

- My account with the computer and the phone don’t sync

Got me really frustrated — just checking out my first TV show on HBO max. Wanna switch it up to watch it on my phone, then I realized I couldn’t find the watch history on my phone cuz they don’t sync from the computer! WHY

- No foreign language subtitles

Why does hbo keep ignoring the fact that they need other language options for their original content? This is a big deficiency compared to netflix and even hulu.

- Update on roku platform

Please update your app on roku platform

- Awesome!

Just can't wait for more stuff to be added

- Trying to sign in

Well, I’ve had AT&T for a while now, and when I saw that HBO Max could sign in with that I was excited..... until I tried to sign in. I keeps saying “Can’t Verify Your Subscription”. I’ve seen other people have this issue too .It’s really annoying and actually I have HBO, I expect more from it. HBO, prove me wrong, fix this.

- More shows but that’s all

I wish there was more shows for kids but all they added was friends and big band theory but it’s still good!

- No 4K

Seriously? No 4K HDR? How could you release a “NEW” service and not have any 4K?

- Where’s the skip intro button?

I was really looking forward to getting HBO Max, I’m so disappointed. There’s no skip intro button and the app freezes all the time. Huge disappointment!

- Have to cancel subscription. Won’t work on iPads anymore

HBO now used to work on iPad now it won’t. have no way to watch it, so now have to cancel subscription. Very disappointed! Why have the app in the App Store if it won’t work on iPads.?

- Unable to use

No longer able to use HBO on mobile devices or apps since they switched to HBOMAX. Very frustrating that I pay $15 a month and can’t even use the apps

- Not compatible with everything.

I have Rokus in my house and can’t stream it anywhere. What good is it to just use it on my iPhone? I’m not going to spend money to change how I stream things.

- The Lamest Interface ever

Here we are, several years into established streaming services and this is the best you could come up with? Credits for movies and shows barely available and if you happen to be streaming a series, the screen fills with the App logo lest you forget that it’s the one you’re in... selections are difficult to find and continuous streaming is arbitrary. It is not intuitive or informational. Way to go WB👎

- Doesn’t work

Received a text today from AT&T stating that because I am subscribed to their unlimited plan, I get HBO Now at no additional charge. It linked the download for the app and gave almost no instruction how to get logged in. I tried using the sign in through my provider (AT&T) but it won’t let me in. What a disappointment!

- More AT&T lies

According to four separate correspondences from ATT I am supposed to have HBOMax included because I already spend too much each month on internet and mobile. I have tried my login several times only to receive an error message. Typical ATT, oh the joys of the late stage game.

- Hb-wow!!

I definitely can see the difference between HBO Go, HBO Now, HBO MaxGo, HBO Max!

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies 50.0.1 Screenshots & Images

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies iphone images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies ipad images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies ipad images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies ipad images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies ipad images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies ipad images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies ipad images
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies (Version 50.0.1) Install & Download

The applications HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-04-07 and was developed by WarnerMedia [Developer ID: 1514826633]. This application file size is 43.67 MB. HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies - Entertainment posted on 2020-05-27 current version is 50.0.1 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions.

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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