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The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app converts your outdoor steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences.
5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets me walking and rewards me for it too!” by Woo123789

“Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use.”
- Men’s Journal

“The easiest way to make some side cash by doing what you already do naturally — walking.”
- TheNextWeb

“New UK health app Sweatcoin launched in the Apple app store this week and has been an instant hit.”
- Forbes

“New Apple app launches in Britain that pays people to get fit”
- Reuters

“The app that PAYS you to get fit: Sweatcoin rewards people for the number of steps they make every day”
- Daily Mail

“If ever you’ve needed an incentive to exercise, a new app could give you a much-needed boost to get active.”
- Telegraph

Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency units called, as you might have guessed it, sweatcoins. You can then spend them on goods, services and experiences on our market place with our partners or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. Movement has value!

And remember that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Sweatcoin uses your HealthKit step history data to continuously improve our algorithms and provide you with better offers at the right time.

Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins App Description & Overview

The applications Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-09-01 and was developed by Sweatco Ltd. The file size is 129.36 MB. The current version is 17.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We update the Sweatcoin app regularly to make earning more effective and fun for you.
Please get the latest version for our new features, performance improvements and bug fixes aimed to help you be more physically active.

Thank you for walking with Sweatcoin!

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Please do this!!!  wheredbeans  3 star

You guys should really connect bitcoin to this I think it would really make the app perfect to get at least transfer sweatcoins to cryptocurrency


Love it  ZeldaMastaKillz  5 star

Great app and getting paid by technically a cryptocurrency for exercise. It isn’t a crypto yet once it gets a blockchain the price of the coin should shoot up. Don’t buy stuff with your coins, save them for when it becomes a cryptocurrency which by the developers are saying they are working on


Needs improvement  $ubzeroo24  2 star

Ask for a refund on a purchase I had no idea I was buying have yet to use said item haven’t been refunded contacted nothing it comes with free stuff that takes nearly a year to attain on freemode, mainly discount codes willing to change rating on refund till then I stand firm thumbs down.


Okay  yb.eliza  3 star

Great app it is real but you should bring back the iPhone 8 or lower prices just a bit..but I guess it’s cool.


GREAT APP but  bluedolphins7  4 star

It’s really good I just leave it in the background and get steps in no time at all but The steps don’t count sometimes and the offers are pretty bad being back gift cards and get better offers please I have 50$ in sweatcoin and I have nothing to spend it on


Confused  Bluestar3  4 star

I purchased the rocksbox jewlery but at checkout i had to pay even tho I bought the gift card from you guys and didn’t even get a promo code, can i refund it. If not that is fine but why did this happen? Other than that this app is THE best in a really long time

rockStar Ghost

Confused  rockStar Ghost  1 star

So you really can’t get this in actually money ? Like u can’t transfer it to PayPal ?


Like the app but  nyra27  1 star

I feel if I’m being paid why can’t I use my money for what I want the offers you have are not interesting at all and cost to much we should be able to use the money our way I’m actually planning on deleting this app because it’s annoying to see so much money build up but can’t use it the way you want to


App does not pay  xDuwapx  1 star

This app is a scam to sell your location. You cannot buy any real items with sweat coins. All the real prizes will require the average person over 5 years to obtain. SCAM!


Needs work  Wburn25  3 star

This app worked sometimes pretty well but for the past several weeks now, none of my steps are being counted. I get 10000+ steps each day from running and despite it showing that, less than one sweatcoin is produced each day now. Definitely needs fixing bc this is really not alright.


Good app, terrible communication  Affhvxdhbbghh  3 star

The app itself is a great idea, get rewarded for exercising and constantly being on the move. The app’s offers are another story. The pricing currency is American, so when it says “pay such and such shipping” it’s not accurate if you aren’t American. I purchased my first offer and it turns out I payed for a discount instead of receiving a free product where I’d just have to pay $4 shipping. The display reward (get a free bracelet or whatever) and the actual reward (probably a 50% discount) tend to be two completely different things. App support is just as terrible, when I bought up the issue, with screenshots of what I was talking about, I got a pre-written generic email that didn’t address anything I bought up. Afterwards I was asked whether I was satisfied with the support I got, I very clearly said no and explained why, but didn’t get a follow up at all. All in all it’s a good app, just deceiving at times when you want to spend your ‘sweatcoins’. App support is bad so don’t bother to contact them if you have an issue. You’ll get a pre-written email with no follow up.


Great game  kingreview09244  5 star

It’s a great game I love using it and I’ve asked friends to get it but they won’t until I get 1000 sweetcoins witch I’m a long one from but I’ll try my best to get it but enough about my friends i like it bc it’s easy to set up these and there not much else to it but making money and showing off how much you’ve made


Worst app  rojif11  1 star

I brought so many things with this app but the stuff never arrived at my home. It is just making people fool. Can u plz do some work rather than making innocent people fool and wasting their precious time. USELESS APP. Better to uninstall ...


It’s ok  bdjejdshddjbsbs  4 star

I had this for about a day or 2 and glitched out about but got it working again but can this be used without data and without wifi?


👌👍  Gaming_Lunatic  3 star

It sounds like a amazing app I really would like to use it but when it wants you to put in your number to get a code the code never shows up anyone know how to fix that


Fake  godh34667  1 star

Totally fake. They just still your information


App just needs more fine tuning  Anonymus_dislikes_game  3 star

In my opinion I think that the daily shouldn’t reset once you reach 4 swc since it is only 7 every 3 days, yes you can make a lot of swc from invites..., but it takes 20,000 for $1000 USD, however if it was something like 5000 swc it wouldn’t take so long and it would actually motivate myself and others to walk etc. Overall if features like this were implemented I believe the app would gain much more popularity which also helps to achieve your goals...Please implement


It’s ok  Fnafboy101  4 star

So far the app has been alright but there needs to be more stuff to buy or like a marketplace we’re u can get anything really it would be much better then just getting discounts or trials on apps


Disappointing  Joshmachet  1 star

Purchase never arrived. Sweatcoin support never replied


Everything great but not the battery  WalkTalkMoney!  4 star

Everything works great and gets me to walk more but the only thing that I found frustrating it that it’s on my top 5 battery draining apps! Please fix this


Not registering invite  binsxr  1 star

So I started inviting people for the paypal invite 6 people for $6. And It say I only invited 5 of 6. If I tap on the invite more it already says I invited 6 people and made 30 SWC but It wont allow me to redeem the paypal offer. FIX THIS


Cool but...  Skyebish  4 star

This app is cool but most of my friends are saying that they can’t ever order the things idk if that’s tru but I think it’s cool for now🥰can some one tell me if they have the same experience😅🥰😀


Purchasing doesn’t work.  pa'cheetah  4 star

Hello! I’m writing this review because when I was trying to purchase the ‘6 Cash for 6 Invites,’ it didn’t work. Other than that, everything else about the app is fine! I only just had a problem with the purchasing. I can provide evidence if I have to.

noah the bomb

Do u acually get your prize?  noah the bomb  4 star

I think this app is pretty cool. I mean u get paid to walk. I’m just wondering how do we know this isn’t a scam? How do u know u will get your prize?


I need more  maxinesimone1234  3 star

I like the app ; it’s cool but my thing is that next update for this app we need to be able to convert the sweat coins to our bank account or to PayPal atleast so we can use them in everyday life. I told a lot of friends about it and they said the same thing, also it doesn’t count all my steps ; I walk a lot sometimes and then when I get home it says I only took 8 steps. Other than that I love the app just wish I can use the coins in real life and not on the weird things on the app.

QsTs Varrina YT

Search bar  QsTs Varrina YT  3 star

If this app would have had a search bar then it would be way better and had more options to choose from but other than those I'll give it three stars!1 per complaint


100% gr8  kingsquid2  5 star

I love this you get payed for walking I mean why not?


Good but needs a few tweaks.  jakethespy  4 star

I use this app a lot and it’s the app you want to download if you want a: decent app that pays you to walk. But there are somethings that needs tweaking. First of all you can’t walk inside so if you want to run on the treadmill Forget about it. Also there aren’t that many things in the store. and you should be able to earn as many sweat coins as you want.


I’m this is pissing me off  prettydiamond35  1 star

Per my Apple Watch and iPhone I walked 10k steps this app counted 49 steps. Not a happy camper right not. It’s bs


Need to Sync with Fitbit  Teaologist  1 star

I am Fitbit user for 3 years now. I also play Pokémon Go too. I do a lot of walking everyday. But my Fitbit is more precise, in terms of steps count, this app doesn’t record too many. For example, I did 37k steps and this app capped and just recorded that I did 10,000 steps. Lol. What a joke.


This app is great  that_little_eleven_year_old  4 star

I really like this app and I’m saving my sweatcoins for a marathon offer and I’ve been working really hard but it’s not working I think it should be 1 sweatcoin every 100 steps than every 1000 steps and they all have to be vertified but it’s a great app.


Not earning sweatcoins  hsilva123  1 star

I walked 8,614 steps today and didn’t get any sweat coins for it this happen ever since I got the app I walked 6000 steps day before yesterday and didn't get any sweat coins for it either


Not good.  nickbus11  1 star

App is great until you try to purchase something with the coins you earn. On the purchase I tried to make got a code but the code didn’t work. Contacted sweat coin support on the 17/12 and still no reply back. Waste of time.


A motivational app  Tuamtrainsandplanes  5 star

This is a great app that encourages people to go out there and get exercise, and rewards your progress.


Like it  Celinamoaliboutiche  4 star

I really do like it but I would much prefer it to have more indoor steps. I do realize that this encourages people to go out and all that but indoor steps would be an addition to all the other steps that we took outside. Other than that, the app is pretty great!


Great idea but...  NoBrainerNeeded  4 star

I have odd feeling that this app literally is mining crypto in order to get to the point when it will be viable to trade it officially and i'm still wondering in which ways my location is used.

Ava Killalee

Not happy  Ava Killalee  2 star

Won’t let me use my phone number


Bad  cfhgffggg  1 star

Don’t buy its dodgy


Really good  Cian837268  5 star

Very well constructed app.The only thing that I would think would benefit others if you made weekly/daily challenges and if you complete then you get a small amount of sweatcoin e.g Walk 1000 steps.But other than that I would recommend this app


Exellent, but has room for improvement  fghgghkg  3 star

this app is super good, but it eould motivate me more if you could get gift cards, (Eg. Gamestop gift card, amazon gift card) that would be awesome and definyly wort 5 stars but for now, 3

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