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BandLab is the best free music recording and leading social music creation platform with more than 37 million users worldwide.

BandLab lets you make and share music, no matter your skill level or background. Our multi-track Mix Editor is a music maker that lets you record, edit and remix your music. Make beats, add creative effects, use loops and samples from our royalty-free sounds packs from genres like EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and more.

There are no limits to how much music you can create. With unlimited cloud storage and accessibility across all devices, you can access the music you created on your phone from your desktop browser. Music making is everywhere.

With BandLab’s social networking features, you can find new friends, connect with collaborators or start a band with fellow musicians, guitarists, beatmakers, rappers, and more – no audition needed! Creator Connect matches you to potential beat makers, producers or DJs who share your music tastes and inspirations.

BandLab is more than just a music maker, beat maker, recording app or song recorder. You can discover millions of tracks made by artists and DJs, create personalized playlists and even watch live streams of music performances from top creators.

BandLab is 100% FREE to use. No subscription fees, paywalls or limits to your experience. Download the BandLab app and be a music maker today!


•*NEW* Sampler – A new tool for you to create custom instruments. Make a new Sampler Kit by recording sounds you hear in the world around you, or by selecting samples from over 15,000 royalty-free sounds provided by BandLab, or simply import your own sounds. You can even customize each sample to get just the sound you want. Musical creativity is limitless with the Sampler.

• 16-Track Mix Editor – This is where you make music – the Mix Editor is a multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW) in your pocket. Use it as an audio recording app, beat maker, audio editor and so much more. You are a music maker anytime, anywhere.

• 330+ Virtual MIDI Instruments – Need 808s for your beat? Synthesizers for your lead lines? How about the sitar?! We’ve got a huge variety of Virtual MIDI instruments you can make music with, all within an app that fits in your pocket.

• 180+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass effect presets – Give your tracks that extra kick with world-class effects with real-time monitoring. From ambient sounds to crazy modulations, there’s something for everyone to get creative.

• Looper – Anyone can be a beat maker no matter your skill level. Make beats instantly from a huge library of loops, add some synth or reverb, or just freestyle your way to a whole new mixtape while on the go.

• Mastering – Get your tracks ready for distribution. Upload your song or recording and let our built-in mastering work its magic. Supports mp3 and other formats.

• Video Mix – Create expressive video clips, whether you’re a rapper freestyling over a beat or a songwriter laying down a hot solo. Jazz up your video with world-class effects!

• Explore – Not in the mood to create? No problem! Let BandLab be a source of entertainment as you explore and get inspired by new artists, genres, and collections curated just for you.

• Creator Connect – Looking for a beat maker, producer, or singer? Find like-minded creators just around the corner or halfway across the world! Just fill out your profile and we'll match you to potential collaborators who share your musical taste and inspiration.

• Tuner and Metronome – The essential audio tools for the modern music maker and producer so you never go out of beat or tune.

• Remix Tracks – Need inspiration to start a track? 'Fork' a public track that any creator has shared to make your own beat and remix.

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BandLab – Music Making Studio Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We hope you've been well! We know it's been tough so take some time off to de-stress, make some awesome music or simply listen to other users for some inspiration. We're always working on getting those bugs fixed to give you a better experience on BandLab.

BandLab – Music Making Studio Comments & Reviews

- My home away from home in my phone

I've been with bandlab for around 3 years now. And I haven't found a single other app that compares. Bandlab stands alone without exaggeration. They are constantly improving the app and fine tuning it, always adding new fun and useful features. They (developers) pay attention to our suggestions and work them in to the updates. They are on top of the feedback, even if you tend to be a bit...uncommon(???)... Idk how many people they have in their team, but they are all musicians who know their stuff and that's who responds when you have feedback. I have seen this app grow into an amazing place to create music...not just music; but professional quality, music you can be proud of, I think there's like millions of users??? Alot! And many are some pretty heavy hitters in the musical world. All over the world! Intermingling and ready to collaborate with YOU! Seriously! I've learned and grown so much more than I expected to because of this FREE app. Bandlab has become a home to me because of the devoted developers, the amazing musicians from all corners of the world, and the tools that allow me to create music that I could not do if bandlab wasn't available or cost $. Thank you bl devs... Y'all add the music to a muted world🖤

- Pros and cons

Update: At this point it rarely works longer than an hour. I delete and download this multiple times a day to make one song :( it happens at any point. Right when I open the app. Or when I’m about to finish. Or when I’m in the middle of recording. It will just force close or suddenly sign me out and say I can’t sign back in. (Error or this link doesn’t exist) That’s when I have to delete it. Also, When I open an existing file. It will randomly say my microphone doesn’t work or I have to choose that option. But It was fine a second ago when I recorded. I’ll push record and it’s an old recording I deleted etc. these are the problems I have. But I still use it with all these frustrations because there’s nothing else out there like this.. So there is no other app out there like this. It’s amazing. I will continue to use it even though there are a few glitches and errors that occur. Sometimes for no reason. It will force close. Then I spend a few minutes deleting the app and downloading again. That seems to be the only suggestion from the support group. It does work but a little inconvenient. Sometimes songs just disappear. I’ve had a few occasions of them showing up again. But I’ve also lost a few. I just save them to my computer now. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. Only because I’ve never found a app this simple where you can record your music and singing. Also, the community is awesome :)

- Lost my voice audio😢🙏🏻

So it’s a great app overall and I finally ran into an issue I made a brand new song was very proud and about to post it and I clicked save so I could go and tweak some things and make my audio more clear then only to realize the app only saved the beat and not my voice audio and my lyrics disappeared that I had written down aswell I’m overall really disappointed that out of all issues hat could have happened it was this issue I have never had issues until now I would love a reply from a developer or someone that can help me because maybe it got lost in like the apps cloud or something but I worked so hard on this song and now I have nothing but the beat no none of my vocals are there anymore, and my lyrics have been erased aswell off the app please someone write back and please fix this bug on your app at this point I’ve tried all I could to retrieve my lost vocals and lyrics so I’m trying to the developer please help me because I was really proud of this song and I hate dissapointing all my fans I have everywhere😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- I have one problem...

BandLab is an excellent app for music making and listening. I absolutely love it. That is, until a problem occurred. I went to get into the app just yesterday and instead of going in straight to my profile and the normal screen, it had the entire intro log in screen show up as if I logged out of my account, which I never do. When I tried logging in using my information, is kept on saying that I have “incorrect credentials”. So, I tried logging in with my google account instead. I thought it would work, but then I got a pop-up saying that my email is “already linked to a different account type”. So now, I can’t log in AT ALL, or access any of my stuff, which is really frustrating. It also makes me worried that my account somehow got lost, along with all of my stuff on it. I still get notifications telling me that people liked my song, or started following me, but even when I tap on the notification banner that shows up at the top of the screen to take me to the app, NOTHING HAPPENS. If you could please help in any way or give some sort of advice as to what I should do, thank you. My music is very important to me and I don’t want it to be lost forever with my account. Thank you.

- Best Studio/Recording/Mixing App!

I NEVER write reviews for apps, let alone rate them but I am so happy with this app I just felt I needed to share.... I like to import an instrumental version of a song and then add multiple tracks of myself singing over it, harmonizing with myself, basically. I’ve tried so many apps to do this but they either don’t allow me to import my own song or they don’t allow me to edit my vocals or they charge money to use certain features. The only other app I’m aware of that could do this is GarageBand but that can be difficult to figure out and 98% of the time, it doesn’t let me import songs from my phone for some reason. I get so frustrated with it. I’ve have zero issues with BandLab and it allows you to use all editing feature for FREE. Also, there aren’t ads popping up every 5 seconds like every other free app out there. This app is a breath of fresh air and I’m so thankful I’ve found it. It does exactly what I need it to do, with no issues and all for free. To the developers: Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

- The Greatest Music App Ever

Forget garageband, this app has the most simple yet diverse interface I have ever used, people can master using it in days, but then you still find out features you didn't even know were on it, which makes no sense but thats how great it is 😂 I produce my beats on here, record vocals, mix it all, add effects and filters, it even lets you convert video to audio that you can put in your songs without the need for a MP4 to MP3 converter, it already comes built in. You can upload your music on the domain, and it gains attention because of the features like creator connect, groups, and so much more that makes sure your music doesnt just get lost in the mix like SoundCloud, which I uploaded numerous songs on and amounted to 46 followers, I have uploaded 2 songs and a couple comments to bandlab and have almost reached 500. I would rate this app 6 stars if I could, has helped me bring my music creativity to life, and has helped countless friends of mine do the same. 👌🏽

- I love bandlab but sometimes it’s retarded

OK bandlab pisses me off sometimes when I upload a song and I select the genre and picture for it sometimes it just won’t upload under the genre I selected Or with the right picture and it really frustrates me because I can’t seem to get my music where I want it to be without band lab changing the genre for no apparent reason and then when you go to delete it to re-upload it sometimes it will not delete it and the song will become glitched and unremovable and it really aggravates me having three versions of the exact same song on my profile and it triggers my OCD seeing a massive amount of unremovable songs on my profile like CAN I JUST HAVE A CLEAN PROFILE WITH 1 OF EVERY SONG NOT 3 COPYS!!!!!!! And also for some apparent reason not even bandlab support knows how to fix it I’ve tried to explain but every time the advice was useless UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!. *sigh*... so basically in conclusion if you want your music to get herd I would highly recommend a bandlab it’s really a great app but sometimes it just is so slow clunky and glitchy and The suppose it “support” they offer doesn’t really help for some of the things that is wrong with the app

- Overall amazing! But...

there are still a few things you have to work on! For example the AutoTune Feature, it sounds all muffled up if I want to use it, also you should add more Vocal Effects for example a Slapback Effect or a Distortion Effect and a Vocal Harmony or Voice Pitch Changer. There are all sorts of ideas, these Features above I suggest. I use this App almost everyday and I create amazing songs with it. Also, please try to change the Microphone Frequency or make it sound better because it doesn't sound that bad but it could be better as well. Just make it sound a bit more realistic like the Application "Take" does. They make it sound really good and also have many Effects. And please make the Beats or Music that you import automatically change the BPM to the BPM of the Beat. For example I upload a Beat with 140BPM, but BandLab still tells me its 120BPM, which is why I have to first add my Vocal Tracks, then change the BPM, then add the Beat to match the BPM. I don't mean to stress you add, those are just things to make your App even better! Love you, keep going forward!

- Superb👌🏾

The New eq capabilities of BandLab is awesome. I really appreciate the having the ability to eq vocals and instruments Manuel because it gives us creators the freedom to be more creative and and makes the music sound that much more crisp. And if you know what you are doing you can really achieve that studio quality sound. I hope the developers of this app doesn’t take any of these amazing features away. However they should add more features like the ability to be compatible with a larger range of midi controllers also they should try to a more instrument high quality instrument voices and pianos and sounds. Also if possible I’d love for them to allow more than 12 tracks on any project for more complex composition. That would be also. That said, as it stands now, this app is amazing and can only get so much better. It’s definitely my go to app for writing and formulation film scores composition and song ideas. Keep up the good work band land team you guys are definitely appreciated.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✨🌟🌟

- Approaching perfection

This is my favorite music production app yet. Most have very limited functionality, have few instruments (or if they have a large variety, most are locked behind a paywall), or are difficult to use. BandLab has basically none of these issues. It’s easy to use, has a variety of MIDI instruments spanning several genres and styles (as well as recording and amp features), and so far I’ve seen no payed content. I don’t think there are even ads; if there are, they’re so unobtrusive I haven’t noticed. The sharing and forking features are also nice. I only have one real criticism of the app: for some reason, playing your music back in the mix editor causes popping in the phone speaker. This ONLY happens in the editor itself and it doesn’t happen with headphones. Just the speaker. Music playback in other parts of the app is fine, and I even screen recorded the editor playback and there were no audio artifacts. It’s strictly some sort of issue between the editor and the speaker. EDIT: On a closer listen, I think the artifacts may be present in the screen recording too. Regardless, it’s an issue that needs fixing, but otherwise the app works perfectly. I also hope even more MIDI instruments will be added, such as a strummed guitar as opposed to the fingerpicked versions we’re mostly limited to now. The variety of instruments is, again, fantastic, but more variety in the sounds those instruments can make would make the app absolutely perfect.

- Needs improvement

Band lab lags like no other while I’m trying to record and edit. There’s a quarter of a second of delay from when I hit a string on my guitar to when I hear it in my headphones and that can really mess you up when you’re trying to be precise. You can’t adjust the click track to be one consistent click too. There’s always an accent note and I don’t need one. I just need to know I’m keeping with the beat. I keep experiencing issues with my headphones too, but I have not yet diagnosed if that’s band lab or my brand new headphones being defective. I have ALL of my volume knobs (in the software, on my computer, and my interface) all turned all the way up and every now and then the sound I get back is barely audible despite being recorded at a reasonable volume in the first place. Hell, the bar is jumping up past yellow in some parts when I hit my bass a little too hard while recording. It’s a free useful site but it’s not without its issues. I recommend it for working on your own personal projects (like I’m doing right now) but don’t sink something special into this product. You’ll want something of a better quality at that point.

- Up to 4GB on phone storage!!!!

Hands-down the best there is available to create,meet,& inspire all while having a place to post and store your songs. The only problem which is a big one is that I am forced to delete the app completely off my phone at least once a day if I intend on working on anything. Reason is because Band lab can take up to four gigs of space. This is certainly not a fluke because it happens every day on 3 different IOS devices and the worst I’ve seen it get up to is 5.8 gigs! Contacted technical support and after the first two attempts to make the issue clear to robots/peoplebots.... I finally got someone who payed attention and Genuinely was trying to help me. Unfortunate part about everything is after following all the suggestions given to help me solve the problem still has no resolution or a valid acknowledgement from Bandlab support that they are/would fix the problem. Eh... nothings perfect but this had been my only problem up to this date after about 2years of using the app. 👌🤞

- Hi I have a suggestion

I love this app I started using this app in October and I love it, my suggestion is to make a tab where it’s just the mixer for all the channels like for example (one track is “master”) and to the left of it is the “current” track and then the rest of the tracks are insert tracks for example when your in the playlist double tap the mic on any track and it will go into the wav form then tap on fx section and then go to the effect that your vocal or whatever it is on and tap the options tab and then neither you can make it so you tap on the 3 dots or add a rectangle in the options tab and it has a gear press it and it goes to the select channel and you will see a rectangle with a arrow pointing up on top of the rectangle and a arrow pointing down on the bottom of the rectangle and you could make it so u can add third party plugins. Thank you if the developers or developer is reading this 😉

- Essential service for my virtual choir

We are doing virtual choir for our little New England church services. BandLab is easy enough that my choir members, including 80 year old folks, are able to access and use the technology. The versatility of multiple platforms allows Androids and IOSs alike to use their smartphones, and a web interface as an option to the mobile app, all integrated. Small niggles... * can’t protect tracks from being recorded over...*”versions” of the song with different peoples tracks all in different files so that I have to open 12 files and copy/paste to get my full mix... * pitch adjustment (autotune) is only available on the much less robust mobile platform rather than on desktop where any serious musician is going to do their mastering (I use Logic to master, but BandLab has nice mastering features that can get you by, except the one component that every vocal track needs...tuning. But those are small complaints and we are thriving thanks to this platform. Hurrah!

- Wow

I love this app so much that I would fight you over it. Lol. I’m still a beginner to the app but have been doing music all my life practically. I’ve used many platforms and programs but this is hands down my choice to go to so I can release my feelings when I need to do it and not be bothered with ads and pop up crap you have to watch before every click of the screen would go through. I will use this app until it is no more or I run out of space, which seems to be my only problem so far. I don’t have enough space to hold all the fantastic music and tunes that I’m able to create with my new best friend. BandLab, you’re the best. Thumbs up buddy! I am as sincere as one can be when I say that I am in love with BandLab. P.s. my only minor issue is the bots and fake porn profiles that keep trying to trick me. That’s the only thing that I see that could be improved on. Have a great day.

- Amazing!

Words cannot describe how thrilled I was when I found this platform. It is perfect for me since I want to be a film score composer when I get older and this is perfect because it has tons of different orchestral instrumental options. Before this, I had used GarageBand to compose some of my songs which isn’t a bad platform at all but this has a ton more options for orchestra arrangements and best of all, it’s FREE. If I had to be honest, I feel terrible. Thus platform is so awesome I feel like I should be paying something for it because this is so cool and so useful. I also really like the idea of collaboration on songs and creating bands and communities. Now I’m an introvert so I don’t particularly like socializing with new people but I feel that on here, there’s no risk of being judged because everyone in here is a music nerd like me. Again, this is awesome. Thank you so much. You guys really do rock!

- Quite possibly the best app of all time

I am definitely addicted to this app. Far Better than the looping apps. Probably the best iOS composition tool around. The midi reminds me of early PlayStation era gaming. If y’all could work in triplets and maybe 32nd notes it would be unstoppable. I’m excited to try the desktop version in a week or so. Is there anywhere I could donate to y’all or related software I could purchase? More instruments? Or a super secret triplet feature. I hope this keeps growing and I would feel good helping y’all do so. I’ve spent probably 24 hours on this app already. Turned out to be much more than “writing songs while pooping” app. I’d tip my hat if I was wearing one. One tiny annoyance. It would be nice if the note names reflected the key I selected. Like no sharps in a flat key etc. I’ll keep using either way. But it would be convenient for my brain.

- Disappointed

I was really excited when I first got this app. It was easy to use, compatible for downloading, and offered a variety of loops. However, yesterday, after having it only two weeks all of my saved tracks deleted on me. I kept all of my tracks private since I was still figuring out the “lab” portion so I didn’t share the majority of my music except for on track out of probably 10 so far. Luckily the ones I liked I did back up but it was just unsettling to have everything disappear like that from every folder on the app (including the library and my saved folders). Everything was gone. I did some research digging online and found that deleting and re-downloading the app can sometimes bring them back and sure enough it did now. But it’s just a strange clutch to still be happening after people have reported it and there have been updates. If the app becomes more secure then it’s on its way to being a huge tool for music makers!

- It’s a top quality app

This is a very good quality app, if you want to be an artist and make music but you don’t have any equipment at all, this app is the app to go too. Amazing app. Oh and by the way, I just want somethings added to the app, can you make more voice fx? Basically all of them just add a simple echo at different levels. Add a deep and raspy effect, add an effect that makes you sound like you’re through a phone, add an effect that makes your voice very faint and but it still stands out, and many more! I would appreciate it if you can add those things, it’ll really make my music sound better! Also another suggestion is too add a litte more options to audio, like make it fade in/out and you can add how long you want the fade to go for, you know that type of stuff, I hope you can see this and take my review in consideration! Peace and love

- Dank App!!!

This is an awesome app that has such tools that can make anyone feel like a rockstar. From being able to upload and play with your music, recordings, collab, network and make money off this app. However they don’t give the recognition to the people who’s been on here deserving for at least a check mark such as the other players have been able to receive. I have 12,000 followers and my band has reached up to almost 95,000 listeners, still no check mark. It’d be nice to show your bandlab community spreading the word and making people famous and not the app itself, it’s just ENHANCING our music credibility the rest is on your person alone. Have fun with this but apparently don’t invest because it won’t even get you a check mark. Listen to Loudpvckmobb with king dvbz and his girl queen dvbz and the rest of the mobb they go hard. Find us on every platform because bandlab helped us get there. Enjoy!

- Great for music production!

I got interested in music production as a hobby recently, and I was trying to find a good software for doing so, I started off with Medly, I wrote two songs that were pretty good on it, but the app wasn’t good enough and the options for free instruments were very limited. In this app though, EVERYTHING IS FREE! Every instrument, every feature is absolutely FREE and PROFESSIONAL! Also since it’s an app you use on your browser, I can use any device we have! Cause I have two younger siblings, and we really fight a lot over different devices (mostly my brother) for ridiculous reasons like, “it has a keyboard” or something like that, so this makes it a lot easier on me cause there are some things that are only on specific devices. This makes it easier for me to work on the exact same song.

- Correct criticism ⚠️🤦🏽

I wanna start off by saying I love the app..😔 OK!!! So my bandLab account has been acting really funny and every time I will go to one of my tracks... I get a little message basically saying you may not have permission to view this page. Or the link you click on may have expired so I’m like🤔so I went to my settings and I found the problem I unlink the old email. And replaced it with my new email but way before I did any of that I updated the app because I thought that was the problem...🤯😳 now with all that being said I updated the app I switched the gmail‘s. But👉🏽🤚🏽 yet I go to one of my tracks and that little notification is still popping up and some of my tracks are not even loading... up and on top of that it keeps throwing me out of the app.. I’m highly disappointed I’ve been using bandLab for years I just hope this is an easy fix all I wanna do is make music in peace. ☮️ And I’m just axing for you guys to fix it and once you guys do that I will give y’all a another five star rating because I have before in the past so..🤷🏽

- Truly Amazing!

Let me start off by saying that Bandlab is by far one of the best, free, music making apps you could ask for! It is so versatile- with the loopers and samples, the midi instruments for you to make your own beats, the fx it has for you to use, and more! I have used Bandlab for making music over the past 8 months, and I have been satisfied with it the entire time! I could easily spend days making music on here! There aren’t many downsides to using it, and the downsides aren’t really downsides anyway. First off, you can expect there to be sometimes that Bandlab works better than others. That is usually because the developers are doing work on the app, so it behaves weird for a little bit; However, in the long run the app always performs better than it did! Secondly, it doesn’t have to power that you might expect from things such as Logic or FL Studio- and that is because it is a free app! But for everything that Bandlab offers (which is alot), the quality of this app, and even the responsiveness of the developers- if I were you, I would get this app in a heartbeat ;) Thank you devs for pouring so much time and effort into making this a safe, positive place to make music on your own, and with other musicians! It is truly appreciated!

- I lost all my songs...😭😭😭

Overall this is one of the best music apps in my book and I enjoy making songs. Then this happened. I had the app already on another device. I got it on this one. I signed in with my old account. Then it said the stuff and you go through the make your own account. I ended up making a new account. Which I was okay with. I could still listen to my old songs on my other device. Then today I looked on my old device to play my old songs. Then what happened is it brought me to the account on this device. That got me worried. I signed out and typed the account in and reset the password. Though it never got sent. I looked it up and my old account still exists! But I can’t get back in my old account. All my songs are private so they weren’t there! PLEASE HELP ME BAND LAB TEAM😖😖😩😫🙏

- Amazing

I love this app. It’s so easy to get my ideas recorded with pretty decent quality. It’s miles beyond working with 4-track recorders when I was a kid. There are some annoyances though... Running the app in a browser on a desktop/laptop is unusable. All audio is slow and stutters. Exporting audio always freezes. Freezing tracks freezes. Merging tracks freezes. I can’t see my machines not being powerful enough... perhaps publishing some recommended specs? On iOS, the app will often hang and it forces me to force close the app. Upon reopening I get sync errors all the time. My devices will get out of sync it seems as a result. iPad and browser will be at one revision and my phone at another. I wish I could just manually force a sync when needed. It’s very frustrating. However, the benefits of getting my ideas recorded far outweighs those problems. I would really love for some of the features that only exist in a browser, like volume automation, merging audio, triplets. Update: - fades are awesome :) - new mix down volumes are working well - wish the changelog actually reflect new features and what was fixed rather than the same message for every change. The new fade feature just seemed to have slipped in there but it would have been discovered easier had it been in the changelog.

- Having issues and I’m getting very irritated

Hi, I’m Joseph. I’ve been on BandLab since 2015 I believe. If not then I know for a fact I’ve been onBandLab since 2016. Anyway, I absolutely love the platform. The feel, the style, the vibes, and especially The creative energy and Creative freedom it gives its users. I’ve never really had a problem with BandLab... THAT IS UNTILL NOW! For the last couple of months my projects have been failing to sync. Over and over again it tells me the revision failed to sync. IT TAKES FOREVER FOR A PROJECT TO ACTUALLY PUBLISH! Sometimes a project never publishes. I’ve cleared cache and everything. And it can’t possibly be an internet issue. Because I’m always on WiFi and when I’m not I’m on 4g LTE. And I have 4 projects ready to be uploaded... BUT IT WILL NOT SYNC AND PUBLISH. Help would be greatly appreciated! I would hate to have to leave this wonderful app after so many years, so many collaborations, so much work, and after so much fun! Plz help.

- Outstanding App

I rarely rate things online. However I make the occasional exception for a service or product that is so outstanding that I feel obligated to the proprietors for their incredible work. This app is a dream come true. Thank you so much for providing this service for free. When I discovered the piano roll editing feature I was blown away. I don't own a computer or any microphones. I thought that the voice memo feature on my phone was a miracle. I've lost so much music over the years to a lack of proper recording. Now I have the opportunity to develop my pieces in ways I only thought possible with expensive gear and software. This app isn't going to provide what a full studio and production suite will, but it does provide a simple yet robust platform for fleshing out ideas anywjere any time for FREE. That's crazy.

- Wonderful

This app is amazing, the BandLab team is always going to fix the issue if there is one, it’s probably happening when they are updating and making the app better, So be patient and work on a song lol!! I’ve been able to really open my horizons and get creative more than I ever thought possible because of all the options like collaborating, I’m a singer but Its so easy to learn that I’ve even made some beats, I didn’t know I could do that....I feel BandLab helps you discover your talent or talents. It’s so fun to make music and let others see how you express yourself and you never know if a song may touch someone so share it even if it’s not perfect in your eyes! Thank you BandLab I’m grateful for y’all! <3. Another few’s free! And no ads!!! And I’ve made lots of friends in the communities I’ve joined.

- Beyond greatness

I been using this app for a while now and ever since all I see is my music career rising by the minute to the point where I’m now with a good set of followers who I believe just like anybody else who come across my music vibe with it # bandlab if you read this I hope you give me a lil second to listen to my latest songs I hope I get some feedback from you guys, would mean a lot to know at least from you guys since everything I do with music I done it here and constantly also trying to be heard I would appreciate that so much just like every upgrade you all do to make this platform simply the best without competition cuz there is not anything more unique then this I thank you for existing #Lefredd !!! Stay tuned I’m committed and I you finna see me blow sooner then expected !

- Very pleased & female friendly

I’ve been using this app for almost a year now! I really love all the updates. I’m more comfortable with this app more than any other app. I only have 2 problems: 1. When I use the desktop version to go in and edit, I can never hear the song. The audio is always messed up. So, I never know what I’m editing sound wise. I just have to guess and hope I get it right. So, I’ve been sticking to my basic reverb of only 22% on every song and that’s it. I’ve used google chrome & regular browsers, switched computers & still the same problem. This would be a GREAT FIX! 2. I would love to have fade in/out options for endings. Or, basically any way to be able to switch up endings. Overall it’s a GREAT APP! I find myself using it more than other apps I’ve used longer.

- I love it

This is easily the best music maker I’ve ever used, the best part is it’s FREE! No in app purchases or subscriptions. Plus, it has more content too. I just have a suggestion. I’m trying to make a orchestral piece and I was wondering, is there orchestral drums? I’m talking about the ones they use in band. I’m trying to find it so if you tell me where I can find them I’ll be very happy. Thank you! Edit: I have another question. I’m trying to add a bass part to my song. Have you heard of Undertale? It’s a very good game especially the music. The song “Fallen Down” has a very good bass part. Is there any instruments that sound almost exactly like it? If so, could you please give me the name. Not a entirely new instrument to add, just please tell me a instrument. That’s all for now, bye!

- Must for Beatmakers, Producers, and Artists

I recently downloaded this app and I love it so far it works as a free daw on my phone so it’s easy to work with on the go, it’s very easy to use in my opinion and it’s the best free mobile daw I’ve ever used. It allows me to make music videos. Easy collaboration with other users if I want as well. The sounds it has are amazing and you can connect Midi controllers and usb microphones if you have an adapter. With that adapter you can use Midi controllers, USB Microphones, USB audio interface, USB mixers anything like that. It also lets people who want to support you give you money through a Stripe account. This app is similar to “Beat Stars” as a free version in a way. I wish everyone had this app, It’s very user friendly and in my opinion any beat maker or producer need to have this and I highly recommend this app.

- Needs to be able to duplicate

Just like on computer DAWS, you need to have us be able to copy our line of beats (per say the piano part, the drum part, etc) and make it loop. It’s annoying to have to spend three minutes tapping on the same things just to get that sound throug the whole song mixed with mistakes. All I ask for in this current moment is the ability to duplicate our track/line, and repeat it as long as we want too throughout the song. If that’s available pls let me know I can’t find any info on it or any options thank you. Also let us cut some parts out of our song, sometimes we make it louder or there’s too much white noise in between. Again, loved your response thank you!! But duplicate, duplicating is so important. Re-recording a chorus to the exact key and length is super hard. I would love to be able to copy, and paste my areas. Duplicating.

- Perfect for sketching

Great app to sketch out a cool song or beat to be later finished in another program or on a computer. Also, the community aspect is a useful way to show your music and find other likeminded artists for inspiration or collaboration. Runs very smooth. I have had little to no problems with performance or crashing. They are constantly working on bugs (no app ever made comes without bugs) so I’m always confident working in BANDLAB. Check it out, it’s free! You’d be crazy not to at least see what it has to offer. I understand that as artist we all have different needs while working in our mediums and this app serves many of mine. Maybe it will also serve your needs; there’s only one way to find out....

- Love this app but it’s got its issues

I seriously would not have gotten started with this app. However as of late I’ve had issues with the songs. I’ll make a song, record it, finish it, and then, it’s syncing...for hours. This one song never even synced, and it’s really upsetting because all the progress i put in is lost. And when I go into the song it works fine, but sometimes the audio is silent when it’s not supposed to be, or the revision never syncs, or when it says it does I share it to a friend and it doesn’t work for them. It worked for a while, but lately it’s been glitchy. Maybe it’s because I record when my battery is not it’s best, but either way I’ve had issues and maybe you could tell me how to fix them? Thanks. All in all though a great app that helped me get started.

- Fantastic resource for music education

I teach music to about 500 elementary students, and we just began using BandLab in my virtual classes today. When I began showing them what the possibilities are for creating music, their eyes grew wide with awe and disbelief. Cameras that had been previously turned off flipped on, and students magically engaged. We had worked with SoundTrap before, but our free trial ended, and our Title I school didn’t have the $250 that would have only bought me 50 student seats. I can’t believe this is a free resource with much better loops and sounds than SoundTrap. Y’all are absolute angels. My students are so excited to spend time creating music. I am extremely grateful to you, and so are the kids I teach. ❤️ Thank you!

- Pretty good, but difficult

“THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT” So whenever I use this app I usually use the built in studio because of the different sounds they have, it’s good but there are some problems with it: 1. When you are drawing in MIDI notes you are not able to zoom out or in, which makes it harder to draw them in 2. (Personally) I think when you are on a song and start to record, the metronome count in should already be active, I don’t like that you have to manually turn it on, it would be better to have it already active and if anyone wants it off, they can turn it off 3. You also can’t zoom out to see all of the tracks, it would be cool to be able to see all of the midi tracks on one screen instead of having to scroll to the right 4. EQ, I don’t know if there is EQ in the app, but if there isn’t there should be, I want to be able to mix all of my tracks to perfection 5. This app is a small app, invest in some advertisements so people will come to this app and use it Anyways, if you read this please consider fixing the stuff, I hope to see the changes, I would probably use it a lot more :)

- The Wake of Dawn

I’m not done till the wake of dawn ripping flash when the monsters, grunting bones and midnight lies are there pain as a sinner cries drums of dawn are pounding strings of life is grounding rivers of blood keep flowing sinners have had their warning monsters scream across the sky here they’re a pain as a sinner cries now that fate has come outlast flesh torn bodies as the monsters pass blades of steel and smoke filled sky‘s here they’re a pain as the sinne cries drums of Don are pounding strings of life is drowning rivers of blood keep flowing centers have had their warning now that fate has come out last Flash torn bodies as the monsters pass blades of steel and smoke filled sky‘s no more pain in the sinners eyes drums Of Don are pounding strains of life are drowning rivers of blood keep flowing centers have had their warning

- Won’t let me open my projects

I just got the app about a month ago and I love it. But for some reason everytime I try to open one of my saved projects, the app just closes and does not open my project. I tried multiple times. I deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times as well. I rebooted my phone even. It won’t work. Yesterday for some reason my projects would not sync at all and now they won’t even open. Gladly I downloaded my most important projects but I have a good few that I was still trying to work on and they just won’t open at all. I don’t know if it is my iPhone or what it is. It let me open one of my projects though where I only had vocals but none of the others.

- Fire!

I like this cuz I have access at my projects not yet finished but not just that I have access at every thing I make anywhere i go I’ve actually utilized the web version in my lap top and been able to Pull it up on my cell phone later when I’ve had a breakthrough from a writers block and been able to lay it down rite then and there in my car with some Mac headphones and clean it up later, there’s some egos when it comes to the whole tryinna get recognition through this app cuz most the dudes on here don’t have anything poppin in real life there social media thugs so you may run into that but if your raw and talented you probably won’t even noticed tbh you’ll be too busy making hits I’m out- young toaster

- it’s amazing but...

this app is absolutely amazing. i’ve been trying to find an app just like this for months so i could make my music easily and this app is it. the only problem i have is that when i updated it recently it started lagging and i cant do anything on the app because it lags so slowly and it’s just a mess at this point. i cant even fix my music anymore because it lags. i hope you can fix this because i’m really disappointed. it was working perfectly well until i updated it. other than that the app is great to use if you love to make your own music edit: NEVER MIND ABOUT THE LAGGING PART. i realized i just had to delete the app and re-download it and it went back to normal.

- Best Music App (BUT...)

No doubt this is the best app to make your own music with. However, I think it’d be a whole lot more enjoyable if the user is able to actually save their work, as in being able to export their music from the app to his/her phone. The only way to access my songs is to go to the app itself. If anything, there should be a BandLab Pro where there’s an option to save the music that’s created. If the user enjoys his/her BandLab experience, they can purchase BandLab Pro and have access to all features, like saving their files to their phones. That way, they can use their own work for projects like lyric videos or short films. Please do something about this or at least consider it.

- Great for beginners and simple producers!

My experience with this app has been amazing, but there are some drawbacks I would like to point out. After I really started getting into music production, I saw that many of the tools that would be a no brained are not available in the app. There is no option for triplets or any note other than a 16th or higher. Velocity of each note is not accessible on mobile, only PC. Even then, the velocity controls are a bit odd compared to other music production softwares that are FREE. Those two are probably my biggest drawbacks for this app. Other than that, if you are a beginner producer looking for an easy music production app, BandLab is for you. I suggest getting LMMS if you want to go more serious and still be in the free range on PC or Mac.

- Simply Amazing

Okay the fact that this app even exists FOR FREE I feel like needs to be stressed. Nowadays with all these apps trying to make money without blasting you with adds and instead charging subscription fees it’s hard to believe that BandLab took the high road and said...nahhh...No Subscriptions, No ads! Just pure thank you BL! I luv the update with the ability to alter preset effects! If I may though, I simply am requesting the ability to fade in and out on each separate stem while mixing. I don’t really understand how that feature could be left out? Unless it’s a logistics issues. But the need to be able to fade in and out is a must! That being said...still the best daw for your phone!

- Buggy

It’s honestly a good app to use when your phone is all you have to work with for making music. But lately the app has been a bit buggy. Everytime i close the app it would ask me to log back in and i’m not sure why it does this because it did not do this before, it can get annoying after a while. Another issue ive been having is that ive been hearing some kind of like glitching sound with all my songs. It doesn’t matter if I’m recording the song at the moment or listening to a revision of it but its still there. I thought it was because of my headphones at first but even after using different headphones and not using headphones at all the annoying glitchy noise was still there. It makes it so hard trying to make songs. Other than that this app is very useful

- Accessability

I am blind and enjoy using this app, however, I cannot click on my notifications. The tabs at the bottom of the screen are not labeled with words, and neither are the buttons. Voice over cannot read icons, so words would be helpful. When I go to my notifications, it tells me how long ago it was, but will not let me click on it, or tell me what it is actually about. Also, when you try adding on more than one track, voice over is rendered completely useless. For blind music makers and singers like myself, BandLab was the one thing we had. Please keep it that way, because garage band is not that great either, and you still have my vote. Just fix these few things, because your accessibility used to be better.

- Great idea for an app!

So I joined BandLab last week. Actually, it's really even better than some music apps like GarageBand and other stuff I tried. First off, you can follow and listen to other peoples music. You can also publish your own! That's why it's really nice. All the Mehdi instruments and also loops are really nice! It would be good if you made some accessibility especially with voiceover, which is a screen reading tool that Apple made. Also, it be even nice to add more stuff from the midi instruments, including Dubstep more of that. Your other dubstep loops were pretty nice! And also more instruments? That would be nice. Anyways keep up the good work! I haven't really published anything yet since I'm kind of just messing around with it. No worries, but I will soon get to it

- Everything keeps deleting, not sure what im doing wrong

I love this app, everything about it is amazing, except for the fact I can’t actually save anything I create. I had no problems when I first downloaded this, but after a month of having it, half of everything I made deletes after I click the “save” button, which totally defeats the whole purpose of save. But yeah, the only thing that doesn’t get deleted is my imported soundtrack and then maybe like, 18 seconds of voice audio, the rest just disappears. I thought maybe it was my storage but I have half my memory empty and then i thought maybe i just have too many songs but i only have like 4, maybe thats too much? Would absolutely love if you guys could do anything or maybe explain what i did wrong. Anyways sorry for this long review, I just really love the app and would love to get on it again. I even recommended this app to friends! Thanks have a good day.

- Has everything you need (pretty much)

This app is almost completely perfect, it dose things garage band doesn’t, but also garage band has a lot of stuff that this app doesn’t. It would be perfect if both apps could combine into one, I always use this app when I’m making a song with samples because I can get the sound straight from my camera roll, with GarageBand I have to go through a bunch of trouble to convert my video to Mp3 and it’s a long annoying process, but with this app I don’t have to worry about that. I often have to use both apps just to make one song so I can get all the effects I need though, but other then that I highly recommend this app.

- This apps a lot of help

First off I need to bring this up so you guys can fix this problem I’m having. On the app I am unable to view my notifications via bandlab, I tried restarting my phone, turning off WiFi and Turing it back on, still nothing is seeming to fix it WHAT SHOULD I DO? This app is a lot of help when it comes to getting plays and follows. I posted a track on BandLab my first day using it then 2 days later I logged back in and found out one of my beats have blown up on the “hot beats” page with a whopping 7.92k (thousand) plays if you don’t believe me you can look yourself. On bandlab my Productions name is “Brizzy Productions” look me up you’ll see for yourself this app is spontaneous.

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- THE BEST! - EVER!!! 😃 Music Creation Tool Supreme!

I have only just recently discovered BandLab, but I love it to pieces! ❤️ Here’s one reason why : If you’ve ever struggled with your music creations in other DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation Apps) you’ll know that the main complication can be, that when you begin your songs, it’s fine - you’re able to see the musical notes (usually represented by lines on a grid) without any trouble! But as you LENGTHEN your song by adding in more bars of music - suddenly, . . . the size of those musical notes begins to shrink! From something like this: “———-“, to this: “— “, and then this: “.” 8 bars, or 16 is fine but as soon as you go to 32 bars or beyond, you have the “shrink” problem. Sometimes to the point where you are no longer able to see your prior work! (Without resorting to using a “zoom” function). BandLab isn’t like those others! It offers you unlimited space in which to work, and for that alone, I totally love it! There’s SO much more to enjoy with it too! Check it out! 5-Stars! All the way. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Absolutely amazing :)

I’ve used BandLab for a few months now and it’s honestly amazing, it’s super easy to use and very beginner friendly. It’s nothing like most other apps where you’re limited to a set selection of loops, BandLab lets you create you’re own loops and tracks allowing you to make whatever you want. I love the selection of sound that are available and wouldn’t be able to recommend anything more than BandLab. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to seeing what you guys do next :)

- Better than apples garageband! <3

I have been using this for months now, and seeing it progress, even my suggestion of imported separate midi tracks! There are many genres out there, but I haven’t seen Synth wave (it has different names: retro wave, out run, ect.) As apart of BandLab, like a soft brass keyboard, (and many more keyboards) a bass called “VHS Bass” or even a SynthWave Drum Kit! The choice is yours bandlab team! 👌😘thank you for this great and wonderful app

- It’s alright but there are some problems

I use this mostly to record my music and as far as the recording software is it’s pretty good. However once you get over about 5 layers it starts to glitch and play out of time which makes it incredibly frustrating to record this. If your looking for something to start out with. I would suggest it but as for recording professional stuff, Mixcraft or Protools works just as well.

- Best app ever!! Delivers ten fold!!

I love this app, thank you, so much freedom to share and create and no red tape. I have been using it on iPhone 4 just fine but just discovered you can use it online with even more freedom and options. I am in love with Bandlab and the community are awesome. Such a great bunch of supportive people from all over the world. When you join look me up AndrewofOz. Cheers, double thumbs up. ✝

- Wonderful support team.

I had an issue where the app would crash every time I try to import song. I had a response within seconds and they worked through everything with me!

- A lot of fun but has very bad bug

Im having a great time producing for my friend and i, and i like listening to what other people have made on bandlab, its a great app but sometimes certain instruments start becoming buggy, i cant edit the audio for the instruments and when i try the app crashes, hoping this gets fixed soon so i can have full control on my song.

- Excellent

It's a brilliant app. Thank you for making it available. I am, however, having trouble in saving/downloading/sharing a project. I am using an i-pad 4. When I save the latest edit of a project it begins (or tries to begin) syncing the edit but it never completes the sync and thus I cannot save the download the project (but I can still open it and edit it). Any tips?

- Outstanding

Far out performs other mobile mixing studios. This app is by far the single best musical editing and production app on iOS. It has many loops, instruments and other features all for free. No price paid. Hands down recommend

- Amazing!

This app makes it easy to make music and turns out good even if you press random buttons! Thank you for making this app. I definitely recommend download.

- It’s good

It’s a good app in my opinion, and unlike GarageBand this doesn’t eat away at your storage space or glitch up constantly. I really like this app however it would be great if there was an option to add more tracks for more instruments, otherwise great app.

- Great interactive songwriting tool

I am liking this app. If you are savvy with recording programs and manipulating sounds etc also great for cowriting with friends colleagues or other musicians worldwide. Quite easy to use. Like it.

- Would be amazing but...

I've tried to upload a couple of songs several times. Gets to 98% sits there for ages then the upload disappears and no sign of the song in my account. I was super impressed with the mastering algorithm used and had the same experience when trying via a browser on my phone. Maybe there's an outage ATM. Very happy to change my review if so. Seems like it's full of potential!

- Just a suggestion

I love this app and I have an idea I think it would be cool if you guys could add like a music video button so we can release singles and stuff. Just an idea. Thanks.

- Yachna Devi

Best app ever. Can do almost anything with audio on this app. From recording, adding backing tracks. Help yourself in making the best song using this app. Be a star...

- For me its laggy

When i open bandlab it takes really long to load in and sometimes crashes, when i tap something it just loads very slow. Should i delete it and download it or what should i do?

- Such an innovative app!

Very modern and collaborative. Its nice to share your creative juices to other members and then get some incredible advices and/or remix ideas from them.

- Bandlab

Excellent facility. Allows me to put all my recordings in a place where i can share or review. Best thing that I could have discovered. Thanks, Bandlab.

- Fantastic

This is the best app for music heads it’s excellent for musicians it takes the hassle out of mixing easy to use I just love it

- BandLab you are the best

Best app ever and enjoying it so much learning more and getting better every time HUUUGE big ups to the BandLab team !😃👌🏽👍🏽🙏🏽

- Ugh

I know this isn’t really the Dev’s fault but by golly the spam on here is annoying. “You got an invite” - no I didn’t, I have a bot trying to hookup a date with me. Spam taking over. This app is ok otherwise.

- It’s Good But It needs more tracks and instruments and Actual Amps

It’s Good But It needs more tracks and instruments and Actual Amps

- Crashing

This app keeps crashing and everytime I try to login it takes me back to the login menu please fix this thank u.

- It’s good!

Dope recording if you got the right headphones and always positive results if you know what you doing!

- Beat thing ever

This is one of the best apps I have ever used I use it more than Instagram

- Love this app!

So easy to use, and can be used by music teachers in their classrooms.

- Awesome!

Best music making and collaborating that I could find by far.

- BandLab

The best music making tool EVER. If you need to make music or sounds use this. 5 star!

- Very useful

BandLab is a very useful app for creating and posting the music that I love to play.

- Super fantastic app!

Easy to use, connect to community, great to share music!

- Cool

Really good for any musician who’s just starting music Band lab really helped me with my music skills

- perfection in every sense of the word

my music capabilities have been nurtured and evolved immensely by this app. i’ve used it for a very long time now and have the greatest appreciation for it as it has inspired me to easily pursue my greatest passion

- Crazy

The best thing download it

- Woah my experience as drdownie was epic

Great app! Oh poopoobum why I’m banned on 2 accounts?

- One of the best iOS apps to make music

BandLab is one of the best fee daws for beginners and it is a lot like traditional daws like fl studio

- Love it

Greatest app ever! Completely forgot garageband was on my ipad.

- Fabulous

What more is there to say?

- Keen777

Its free and so good especially the effects

- Import Audio Issue

I Cannot open/import audio files into the track section

- A studio in your pocket!!

Love the app keeps me busy!

- .

Can you add a beat sequencer?

- It’s just fantastic!

Loved it!

- Bug fix

Love the app but lately there is a huge issue of all my lyrics being wiped when i re-entre the app (as in it doesnt save it)

- ?

Very useful for musicians

- Very weird

Hard to use, very weird.


Get rid of the update banner now, I need to finish my album and can't with that in the way. STOP OTHERWISE I WILL STOP USING IT!!

- KaiPS

Use this 24/7 Amazing

- Awesome app.

Congrats to BandLab for the groundbreaking music app that has gone above and beyond FOR FREE Why pay for something substandard Vivid One Thanks BandLab

- Fire 🔥

Very good for recording

- Review

Its an awesome app for musicians/artists!

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- Bestest app I’ve ever played!

This app is so good, i have never played an app as good as this one, Very easy to learn, very fun to use, And MORE! Great job on the game!😁

- I am impressed

This app is like so cool and amazing l got no words im speechless because its like so so fun! You should download this like wow

- Maybe...

Maybe you could add built-in singing like if you type in the lyrics it will actually say it. I would really like that update. Also, best music-making app ever

- Yuuuup this stuff busssin yo

My teach told me about this yo

- Easy peasy

Easy to use. Good quality. Love the collaboration ability

- HIGHLY recommend

I use this to make music for my SoundCloud. It’s literally one of the best, high quality apps for these kinds of things, AND it’s free.

- love it

this musical app is amazing

- Incompatible with iPhone 5

Is it possible to make the app compatible with older generation iPhones?

- Gnaaaa!


- Orchestral percussions please

It is absolutely amazing, perfect, but i think there is only one single thing missing: orchestral percussions, I would absolutely LOVE to be able to put epic orchestral percussions in my music. If you add it, I’ll rate 5 ⭐️ thanks

- This app is amazing

I love it! It’s exactly what I was looking for thank u sm!

- Awesome

I love this app

- Question

How to create a chorus effect ? With the effects on BandLab

- Microphone

It functions perfectly on pc, but I can’t always use it. The microphone on my phone doesn’t work and BandLab doesn’t let me use it. I don’t think I will be using my voice anyways so rip

- It started to work after the update

The app wasn’t working but after I updated my phone, it worked 100% and is a lot better than GarageBand. Please discard my prior review

- Amazing

I love BandLab i wish i could work for them my dream job

- Love this app

To dope for its own good

- The best recording app out

You can do the most with this!

- Creator Connect

I love it only thing that doesn’t work is creator connect when I’m swiping it closes a minute in of swiping

- hey

Love this app use it alot but alot of times it doesn’t sync, why is that?

- Needs Scale/Mode Lock

Despite being the only app that transposes both audio and midi it does not have scale lock in the pianoroll or the onscreen keyboard. Adding these would go a long way to helping those weak on music theory approach the app. Ghost notes in the piano roll would also be amazing!

- Appreciations

Y’all are doing a great job so far. On the other hand, if you put the autotune function on the computers, I will put a 6th star.

- Help

I updated the BandLab app like it told me to and now it won’t let me log into my account which is with google. The screen freezes after tapping log in. I’d like to know why because I had plans of using this account for music and now I can’t do anything.

- Annoyed

Every time I try to start a new project the app tells me to download Chrome when I already have it

- Good app

Yes use it 🔥

- What a great app!!!

They even remind you that mastering is an art, not algorithms alone. BUT, the bump and shine the options give are amazing (I go with CD quality setting every time, best fit for my music).

- Review

I personally write freestyles down a record em it has everything u need for basics I would like maybe an auto tune or voice changer from what I know u can only change ur voice thru slowing the song down

- Suggestion

You should add a feature that lets you duplicate songs

- App is good

It’s generally a good app it’s just that i updated literally just now and i had to as well wasn’t an option anyways i do it and lose my lyrics...

- Bad


- BandLab

My app starts glitching why is it doing that

- Awesome

I really injoy this app it’s super fun with the voice affects :D I’m just trying to figure out if I can mix audios with beats

- Voice to text is spying on you

Now why would access to the microphone be required to play loops and instruments ? Oh yeah that’s right. ... so the app can record background conversations and soy in you. D’UH. Hello Chinese government hope you like my conversations

- Must have

Exactly what I was looking for. I’m able to make beats, write my lyrics and record my voice in the same app. Well done


Please NEVER change this app in any way shape or form. It’s perfect, easy to use, and so amazing for artists to use on projects.

- Bandlabs doesn’t work for me

When I click login with google it does nothing and the fact that I have online school and everyone has there’s working, mines doesn’t.

- Untitled

whenever you edit a name or photo to your project. It renames it as “Untitled” And it’s very annoying. I made a project that I spent days on. DAYS!!! And I renamed it to Only Human. And it changed back to Untitled. Fix this 😡😡😡.

- Educ...

Good app ! I understand you making money with personnel information. But some of my students doesn’t have computer. Please reconsider adding educ compatibility in tablet app.

- Unusable

Keeps freezing at the sign in process, was stuck on creating a username for 20 minutes. And then it kept doing so for all the other steps. It told me to check my wifi connection but it was fine on any other app that needed wifi 💀💀💀

- Best DAW ever⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I have been writing edm for 6 months and this is the best app ever(even better than fl studio) and I just got to 3k followers on SoundCloud because of this app!😃 PS. Pleas make a mobile version of cakewalk


The creators r very racist and everyone on the app is rude saying threats and wishing awful things against people I highly recommend not to download this app it sucks and the sounding is awful worst app in the world I’m highly disappointed

- Get it now

This is the sickest portable easy to use music app there is on the market! I highly recommend it!!!!


I love the app, but I have over 1k followers and a big chunk of them seems to bots/fake accounts. Not too fond of that. I’m still going to use the app, but I hope you guys can try and fix that. 🎧 - restinsleep ✨

- Overall very good and easy

It was better before the update since u added more bass to the mix editor and that sucks

- Music editor

My music is not loading damm

- Great app, but I am having issues

I have been having weird issues. Every time I try to hear my recordings while I am editing the track, it always tells me to “ensure that there aren’t any applications open” or something along those lines, despite the fact that there aren’t any other applications open. My tracks seem to take forever to load without actually opening and sometimes, i loads and doesn’t open.

- Please add this

I don’t like that you can’t add to the thing when loop a whole section. Like, it would take me forever to reput all the notes so I just used loop. Now not only can I not edit some unwanted notes out of that specific section, I don’t even know how to get rid of it. Please make it so you can edit the looped section.

- Too good to be true

Man, this apps amazing, me and my friend from Ontario have just started a band together and were already dropping our first song together. It’s kind of unbelievable how something like this can be completely free

- Read this band lab

Every thing in the app is really good its just that, i really dont think you should put save right besides discard, my friend was making a song he finished went to save it, then he clicked discard by mistake and his song was gone he tried going to recently deleted projects but nothing was there , it popped up for a second but quickly disappeard. Please fix this for my friends future songs

- Just one problem

THIS APP IS GREAT! My only problem is when I’m trying to add clips or post a video it doesn’t work either it takes wayyy to long to get the video clip or when I’m trying to record it would just kick me off what I wanted to do was to attach my song to a video clip I made maybe there should be an option for that well apart from that it’s a great app 9/10 should install edit: august 2020 for some reason I can’t open up mp3 files when I want to import please fix

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BandLab – Music Making Studio 10.7.1 Screenshots & Images

BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images
BandLab – Music Making Studio iphone images

BandLab – Music Making Studio (Version 10.7.1) Install & Download

The applications BandLab – Music Making Studio was published in the category Music on 2015-07-28 and was developed by BandLab Singapore Pte Ltd [Developer ID: 956402141]. This application file size is 173.7 MB. BandLab – Music Making Studio - Music app posted on 2021-10-29 current version is 10.7.1 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bandlab.bandlab.iphone