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What is bandlab – music making studio app? Create, share, and discover music without limits on BandLab – your all-in-one app for music creation, from ideation to distribution.

BandLab is your free song making and beat making app. Join over 60 million users expressing themselves freely on our social music platform. No matter your skill level or background, BandLab is your creative outlet with features designed for every step of your musical journey!

Record music on the go with an intuitive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), built-in effects, and royalty free loops and samples – BandLab is the creative tool right in your pocket.

Create without limits with our multi-track Studio:
• An intuitive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to record, edit, and remix your music
• Apply built-in effects, or find loops and samples from our royalty-free sound packs to build a beat
• Access creator-friendly tools like Metronome, Tuner, AutoPitch (a pitch correction tool), and AudioStretch (a music transcription tool)
• Unlimited cloud storage and accessibility across all devices so you can take your Studio anywhere, and make music using just your desktop, tablet, or phone

Be part of a music-loving community:
• Connect and collaborate with like-minded artists
• Create playlists in your favorite genres
• Watch live streams from fellow creators

Propel your creator journey with BandLab Membership:
• Get early access to experimental features with Backstage Pass
• Score exclusive music industry access through Opportunities
• Release your music on major streaming platforms with Distribution
• Unlock more artist-centric features like Fan Reach and Profile Boost

Download BandLab now to explore a world of exciting possibilities!


• *NEW* Drum Machine – Our online sequencer makes it seamless to craft drum parts for your song. Create rhythmic drum patterns quickly with a library of genre-diverse drum sounds.
• Sampler – Make your own samples by recording sounds around you, or choose from over 15,000 royalty-free sounds and beats from BandLab Sounds to build a beat.
• 16-Track Studio – Bring your Studio anywhere. Access our multi-track DAW from anywhere – use it as an audio recording app, build a beat right from your phone, and more!
• 330+ Virtual MIDI Instruments – Need 808s for your beats, or synthesizers for your lead lines? Access over 330+ cutting-edge Virtual MIDI instruments to craft your beats right in Studio!
• Metronome and Tuner – Practice anywhere with our in-app Metronome and Tuner – designed for the modern music maker and producer.
• 300+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass Audio Presets – Unlock a curated library of world-class effects and presets for free. From ambient sounds to modulation effects, change up your sound in an instant.
• AutoPitch - Record your best vocals yet with this quality Auto-Tune alternative. Experiment and get creative with five unique vocal effects – Classic, Duet, Robot, Big Harmony, and Modern Rap.
• Looper – New to composing? Just pick a Looper pack in a genre you like, load it up, and you’ll have a starting point for building a simple beat or crafting a backing track!
• Mastering – Master unlimited tracks online for free before releasing your songs. Get a polished sound instantly with four mastering presets, created by Grammy-winning producers and sound engineers.
• Remix Tracks – Need inspiration for your next masterpiece? Put your unique twist on a public “Forkable” track shared by a fellow creator – remix their song and make it your own!
• Easy Beat Making - Craft a simple beat to rap or sing over with intuitive music making tools. Use royalty-free samples and artist packs as a quick starting point in Studio!
• Creator Connect - Connect with like-minded creators from around the world and start an epic music collaboration, wherever you are.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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App Name BandLab – Music Making Studio
Category Music
Updated 22 April 2024, Monday
File Size 193.76 MB

BandLab – Music Making Studio Comments & Reviews 2024

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Hi I have a suggestion. I love this app I started using this app in October and I love it, my suggestion is to make a tab where it’s just the mixer for all the channels like for example (one track is “master”) and to the left of it is the “current” track and then the rest of the tracks are insert tracks for example when your in the playlist double tap the mic on any track and it will go into the wav form then tap on fx section and then go to the effect that your vocal or whatever it is on and tap the options tab and then neither you can make it so you tap on the 3 dots or add a rectangle in the options tab and it has a gear press it and it goes to the select channel and you will see a rectangle with a arrow pointing up on top of the rectangle and a arrow pointing down on the bottom of the rectangle and you could make it so u can add third party plugins. Thank you if the developers or developer is reading this 😉

Pretty good, but has some problems. I love this app, but I have a few problems and some great suggestions. Forgive me for poor wording. (The problem is not 100% because of the app, but it’s partially the problem. I don’t blame it fully on the app.) My problem is that it automatically turns on headset microphone and IT ALWAYS PLAYS WHAT IT HEARS ON THE MIC INPUT and since my aux isn’t that good it’ll give feedback occasionally, feedback is extremely painful for my ears and it sounds like an electric dog whistle. (I don’t entirely blame it on the app, but there should be a way to turn off feedback.) — now for suggestions. — My suggestions are when automation gets added for iOS, maybe automation should be introduced for the effects of the instruments. The sampler should also have a piano roll option so a sample can be turned into a melody or a chord. The auto tuner should have more options like Attack/Release (How fast it changes the voice to the correct pitch), Formant/pitch (The way the voice sounds), vocoder, etc. The midi roll should allow custom grid sizes like a 16th note roll or an 8th note roll. There should be zooming in/out for the mixer and the midi roll. Auto tune should come as an effect that can be added to any instrument. Microtonality (Having more than 12 notes in an octave) should be introduced for more interesting music styles.

Rating. I’ve used BandLab for about a year now to build my music career. This is the only app I’ve used and it’s done wonders and worked the exact way I wanted it to. The only problem I have is this update. I thought the update would be better to be honest. When I read the update log I was super excited. Once the update was done I opened BandLab and the look was way better but the feel of it didn’t feel right. I don’t know what it is there’s something off and the way I sound when I record now just feels off. I’m in a discord server with a bunch of other music creators and they are all dissatisfied with the update. We all were wishing that there would have been an update to the auto tune. Like if there were more options and effects. Kind of like they have in FL studio. These could be paid or not I’d still buy them if they were paid. But over all this is the best app rn for music. I just don’t like the née feel but it still beats everything else.

Love it. There’s no other like it helped me find my sound Years later update still love BandLab No other app like it , I’ve since put together a home studio But I still use BandLab to get new ideas out fast , Its the ultimate portable studio app,It has great presets to start from it finds the key of the beat has great auto tune coupled with great plugins that are extremely easy to understand up to 16 tracks and it’s so fun with a comprehensive work flow , This is what helped me early on learning to rap and sing , I created EPS , Mixtapes , and Albums that my friends and family thought I went to the studio to make when I was younger making songs everywhere from my room , my school , parks around my house , my bathroom at home , my basement at home , etc. All and All I truly love BandLab it’s been a huge part of my growth as an artist and much more tools for Collabs and growth tools to help grow a fan base like Contest and Master last but not least other user that you can get inspiration from purely deluxe I love you BandLab.

Quantize Vocals. This app is great, the ui is great, but it would be my go to forever if there were better instruments, or if you could use vst or dwp instruments. And I feel like quantizing audio and vocal tracks should be an option in the app as well. Just an opinion, take em as you like but really these additions would change the app. Making midi tracks on bandlab is easy and fun compared to other apps, if there were more instruments or vst instruments bandlab would take over in my opinion. Update: you’ve added more instruments and that’s amazing, I’ve made over 100 songs on the app in the past 5 months. It is very good especially for beginners, more soul music and lofi would be amazing, also more midi instruments, the new whistle instrument is great. I can’t wait to see what else is done with the app.

Love bandlab. I love using bandlab. I could go on about all the features I like and how easy it makes it to edit on your phone. But I just want to throw out a couple suggestions since I noticed how responsive you guys are to reviews and suggestions. My number one thing I would like to see added is visual aids like a visual eq, maybe some visual compression, but most of all some kind of gauge with numbers for db levels. I have noticed the meter for the main volume but without and numbers it really works best as a clipping meter. I think with some way to determine track db it would make things like setting your compression threshold or track vol/gain so much easier, especially for those of us that are early on in our music recording journey. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to any and all improvements and updates in the future.

Disappointed. I was really excited when I first got this app. It was easy to use, compatible for downloading, and offered a variety of loops. However, yesterday, after having it only two weeks all of my saved tracks deleted on me. I kept all of my tracks private since I was still figuring out the “lab” portion so I didn’t share the majority of my music except for on track out of probably 10 so far. Luckily the ones I liked I did back up but it was just unsettling to have everything disappear like that from every folder on the app (including the library and my saved folders). Everything was gone. I did some research digging online and found that deleting and re-downloading the app can sometimes bring them back and sure enough it did now. But it’s just a strange clutch to still be happening after people have reported it and there have been updates. If the app becomes more secure then it’s on its way to being a huge tool for music makers!

Correct criticism ⚠️🤦🏽. I wanna start off by saying I love the app..😔 OK!!! So my bandLab account has been acting really funny and every time I will go to one of my tracks... I get a little message basically saying you may not have permission to view this page. Or the link you click on may have expired so I’m like🤔so I went to my settings and I found the problem I unlink the old email. And replaced it with my new email but way before I did any of that I updated the app because I thought that was the problem...🤯😳 now with all that being said I updated the app I switched the gmail‘s. But👉🏽🤚🏽 yet I go to one of my tracks and that little notification is still popping up and some of my tracks are not even loading... up and on top of that it keeps throwing me out of the app.. I’m highly disappointed I’ve been using bandLab for years I just hope this is an easy fix all I wanna do is make music in peace. ☮️ And I’m just axing for you guys to fix it and once you guys do that I will give y’all a another five star rating because I have before in the past so..🤷🏽

Approaching perfection. This is my favorite music production app yet. Most have very limited functionality, have few instruments (or if they have a large variety, most are locked behind a paywall), or are difficult to use. BandLab has basically none of these issues. It’s easy to use, has a variety of MIDI instruments spanning several genres and styles (as well as recording and amp features), and so far I’ve seen no payed content. I don’t think there are even ads; if there are, they’re so unobtrusive I haven’t noticed. The sharing and forking features are also nice. I only have one real criticism of the app: for some reason, playing your music back in the mix editor causes popping in the phone speaker. This ONLY happens in the editor itself and it doesn’t happen with headphones. Just the speaker. Music playback in other parts of the app is fine, and I even screen recorded the editor playback and there were no audio artifacts. It’s strictly some sort of issue between the editor and the speaker. EDIT: On a closer listen, I think the artifacts may be present in the screen recording too. Regardless, it’s an issue that needs fixing, but otherwise the app works perfectly. I also hope even more MIDI instruments will be added, such as a strummed guitar as opposed to the fingerpicked versions we’re mostly limited to now. The variety of instruments is, again, fantastic, but more variety in the sounds those instruments can make would make the app absolutely perfect.

Holy crap it’s good. I don’t usually write reviews for apps AT ALL but this app alone has made it possible to easily express a creative musical side of myself. I just got the app just under two weeks ago since writing this and I’ve already recorded 7 fully produced songs. They’re pretty basic because I’m still learning but this app has made it possible nonetheless and there’s still so many features I have yet to figure out fully. My friend recommended it to me and I’m so glad I got it. The fact that it has so many features without annoying pop up ads is incredible. I’d rate 6 stars if I could (Continued) Ok I found a problem that is insanely annoying. I’ve been trying out a new modern rap type style of music lately and Bandlab as usual has been doing great at helping me with that except for one problem. I need to use the auto pitch feature for this style of music and turning it up causes random faint popping noises to appear on the vocal tracks. I’ve tried everything and it just won’t go away. This glitch/flaw is literally the only thing I’ve encountered on this app that is holding it from the status of perfection.

Up to 4GB on phone storage!!!!. Hands-down the best there is available to create,meet,& inspire all while having a place to post and store your songs. The only problem which is a big one is that I am forced to delete the app completely off my phone at least once a day if I intend on working on anything. Reason is because Band lab can take up to four gigs of space. This is certainly not a fluke because it happens every day on 3 different IOS devices and the worst I’ve seen it get up to is 5.8 gigs! Contacted technical support and after the first two attempts to make the issue clear to robots/peoplebots.... I finally got someone who payed attention and Genuinely was trying to help me. Unfortunate part about everything is after following all the suggestions given to help me solve the problem still has no resolution or a valid acknowledgement from Bandlab support that they are/would fix the problem. Eh... nothings perfect but this had been my only problem up to this date after about 2years of using the app. 👌🤞

Good and simple, but lacks a good amount of features. I’m gonna keep this quick, also I’m focusing on pc BandLabs lacks many features that other companies have. These features would be very useful for me, and many other artists. We need more presets (not talking about the fx stuff necessarily, more mean stuff like Lofi) We need more utility. We have some, such as the background noise filter, but things such as a declipper would be very useful. And finally some things to make BandLabs more convenient. On pc at least, there is no way to make your music go in and out of frequencies. you can’t move and place individual sounds for beat making, it all needs to be in one go (which is very annoying). No button to go all the way back to the beginning on the song, you need to swipe/drag the bar. And other things I’m not including TLDR: needs more utility, presets, and convenience features. Ps: something that would be very nice is a guide for beat making, like where it shows outlines of what beats would go well with it. FL Studios has a great system like this, and of course BandLabs won’t be able to be equal to/better than FL, but it would still be great to see some of these futures down the road.

My home away from home in my phone. I've been with bandlab for around 3 years now. And I haven't found a single other app that compares. Bandlab stands alone without exaggeration. They are constantly improving the app and fine tuning it, always adding new fun and useful features. They (developers) pay attention to our suggestions and work them in to the updates. They are on top of the feedback, even if you tend to be a bit...uncommon(???)... Idk how many people they have in their team, but they are all musicians who know their stuff and that's who responds when you have feedback. I have seen this app grow into an amazing place to create music...not just music; but professional quality, music you can be proud of, I think there's like millions of users??? Alot! And many are some pretty heavy hitters in the musical world. All over the world! Intermingling and ready to collaborate with YOU! Seriously! I've learned and grown so much more than I expected to because of this FREE app. Bandlab has become a home to me because of the devoted developers, the amazing musicians from all corners of the world, and the tools that allow me to create music that I could not do if bandlab wasn't available or cost $. Thank you bl devs... Y'all add the music to a muted world🖤

Best Studio/Recording/Mixing App!. I NEVER write reviews for apps, let alone rate them but I am so happy with this app I just felt I needed to share.... I like to import an instrumental version of a song and then add multiple tracks of myself singing over it, harmonizing with myself, basically. I’ve tried so many apps to do this but they either don’t allow me to import my own song or they don’t allow me to edit my vocals or they charge money to use certain features. The only other app I’m aware of that could do this is GarageBand but that can be difficult to figure out and 98% of the time, it doesn’t let me import songs from my phone for some reason. I get so frustrated with it. I’ve have zero issues with BandLab and it allows you to use all editing feature for FREE. Also, there aren’t ads popping up every 5 seconds like every other free app out there. This app is a breath of fresh air and I’m so thankful I’ve found it. It does exactly what I need it to do, with no issues and all for free. To the developers: Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Amazing.. to an extent. My time using that app has been absolutely amazing. I am an instrumentalist who specializes in woodwinds so I use this app to create my own arrangements of pieces I one day hope to conduct myself once I become a director. I started using the app when you could have up to 12 tracks and now you can have 16. The only issue I have is you can ‘only’ have up to 16 tracks. Yes, I know that seems like a lot when you’re looking at it, but when you’re arranging for a band that has around 20 instruments before percussion is even thought of, it gets really difficult to have that full sound you dream of and try to produce on your own. To be quite honest, the amount of tracks is the only thing I would change about the app as it develops. That app has helped me use music as an outlet even more than anything else has, but I’m still not able to do everything I want with the app which is difficult to feel like I’ve ever finished anything because I have to end up leaving half of the ensembles sound out of the recordings. Even if the number only went to 18 or 20 it would open up a whole new world of possibilities for aspiring musicians such as myself. Other than that one detail, the app is phenomenal and has so many options from types of reverb to adjusting the whole key of the piece by the scroll of your thumb. It is quite amazing and y’all should definitely check it out!

Informative suggestions. I really love that this program is free and works on my phone. However, I have a few suggestions on fixing problems. The first problem is there are a limited amount of tracks (I think 10 or 12). This should be increased to 20. Second, you have to mix down a midi track (VSTi) into an audio track to fade the ends. Third, I should be able to change the pitch of each individual note like I can with its velocity. Fourth, there needs to be a way to import plugins, or make available a side chain compressor, multiple stutter and timing effects, and a minimoog type plugin to control multiple characteristics of a sound. Fifth, it is impossible to paste more than a group 5 tracks. Sixth, the red looping ruler is extremely complicated to adjust in the single track key grid. Seventh, the grid octave range is limited and will not play notes beyond or below it. I really like the AI generated song starter! I think it would be even more helpful if you could utilize it during production to suggest fill-ins and alternate music logic for sections after the chorus. Overall this is a wonderful program!! Thanks a lot!

THE BEST (FREE) MUSIC WORKSHOP. This app is amazing if your a beginner and your looking for a user friendly app or if you simply have 0 budget (I know that all too well 😭) it’s super, SUPER easy to navigate, almost fool proof really, and it’s simple to make music and post also. Bandlab has free sound packs for basically all genres that you can use to make your own beats, you can plug in your guitar into your phone/iPad and record straight into the app, you can plug in a microphone and record/ mix vocals, you can tune instruments, you can import beats/ samples at the click of a button… basically BandLab does it all for none 😂. The only cons are (in my opinion) that there isn’t any way you can plug in your own drum kids/midi instruments which is the biggest con, so you have to use the instrument plug ins they give you, which aren’t great in general but are especially bad if your looking to make rap beats. Plus it can kinda be slow on a phone sometimes, which is hard when I’m working on a song and it takes forever to load in a sample. But even with all this in mind, ITS FREE FOR GOODNESS SAKE and totally worth a download if you’ve been looking for something like this!

Please fix this update. I am a Bandlab Fanatic, but ever since this new update… the “FX Autopitch” is a bit too much… The keys Between Major, Minor, and Chromatic is way off… it makes your vocals from firm to flat to flat to firm… when the version before any switch between keys would just shift your vocals into the correct tone. This new update has modified the sound of vocals and it’s not for the good. I’ve tweeted and sent picture of what the problem is and no one has contacted me. This new version really needs to be reverted back to the original sound… it’s almost to the point where Bandlab is only catering to its Rap audience and not the true ACTUAL singers… with all the “CLASSIC, BIG HARMONY, DUET, ROBOT, MODERN RAP” Options that are completely not useful it’s become a bit too much a steering away from the quality of this app. It really was an amazing app before this update… I have seen a remote amount of complaints about the new update and I do hope that they make the switch back to the original “Autopitch” because this is completely HORRIBLE. I do not like this update what so ever and I am scared that it might be like this forever.

Issues I have with this Great App. I use bandlab/cakewalk have for years alone with other DAWS however i had never played with the auto mastering feature as i msstsr manually. But since i had recently given it a t try, heres what I think about its mastering feature. 1. I think the options only being 4 is very limiting to the musicians trying to toss a good mix through. 2. Its high end is wayyyyy to peaky regardless of which of the four options you use. Doesnt cclean up bass well either so Its either hit the fire button and ruin your track with outrageous bass or limit it out almost completely and have highs and mids too high to stand. 3. I dont like that it increases volume soooo much with the mastering options causing clipping if you clean your mix with one of your four mastering options and then try to run it through the mastering interface again. I feel like volume is the responsibility of the mixing engineer not the mastering software. I feel like someone should be able to run a good mix through mastering as many times as they need to find the cleanest sound they are looking for in a track without having volume issues at all. ….. Also im not sure why but even if I delete all of my projects off of the app it continues to collect something that causes it to retain several gigabytes of phone storage until I uninstall and reinstall the app and that gets really annoying.

Please consider this an option.. Honestly, I love bandlab. I love recording in it. Up until this latest update. I record on a phone but I love how bandlab used to work on phone. I was currently trying to record, but with the new update where the fx and autotune screen is smaller, it keeps getting in my way. It’s always lagging and even when I click to change the name, record, and even just touching it, it appears. I tried searching for a way to put it back because personally, I think the old version is much better. If you could consider to put an option where it is back to the old version would be awesome. Even change it back completely. I just don’t think I can even record without it getting in my way and it’s always lagging just when I touch the screen. It could also be my phone but I just personally don’t like it. I very much prefer the version before this was added. If you could consider this an option would be awesome. Thank you.

Good but needs plenty of work…. Hi BandLab team, I am not lying when I say I am speaking on behalf of most of the users of this platform. Just friendly tips and criticisms, not your average rage review. My first criticism are some of the users here. Some are very, very young or just plain immature. Some aren’t even using the app for relevancy—MUSIC. Constant posts about suicide, seeking romance, or 18+ content that I’m sure isn’t allowed here. I am hoping you guys set a rule to be followed about the limitations of posting here. It saddens to see how little seriously others I know take this app due to this small, but detrimental issue. Also, the algorithm. A lot of people have been complaining about the “brokenness” of it. Hashtags do very little and if they do, it’s mostly because of reposts, which are hard to get from big people. I’m sure spamming has also caused the algorithm to be so unstable as well, so it’s not you guys to blame. And please add more effects and number of tracks that us BandLab users can utilize. Big please. I’d really appreciate that the most because it can improve the quality of me and other’s sounds and production by doing so. (And preset component number effects, I must add). Thank you guys for your hard work. It’s quite a hassle having a lot of people at your door about constant issues, so I want you to know that I appreciate you guys for listening to your fans and listening to the reviews as well. 🙏🏼

The Greatest Music App Ever. Forget garageband, this app has the most simple yet diverse interface I have ever used, people can master using it in days, but then you still find out features you didn't even know were on it, which makes no sense but thats how great it is 😂 I produce my beats on here, record vocals, mix it all, add effects and filters, it even lets you convert video to audio that you can put in your songs without the need for a MP4 to MP3 converter, it already comes built in. You can upload your music on the domain, and it gains attention because of the features like creator connect, groups, and so much more that makes sure your music doesnt just get lost in the mix like SoundCloud, which I uploaded numerous songs on and amounted to 46 followers, I have uploaded 2 songs and a couple comments to bandlab and have almost reached 500. I would rate this app 6 stars if I could, has helped me bring my music creativity to life, and has helped countless friends of mine do the same. 👌🏽

Quite possibly the best app of all time. I am definitely addicted to this app. Far Better than the looping apps. Probably the best iOS composition tool around. The midi reminds me of early PlayStation era gaming. If y’all could work in triplets and maybe 32nd notes it would be unstoppable. I’m excited to try the desktop version in a week or so. Is there anywhere I could donate to y’all or related software I could purchase? More instruments? Or a super secret triplet feature. I hope this keeps growing and I would feel good helping y’all do so. I’ve spent probably 24 hours on this app already. Turned out to be much more than “writing songs while pooping” app. I’d tip my hat if I was wearing one. One tiny annoyance. It would be nice if the note names reflected the key I selected. Like no sharps in a flat key etc. I’ll keep using either way. But it would be convenient for my brain.

It’s a top quality app. This is a very good quality app, if you want to be an artist and make music but you don’t have any equipment at all, this app is the app to go too. Amazing app. Oh and by the way, I just want somethings added to the app, can you make more voice fx? Basically all of them just add a simple echo at different levels. Add a deep and raspy effect, add an effect that makes you sound like you’re through a phone, add an effect that makes your voice very faint and but it still stands out, and many more! I would appreciate it if you can add those things, it’ll really make my music sound better! Also another suggestion is too add a litte more options to audio, like make it fade in/out and you can add how long you want the fade to go for, you know that type of stuff, I hope you can see this and take my review in consideration! Peace and love

Overall amazing! But.... there are still a few things you have to work on! For example the AutoTune Feature, it sounds all muffled up if I want to use it, also you should add more Vocal Effects for example a Slapback Effect or a Distortion Effect and a Vocal Harmony or Voice Pitch Changer. There are all sorts of ideas, these Features above I suggest. I use this App almost everyday and I create amazing songs with it. Also, please try to change the Microphone Frequency or make it sound better because it doesn't sound that bad but it could be better as well. Just make it sound a bit more realistic like the Application "Take" does. They make it sound really good and also have many Effects. And please make the Beats or Music that you import automatically change the BPM to the BPM of the Beat. For example I upload a Beat with 140BPM, but BandLab still tells me its 120BPM, which is why I have to first add my Vocal Tracks, then change the BPM, then add the Beat to match the BPM. I don't mean to stress you add, those are just things to make your App even better! Love you, keep going forward!

Wow. I love this app so much that I would fight you over it. Lol. I’m still a beginner to the app but have been doing music all my life practically. I’ve used many platforms and programs but this is hands down my choice to go to so I can release my feelings when I need to do it and not be bothered with ads and pop up crap you have to watch before every click of the screen would go through. I will use this app until it is no more or I run out of space, which seems to be my only problem so far. I don’t have enough space to hold all the fantastic music and tunes that I’m able to create with my new best friend. BandLab, you’re the best. Thumbs up buddy! I am as sincere as one can be when I say that I am in love with BandLab. P.s. my only minor issue is the bots and fake porn profiles that keep trying to trick me. That’s the only thing that I see that could be improved on. Have a great day.

Storage Space. I love this app. I’m almost addicted. I still can’t any other app that would replace how well this one is. My only issue is storage space. I post one or two songs and it takes up a whole lot of storage space. I’m not able to post any music at the moment because of this and I’ve done everything to fix it. Maybe, if it is possible, you could try and make that work out… but I’m only asking if you can, because I know it’s possibly not able to be fixed. My phone is really bad about the storage and stuff so it could just be that but if there was any possible way to fix it I ask it happens. Other than that, this app is the best app ever. Thanks for creating it and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Edit: there should be a way to permanently delete a song before thirty days. It’s really taking up my storage and they don’t delete even when thirty days has passed. Thanks!

Really love but one issue. I started using Bandlab very recently and have really liked how easy it is to use but I do have one thing that has been really annoying and that’s the metronome setting. I play ukulele and have tried to piece stuff together but it’s off beat and sounds really bad. So, I turned the metronome setting on. I hit record and the metronome was making the sound inside the recording. I don’t know if there is a way around this or if this is the only way to use the metronome but it’s really annoying. If I start recording again, the sound of the metronome is going to be there with the music and I don’t want that. And if I use another device to play a metronome on, it will also be in the recording. If I’m doing something wrong I would really like a response to try and fix the problem. Other than that, the app is great!

I have one problem.... BandLab is an excellent app for music making and listening. I absolutely love it. That is, until a problem occurred. I went to get into the app just yesterday and instead of going in straight to my profile and the normal screen, it had the entire intro log in screen show up as if I logged out of my account, which I never do. When I tried logging in using my information, is kept on saying that I have “incorrect credentials”. So, I tried logging in with my google account instead. I thought it would work, but then I got a pop-up saying that my email is “already linked to a different account type”. So now, I can’t log in AT ALL, or access any of my stuff, which is really frustrating. It also makes me worried that my account somehow got lost, along with all of my stuff on it. I still get notifications telling me that people liked my song, or started following me, but even when I tap on the notification banner that shows up at the top of the screen to take me to the app, NOTHING HAPPENS. If you could please help in any way or give some sort of advice as to what I should do, thank you. My music is very important to me and I don’t want it to be lost forever with my account. Thank you.

Superb👌🏾. The New eq capabilities of BandLab is awesome. I really appreciate the having the ability to eq vocals and instruments Manuel because it gives us creators the freedom to be more creative and and makes the music sound that much more crisp. And if you know what you are doing you can really achieve that studio quality sound. I hope the developers of this app doesn’t take any of these amazing features away. However they should add more features like the ability to be compatible with a larger range of midi controllers also they should try to a more instrument high quality instrument voices and pianos and sounds. Also if possible I’d love for them to allow more than 12 tracks on any project for more complex composition. That would be also. That said, as it stands now, this app is amazing and can only get so much better. It’s definitely my go to app for writing and formulation film scores composition and song ideas. Keep up the good work band land team you guys are definitely appreciated.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✨🌟🌟

Bluetooth Latency and Delay. Hey BandLab I can’t thank you enough for making it easy to record music like this. I use your app every time I write lyrics and was ready to make music, but something came up. The Ipad I used to make my music doesn’t work anymore so I bought a new iPad Air. Thing is I can’t connect any of my earphones or headphones to my iPad Air so I can’t really make music. My friend bought me a v8 to make my music high quality and studio like but it runs on Bluetooth. Please do everything you can to make BandLab support Bluetooth without any latency or delay and make it sound exactly how it sounds on wired earphones or headsets. I’d love to continue using your app to make music because other apps makes it complicated. And BandLab is the only app I’ll call a real studio without any equipment but I have a v8 to make my music sound better and I can’t use it on BandLab because it’s Bluetooth. Make Bluetooth work on BandLab and I’ll forever be grateful that you came into my life, if you can’t I understand and I’ll try to find something to continue making my music on wired earphones. Thank you for reading all of this, you’re the best.

Very sorry for sending another review/request so close after my last one. Honestly, this is more of a vent review then a request because I feel like no one is up to do it. Do you guys know those virtual singers called vocaloids? Well, I really wanted to use one but the problem is that the original and alternative versions (like synesthyser v or however it’s spelled) and honestly I’m just sad because no one gives me any money for anything so I can’t buy it, also the apps are just too darn expensive tbh. I’m not really asking you guys to add it because although this is a app made for songs and stuff and you can add lyrics to it, however I feel like I am pushing the suggestions too far. You guys can just stick with the traditional Japanese instruments though and just completely ignore my rant, those instruments are enough to just make my day. Thank you for reading this and I apologize for such a long and useless review.

To good to be true 😠😡. OK I was kind of bored and I really wanted to make a song I have a really good collection of like poems and stuff so I thought it would be good at it. When I pull up this app and read the reviews I was like wow that sounds really really professional and I should try it out so I download it I signed in. But when I got in it I said to make a song I sing the lyrics I wrote them down then I say is that I could I said right into the microphone but the audio it was like terrible I kept playing it again and again and I was like really bad. I mean I usually do vocals and I’m not a big fan of like the instruments and stuff but when I hear that the vocals aren’t even bad like I don’t know it’s just it’s kinda kind of sketchy you know I mean there must be something that I’m not getting or maybe just other people like this app and I don’t but I just wasn’t a big fan of this app.

Sveno on SoundCloud. I LOVE THIS APP!!!! Whoever created this thanks soooooo soooo much it’s great. But,🤣 can we have a difference between pitch correction and auto tune? Like I think something like logic( where you select all the transients and pick the key u want) would work. I’m only saying this because for some times the auto tune is too much and if you only use a little it doesn’t get picked up really. So maybe a way to put the voice in the right key without it sounding robotic???? Other wise I love this app!!! Also can we get a touch instrument thingy like GarageBand? I think with your sounds it would be more realistic for this who DO play guitar or for those learning and not having access to one. ORR ORR if you want to make more realistic sounding guitars and basses. So yeah a touch instrument for like guitars and basses to really be able to rock OUT!!!!🤘🏾🤘🏾

I love the the set up and the platform but to many security issues…. I really like bandlab but there are groups of bots and real people on there that will steal and manipulate your intellectual properties (music)… even people posing as or actual bandlab staff will recycle or straight up steal your music… They have no appreciation for the art… and they will gang up and not let you grow… they will blanket your work… it’s frustrating to say the least… someone has access to every personal account I’ve had and I’ve had complete songs go missing… I work very hard on my music and want to make a living doing it… bandlab offers a unique experience with the user friendly set up and touch screen simplicity… the ability to share and collaborate with anyone across the world is a great feature… I’ve been on band lab for 4 years and I have grown accustomed to being able to catch ideas while mobile but the security risk and the rampant thieving is to much for me as a future professional… I can’t recommend at the moment but would gladly reconsider if some changes are made…

Big things from a little package. I was skeptical on how good a recording could come out but with a little help from some other mobile app DAWs such as Soundtrap, GarageBand, Caustic, FL Studio, Audio Evolution etc etc. it is quite possible to get decent quality audio & lay tracks down. Now it’s not going to be as good as the “bigger” more expensive suites that have lot more features & better sound quality. But for a mobile app this will teach you as a beginner & intermediate musician how to navigate & use your ears to listen & learn how to eq & master a track so that when you’re ready you will have some knowledge of how to handle the more pro level quality recording software. Plus even the pros use these mobile apps to just get something down in the moment & refine it later. I highly recommend using BandLab.

Amazing App! Hoping for Better Features in the Future. I absolutely LOVE Bandlab. I have told alllll of my friends about it, and I have been on it nonstop since I figured out there was an app. (It’s a little funky on my Windows PC) Anywho, although this is a phenomenal app for bedroom artists; I am hoping to see better vocal editing features in the future. (Like pitch correcting/autotune etc) I enjoy the filters and effects they have available, but it would be nice to be able to stack filters, change the intensity of the effect without completely resetting the presets.. and separating vocals from instrumentals? Other than that it would be nice to merge layers (or just be able to add more! I’m running out of layer space and making one song with multiple projects!!) overall I would get the app. It’s easy to use, it’s fun, and it makes making music soo much easier than you could ever imagine it. Don’t let my suggestions deter you from the download! I’m hoping Bandlab will add those in the future and eventually you could they could take over GarageBand as the best iOS music editor lol. Thank you BandLab for your hard work and dedication to bringing music to everyday people like me

Dank App!!!. This is an awesome app that has such tools that can make anyone feel like a rockstar. From being able to upload and play with your music, recordings, collab, network and make money off this app. However they don’t give the recognition to the people who’s been on here deserving for at least a check mark such as the other players have been able to receive. I have 12,000 followers and my band has reached up to almost 95,000 listeners, still no check mark. It’d be nice to show your bandlab community spreading the word and making people famous and not the app itself, it’s just ENHANCING our music credibility the rest is on your person alone. Have fun with this but apparently don’t invest because it won’t even get you a check mark. Listen to Loudpvckmobb with king dvbz and his girl queen dvbz and the rest of the mobb they go hard. Find us on every platform because bandlab helped us get there. Enjoy!

I love bandlab but sometimes it’s retarded. OK bandlab pisses me off sometimes when I upload a song and I select the genre and picture for it sometimes it just won’t upload under the genre I selected Or with the right picture and it really frustrates me because I can’t seem to get my music where I want it to be without band lab changing the genre for no apparent reason and then when you go to delete it to re-upload it sometimes it will not delete it and the song will become glitched and unremovable and it really aggravates me having three versions of the exact same song on my profile and it triggers my OCD seeing a massive amount of unremovable songs on my profile like CAN I JUST HAVE A CLEAN PROFILE WITH 1 OF EVERY SONG NOT 3 COPYS!!!!!!! And also for some apparent reason not even bandlab support knows how to fix it I’ve tried to explain but every time the advice was useless UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!. *sigh*... so basically in conclusion if you want your music to get herd I would highly recommend a bandlab it’s really a great app but sometimes it just is so slow clunky and glitchy and The suppose it “support” they offer doesn’t really help for some of the things that is wrong with the app

Pros and cons. Update: At this point it rarely works longer than an hour. I delete and download this multiple times a day to make one song :( it happens at any point. Right when I open the app. Or when I’m about to finish. Or when I’m in the middle of recording. It will just force close or suddenly sign me out and say I can’t sign back in. (Error or this link doesn’t exist) That’s when I have to delete it. Also, When I open an existing file. It will randomly say my microphone doesn’t work or I have to choose that option. But It was fine a second ago when I recorded. I’ll push record and it’s an old recording I deleted etc. these are the problems I have. But I still use it with all these frustrations because there’s nothing else out there like this.. So there is no other app out there like this. It’s amazing. I will continue to use it even though there are a few glitches and errors that occur. Sometimes for no reason. It will force close. Then I spend a few minutes deleting the app and downloading again. That seems to be the only suggestion from the support group. It does work but a little inconvenient. Sometimes songs just disappear. I’ve had a few occasions of them showing up again. But I’ve also lost a few. I just save them to my computer now. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. Only because I’ve never found a app this simple where you can record your music and singing. Also, the community is awesome :)

New concept?. I’ve used bandlab since I was about 15, I’m now on my way to my 21st birthday and this app is still my favorite way to express myself musically. A friend and I have been collaborating on several tracks for some time and a reoccurring issue we come across is which revision is the most recent or we sometimes overlap revisions when the previous one is still uploading and saving. There is a feature on Google docs where multiple people can make revisions on a template at once and I was wondering is that was possible to happen in bandlab. Maybe in the near future two or more artist can join the same revision at once and watch as you make a track or lay vocals. Invite only is the best way I can think of this feature working. Thank you for reading bandlab team. Sincerely, JEI

Dope but just one thing. I’ve been using this app for a few years now and it’s always been a joy to go on. I’ve finally found an app that lets me create the music I want to make. From the packs to the imports; it’s just an overall amazing experience. The only downside to this app however is specifically in the “Project Settings” section. When I go to change the picture of the track I’m working on, it only shows me my pictures from newest to oldest. It would be a life saver if there was a way to make it to where we can access certain photos by going through our photos albums etc. Having to scroll all the way down to find a certain picture isn’t fun and I don’t feel like duplicating each picture to have it appear at the top. But besides this, the app is really good and I’ve yet to have any serious issues with it.

Amazing!. Words cannot describe how thrilled I was when I found this platform. It is perfect for me since I want to be a film score composer when I get older and this is perfect because it has tons of different orchestral instrumental options. Before this, I had used GarageBand to compose some of my songs which isn’t a bad platform at all but this has a ton more options for orchestra arrangements and best of all, it’s FREE. If I had to be honest, I feel terrible. Thus platform is so awesome I feel like I should be paying something for it because this is so cool and so useful. I also really like the idea of collaboration on songs and creating bands and communities. Now I’m an introvert so I don’t particularly like socializing with new people but I feel that on here, there’s no risk of being judged because everyone in here is a music nerd like me. Again, this is awesome. Thank you so much. You guys really do rock!

Best Find ever!! Changed my Life. I have been using BandLab for a few months I started in November 2021 and first I was just using it to master my songs I started off creating beats on another platform and using BandLab only for mastering but I started to play around with BandLab and found that it was more of a community than just a mastering and be making app and I fell in love with BandLab I use it every freaking day and I have created relationships with other artists. Using BandLab is very rewarding since it gives you an audience and it gives you avenues to be a better artist I also have ReverbNation and just found out that they are both tied in together so that is a plus I highly suggest BandLab to anybody and ReverbNation to anybody who is starting off as an artist and wants to master their talents thank you BandLab Singapore for creating this app you are a freaking genius and I hope to make many more masterpieces with your platform and I hope to master your platform and become one of the greatest thank you- EDNITA CASTILLO

Amazing (previously). The below comment was two years ago when the app was unbelievable and a totally game changer... it has since become buggy and unreliable..Support suggest that it is my connection that is the issue though most of my bandmates have the same issue and the fact that I actually work from home for a living and access my employers network remotely with my fiber optic network with no issues . I also am hesitant to trust my music with this app as well if I record I either am no longer able to access my music or there is a red arrow that goes up suggesting the music has not uploaded to the server either way it has become really unreliable and I am very very disappointed as a result. I am less then a novice when it comes to the technical side of making music as I am a writer that said, this platform is amazing in my opinion!

It’s okay. First time trying out this new app, and I am somewhat impressed, but the productivity slows me down. I cannot use my finger to select all notes to do something (like I am tapping on the piano roll inside the edit option, but all it does it add a new note. I do not want that, I want to select all the notes!) there has got to be a way to minimize the piano (like in Logic Pro for Ipad), I cannot connect my digital keyboard (not to get this confused with a midi controller which I have also, but I need room to play with the keys) to the browser OR the app itself. The app itself, there is too much wasted space in the interface, I thought it was going to have a similar look like the browser one, but nope, so I went back to the browser itself. I guess it’s back to Logic Pro for IPad for me because I really wanted to like this app since it has WAAY more options to choose from for guitar virtual instruments in their library.

Lost my voice audio😢🙏🏻. So it’s a great app overall and I finally ran into an issue I made a brand new song was very proud and about to post it and I clicked save so I could go and tweak some things and make my audio more clear then only to realize the app only saved the beat and not my voice audio and my lyrics disappeared that I had written down aswell I’m overall really disappointed that out of all issues hat could have happened it was this issue I have never had issues until now I would love a reply from a developer or someone that can help me because maybe it got lost in like the apps cloud or something but I worked so hard on this song and now I have nothing but the beat no none of my vocals are there anymore, and my lyrics have been erased aswell off the app please someone write back and please fix this bug on your app at this point I’ve tried all I could to retrieve my lost vocals and lyrics so I’m trying to the developer please help me because I was really proud of this song and I hate dissapointing all my fans I have everywhere😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Essential service for my virtual choir. We are doing virtual choir for our little New England church services. BandLab is easy enough that my choir members, including 80 year old folks, are able to access and use the technology. The versatility of multiple platforms allows Androids and IOSs alike to use their smartphones, and a web interface as an option to the mobile app, all integrated. Small niggles... * can’t protect tracks from being recorded over...*”versions” of the song with different peoples tracks all in different files so that I have to open 12 files and copy/paste to get my full mix... * pitch adjustment (autotune) is only available on the much less robust mobile platform rather than on desktop where any serious musician is going to do their mastering (I use Logic to master, but BandLab has nice mastering features that can get you by, except the one component that every vocal track needs...tuning. But those are small complaints and we are thriving thanks to this platform. Hurrah!

Needs improvement. Band lab lags like no other while I’m trying to record and edit. There’s a quarter of a second of delay from when I hit a string on my guitar to when I hear it in my headphones and that can really mess you up when you’re trying to be precise. You can’t adjust the click track to be one consistent click too. There’s always an accent note and I don’t need one. I just need to know I’m keeping with the beat. I keep experiencing issues with my headphones too, but I have not yet diagnosed if that’s band lab or my brand new headphones being defective. I have ALL of my volume knobs (in the software, on my computer, and my interface) all turned all the way up and every now and then the sound I get back is barely audible despite being recorded at a reasonable volume in the first place. Hell, the bar is jumping up past yellow in some parts when I hit my bass a little too hard while recording. It’s a free useful site but it’s not without its issues. I recommend it for working on your own personal projects (like I’m doing right now) but don’t sink something special into this product. You’ll want something of a better quality at that point.

It’s good, but could be better. I’ve used this app for about 1-2 years and I’m honestly confused by what has changed and what hasn’t. As a creator I find it hard to make any future projects when a certain MIDI instrument doesn’t sound exactly like I want it to, everything sounds fine once the song is finished editing. but when listening to the song using those MIDI instruments the song sounds rather off or “Corrected”, this makes me loose motivation for making or finishing any future projects which lead to scraping those ideas and trying to create something else different from the last. I’ve also noticed how you can’t hear something that was recorded previously when using a MIDI instrument, just a suggestion to add some sort of switch or button that mutes and unmutes what was previously recorded. For the most part this app is good but it could use more fixes than any changes what so ever. These are all the things that I think could use improving overall it is a great app and I would use this app more if these bugs were already dealt with.

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Best creation EVER. This is not just one of the best music creators, but it’s like a full social media but people just upload music!! Whoever came up with the Oreo to create this needs so much more credit! This is the best app EVER that I have encountered across the App Store! This is a golden ticket app because it’s worth it!!

Great interactive songwriting tool. I am liking this app. If you are savvy with recording programs and manipulating sounds etc also great for cowriting with friends colleagues or other musicians worldwide. Quite easy to use. Like it.

A lot of fun but has very bad bug. Im having a great time producing for my friend and i, and i like listening to what other people have made on bandlab, its a great app but sometimes certain instruments start becoming buggy, i cant edit the audio for the instruments and when i try the app crashes, hoping this gets fixed soon so i can have full control on my song.

Best app for music creation 🔥🔥🔥. I have made multiple songs using this app. This app makes music creation much easier with its unlimited space for lyrics, verses and beats honestly just an all around amazing music creation app.

Such an innovative app!. Very modern and collaborative. Its nice to share your creative juices to other members and then get some incredible advices and/or remix ideas from them.

Albums And EP’s. Please make it so there’s a singles and ep’s area because I like my ep’s separate from my bigger projects like a Album. Take it into consideration. Also make it so you can make collab albums. Thanks, love this app.

FIRE!🔥🔥🔥. I’m Python music and I tried this app, still think FL studio is better but this app is totally 15/10

Awesome app. Vivid One AUS. Congrats to BandLab for the groundbreaking music app that has gone above and beyond FOR FREE Why pay for something substandard Vivid One. Australia’s best rapper. Thanks BandLab

Best app ever!! Delivers ten fold!!. I love this app, thank you, so much freedom to share and create and no red tape. I have been using it on iPhone 4 just fine but just discovered you can use it online with even more freedom and options. I am in love with Bandlab and the community are awesome. Such a great bunch of supportive people from all over the world. When you join look me up AndrewofOz. Cheers, double thumbs up. ✝

not good. I thought this was going to be amazing because of the reviews and I’ve seen a lot do people using this app on tiktok and I wanted to try it out! I downloaded it, created an account then I click on “voice/mic” and then it comes with a notification saying “Ensure that you’re not using play or record functions in other applications.” And I’m not. So I click ok, and brings me out of the voice/mic section. This keeps happening.

It’s Good But It needs more tracks and instruments and Actual Amps. It’s Good But It needs more tracks and instruments and Actual Amps

Crashing. This app keeps crashing and everytime I try to login it takes me back to the login menu please fix this thank u.

Best music maker app out there. Can do all the essentials for basic multitrack recordings. I haven’t even looked into all the features yet but it’s great for what I need, been through about 30 different apps trying to find something like this. So happy I found it. It’s also really easy to use, the interface is simple and manageable for a mobile device

Generally good. Has good mixing presets easily available and is quick to learn. Also has readily available samples for you to use when producing However with every new update there’s another problem or glitch that comes about

Fantastic. This is the best app for music heads it’s excellent for musicians it takes the hassle out of mixing easy to use I just love it

So much promise, terrible user experience. This app has so many basic flaws that make it horrible to use. I keep hoping it will get better but unfortunately the main issues are ignored. Doesn’t matter how good the music production side of it is if you can’t easily find what you’re looking for or see messages easily. The messaging is so terrible! Put it all in one place. Such a simple concept. Use some smarts to determine the type of stuff I want to see. Have better ways to connect people. That’s the basic premise but it just fails miserably.

This music app is pretty much perfect!!!. This app is actually surprisingly good. This app is by far the best music app I've ever used. There is only one problem, I just wish you could delete previous versions of the songs that you make. Because now there is too many previous versions and I don't want to keep all the the previous versions.

Love the app but…. I love this app so much it’s so easy to use and has helped me with releasing covers but it would be better if we have unlimited tracks because 16 tracks just isn’t enough for the type of work me and a lot of other people do so please consider adding more track usage

BandLab you are the best. Best app ever and enjoying it so much learning more and getting better every time HUUUGE big ups to the BandLab team !😃👌🏽👍🏽🙏🏽

Login is annoying. I got the app, and it won’t even let me past login without issues. I tried to sign up for an account, and when I entered my google details, it didn’t work. I then tried with MY gmail and it said the account already existed. (I have never used nor heard of this app before.) I went the the log in area, typed my email, and it asked me for a password. I NEVER CREATED A PASSWORD!

Nor(ealli). This app has a lack of materials to be used, Awful sound quality, And is overall just awful. ….. Is what I WOULD say if it were Opposite Day. THIS APP IS AMAZING! The moment I downloaded BandLab, I began making music with NO experience and started making songs and Just having a great time! Thank you so much, Developers of BandLab!

Band lab mastering review. The BandLab universal master is amazing and I run every demo through it. I highly recommend giving it a try even to compare or use as a reference with other masters.

Really good app, but I have some suggestions. Maybe add the drums that people use to make breakcore/jungle? i'm not sure which ones they are. Also add a cowbell thingy for phonk if you can. That would be great! Awesome app, I can finally make music of my own!! (^∇^)

Excellent. It's a brilliant app. Thank you for making it available. I am, however, having trouble in saving/downloading/sharing a project. I am using an i-pad 4. When I save the latest edit of a project it begins (or tries to begin) syncing the edit but it never completes the sync and thus I cannot save the download the project (but I can still open it and edit it). Any tips?

For me its laggy. When i open bandlab it takes really long to load in and sometimes crashes, when i tap something it just loads very slow. Should i delete it and download it or what should i do?

FUN!!! 🤩. I like to sing karaoke, so I add instrumental tracks then record myself with my iPhone headphones (lightening plug ins on my iPhone 13 Pro) and then listen back. I’ve added harmonies and backing vocals. Ahhh I can’t get over how easy and fun this is. Heads up! There’s hard press and double press actions that I’m slowly learning. But what I’m learning is… it’s endless. So much fun, it’s free, and helps me forget about how mundane and depressing life is. Seriously! Have some fun! Download this bad boy!! 🤗😎

Glitches. Recently when using bandlab I have found it has been VERY laggy, from just clicking almost every button and it taking about 5 seconds to register, the vocal boxes on the left flashing, bandlab crashing, glitches when trying to save a vocal preset and more please try and fix this it’s becoming very annoying, thanks

Bandlab. Excellent facility. Allows me to put all my recordings in a place where i can share or review. Best thing that I could have discovered. Thanks, Bandlab.

It’s alright but there are some problems. I use this mostly to record my music and as far as the recording software is it’s pretty good. However once you get over about 5 layers it starts to glitch and play out of time which makes it incredibly frustrating to record this. If your looking for something to start out with. I would suggest it but as for recording professional stuff, Mixcraft or Protools works just as well.

Just a suggestion. I love this app and I have an idea I think it would be cool if you guys could add like a music video button so we can release singles and stuff. Just an idea. Thanks.

Outstanding. Far out performs other mobile mixing studios. This app is by far the single best musical editing and production app on iOS. It has many loops, instruments and other features all for free. No price paid. Hands down recommend

It’s Great However…. This app is soo good for making music but I think it would be better if you could add more effects and be able to add less than 1 second audio files because when I’m making beats I need them but I can’t add them due to unable to add audios less than 1 second, I feel like that definitely something band lab should add in their update if they can.

It’s good. It’s a good app in my opinion, and unlike GarageBand this doesn’t eat away at your storage space or glitch up constantly. I really like this app however it would be great if there was an option to add more tracks for more instruments, otherwise great app.

The best. Oh , by far the best feel I ever had on an app . It can be me but BandLab is cool and getting better

Creative Gambling at its Best…. This app is free, for sure. But when they consistently push you to sign up to Reverb Nation for a $395 annual subscription at the off chance that you MIGHT win record deal opportunities and gigs, it becomes something akin to gambling, which in most countries is ILLEGAL to offer to minors. Either you boost the age limit to 18+, or stop encouraging people (including minors) to throw their money away on a whim. You can’t have it both ways, people!

Ugh. I know this isn’t really the Dev’s fault but by golly the spam on here is annoying. “You got an invite” - no I didn’t, I have a bot trying to hookup a date with me. Spam taking over. This app is ok otherwise.

THE BEST! - EVER!!! 😃 Music Creation Tool Supreme!. I have only just recently discovered BandLab, but I love it to pieces! ❤️ Here’s one reason why : If you’ve ever struggled with your music creations in other DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation Apps) you’ll know that the main complication can be, that when you begin your songs, it’s fine - you’re able to see the musical notes (usually represented by lines on a grid) without any trouble! But as you LENGTHEN your song by adding in more bars of music - suddenly, . . . the size of those musical notes begins to shrink! From something like this: “———-“, to this: “— “, and then this: “.” 8 bars, or 16 is fine but as soon as you go to 32 bars or beyond, you have the “shrink” problem. Sometimes to the point where you are no longer able to see your prior work! (Without resorting to using a “zoom” function). BandLab isn’t like those others! It offers you unlimited space in which to work, and for that alone, I totally love it! There’s SO much more to enjoy with it too! Check it out! 5-Stars! All the way. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing!. This app makes it easy to make music and turns out good even if you press random buttons! Thank you for making this app. I definitely recommend download.

Beat thing ever. This is one of the best apps I have ever used I use it more than Instagram

AMAZING!!. Seriously the best app to make your own songs with - and it’s completely free!! I was expecting there to be a subscription or something, but no! Everything sounds so professional, and there’s so much things you can add and edit to make your music sound amazing!

Would be amazing but.... I've tried to upload a couple of songs several times. Gets to 98% sits there for ages then the upload disappears and no sign of the song in my account. I was super impressed with the mastering algorithm used and had the same experience when trying via a browser on my phone. Maybe there's an outage ATM. Very happy to change my review if so. Seems like it's full of potential!

It’s good!. Dope recording if you got the right headphones and always positive results if you know what you doing!

too many unnecessary changes. there are some good changes like gain and stuff like that but changing places of buttons and removing the ability to change the autotune level really made it kind of annoying, but i love using bandlab for recording songs and i will keep using it, but it would be better to keep good things and add more good things

This app is so handy every time I want to record. Thank you

Yachna Devi. Best app ever. Can do almost anything with audio on this app. From recording, adding backing tracks. Help yourself in making the best song using this app. Be a star...

Wonderful support team.. I had an issue where the app would crash every time I try to import song. I had a response within seconds and they worked through everything with me!

Overall really good. It has good quality sound and it is overall easy to use. Definitely recommend to new/budding artists to create tracks and experiment with music!

In love ☺️. My best friend invited me over for a sleepover one day and she was using BandLab and I was wondering what it was so I downloaded it and I enjoyed it so much! Thank you :) From lily ☺️

Awesome for beginners 😍. I’ve been using BandLab for about a few months and i have fallen in love with it. Great for people who want to produce and write their own music, but better to move on to something like Albion or something. Love it 😍

Absolutely amazing :). I’ve used BandLab for a few months now and it’s honestly amazing, it’s super easy to use and very beginner friendly. It’s nothing like most other apps where you’re limited to a set selection of loops, BandLab lets you create you’re own loops and tracks allowing you to make whatever you want. I love the selection of sound that are available and wouldn’t be able to recommend anything more than BandLab. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to seeing what you guys do next :)

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Ads ruined it :). Bandlab has been one of my favourite apps for a long time but their recent updates have made it pretty much impossible to do anything ! I'm totally ok with ads in apps, the developers deserve to make money and be able to keep the app free but putting adds in the studio disrupts EVERYTHING. You can't write, you can't record, you can't mix or edit. They removed everything you could do with this app by giving you an ad every 4 seconds :) Don't put ads in the studio, ruined everything.

Love it!. i've been managing to make songs with a delayed audio headphones and still could make awesome music! The app is superr!! but can u like you know...add a feature where when the headphones are delayed, it sync the delays and make it no delay? idk just one of my thought! Thank you!

Hyperpop problem. I loooooove bandlab for phonk packs, But pls add hyperpop or glitchcore packs It Will be sooo nice

Good app. Great app was wondering how to make my midi keyboard not be pressure sensitive but that’s all

Gang. Lourd

I love it. Is the best app that l have found to record my voice, I love to do covers and Bandlab has helped me a lot

Thank You!. Thank You BandLab for keeping it consistent over the years!

Just nice!. Can’t get better! Well…I could I guess

Bandlab. I really love this app Thank You so much

Different than my previous music app. What I love about this app is you can record digital sounds with out any feed back with my other one I had to put it in a file and once I did it would say the file is not available so this helps a lot thx so much for helping me spread my imagination!

Bandlab. Sooooo good app!!!!

Rien compris.. Je l’ai téléchargée, explorée, et je n’y ai rien compris. Je m’attendais à un studio… Sans mode d’emploi, on s’y perd. Trop, c’est comme pas assez.

Nice work guys. Thx mates

Nice. Lit

It’s great. I love this

GREAT JOB. I think it’s great just I don’t understand some things

Great🤩. I love this app so much it’s the best song app in my opinion definitely recommend five stars🤩

Best music app for beginners. Nothing to say other than bandlab being the best music app for beginners

Félicitations pour cette app. Good job. La app perfecta.

Honestly, if ur just starting music, download ts. even if ur a prod or an artist, u can learn a lot with this app. definitely would recommend the pc version more but this can teach u the basics of making music n shi ngl

Fun!!. This game is really fun, but will take some time to learn

When the friend can’t be found , bandlab is perfect. Thank you for help me to improve my music and to help about langusge too

Big benson. Search me up on band lab and follow I’m a epic rapper

I love it!. So fun

Amazing. I fcuking love bandlab so user friendly and easy to use

BEST APP EVERRR. I love this app so much, it allows me to create my own music so easily and it’s so fun. 100% recommend!

Beauty’s. BandLab=Goated @ltlmedia_

Good Musico. Ja808z says this song app is great

Beautifully done BandLab!. Everything’s in its right place.

Huge flaw. If u add a song u made to a band, then delete the band, u lose every copy of the song, even if you’re the only band member. That’s completely insane. And it’s become monetized AF

It’s actually very good!. It’s actually very good

A suggestion. I think what this app is missing is the option the sync a second account. Then it'll be perfect.

great app. works just fine ! was able to make a really cool beat from my phone

Amazing. As someone who’s started making beats recently this app is amazing for it the new Splitter feature is PERFECT especially for sampling things it’s very easy to use all around through the app and it’s many services got many many good features. Easy to record vocals anywhere on the go and you can connect it to your phone or on your computer browser. I will be using this app to continue making music keep up with the great updates BandLab team only thing I might suggest is getting some more mixing presets or maybe even some training YouTube videos on how to mix using your presets and what the nobs buttons and switches actually do so newer people aren’t as running blind through it trying to figure out how to mix also maybe some more mastering set even tho the current ones are great. I recommend this app to anyone trying to make music from home easy and cheap even if you’re just recording vocals and getting someone else to mix this app makes it super easy for everyone involved.

Very straight forward but the results show complexity. Great app for starters

Makes good loops. I like it

Love. Band lab is a life saver . So glad I found this app . If something like this was in my younger days it would of been great , never the less i’m still grateful for this app . It allows me to practise my recording skills and learn about the mixing and thing . I give this app a 100 stars, 5 is not enough lol . Bless the people who came up with this app one love .

Very good. Super duper app

Madison562. Madison562

Maybe.... Maybe you could add built-in singing like if you type in the lyrics it will actually say it. I would really like that update. Also, best music-making app ever

Brick. Ily mom

Good. Goof

My son loves making music great music app. My son loves making music great music app

Wow🙌🏾. Best app for you if you a beginner

Ads are so infuriating!!. I loved this app, and totally understand why people need to have ads to make money but there’s an ad literally every five seconds. You can pause a song and the next time you click play the loudest possible ad plays. Like regular non video ads were annoying but now they’re loud annoying videos. It completely disrupts your work flow. Honestly considering purchasing Ableton or even switching to Logic :(

The best music game. I made a good song with it :)

WoW 🤩. This app is so nice, cuz I love sing and then when I need to send my song to my family I can send them !!🩷🩷🥰 Alexia알렉시아 Friday, January 26

Jerry iqaqrialu. Jerry iqaqrialu

Dope af. Great stuff

Amazing music tool. Amazing app, amazing company, take my words coming from a Producer/ artist and songwriter, i created amazing songs bangers with app from Bandlab #iamchiefnaija #iamchiefnaija

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love it. I use it to make beats for a club i'm in, along with everybody else, so when it comes to accessibility and overall being easy to use, this app gets a 5 stars. Its simple, easy to learn, and you can post your music! One thing I don't like about this app is that when i'm trying to sample things it give the audio by the pack so i have to scroll through all the samples with the pack which takes forever if you don't find the type your looking for, so it would be nice to search something up that has tags like for example a full drum sample could have a tag called #full beat ,or something along the lines of that, so then I could just search up something about the type of sample I'm looking for and boom! Regardless this is a great app and would recommend for beginners.

Very pleased & female friendly. I’ve been using this app for almost a year now! I really love all the updates. I’m more comfortable with this app more than any other app. I only have 2 problems: 1. When I use the desktop version to go in and edit, I can never hear the song. The audio is always messed up. So, I never know what I’m editing sound wise. I just have to guess and hope I get it right. So, I’ve been sticking to my basic reverb of only 22% on every song and that’s it. I’ve used google chrome & regular browsers, switched computers & still the same problem. This would be a GREAT FIX! 2. I would love to have fade in/out options for endings. Or, basically any way to be able to switch up endings. Overall it’s a GREAT APP! I find myself using it more than other apps I’ve used longer.

Truly Amazing!. Let me start off by saying that Bandlab is by far one of the best, free, music making apps you could ask for! It is so versatile- with the loopers and samples, the midi instruments for you to make your own beats, the fx it has for you to use, and more! I have used Bandlab for making music over the past 8 months, and I have been satisfied with it the entire time! I could easily spend days making music on here! There aren’t many downsides to using it, and the downsides aren’t really downsides anyway. First off, you can expect there to be sometimes that Bandlab works better than others. That is usually because the developers are doing work on the app, so it behaves weird for a little bit; However, in the long run the app always performs better than it did! Secondly, it doesn’t have to power that you might expect from things such as Logic or FL Studio- and that is because it is a free app! But for everything that Bandlab offers (which is alot), the quality of this app, and even the responsiveness of the developers- if I were you, I would get this app in a heartbeat ;) Thank you devs for pouring so much time and effort into making this a safe, positive place to make music on your own, and with other musicians! It is truly appreciated!

Has everything you need (pretty much). This app is almost completely perfect, it dose things garage band doesn’t, but also garage band has a lot of stuff that this app doesn’t. It would be perfect if both apps could combine into one, I always use this app when I’m making a song with samples because I can get the sound straight from my camera roll, with GarageBand I have to go through a bunch of trouble to convert my video to Mp3 and it’s a long annoying process, but with this app I don’t have to worry about that. I often have to use both apps just to make one song so I can get all the effects I need though, but other then that I highly recommend this app.

Pretty good, but difficult. “THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT” So whenever I use this app I usually use the built in studio because of the different sounds they have, it’s good but there are some problems with it: 1. When you are drawing in MIDI notes you are not able to zoom out or in, which makes it harder to draw them in 2. (Personally) I think when you are on a song and start to record, the metronome count in should already be active, I don’t like that you have to manually turn it on, it would be better to have it already active and if anyone wants it off, they can turn it off 3. You also can’t zoom out to see all of the tracks, it would be cool to be able to see all of the midi tracks on one screen instead of having to scroll to the right 4. EQ, I don’t know if there is EQ in the app, but if there isn’t there should be, I want to be able to mix all of my tracks to perfection 5. This app is a small app, invest in some advertisements so people will come to this app and use it Anyways, if you read this please consider fixing the stuff, I hope to see the changes, I would probably use it a lot more :)

Honest Review (3.5). BandLab is simple, easy, and perfect for new Artists and Producers looking to break into the industry. The interface is user friendly and offers many features other “DAWS” simply don’t provide such as endless samples, presets, and stems. There are 3 problems though. 1. Professional Producers will find it quite difficult to produce a quality Beat. I believe BandLab is made for amateurs looking to get into the music world. 2. There are so many “Artists” that post inappropriate photos that end up on the trending page allowing millions of users (including younger audiences) to access and view these photos. Why not remove posting photos? BandLab was never made to be a social networking platform. 3. Fake followers. That one is self explanatory. Yes, I know BandLab will read and reply to this review. No need to reply, just use it as a guide for changing your app.

lyrics dont save anymore + choppy music. ive used bandlabs for a solid 2 years and its been amazing, up until last week. i went and wrote my lyrics and saved as usual so i could come back to it later on. maybe 3 days later i come back to continue working on what i wrote and everything i had was gone (similar to alot of the other recent reviews ive seen). I thought i just didnt save it properly so i was going to pin it on me until i went back to check older songs and i had the same issue. No lyrics what so ever on any songs. no need to explain further as multiple other people have expressed this same issue. My second issue is when i import audio, it skips at exactly 1:29. I assumed it was me again but checking older projects, its the same issue. Im not sure if its only a mobile issue but even after the most recent update nothing has changed. I love bandlab as a mobile music creation platform but more recently ive been considering moving on from it due to the reoccurring issues with past and present projects. Please fix these as soon as possible. I love making music, especially on bandlabs specifically due to my set up situation but as ive said, it may be time to move on if these problems aren’t fixed.

I lost all my songs...😭😭😭. Overall this is one of the best music apps in my book and I enjoy making songs. Then this happened. I had the app already on another device. I got it on this one. I signed in with my old account. Then it said the stuff and you go through the make your own account. I ended up making a new account. Which I was okay with. I could still listen to my old songs on my other device. Then today I looked on my old device to play my old songs. Then what happened is it brought me to the account on this device. That got me worried. I signed out and typed the account in and reset the password. Though it never got sent. I looked it up and my old account still exists! But I can’t get back in my old account. All my songs are private so they weren’t there! PLEASE HELP ME BAND LAB TEAM😖😖😩😫🙏

Outstanding App. I rarely rate things online. However I make the occasional exception for a service or product that is so outstanding that I feel obligated to the proprietors for their incredible work. This app is a dream come true. Thank you so much for providing this service for free. When I discovered the piano roll editing feature I was blown away. I don't own a computer or any microphones. I thought that the voice memo feature on my phone was a miracle. I've lost so much music over the years to a lack of proper recording. Now I have the opportunity to develop my pieces in ways I only thought possible with expensive gear and software. This app isn't going to provide what a full studio and production suite will, but it does provide a simple yet robust platform for fleshing out ideas anywjere any time for FREE. That's crazy.

Beyond greatness. I been using this app for a while now and ever since all I see is my music career rising by the minute to the point where I’m now with a good set of followers who I believe just like anybody else who come across my music vibe with it # bandlab if you read this I hope you give me a lil second to listen to my latest songs I hope I get some feedback from you guys, would mean a lot to know at least from you guys since everything I do with music I done it here and constantly also trying to be heard I would appreciate that so much just like every upgrade you all do to make this platform simply the best without competition cuz there is not anything more unique then this I thank you for existing #Lefredd !!! Stay tuned I’m committed and I you finna see me blow sooner then expected !

BandLab Is My Main Recording Studio. I’ve been with BandLab since 2020 and I have to say that I really love BandLab. There’s nothing better then this app. I can record on my phone and my laptop. This is the best recording studio I’ve ever used. Although I would love if they added some more guitar amp cabs and more guitar pedals. I would love to dial in Iron Maiden guitar tones, including Dave Murray, Adrian smith and janick gers guitar tone. Plus it would be nice if they added a drum set that sounds like Iron Maiden fear of the dark drum set, with an extra floor Tom. Nicko Mcbrain Is The Best Drummer And I Would Love To Have His Drum Set Added To The Virtual Interments. And It would be nice if they upgraded the grand piano and the studio grand piano. They sound great. But some of the notes kinda buffers out. But other then that BandLab is a great app to record music. Thank you BandLab.

This is my favorite app and nothing can change that. I've been on here since 2018 and I can say not only has the already great app improved but it has helped me improve, not just with my music. The great support from this app's community really helped me and pushed me to put out even better songs and helped me mentally as well. I love this app. I guess I should put some feedback in the review as well. I would say the one issue I have is the mobile versus computer experience. It would be great to have the ability to edit albums on mobile as in depth as on the desktop version. This is still the greatest thing on my phone other than the app store that let me download it.

Bandlab is good! Minor fixes needed…. Don’t get me wrong, BandLab is easily the most advanced and curated app for musicians. Arguably, it’s better than GarageBand mobile for recording vocals… HOWEVER! I am seeing that there is slight annoyances and bugs within the app. The two that have bothered me are when you open the app up with perfect connection nothing loads; I just had to uninstall and reinstall to check and see if it is fixed, and the built in DAW is difficult to make selections such as cutting off the end of a recording it just moves it out of place you have to really try to hit the right spot to shorten the end. Ive had a mainly positive experience and just wanted to point the bugs out. Thanks. (iPhone 11)

Add this Importnant Feature For Artist. Okay so me personally, I use bandlab to record music with my vocals and I like to punch in. But the problem is when I want to double the Hook of the song, I have to go all the way to the beginning and copy it piece by piece then match it up with the beat, To save us all time, and energy, make it to where instead you have to go all the way back to the beginning to copy The Hook, piece by piece. Make it to where you can DRAG-HIGHLIGHT the Whole area of whatever you want to copy, and paste it so this way, doubling the hook will take 6-10 seconds. Also make it to where if you mute a “New Track”and turn it gray, It will be ignored in the DRAG-HIGHLIGHT.. That why when I’m trynna double my vocals/hook it doesent also double the instrumental.

Changed my life. Literally had changed my life. Everyday I’m spending a very decent portion of my free in this platform… no matter what i have going on at that moment, i can always jump into the studio and let loose of all the stress and worries i have and just do my thing. Make beats from scratch… tweak the sounds of how each instrument sounds in an endless number of ways… literally ENDLESS. The possibilities are infinite. And is so easy to use once you start actually taking the time to remember how to operate your studio… im no big time music producer but when justmess using this app, i FEEL like i am. Truthfully so thankful that i found this platform and love it more and more everyday. Thank you to the devs for changing my life entirely.

Dank App!!!. This is an awesome app that has such tools that can make anyone feel like a rockstar. From being able to upload and play with your music, recordings, collab, network and make money off this app. However they don’t give the recognition to the people who’s been on here deserving for at least a check mark such as the other players have been able to receive. I have 12,000 followers and my band has reached up to almost 95,000 listeners, still no check mark. It’d be nice to show your bandlab community spreading the word and making people famous and not the app itself, it’s just ENHANCING our music credibility the rest is on your person alone. Have fun with this but apparently don’t invest because it won’t even get you a check mark. Listen to Loudpvckmobb with king dvbz and his girl queen dvbz and the rest of the mobb they go hard. Find us on every platform because bandlab helped us get there. Enjoy!

Really love but one issue. I started using Bandlab very recently and have really liked how easy it is to use but I do have one thing that has been really annoying and that’s the metronome setting. I play ukulele and have tried to piece stuff together but it’s off beat and sounds really bad. So, I turned the metronome setting on. I hit record and the metronome was making the sound inside the recording. I don’t know if there is a way around this or if this is the only way to use the metronome but it’s really annoying. If I start recording again, the sound of the metronome is going to be there with the music and I don’t want that. And if I use another device to play a metronome on, it will also be in the recording. If I’m doing something wrong I would really like a response to try and fix the problem. Other than that, the app is great!

Actually just the best. This is the best free app for creating music. You don’t need anything except for your phone to record, edit, listen, create, etc. There are so many different features for the app that allow you to make an amazing song or beat. And even better than that… NO ADD’S! I HAVENT SEEN A SINGLE ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS APP AND I’VE LITERALLY BEEN USING IT FOR ALMOST A YEAR! This made me feel like I needed to leave a review. The only negative I can think of for this app is sometimes like every once in a while you get some random person trying to message you like hey go listen to my music in your messages but I guess that’s just part of the community being active and me just being weird lol. Anyway I definitely recommend 👀. 5 stars.

I love it. This is easily the best music maker I’ve ever used, the best part is it’s FREE! No in app purchases or subscriptions. Plus, it has more content too. I just have a suggestion. I’m trying to make a orchestral piece and I was wondering, is there orchestral drums? I’m talking about the ones they use in band. I’m trying to find it so if you tell me where I can find them I’ll be very happy. Thank you! Edit: I have another question. I’m trying to add a bass part to my song. Have you heard of Undertale? It’s a very good game especially the music. The song “Fallen Down” has a very good bass part. Is there any instruments that sound almost exactly like it? If so, could you please give me the name. Not a entirely new instrument to add, just please tell me a instrument. That’s all for now, bye!

Amazing. It’s actually wild how good this is especially when you figure everything out (which is very easy) and just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that there’s not many options, quite the opposite. In fact there’s so many options for everything like voice/instrument effects, all kinds of instruments, you can make you’re own presets and everything while still staying simple, honest review here. Like I’ve been using for I wanna say 7/8 months and it’s insane especially for it being FREE and the mobile version is just as good as other versions. Honestly if you’re on a budget an you wanna make music no matter what genre it is, if it’s comedy music to make with you’re friends or something more serious then it’s just a great option. W App would recommend

no 3rd party plugins or instruments is a dealbreaker. This DAW and platform would be really great if would allow the use of 3rd party plugins and instruments, as it stands it’s more like a toy than a serious music app, for me this is a dealbreaker, I invested so much into plugins and great synths, I want to use them in my projects, the built in effects and sounds are very generic and not really editable, they don’t sound very interesting to me, I can’t create music with them, only maybe sketches the most, why is it so hard to give this compatibility to Bandlab? I understand that for the social aspect of platform you have to have uniformity, but you can still make it work by rendering down the tracks created with 3rd party plugins before sharing it publicly, it can be done if you are willing to do it, otherwise I’ll just use Garageband… I will give 5 stars if you implement this, till then I’m not interested, I can’t use it, sorry…

Switched to a new phone, lost complete access!🤬. I am livid right now! I spent a lot of time using band lab on my previous iphone. I broke that phone and got a new iPhone and unlike with other apps, I am unable to log back into this app and pick up where I left off with about 40 songs I started recording. Over time, I come back and tweak them until I feel they are ready and then I actually record each finished song in a studio. This app used to be 5 stars for me, because I was able to essentially do practice runs of each song I wrote and figure out how to make them better, BEFORE paying a studio to record me. It helped with my timing, placing adlibs, layering vocals, adding background vocals in a different pitch, etc. But now my account cannot be recovered?? I tried every email I have and even tried logging in with AppleID (which is the same exact ID from the previous phone) and still nothing. DEVELOPERS THIS IS A FATAL FLAW!! Everyone gets a new phone at some point, are you all NOT aware of that????

Fantastic resource for music education. I teach music to about 500 elementary students, and we just began using BandLab in my virtual classes today. When I began showing them what the possibilities are for creating music, their eyes grew wide with awe and disbelief. Cameras that had been previously turned off flipped on, and students magically engaged. We had worked with SoundTrap before, but our free trial ended, and our Title I school didn’t have the $250 that would have only bought me 50 student seats. I can’t believe this is a free resource with much better loops and sounds than SoundTrap. Y’all are absolute angels. My students are so excited to spend time creating music. I am extremely grateful to you, and so are the kids I teach. ❤️ Thank you!

UNABLE TO SYNC / write lyrics. I’ve used this app for almost 2 years straight now, and still this problem occurs amongst all the good things that have been added and plethora of bug fixes yet when I’m about to finish up a track it’s unable to sync everytime, aswell as not allowing me to see the Lyrics I’m writing because the keyboard covers the words I would like to see what I’m typing I’d like for some way to keep all my work saved at all times in case of these things happening I hate losing all my progress everytime I want to make a song. Aswell as reverse a track, pitch a track, or slow / speed up a track, and plenty other features needed. Some suggestions would be To be able to lower or heighten the vocals To be able to mergefade and reverse a track Ability to glitch effect vocals without manual slicing (most slicing doesn’t work for glitch effect)

Having issues and I’m getting very irritated. Hi, I’m Joseph. I’ve been on BandLab since 2015 I believe. If not then I know for a fact I’ve been onBandLab since 2016. Anyway, I absolutely love the platform. The feel, the style, the vibes, and especially The creative energy and Creative freedom it gives its users. I’ve never really had a problem with BandLab... THAT IS UNTILL NOW! For the last couple of months my projects have been failing to sync. Over and over again it tells me the revision failed to sync. IT TAKES FOREVER FOR A PROJECT TO ACTUALLY PUBLISH! Sometimes a project never publishes. I’ve cleared cache and everything. And it can’t possibly be an internet issue. Because I’m always on WiFi and when I’m not I’m on 4g LTE. And I have 4 projects ready to be uploaded... BUT IT WILL NOT SYNC AND PUBLISH. Help would be greatly appreciated! I would hate to have to leave this wonderful app after so many years, so many collaborations, so much work, and after so much fun! Plz help.

Needs to be able to duplicate. Just like on computer DAWS, you need to have us be able to copy our line of beats (per say the piano part, the drum part, etc) and make it loop. It’s annoying to have to spend three minutes tapping on the same things just to get that sound throug the whole song mixed with mistakes. All I ask for in this current moment is the ability to duplicate our track/line, and repeat it as long as we want too throughout the song. If that’s available pls let me know I can’t find any info on it or any options thank you. Also let us cut some parts out of our song, sometimes we make it louder or there’s too much white noise in between. Again, loved your response thank you!! But duplicate, duplicating is so important. Re-recording a chorus to the exact key and length is super hard. I would love to be able to copy, and paste my areas. Duplicating.

Not to much to say. This app is probably the best music making app on Phone but one complaint that I have is that it’s very hard to be exact like when you’re trying to get a certain size like a setting or whatever when you try to get a certain setting there was no way for you to be exact it is very hard to be exact and that’s my only complaint something that I would like for you guys to do to fix this is that you are able to type the number that you want to set up for that whatever yeah all I want is that you were able to type up what number you want to put for like your mix or like your Yoda K or whatever yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say and other than that I give it a five star rating

Dog1e. I don’t know these people I just got the app and haven’t really tried but I think they would like if I rated it a 5 so what else can I say other than what they they are always doing the same amount that they they were doing for me a long day ago I just thought I would be able and to get out my work done for a week or two and I don’t want you to have to be there a couple days but I’m so sad and I’m so sad that because I’m so mad at you and I can’t believe that I love that your girl and is my best character in my candy life I know you could have mail it and I just wanted you you know what you want me gay furry porn how did we get here I was just pressing the middle bar at the top that predicts what your gonna say I don’t type that out trust me

Won’t let me open my projects. I just got the app about a month ago and I love it. But for some reason everytime I try to open one of my saved projects, the app just closes and does not open my project. I tried multiple times. I deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times as well. I rebooted my phone even. It won’t work. Yesterday for some reason my projects would not sync at all and now they won’t even open. Gladly I downloaded my most important projects but I have a good few that I was still trying to work on and they just won’t open at all. I don’t know if it is my iPhone or what it is. It let me open one of my projects though where I only had vocals but none of the others.

wow. ive been using bandlab since i was… idk probably 12-13 ish? im 17 now so thats about 4 years i guess. bandlab is THE BEST BEGINNER APP. i still use it for my music because omg. its so easy to use and is such high quality. the only problem i have with it is that you can only have 16 tracks on a song. ive found my way around that though- make one project for the instrumentals, then do the vocals on another, then combine. its a lot more effort though and would be easier if they just made it limitless. and! it’d be super cool if there was a way to edit a track to make it fade in directions instead of in volume. like if i could fade a track from the center, to the right ear, then to the left. that’d be super sick. but thats all i got. great app

Amazing for Singers. -Bandlab has amazing settings and you can import tracks to record to whether it’s singing or rapping. -you can interact with people and get feedback and give feedback.I’ve made good friends on there and it’s been a positive community so far. (Had the app for 5 years so far) -They improved some settings and makes it easier to record music. -I’ve found myself with this app and make songs that are of studio quality.(Every time i tell someone I made my song with my phone they look surprised). - Allows your to experiment with your voice and practice in the comfort of wherever you are. -Can learn how to mix master your own or others’ music.! However they do need a Afrobeat genre!!

Must for Beatmakers, Producers, and Artists. I recently downloaded this app and I love it so far it works as a free daw on my phone so it’s easy to work with on the go, it’s very easy to use in my opinion and it’s the best free mobile daw I’ve ever used. It allows me to make music videos. Easy collaboration with other users if I want as well. The sounds it has are amazing and you can connect Midi controllers and usb microphones if you have an adapter. With that adapter you can use Midi controllers, USB Microphones, USB audio interface, USB mixers anything like that. It also lets people who want to support you give you money through a Stripe account. This app is similar to “Beat Stars” as a free version in a way. I wish everyone had this app, It’s very user friendly and in my opinion any beat maker or producer need to have this and I highly recommend this app.

my lyrics are gone?. i have like 30 songs in the making as a hobby and i load up the app today and every single song has no lyrics that i’ve spent hours upon hours upon days of writing! I’ve tried closing the app, I’ve tried restarting my phone, my next step is uninstalling and reinstalling, but I doubt that will work, since everything should be in the cloud. fix this asap bro Update: i’ve tried loading older versions of the songs I have, that doesn’t work. Instead when I load an older version, there’s nothing there. As if I haven’t spent days working on the songs! I also try to record while my app is slowly dying like this, but I found it pretty much impossible so I deleted what I did during that session and close the app. When I reloaded the app, everything that I had deleted did not delete. so now I have a messed version of my song. what is going on with you guys?

Correct criticism ⚠️🤦🏽. I wanna start off by saying I love the app..😔 OK!!! So my bandLab account has been acting really funny and every time I will go to one of my tracks... I get a little message basically saying you may not have permission to view this page. Or the link you click on may have expired so I’m like🤔so I went to my settings and I found the problem I unlink the old email. And replaced it with my new email but way before I did any of that I updated the app because I thought that was the problem...🤯😳 now with all that being said I updated the app I switched the gmail‘s. But👉🏽🤚🏽 yet I go to one of my tracks and that little notification is still popping up and some of my tracks are not even loading... up and on top of that it keeps throwing me out of the app.. I’m highly disappointed I’ve been using bandLab for years I just hope this is an easy fix all I wanna do is make music in peace. ☮️ And I’m just axing for you guys to fix it and once you guys do that I will give y’all a another five star rating because I have before in the past so..🤷🏽

Love the mixer. Not the social part.. I’ve been on BandLab for YEARS and at first it was relatively new and it was just kinda there. But now that it’s blown up there are “bands” etc that people invite you to that they use as a device to control you. I was apart of a band and the leader harassed me on all my socials and then when I finally blocked him he kicked me from the band. All that to say I miss when if you were good you were good it didn’t matter what group you were apart of. Also the spamming and links are annoying you get them everywhere sure. But people will spam you till the day you die and at first I didn’t have that problem. All to say I still LOVE the mixer although I do wish the plugins were unlimited in a sense but other than that! 🔥❤️

Can’t log in to my BandLab account. So basically I have not logged on to my BandLab account in a long time so I opened the app and saw I wasn’t logged in and I didn’t feel like making a new account so I tried to log back in but I didn’t remember the password so I tried to change the password and the app said they were going to send a link to my email I still can’t find the reset link so honestly I’m just mad right now because I had a bunch of stuff on this app and just because I haven’t logged in in months I get logged out like are you serious honestly I might as well make a whole new account just because this stupid app made me log out of my old one I hope this can be fixed

Perfect for sketching. Great app to sketch out a cool song or beat to be later finished in another program or on a computer. Also, the community aspect is a useful way to show your music and find other likeminded artists for inspiration or collaboration. Runs very smooth. I have had little to no problems with performance or crashing. They are constantly working on bugs (no app ever made comes without bugs) so I’m always confident working in BANDLAB. Check it out, it’s free! You’d be crazy not to at least see what it has to offer. I understand that as artist we all have different needs while working in our mediums and this app serves many of mine. Maybe it will also serve your needs; there’s only one way to find out....

Wonderful. This app is amazing, the BandLab team is always going to fix the issue if there is one, it’s probably happening when they are updating and making the app better, So be patient and work on a song lol!! I’ve been able to really open my horizons and get creative more than I ever thought possible because of all the options like collaborating, I’m a singer but Its so easy to learn that I’ve even made some beats, I didn’t know I could do that....I feel BandLab helps you discover your talent or talents. It’s so fun to make music and let others see how you express yourself and you never know if a song may touch someone so share it even if it’s not perfect in your eyes! Thank you BandLab I’m grateful for y’all! <3. Another few’s free! And no ads!!! And I’ve made lots of friends in the communities I’ve joined.

Love this app but it’s got its issues. I seriously would not have gotten started with this app. However as of late I’ve had issues with the songs. I’ll make a song, record it, finish it, and then, it’s syncing...for hours. This one song never even synced, and it’s really upsetting because all the progress i put in is lost. And when I go into the song it works fine, but sometimes the audio is silent when it’s not supposed to be, or the revision never syncs, or when it says it does I share it to a friend and it doesn’t work for them. It worked for a while, but lately it’s been glitchy. Maybe it’s because I record when my battery is not it’s best, but either way I’ve had issues and maybe you could tell me how to fix them? Thanks. All in all though a great app that helped me get started.

Amazing app, few bugs. I love the app so much. It made me finally be able to start making music. The only thing I have a problem with is, now I could be wrong, but I feel like every time there’s an update the way my audio sounds when I record is different. It’s almost like they changed the way some of the effects sound which is kind of annoying because it takes me so long to play around and find the right preset and sound, only to come back a day later with a new update and when I start recording it sounds completely off and different than everything I had saved from the previous days to the extent I need to re record it. I do love the app though and will continue to use it.

Storage Space. I love this app. I’m almost addicted. I still can’t any other app that would replace how well this one is. My only issue is storage space. I post one or two songs and it takes up a whole lot of storage space. I’m not able to post any music at the moment because of this and I’ve done everything to fix it. Maybe, if it is possible, you could try and make that work out… but I’m only asking if you can, because I know it’s possibly not able to be fixed. My phone is really bad about the storage and stuff so it could just be that but if there was any possible way to fix it I ask it happens. Other than that, this app is the best app ever. Thanks for creating it and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Edit: there should be a way to permanently delete a song before thirty days. It’s really taking up my storage and they don’t delete even when thirty days has passed. Thanks!

Quantize Vocals. This app is great, the ui is great, but it would be my go to forever if there were better instruments, or if you could use vst or dwp instruments. And I feel like quantizing audio and vocal tracks should be an option in the app as well. Just an opinion, take em as you like but really these additions would change the app. Making midi tracks on bandlab is easy and fun compared to other apps, if there were more instruments or vst instruments bandlab would take over in my opinion. Update: you’ve added more instruments and that’s amazing, I’ve made over 100 songs on the app in the past 5 months. It is very good especially for beginners, more soul music and lofi would be amazing, also more midi instruments, the new whistle instrument is great. I can’t wait to see what else is done with the app.

Amazing. I love this app. It’s so easy to get my ideas recorded with pretty decent quality. It’s miles beyond working with 4-track recorders when I was a kid. There are some annoyances though... Running the app in a browser on a desktop/laptop is unusable. All audio is slow and stutters. Exporting audio always freezes. Freezing tracks freezes. Merging tracks freezes. I can’t see my machines not being powerful enough... perhaps publishing some recommended specs? On iOS, the app will often hang and it forces me to force close the app. Upon reopening I get sync errors all the time. My devices will get out of sync it seems as a result. iPad and browser will be at one revision and my phone at another. I wish I could just manually force a sync when needed. It’s very frustrating. However, the benefits of getting my ideas recorded far outweighs those problems. I would really love for some of the features that only exist in a browser, like volume automation, merging audio, triplets. Update: - fades are awesome :) - new mix down volumes are working well - wish the changelog actually reflect new features and what was fixed rather than the same message for every change. The new fade feature just seemed to have slipped in there but it would have been discovered easier had it been in the changelog.

Edit mastering. I loved how the edit mastering sounding was when you had it before you changed it, because it was Louder whenever you would mix your sounding, and it would sound better. Can you change it to the way you had it in the past please? It makes my sounding better, louder and make me way more comfortable with it. The way you have it now doesn’t make my quality of my music as good as It was before. I would choose enhance clarity, and it would make my sounding way clearer, louder and better. But now, it sounds lower, and the sound doesn’t sound as good as I had it back then. I would really love if you changed it for me on how you had it way back. Thank you

Best music app to date!!!. I’ve tried so many different music apps that touted themselves as amazing but NONE of them compare to BandLab! I simply love the app, it helps developing musicians to discover what works for them and what their sound is. My only disappointment is that I can’t record the way you do in a studio in terms of recording a song piece by piece. Whenever I try, all the pieces put together sound different even though I made sure to not change the setting until after the entire recording. I know y’all are not an actual studio but you’re close though! Make it so we can record a song take by take instead of trying to do it in one long go and risk running out of breath:)

I’ve used this app for 3 years, and these bugs haven’t been fixed since.. I’ve never wrote a review on an app before and I’m usually a positive person, but I am so sick of this app. I’ve only been using it because it’s really the only music software that a Chromebook can run. Certain glitches have never went away for me and completely ruin my mood every time I go to record. There is a delay when using the monitoring button. My vocals are always at least 3 beats late after the recording is finished. while recording, the track will pause or skip which then ruins the whole recording. There are other things that glitch as well that happen to me EVERY TIME I use this app (I just can’t remember off the top of my head because I’m so used to trying to work around them.) Basically, I don’t recommend this app. When they finally get around to fixing these bugs, this app will be great for beginners. But for now, I am counting down the days until I get my new computer so I can leave this app in the dust.

Good and bad. Im a huge fan of BandLab it’s a great product for producers and artists!! I have been using BandLab for a little over 2 years now as a producer and I believe its a serious competitor to other DAWS it had everything that GarageBand lacks and almost all the features of other Software on PCs that costs 100s of dollars. WELL BEING COMPLETELY MOBILE AND BROSWER. My only criticism is the lack of a Visual EQ and how often it crashes or Products don’t work. I recently just learned about the vocal cleaner (the vocal remover/splitter) and i loved using it to clean up accpellas to use them over my beats to test my tracks. But 60% of the time the vocal cleaner doesn’t do anything or doesn’t even give me the option to use it. Overall this is a great software for experienced artists and producers and for new artists and producers that can’t afford other products.

Great for music production!. I got interested in music production as a hobby recently, and I was trying to find a good software for doing so, I started off with Medly, I wrote two songs that were pretty good on it, but the app wasn’t good enough and the options for free instruments were very limited. In this app though, EVERYTHING IS FREE! Every instrument, every feature is absolutely FREE and PROFESSIONAL! Also since it’s an app you use on your browser, I can use any device we have! Cause I have two younger siblings, and we really fight a lot over different devices (mostly my brother) for ridiculous reasons like, “it has a keyboard” or something like that, so this makes it a lot easier on me cause there are some things that are only on specific devices. This makes it easier for me to work on the exact same song.

New concept?. I’ve used bandlab since I was about 15, I’m now on my way to my 21st birthday and this app is still my favorite way to express myself musically. A friend and I have been collaborating on several tracks for some time and a reoccurring issue we come across is which revision is the most recent or we sometimes overlap revisions when the previous one is still uploading and saving. There is a feature on Google docs where multiple people can make revisions on a template at once and I was wondering is that was possible to happen in bandlab. Maybe in the near future two or more artist can join the same revision at once and watch as you make a track or lay vocals. Invite only is the best way I can think of this feature working. Thank you for reading bandlab team. Sincerely, JEI

Easy and efficient!!. Let me start by saying,I NEVER leave reviews…This app deserves one!! I have a home studio and some pretty high quality equipment,I downloaded this app as a “notepad” type pocket studio to quickly lay down ideas on the fly as I get them when not home(cause we all know what happens to those ideas we don’t save somehow) we’ll let me tell you,this app is everything you need for that… and so much more!! You can record straight through your phones mic,or through inputs(like irig for example) you can import files,use virtual instruments, etc… and one of the funnest features…a sampler! Guitar tuner,looper,free beats!!! And somehow it’s free!! This app is seriously a must have. Don’t take my work for it,try this thing!! You will not regret it I promise.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 10.71.0
Play Store com.bandlab.bandlab.iphone
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application BandLab – Music Making Studio was published in the category Music on 28 July 2015, Tuesday and was developed by BandLab Singapore Pte Ltd [Developer ID: 956402141]. This program file size is 193.76 MB. This app has been rated by 259,095 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. BandLab – Music Making Studio - Music app posted on 22 April 2024, Monday current version is 10.71.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.bandlab.bandlab.iphone. Languages supported by the app:

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Found a Drum Machine kit you like? It should come pre-loaded with two default drum patterns (A & B), so you can lay down drum beats fast! We’ve also smoothed out the kinks with splitting looped regions in Studio, so it’s working seamlessly now. To speed up your search for the perfect beat, we’ve collated popular BandLab Beats on your Create tab with a Top 10 carousel. Received a sound pack link, and raring to create with it? Now you can easily drag and drop samples into Studio without problems. Lastly, all videos will be optimized for your iPad in full-screen mode, so you can watch them in all their glory!

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