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Affirm: Buy now, pay over time [Shopping] App Description & Overview

What is affirm: buy now, pay over time app? Shop stress-free at any store and pay over time with flexible payments. There are no late fees, hidden fees, or surprises—ever.

Why you’ll love using the Affirm app:
• Buy now and pay over time at almost any store
• Get access to exclusive deals and rates as low as 0% APR
• Manage your account and make payments
• Open a high-yield savings account with no minimums and no fees

Shopping with Affirm is simple and easy:

• Shop your favorite store, find what you want, and choose the payment plan that works best for you and your budget.
• We’ll check your eligibility. (This only takes a moment and won’t affect your credit score.)
• Choose the payment option and plan that works best for your budget.
• Complete your purchase online or at a physical store with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Now is the time to responsibly treat yourself with buy now, pay over time flexibility. Shop at your favorite stores the smarter way with Affirm.

Your rate will be 0% or 10–36% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available in all states, and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lender license. Affirm savings accounts are held with Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

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Affirm: Buy now, pay over time Comments & Reviews 2023

- Affirm 2 thumbs up!

Affirm has been so convenient to use with affordable monthly payments! Just download the app and apply for credit right from your device! No phone calls, no sales person to talk to. I needed a loan for a vacation I wasn’t prepared to pay for in full, well I was on my Orbitz app, shopping for a hotel/package deal I’d never heard of Affirm before they offered me a low monthly installment payment drafting from my personal checking account so I was able to pay for my hotel stay and round trip flight from New Orleans to Chicago for 2! Yes that’s right and was on my way within minutes! It’s so easy! I also needed an expensive gift for my son that I had promised him for Christmas and yes again I was buying new tires and wheels for his truck that day with preapproved credit card access. That’s right, Affirm actually provides you with a picture of a credit card within seconds and i just started shopping. Again, no call sales, no forms to sign and listen to this; no leaving the house to go pick up a loan check, take it to the bank and deposit it. I’ve had 3 successful loans and plan on many more. I’ve told so many of my friends and family about this app and it’s conveniences I feel like a walking billboard for them! Good luck and happy shopping! Kelly Biloxi, Mississippi

- Excellent Way 2 Pay!

I’m a Youtuber Jay Moore Reviews and I review movies, tv shows and products. I have been using affirm for a couple years now and it’s a excellent way to pay for what you need without spending all your cash at once or charging a lot on your credit cards. I have used affirm to pay for trips through Expedia as well as clothes and shoes from Nike. I love it! I could have paid in cash but then that cash wouldn’t be in my bank. I could have used my credit cards but then I would have to charge thousands on it and run my balance up. Instead I just pay monthly as I get paid and get everything I need and the best part is that I can prepay my balance at any time and save money on interest charges which is what I did when I paid of my Expedia trip to California! I love this app because not only do they have a great way to pay but they also have discounts for you when you shop which is great. I recommend this app if you need to build your credit or just don’t want to make big charges on your cards and want to keep some cash in the bank. In the end trust me you will be happy with the service 💯

- Overall good but...

Easy to use, pretty self explanatory app. Enjoyed it a lot to pay for a jewelry purchase. However, if you make a payment, interest will still accrue while the payment is processing, which can take a few days. I made extra payments and set it up to do a final payment on the amount leftover, and had an item I thought paid off 1.5 months early, and I log into Affirm and it says I still owe 42 cents. Why would anyone pay all but 42 cents for an item? Affirms system left me unable to pay the remainder as I’ll explain further. No problem, I try to pay the remaining 42 cents, but it cannot take a payment below $1. So I think okay, I’ll pay a dollar, but no, it won’t take more then the balance due. This is not an acceptable set up. My interest rate is low so it’ll be a long time before it’s accumulated to be able to make the dollar payment. I wanted to have it paid off as of the last payment. Which should have been the case. The app should not be set up in such a flawed way that people cannot be able to make early payments IN FULL and their loans be paid off. If anyone from Affirm is reading this, fix this bug in your system right away and make everyone’s lives a little easier. These flaws only hurt consumer confidence in your system.

- Worst company

Have had the WORST experience with Affirm. Tried to make a payment multiple times and there was an error. Checked with my bank more than once to assure no issue on my debit card/account. Called affirm and they opened a case for me and said they would reply in 3-5 business days. A month later, no response at all and now receiving late payment notices saying this will affect my credit score. I call Affirm back to let them know the issue is still happening and to make sure it doesn’t affect my credit since the issue is on their end. I am transferred back and forth and then speak to a supervisor which basically tells me there is nothing they can do and that my credit will be affected. Gives me zero options of other ways to get payment - I offered over the phone etc and tells me they can’t accept payment over the phone. Get transferred again and a representative tries to add my information to the account and that won’t even work so they say this is definitely an IT issue with the website. I tell them that affecting a customers credit when the error/issue is on them is not acceptable, they agree but say there is NOTHING they can do to pause the loan etc to avoid credit being affected. Honestly insulting and insane that no one can help when the company is at fault. Will never use this company again. And will take legal action if I am affected on my credit

- Customer service

I have been trying for weeks to get ahold of someone at affirm. None of the emails listed works. It always comes back and says we are not monitoring this box at this time. It even did it when they sent me an email and it said to reply to this email. Same thing happened. We are not monitoring this box. It also declined me on a buy now pay later 4 payment option and kept saying I was applying for a 6 month loan and my credit score wasn’t high enough. They are not suppose to even run your credit so I don’t know how that even played a part in it. I have had many buy now pay later plans with different companies and I have never had this problem and have always been given a credit limit which affirm does not do. I was on a site for hours then got turned down for credit I didn’t even apply for. It never even gave me the option it just went straight to the monthly payment plan and yes this site did accept affirm on the biweekly option. It had already told me what my payment would be. I’m going to contact the BBB if my credit was run cause it shouldn’t have been and I’ve paid every payment with this company and have no reason to be turned down. Worst customer service and buy now pay later program out there!! By far.

- Disappointed

Affirm I believe is a good app. It helps you get where you need to get, buy what you need to buy without having to wait or pay the whole amount at once. But I’m so disappointed because I tried to purchase a package hotel+flight and the app Long me out. Out of nowhere. I tried again and to my surprise there was no money in my account. Then send me a email saying that “ the purchase got canceled, and I would get my money back 3-10 business days. Now I have to wait who knows if the whole 10 days to buy my flight when my trip is in 3 weeks. I don’t got the money in my account so I can’t even buy what I need from another place since they took all my money. I tried calling them and the answer I got was “It was probably a glitch but there’s nothing we can do for you but wait” I asked them if I could get it as credit cause I couldn’t wait more then a week cause the prices would go up and they said no. I asked if they could pay for the prices difference and they said no. I tried calling again because maybe the lady I was speaking to was new or maybe she didn’t feel like helping me and when the guy answered I got the same answered. I just don’t understand how I gotta pay extra money for something that is not my fault for a glitch that the app had at the moment. I don’t understand how a they would take all my money if the purchase never even went through.


I contacted your establishment nearly 1 week ago regarding fraud charges on behalf of my account to Fashion Nova and EBay. I DID NOT MAKE THESE TRANSACTIONS. I am VERY DISGUSTED AND DISAPPOINTED in the lack of concern your establishment has shown. I received a notification today that affirm found me responsible for the charges of which there has been no documentation or true investigation completed. These purchases were made WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I called immediately after seeing these transactions on my PNC bank statement and asked them to be cancelled. THESE ORDERS WERE IN FACT NOT CANCELLED and I received notification of that yesterday. If these transactions are NOT removed from my account and NOT refunded to me I will be discontinuing ANY AND ALL further activity with you, as well as seeking legal action. This is absolutely ridiculous and not customer service in the least. These transactions were completed with a “virtual card”. How did a virtual card even get linked to my account in the first place? I never received emails about the purchases until yesterday stating that the “loan had been accepted,” AFTER I CALLED AND ASKED IT TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY. It is clear that affirm has no respect for the security of my information, or that of others using your services. If you ACTUALLY INVESTIGATED you would see that these purchases are not even being delivered to my address! TRULY DISGUSTING.

- So Thankful For This App!

Being a single mother on a limited budget, having an app like this is a godsend! Last October of 2021, my water heater in my house burst! After a good friend tried welding back together the corrosive broken water pipe on the tank, praying on a miracle since I didn’t have an extra 1k to spare at the time, I was stuck in bad place. As you might have guessed, there is no fixing a broken water pipe. Having no hot water for a week, I priced every water tank from multiple companies and tried moving money around to afford a new one. I found a pretty affordable one online and seen it was giving me the option to pay through affirm. So I downloaded the app and filled out the info to see if I qualified. Shockingly, they approved me for the $650 water tank and I only had to put $100 down! I think I had exactly $115 in my bank account at the time. What a miracle! 🙏🏼 With $50 a month payments, I was able to pay it off early too. I just used it for a 2nd time and finished paying off another expensive item. Thanks affirm for helping out us poor people afford things that we really need!

- Affirmative on Affirm App!

This app was a savior in a rough time for me. I had a huge expense essentially eliminate all of my savings at the time, and wouldn’t you know it - suddenly I needed more money for a flat tire. Doesn’t make much sense to replace one tire at a time, so at bare minimum I needed to get two. I had a few days left before payday so I needed a good chunk of money to make my purchase and I was talking to my sister, who told me about Affirm. It was so simple. No credit check. No hassle. I put in my information, and was approved for way more than I needed. Making a purchase was just as simple too!! This app is so easy to maneuver, and to get the money you need - and to pay back. The interest rate is high, but if you pay it back early and timely, the amount paid towards interest is worth the ease and ability to borrow money from a lender from an app. No phone calls, no pesky questions, no credit checks, and I get money for my purchase. It’s amazing. You cannot use this with Apple Pay or to send money through Western Union or any of those apps. It’s all electronic currency, nothing you will ever be able to put in your hands.

- Disappointed

I am disappointed in a firm because I have made my payments every two weeks been months ahead on each loan FaceTime I used a virtual credit card but all of a sudden it made where I could not have a virtual card that I wasn’t denied and I got the balance total paid down it’s acting as if I have not made good on my payments which I have extraordinarily over and I know I’m like do you in like September or late August like when I was like made payments early. So I don’t recommend this at all it doesn’t do as it cleans especially not for your credit like if anything and hold it against you even though you’re making good with them you know mine is due from a horrible husband and divorce so I’m just on top of everything else I don’t know if I review if I misspelled words because I can’t even see what I’m typing which is weird trying to clear up what he destroyed for me and try and get my life back and everything and yeah I thought this would help but really it’s not I don’t know it’s just very disappointing because like I said I’ve made good with them but they like acting as if I haven’t I don’t know if this is the app or the actual company but yeah I don’t know I don’t recommend it

- Awesome Service & App!

This is a such great financial service. I really like the fact that there are no hard credit checks performed and the terms are not the same as a traditional credit card where there is a revolving balance. They have an extremely extensive listing of participating retailers in multiple categories such as clothing (including super high end like LV), beauty, home appliance & furniture stores, and even some major airliners plus travel services such as Expedia! Travel expenses, especially if you need to make plans last minute, can be extremely costly, so having the option to use Affirm to fund your purchase instead of putting it on a credit card is awesome. I also love the fact that you can get an estimate of the amount you may qualify for, and that the total you’re ultimately approved for isn’t fixed. Another thing I appreciate is not being penalized for paying off my loans in advance. Oh, and the app is just as fantastic too. Super easy to navigate, straight forward FAQ/answers, and is very aesthetically pleasing. I am so, so thankful for this service, 5/5 stars all around!


I had canceled an order because Affirm told me I asked for the exact purchase amount, but apparently you need a “5 dollar buffer” to process a payment. So if your total was 450 for a PlayStation, you need to ask for 455 from affirm. This is where the fun begins lol. Target had “already processed my purchase and therefore Affirm started a loan. Target Customer service denied that because a purchase isn’t fully processed unless you show up at the store and swipe your card. I reached out to affirm to let them know my order was canceled and that I was given a refund. Affirm takes 3-45, yes that’s correct! 45 freaking business days to process a refund! So I’m stuck with a 500 dollar loan until affirm decides to process my refund, which we are now on day 28. Target even cautioned me that affirm could take the full 45 days for them to give me the refund, which is ridiculous. Affirm tried deflecting the blame on target but it stated in their policy that even though you have been give a refund for a purchase, affirm will still take “3-45 business days to be credited” Also, you still have to make payments because it will affect your credit! Yay! This is what is so frustrating about their return policy. They need to make returns faster because I will never service again, and would definitely not recommend this trash to my friends.

- Scary situation turned around by Affirm

I used affirm for the first time the week before Christmas because it was advertised at checkout. I filled out everything requested, selected my payment plan, was charged $478 and then Affirm never completed my order with Neiman Marcus. My items are still sitting in my cart. Finding their customer service information was challenging because I wanted to send a screen shot of the error message I got from their site when I submitted my payment. There is no email or online messaging option so I had to call. I hate calling 800 numbers. Glad I did. The customer service associates were pleasant and helpful. I was mostly nervous because their website said it would take 7-10 days to refund my money but luckily, with the help of a manager, that wasn’t the case. She gave me a one tome card to use to complete my purchase over the phone. All is well! Christmas is not ruined. Nice work with customer resolution training. Seems like you all really value our business.

- Very good financing

I have poor Credit and was very happy with the help of affirms financing. It’s great and cheap. Even with my terrible credit I received 15% which is much better then the 19-21% on cards I get. 15% is still high but for those with even better credit would reap much better benefits. Got 450$ financed for only 38$ in interest over a 12month payment plan. And the app is very easy to use. And doesn’t start the actual payment day until your order is shipped. So even thou my Order was placed on sept29th. I would log on affirm every day and watch it go from the 1st. To 2nd to 3rd and add by 1 every day until the 7th when my package arrived at my house. Which is great because the high quality websites I use have parts coming from Germany directly for my car and so shipping takes 1-2 weeks and instead of being 2 weeks into my order and having 2 weeks to pay my affirm account It didn’t start the payment dates until i received my items. Will be using affirm from now on over any financing program for a long time currently.

- Was great now NOT so much.

So I started using Affirm back in 2018. I started with a lower approved credit amount but paid the first one off and I was able to get an increase. This happened time and time again for a total of NINE paid off loans without ever having a late payment. Recently I had a large revolving credit line with not even half being used, the app decided to pre approve me again and I was informed they could not approve me for a loan and the decision was final. There have never been any late payments to this day, NOT ONE. I still have 4 open loans and have paid them on time as well even through this pandemic. I emailed Affirm and the generic robot replies I received clearly indicated they didn’t read or care about what I had to say. One of the deciding factors was my PAYMENT HISTORY or lack there of with the company. They use trans union for credit approval but report to Experian who shows I have 100% payment history with never a late payment. There were more issues but I’d be here all night typing. I was so happy and pleased with Affirm, I bought things I wanted and rebuilt my credit, they made money off me. Was a great win win for both parties. I’m one person with a MILLION behind me to take my place so why would they give a @%$^?

- Affirm App

I found this confusing at first but probably because I skimmed everything and didn’t read everything. When I was first given the loan it looked like a check and I didn’t realize that had to be used for one purchase only and what was left over wasn’t usable. I was booking a trip so I applied again for the AirBnB and the loan I was offered was much lower but covered where we were staying. That had my total loan at around 500 because I started paying it back and wanted to secure my car, I was then declined because they could not establish who I was suddenly. I have since tried 3 or 4 times but to no avail so I wrote in to the company today to see what was up. Until the not being able to know where I am the program was a cool app to use you just really need to have what you want already found and be able to have it as a single purchase. I haven’t given up on the app just because the simplicity of it is great! It truly was the easiest line of money to get and pay back. Give them a shot

- Just some credit info

This app came in handy when i needed! BUT please understand each loan you take no matter the size does show up on your EXPERIAN credit report. I was approved for about 2500$ I made purchases at multiple retailers. Thought nothing of it till I seen my credit report. My fico went down for having a consumer installment loan. Not knowing having 9 loans at the time. Also it shows as closed accounts when paid off. So safe to say my score will be going down yet again because I now only have 3 loans left so. I will have 7 closed accounts on my report (originally had 10 from affirm all equaling 2500$ in total) so although you get approved for one lump sum. If you shop at different retailers it will all come up individually on your experian. Also before finding all this out I paid down my loans and attempted to get another for an emergency and was denied twice. First time for supposedly being unable to verify identity smh and second for having two many open loans even though the balance was down to less than 1000$. So if you reallyyyyy need to use this please stick to one loan period. Even when paid off do not use again

- Affirm opened up a whole new chapter in my life.

For a young person who is mostly responsible with their money, Affirm is a gift from above. Affirm allows me to make the purchases I’ve always wanted, but could never afford on my current budget. Both the IPhone App and the online website have such a user friendly display. It shows you precisely when and how much you will need to pay each month along with the total left of your entire purchase, including the breakdown of what you are paying for. On top of that you can even pay early to stay on top of your purchases. In my experience with returns, they are a breeze. I sent back the product I bought to the company I purchased it from ( ECS Tuning ), and within three days of leaving my local FedEx there was a return taken right off from my affirm payments. Overall if you are responsible with your money and have good experience with paying monthly bills ON TIME... affirm is a great way to allow those expensive, in my case recreational, purchases into your budget.

- Quick and efficient

This app is set up easier than any other account I use for my credit cards. It is designed to be simple and straightforward so a user can get on with a thumb scan. A user does have the option of using their phone number to log on but that takes a bit longer. When you start using the app, you just give your account number you will have money withdrawn from, and either go on every month and pay......really takes less than a minute to do, or set up auto pay. They also have an option every time you log on to see if you are prequalified for future spending. No hard credit check for this either. I did this to buy an expensive exercise machine and I just accepted the offer and then was shown how to pay for it with the pre-approved funds. Be aware, once you start a loan with affirm, it does go on your credit report. Pay everything on time and hello higher score. Overall, best app I have used so far (and I use a lot of them).

- Good Financial Tool

Affirm is a good financial tool for people with not so good credit who may want to establish that lender/consumer trust again. Start small and work your way up. The more you show your ability to repay, the better chances of getting approved and earning higher spending limits. Interests rates can be pretty high so it would benefit more to choose the shortest repayment term, but overall Affirm has been exactly what I needed it to be. I have recently gotten the savings account they offer with a 0.65 APR. I work at a financial institution and that rate can’t be beat! I highly recommend Affirm for people who are in the 600 range credit score. I’m not sure if their interest rates are better for people with better credit or how it would benefit someone who has good credit and wouldn’t otherwise have an issue obtaining credit anywhere. The only reason I give 4 stars is because they don’t report to credit bureaus. I’ve had 5 loans with Affirm and none have been reported. That could have greatly benefited me in helping to improve my credit score.

- Fraudulent

I would give this app 0 star if possible I was hacked using this app and my card and bank information was given to hackers who used my account to purchase credit for a track phone I immediately called affirm to let them know what happened and for them to cancel the card they assured me they will handle it after the charges cleared only for them to do nothing to help me. I kept calling them to know the status of my case and everytime I kept getting dismissive people who didn’t really care to help me. I was asked to wait for them to investigate not knowing they only wanted the charges to process so I will be responsible for the payment. How can I be hacked by this app and asked to pay the charges. These people are all Freuds the money was used to purchase credit on a track phone that alone is suspicious they claim they are helping me to investigate meanwhile all they were doing was waiting for the charges to process so they can take their money and I would be responsible for a payment that was not made by me . Everyone be carful this app is not what it used to be hackers have access to all you information and affirm does not do anything to help you when your information has been hacked!!!

- Not very helpful

I called because I haven’t received merchandise I ordered over 4 weeks ago and honestly have no ideal if I’ve even getting it at all because I’ve had little or no contact with merchant and can’t get a phone number to call them. When I called affirm they gave me a bogus number that no one would answer or option to leave message. I don’t think it’s up to me to certify with this merchant as to whether or not they are gonna supply merchandise. Affirm wants my money it should be up to them to settle the matter, they haven’t given me any money so in my eyes I owe them nothing. I’ve went ahead and paid my payment on time becuase I don’t want my credit messed up but if I haven’t received the merchandise by the time the next payment is due Affirm won’t be getting another payment from me and I will be turning them into the BBB. You can’t charge someone for something they haven’t received and if that said company has already paid the merchant than they should take care of the issue. I have decided that’s why they don’t let you pay with a credit card because they wouldn’t be able to get away with this technique they use.

- Misleading data

After speaking with more than a few service representatives as too why misleading information is given I’ve come to the conclusion that this service is just terrible. Pre approved for a limit of $900USD however if any transaction is attempted even in an amount of less than $10 it will be denied when pressed as to this conundrum they simply parrot the email will explain the email will explain etc something about FICO score however any credit reporting site (credit karma, etc) not only shows an increase in overall score mid 600’s but they continually act as though you’ve never used their platform before (which I had for more than a few purchases easily equaling into the xxxx’s) but multiple other platform with access to the same exact information are more than willing to take the very same loans even from places such as PayPal which is notorious for being picky. So what I’m saying this is a service aimed for the upper lower class and middle classes that actually won’t work with any of said people if they have something like a loss of income from a world wide pandemic and are forced to miss 1-2 payments on a car note because housing is more important. Yeah fk this company.

- Customer Service has been 0 help. Scam.

I was scammed on Google by a fake ticket master website. I thought it was ticket master but it was not. I went to purchase 2 tickets using affirm and found out halfway into the process this was a scam site. I tried to contact affirm support about the issue and they told me to contact the site. Which, if it’s a scam they are obviously not going to help. I contacted the site and they said we do not do refunds but I can sell my tickets and told me to click on a link to sell and that it was ready for sale. How could I sell tickets I DIDNT EVEN OWN YET? I told this to support and they did nothing and did not look into it. They claim I owe them $1,000 when I never got my tickets (because they also said I would get my tickets THE DAY BEFORE the event so that’s how I knew they were fake). The concert was 3 months ago and I got them through ticket master. All I’ve been getting go is emails from affirm that I owe them $ for something I never received. Customer service has been no help and now they claim I am going to bill collectors when it is not even on a credit because I didn’t even FINISH THE CHECKOUT. This is my FINAL attempt to get ahold of someone who can ACTUALLY cancel this. HELP!

- Where is your customer service??

I have gone through every website only to find nothing, no number to call, no email to ask questions. My purchase was declined through the card that affirm gave to Macy’s, so they called me to give them the card and info, again only to get declined! The card wouldn’t go through, I shouldn’t have to deal with any of this. Clearly this is something that needs to be done through affirm and Macy’s but because they have no information as to how to follow up or contact them they called me. Long story short, I couldn’t get the couch I wanted because the card didn’t go through. The whole transaction got canceled by Macy’s due to the card getting declined and me not able to provide more info, And when you got to the online affirm site, they make sure you have no number to report this back to. It’s like having a credit card that gets declined with full credit and no number to call for help. Beware.

- Use if you must but make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller.

Affirm is actually Celtic bank, according to the FDIC. You will find out the hard way, if you make a return or if you get ripped off, Affirm will not have your back and you will end up paying on a product you didn't receive or that you returned. Even if you do get a refund, it will be minus the interest and fees, which are significant. We purchased an airline ticket from Justfly (never use that company either), and cancelled it. Justfly charged me $75 to cancel the flight, so one would assume it was cancelled. NOT. They took the cancellation money, then they went ahead and processed the Affirm "loan" several days later. We have proof it was cancelled prior to the loan being finalized, we have proof they took a cancellation fee. Affirm literally processed a loan for a cancelled reservation, which is probably illegal, and refuses to reverse it. Of course, these criminals own the politicians that keep them out of jail, where they clearly belong. I have uploaded their response to the proof I sent them. Also, keep in mind that arbitration agreements do not prevent you from suing them in small claims court, where I will also get my court costs reimbursed.

- Are you kidding me

So I've been a customer of Affirm for 3 years. Have paid off 6+ accounts, have one small one open now. Went to see what my new "Limit" was and BOOM,...I all of a sudden done meet their credit requirements. What really??? Never missed a payment, never been late. I'm like in shock... I never open otter spend more than what I can afford monthly and have chosen at times to put off my purchase because of that. My payment history with all my revolving accounts is 100% on time, Exceptional it says. I say to you Affirm .... you’re getting a little too big for your pants. You need customers like me and the thousands more you service. Honestly I'm done after I pay off this little balance I have left and ALL the people I referred and have done business with you STOPS. Now I'm going to openly blast you and your unfair credit practices. OH and 1 last thing... My yearly income just increased by about $30,000... I guess I'll be spending this money at your competitors Klarna or Afterpay.

- Over rated

Bought a pricey Christmas present where I found affirm to be convenient for partial payments however all convenience was squashed when I tried signing up for affirm. The sign-up process was a lengthy, jumpy, and extremely annoying. I had to ask the store to give me a discount because they don’t do partial payments over the amount of $600. This might be because of the new tax law in place so it’s not technically affirms fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that the process was not a fun one with little to none support. Also I set up auto payments three times and I’m still getting text messages that my payments are overdue. Why is this happening? Also, Affirm on safari browser is broken. The three lined menu next to shop is broken, the size of the mobile version is not scaled to fit which it’s hard to navigate because every time you try to scroll It just moves the screen around. I work for another software company so I am quite tech savvy but affirm really rubbed me the wrong way. Just downloaded the mobile app to see it changes my mind. Hopefully I don’t waste another hour of my time

- Absolutely great, favorite loan app - unless…

I have used Affirm for years now. I think since early on in it’s inception. I have bought many expensive pieces clothing which made it much easier spreading out my payment over a year. In all that time and having bought almost countless pieces, I never missed a payment and frequently payed loans off early to avoid some interest. However, this past year brought some financial difficulties. During this time though, I had at least 3 loans out through affirm. I never missed a payment. Sadly, however, my credit score had gone down. Now, because of that, I can no longer get a loan. So much for a track record with a financial institution and being loyal to them. I would’ve thought with my track record that even a lowered credit score would have allowed me to continue to use affirm. But, nope! I’m very disappointed and once my score rises I will write them off as they have written me off. Shame on u affirm. Again, my loyalty, track record, and frequent usage means nothing to you. Oh well. I’ll use Klarna from now on. I will miss the good old days tho of using affirm b

- NonAffirming

I’ve used this app and credit for a while now and with ease. I’m finding that with Covid the company is not willing to help, being that I’m once again in CA and unemployed and the monthly amount is more than what I should be paying as I had a return which is not credited to monthly payments. Furthermore the app has been unavailable to change payment information and even after updating I get a message that my balance is overdue by more days than it actually was. I’ve tried communicating with through the app but the options for real help aren’t offered and the email provided doesn’t work. In this day and age of non human contact the banks are constantly issuing new cards due to possible hacking or fraud then additionally harder to get any credit company to follow through with issues or assistance. It’s like half truths and the just the idea of helping is enough for them to get a big tax credit or break for COVID times without honoring.

- Terrible customer relations

I used an Affirm loan to buy 2 computers, but I I had to return 1 and exchange it for another. Apple refunded the price of the computer to Affirm, and I used some of my remaining balance to get another computer. Affirm created a second loan, and when got the refund, it applied it to end of the first loan. I now had 2 loans totaling the amount of the first loan, but the first loan did not decrease, nor did the payments. So, I went from having a $173 monthly payment for 2 computers to having 2 loans totaling $260. But, I still had only 2 computers. There was no number listed to call, so I did the online form. Affirm refused to help me get back to the original payments of $173 a month, but they gave me a number to call. The person was in a call center, and all they would do is read a script over and over and refuse to help me. I told them I could not afford the payments - that the new arrangement was half again as much as the original payments, but I only had the same number of computers. Finally, in frustration, I took out a personal loan to pay off the Affirm loan. The least I could do is keep them from stealing more of my money with their shady business practices.

- Love this App

Affirm is the best way to finance larger items or items you can’t afford without a little help and affirm charges or sometimes it’s interest free too but it’s a one time low interest fee that’s all and they schedule payments throughout the amount of what your financing. If your late with payment they don’t charge late fees which can be so much money with a regular credit card that totally is uncalled for when your only an hour of a day late with your payment and I think regular credit cards rake us completely with their interest charges too and over the credit limit fees., whereas affirm doesn’t do that at all ! No hidden fees at all and it makes it so much more affordable.. I love affirm and the app is user friendly as well which makes it all so much easier to purchase an item that you want but otherwise couldn’t get because it’s not in your budget., try it out it’s excellent !


I opened an affirm account a long time ago when I had a different phone number, so I had to update it to login. Right away I was able to do this. I logged in and even though I provided 4 or 5 payment methods and two banks I was still denied. That’s fine my credit score is in the fair range. Before I was denied, I started putting money in am affirm savings account. After realizing now their service was useless to me I asked for the account to be closed and was told the balance had to be zero before I closed it. I explained that was the point. After this conversation I was locked out of my account by the old phone number I had just changed to be able to regain access to my account. Somehow I was able to login, put 250 in savings and search the site but after I want my savings account closed, I suddenly am unable to login to my account. This website clearly has a system that prevents you from regaining money or getting out of its grips, which outside of savings accounts I would fear for any purchase. Anyways I am hoping this will get some attention since their customer service which has told me a number of things is a joke.

- Great functionality - hard to manage personal account

This app is super easy to use and has gotten me in a lot of trouble as it relates to shopping! I love the convenience of Affirm! It is a unique and wonderful alternative to debit or credit, and I don’t feel the pressure of credit scores or income when I need to use this as a medium for purchasing. What I do not appreciate is when I moved, it has been a royal pain in the tail bone to get my address and phone number changed. It is irregular to most companies where you can edit the info yourself; rather, you give them your new phone number and then await a call from them hoping it will come through at a convenient time so they can verify you actually changed the information. God forbid someone else grabbed your phone and changed it for you. I have played phone tag with them for over a year and my billing address/phone number are still incorrect. It’s ridiculous. Aside from my frustration over the despicable account minutiae, I appreciate Affirm and find the concept to be appreciable as well as convenient for daily transactions.

- I’m done

Don’t get me wrong affirm is pretty cool and it’s nice to be able to make small monthly payments on bigger purchases, however the interest rate is really high and the virtual card and customer service is a mess which is why they get 1 star. They do however offer interest free options on certain items at certain stores. They give you the option to pay in store using a one time use virtual card, however, what they don’t tell you is making a return if need be is near impossible. After you use the card and depending on the store you can’t get a refund, so you be stuck paying for items you don’t want. Also, customer service is a headache. No shade to the workers, however, there is a language barrier which makes getting concerned resolved difficult and to top it all off they don’t even know how they own products work!!! It’s just a mess. So if you do plan on using this service still to online use because it’s less of a headache and you can get a refund if need be. After I pay off my purchase I’m dont plan of using affirm ever again. I would say stick to klarna, afterpay or one of those options, interest free and less of a headache!

- Lack of consistency

In the beginning the app worked great. I was approved for various credit limits ranging from 2-3k depending on the merchant. That alone was strange to be. I mean, if a company is going to approve me then why is there a lack on consistency regarding the amounts I’m approved for. Anyway, I made some purchases and everything worked perfect. My payments were either made on time or in advance in an attempt to payoff my balances sooner. Then out of nowhere the app spontaneously stopped approving me. The pre approval amounts disappeared. There is now an option to request preapproval for certain merchants but I’m denied each time. The email they send, explaining the denial blames it on my credit score. Sure my credit has fluctuated a little since opening this account just because of another credit card that had been opened a few months back but nothing major. I just find it odd that a company and approve you, theb randomly decide not to. I’ll be paying off my outstanding purchases and closing my account. My only concern now is whether or not this will reflect as a closed account on my credit.

- Decent but qualifiers need improving

I do like purchasing things with affirm from time to time if I just do not want to shell out the money immediately. I have made a few purchases with affirm over the past couple years of relatively large value. I have decent credit and they were all approved, paid off early or on time, no missed payments - fine. But, on top of getting ridiculous interest rates, 20%+, I used affirm for a purchase of a couple hundred dollars for something I needed since I did not have a card on me at the time. Now I want to purchase something else, and can not get approved. So despite having over a 750 credit score, having never missed a payment, carrying high balances and all else, having the other affirm loan counts as a high balance apparently. It does not seem to take into account having previous loans with them among other factors, so I will not say I recommend affirm unless really in a pinch. Convenient to use now and again. But makes it not worth it because of the interest rates, approval odds/amount, and the algorithm for how it qualifies people.

- Great app , and great and quick loan service.

Honestly was quite unsure about using this service as there is a lot of misinformation online about them . But once I tried it , I may never go back to traditional loans , that is , for stores that they cover . I would even opt to use them instead of my credit card solely based on ease of service . Not that my credit card isn’t easy to use ( LOL ) but the fact that loans build credit different than credit cards . The customer service is awesome , very quick , responsive , and kind . Returns process relatively fast and you usually don’t have to make any payments if it’s processing , and if you do they reimburse you as long as it was in processing before your due date , at least from what I understand . All in all it’s a dime . If I could give it 10 stars I would . And they definitely deserve some credit for this service! Good job, I’ll continue to use fs !

- Change the way you allow folks to qualify for credit

Currently I just paid off a loan with affirm and about 6 mths ago I tried to see if I was prequalified for something again and I wasn’t which is understandable however credit scores change and my credit score went up since then to a good rating but because of that particular time frame I put in for a pre-qualification 6 mths ago, still to this day you say your decision is final even with a paid off loan and it being 6 mths later. It’s cool no hard feeling but I think from me, I give this app a 1 star for that issue because you are a creditor and telling somebody no and that’s final knowing credit always changes isn’t fair but hey it’s your app. not giving folks another chance at a loan to me shows (A) not a good credit source provider and (2 )obviously you don’t want to increase revenue for customers who return for future loans cause you base them as a risk off one credit check

- 5 stars all around!

I found this through way-fair - I wanted to buy a new mattress (which we all know they get fairly pricey) and I found one I liked and it was on sale so I wanted to seize the opportunity, but didn’t have as much as I needed. I used Affirm to buy the mattress and everything has been wonderful. The process to borrow was fast and simple, the interest rates are relatively high but that’s assumed with companies like this - that being said, if you pay it off quickly and in lump sums you save on interest fees and essentially get it for a decent price with the interest. After all, you can’t expect to borrow money and not give money for the convenience. I wouldn’t use this all the time or in a frivolous manor, but it def is great to use on purchases like I mentioned above. I haven’t had any problems with Affirm. I got the money, spent the money, repaid the money in a timely manner, and everything was as it should be. 5 stars, all around!

- Budget Wise

As a single mother of 4 with less than stellar credit, affirm came through when I didn't know what to do. Pandemic hit and I only had a small fridge, I was able to purchase a deep freeze to make sure I had things in stock when going to the store wasn’t an option. Soon after, my dryer broke and I was able to purchase one without being charged huge financing fees or high interest rates. I’ve been able to replace a 20 year old tv and 10 year old mattress with affirm. I will continue to use this option to make my larger purchases without breaking the bank. Thank you for having my back and helping me to slowly, but surely improve our quality of living. Large expenses aren’t feasible, though I work full time. I’m also a full time college student working towards my career goals. I’m grateful there’s an option out there that works for and with me. 🤍

- Affirm best for large purchases

I had a great experience with Affirm, the app is so easy to use, I got my tv through Affirm and it was a great shopping experience. They only do a soft pool so your credit won’t take a hit either. The approval process is fast and you get 3 choices 6 months 12 months and 18 months. They charge a small fee for the loan but it fair and acceptable. There are no hidden fees, you see exactly what you will paying in total and there is no pre payment penalty either. It was a wonderful experience. I been using them ever since and they also have a savings that they offer 0.65 APY most then any Banks out there . The app itself has a lot of features, you can see in detail all your purchases, due dates , available funds for purchase, your savings, all stores and shops in the Affirm App. I recommended Affirm to friends and family and all had the same positive experience.

- Convenient, but they need to manage vendors

I have used Affirm 5 times. Convenient with competitive interest rates for this type of loan. The problem is, they don’t verify purchases have been completed. For the second time they have set up a loan before the product has been delivered to the buyer. When you advise them of product delivery problems, they tell you to contact the seller and work out the issue yourself. That’s fair once you have received what you purchased. My issue is for the second (and last) time a loan has been set up and billing has begun BEFORE the product purchase has been completed and shipped (or delivered)! They don’t have a resolution process that is easily accessed. Once this last purchase is completed, I will go back to using a credit card. Customer service, if you can call it that, leaves a lot to be desired. Not worth the hassle!

- Changes to extra payments

I have been using Affirm over the last few years with much success until recently. Previously, if an extra payment was made, I was given grace in the amount of the extra payment with regards to when the next payment due. This has happened for 6 prior loans with Affirm. On my current loan (no interest), my extra payment in the amount of $1100, only granted me only month grace. The Affirm help center was unhelpful and I had to get a customer service number from a third party site, which is also new and very disappointing. The initial representative, as well as the Supervisor were unhelpful and basically told me this is how we process loans, despite previous patterns. To correct this issue, they have to reverse the extra payments and I have to go back into to the app to make 7 individual minimum payments in order to “push out” my next payment, which is very frustrating. Thankfully, there are more installment loan companies arising, so I can take my business elsewhere since Affirm has changed they way they do business.

- Wanna shop and pay later? No prob👌🏻

HIGHLY RECOMMEND Was kinda hesitant to try buttt glad I did!! This is basically a small loan or finance app if you wanna buy anything but aren't trying to blow all your money they finance it for you CREDIT DEPENDING. You will qualify for something which is better than nothing, they don’t leave any inquiries when checking your credit which is a PLUS. Probably the simplest app to barrow money on. I Use this app for car parts when I want to buy some but don’t wanna blow my money all at once. They will let you see how much you’re pre approved for and it isn’t a lie no gimmicks or hidden fees they show you what you pay or a late payment process. everything is there for you to see and you’ll even have the option to pay off complete balance and it’ll show you how much you’ll save in interest! Definitely Definitely recommend you can use this anywhere where they accept Affirm !!

- Horrible customer service and service in general

I used Affirm earlier this year apparently on a Shopify account. Had no problems what so ever. I then recently tried to make another purchase with affirm which was half the cost of my previous purchase. I was denied because I didn’t have an account, which is weird because I was able to before. So I contact customer support. I use the chat function twice with no help. I then call and the person has me delete my account so I can make a new one. I do this option and it still doesn’t work. I then call again, and the person tells me that someone will get back to me via email and no one does. I finally get an email saying I’m denied for my purchase because they can’t verify my identity. I’m using the exact same information as the first purchase I made. This app is a joke. I’m someone in their late twenties with really good credit. I’ve lived at the same address for years now. I will now start using other services like Afterpay. This is too much of a hassle and customer service is outsourced and has no idea what they’re doing half the time.

- Great loan program but has its risks

They are very persuasive and will harass you hundred calls a day and threaten you verbally. The app shows you the opportunity to pay up 2 times consecutively if so, who doesn’t have one month of hardship a least 1 time a year. These people will even block you the opportunity to apply again so where else for a 1 time late payment. I was late less then 30 days because they only take debit or bank account payments and I even paid the following months loan at the same time 2 payments upfront. I have great credit plus amazingly 100 % good standing payment history, and I’m still denied to access this program for another loan option elsewhere. Wish they where a little more considerate specially if I did not by pass to the second month of payment and paying both payment one less then 30 days and the next following one made it super early.

- Quick and easy

I hate having to dish out $300 upfront for a part for my car. Using this app and their services I can make quick and easy payments. Yes they do have interest fees but I’m all about doing payments instead of paying upfront a huge chunk of money. You can use their services anywhere that takes a card. Its amazing when you use their service and before you even pay a dime you get the part or item you wanted then you go and do what you want with it. Like right now my car needs a radiator $450 for radiator and hoses. Then I got me a timing belt and water pump kit (needed to be done at 100k it’s at 125k now so Better do it now) that was $276 so a total of $726 and got those parts in less than a week and I haven’t payed anything on it yet. Payments aren’t horrible at all. But all in all I really enjoy using this app it’s very easy and simple to use. 100% would recommend to a friend.

- If you just can’t wIt....Affirm!

I just happened onto Affirm and have been with them ever since...... if you want something now and you don’t have the lump sum for the purchase then try Affirm.... they have great rates and no penalty for early payoff, plus their customer service is very responsive... try it! I know you won’t be disappointed..... most companies accept Affirm and if it’s not listed as an option when you go to pay for something then before you do pay go into Affirm and see if you can get a gift card for that company and the amount you need and if they do business with that company and your approved you will get the virtual gift card immediately or not but you will know right away, no waiting. If you wind up not having to use the whole amount of the gift card they will credit that back before your first payment.... I can’t say enough good things about Affirm!! Thanks Affirm!

- Worst customer service

When I try to pay with affirm card the payment do not go through...Literally nobody cared of this issue..It’s been two weeks I have contacted them via Email...each time I get answers and advises which do not have any logical connection to my issue...I do called them several times they told we will solve, we will email you...they email with again general info which I don't need))) and they say if problem is still there call us ...I call they say we will email, and this process looks like endless ....I feel like truly no one cares. And I dropped the idea to use affirm... If their app does not have the store logo for which you wanna apply for card... they will process and give you card but you forget about of using it!!!! It will expire in 24h and you will not be able to activate it coz card will not work and your payment through that card will fail...And yes...they will send you million times email that you have to use it during 24h... despite the fact that you say them million times that you cant use it does not work ))))

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- Phil

Awesome service and credit access. Thank-you

- Works perfectly

Love this application easy to use

- Avoid affirm

Fun fact, affirm uses your credit card to start the loan, but refuses to accept credit card for additional payment! They don’t even tell you this before accepting the loan, unless you comb through the pages of fine print! Secondly, the app thinks canada uses zip codes so good luck entering your postal code in zip code format when the app won’t even give you the keyboard with letters! This company is a huge joke and you can see how they are already crumbling through these small but significant errors!

- Absolute travesty.

Because I live on a reservation my address isn’t recognized. Can’t even sign up because of my race? Lol okay.

- Just Amazing 🤩

So easy and professional 👏 this is my first experience with Affirm and I am really impressed by them 🤩👏

- Cant create account for me

So seems as I’m not eligible for the account…. 😂 I’ll take my business somewhere else ❤️

- Verification

The verification with pictures doesn’t work and they can’t help you even when calling the customer support

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Affirm: Buy now, pay over time 3.169.0 Screenshots & Images

Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone images
Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone images
Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone images
Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone images
Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone images
Affirm: Buy now, pay over time iphone images

Affirm: Buy now, pay over time (Version 3.169.0) Install & Download

The applications Affirm: Buy now, pay over time was published in the category Shopping on 2015-08-24 and was developed by Affirm, Inc. [Developer ID: 967040651]. This application file size is 122.62 MB. Affirm: Buy now, pay over time - Shopping app posted on 2023-01-23 current version is 3.169.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.affirm.recharge