Pancake – The Game

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Flip the pancake as many times as you can!
One-button-action at its finest.

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Throw the pancake!
Catch the pancake!
Throw the pancake!
Catch the pancake!
No seriously, that’s basically all you can do.

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+ small improvements

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- Pls add more

To start off great game but I see one "major" problem, I can only play a few minutes at a time, and I see a simple fix, add something more to stride for than just beating your high score; like visual effects each flip gets you one point which you could buy different things with and also add a leaderboard.

- Amazing, but with one problem

This game is really fun. Frustrating, but fun. I have come to love it. I really have I’ve had it for several months, and I still play it multiple times a day. My only problem is with the latest update came an ad at the bottom and it won’t go away. The ad is IN THE GAMES’ PROGRAMMING. I got the game that it is advertising too. That’s a good game also. But please developers, I know you have to advertise your stuff, but can you remove that. Or make it smaller. Or not a gif. Any of those would work. But please do something about it. It’s distracting. Thanks for reading.

- Who needs Flappy Bird? A+ for Pancakes!!

I was a silent Apple user, on a perilous quest to find the most frustrating, yet enchanting games. When I found Flappy Bird several years ago, I thought I had found my mortal enemy... but alas, they vanished from the AppStore, never to be seen again. I have searched for what seems like decades after, trying to find a worthy opponent... and finally, I have found it. Pancakes is a charming, yet simple game, that is just as frustrating as the classic Flappy Bird. The concept is easy enough: flipping a pancake and catching it on a pan. But the unique controls and difficult physics of the game make this app ADDICTIVE, and will leave you craving for more. Some users are complaining that the game could be less boring, but I find the minimalistic style refreshing. The only complaint I have is where I can see the Game Center icon, but can't access it. I'd love for this to be fixed! Overall, amazing game!!!

- Amazing.

I don’t usually write reviews, but I loved this game so much that I had to. Personally, I’m a big fan of simple mobile games, and this one takes the cake. It’s simple, but the game shakes it up, figuratively and literally, with the different types of pans and pancakes you can unlock. The game does have ads, but they don’t pop up, unlike most other mobile games. They just simply scroll by quietly on the bottom of the screen. It’s not bothersome in the slightest. It’s overall a great game.

- I Would Give My Life For This

I was your everyday U.S citizen. Becoming a slave to my work and my studies in able to put food on my table. Then I found this game, simple as something you so every morning, flipping a pancake. I became attached to this concept. I stopped going to work, I stopped caring for my family, I just wanted to play pancake. I’ve now been kicked out of my house and I sit homeless outside a McDonald’s using their outlets to charge my phone so I can play, pancake.

- Tears of Joy

The graphics of this game are spectacular, I have never seen such realism. The blank white kitchen reminded me that no one has hope in this world. But the arm, the floating arm, tells us that anyone can have hope, which is the beautifully delicious blueberry pancake. This game reminded me of all the hardships I had to face, and got me through them in my time of need. This game gives me a reason to keep going, those blueberries won’t eat themselves. 10/10 IGN

- Amazing but the reward system is bugged

This game is great addictive and competitive with friend but the reward system is a little bugged, if you want to have a certain pancake and arm combination you have to either have an odd number of arms or pancakes and most of the time that can't happen. Also I recently got to 75 and it says that I got a new pancake but all I see are the regular chocolate chips,slime, blu berry, and regular pancakes. Help would be much appreciated!

- Simple and clean

Love this game. It’s so simple - perfect to play when you want to pass time. I actually like the illustration and design, but I do wish it was easier to toggle between the arm/pancake types. Oh and I LOVE that there aren’t annoying video ads that interrupt whatever I’m listening to on my phone. Major kudos to the owner for that.

- Best and most rewarding app in existence

Over the past three years I have removed all but one game from my iPhone. I just stopped using my phone for games. But I have yet to remove this gem. Seriously it’s amazing. I’ve been working on it for years, but just the other day I got to 100 and I felt like I won the lottery. 5/5

- Fun

Simple. Fun. Slightly addicting. Just confused about the shake and why the arm is buff one day, then skinny the next. Seems like there could be a story to create behind it. Or the ability to craft pancakes. Flip a certain number of times with particular ingredients to unlock other ingredients. There's good potential here for growth.

- Simple, and fun

This game is very entertaining. I could play it for hours. It is very simple and easy to play. It takes strategy to get a high score. Mine is 22, I have been playing for a while and the only thing I'm confused about is the shaking feature otherwise it is a great game.

- Amazing Addictive Game

This is an amazing game that is simple and fun, I play it all of the time (mostly on the bus) there are pretty much no adds and u are able to try and beat your friends high score. I believe that this game should get more attention and be played a lot more.

- Great Game!!!!

Now, I play the burger version, but this one is just as good as the other one. I was reading another review, and I heard of this game. And I love pancakes, so I thought let's try this out. And I am glad I did. This game is truly a really fun game! Don't forget to try the burger version!

- Ok but sound

I like the game a lot - lots of fun, but I often like to play games while listening to music. With this game, there’s a snare drums whenever you get a flip and I wish there were an option to turn the sound off and on. That’s all.

- Game of the year

A sizzle sound effect would make more sense than the drum sound effect when the pancake flips onto the skillet but nonetheless wonderful game. One small detail I just noticed, the pancake gets darker as you flip it. Genius! These developers deserve awards. Serious awards like Nobel prizes

- Great potential, poor execution

The idea for this game is great and the base mechanics are fantastic, but a few tweaks could change this from a mediocre game to a great game. "Shake to shuffle" is an awful system, the menu in Burger is a much better idea. Burger and Pancake should be two different modes of the same game. The elephant arm and other Pancake options are great, but the game does not work without a menu.

- Do this game some justice

Hello so the thing is that they say you can’t pass four well don’t listen to them because I am on LEVEL 6 so do this game some justice and get it because it is so cool and fun and addictive and challenging without that part it would not be so cool so PLEASE DO THIS GAME SOME JUSTICE

- Awesome Game

I love this game! I had it once upon a time, but ran out of space. Now that i have it again, i love it! Some things you could add are game music, and shows you how many flips you need to get the next shuffle item.

- Really fun game!!

I really like how this game is really simple but still fun. But there are are a lot of things that can be added, like earning coins and unlocking new pancake flavors. I think that would make the game more interesting.

- Need to Add

Great game. I play this all the time which is why I think there should be a total flip count. Because I've probably flipped a pancake a few thousand times. I would like to see how many total flips I have.

- Addicting

Highly addicting, someone showed me this game at marching band the other day and now I have a score of 51, I wish there was a menu though that allowed you to chose your arm and pancake rather than shaking to shuffle

- Pretty good

This game is pretty good, but there are a couple issues. If I unlock a man arm or pancake, 9/10 I don't get the arm. Also, I used to have a green pancake(also please make the pancakes a little more sense) but now it is gone. Please help! But over all, I'm really satisfied with this game!

- Pancakes

I love this game it’s way to addictive and fun. I recommend this game. The only problem is I can’t play this game for more than 5 minutes without it just kicking me out. Same with the game bacon.

- Best game ever

This game is so good. It's very addictive. I spent long minutes playing it. It never gets boring. I suggest that they keep it this way. This is an awesome game. This game is better than the fallout franchise and the Grand Theft Auto franchise combined. This game is mind boggling.

- LunaTehLlama

I would say this game is my favorite, but what it needs is that there needs to be a mode where you can flip more foods and be able to have more arms and toppings. In the future it would be AMAZING if this game could be 3-D. You should be able to earn coins and get upgrades. Thank you

- Pancakes should be less blocky

The pancakes in this game don't look like pancakes with their square edges. I think this game would be a lot better if the creators rounded out the edges of the pancake like a real pancake. Creators please do this. It would make the game a more pleasurable experience.

- My opinion about the game ( report )

I was playing the game then all of a sudden the game just glitched. By that I mean it went really slow and wouldn’t speed up. I’m just reporting a few bugs that’s all I love the game though. It’s pretty addictive but it doesn’t drift me away from my focus.

- Addictingly Amazing!

I just got this app yesterday, but I am already getting very addicted. Who knew something so simple could be my way to pass time, all the time. So frustrating when the pancake falls off at like 60. Great app!👏

- Meh...

Ok this game is fun at the beginning but then it gets boring. I got up to 22 and now I can't even pass one because the laggy game! It will lag while it's in the air then show an add like what?! So if you can fix that and out less adds then I could give this game a higher rate?

- Makes me want food

I really like it it makes me want pancakes i just don't understand why your person gets scronny than he gets strong🤔oh well the game rocks👍

- Fun but could be better

They should add a replay button and make a menu so you can change your pancake and arm there rather than shaking the screen. Other than that this game is really fun!

- Shake to shuffle

I understand now U shake your device to Change the pancake ohhhhhh now life makes sense + this game is the most amazing and addictive I have ever played can't stop flipping!

- It's a great game really!

It really is a fun addicting game, but this is the second time now that it's said "new pancake shake to unlock" and I do, but there's never a new pancake or arm... Is you could fix this that'll be so great!

- Awesome

I like my ads medium rare with no bottom ads! But enough of food concepts... this game is amazing! No improvements needed! (Just get rid of bottom ads)

- Great, but needs support

I love this app and got a group of my friends into it. But my app is doing this weird slow motion type deal and it's really hard to play now. Even after deleting and redownloading it did nothing. Please fix

- My go to time waster

I love this game, but the ads seem to slow the game down. I’d gladly pay 10 bucks to get an ad free version

- you. Your other games. Amazing.

this is my #1 boredom killer. Legit all I do when I’m bored or I have no internet? time to play this. I love these games.. keep going!! 😩

- Don't get this

This game is designed for you to waist your time. But, if you like making virtual food that you can't eat and spending countless hours of your time flipping a pancake and making yourself look like you have no life and waisting the time that God gave you to do something productive, then go right ahead. But, I don't recommend this.

- Great at first but...

This game is great and refreshing at first but as you keep playing you realize how much potential this game could have had, and get bored of it quickly. If there were things like customizable pancakes, than this game would be much better.

- Great Game, but

This is a really fun game and has no ads, however switching to different pancakes and arms can be a bit tricky. I'm addicted to this game and would recommend this to anyone.

- 10/10

I’ve played this game for several years and it’s my go to. Thank you pancake

- This game

This game is very fun I think everyone should try it but then again that’s just my opinion 😊

- Helped me achieve my fitness goals

I use to eat too many pancakes because I loved the thrill of flipping them in the air.

- Lol its kind of hard

I cant believe its hard to flip a pancake xD but my best for about 12 trys was 2... now i have 7 after 20 minutes of playing....

- No more ads

There very annoying and I want them out of the game

- Cool

I see why someone would get addicted to this. Its not my type of game but still 5 stars. I'm just tired

- Don't change anything

Love the simplicity of the game. Don't add any unnecessary details and keep it the way it is :)

- Wonderful

I love this simple game but the pancake is green? I would at least like to know the explanation behind this development

- :)

You had me, when i read the description 😂 oh my, that is funny 😁

- Glitches

Lately I will go on a run of flips and ads at the bottom will change and lag the game and make the bounce or flip off by a little bit. I used to love the game but now that I can’t flip it without lagging is annoying.

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- Anxiety Game: Resolved

Best game for anxiety, calms nerves, is a little stupid but fun as hell ! Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I would be interested in more pancake styles, red velvet, strawberry, banana, ect !

- perfect

there needs to be more stupid stuff like this on the App Store. 10/10 would pancake again.

- Not exactly a review just a tip......

I haven’t got the app but it PROBABLY doesn’t need internet so just disconnect from the internet problem solved

- Ad banter

My Friends and were enjoying some puncakes and an ad blocked the WHOLE SCREEN when I got to 87


this is the best game you will ever play


this game is pointless and boring. All you do is flip a pancake that usually doesn’t land. I don’t understand why anybody would ever consider liking this game.

- Ad banner needs to go

Such a distraction and if you accidentally hit it your game goes in slow motion. I get that you gain commission every time someone follows the link but it's terribly annoying!

- Really Intense...😬 !

Played this for a few minutes and I would suggest everyone to play it because it's really intense but there should be something where I can buy to get rid of the ads.

- Get on my level.

I played this for 5 minutes after downloading it and I'm on 114... Legit. Square up everyone.

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- So I just scored 11

Just saying

- Could use some fine tuning

Great game but the ads create lag spikes which can make it hard to play, I don't want to have to turn on airplane mode every time I play.

- ugh

this game never works or me. ik it’s challenging but i’m always stuck on 5 and the pancake would always fall off or fly to the side!!

- Perfect mix of simplicity and difficulty

I love how challenging the game is! Yet it is just so simple! Great way to pass time and there are no annoying extras that tend to ruin games like this.

- All of the 5stars reviews are bots

Its not well made, you cant get passed 4

- Just saying

(im black btw)

- Just scored 26

Just saying

- I’m just saying...

I got a 17 😯👍😄🥰

- I currently have a high score of 71. Beat that.

Pretty simple game.

- I got a 15 soooo.....


- Good but......

Trop de publicités

- Pancake


- Fun

It's a great game and really fun also kind of pointless just the way I like it!!👍✌

- Fun!

This game is just one of those simple games. Not those long complicated ones! I love this game, and it keeps you busy!!😁

- great!

a fun, short, simple and free game. just the way it should be!

- I’m pancake


- AmaZing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I zLove this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Awesome

Turn this game into a real game with a menu and a customizations screen. And a get rid of ads option! (Maybe more unlockables too) (:

- ..

Really dumb but entertaining

- New Update

They should make a new update because my friends and I have been getting a lot of glitches when we play and it stopped my from getting a new high score. It froze and it make the app completely freeze so I pressed on the screen multiple times and then it made the app go to the "retry" page (AKA home page)

- Ark you dont put blueberry on the pancake

Please put a LOTS of blueberrys on the pancake i will put you 5 star if you do that

- Needs addition

Good game and all but plz add some more stuff so it doesn't get so boring. More unlockables but not too much because you don't want the game laggy. Menu or slots that allow you to choose witch unlockable you want to use. The shuffle is too hard to work with. Make the unlockables have their own special perks like the strong arm will flip the pancake higher and the weak arm will flip weaker. I think that will make it more fun and will get you 5 stars. But that's my opinion. Keep up the good work! 😉

- Pancake

Great game. I very much like the characters and toppings. Please allow users to listen to music in the next update. 👍👍👀

- Remove ads!!!!

Fun game but every time I'm playing an ad comes up and then game gets slow and then crashes please remove ads

- This Game is Amazing!

You might think it's a bit hard at first but don't get discouraged! (If you find yourself not being able to pass 4 here's a hint: Instead of clicking and flicking, hold down the pan so it's tilted towards your arm so that the pancake will slide back when it falls on the pan, otherwise it gets too close to the far edge and it becomes physically impossible to flick it in a manner that allows it to land on the pan again!) Just got the game, my PB is 18 not stopping soon!

- Pretty good

My high score is 41 at first it is pretty hard but once you get the hang of it you can play it like a boss. The best thing about is that there are no ads in the middle of playing this epic and awesome game😸

- 😍😍😍😍😍


- Amazing!

This game is awesome! I love passing time with it, it's hard at first but don't give up!! Although I'd love to perhaps have a menu with the unlockables just to know what number I unlock them at and what item il be unlocking.

- Good game but need more stuff

This is a good game but my best score is : 119 and I cant get other arm or upgrades.. At 60 you win the last upgrade ; elephant arm.. Please create more upgrades and put some coins to win.. With those coins we can buy thing like super no gravity pankake or things like this, this app is good but need some upgrades.. Please read the comment and add what people want in the game, thank you :)

- The unlockables

Just shake the screen to get a new arm and a blueberry pancake I just hit 30 flips and got a robot arm!

- There is unlockables!!!

Don't listen to people saying there's no unlockables, they just haven't gotten a high enough score! My high score is 20, and I have buff and skinny arm, and blueberry or plain pancake.

- Great Game!

Well made game! For those who say they cant find unlockables, you need to get a curtain number of score, then u unlock a pancake. Keep up the updates! ;)

- Yeah.. Pretty stupid

For one, you can't even move towards the pancake to even flip it. And two if anything you can only flip it in one spot 5 times. Most stupid game I've probably ever played 😂

- Unlockables

LOVE THIS GAME. love the unlockables, their such a fun surprise when u pass the "ten point marks"!! Some had to be dine and some are just so weird and fun! Unlockables so far: 10: skinny arm 20: blueberry pancake 30: robot scooper arm 40: chocolat chip pancakes 50: (working on it...)

- Cool game

High score of 10: skinny arm High score of 20: blueberry pancake I'm still trying to get to 30 but when I do I'll say what you unlock

- New update idea

Make that the pancake can actually break .

- Pancake 💛

I love this game so much !!

- Unlockables?

The game creator said he added collectables to the game, but I couldn't seem to find them. Please give us a hint how to find them

- Great Game!

I love this game! And to all the haters you can get a grasp of this game, it's all about when to drop the pan and how Lon to hold it. I've went from a 3 high score to a 39! And the unlockables are high level. New arms and pancakes, get your first new arm at 30.

- Pancake

This app is a game that gets on your nerves. Yup, its those kind of games that makes you whack your device. It is a game that is really addicting and challenging.

- Pancake game

Very funny and addictive but it will be perfect if we can see replay and unlockable


First off this is a really awesome game! Second to all the people saying there are no unlockables, THERE ARE! You just have to get a score that's higher than 4 lol. I have a HS of 49 and I've unlocked blueberry pancakes and a robot arm

- Music

Make it so you can listen to music and play pancake.

- Strangely addictive

High score of 48 right now. Wasn't easy. It took longer than I'd like to admit.

- Amazing

Best game ever

- Horrible Update

Would be better if the adds were not added causing the game to lag...

- :3

Love it! My high score is 24 and I can't beat it XD lol you should some more stuff, like prizes and coins. Buy new pans and pancakes :D rainbow pancakes!!!

- great game

pancake and 2048 are my two favorite games. pancake would be better if it had settings and a menu

- Simple, fun, but not enough control

Honestly I love games like this that are simple and fun, but I find that this one is all about timing and luck; would it be possible to add a "tilt" dimension as well, using the accelerometers in the phone to slide the pancake on the pan side to side by tilting the phone? That might make it a bit more dynamic...

- Unlockables?

I love the game but you said you added unlockables. I can't seem to find them...

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- Blue dots

In the beginning my pancake was normal but when it was in the air for to long it got these blueberrys on it why tho they won’t go away

- It's good but 😕

I love it it's cute, but there isn't much to it. I think you should be able to unlock stuff. Stuff like for the pancake, pan, and background. You know, stuff like that to make it interesting.

- Kinda basic

There is really nothing to it you just flip a pancake you should be able to unlock something

- Simple, Challenging Fun

This may be harder than flipping pancakes in real life. It leaves less mess though.

- Pointless

Tap to watch a block-"pancake" fly into the sky. I spent 15 minutes trying different taps and methods of catching and adjusting the pancake on the pan. Nothing was consistent. There was no "help" or "tips" menu, or any other options than to tap and fail. If you like random frustration, enjoy. I deleted the app.

- Not As I Expected...

3 Stars. 2 is because the game worked well and it’s not laggy or anything. 1 is because it’s complicated— especially for the first round. 😕

- Wow

This is the best game ever. Played it for two hours. Actually that's sad but seriously if your this

- Ok

Am I not playing this right or something this game takes no skill all you do is press the screen you can't even move the pan or the arm there's no control over the pancake 2 stars because it looks nice.


I love the whole look if the game! I like how you can get upgrades and stuff like that. It's a pretty epic app!


I saw my friend playing this game and I downloaded, great choice, my high score is 36, can u beat it ? Write kart in a review

- Ads galore

Just playing this game normally, flipping pancakes, bounces you out of the app random apps in the App Store. I wasn’t tapping on the bottom of the screen where the ads are, and even so, it was bouncing me out to the store every few seconds. Garbage.

- The only thing more addictive is heroin

Crazy addicting

- Great game

I downloaded this app yesterday and I already have 103. It's so addicting!!

- But ads

Great game, but ads? Ads look so tacky. No ads in-app-purchase pronto please.

- God

better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

- Make more games

Make more food flip games like burger.

- Confused

I found this game from the Bacon Game. I loved the Bacon game, but I’m not a huge fan of this one. I can’t get past 7. I want to see high scores, daily high scores, that sort of thing.

- Lol

This game is really fun;) kinda pointless but really fun.

- Life

This game will make you 'flip' out. Strangely addicting. Why am I still playing it. Love it. I would rather have real pancakes but this will suffice. Download it. Seriously. It's worth it.

- the worst game i have ever played or seen. seriously.

this game is one of the most frustrating things i have ever played. its impossible. worse than flappy bird. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME unless you want to SNAP YOUR PHONE IN HALF WITH RAGE.

- Amazing but

Please ad more types of pancakes in the game

- Ads Reduce FPS

Every time I play this game on iPad an ad will appear. It turns my game slow motion, making the game impossible to play unless I turn on airplane mode. Very disappointed.

- Kart

Great addicting game, high scores 83 can you beat it?💪🏻

- I gave the 500th rating

Give me free stuff

- Why??

It's only bad because you made my muscle short and my pancake full of ugly dots fix it it's bad Please

- Ads

The ads slow down the game until it is unplayable.

- Awsome

Addicting fun and dosent take any space love it 👍🏼

- I don't know

All I can get is 2 or 4, I tried everything to ya know change it up, and nothing worked

- Just one tweek

Why is the pancake green

- What A Waste of Space

this game is garbage just like the mold animations that appear on the pancake, the man's hand is inverted and his muscles are fake. would not recommend trash game from trash company.


I got 94!!!!! I Love Pecan Pancakes from Dennys lol Also my pancakes arm is now a black elephant

- iPhone X support?

iPhone X support please.

- So so...

Exemplary game. Quite entertaining and innovative. I have never played a game that has made me ponder how the complications of the stacking of pancakes can partake on my mind.

- Awesome

I came here from Matthias

- I don't get the positive feedback

This game is not good its as simple as that. The mechanics are just awful but with decent graphics.


MY best record on this game is two and I’ve had this game for a week and it’s really boring wonder how it got such a good rating…

- Stupid Game

It’s a very stupid game.

- Ridiculous!

I can't even get past 4 freaking jumps! Do not get this app! It's a waste of time!😡

- ?

There needs to be a strawberry pancake, and a chocolate chip one!

- Simple and fun

Simple and fun

- Infuriating

Yet so addicting.

- Fantastic

Pure art of a game

- Best Game Ever!

You must get this game!

- Very Boring. Game play doesn’t make sense.

Controls are lousy, gameplay is dull.

- Bad

The physics aren't great with this one. I recommend burger the game over this for sure.

- On the Just Desserts tab, not a dessert

A pancake is not a dessert.

- Pancake

Add more pancakes I’m hungry

- 🥞

Best flipping game I ever played.

- Bad

Worst game ever you can't get past 4 It just falls off the pan

- ,,,,,😀

This game is lit. Me hector me boi love it. More Mona Lisa

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Sheena 🥞

My biggest hope for the next Pokémon game is that they don't introduce a flashy new battle gimmick and just work on refining Dynamax. Dynamax was effective at combining Mega Evolutions with Z-moves so battles didn't get too complex from new gimmicks being added every generation.

Pancake Dog 1313 #BlackLivesMatter

Any game that lets you "kill" the last boss on a cutscene is a bad game


@moorrkk ouch too bad no one agrees with this statement. not even my shoes, not even the pancake i had, not even the socks under your bed, not even my video game, not even the chair i sat on

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Pancake – The Game iphone images
Pancake – The Game iphone images
Pancake – The Game iphone images

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The applications Pancake – The Game was published in the category Games on 2015-02-17 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 53.77 MB. Pancake – The Game - Games app posted on 2018-05-24 current version is 1.21 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.kamibox.pancake

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