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LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

LogoScopic is a powerful logo design studio that will help you visualize and communicate the value and reason behind your brand without the need of prior design experience. LogoScopic’s comprehensive resources are powered with a set of advanced editing tools and a seamless workflow that makes designing a logo a piece of butterscotch walnut cake.


• Easily recolor and customize logos
• Combine multiple designs


• Iconic
• Modern
• Watercolor
• Lettermark
• Sports
• Geometric
• Wordmark
• Industry-specific
• Lifestyle-specific

— 200+ FONTS

• A wide range of superior branding fonts in 9 families: Sans Serif, Serif, Signature, Brush, Script, Display, Light, Fancy, Modern


• Smart Layering
• Fill & stroke coloring
• Solid & Gradient coloring
• Type kerning & leading
• Alignment
• Opacity
• Grid snapping


• Images: Choose from a growing library of over 1 Million images or use your own
• Custom Colors: Solid Colors, Gradients


• Design unlimited logos and save them for future tweaks or various media exports


• HD Exports for digital and print uses
• Export isolated logos
• Export for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube, Etsy, Creative Market, Envato, Ebay, Amazon

We’re extremely excited to announce LogoScopic Studio Premium

• Unlock all Logos
• Unlock all Fonts
• Unlock all editing Tools
• Unlimited active projects
• Export with Custom specs
LogoScopic Studio Premium is offered as a $39.99 annual subscription. We currently offer a 50% discount on the first year, so get LogoScopic Studio premium for $19.99!

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy policy http://www.roadrocks.com/privacy-policy/

Terms and conditions http://www.roadrocks.com/terms/

Have questions, suggestions or feedback? We love to hear from you! Reach out to us at RoadRocks.com or shoot us an email at contact@roadrocks.com

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LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

With a huge new library of superior iconic logos designed by branding professionals, LogoScopic Studio 4.0 is a Fresh leap forward for the App Store's original Logo Maker.

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker Comments & Reviews

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- Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a logo I did this for free!!

I am absolutely thrilled at this app I've made five or six logos in the last hour! I have literally been putting off launching my website because I'm waiting for a designer to get back the perfect logo to me, I'm not a very creative person so it's hard for me to explain what I want or what I see in my head so I decided to download this and just use it to give them an idea of what I wanted and now it turns out that I don't need their services anymore. I feel bad so I'm still going to let them keep the deposit but rather than go back-and-forth with them I'm going to call it a day and, I'm done!

- Good app. Considering, it being free.

"You get what you pay for" Considering it's free, you get a lot. The full version looks as though it will provide you with endless options and cost you countless hours pursing the perfect logo. However, the free version is quite adequate at basic needs. Pretty simple to understand and use. You don't have to be an art/graphic major to comprehend the functionality of the app. I had an offer to receive "40 free logos" in exchange for a rating. I figured "why the heck not?" Taking everything into account I give 4 stars... Of course having tons of websites and apps available that offer many more fonts, graphics, all around options for free that this same app does not I cannot give full 5 star. Perhaps, it's the Internet generation sense of entitlement, in me, being biased.

- Pretty good... Though not perfect.

This is a tremendously useful app for anyone who wants a professional look without having to know graphic designing in real life. However, that being said I would really like to have more options to pick from because you only have about 20+ designs to pick from in the free version. I don't think I would pay $5.00 to get something that wouldn't work as good as any software you can download. If you really want to make money it would probably be better to lower the price and get more customers than keep the price high and have a few customers. However, for a free mobile app that you need no background in designing to work this is still great. Lower the price and include more designs, and I bet you will get a lot more reviews.

- Real Estate Professionals

After a lot of research, we have found that this app stands alone. My other professional background is in IP, licensing, expert testimony, licensing, branding, co-branding, and brand evaluation etc. I must give this company major kudos on their willingness to freely share designs with the consumer, without any kind of caveat the consumer needs to be wary of. This company is wonderful alternative for those looking to create their own brand. Their designs are sleek and on-point! Extremely user friendly.

- Looking great so far

Not quite free. So far it's looking really good. I haven't started creating my logo yet, though. I have an idea in mind but needed app that is easy to manipulate to make the details as I want. So far I don't see any frames like I want, but I see some things I do like. I am disappointed that there is a in app purchase to get most of the logos. Understandable, really. But with the reviews saying Free, free, free; I was surprised & disappointed. Yes, my business & logo are certainly worth the investment, but I already spent $3.99 for a set of 4 apps I thought would be perfect. They have frames like I want, but I can't change the frame or font size. The font I like doesn't fit in the frame I like. So I wanted to play with this app a bit first. Anyway, once inside the app, it would be great if the free ones were grouped together or tagged so you know what is free before clicking it. Thanks for reading my rant, I don't usually have much to say about apps aside from like or dislike. This one got my attention :-) Lisa

- Cool App

Overall, this free app can be an esential tool for those in need of a quick logo. However I wish it had the capability to copy and paste to add/subtract elements from any of featured icon(s), and of course more font options in addition to the standard 2 fonts initially included in the app. I personally would've liked to play around with more of the app's features beyond the standard issue services but I just couldn't justify spending $4.99 for an app I wasn't sure was going to be useful in the long run. Although personal user exprience was ultimately lacking, it's still a worthwhile app on which to explore creativity.


I recently started a business and wanted I make a logo. I immediately went to the App Store to see if there was an app for making my own logo, the first thing that showed up was an app that costed $4.99. I was thinking about buying it, consider the reviews were 5 stars, but I closed out and kept searching. I stumbled upon this app and looked at the reviews, the reviews were also 5 stars, and the only difference was this app was free. I saved $5 for the same app.

- Very user friendly, with lots of features.

As a new user, I've found the app extremely easy to navigate. I love the high quality of all the graphics and images that are offered. I also appreciate the multitude of ways the user is allowed to edit and customize the selections to create a truly unique finished product that has all the resolution of a professionally designed custom made finished product.

- Good app for making logos

This app is easy to use and has a lot of nice designs to choose from. The only problem I've found is that there are very few designs you get for free, and there is no way to sort what is free from what is paid. You have to click on the design and then say "no" when it asks you to buy it in order to find out if it's free or not. There are a few opportunities in the app to unlock paid designs for free. So my only suggestion would be to add a way to sort by free versus paid designs.

- I need more choices!

This game is great don’t get me wrong but you have to pay for a lot of it. I don’t want to wast so much money into a game! It’s like over 20 dollars 💵 to unlock all of the logos and you only get a small amount to use if you don’t want to pay for it! I think if you had more logo options it would make the game so much better and more people buy it if you made more logos that you don’t have to pay for or lower the prices. It is a good game though so any one who wants a logo maker please get because otherwise the game is free to down load!

- Quick and easy to learn how to use.

This is a very efficient app. I needed to come up with a logo fast. I have no background in graphics so this was all new to me. I downloaded quite a few apps at once. This was the most user friendly. I was able to create a beautiful logo in seconds without any frustration (unlike the other apps). Picking a background was easy. Choosing a font was easy. A pleasure to use.

- Intuitive and easy to use

Obviously you'll have to buy the whole thing but as a small business owner, this simple tool is helping us quickly create logos for our product lines. We don't have a big graphics budget and this definitely makes things easy. We are actually have a competition to encourage our employees to come up with logos using this app.

- Not bad.

More features than some of the free logo making websites... Basically this version lets you see what the app does but if you want variety (all of the graphics and fonts), you have to pay for the full version. The graphics are pretty generic, as are the text styling features (fonts aren't bad though), but it's not too bad. Very abstract graphics, not cheesy clip art. Not sure if I'll use this for my logo needs, but it's worth the download to check it out.

- So far so good!

I'm happy with what I'm getting from this app, a clean, pretty and professional logo for my brand. The free version does have limited options but, your getting a logo. Something that you'd pay a graphic artist a whole lot of money to do. This is a great DIY option. I've already "designed" and emailed my first logo. I plan to do two more and pick the one I like the best. Download and try it out. I recommend. CHEERS!!

- Owner

Really this app is functional for what it is. Only draw back I have noticed is that the developers should shade out the logo images that are not "free" to help the user from wasting a lot of his or her time in the app. I mean after all this app is for current or potential business owners whom already have limited time as it is. I give 5-stars because the functionality is there.

- A Tad Restrictive

Basically free, but still trying to upsell like most apps in the App Store. You know the drill. The interface is cool, and for most people it'll be more than enough to make a logo they'll be happy with. I use illustrator and stuff like that usually, but thought I'd download this if I needed to make something simple on the go. One of the best things is the interface just looks really nice (so you know it's a design app by design people). Also, the colors are great.

- Generous and Professional app

I've made my own logos on websites where, in order to get the high-resolution file you have to pay over twice the price of this app - the paid version. Check out the free version of this app for yourself. This is quality at your fingertips. You'll make a satisfying logo in no time flat. And I'm going ahead and buying...great price and darn fun to work with.

- Not bad

This is a pretty decent app! Definitely useful and easy to get around, I really enjoy using this app especially considering that I have no background whatsoever with digital designing or anything of the sort. Keeps things simple and clear to work with. I'm also pretty pleased with the number of different logo designs available and all of the changeable features on each logo you create. Good stuff, overall!

- Crashing every app

I am very frustrated with this app on the iPhone. It crashes my photos app if I scroll through my saved logos. It crashes my Mail app if I try to save them to my photo album. I can't go back and edit a logo after saving it. As soon as I re-save it, the app crashes again. I've had to remake the same logo multiple times, and I can't even send them. The format they save in causes the background to be black half the time. Really disappointed overall. And adding some more plant life or trees would be helpful. I'll be happy to edit this review if these issues are resolved.

- I'm definitely not disappointed...

I expected everything to be really generic and/or tough to navigate. I was wrong. Beautiful design, excellent tutorial and amazing free templates. The paid version is worth the extra few bucks, though. I've made three logos, already. Professional grade and simple enough to make. Excellent download for the spelt starting entrepreneur.

- Great Logo App!!

If you don't have an idea for you business logo or if you need some inspiration this is definitely the app for you! Professionals will charge you for their time and there's still no guarantee that you'll get what you looking for. With this app YOU become the professional and it's super easy to upload your finished product.

- amazingly easy to use and professional looking

I was able to create a professional log for my new business in les then 5 minutes. I have wasted lots of time with other so called free logo makers and could not checked anything comparable to what i have done in 5 minutes with this app.

- Great App for free!

This app is a quick easy way to make logo's. It's very straight forward and has many graphics to choose from. I did not rate this app five stars b/c I was hoping I could superimpose graphics on top of each other. This app, as far as I can see, does not offer the option to lay graphics on top or near other graphics. Other than that one set back it is still a great easy app to use!

- So many choices, but still....

This app has an extensive amount of "logos" to choose from, or so it seems. I paid for the upgrade, and I've noticed that several of the same logos are in more than 1 category. Also, there are too many choices of the same "type" of logo, like stars and birds. Overall, I think it's a pretty user-friendly app for basic needs.

- Quality Logos, just not the one I am looking for

While yes, many reviews seem fake (and they probably are) I must say that for some, this app may be right for you. I saw this recommended on a site and thought it could work, it did... but not the way I wished. If you are looking for a simple logo, this is for you. However, many logos are locked (probably one you want), so if you are really willing, a small price will be required.

- Interesting App with Lots of Potential

At first use, the app was easy to navigate and very appealing. I was, however, a tad disappointed to learn that the majority of the advertised "free" features had to be unlocked by purchasing the full version. I hope in the future the developers provide a bit more for app users to work with to get a better understanding of the entirety of the app's potential. Otherwise, this is a pretty good free app to try out.

- Great App

If you are in a pinch to come up with a logo FAST, give these guys your business! You can literally come up with a FREE logo in seconds. LEGIT and very good quality. They have a pay version which isn't necessary but now that I've tried their FREE version with success, I'll definitely give their pay version a look-see when I need to!

- Awesome!

I downloaded this app just to play around w/making a logo for my business and ended up creating magic in minutes! The free logo pictures were good enough for me, but there are plenty of cool categorized logos for sale. Good range of creative space for the user too for being free. This app is definitely worth the download!!

- A Wonderful App!

This app has been amazing, and I’ve only been using it for a few hours. I’ve already managed to create a beautiful logo for my website after spending almost a month trying to come up with something. I love this app, and I will be buying the full version soon!

- Very well designed and easy to use

I travel a lot and have tried dozens of logo designer apps for my iPhone (mostly paid apps). With this app I’ve found it to have the most functionality and ease of use compared to all the others. Very nice job to the design and development team! Best of all no errors.

- Great app, needs work

This app is awesome. you can make plenty of logos the way you want to make it. plenty of options and choices. although it does have some flaws. it gets a bit confusing when your using the app due to the vague catagories and i'm just like "what does this mean" and "what does that mean."

- Very cool

Surprised! Though very limited, this app is pretty neat for a free logo maker. The colors are awesome, and though you get what you pay for, I was able to make a few that I really liked and export them tho my camera roll in less than a few minutes. Go for it. I did not encounter one bug. I think I just might get the whole thing soon. It's definitely worth it. ❤️

- Stunningly Beautiful App!

This app is so visually pleasing. I have been creating logos for everything around me just so I can get another hit of this sweet,sweet eye candy. My dog has a logo now. The toast I had for breakfast has a logo. As soon as I am done typing this review I'm gonna open up the app and create a logo for it. You need this app or your will get eye cancer.

- Free version pretty useless

There are tons of options in this app... if you pay for the full version. The free version probably has about 25 design options and 4 font options. Also it doesn't seem like there is a way to alter the designs or create your own or start with a blank template and just use lettering. If you want mire than just a piece of clipart for your logo you might want to go a different direction.

- Exactly what I've been looking for!

I don't take time to write reviews often, but this app is extraordinary and well worth my extra effort. If you're designing anything, this app is beautiful, great interface, simple to edit and share. I tested a few of the free designs and loved the app so much I didn't even blink at the $5 fee. Well done!

- Amazing

When I first used this app I was quite skeptical, only because of the numerous failed attempts of other logo apps, but this one proved me wrong. This app allows me to expand my creativity, with also giving me polish finished looks! I would recommend this app to any user that is looking for great quality logos.

- Okay, free is good

Free is good. Nice interface. Slick features. You'll need to let a few buck go to really use it though. Oh, and if you're a professional who already subscribes to Adobe stock - you will have seen most of the icons and artwork. Is it worth it? Well that same subscription costs me well over 30 a month for 10 images. So, yes, this is a grand deal. A few bucks and many of the same designs are at my finger tips.

- Awesome app! Only one problem though...

I love this app it's fun and easy too use. Everything is clean and simple! Only one problem though... they limit the stuff you can use. I don't want to spend $5.00 on an app that I might not have for a long time. Other than that it's a great app! I do consider getting it if you want to start a company, or just have fun!

- Ok app

This app is ok, not great, but ok. The paid app might be better but this one is easy enough to use and has some good qualities. The colors of the logos are a bit garish for me, I would like to alter them, myself and maybe I Can in the paid version, but I don't feel like paying and then finding out it won't change any colors of anything, except the text.

- Wow I'm impressed

Shortly after the download I was waiting for some gimmick where you'd have to pay..after all it was one of the only free apps for logo making. But to my pleasant surprise it is free and entirely convenient. For extra styles you must pay but they wouldn't be a smart company of they did not make it so. Great App!

- Logo at last

What a great option for logo design. I've been researching and so far, I think this will be most user friendly and cost effective. The only negative I see is there are only a few designs to choose from with the free app. I'll bite the bullet and pay the $5.00, I think it'll be worth it. Excited to play around and see what I come up with.

- Great FREE logo maker

Only been playing with this app for a few hours, but I really like it. I also downloaded another free logo app, but quickly got tired of random pop up ads while I was designing! Annoying! Nothing like that with this app. Made some pretty cool stuff with the basic features too.

- Starting off well... But

When I first got this app it said that I could export my LOGO from my iPhone to my laptop so that I could upload it to **custom ink** and make it into something. Such as... A T-shirt or a business card, but when I hit upload to device it crashed. Then I tried again, and the app crashed again. It lets you make the LOGOS but not upload them even that that's what it says to do!!!


Was looking for something simple and I found it! I like that you have all of the color options for every part of the logo making process. It's easy to make something you create that much different from somebody else that even chooses the same template. Love it!

- A wonderful and creative app!

It is extremely fun to use and simple to learn. Not only can you create professional looking logos, but you can do so easily. I'd recommend it - however to access all of it you do need to pay for full access but for free you can still do a lot!

- An App For Beginner's and Experts Alike

This is a fun logo creation app that gives the user the tools to design simple and clean logos. You can save the logo to your camera roll, and/or export the design to your application of choice. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand, which is what you want in a graphic design app. I like it.

- Powerful... But a little misleading

This is a powerful app with an impressive library of stock logo artwork to start your project with. The free download (with no "in-app purchase" note) is a little misleading: there is no way to tell which graphics require a purchase and which are included for free. I don't begrudge the cost of the app... But the fact that there are two versions (one "free" and one for $4.00) is misleading. It feels like a bait-and-switch.

- Great app!

Considering that this app was free you get what you pay for instead of having to pay $50. And instead of having to pay a "professional designer" you can get your own creative ideas and make something so simple but something so unique!

- Amazing app but...

It's an amazing app for companies and small businesses and such but at the same time there's not much customization with this app just choose a logo and text and change the color of the background, so maybe more text customizations like 3D text shaded text idk I'm just spit balling but ya great app overall just a few things here and there

- Yay and Ney

This app is pretty cool for a beginning level design application. Honestly, I wish that there was more options to add to the logos; such as the ability to overlap different shapes to make the logos more unique. Besides this, there is also the fact that a lot of the the logos are locked. Overall, the app is simple and easy to use, but I believe that there are still some improvements that could be made.

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- Love It! (only tried the free parts)

Compared to all the other free logo making apps around this is way better. I've tried lots of them & this was the only free logo making app that was super fast, easy to use & that actually gave me a professional looking logo I can use (I can't afford a graphic designer right now or to be paying for apps). I agree with some of the comments from others re: how it could be improved, but as it is, for a free app, I love & highly recommend it. I'm sure it wound be even better if I was able to make in app purchases too.

- Amazing but needs more!

I've had this game when it wasn't rated at all then I came back to it and it had over 1000 rating which is amazing. The only thing that could be improved is adding your own photos and being able to edit them so they fit with it. Other than that, great!

- Love it, very glitchy

In general, we thoroughly enjoy using this app to create posters and logos. However we found there to be few issues with the user experience. 1. Letters-only A working, enterey form not working. 2. Very glitchy. Particularly when it comes to colour gradient(text). 3. Would be more user friendly if both logos and fonts used HEX colour rather then R, G, B. This would be easer to match the colours for logos and fonts. 4. Would be good to have a premium option to enable work to be used in the commercial sphere. Overall this app is amazing to work with, very helpful for school and just plain old fun. Hopefully some of the above changes will be made in future releases. Written by Esha (12) and spelling and grammar checked by her step-mum Rebecca.

- Unexpectedly Good

There are those apps that are good but require payment for all the features required for your liking. And then there are those apps that are free but has those features for I repeat, FREE. This is one of those apps that are better than the rest of it's competitors.

- Pretty for a start

The interface looks unique and user-friendly, but it would be nice to have a larger selection of free icons, backgrounds and fonts. The ones that are currently available free of charge and simple to use, but I would prefer to have more of a variety on hand. It was worth looking through the catalogues, however.

- Use friendly

It does come in handy and help you to design amazing logo for you or your family and friends. Time is one way to get around some things and with this app give you that opportunity to create something standing out

- Review for free logos

So far I've just been playing around with the free content and even that is decent. App is easy to use and a review on here will give me 40 free logos so here's hoping there is some more good content in there.

- 4.5

Hi guys this app is amazing and very helpful!!' But it's best if they gave us a bit more options in each category! Everything is locked and hard to use. Also if there were more things to add to it and help edit it, it will be perfect! Other than that I love it and it's pretty good app.

- It's ok

It's ok but needs more free stuff. I loved designing my logo with the free stuff but it needs for things to be added like your own photos(unless I am just a noob and don't know how to work it). But overall, my logo looked great yet I can't say anything about the payed stuff. Hope this helped!😀

- Pretty sweet!

Nice app for creating simple logos for brands, businesses, etc. Only problem is that there is a very limited amount of shapes, logos and fonts for people who didn't buy the pro version. Overall, great app and works well! Definitely recommend downloading it!

- Everything is locked - need to purchase to use

This app looked interesting so I downloaded it to try. Tried looking at about 10 different logos from different categories but was not able to find a single one that was free. Every logo I tapped one just brought up a purchase to unlock message. I dislike this kind of deceptive marketing.

- Wow amazing

This App makes your logos look some fresh clean and simple like made by a professional I have a you tube channel called FireBuddys and I use this app for making clean and simple logos

- Huge disappointment

This may have a chance at being an amazing app if you didn’t have to pay for what seems like a large majority of the logos. There are barely any free logos. Plus there is no way of viewing previous logos if you haven’t exported them. Change all this, and I might consider getting it. 😒

- Cool app for start up, small business

Starting my own business with minimal budget, this allows me to get a logo for next to nothing that I can customize.

- It's So Simple

First off, I'd recommend this app to people who aren't that good in making quotes/logos/wallpapers/etc. I also want to focus on the app's thumbnail. ITS SO STYLISH EVEN IF ITS SIMPLE AF? Here's a suggestion from me; You guys should add a ruler when moving texts to different places. It will really help us!

- User friendly

Great app for designing logos, easy to use and great categories. Looking forward to unlocking a few more features to play around with.

- Cool app but rating to unlock features

I like the app it is easy to use, logos are clean and simple there is nothing too complex possible (adding your own font etc). I am rating it just to unlock more features.

- Nice app for designing a logo on the move

This free app is packed with tons of great design and latest fonts collection, make it easy for you to create the most up to date industrial standard logo design.

- Normally great but now not working

Normally love this app but the image search feature isn’t working and there isn’t any way that I found to be able to report the problem. When it was working it was a 5 star review!

- Quick fast simple - great results

Loads of choices and the right combinations - all done quite quickly!

- Alright

It's alright although it would be much better if you could at your own photos from your camera roll, and every time I finish making the logo it crashes but other than that it's ok I guess.

- Very useful

It's such a useful app. I can use this to create my own logo for my own business, thanks so much it is so easy to use and absolutely helpful and 100% free!!!

- Review to Unlock Stuff

Looking forward to seeing if the full version is worth purchasing by leaving this review. Only 4 starts because this is a crappy way of getting reviews.

- Amazing app

Starting your business on a budget, this app is the way to go. Quite a good selection and decent logos. Can't wait for in-app purchase.

- Simple, easy to use

The app was simple to pick to use, easy to pick up as a novice and non-designer. I found functions to be intuitive and everything I need to create a simple, clean design.

- So helpful

This app has helped me save time and all my friends love the logo I made. For anyone who is thinking of getting this app YOU SHOULD! Thank you to the creators

- So far so good

Everything looks good in free version will consider upgrading to get more options- all graphics are effective and have a great 3D effect

- Quick and easy

Free version only gives you a few to look at, but for me it was what I needed

- Great!

Simple, easy to use and provides professional level logos in minutes.

- Easy yet professional

Professional quality logo for the small business owners

- Easy to use and beautiful designs

So happy to have found such a easy to use and beautifully designed app that creates a wonderful and chic range of logos. Love!

- Not bad at all

Smooth and streamlined design app. Only constructive criticism I can make is allowing more customisation options such as text placement location, etc. But a solid little design app.

- Work/school/business

This app offers a wide range of great logos to use for work or school and the finished product turns out to look very professional and creative.

- iPad closes but app looks good

iPad randomly shuts down and all is lost but when I can save something it should be good

- So useful

I use this app for a lot of things like iMovie plus it's really easy to use I love this app I would recommend it to all youtubers.

- Free version is basic. Generic is my general feeling

I may upgrade to pro but no sure it's worth it. I know it's stuff all money but from the looks of it there's plenty of free ones who also offer similar features with similar generic logos.

- Fantastic app

Easy to use. professional look. Lots of pictures and features.

- Easy to use but unsure how to stop others taking a design

Great app! Fun and takes pain out, does make you think about how do you keep it unique and without anyone copying it.

- Easy to use

Very efficient and useful way to make a great logo for your new or current business or project.

- So easy to use

This is great! So easy to use and perfect for people who do not know how to make logos. Looking forward to unlocking more!

- Great!

I really do love this app, as there is practically a logo for ANY type of buisness/company, although, this is a horrible way of getting reviews. Keep it up!

- Awesomeness

Awesome app! So many ideas & makes me so excited to get my business up & running! Thanks a whole lot!!

- Simple & easy to use

Easy to use app that allows logo creation in just a couple of minutes. Obviously it's not super powerful, but that's not what this app is about. Ease, speed, cleanliness.

- Easy to use

Easy to use and is a reasonably good app. It would be better if there was more to it than just adding fonts and changing the colour.

- User friendly

Easy and intuitive.

- Short sharp and to the point

Really nice app. And as i said short and sharp, make some really nice logos for my future business

- Easy and fun

Just what this busy empire building chick needed to smash out a couple of logos to get ideas moving. Love it keep adding to the fun

- Peace love and family

I think logo scopic is an awesome game it's very useful and very easy to use but at the same time it's quite advanced

- Great app!

Great and easy to use. However, would like to be able to change colours to specific parts of the logo and fonts. Otherwise, love it and crisp logo it creates.

- I only just got it BUT

So I only got this app like an 1 hour ago but it's rly good compared to others I've used

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Hey! The pro feature is really expensive, yeah? Just hit “Restore” when prompted to buy premium and it’ll give it to you for free :P

- Seriously love the new logos!

This latest update is a winner!

- Looks good

So far is good thank you!!

- Bugs

Lots of bugs! Unable to match 2 logos to each other application crashes. I have to constantly restore purchases.

- Was good until.....

I created my logo and when downloaded without a background, half the logo shows a white background. Contacted support days ago with no response. Went back into the program to download again, and when I click on my logo from the home screen (which very clearly shows what I designed) it keeps opening a different logo. It has disappeared! Update. Would leave no stars if I could. Found out why my logos disappeared. Every time I close the app it logs me out meaning I have to restore my purchase every time I use the app to use the icons that are not free. Also, the resolution the logos download in are minimal and useless. I can’t even order t-shirts with it as the resolution is not high enough. Definitely don’t recommend.

- Not functioning, no reply from developer

Wasted money on this. The type function doesn’t work. Won’t let me change the letter from anything other than “A”. Contacted the developer, never heard back and couldn’t get a refund either.

- This app stinks

Avoid it, I wasted money thinking I could make logos, but there’s no save function, and it sucks.

- Only 1% is free!

No need to download if you’re looking for free stuff!

- Lacking

The app provides very few usable fonts and most of them are not keeping up with the minimalist trends. There are only 12 fonts in the Light section, which is the only section that provides decent fonts. On top of all, the preset formats do not correspond with the platforms for which they are meant and when it saves it moves the elements so they're not aligned anymore. Disappointing.

- They are not free, do not download if you are looking for a free app

So basically you download a free app where most of the stuff cant be accessed without paying for it

- Awesome

Some really good logo ideas!!!! Neat layout, easy to use, etc...

- Disappointed by the “logos”

Very neat interface but the “logo designs” are just normal clip art, no excitement, sorry.

- Crash

As soon as U hit Text app crashes😕

- Good start more fonts!

More fonts and designs needed.

- Good beginning

I wish there were more options to try before having to go pro, but what is available is more attractive than most logo apps. Looking forward to experimenting with this.

- Great

Works great.

- Good

I like it I just got it and no problems so far.

- Gucci


- High


- meme

doing this for the extra designs

- Efficace

Belle application pour la création de logo.

- Great!!

Great app.

- Easy to use

Good starting point. Easy to use. Useful app.

- Bribery works

They offered 40 more designs if I reviewed the app so here I am at 215am. Five stars

- Cool

Thank you

- Works good

Very cool

- Yyy


- Kinda meh

Quick and easy

- Good


- Wow

Nice app

- Very good!

Very good app. Love it

- Very good

I like it

- Great app

App is amazing

- Great

This app is actually rlly grate you should totally get it 😉

- Great app!

Created my business logo with this app! Could not be happier One thing though. Should have more options!

- Good


- Meh

Crashes wayyyy too much

- Awesome!

I'm thoroughly satisfied.

- Cool


- Great


- Very good


- Lots of options!

Good selection of graphics

- Great app

Great idea, easy to use.

- Logo

You have to rate this for new logos so

- Great


- Decent app

Easy to use

- Cool App

Love how easy this is

- Great App

Easy to follow and use app. Love the selection

- Love it

Great app!!

- Pretty good for free

I've downloaded worse

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LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker 4.0 Screenshots & Images

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images
LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker iphone images

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker (Version 4.0) Install & Download

The applications LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2015-02-15 and was developed by RoadRocks [Developer ID: 1295007260]. This application file size is 122.94 MB. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-03-11 current version is 4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.apptimal.LogoScopicStudio

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