The best way for young kids to learn about making music!

"It’s a sickeningly charming world that will make you feel like Peter Pan for a few minutes." - Fast Company

LOOPIMAL is a building kit of handcrafted animations and sounds.

The possibilities of creations and compositions are endless.
With an intuitive fun gesture they can create sequences for different animals.
The content is on melodic, rhythmic or movement bases.
There is no goal, no wrong or right, it’s a safe kit for creation.

Note: We strongly recommend to play LOOPIMAL on iPhone 4s and newer, iPod touch 5th gen, or iPad 2 and newer.

LOOPIMAL by YATATOY App Description & Overview

The applications LOOPIMAL by YATATOY was published in the category Education on 2015-06-11 and was developed by YATATOY. The file size is 55.33 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 5.1.1 and high ios versions.

Welcome the new LOOPIMAL-members: Panda, Mammoth and Hippo!!!

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Great for Music Teachers  Mandalite  5 star

What fun this app is! Not only are the animations compelling and adorable, but the music is also top notch. Bravo Yatatoys!!!


Bird is so beautiful singing  LGdino  5 star



Can not export your creation  MARIOQQ  1 star

Why can not export my creation ? Why can not Save as mp3 formate?


A Favorite Go To For My Family  Flutternfly  5 star

Kids love this! They love endless options for creating music and watching the animals “dance” to the music created. As an adult, I find it relaxing and fun to create with LOOPIMAL!! Great creative outlet!


Would be cool to have update that records/saves tracks  KAFABRIZ  5 star

I love this app! It’s artful and helps to enhance a child musical imagination! It would be awesome if they could save and store their creations! Maybe listen to them at bed time! I know my kids have been proud of some of the loops that’s they made, I’m just sayin :)!


A treasure, a sanctuary  sweeeeeens  5 star

I downloaded LOOPIMAL seemingly ages ago when it was offered for free and since then have gotten misty-eyed at the sweet tunes and adorable dance moves only a few couple hundred times. I regularly get the notification that I am nearly out of storage on my phone, so I will scramble to delete a few apps that I don’t use — LOOPIMAL is never among them. This app may be marketed towards children, but I am a 23 year old college graduate and it absolutely makes me melt. I adore LOOPIMAL.


Excellent boredom killer  MeridianOfTime  5 star

I know this app is geared towards seven year olds, but I’m 16 and love this app. It’s a great way to pass the time when there’s nothing else going on. It’s honestly very addicting, looking forward to any potential updates in the future.


Intuitive  dioegrande  5 star

So fun


Huge fun for all ages!!!  Steve4982367  5 star

An enjoyable creative playground.


Addicted as an adult  MissKatAttack  5 star

I don't have children, and I am not around children. But I love this app. It's simple and beautiful. The songs get stuck in my head. I got back to this app for fun. Amazing


So creative!  D3adcalm  5 star

Brilliant idea and beautifully executed. Well worth the spend.

Boo Boo21107

RECORDING!!!  Boo Boo21107  4 star

Ok so I know that this app is supposed to be for little kids but I'm 14. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this app like it is amazing but I have made some pretty sick beats on it and really would like to be able to keep them using a recording feature. A way that we could make this work is maybe an in App purchase of a recorder perhaps $1.00. I don't know about others but this would certainly make my experience using loopimal better. Hope you consider this proposal.


Loved by kids and parents.  TooManyCan'tChoose  5 star

Excellent app. The kids 3 & 7 love it, parents also enjoy playing. Music is very cool, not annoying like so many kids apps.


best. thing. ever.  kkrrfff  5 star

nuf said. great work guys!


Love it  Mrsprom  5 star

So awesome


So much fun even for me  lilytiger14  5 star

I love it and I haven't even shown the kids yet. Hahahaha Hands down this app is awesome


Fun!  rewolfsutcac  4 star

I'm having so much fun with app! It's funky and actually kind of relaxing. Suggestion: ability to save loops. PS I'm 22

Green Apple Cat

A delight  Green Apple Cat  5 star

So simple. So immersive. So great. Also, no ads, or extra costs. Which is a big bonus these days. Love it


Best app I've got for my daughter  Bellpop01  5 star

I never review apps, but this is amazing. My 6 year old makes the coolest sequences of sounds. In have it bluetoothed to a speaker and the stuff she makes sounds amazing. Such a cool app. Love it. Thanks :)


This app is amazing  Paulypaul97543  5 star

Sounds good no matter how you play it. Would be good to be able to save and share. Maybe in afuture update. Good work.


Love it  Hockey10Girl  5 star

This game is surprisingly addictive. Also what I think s hilarious most of these reviews are from grownups😂😂😂😂


Great learning fun  Tdoot  5 star

Great app! all three of my kids love it from 7, 5 to 2 :) Beautiful animations and beautiful melodies

Katy P.

Addicting  Katy P.  5 star

I love trying to put together different combinations of animals top see what the outcome is. The app is very simple and the animations are adorable! I just wish I could save or share my songs!


I'm 24 and have no kids  Jack-a-lacky  5 star

I play this myself and really enjoy it lol. You can make some addicting melodies on this app. I give 5 stars no question.


It's great!!!  Lulu112rie  5 star

Wonderfull app , we have a good time with my son playing.


LOVE this! But it needs an update!!!  Lymin88  5 star

This is a very fun and beautiful app. The design and animation is excellent. I know it says this is intended for kids, but it's really fun for all ages! The only thing I wish it had was the ability to save and share your loops. That addition would make this app extraordinary! Also, just throwing it out there, I think some more versions are needed! How about monsters? Dinosaurs? Robots? Could really go crazy with the concept. I'd be making little music loops for hours! But PLEASE make it possible to save and share!!!!


Nice.  Otakugirl2  5 star

It's cute and simple to use. It's played in a universal key so it's fun to jam to as well.


Great for all ages!!!  Ge3x  5 star

I love the beats you make with this. I wish you could post these to Facebook but I didn't see any option unfortunately. Either than that this is perfect.


Best game ever  Purple_PrincessZ101  5 star

I'm thirteen and make songs out of this and it's a really great app. Keep up the good work whoever's company this is XD


simple and clean  amalia67  5 star

it's for kids but i love how easy it is and fun it is. I'm so drawn to it.











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