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Clear the board. Pay what you want. Okay?

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- Complex, creative, interactive,smart

This game not only is fun to play but when your playing you can see that the person son who made it new what they were doing they made it complex by adding the light/dark colors into it making it simple but complex. Making this game the way they did letting you play a certain amount of levels to see how you think the game should be rated is creative. As I was saying they let you interact to see how you would make the games price based on your experience and sure you may say they're just doing this for the money and they may be but they include the $0.00 option at the end. For a free game they put a lot of time and effort into this game so putting a question of how much you would pay for the game at the end with a $0.00 option is smart it shows that they are trying to make money in a way that tells the player hey help us rate this game by paying us what you think is fair for the quality of the game but showing you there not greedy by adding $0.00 pay option. This is my review on this game.

- My favorite puzzle game

With the millions of candy crush copies, and complicated puzzle games, "Okay ?" takes a new approach. This game is deceptively simple, with a basic concept of getting rid of all white blocks, but taking it, and perfecting it. It slowly adds new concepts and gives you one or two levels to get used to them. In these intro levels you can test methods and figure out what the concepts are, and how to beat the level with them. Speaking of the levels, each level is one screen, giving you all the pieces to complete it, just not giving you the way to order the pieces. This makes each completed level giving a sense of satisfaction, and a sense of the incoming challenge. Getting stuck is a usual thing in puzzle games, but in Okay ? getting stuck only teaches you more, and helps in later levels by giving you a new way of thinking of levels. Most levels have a few ways of completing them, so replaying the game is fun and rewarding. Okay ? is an original puzzle game, and one I will be always praising. I love this game. Okay?

- A Melodic Masterpice

I have seen many aiming games in my time as an avid app user. Whether it be bacon or bows or even random objects, it seems like the fodder for these kinds of games are running out. However, when I saw this game, the title intrigued me. What, no flashy, over the top colors? No adrenaline-inducing title? No catchy description? Now THIS was different. I had seen the games of this company before, and had been impressed by their creativity and attention to detail. Finally, the blessed time came for me to give it a whirl. I instantly fell in love with it. There was no timer, no ads on every level, nothing. Just a ball and some magical, musical squares. There was no giant GAME OVER sequence when I messed up, the squares just gently reappeared. It’s almost like they were quietly bidding me to try again. And try again I did. Currently in the forties of the levels. Please keep making calming and challenging games like these! The world needs less of that stressful and unrewarding crap. I thank you for your obvious effort and love of coding, creators! You are the living proof that minimalist games can be extremely entertaining and engaging! With all due respect, E

- Fantastic Game, needs adjustments

If this was an entirely free game it would get an easy 5 star review. I thoroughly enjoyed the game for the first 100 levels or so. However, it came to the point where certain levels are impossible to beat without watching an advertisement to figure out the perfect positioning needed to finish the level. Most levels require strategic reasoning to win, but as levels progress, it becomes almost impossible to beat them without watching advertisements for help. Solutions to certain levels are incredibly difficult to find, even though I know what must be done. It all comes down to the exact pixel at which a ball is fired. In the beginning it was fun, but towards the end it feels like searching for diamonds in a silver mine. Great game, great physics, great fun, poor endgame.

- Simple, Creative and Fun!!

This game is awesome! The graphics are very simple and clean and the concept is easy. That is what I like about the game, no complicated concept, no busy graphics, just simple shapes and a ball! It is very addictive and I’ve played it through once and am currently on my second go! I just discovered the “User” levels also! The thing that I really love about this game is the fact that you aren’t bombarded with ads after every level!!! I guess the best way to describe this game would be simple, unique, creative and fun!! If you like the kind of games where you can just jump in and play right off the bat, then this is it! I love it and would recommend it to anyone!! To the developers I say, great job!!

- Good app!

I wanted to pay 99 cents for the game, it's really fun, and has nice design. I like the simplicity of it and the interactive noises it made. I hope you make more levels with simple song options, and I also hope you don't put ads in the game. I personally think ads lower the value and the beauty of apps and this is already a gorgeous app. Like I said, I would have payed 99 cents for it, I think that's a good price for this app. Maybe if it had more levels, like 100< I would pay $1.99 for it, but as it is now, I think it's worth $0.99. I don't have the money to pay, though. If I get money, I might got back and pay the 99 cents, but I can't right now. D; Awesome app!

- Great for the casual player

This game is filled with patterns that really mess with your head. Every level that I find the pattern to feels accomplishing. I love the simple style and the fact that there are no adds. I can try a level for five minutes and either find a solution or come back to it later and try to figure it out. I’m tired of Mobile games that try to be games which people spend a lot of time on like a pc or console game, or mobile games which are too easy and never change. This game constantly feels new and isn’t demanding of the player which is why I feel confident in rating it 5 stars.

- Beautiful, Creative, and Simple

I would give this game as much money I have if I had any money. It broke my heart to not pay anything, but I hope this message gets to you somehow. I do love your game. I would pay money. But I don’t have any. That unfortunate. But, lucky for you, I do have fingers to type this message from my heart. I do love your game. It is simple, minimalistic, creative, beautiful, and most of all, passionate. I can tell that this game isn’t some re-skin of another game to fit in with the new trends, and is littered with ads at every corner. It is new. It is fresh. It is bold. It is you. Hope you liked this review, and good night.

- Awesome, sorry I didn't donate :(

This game is one of the smartest free puzzle games I've seen yet. For every challenging level that requires thought and good placement, there's an easy, straightforward level which has the ball going in a cool pattern that's super entertaining to watch. It never gets to the point where you rage quit, and with user levels, there's a reason to come back every day, if just for a few minutes. I would love to give you money, but alas I'm frugal when I have little, so you must wait to get the rest of my support. Sorry!

- Great physics, but..

So far, this game is great. Great bouncing physics and great style. However, the way to move your ball is confusing. You have to drag it forwards, not backwards. Most games involve dragging it backwards, that way you can see what is happening on screen without your thumb or finger in the way. But this game is the opposite. Instead, your thumb or finger IS in the way. Nonetheless, this game is very fun. I do recommend trying it out. EDIT: I just discovered you can invert controls, so I guess this game has really no problems.

- Amazing time-passing Game

I got this game today and now I'm hooked on it. It has a very modern simple theme that makes it feel calming. There is a little ball witch you have to hit every white object with to complete the level. It is very fun and interesting game. This is why I gave it 5 stars. Ps it is free but at level 20 it ask you how much you think the game should go for if you click the left arrow you do have to pay. But you can donate if you want to. 😃

- Creative, Great Physics Puzzle

A simple premise but with so much possibility. The perfect game for when you wanna puzzle for a few minutes. Sounds great. Gameplay great. All of it great. Level editor is an awesome feature. Levels are so fun to discover the solution. So satisfying! Also there’s special levels where you hear music riffs as you beat the level that are complete once you beat the level. Those are kind of the best thing ever. Awesome little game!

- "Okay?" How about "Yes!"

Although as of writing this review there are only about 20 of them, I found myself actually using my brain (a lot of geometry) to complete the simple yet progressively more challenging levels. I was not able to pay money as I don't have any money one my account atm, but I easily would have paid up to $4.99 for a full version. I say there's nothing to lose in downloading this app for a play through.

- Interesting puzzle game

Okay? is a cool puzzle game where you fling a ball in an attempt to hit every object. It is satisfying to complete a level, and the sounds are enjoyable. I think the concept of "pay what you want" is interesting. -Edit- Changed to 5 stars because you can create your own levels, and play user created levels. This is a really creative game that you should try out. Great way to distract your mind and keep calm.

- The Game Itself is Fun

The game itself is fun and simple but complex at the same time I think the game compared to what’s on the app store is free but it’s when the maker asks what you would pay for the game is what makes it priceless had I the means to on this Apple ID I would be willing to pay the $8.99 and likely will on another account the maker of this game had honesty and the consumer in its mind making this game a rarity, role model, and a game with a cause.

- Pretty awesome

I love this app and so does my toddler! The sound is perfect-not too much, not too little. I don't think all apps should have a price. I would honestly pay for this if I seriously had to. It's a great app and since I very first downloaded it 2 years ago has done nothing but add more levels. I've not seen ads, slow downs or anything. It's one of the few apps that have stayed the same throughout its existence.

- fun

This games is super fun and it makes you think. It’s never gotten too hard, but it isn’t a game that does nothing to your mind. This game actually makes you think. I didn’t donate to the app- mainly because i’m young and would have to use my parent’s money- but if i had my own money to spend, i would pay them. I think they deserve it. This was great and i’m really sorry that I didn’t donate anything.

- A generous donation to the App Store

This is a free app that should not be free. The developer goes about making money the right way and letting the user decide what the app is worth. It is a fun and easy to understand game that is also very challenging. It is one of the few iPhone games I plan on keeping. If money isn't too hard for you to come by, please give this guy a dollar or two (or nine) to show him that it's a great game.

- Challenging. Relaxing. Fun.

I appreciate the "pay what you want" idea. Being on a very low, fixed budget, I usually get the free version of games and just put up with the ads. When a developer respects me enough to let me decide what a game is worth and pay what I can afford, I want to return the favor. After all, the game is one of my new favorites and I get to enjoy it ad-free. Thanks for that!

- Seriously?

Look. It’s a good game. It’s challenging, fun, and very satisfying. But not letting your players not get hints just because they said that they didn’t want to pay for the game when it’s free to download and because they didn’t have the money is bad game design. I mean, I know you need money, but just put a little warning saying “Hey it’s an ad that you can’t skip, sorry, but we need money.” Would have been fine, but you had to just say “Hey, you want to have hints so you can at least not get stuck on a hard level? Then pay me a dollar for a free game!”. Douche Move.

- What do you want to pay

This game by itself is awesome it’s simplistic look and complex gameplay work perfectly but too add on to a amazing game they let you pick how much you pay I would easily pay 8.99 but sadly I can’t but it’s definitely worth it. From bacon to okay this game company is amazing. Other games should take note from the creator of these games

- Fun and calming

Ive had really bad anxiety and ADHD for as long as I can remember. This game is very good for me bcs it grabs my attention, but the sounds it makes as you play don't give me headaches like most of the mind games do. It's very calming, helps soothe my anxiety, and gives me something to do with my hands when I'm not working or doing homework. It's a really nice game and id definitely recommend it.

- Great concept, usual pitfall

It is satisfying to be able to solve a puzzle without hints. I refuse to use them, because I can watch someone else play whenever I want and there’s no point. Making them ridiculous just the force people into watching ads for the solution isn’t cool. Also, once again, I want a puzzle game. Not precise timing or fast reactions, a logic puzzle. Where this game does that, it’s great. The precise timing, fast reaction bits that are clearly designed to infuriate players into generating ad revenue after they’ve already paid ruins it. I paid for the game early on, now I’ve uninstalled it.

- It’s your choice

Look my man here created a pretty relaxing but complicated game and at about level 20 he lets you choose how much the game is worth to you. Now I didn’t have any money at the moment but if you do please help this guy out. If you don’t have any leave a review like i did because I bet it helps him out in some other way.

- It's a nice little game

It took a minute for me to catch on, but it's a very simple game. It's like a pinball game, except you are trying to get rid of all the white parts by bouncing off of the black parts. I don't generally pay for games unless it's something I REALLY want, like "The Room," but it's still a neat little game. I may pay 99 cents for it just to show my support.

- I swear this is addictive

I love it! Haters just don’t have the patience to enjoy the clever minimalist gameplay. Some levels are a breeze and some take forever but it’s just a game, people! That’s how games work and this game works. I wish there were more levels. I’ve even played through it twice. I don’t do that. Do you? You will.

- This game is great

I’ve spent time on this game,and the time I’ve spent is very entertaining. Though I’m done with the game,I still want to play more,and the more complex it is,the runner it gets. I thought thinking was not a good idea,but the creator knew what he was doing to make thinking way much more fun. I just wish he made more levels, that’ll be awesome!

- It’s okay

So the dev said it is doing an experiment and allows you to pay what you feel like the game deserves, and if that’s $0 then to leave a review, most likely leading to most people who don’t pay leaving a good review. The thing is...the game is not fantastic. It stalls out frequently, and I have played many more better games with the free plus ads model. This is just not a game I would spend money on, nor will I feel guilty about not doing that.

- Cure to boredom

I had a series of flights to go on so I downloaded this game to kill time. It did that and more! The game manages to drive you insane making you try the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome then seconds later you find a new way to solve your dilemma. This is THE cure to boredom. I HIGHLY recommend this game.

- Dude wow

This is actually one of my favorite games right now let me just tell you why. First of all the graphics are 10/10 like I really feel like the person who designed this game was really in control of what they were doing and how people think. I mean that’s only going to write because like it’s Friday

- Excuse me, Mr. Stollmayer…

This has nothing to do with OKAY?, But rather with your new game that is expected to be out on April 28, Supertype. I think it looks rather interesting and I'm pretty sure I want to get it, but the problem is that its 2.99. I don't specifically like to pay for games, which is why I ask you to please make the game free, for me and everyone else.

- Love it

My favorite thing about the app so far is that you politely ask for money. It isn't required, but you rely on the generosity of people to donate money bc you made a fantastic game. I would gladly pay if I had any money stored in my iTunes account, as you clearly deserve it, but I hope people have given you something!

- It should be free

This game should be free, for now. The reason being is that it is a relatively short play. It could easily cost money if you add more to it, like customizable levels you can share and upload so others can play the level you make. Otherwise, this is a great game, love the concept.

- Fun, new concept

I really love this game, I will say that now. It's a great new puzzle idea I have not seen, and the levels so far are quite entertaining. Though I think the game would be worth $0.99, I would only get it if it were free, because I am stingy like that. I hope you can make more free levels for us to enjoy! :)

- Awesome game to play when your bored

Let’s say your somewhere and you are bored: well this is the game to play. It seems like such a chill classic game that is also simple but it makes you think and it has a lot of creativity! I would totally recommend this game to people cuz it’s just a chill game to play to pass some time! I LOVE IT!

- I feel guilty!

I love the game so far, but early on it lets you choose what the game is worth and that is what you pay, but when I saw that I said $0 even though I think it should be $0.99! I am so sorry to the creator of this game because I think that is the only way they make money in this game. Sorry.

- Amazing Game with great idea behind it

The idea of deciding is the most genius idea since canned bread. I love how I don't have to pay any money at all and I get the full game, also the hint system works very well and is fair. It's nice that the hints are subtle, and require a 30 second ad which makes sense as a penalty and as ad venue for the developer.

- Super fun!

Although I didn't send in money (because I'm broke), it's a super cool game! The mechanics and gameplay is super interesting and creative! It's both easy and complicated at the same time! It makes you think, but not to the point where you get frustrated or anything. Overall, really enjoyed it!

- Beautiful, simple, challenging

Really well done, beautifully designed, and such simple gameplay. The makings of a classic. I want to pay for it but got to that stage of the game when I had no network. I hope I get a chance to pay again. If not I will uninstall and install again.

- Please don’t play this. It is not game

Please don’t play this game. It is not game it is addiction. Ufff too difficult to leave once you started playing. For developers. Can you please ad some contrast. I can’t see white lines on silver background. Give an option to switch colors. Thanks

- cool concept!!

I wish I weren't a broke college student... I really enjoyed this game, it's simple in perhaps the best way, and I wish it had more levels. if it had maybe two hundred levels, and could occupy me for a few weeks, I'd happily pay $5 for it. :-) support this developer! good stuff!

- Guilty

I enjoyed the game very much! I think it's worth $0.99 but I didn't pay on account of the fact I didn't have $0.99 in my Apple ID account. So I'm very sorry that I didn't pay you, Mr. (Or Mrs.) Developer, but I do think the game is fun and worth at least $0.99. I hope that you do see this and forgive me haha.

- :D

This game is very fun, but I don't think it has enough content? I think that's the best word. It's too simple, so I think that ad revenue is the standard for a game like this, of course with the payable option of getting rid of them. This is only MY personal opinion on this. It's a very fun and creative game.

- Best game I've ever played

This game is one of the best game I have ever played, right up there to the data wings level of amazing gameplay and sounds. Very clean, minimalistic views and no popup ads. Truly wonderful. I wish I was able to pay for the game, and it is my remorse that I am not able to.

- Interesting & mind engaging, good business ethics

Very nice game, relaxing while engaging the brain with problem solving skills. Hints are available in exchange for watching an ad if you get stuck. I really appreciate games that don’t force you to shell out to continue, this game also allows you to choose to pay for it and how much. Thank you!!!

- great game, easy to get into and stay

It's an awesome game that brings you in easily for hours of playability. The straightforwardness and concept of the game is a great way to sink time and thought into, and the music aspect of it is brilliant. It's so complex yet to basic. It's perfect no matter what kind of player you are

- Absolutely Addicting

I absolutely love this game and would highly recommend it to anyone. My friend and I have made it a tradition now to try to see who can compete the game the quickest every year! It is so much fun and it works your brain as well! Wonderful game and very well done!

- Amazing

I was gonna donate max i could because it was something i enjoy and hope to see grow this game made me think about how it would travel which alot of games dont make me do anymore i enjoyed it and wish i couldve donated keep up the great work!!

- Challenging relaxing and fun

I would have to put down the phone for weeks in between some levels, but always enjoyed returning. Nothing so satisfying as reaching level 150. Very enjoyable will most likely try to go thru all 150 again.

- I love okay

I wish I could pay more for it but I'll make sure when I get more money to pay up I love the puzzles in this game and how they don't force you to pay for the game but instead ask you to pay what you want for it

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- Forget every other game. Just focus on this.

It’s so addictive. It’s musical style is so cool, and it’s tricky yet compelling and rewarding. I love this game. I didn’t happen to have any money, but the That’s okay! You don’t have to pay felt so nice I genuinely want to pay more then the maximum payment. An incredible game. Also, another thing to note: ads? Where are they? I am fine with watching a few ads because it supports the dev team. This game just said no to that. All round great game, great sound design, great simplicity and no ads. Well done. Never played anything better. I’ve never given an app 5 stars.

- Great minimalist puzzler

Easy game play, challenging strategy. This formula works for the best games, digital or not. The controls are easy to use and accurate, which is so important. And the look of the game is sleek and attractive. The considered design elements combine to create a really enjoyable experience that is immediately addictive. Because the puzzles are simple in concept, they are hard to put down. You won't want to give in.

- Simply the best game I ever played so far

The game is simple but makes it mind-bending at times. The great thing is that there using forced ads, there’s only a 30 second ad when you want a hint, but the rest is entirely free of ads. I wish I can support this creator, but I’m broke, this is the only game I’m playing until quarantine is over. Definitely recommend this game to you, free and simple. :)

- Great 👍

Such a cute, relaxing and well designed game I like all the games by you guys. I like that allows you to choose if you want to pay for it that's such a good idea, I would totally pay for this game if I had any money and it's great that it will still let you keep playing if you can't pay. Keep up the good work 👍

- Absolutely amazing

I would recommend this app to anyone. It’s a neat simplistic little game you can play anywhere and with a little thinking it can entertain you for hours. I also like the fact that you can create your own levels for other people to play.

- Amazing game

Simple, easy to play but presents an interesting challenge. Amazing design, very pleasing to look at. I wish I could pay the full price to the developer but I’m glad the levels aren’t stuck behind a pay wall. Easily one of my new favourite games.

- This guy is gonna be successful

I love the approach you took with this app, with this approach I'm sure in the future I will be willing to pay upwards of five dollars for a great app. Taking the feedback of the audience is a great idea. I would have paid for this except I wasn't allowed to.👍👍😄

- I have no idea what to call this

I would've paid 99 cents for it, but it didn't allow me to ^^; I like the sausage finger. I used a hint once, and it confused me, so that's my only 'complaint'. Great graphics, great gameplay, great sounds. Good job on a good game!

- I like the concept a lot

Really good game, I like the idea of paying what you think it's worth and the fact that you can still play it if you don't have any money! I think the game is worth a lot but I'm broke. :)

- Nice concept

I especially enjoy just bouncing the ball in different patterns on the percussive shapes. I really enjoy the puzzle game but I'm sure there would be a lot of other nice things you could make with this concept too :)

- Absolutely worth at least your time

Very fun game with a simple but enjoyable premise, would support the creator if I had the disposable income but since I don’t I figured the least I could do was leave a review.

- Choose what you pay

I just wanted to say that I would be happy to pay up to 7$ but as I’m 14 I didn’t have the money. Overall a fantastic game and you should totally get it

- Great game!

A real challenge for your brain! Will pay when I have some $$ spare. Well done to the developers for providing the option & creating a beautifully simple design.

- Super fun

It’s a very cool and minimalist puzzle game. Me and my friends got really into it recently and it’s fun figuring each level out. There are no ads unless you want a hint and it’s not glitchy. I recommend it for anyone 🙌

- I love this game

Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to pay for it but it was so much better than any other free games I’ve seen!

- Great game ✌️

I like how you guys approached the audience with the how much would you pay for this. I wish I had the credits to give you money solely for that act.

- I’d pay but I’m broke

This game is great and it feels so satisfying when you play the riffs, I’d pay $3.00 but I have no money in the AppStore account at the moment

- Payment

Seriously this game is incredible, and I love the “pay what you think it’s worth” part of the game

- Nice brain teaser

This is an awesome little game that lets you pay what you want and play for free it is worth paying for and nice that they let you play for free

- Nice game

I loved this game I did not have any money in my apple account though but I think it was worth at least 2$

- So amazingly simply frustrated!

The way it hooks you instantly till it's like all you can think about it amazing!

- Fun and simple puzzle game

If I could have paid less than the $1.49 I would have. Worth a go

- It's so fun

Really addicting and smart you can even pay your own price for the game👍

- I love it

It’s great and I’m sorry for not paying I’m just low on dough right now I’ll pay another day

- Amazing 🙌🏼

Such an inspiring thing that whoever designed this was willing for people to play it for free and rely on individuals that want to support the game. Hats off to whoever developed this game

- Fun and difficult

This game is great for a boring bus ride or just sitting at home. An amazing minimal puzzle game. The perfect balance of difficulty but not being tedious.

- Heaven

This game is amazing, but after level 50 it gets very hard.

- Fantastic Game and no problems what so ever

The game really does make you say Okay and I love it 9/10

- Great Game ,pretty Awesome

I wish I could pay for it hint make me confused though ,but still a great game

- Great!!

Amazing and simple, I’d pay much for it if I had the money too

- Yes

It’s a simple but nice game to play, quite challenging in some spots, but otherwise just easy to play to pass time

- This game is awsome

I was at the last level and when I made it past I was so happy I literally screamed "LET'S GO!! WOOOOOO!!!"

- Really like it

Payed 0$ cuz i like free stuff, but really amazing game! Probably worth atleast a dollar or two

- I love this game

I'm addicted and I'm rating this game before I got it cause I'm addicted already

- Amazing

Genuinely one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever played

- Great game

I would highly recommend this game!!


As a thinker an a musician this game is probably one of th best games I have ever played. Hands down.

- Good game

Every time when I get something I side Okey

- Amazing

Great game I have recommended this game to all of my friends

- Great time passer

Super simple but challenging at the same time

- Amazing Game

Cool idea and great execution with the idea!! Annoyed I'm broke so i can't give money !!!!!

- Noice

It’s a good factor on how you can choose what to pay Love it #yass laddie

- Really fun

This game is challenging but still fun and we do t need to wait for a hint it's really fun

- Extremely enjoyable puzzle game

The title says it

- Amazing game!

I can literally find no cons in this game.

- Cool

Has a good idea behind it and could be really cool

- Musical masterpiece

Amazing game with beautiful gameplay. Loving it so far

- Incredible

Very addictive

- Another great game from a great developer

Brilliant game

- Lovely game

Easy to play and enjoy!

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- Cool!

Really neat game. I like that you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy it and I wish there were more games like this.

- Amazing

It’s a really great game and deserves more downloads. It doesn’t have adds unless you need a hint which is acceptable and it’s not bombarding you to pay. I absolutely recommend this because it is very unique and challenging. It takes time to think about your actions and teaches you to not give up. The creators really gave it their all and I really think this game is a masterpiece. I very much respect the people who put their hard work and time to make this game for our entertainment because it was worth is. This is a very amazingly fun game. Everyone should at least try it because it is worth your time

- Fun

Very fun game cool physics too

- It’s something else

It’s different from other games in a good sense. It’s fun, play it NOW!

- Amazing

This is probably my favourite game on the App Store and probably some other devices but Phillip I really think you should move your creations over to steam because there is a big community of people that like the genre of games you make and most of the controls in your games would fit perfectly with PC controls so yea maybe try to release your games on steam :P

- Awesome game

Awesome game for playing relax in the metro!!

- Amazing

Good job making this game and thanks for it being free

- Great

I like it

- Awesome!

It’s so fun! I love this game!

- Wow, Stunning

I have to say that this is honestly my favourite game to play! It’s hard, but the calming sounds have hooked me. My only problem is that there’s no ‘skip’, I understand why you wouldn’t want to add it, so I’m not taking off my review for it. I’ve been stuck on lvl 21 for a while, and it’s annoying. Other than that, this is perfect! Definitely a must-have

- :3

it’s pretty

- Thank you!

Super fun game. Thank you for not throwing microtransactions in my face all the time :)

- More levels please

It’s REALLY fun to play when I’m bored!!!!.... but then I finished it....please add more levels!!!!

- Awesome!

I’ve played many of your games before and they’re great and not like most garbage mobile games that just scream “GIVE US UR MONEY” and what you did about choosing how much money we give is actually one of the nicest and down to earth things I’ve ever seen. I chose to give you a $1.39 to tell you I appreciate your honesty and great games you make for the community!

- I don’t have money.

Brilliant consept

- Wow

It’s like a piece of art

- Okay?

okay :)

- Great game

Great game. It’s calming, but strategic. Unfortunately I don’t pay for games and chose to pay 0.00$

- This game is fun

This is a fun game and I would choose to pay for it. Unfortunately I do not have any money but that’s alright I still chose the free icon

- Awesome

I love it but do not think the game is worth the money.

- No ad imposure

Nowadays when most apps and mainstream time passing games show you ads at every 10 seconds, this game is a precious gem. Very clever from very nice and lovely developers who make awesome games! You don’t have to pay anything, they are no ads (however you can watch a short video to get a hint of you’re stuck, which is pretty nice!) and you can get hooked for hours to come.


I get the part where it asks you what you would pay for the game, but I think it should be free for everyone to experience and enjoy!!

- 🈶🈶🈶🈶🈶🈶🈶

🈶is the least used emoji, we must change that, this game is cool. its simplicity should not cost money tho

- Great but ads :(

Its great game as i like, so i pay because you earn it, but it still have ads, which is really annoying...

- I love it

I love all of your games because they’re fun and not overpriced unlike a lot of games you also don’t get bombarded by ads what seems like 30 seconds. I’d easily pay for price 2 if I had the money

- Lol

I’d pay 7 dollars for this.

- Nice

Great game. Simple and fun.

- 5stars

Awesome and unique game definitely five stars

- Great game!

This is a great game and I wish I could pay you but I do not have money. Although I do think this game is at least worth the amount you are asking for it! Best of wishes to your future success!👍🙂👍

- Simple et addictif

Très chouette jeu. Simple et addictif. Bravo 👍👏👌 Pas de publicité intrusive. A consommer sans modération.

- Very fun

I would have paid 3.99 if I had any money


Very nice looking game, also nice gamrplay for ppl that like trickshot like Call Of Duty (also sorry I don't have a credit card to give you money)

- Intelligent, intéressant

Bon passe-temps. Manque juste un peu d’imprévus, de changement de type de réflexion....

- Great

Love it.

- Darn it

I said 0$ because I thought it was just a clever way of having to purchase the rest of the game! I would have said more if I knew that it wasn’t going to charge me, cause I think this is pretty good.

- Can be frustrating

It’s good overall

- Good mind game

Test your mind and skill

- Lovely

Love this game and love the way it charges!

- Great

Great and very challenging game to get your mind going

- Great concept

Love the gameplay

- Great

Fun and challenging

- Excellent

That's a great game!

- It good

It's really good

- Awesome game

It’s an awesome game that has a unique concept, love it !

- Amazing

This game is amazing. Although I felt bad that I didn't have the money to pay the creator. I don't think it should be a paid game at all. I think this game is an amazing free game, but it should stay free. Would I pay a dollar for this? Maybe, but I wouldn't pay over a dollar. Amazing game overall though

- Game review

Interesting concept and challenges the mind. Pretty good game.

- Nice

Fun for about ten min then it's done worth it though

- love it


- Mind=Blown

This game takes a simple concept and make and amazing game full of fun levels and a good end

- Really good

Simple graphics, adds only if you need a hint, easy to learn, difficult to master! It is a really great puzzle game!!! 👍

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- beautifully crafted

It's a good app & the pay what you can/how much it's worth is a lovely concept! the game itself makes you think outside of the box & without the pesky ads in the way it's even better. beautifully designed.

- the only game i have permanently installed

this game is the best. minimalist game interface, simple sound effects, it feels clean and lets you think uninterrupted. you can watch an ad to get a hint for each level, after about 20 or 25 levels they ask you to pay what you think the game is worth. there’s a $0 option too, which made me even happier as many would’ve happily paid for this beautiful game but they offer it free to those who cannot pay. i love this game so much, the idea is so clever and not overused.

- Great game

This game is so fun and simple but extremely entertaining. I would love to pay for the game however I don’t have very much money. The game is easily worth five dollars, which I feel is a decent price for a game. It’s easily the most fun I’ve had playing a game

- Minimalistic, but far from “simple”

This is a beautiful game. It’s not easy but not too complicated. It’s minimalistic design is complimented by the sounds and harmonies created as you advance. It’s relaxing and fun. I never take the time to rate apps like I should but this game really deserved the 5 stars.

- Very Well Thought Out

I really enjoyed this game. As the title states, it is a very well thought out game that is just hard enough to be challenging but is not so hard that it’s frustrating. Developer gives option to pay.

- Pay what you want - Worth more than .99¢

I paid 99¢ for this app. Now I wont say why I chose that price in attempt to not influence what someone else thinks. But this is a great game and rarely do I feel a sense of loyalty towards an app developer but this one has earned it.

- Great Game

I do my best to not buy games on my phone and this game wasn't an exception but I definitely think this game is worth at least $1.99 it gives almost a zen feeling you feel a satisfaction when you complete a level

- Fun, addictive, and challenging!

Got the game for a day and beat the first 20 levels already...really addictive. The levels challenge your brain but not as much as to get you to rage. They are also fun to play would definitely recommend this game

- This game is amazing and clever.

I love this game. It is very simple but so cool and it's obviously made by a very smart person. I can't pay because my parents turned off in-app purchases but if I could I would pay $4.99. Thank you for this amazing game.

- Wow

I can’t believe how addictive this game becomes! The structure is simple but the levels get very challenging. If you eat ten bears I think you might die!!! Anyhow, I think it’s cool how the game is worth money but you don’t have to pay if you can’t or don’t want to.

- Extremely addictive

I got the game today and I love it so far. When I was asked to pay what I thought it was worth, I wanted to pay for it (but I have no money😂) and I felt bad that I couldn’t, so I guess this is the least I could do:)

- Very fun and challenging game

This is a very fun and challenging game. You don't need internet so you can play it whenever. It is very fun when you finally beat a level you have been trying to beat for a while. Overall it is a very fun game. 5 stars👍

- This game is my favorite

I’ve installed this game more than 5 times over. I’ve finished the game every time but I always come back to it because I forgot how to play all the levels. This game is #1 to me ever since I’ve come across it

- An Experimental Game That is Simply a Blast

This game is one of the best games I've played yet. It's a very fun set of musical puzzles and every time you pass a level, you get an incredible rush of satisfaction. I paid nothing for this game, but that has nothing to do with the experience playing it. A wonderful game. Phillip, keep it up.

- Neat game

This is fun. It’s competitive, you solve a puzzle, nice sounds, and you only advance as you go. This game tests your retention on it and it’s so simple but you learn about physics... so cool. I recommend it. It isn’t frustrating to play, and there are hints if you get stuck

- Güd

Its fun and its addicting. Each level is different and makes you think differently. I did not pay money for this game because im not sure if ill get sick of it that quick but i will be happy to support the developers if i get hooked.

- So relaxing and Wonderful

This game is soooo great! It has nice calming sounds and vibrations that are calming and relaxing. It’s also very fun and addicting! Highly recommend. No suggestions. I would have payed money for the app, but I don’t have money, or else I would.

- Why I paid $0.00

I paid $0.00 because the gameplay is so thought up and interactive with creativity, I thought everybody needs to enjoy it so it should remain free for everyone to enjoy the creativity.

- Amazing!

Had it for a few minutes and it's an awesome app. I will have this for a while. Definitely takes an interesting approach to puzzle games, and I love it (not the best review, but I think it gets the point across)

- Addictively satisfying

This app is addictively satisfying! Sometimes it takes me a long time to get each one right but it's fun nonetheless. Even when I'm completely off, I still like the sound it makes.

- Isn’t a repetitive game

Unlike some puzzle games this game isn’t repetitive and keeps you wanting more. I enjoyed the controls and the way it forces me to think through every step.

- The Game

This is a great game for alot of different times. For example if you were in a plane on a trip or relaxing!!!!And l love this game because I love relaxing!!!!!!But this game also does not take alot of space on your device!!!😁😎🤩👍🐱😺😸 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Deserves More Than 5 Stars

The simple design of the game makes it so relaxing and easy to play. The gameplay is very smooth and enjoyable. There isn’t an army of ads waiting within it either!

- I love this game

This isn't some snarky game purely made to grab your money they give you options based around what you think it deserves and honestly i think if i had the money id pay the highest one.

- Nice and Simple

This is a perfect example of what a mobile game should be. It's fun to mess around with and advance through levels, it's simple to understand, and it isn't too intrusive with ads.

- Amazing

I am absolutely in love with the concept of this game and everything about it. I would gladly pay $9s if I could afford it, it made my day feel so good through something so simple. 5 stars from me

- This is a great game, dude!

Well done! I appreciate that you leave us a choice on how much we can pay for it (even giving us an option not to), I think more games should do that.

- The game is very clever

When I first started playing I was really impressed on how simple the mechanics were! There no adds.... I think. But all in all the graphics were not too much, and the game is fun so thx guys

- Fun minimalist puzzle game!

Love the little notes that play with the one touch puzzles. Plus the pay what you want lets people enjoy the game while giving the option to support the developers.

- I’ve played this game so many times through the years!

I’ve played this fame a lot ever since it came out. I can’t pay any money towards it so I decided to give it a 5⭐️ rating

- So good

It's so difficult but it's so easy,but when u realize the lvl and how to beat it it's so cool and so fun I love it and I hope you make more games and if you could see the face in making in my mind it's 😮so much wow


I love it so much.. I would like to pay but really I don't have when I have I ll' do.. I saw my cousin playing it I felt interested in that after few days I call him and I asked him what's these game name.. thanks a lot for it

- Simple Yet Complex

This game had a lot of time and effort put into it. It is a very good game, and the creator is very skilled. While all the shapes are simple, the game itself is hard and complex. Really nice work. :) I would rate it 10 stars if I could. :)

- Great game

I really do love this game and wish I could pay for it but can’t I really love how the developer makes it so simple and easy but at the same time on the same level complex and hard

- Challenging, not impossible

Wish there were more levels! Thank you so much for letting the players decide how much to pay for it. This was the best game I've played in a while!

- Love it

Look. Honestly this game is amazing and the fact that he states that you can pay what you want is mind boggling. Love it to tons. Latter when I have more money I will most definitely pay.

- This game is a great time killer

I always find myself reinstalling it when I am bored. I first played it my freshman year of high school, I play it now as a senior and some of the levels are still a challenge to me

- Really good game

It’s a lot of fun! It makes you think without being too frustrating. I would’ve definitely paid if I had money in my account.

- It should've be actually a.... 10 star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This game is so amazing like it is so hard but it gets you so constrained and I just love it. If there were a 10 star I would definitely rate it a 10 star!

- Amazing game!!

This game is a game to play when your really bored. It helps you focus a lot more. I love it so much!! I cant wait for more levels to come out!! I beat the whole game in 5 minutes straight!!

- Interesting concept and quite artfully done!

This is a great work in progress! I love some of the ways that percussive and melodic sounds are utilized and would love for the app to go further with that concept... possibly the sounds or melody/motive that is created are clues or guidance towards solving the puzzle.

- Great game

It's fun. Not to hard but still challenging enough. And the best part they're not bugging you with million ads nor try to make you upgrade to over price versions of the game. Really great idea.

- Very interesting

While the game is definitely worth money, the choice to pay what you think it's worth is humble. The game is fun, addicting and a creative idea, hope anyone can enjoy it.

- Interesting

The game is simple, but nice to play (I'm at the "pay what you want part" and paid 0 because of the f2p I am, would definitely pay if I felt I could waste money)

- Beautiful

Some levels are easy some hard, but I think that’s fine. It’s a beautiful game, challenging, and creative. The simplicity of it is creative. The simplicity of it is beautiful. Keep going! :D

- Beautiful

It's a beautiful game. My one dislike is that there is no settings button. Other than that highly suggest. Good as a mindless game that still takes a bit of those gut but can be listening to music or a podcast. 👍🏻

- Good game

Solid game but it gets to the point of too hard too quick so I’m just gonna start guessing. Also, many of them have more to do with can you get just the right angle and timing rather than knowing where to aim

- Great game!

It’s another game we’re some levels are hard and some levels are easy! I also like how you can make your own level! I would pay $2.99.

- Fun, but

I love this game, highly addictive. However, I find it easier that if you pull away from the ball (making it more visible of the line the ball will travel) it makes more sense.

- Wow

I just wanted to thank the developers for making such an amazing gaming. It really makes you think and the end was very interesting. I only wish the game was longer.

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leah needs alex em n kenz ₊·

@C0RDENSANGELS okay good i’m rlly glad, don’t be sorry ily


okay i finished 1 trans let's go ptg 🙂

my name is unimportant

@Alex27Dee Okay bro, relax. Ben not smoking Jimmy, Timmy, Danny or Aang.

Okay? 4.05 Screenshots & Images

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Okay? iphone images
Okay? iphone images

Okay? (Version 4.05) Install & Download

The applications Okay? was published in the category Games on 2015-02-24 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 75.88 MB. Okay? - Games app posted on 2018-05-24 current version is 4.05 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.kamibox.pop

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