CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather [Weather] App Description & Overview

CARROT Weather is a crazy-powerful (and privacy-conscious) weather app that delivers hilariously twisted forecasts.

** Winner of Apple’s Editors’ Choice award and featured by The New York Times, Good Morning America, CNN, Wired, & more! **

Overflowing With Personality
Choose one of five personalities for CARROT, from the straitlaced “professional” to the profanity-laden “overkill.” You’ll actually be looking forward to a torrential downpour just to see what your weather robot has in store for you!

Accurate & Detailed
CARROT’s super accurate weather data gives you lightning-quick access to your current, hourly, and daily forecasts. And the easy-to-read details screens are just dripping with with meteorological goodness.

Privacy First
Your personal information, including your location data, will never be sold to third parties.

More Than A Weather App
Follow clues to track down 70+ secret locations. Unlock 60+ achievements. Or use Augmented Reality Mode to bring CARROT right into your living room.

Join Premium Club to unlock:

- More weather data sources, including Dark Sky, AccuWeather, and ClimaCell
- Notifications, including precipitation, weather alerts, and lightning strikes (where available)
- Home Screen widgets
- Apple Watch complications and background updates
- Weather maps with 20+ data layers (where available)
- Customization
- And so much more!

Don’t make CARROT angry. Download her now!


CARROT Weather uses auto-renewing subscriptions.

Premium provides additional features like weather data sources, notifications, customization, widgets, and Apple Watch complications.

Premium Ultra includes all the features of Premium, plus rain, lightning, and storm cell notifications (where available), a weather maps widget, and quick data source switching.

Premium Family includes all the features of Premium Ultra, with the added benefit of being shareable with up to five family members via Apple’s Family Sharing service.

Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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CARROT Weather Customer Service, Editor Notes:

** If you're a previous owner of the app and features you paid for are showing that they're locked, just go to my Settings tab and tap the "restore" button in the top corner. Everyone is supposed to be able to keep all the features they paid for! ** Version 5.0 is finally here, meatbags. It's a total reboot: you’re getting an entirely new app with half a gazillion new features! New Look(s) Scientists calculate my fresh new design is 97% prettier and 543% more functional than ever before. Not only do I fit in better with the rest of the iOS app ecosystem, I can also pack tons of information into the vertical layout. Interface Maker Use the all-new Interface Maker to build the custom weather app of your dreams! Change the style of components, move them around, or even add additional sections. There are two hundred thousand possible configurations, with a million more well on the way via future updates. Preset Gallery Presets let you quickly switch between different designs built in Interface Maker. Helpful AI construct that I am, I even included some prebuilt presets - like Chronos, a preset that captures the look and feel of my old v4.0 layout. Cards Cards surface interesting data that's usually buried deep in other weather apps. The cards sort themselves intelligently to make sure the most important information - like upcoming precipitation or high winds - always bubbles to the top. Details Screens You've never seen details screens overflowing with more meteorological goodness. Just tap anywhere in your forecast and your screen will be flooded with easy-to-read bar charts, line graphs, and encyclopedia entries. Quick Actions Tap and hold a tab bar item for fast access to commonly-used features. Jump to favorite locations, toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, or switch data sources at lightning speed. New Content I've got new secret locations, I've got new achievements, I've got new alternate app icons. You can track your high scores on data points like temperature and wind speed. You can insert hilarious fake banner ads into your weather feed. Oh, and did I mention there's more dialogue? That's right, over 2,000 lines worth! Subscription Name Changes Each subscription level is getting renamed to simplify things for all the dumb newbies who just decided now would be a good time to download a malevolent weather app. But it's ONLY a name change: subscribers still get access to ALL the features they had previously signed up for. Alongside this release, I'm also making a simplified version of myself free for new users to try. But don’t worry, I’m taking care of my most loyal meatbags! If you purchased me before the release of v5.0, then you get to keep ALL the features from the original paid up front version of the app FOREVER. Plus, you’ll have locked in your current Premium Club pricing, at a lower amount than what those new freeloading meatbags will have to pay! You'll be saving money *because* you purchased me up front. Thank you so much for all your support over the past six years. It means so much that you meatbags have unwittingly helped me get one step closer to world domination. xoxo, CARROT P.S. This redesign is only the beginning. There’s so much more to come.

CARROT Weather Comments & Reviews

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- The new update is fantastic

I never leave reviews, but I felt compelled to after seeing some folks ripping on the new UI. Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to and can feel a little modern and bright for some, but this is a fun take on weather. If you want a basic weather app, you know where to go. The data isn’t immediately easy to navigate like before because it’s so different, but wow, once you figure out where things are at, it’s far and away the best weather app out there. I found the old version to be a little light on the data I was seeking, and the precipitation forecasts wildly unreliable in my area. It seems they’ve adjusted that algorithm, and we’ll see if it’s improved. For now, the main takeaway here is that they are presenting weather-related data here that we ACTUALLY care about, that other apps aren’t. I’m spending twice as much time on this app now because it’s just fun to use (maybe I’m just a nerd). They even have Wikipedia break downs of wind, precipitation, moon phases, etc! It’s fascinating. The day and hourly breakdowns are really nicely executed as well and I love seeing the temperature graphs. Also, they give you much more in the entry level version than they did prior. Don’t change the layout, it’s fantastic.

- Weather kills...

Finally a weather app that does everything you need, does it accurately, and actually keeps the watch updated without having to open anything. There’s more information on the watch than I really need which is pretty good, cuz it’s there if I want it without having to hunt for it. I tried a bunch before trying Carrot. I always ended up getting a refund they were so lousy. None of them were very accurate, or they drained my battery as fast as it could. One required location services on always or it wouldn’t even load. Insane. Location services sitting in my living room?? If I don’t travel who cares?? I’m not a fan of subscription services but for what you get with carrot it was worth it to me. The snarky comments are entertaining, and the layout is easy to read & visually pleasing. The layout isn’t overly bogged down with page after page of charts, maps, and other junk. Simple & straightforward with nice little surprises showing up in the artwork. Customer service gives quick friendly responses, without making you feel like a dummy for asking. I really like this weather app better than any other.

- Weather with attitude

I have evaluated countless weather apps looking for exactly the right combination of accuracy, essential features and visual organization. Carrot comes very close to my ideal. The “snark” factor is amusing and unique and, while others will no-doubt continue to use it, I moved beyond it pretty quickly and just use the “boring” mode! Carrot is extremely well thought out, with current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts arranged in a smart and very readable layout. I love being able to switch between Dark Sky and Wunderground weather sources with a tap, and quick access to the radar map is a real plus. The only other weather app that has this combination of features and design smarts is BeWeather (another excellent weather app), and it’s a real horse race between the two. What disappoints me about Carrot and keeps it from being a 5-Star app is the conspicuous lack of baked-in notifications. To get severe weather alerts on your iPhone, you must purchase a separate app for your Mac and then have the two devices talk to each other via iCloud. Way too many steps and $$ for something that is the de facto standard in most other first-rate weather apps. I really hope the Carrotians will re-consider this approach. That would garner 5 stars from me and a renewal of my subscription.

- Doesn’t Live up to Price

It has not been very accurate when it comes to rain amount or times - one time was predicting less than 10% chance of rain, despite tv weather report to the contrary...downloaded 4 free apps just to compare (weather channel, accuweather, weather bug, weather underground), and Carrot Weather was the anomaly in forecast...and it was incorrect. (Developer response: “Not every weather data source can be accurate in every corner of the world. That’s why I took the trouble to incorporate a bunch of additional weather data sources in the app.” But the issue is that whatever sources in use don’t seem to be connecting to the summary page. Example: today it’s been storming outside. The radar map in the app even shows it, but the chance of precipitation on the summary page at the same time says 0%.) Also don’t like that I paid for this app and I don’t get notifications. Hell, even Candy Crush has notifications. (Revision after developer response - yes, they do have notifications. I stand corrected. But after paying for the app, you’d have to pay more to be a premium member to get the basic function of notifications.) Future radar would be helpful too. Maybe I just don’t understand radar, but I don’t want to see where a storm has been (rather, where it’s anticipated to go and what time the worst part of the storm is expected to pass through).

- Needs Better Radar

Just starting to get acquainted with the app, but it’s going well so far. It’s highly configurable, which I enjoy and makes a lot of sense because everyone is looking to get something a little different out of a weather app. Trying to please everyone is never a recipe for a great product, but Carrot includes a lot of options and features with a UI that focuses on what’s important. So kudos for that. One of the main things that drew me to this app was the developer’s promise not to sell user data. I live in Oklahoma, so I mainly rely on weather apps from local news stations, since weather is regularly a matter of life and death here and local sources are the most reliable and knowledgeable here. But I’d be shocked if those stations are not tracking users and selling data. I can’t switch entirely to Carrot yet though because the radar resolution in Carrot is terrible. Half the time I can’t even recognize a hook echo that’s clearly visible on News 9’s radar map. It would also be nice if there were more frames in the radar animation, but that’s not a huge deal. So, to the developer, I don’t know if you can get a higher resolution radar source, but that’s going to be a requirement from me before I’ll subscribe, because without it I can’t completely give up other apps.

- THE Best Weather App

Out of all the weather apps that I have tried over the years, this one has proven itself to be the best one. This latest version (5.0) allows for the customization and display of a LOT of weather data, which I really like more than anything, and its functionality is absolutely stellar. The syncing that it performs across all devices is very, very good overall! The AI does put out some snarks that literally FORCE me to poke the daylights out of its eye (i.e. “You’re not supposed to say that!!!!!”), to which it continues to call me and everyone else MEATBAGS (nooooo we are not!!!; LOL). All in all, the great functionality, usefulness of data, and its humor causes me to continue using it consistently over the past several years! Also, given its features, this is one of the few apps out here where I can say that the subscription pricing is well worth it. Keep up the great work, makers of CARROTweather!! And, if you keep on saying stuff that you aren’t supposed to say, or call me something that I don’t like, I’ll continue to poke the daylights out of your eye (LOL)....

- Had to update my review after the app update

Update: after the update I did try the restore twice and nothing changed. Hence my previous review. After the developer’s response I tried the restore button once more and got the radar map back which satisfies my previous annoyance at the update. Previously it would just show the map without allowing me to zoom in on my location. That seems to be working now so I’m updating my review. Used to love this app. Bought the original $4.99 app so I could have it in my Apple Watch. The original one also had the radar map. (Which living in Florida is a must have with small storms popping up all the time.) After the update, you now have to have a premium subscription for watch complications AND to use the radar map. You updated it only to take away features and make me pay more for something I already had. Will be deleting it and going back to the weather channel app. Although I love the snarky sayings carrot had, it’s not worth paying a monthly subscription (after you already paid what most would consider a fairly high price for a weather app) for basic features other weather apps already have.

- Unbelievably customizable

From the iPhone app to the Apple Watch app the number of ways you can adjust this app to show just the data you want—and only the data you want—is amazing. And weather is one of those things that can bring out the geek in people, they want the info they want, and nothing else. I notice a few reviews don’t like the new look, but it looks fine to me, and the look is nowhere near as important as the customization. Some also don’t think the forecasts are that accurate where they live, but besides the fact that some geographic locations will be inherently less precise than others, Carrot gives you six different data sources to choose from (including Dark Sky) and even gives you two-click access to the NOAA page for your Zip if you want to see how it compares to what you’re seeing. No app is perfect, but one tap zoomable radar in motion, with multiple selectable data layers, on my Apple Watch is the kind of amazing sci-fi that makes living in the future pretty cool. Keep up the good work my man!

- Didn’t want to like Carrot-but how could I not?

I like to experience weather matter-of-factly. I find this a crucial component of checking weather when I’m scouting out best times in the year to vacation somewhere. My husband suggested I use Carrot to add some “flair” to my weather searches....I found this confusing mostly because...I don’t like change and was used to the layout on another “reliable” weather app that I won’t use by name......(the app rhymes with “Feather Flannel”), and lastly when my husband is right about something, a circuit shorts somewhere deep inside my body which gives me the overwhelming need to revolt. And besides, what could Carrot do to add “flair” to my weather check-in while in Hawaii for sunny days to stay and lay by the pool, or what day I should schedule my trip to the local outdoor mall? The first time Carrot Told me she hoped I was impaled by flying debris on a windy day at home though, I fell in love.......AND she’s ALWAYS ACCURATE....needless to say, I deleted the “Feather Flannel” app and spend my time with Carrot. Daily. ♥️♥️♥️

- Not worth your time or money

$30 every YEAR?! It’s a fun app and I like the widgets but I already paid $5 for the app and now you want me to pay ANOTHER $30 annually to unlock all the features? No thank you. I bought this app years ago, it was funny but it didn’t offer any better weather data than the other free apps I had and $5 for data that other apps gave free felt like a small rip off. I’d give it 4 stars back then, it was good but the free options were better. When the widgets came out, I was super excited to see CARROT really go all in. I was finally excited to see a feature both unique AND useful from CARROT. But now it feels like they’re milking me for every last cent and their “extra” features should be free to begin with. Stuff like background refresh and weather widgets are free on other apps. I like the design of CARROT but it’s not worth a $5 app AND a $30 subscription. I understand that people worked hard on this app, but make the app itself free and offer a $3 annual subscription fee for background refresh and unlocked widgets. I don’t mind ads or subscription-only features, but I cannot stand paying for an app only to realize I ALSO need to pay for a subscription before I can use the app like other weather apps.

- A weather app like no other

Forget and set aside your previous expectations of what a quality weather app may be. Carrot Weather app is unique in itself, and for good reason! Yes, this application provides accurate forecasting as well as live weather updates upon request. But this app is so, so much more. This application and it’s humorous User-Interface reset the paradigm of weather-notification apps - bringing with it a level of immersion never seen before. Carrot weather app is accurate, but moreso ever notification pushed to you will at least have you smirking in its comedy. I am constantly checking this weather app, not because I wish to know what the current state of weather is like (honestly I’ve never done this before), but just to see what tongue-in-cheek joke awaits me today. If you want a weather app, this app is for you. And if you just want an app to make you smile from time to time (while also giving you accurate weather data live) then this app is also for you.

- 5.oh no... but, actually... <3

At first I was skeptical of the 5.0 changes, but with the interface options and unlocked interface-maker changes I’m warming up to it with each passing day. I like that you can customize the type of forecast temp charts (vertical, horizontal, or boring list), very helpful for those who like visual representations of conditions at a glance rather than dry high/low°. I also like that you can adjust the chart heights from the default way to large all the way to ‘small.” Basically every element has more information via 3D/Haptic Touch, most data grids can be customized with more or less info. For longtime fans of Carrot Weather you may find new things to love with a little tinkering. Widget options are a bit limited for the non-premium or legacy-premium crowd, but you’re free to have as many weather apps on your iOS device as storage will allow, so go wild and install a few. Or, you know, feed the carrot a few measly dollars a month meatbag!

- The best just got better

Version 5 is insanely cool. I’ve always used CARROT because of the customization features, and V5 takes that to a whole new level. You can design your own weather app from the ground up. There’s nothing you can’t change. It’s awesome. I see some people mentioning that the new update took features away that they paid for before the new update switched to a subscription model, but that’s not the case for me. I have everything I should, so don’t be afraid to update. There were some bad bugs at launch, but support heard me out and fixed them in just a few days which is much appreciated. CARROT is now without a doubt the best weather app, full stop. If there’s something you don’t like, you can change it. If you don’t like the source, you can change it. You’ll have to pay a premium for the full capabilities, so it just comes down to how much of a weather nerd you are.

- Surprised at what you get for $4.99

This app is executed very well. It’s extremely well done; the graphics are great, and the app works perfectly. Unfortunately, I paid $4.99 for the app and then found that most of the features I wanted require a subscription. To be fair, the App Store description does tell you what things require an in-app purchase - so it is partially my fault for not reading through the App Store details before purchase. With that said, I was still disappointed to find that most of the features I wanted required a paid subscription (referred to as a “tier”). For example, the Carrot widgets that are included with the app purchase give you no more capability than Apple’s built in weather widget. If you want a widget with a weekly outlook, it requires a tier 1 subscription. I was also surprised that weather notifications required a tier subscription. To be clear, Carrot is not hiding what is included with the app and what requires a subscription, but you need to read through the App Store description in DETAIL, or you may be surprised. For a $4.99 app, I expected much more.

- Upgrade is a big change, and I am not sure it’s all for the better

I’ve been a user of this app for years and I have really enjoyed using it. As the dev themselves state, this new upgrade is a total change. It is really not the same app at all and several things about it seem like a step backward. For one thing, I keep getting rate limit notices stating that I can’t update the weather or check another location without buying a premium subscription; I have NEVER seen that message before upgrading to this version. Also, the updated version makes (in my opinion) odd use of the screen on the iPad. The very nice graphics are centered in the screen with what strikes me as a very odd sidebar implementation that you have to open in order to change locations. It also seems that widgets are now a paid-only feature, which they were not on the previous version. Change is never easy, and I am open to the idea that I may grow to love this version, but at the moment if feels like I lost something better than what I just got.

- Awesome App

The design is beautiful, the app on iPhone X in particular really shines. I love the way the graph visualizes temp and precipitation. The snarky robot concept is funny and the ability to fine tune it’s personality and politics is ingenious. The ability to look backwards in time at weather is also something I’ve always wanted from a weather app. There are a lot of other little touches that you should discover yourself. A couple of things that could be better are the tiny font on the widget (which I use daily to quickly check weather at a glance). It’s really, really tiny. Almost unreadable. Precipitation notifications are pretty clunky too and have to be pushed from the mac app ($). There is also a subscription for access to a few extras including watch complication customization, which is a little annoying after paying 5 bucks. Overall, spectacular app for something as simple as weather. Lots of great features, personality, amazing design, and updates.

- The best weather app around!

I love this app so much! It’s clean, efficient, and gives you data that most weather apps hide. For a small fee of $15 a year I get constantly live data pushed to my apple watch. This is incredibly important to me because of how much I travel and because my business is effected by the weather greatly. The snarky overkill remarks brighten my day and give a good laugh. The developer goes above and beyond to bring you one of the greatest weather apps in the entire universe. So much so, I tipped the developer and will do again if the app continues to improve. Think of it as one of your onlyfans subscriptions but instead of hot nudes you get hot weather info pushed to your phone instantly! Now thinking of that just get me started. It’s really an explosion of information and customization in a complete package. Grab your tissues and socks cause you’ll need them.

- Pretty nice, but...

After looking for a powerful, accurate, and stylish weather app for years, I thought my search had finally come to an end when I found Carrot. While it is certainly all of those things, with an added layer of snarky charm to boot, it’s also another thing: expensive. $5 is a rather high price to ask for a weather app, but I figured it would be more than worth it for all the countless hours of use I’d receive in return, what I didn’t expect is that this weather app asks requires a monthly/yearly fee to access most of its features. I’ve seen apps that cost money to buy, and I’ve seen apps that have subscription fees, but it’s rare to see one that asks for both, let alone a weather app. One of the main reasons I purchased Carrot was to use the widget, but that, along with other important features like notifications, are locked behind the second paywall. There are plenty of other weather apps that require no such payment, and I will be using one of them instead.

- Love app but too expensive to buy any frills!

Have only had the Carrot app and been using it for 3 days. So far I like it, it’s easy to navigate and the greetings are freaking hilarious, however the basic app purchase only gives you “the bare basics”. To even receive any weather WARNINGS for your area - sorry folks yada-yada-yada, it’s going to cost your pocketbooks upwards of up to $100* plus tax, and a yearly membership. *based on the $9.99 per month Tier 3 account. Sure, there’s a mid-range Tier 2 model with a few bells and a few whistles, but I just refuse to believe the App Developer’s responses you other people’s reviews that “it’s expensive for server upkeep”. I’ve purchased several apps, over the last 10 years and once I purchased those apps, then all the app access is available for use, not cherry-picking the fun bits and charging monthly/yearly subscription fees for. I’ll gladly keep using Carrot, but I’ll keep my Weather Channel app for my warning alerts.

- Fancy but feeds very inaccurate

App looks and runs great, been a premium member a couple years. My main issue is that the feeds are horribly in accurate, I don’t know if they just want me to pay more for better information or what. There’s literally 8-10 inches snow being called on every weather source I check right now, but carrot says 0% chance of precipitation. There’s even a winter weather warning in the carrot app for snow but it still says 0% chance of snow. This happens constantly, this apps feeds are very bad, it’s usually wrong, even about the current moment not even just forecasts. I’m done paying, going to try another app, this one was just nice looking on the watch but not worth it when it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. If you like shiny things that have no functionality, buy this app, if you want a somewhat accurate forecast, get something else. I promise all the 5star ratings are from people who only care about cosmetics when it comes to apps, which is fine but not for me.

- From 5 stars to 3, as a premium subscriber.

And as of May 13th 2018 now one star as still keeps randomly freezing on series 3 Watch. No matter how many times I reset, reinstall reboot watch and phone. Feedback I get from customer support is that is strange. Love this app and am also an ultra premium subscriber. Works great on phone but not watch. 1 star rating because of Customer support response and not getting what I paid for. Hopefully the developers will listen now. ————————— Because on iPhone 7 Plus widget... it often crashes with no update--- just blank space. Since the widget is there for the sole reason to be instant- this is ridiculous. Many people have complained yet no fix. The second star docked is due to inaccuracy of weather occasionally. By about 7-8 degrees Fahrenheit quite often. It then corrects itself shortly after but not until I have found the accurate temp by going outside and also checking with Weathermate. No app can beat Carrot's aesthetics in my opinion. Nor the ease of use with the great detail available. Not to mention the snark. But as a premium subscriber I deserve better.

- So Much Snark

This is my favorite weather app by far. I love the snarky comments when I check the weather each morning. The weather sources this app uses are accurate as well. At first I thought the app was a little expensive for just telling the weather. After I used it I could definitely see why it was worth the asking price and have recommended it to all my friends. I was super bummed when I ran into an issue with CARROT’s snarky personality not showing up in a recent phone upgrade. That’s the best part of the app! I never do this but I figured I’d send a bug report and email to help fix my problem. The developer was quick to respond and through multiple emails, was able to fix the issue. I highly recommend this weather app not only for the snarky comments and accuracy, but for the outstanding support from the developer!

- Changing my review

After the last update (I’ve had the app for 2 years now), I’m unable to use it on my phone or watch. All I get is the continuous loading app. I emailed the developer and was told it the problem was known and was fixed in a beta and I would get emailed a link to download the working beta. Never received that and my app has been stuck for a month without being able to fully use it or even make use of the newest stuff in the last update. At least I still get temp data points showing on my Apple Watch complication. The widget shows all “0” and the app won’t load on phone or watch. It’s been a month, if there’s a known issue, push out an update to fix it. Oh yeah, I’m also an “Ultra Premium Club” member and have lost a month’s functionality of something I paid for. I will be emailing the developers about getting some sort of compensation for that. I’ll update here about responsiveness and their willingness to support people that pay for extra services and don’t receive them.

- Too Funny!!

I used to love this app! Read further down for update. Not only do you get accurate weather information but it swears at you at the same time. Now if they would just keep making Missions! Or you could hire me to do this really fun part of the app! I need more Missions ##%*^€£¥. Thanks Update: Okay back again with additional review......I love the nasty humor but I don’t like the political satire! I hear the SH**T all day long on tv and I really don’t want to hear a slanted view of anything political! There’s lots to choose from to have a nasty humorous comment which I love. The way it is now I’m considering deleting the app. It’s so sad as there’s so much that could be humorous other then taking a political side, that you think is funny. I spent a significant amount of money for this app, maybe you’ll consider trying to make everyone happy. More missions please!

- Garbage

Got tired of the weather underground app complication not updating, and main screen inaccuracy on Apple Watch 4. So I got this app. This app is worse. Complications don’t update, main screen weather is inaccurate. It doesn’t even match the main app on the phone. However, if you have the watch main app open and then open the phone app, it will sync with the watch and they then will show the same, which is still inaccurate weather. Set up my weather station on PWS weather for this app to pick up. Weather is still inaccurate and doesn’t match my station’s weather by a long shot. If you want your weather app to respond to you with stupid comments then I guess this app is for you. If you want accurate weather and Apple Watch updates, move on. Update: Hmmm, Yes I have Tier 2 Premium supscription. I have uninstalled and installed phone and watch app several times, checked all settings and sync dozens of times. Reviews here and online show many with same/similar problem. I will not be sending "log" information to you. Should not be this convoluted.

- v5.0.2 lets you restore paid widget functionality – not sure about updated UI

I did originally try the “Restore” feature at v5.0 launch, but it didn’t fully recognize me as a paid user of the previous paid version. I wouldn’t have thought to try it again until I read a developer response to another review – going thru the “Restore” ceremony again under v5.0.2 finally worked, allowing me to use widgets and other paid features again. I’m still on the fence about the UI changes – first impression is that it’s less useful than before, and the app takes noticeably longer to show me weather info. (I think it’s a mistake to reduce the default forecast to the next 24 hours – most people aren’t going to play with the customization options to get the 72 hour forecast option back, so that first impression of “less useful” will stick with them.) So far I do like the updated widget look. I miss the fanciful scrolling scenery above the forecast data.

- Cards against humanity & a weather app walk into a bar...

If the Carrot weather app’s ocular sensor was single, I’d say I found my perfect match. Where i live, tornado watches , and warnings are very common through out the year. They close the entire city at the threat of snow. Due to the history of deadly tornados here, the weather stations here tend to go way over board if it even mist rain. Carrot not only gives me an accurate, up to date weather forecast with the beautiful DarkSky powering its ocular sensor- including any warnings for my location- it does so in the best possible way. It calls me a meat bag ,it cuts out my mortal enemies hearts and mails it to me in the post. It gives me funny animation and creative insults that have yet to fail at making me stop for a second and laugh daily. Carrot is my dream weather app. It's like the weather played cards against humanity and won.

- Big changes with 5.0

I have used Carrot for years. I have recommended it to many people and likely will continue to do so. As much as I was looking forward to 5.0, though, it does not match the simplicity and efficient functionality of 4.0 which was truly something special. The new customization options are okay but honestly a bit overwhelming, even for someone with a tech background - I am not a meteorologist and do not need all of this data. The data itself is not presented in a concise manner as it was before either. I miss just tapping on a timepoint in 4.0 and having the UI beautifully show me the pertinent data right there. Now additional data is still shown by a tap, just in a more sterile page away from the app’s normal UI. Hopefully future iterations will streamline the app and make it more beautiful as it once was. Regardless I will still be using it, remembering when it was simpler and had a more efficient design.

- Crashes after update.

Final update: Developer has been responding promptly and we’ve managed to get all of my data restored. Back to happy! The update this morning killed my weather. Please fix. Update: the follow-up patch did the trick but I lost my Streaker progress even though I checked in with my Carrot app on my backup phone. Sadly this bothers me enough to drop a star. On the bright side, keep up the great work. I love the achievements and secret locations (I was caught up before this update). Latest update: Dev was responsive to begin with and sent me a Test Flight invitation so I’d be able to restore my streak with a command line entry. This somewhat worked as (for whatever reason I can’t imagine) there’s a limit of 300 days when you restore a streak. I was told this would be removed in the next build released, which it wasn’t and still hasn’t been. Dev is no longer responding to emails. Having resigned to the data loss, I deleted the test flight version and went back to the production release. Even though I restored from a backup on my backup iPhone, I lost MORE data (six weather conditions and 40% of the 30 different locations, whatever that maths out to). Guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope no future updates break my streak again.

- New update locks away previously available features behind a subscription paywall.

Updating my rating thanks to the developers providing a way to get the functionality back for users who had purchased the app when it was a paid app. Original review left below for context. Rather than releasing a new version of carrot weather in the App Store that was subscription based, Carrot instead decided to limit the functionality and feature set many of us already paid for and instead lock them behind a paid subscription model. Really don’t appreciate finding this out when my widget (a feature only recently added) tells me I need to pay for functionality that was available moments earlier. Back to stock Weather for the time being I guess.

- Cute, but pronunciation stinks, kind of a gimmick

Ok, so first things first, if you already have Dark Sky you can skip Carrot. Yeah, you get a bit more detail per hour in Carrot, but you seem to lose out on the geographic context. Dark Sky gives you messages like “Nearest precip is 27 miles to the West” so that you don’t have to look at the map. I haven’t seen that yet from Carrot, maybe it’s there, don’t know. Maybe the forecasts get better with the Premium upgrade (and FYI, if you do, it costs you even more to use it on your watch) so that you can use Weather Underground as a source, but I don’t know, I was about to give the upgrade a try when I found out that Carrot can’t has lousy pronunciation. Every time you open Carrot it gives you a snarky phrase. They’re canned, that’s ok because there seem to be a ton of them, but it’s really disappointing to hear that no one listened to them all before publishing the app. About 5% of the phrases I’ve heard have some sort of text-to-speech error in them. Part of the gimmick here is people around you hearing what Carrot says, and when you get one with an error, it’s just embarrassing. I’m going to keep Carrot around for a while but I’m not ready to spring for the subscription. I just don’t see the benefit as of now. Maybe if you gave a 3 day trial of the premium features or something like that. If they really are better, that could sell a lot of people.

- Weather...with a chance of quirky!

I really do like the simplicity of this app, but also the fun little things that are said about the weather. It's not extremely different from the native weather app, but it's got a little hint of originality that makes seeing the weather for the day, fun! The extra places that you get the "weather" for is also nice, it makes it sort of game like so you not only want to see the weather, you want to see the weather on the moon and other pop culture "planets". Yes, the fact that you have to pay for something that comes native on the phone is sort of a bummer, but you'll soon forget that when you're using this eccentric weather app! One negative though, I downloaded it onto my iPad mini and it doesn't have any difference, yet in the description it says that there are differences between the iPad/iPhone version...? Still wonder what they are.

- Carrot is no ordinary weather app - it is a killer one!!

While Carrot is known to be just another normal weather app, this one throws in snarky, funny commentary about the weather, politics, and everywhere in between. The app even speaks to you in a serious or friendly voice, which I found interesting. However, even jokes and funny commentary can’t liven up the other points of the app, which include the subscriptions and other options, such as notifications and achievements. But still, checking the weather and hearing a good, quirky joke from Carrot herself sounds like fun. I find this app to be a quite useful resource, and I will continue to use it forever (until I switch to another weather app)! One more thing: ignore Carrot’s expletive-laden comments if you set her friendliness option very high. It might be funny, but she can mean serious stuff (I am not even kidding!)...

- Love the Layout But Some Bugs

So, I’ve been using this app for a while now. I like the layout, the widget, the graphics, etc. But, there are some weird things with it. For example, when you open up the app, the current temp is completely off from the temp you see in the hour by hour portion. Today, right now, the current temp for 1PM is showing as 40. But, in the hour-by-hour section, it shows the temp being 31 at 1PM. Also, the different weather sources can be wildly different and even the one labeled as most accurate isn’t accurate when it snows. We just had 5-6 inches of snow one day early this week and the not only were the totals showing .32 inches instead of 5-6, but multiple sources were also way off, except for one that was the closest. I’ve noticed that the NWS here is by far the most accurate, but that’s not a source we can select. I’m hoping that a future release will include this as a source.

- Great developer

UPDATE: With new functionality and real time weather alerts, this hands down the absolute best weather app for iPhone. Is it worth the price? If you live in an area where severe T-Storms and tornadoes strike suddenly, the fully customizable real time weather alerts alone are well worth the cost of this service, those can literally be a life saver! The new BETA version also allows you to set up real-time weather alerts (rain, snow, T-Storm, hurricane, etc) on multiple cities beyond your current location. This has open for me the option of monitoring dangerous weather conditions for the city where my parents and my children live so I can keep them safe! If you are a weather geek, or simply want/need to be informed of changing weather conditions in real-time, this app is certainly the one for you!

- Great app

I absolutely love this app, it’s my go to app and is slowly replacing Dark Sky as my only weather app on my iPhone besides the built in stock app. Only hope the radar is and soon will be more detailed and smoother along with the maps. I highly recommend CARROT WEATHER, it’s totally worth the price and subscription as I’m an Ultra-Premium subscriber. Great job on the last update. Top notch app and very clever wit. I love it, keep up the great work! Update...I really love this app but it really needs precipitation notifications and if it doesn’t get an update with it very soon I’m deleting this app and sticking with Dark Sky as my go to app even though I plunked down $9.99 for the ultra premium service. After all we’re pay top notch prices for this app for features that are already on free apps. AT LEAST GIVE US PRECIPITATION NOTIFICATIONS CARROT⁵!!!

- What you need

Carrot weather does one thing and it does this one thing exceptionally well. It takes large amounts of data and puts it into and easy to read interface that is amusing, insightful, and thorough. The Carrot bot is hilarious, and the whole interface is easy to use. It offers much more data than the stock weather app for iPhones, and is a lot simpler than just about every single other weather app. I’ve loved this app and I’m so happy that I’ve finally found the “perfect weather app” that pairs well with my iPhone and Apple Watch. I know a lot of people will be torn that you have to pay extra for some features but for anyone that needs to know the weather for their job or just likes to be up to date on the weather, this is the app to get, and it is well worth the price.

- New Fave App, but....

***UPDATE: I got it figured out! I I hit “Synchronize” twice and when it didn’t update after 20-30 mins, I rebooted both the watch and the phone and put the watch on the charger overnight; now it’s working as it should! I just recently discovered CARROT⁵ after a brief stint with Dark Sky, and I love it! I have the personality on Overkill and I find myself checking my watch more and more, just to see what over-the-top, foul thing it’s saying now! Haha! For the most part, the weather/forecast has been pretty accurate. The one issue I’ve noticed is with Apple Watch complication for the “large slot.” I have it set to Snarky, but it just says “Rain for Hour...” even though it’s not raining and hasn’t been raining. The temp is correct, but the snark/condition is wrong and does not change.

- Amazing!

I am so happy I came back to this app. I’ve been using the stock weather app and Storm radar. I was ok with it but not happy. This new update is perfect! I’ve never really liked the AI in carrot weather so I turned it off right away. But the customization is awesome!! It doesn’t feel half baked. When you set your layout, it feels like it was designed that way. The little features are amazing too. Seriously, you need to look deep in the settings for some awesome little features like the zoom level on the radar. This is one thing I would like to see changed. I would like to see maybe a county level zoom. State seems to be slightly to zoomed out and city is too close. Or maybe a custom zoom level you can adjust. But that’s it. Everything else is truly perfect! Great job!

- Best weather app on the market

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an app, but I had to share with the world just how accurate this app is. It’s worth every cent folks, you will not find a more accurate weather app out there. Is it quirky? Yes. Is it trendy? Yes. Is it nerdy? Oh yeah. Pay for the different tiers they offer - the information you get is amazing. Today there was a thunderstorm one mile away from me and the app told me I wouldn’t get any rain. So, we packed up and had a picnic at the local park. We had sunshine the entire time and watched the thunderstorm cruise on by just north of us. The accuracy is unlike any other. Quit wasting your time with dark sky, weather underground, weather channel, etc. buy this app now and enjoy the features. Be prepared to nerd out with some weather!

- I wanted to like this app

I’ve had this app for over two years. One of the main reasons I had for getting this app over others was the excellent Apple Watch complication. However, the lack of accuracy in weather forecasting makes the speed, stability, and nice aesthetics rather pointless considering weather forecasting is the main purpose of this application. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and this app has failed way too many times to successfully forecast rain and other weather events. I know you can change the weather data sources, but that costs even more money on top of all of the additional money it costs to get the features I want (after I already paid for the app itself). Perhaps if the base cost of simply buying the app wasn’t so steep this review would have been a little different. But for now I cannot justify the cost of this app any longer after its record of unreliability.

- Top Weather App & Great Developers

I’ve tried a ton of apps for my fleet of Apple devices. This developer is easily one of the best I’ve seen. The FAQ for their app is full of terrific information about the app. They are honest and upfront about everything inside their optional subscriptions. The cuteness throughout the app adds a human element you hardly get from software. The #1 feature in my book is the customization of the Apple Watch complications. Brilliant! This one feature is worth the asking price to get great data on my watch. It’s a major upgrade over the default weather app. The $4.99 a year subscription is well worth it to have it update reliably and it’s customizable!!!! Thank you for all of your attention to detail. This app isn’t just great software, it’s a piece of art.

- Eesh. Update killed the beautiful UI.

I'm pretty sad to let this app go after using it since it released so many years ago, but yikes. Visually, the new design is full of very mediocre decision making. Lots of awkward white space, poor contrast, harsh color clashes, and overall something that feels like a very clumsy utilization of a phone screen. And the dark theme is now one of those that goes for "actually black" rather than dark gray, which only emphasizes the problems above... I'm very doubtful that any of these issues will ever be addressed, regardless of whatever empty Developer Response™ may come. Perhaps, a few years down the line, as yet another feature restricted behind the $30/year membership. UPDATE: Spent some additional time messing with the interface customization options. Well, it is absolutely mind blowing to me that anyone could think this is a visual upgrade, especially after looking at screenshots of the old app. Complete bummer.

- Love it, but can still be improved

Overall, it’s a great app. But there is one thing that really should be added. The main screen is an hourly graph with daily summaries of highs and lows with some additional information listed on the bottom. There, however, is no daily graph which should be added. It would be essentially the same design as the hourly graph, but, you know, daily. It wouldn’t provide any extra information than before. It would simply show the same information in a more visual fashion . This could be accessed through swiping up on the daily summary or something else. Also, you should be able to display a wider range of data. I don’t like to have to choose between knowing wind speed and precipitation accumulation

- TOTAL CRAP since 5.0 update

I’m beyond disappointed with this move to a subscription only model. Let me be clear this app is 100% useless without paying a monthly subscription. Once the best and MOST accurate weather app on the market now just a crap weather feed that continually reminds you to buy a subscription. No widgets for your Home Screen without paying every month, also a less accurate weather feed source as default because of course you can only pick a more accurate source if you pay monthly. Everyone needs to delete immediately. I don’t mind paying for quality apps and would happily pay to upgrade every few years but I refuse to pay a monthly fee just for the privilege of using an app especially $5 a month for a single user when the weather data is provided by other services/servers. I mean come on, I pay .99 a month for 50gb of cloud storage but that’s as close as I will get to subscriptions. So very disappointed.

- Subscription after purchasing limited app

Back when I first got the app, I enjoyed it. Weather really had a personality and a lot of cute little details. A year or so later, the charm is gone and the app feels really barebones. Dark Sky costs about the same price and you get a lot more. No subscription for notifications for one. You have to pay for a subscription to get severe weather alerts from CARROT when all of the other free apps do that. I get it’s all ad-free, but this app doesn’t have much going for it besides the “mascot”. I love the personality in this app don’t get me wrong, there’s just no good features when paying for this app for the first time. If the app was free with a subscription model, this would be different. If this app included actual good features like Radarscope at first, this would also be different. I don’t see these things changing, so this app won’t be stinking around for much longer for me.

- Heads Up Before Buying:

I finally caved in and purchased Carrot weather a couple of weeks ago and I was pretty excited to hear what this AI would say. However once I purchased it, the app prompted me to purchase a premium club tier. You have two purchase options, monthly or yearly and three club tier options. The prices range from .99-$8 a month or $6.99 to $30 a year. I should have read the details towards the bottom where it mentions the features you get based on the tier but long story short I didn’t and one of the most basic features that all of my previous weather apps (some were free one was not) was the ability to automatically update the weather on the widget app. You have to click on it and open the app in order for it to update. Same thing goes for the app on my Apple Watch. If you want to update the weather, you have to open it first. I also have never had to purchase an app and then purchase a monthly/yearly subscription in order to utilize the app to its full potential but now I know they’re out there and hopefully you do too. Side-note: The only thing you really get with the “free tier” is being able to have the AI talk to you when you open the app. If you’re not interested in the yearly or monthly subscription you’re better off using a different weather app and saving your money.

- What’s the point?

As far as I can tell, the biggest “feature” of this app is that it’s snarky and/or insulting. If that was what I was interested in, then this would be a solid 4-star review, maybe 5. Other than that, the design is cute and creative, but it doesn’t actually give you any more (or even as much) information than any other app. I was drawn-in by the promise of multiple data sources, but the way it’s implemented is clunky and slow. My hope was to have a way to compare sources side-by-side, or even back-to-back, but no dice. I even paid for the premium subscription to see if there was something I was missing. Super potential turned into super fail - super sad. There is one thing they did well though: the rain graph. This seems to be the only app that realizes that the amount of rain is more important than the chance of rain. The way they display this is quite useful, though I think it might be even further improved by adding a line on the graph for percentage in addition to the text. My recommendation for the devs: spin-off the “where in the world” feature into its own game (it might be good enough to charge for!) and focus on the weather. Add some stuff that’s weather-related (like dew point, UV index, air quality, etc.). Keep or kill the snarky bot (it brings no real value), but figuring out a way to overlay or quick-compare sources would make a /really/ killer app.

- iPhone app is fine, watch app isn’t

I mainly got this app for the watch complication. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that the complication doesn’t update itself enough to be useful. For example, I’ll often find the complication insisting it is sunny out when it has actually been dark out for 6+ hours. I understand there is a premium membership subscription that would provide more frequent complication updates, but I feel like the basic complication should at least be usable. Displaying 6+ hour old information seems unacceptable to me. The Watch app itself is pretty good when it works. It can display a lot of information, which I appreciate. Unfortunately, I’ve found that it becomes completely unresponsive every so often, requiring a force quit. I also had a problem where it would crash on launch every time. Deleting and reinstalling the app fixed this problem. I have not had as many problems with the iPhone app. It’s laid out well, and I’ve found that the forecasts are usually pretty good for my area. I like that the AI can be customized, and the secret locations are a fun distraction. The achievements can also be fun (Except the ones that require you to purchase other apps.) Overall, I’m mostly disappointed with my purchase. I wanted a reliable weather app for my watch, but this was not it.

- Not just the attitude, greedy.

The carrot weather app shows a nice user interface with easy and nice looking controls over the information of the weather, allows the view of a map and clouds etc... Though it was not enough, the app was 5$ and it didn't give something more than just sarcasmic and sometimes even rude comments, I had disabled the personality function but felt that it's just an ordinary weather app. In the next hours I decided to refund it, alas I couldn't as the apple developers or the person who controls the refunds did not allow it. So I went along into using it since it does have an Apple watch app which is nice, then came the time where they turned subscription based, so all in all I've lost the 5$ that I wanted to refund in the first place and then to enable other features I'd have to pay more. I became to realise that the best app for the weather is the native weather app.

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- Fantastic application

This is without any doubts the best weather app ever, making also from the boring weather reporting a great fun. Designed with attention to details in both visual and operational aspects. Works incredibly well and supports a few weather data sources, so you can select one which reports on your local weather in the best way. The Apple watch complication is great, providing full snapshot on one screen (yes!) and details for the next days if you scroll down. I am not associated with developers of this app in any way, but being myself in software design for over two decades, I am usually very picky. This app earns in my opinion 10 points on the scale from 1 to 5! Well done!

- Best weather app

This really is a fantastic weather app - far more interesting than any other bland old weather app. It also has one of the best aesthetic designs. The quips carrot comes up with are pretty entertaining- and sometimes they are the first place I find out about news stories. My only gripe with this app is the levels of personality - while I don’t mind profanity, I only use Carrot at the ‘snarky’ level, because insults against family aren’t funny after your mother dies of cancer. It would be good to see a slight rearranging of the levels, or slightly more granularity on what to include and exclude.

- Eh...

Having paid $8 AUD for a weather app that promises to be great, has the reviews to back it up, I expected more out of the box. The Siri shortcuts are lacking detail, favouring ‘sass’ over actual weather information being read out to you, and also taking about triple the time to get the result back compared to Siri’s native report. All the good features are locked behind a subscription after already paying for the base app. I don’t begrudge developers wanting to be paid for their work. I begrudge paying for less functionality than a lot of free apps offer, with all the best stuff being behind a second level of paywall. So to get some decent functionality I went for the first tier subscription, and 3/4 of the useful stuff doesn’t work in Australia. What a waste of time and money this has been

- Funniest weather Ap blew me away

Never have I been so keen to check the weather forecast, multiple times a day. Whoever wrote this is definitely on something, possibly illegal and I wish they would share it around. A weather Ap that makes me laugh out loud. It has a few hidden little gems in there to have a bit of fun with just go looking around the Ap to find them. I highly recommend the Carrot Weather Ap. I have actually wasted a few hours on the couch playing around with the different setting and I regret none of it. Download it and have fun. You have been warned. Lol

- Great weather app and I love it

Love this weather app cause it’s genuinely funnny most of the time and also makes my day, even if the jokes are insults at me. I only wish the extra features of such a great weather app could be free (especially the data sources which needs premium). I would highly recommend if you want to make life more interesting and also if you have spare change hanging around in your account.

- great but the new update ruined it

this app was amazing and i absolutely loved the widget because it felt like the app was yelling at me and making funny comments, HOWEVER with the new update i need to subscribe and pay to i use the widget and i’m a student and broke so the fun has pretty much been taken away. The new look also is a little bit of a bummer i liked the older one better. Honestly the new update took away a lot of the fun as we now need to pay for a lot of it and i just don’t have the funds to do that. I obviously know that the developers need money but I already bought this app at $8 AUD i cant really spend more money on it

- App that you will always use!

I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but for me this is totally worth the price. Very accurate forecast and with other features such as finding hidden features of the world too. Educational and fun at the same time! It’s not one of those apps where you would just switch away after a week or so. I wish CARROT is a bit nicer to us though in terms of language.

- Absolutely incredible app

The best weather app I've ever used by miles! So anesthetically beautiful, amazing features and great technical design. The developers have achieved something very niche and unique with this app - it's the first weather app that I check in to several times a day for general enjoyment and to have a laugh (it's hilarious!) besides just for the weather. Love it - totally worth it! Thank you :)

- Excellent App!

This is the kind of app I am willing to spend money on, the subscriptions are well priced especially for premium but the Ultrapremium is a fair jump in price, it is justified though for the price to get all the data constantly. The app works seamlessly through devices, from the iPhone to iPad to the Watch and the TV. It’s very comedic and makes the weather very enjoyable adding challenges and achievements. Having access to Underground is great but a few more weather sources would be appreciated (e.g. AccuWeather) The only other feature I could recommend is rain prediction for Australia. But other than that, this is an outstanding app and well worth the price. Kind regards, Meatbag

- Excited for rejiggered v5!

I was literally just coming to pester the maker for more secret locations, but saw the new version sitting there waiting for me to download. Looking forward to the new changes (downloading now!). Love we don’t LOSE what we already had for being loyal, like most other apps. 😡 You are awesome. Keep up the good work.

- Expensive subscriptions

It’s not the fact that one app has a pricy subscription it’s that all apps are going this way. I understand developers need cash which I’m happy to pay handsomely for a one off fee but it’s these on going expenses in our lives that I’m willing to do without. Great app but I’m not paying for yet another $12ish per month subscription. A note to the developers - please don’t respond with your annual subscription rates. It’s the same thing but more of a surprise when the year turns around. Good luck with this as we head into the next GFC.

- What Did They DO??

I have used Carrot Weather for almost a year now on my iPhone and iPad – the best weather app I have ever used. Unfortunately they have recently updated the entire app which removes all its character and sparkle and made it look and feel like just any other weather app. It is extremely disappointing and sad that this change was made. I would hope that they quickly revert back to the original unique and fun design which would always get people talking.

- Amazing app!

This app has helped me so much! *cough cough* the snarkiness is the best! Quotes like: ‘it’s frakking windy’ or ‘guess what boys and girls? It’s windy!’ really just make me laugh. Please more secret locations... I’ve finished them all haha. I have the Apple Watch app as well and it’s so handy! It’s most definitely the best weather app that I’ve ever used and it’s definitely worth buying!!! Thanks CARROT!

- A weather app that wants to charge you $7 a month

It’s nice. However, you’re bombarded with “upgrade to premium” basically in every single window.. honestly, the more I use this app, the more likely I’m to think that the weather doesn’t exist unless I pay for premium. I can understand paying monthly subscriptions for weather if you’re for instance, a farmer, needing very detailed weather forecasts. Avoid the app until the developer reduces its spamming in the free version, or reduces the cost to something reasonable for personal weather usage.

- Beautiful update 5.0

Carrot Weather is that one app you know will always make you smile and do it’s job perfectly. There are few apps on AppStore that are top notch and Carrot is one of them. You can’t go wrong with it. Customisation, sources, updates, new features, communication of developer (Brian) - all is great. Wish you great success!

- Absolutely brilliant!!

This app is fantastic!!! It makes me laugh every day, I love the snarky comments, sometimes they are really hilarious. Everything about this is perfect! Thank you developers. Also enjoying the hidden locations game in it. Brilliant widget options too which is fun in the new ios14. Worth the premium price to me, what a great app.

- Not only fun and feisty - incredibly useful'

The fun hooks you, the feisty amuses you; but then you discover the settings and ways of viewing weather info are really useful. What weather is vs what it actually feels like is a brilliant option.

- New weather sources are welcome

The ability to use Wunderground as a source and draw from hundreds of local weather stations is very welcome. The new interface is as user friendly as always and one of the best apps for Apple Watch. The premium subscription is a little high compared to other apps, but worth it for the added features.

- Good but needs more accurate data sources

The app is very good overall with a few caveats. The data sources available are not accurate in Australia, I upgraded to use weather underground only to be told I had to upgrade to to top tier to use it because I have an Apple Watch. I would be very happy if The Australian Bureau of Meteorology data was available for local weather updates

- No good.

I bought this app originally because I liked how unique it was and that it made checking the weather fun. I especially liked the options for widgets on the Home Screen. But now with the new update you have to have a premium subscription to access most features and you can’t even get a widget on the Home Screen now without a premium subscription.. I paid $8 for the app and now I’m expected the start paying $15 month for features I already had beforehand.

- Battery?

I bought the app then paid for a subscription. I love the apps functionality and the ability to customise complications on the Apple Watch, but the app was a battery hog. My phone dropped from 100% to less than 80% after a couple of hours. Usually I still have more than 80% till after lunch. Unfortunately I had to delete the app.

- Few features missing

Love the layout and customisation of the app and it’s great to be able to choose WillyWeather as a source. However, there needs to be the option to have exact temperatures rather than rounding up and would also be nice to see weather details such as temp, wind, rain etc for the past 48 hours.

- Thanks for trying in Australia

I stopped using this app after seeing the abysmal accuracy is Australia. When I saw Carrot fixed the issue in the recent update I started using it again. Today, there has been cloud-free skies and bright sun, but Carrot says it has been pouring rain all day. Thanks for trying to fix the problems in Australia, but FAIL. Carrot sticks with telling me the *predicted* regardless of what it’s actually doing outside.

- Needs more flexibility

The options to choose from whether it’s hold or cold need to be given a greater choice the cold option is defaulted to highest under 10 but if your used to living in a hot country then under 18 feels cold. Also about right to me is just 26 why do I have to choose from 24-32 when temperatures 24 and 32 are greatly different?

- EXPENSIVE Premium Subscription Costs!!!

This is a great weather app. Clearly a lot...and I mean a lot of hard work and attention to detail has been well invested in CARROT Weather. However, in my personal opinion, the Premium subscription pricing is quite high and seems very expensive for many people. This is of course to the discretion of the owners and hard working developers of the beautiful and amazing app but for this kind of pricing...I would unfortunately have to give it a PASS for now until which time perhaps if and when a more REASONABLE pricing structure comes in. Nevertheless, a BIG THANK YOU to the developers here.

- Misleading pricing

As a weather app, it's fine. Pretty good actually. But most of the useful functionality (watch complications, source choices, etc) are hidden behind a subscription. This only becomes apparent after you have paid for fairly expensive initial installation price. Probably should be one or the other. I feel like I've been tricked.

- Strangely Location Limited

This would be a great 5-Star app for anyone living in the US, Canada or the UK as they appear to be the countries where all the features are available. However for someone in Australia who struggles with even remotely accurate weather details compared to local Meteorology data, it’s sadly missing. At least it makes me laugh occasionally.

- Excellent design, but flaky accuracy

I really love the design of this app. I have no issues from that perspective. But the accuracy of the weather readings themselves are often flaky. Right now it’s literally raining and the app shows 10% chance of rain! Unfortunately this happens a lot. Hence the best I can give it is a 3 stars - accuracy should be number 1.

- Inaccurate data - requires subscription to fix

The snark is not worth the money. Having already paid for the app to find inaccurate weather data (eg: hour by hour forecast shows lower temperature than the day’s forecast) and frankly boring and unfunny snark, I tried to fix the data sources to find the premium features hidden behind a paywall. No thanks, back to WillyWeather for me. Will delete this stupid app.

- Excellent weather for for travel

I travel a lot and started using Carrot weather to help me plan my days and stops at attractions to avoid being stuck with no plans on rainy days. Love it!

- I think it is a ripoff

I never write reviews, but I’m so upset about the latest update where their upgrade means that now you need to pay premium to use the widgets; the only reason I bought the application was the widget and since the last update it is saying that now I need premium, don’t get it, it is not worth it and it has the wrong forecast half of the time, I wish I could get my money back!

- Subscription Con

Paid for this app based on a review. You need to subscribe to receive weather notifications (extra $7 a year). I subscribed. Then discovered notifications are only available in 3 countries. Found this in the small print. Feel cheated and conned. Apps need to be transparent and upfront. I no longer wish to use this app. Currently requesting refund from Apple and will delete this app.

- Update 5.0 is the best yet!

An unbelievable amount of customisation to really make the app your own, plus even more snark from Carrot makes this easily the best purchase I’ve made on an app!

- Gives me a laugh every day

I’ve never thought a Weather app would make me laugh but Carrot does. It’s also better for longer range forecasts than BOM app

- Meh....not enough info for what I paid

No where near enough weather info for paying close to $8AUD. Not paying a monthly subscription just for a weather app. Especially not to get info that should really be included in the first place.

- Great app but...

This was my number 1 weather app....Until you made it subscription based and now you’ve changed it again,it stopped worked on my watch and I discovered you have made that a subscription also!!! SMH uninstalling now because I cannot justify paying for a weather app when there is 100 other free ones

- Finally Australian Data!

My go to app for weather now that they have an Australian only weather data source. Plus I love the cheeky robot Overlord thing they have going.

- Sassy weather

Carrot’s sassy comments are the best part about checking the weather. Plus, achievements and mini games are pretty awesome. Definitely worth the money.

- In app purchases beware!

I have seen lots of good stuff on this app and I thought that paying 7.99 AUD for it would unlock everything. However I was wrong. You will need to pay membership fees monthly / yearly to get the widgets and watch faces advertised. Wish I could get the watch widgets with the app purchase at least.

- Very good app

Should be able to change the look of the complication in the top left of the Siri watch face like you can on the modular infograph face

- Pretty, but often wrong

It’s a great app, but they need better data sources because the forecast—even the current weather—is often wrong. Says there’s no forecast rain today. 0%. Cloudy but warm. Sure. Except it’s raining AS I type this and it isn’t an isolated incident.

- Nailed it

Well you smashed it with this latest update. Why would you use any other weather app?

- I love it’s abusive nature!

Funny app that basically abuses you while fetching your weather. It’s a good laugh and has a nice interface and side games to play as well.

- Carrot is the b@$!h next door

Completely hilarious!! Carrot is like the unassuming neighbour who slips comments and opinions with the best poker face! I will say that the white loading screen is slightly annoying.

- Now requires a Premium subscription to use home screen widgets

Having had this application for years, now not being able to use even the most simple of home screen widgets without requiring a Premium purchase is disappointing. I’ll be moving off to a different weather app.

- Weather win!

Awesome app with accurate forecasting - I just wish they'd just update the secret locations more often.

- Accurate Weather plus Attitude

A breath of fresh air after some pretty dull apps. Awesome that Carrot was straight out of the gate with widgets and watch faces; a great app and team behind it

- Really Creepy

Maybe it’s just me, but I paid to unlock all 3 tiers in the app, and the things it spits out at me about having me killed, hiring assassins, saying things in my house are poisoned, mimicking donald trump’s sick rhethoric, are really not funny. I’m deleting it now. Even my friends I was sharing daily screenshot updates with are freaked out by it now.

- Took me a while, but I am coming to like this update

Okay it took me a while but I like this update now. I still am not a big fan of the colours but it is growing on me

- Don’t use in QLD, Australia

My house is ready to blow away, trees are blowing over, Weather alerts all over the news, radio and internet but nothing according to Carrot weather app. And it’s trying to be funny about Tom Hanks with Coronavirus. You are a weather app get the weather remotely close instead of trying to be funny.

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- Really in love with this app

I never thought looking up for the weather could be so entertaining. Definitively worth paying for

- Not worth the money

I just don’t understand the cost for this app of $6.99 in Canada and loads of positive reviews. I’m leaning to the idea most of them are just fake. The app is primitive, even in order to get notifications you need an additional purchase of subscription. What then costs $6.99? Just to check on weather manually? Hundreds of better apps may do it for free. There’s lots of similar and even better weather apps on the App Store, and much cheaper. Just a useless waste of money, will delete this after this review.

- The best

Finally, a good weather app + very fun. You Will look forward to check the weather.

- V5.0 is a downgrade, widget no longer available to paid users

According to CARROTT "If you purchased me before the release of v5.0 , then you get to keep ALL the features from the original paid up front version of the app FOREVER." Yet the v5.0 no longer allows non-premium users to add widget to their home screen. The above quote is a blatant lie.

- Don’t buy subscription

I gat tier 3, that cost 40$ an year. Premium support doesn’t work, radar +4 hours doesn’t work, rain or snow notifications doesn’t work. Support is not answering. I guess that option not working in Canada. But nobody told me about that. Don’t spend your money, don’t pay this developer.


Widget for home screen is now locked behind a pay wall. It wasn’t yesterday.. now i’m being forced to upgrade to premium just to get it back? HUGE SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. BUY GME INSTEAD

- Don’t Update to V5.0

Sigh. It’s been such a great run carrot. I’ve been using you for years and I’ve loved your wit and your widget. First thing I see after updating is I now have to subscribe for access to the widget. That’s what I get for not reading the update details too clearly I guess. Farewell meatbags

- So mad

I can’t believe u pieces of trash put the widgets I already had behind a monthly subscription. Terrible.

- No watch complications

I am shocked that you have to buy a SUBSCRIPTION to be able to have the Carrot app as a complication for my watch. This is the exact purpose for which I bought this app. There is absolutely no reason why having it as a watch face complication requires a monthly subscription, other than as a money grab by the developers. Shame on you, especially for not making this clear in the app description. Money down the drain. I feel robbed and cheated.

- 5.0 = Oh Hell No

Carrot has become a money sucking parasite and I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

- Update is a money grabber

I paid for lifetime Carrot Weather. With the new update I find that I no longer have access to some of the features I used to have without buying a monthly or yearly subscription. For example I was able to get maps before the upgrade to version 5 and now it is listed as “Premium”. The reason I bought a lifetime membership was so I would not be making monthly or yearly payments.

- The crazy-powerful weather and money sucking App

Ha, this used to be fun. But the constant reminders to premium sub by removing features. Make this already an expensive app a rip off. I am just going back to Ventusky for the better weather radar anyway.

- Used to be better

I paid for the app to get more features but I do not support subscription apps, it is just a greedy money grab IMHO. I also bought it to use with my watch, now everything has been changed and you have to pay for every little thing although I already paid for the app. Another one bites the dust, you guys all think you have the next best thing until the greed kicks in, then you end up losing more than you gain. I am not sure who suggested the update but I do not like it, it looks cheap and something a kid would do. I liked the other version better, how do I go back to it?

- Why do I have to go premium?

I love this app, I used it all the time. I liked the new widget feature and used it a lot for my weather look but also as a way to get to the app quickly. But now I have to buy premium to access my widget? I don’t think that’s very fair. I’ve been using this app for 2 years now, and I feel a little betrayed

- Fallen from grace

New look isn’t as good. The publisher is restricting features behind subscriptions, I don’t even care if I retain any features for having the app prior, this behaviour is an awful trend and should be avoided by consumers. Please avoid this app.

- You are not serious, are you?

Another $6.49/month for the widget feature? And you have even more subscription plans for more features? I don't think you are being serious. This is outrageous and very disappointing.

- Kinda sad really.

I paid for this app years ago. It was a great app back then, but now. It just feels money hungry. I understand the dev needs money, but to lock such basic features such as Widgets behind a monthly paywall. I probably wouldn’t have cared if Widgets remained free, but given how it’s really the only premium feature I’d use, it’s not worth the monthly cost. So back to the default Apple Weather app since at least widgets are free.

- Subscription ethics

Bought the app, widgets enabled. Latest update now requires monthly subscription after buying the app to enable widgets. Daylight robbery.


STOP WITH THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICING. Since the new update many features have now been inhibited unless subscribing. I think I speak for many users that a one time app fee would be much more popular. The subscription trend is not a good way to keep users. Will be uninstalling.

- Update kills widget without premium

My beloved app that I paid for many years ago with the promise of many features is asking for more money and taking away features like the widget. Too bad that the team decided to go in this direction. Time to look for a new weather app...

- Warning: don’t buy the app

Once you buy it, they remove features and put behind their premium wall. Come on! A widget? This is so low!

- Overpriced

Excellent app, precise and unfortunately the developers decided to charge considerable price for the same service I am opting out...other app do the same for 10x less with the same precision. Sad to see you go good luck with this strategy Carrot team

- Why after 5 years do they add a pay wall?

I’ve been using this weather app for well over 5 years at this point. I’ve recommend the app over the years to a large number of friends and family as well seeing it as the standard for weather apps to both be creative and to inform their user with up to date information that was reliable, quick and easy to use. The most recent version of the app takes advantage of people such as myself whom have grown accustomed to using carrot in our daily lives and now puts basic features such as using widgets on your home screen being a 27$ pay wall. That’s absurd, greedy, and downright disrespectful to the people that have been promoting this app from its inception. Premium is a concept that is okay to have, but to make basic features locked behind a pay wall is only going to drive away new comers and piss off long time fans such as myself in the process.

- Version 5 is a garbage downgrade

With version 4 I had access to widgets. With version 5 everything is now hidden behind a subscription paywall.

- Extremely Disappointed.

After reading multiple comments it seems like we can all agree that this was such a great app until the most recent update. You gave us false hope that we got a new layout and everything to only find that we have to cough up more money just to see what the weather is? Why would you make us pay for an app... to make us pay for the app monthly? ( fake ads and now you can’t use the widget ) This used to be my favourite app, now I hate it.

- Not worth it.

Had the app for years. The most recent update got rid of home screen widgets and you now need to subscribe to access that feature. It's just a money grab.

- Great app at scam prices

I bought this when it was $5. Now they want to charge me a subscription to use a widget? Lol! No thanks. I’ll switch to something else.

- They want more money

So I already pay for this app and now they want to pay a membership for use the widget? How greed you have to be???

- SCAM: Watch complication only available with premium subscription

I literally bought this just for the Apple Watch complications but they are locked behind a subscription pay wall. This is not made clear on App Store page. SCAM

- Nags to subscribe, inaccurate, buggy

This paid app nags frequently with pop-ups, and banners on nearly every dialog in using it, to upgrade to monthly or annual subscriptions of questionable value. It is not reliably accurate in even reporting weather, let alone predicting it. As one example, on the day I bought it there were frequent rain squalls (it was raining about half the time all day) and the radar feature accurately showed them approaching but the app’s hourly situation icons never once indicated present or future rain. There are at least a couple of bugs, the most frequent and annoying being that although the app is set to use the last-viewed location for its report upon opening, it apparently tries to use Location Services (which I have turned off in iPadOS settings) and then displays an ugly error message about not finding the location and offers a retry button more prominently than a means to search for my previously- and most-frequently used location. (I guess the developers *really* want my current location along with other information being collected.) None of these and other shortcomings are overcome by the ‘humor’ that so charms many users... it’s most often just cheap easy sarcasm and adolescent silliness. I only paid CDN$6.99 for this and I feel ripped off; sure glad I didn’t pay almost $40 for a subscription!

- It’s alright I guess

I have no idea why I paid 6 bucks for this app. I really don’t. It tells the weather with a bit of sarcasm. I regret considering this worthy of my 6 dollars. Meh.

- Time to move to another weather app...

I bought this app long time ago. Then paid during several month a subscription to see how were some extra features and decided they were not worth the expensive monthly fee. But now this?? With v5.0 all widgets are behind a paywall?? Not even a basic free widget? I like the the update overall. But the widget was my main point of information for weather and I would click on it from time to time to have more details. Time to move to another weather app.

- SO disappoint in this app. Do not buy.

I’ve had this app for years, and I’ve always enjoyed how quirky it was and all of the cool features. It was worth paying the one time $7 fee. So why in the hell, considering most weather apps are free, why am I, someone who has already paid, have my widgets locked behind some new monthly pay wall? This is beyond stupid and I’m deleting the app right now and I’m contacting support for a refund, I don’t care how long ago I bought this, this is an absolute disgusting way to treat people who have supported this app for years, all for pure greed. Disgusting, you’ve lost ALOT of supporters because of this garbage move. We will all go enjoy a free weather app that won’t lock us out of our own features that we paid for.... scum.

- Scam

I purchased this app years ago, had full functionality including widgets when iPhone was updated to the new IOS. Now they have decided to offer an even higher “premium” monthly plan which has now taken away my widgets and other features I had already been enjoying. There should have been a grandfathering in of the apps original supporters instead it’s now become a money grab! Don’t pay for this weather app when there are many other ones for free that do the same job!

- Disappointed

Awesome app. But I’m rating this with a one star, since I’ve always used its widget and all of a sudden the widget dowse work. It says we need to upgrade to premium. Not really sure why when we never needed to. It’s like paying for something that we already had in the beginning. The developers are holding the widget for a monthly ransom. The reason mentioned in the app for a subscription model, is that some features and services cost the developers subscription. But common, widgets too?? These developers are too greedy. See for your self, they even added a tip them feature in the app. Edit: I had to restore purchases, widget is now working. But still not happy with the app, since the restore purchase option wasn’t seemingly easy enough to find.

- Horrible Move

Already spent money just to buy the app, now you want monthly fees ontop of it? Sorry, uninstalled.

- New version disappointing

I am really sad to be saying goodbye to this app after so many years of loving it. Unfortunately I can’t afford to upgrade and the new update took away some key features I use to free users. I would be very happy to look at ads to support this creator who but without widgets this app is unusable to me. Disappointing.

- You need to pay extra for widgets??

Seeing as this weather app costs $6.99 CDN I was shocked to see you need to pay more for most of the ios14 widgets. Wish I could refund..

- REALLY??!!!

I pay $7 and still have less than most other apps give for free??!!! Then you want another $1.50 to $10.95 per month for other crap??!! How’s that for your ‘snarky’ carrot cr-app!!!?

- What...?

No idea why the raving reviews. I bought the app and got literally nothing more than the other free apps give for free. For the crazy subscription prices I might have gotten a bit more but absolutely no idea why all these 5 star reviews. Fishy.

- Not what was promoted

They highlight all these nice functionalities so you download it at 6.99$. Then you learn that there is a subscription monthly fee to use. This is pure thievery.

- Was great until it turned into a money grab

App was great, a lively weather app with fun interaction and multiple source of weather data. But then one day it decided to turn into a money grab of an app, never mind you already spent $6 for a weather app, now it’s a monthly subscription service. That seemed a bit too much

- Pay for the app and then pay additional subscription

It’s a good app, if you don’t mind flushing money down the drain. I paid $7 initially for the app, thinking I would get all the features as advertised. “Fool me once...”, surprise, you need to pay a subscription to unlock the full features. “Fool me twice...” Updated the app, now the widget doesn’t work unless I pay the monthly subscription fee. No amount of toilet humour is worth $84 per year ($90 if you include the initial purchase price.).

- 2021 update is a huge downgrade

The new design is a lot harder to use. It looks simpler on the surface but the interface just doesn’t make sense anymore. The former version used to be best in class in terms of information display and interactions. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to find a replacement.

- Money Grab App

I purchased this app 4 years ago. Back then there was only one standard subscription for every feature. Now it’s become very very expensive. It used to be 12$ annual for all features with notifications for rain and snow. Now it’s 40$. Started hating this app. Wish I had not purchased this app. Hate when these developers move away and strip out features from what they did have initially.

- New “Update” Sucks

How can you update an app and make it worse? This is one of the few apps I actually paid cash for . Now it’s full of garbage ads for the premium version of itself; how very annoying. I would like the old version back... looked better and functioned better. The new one is so crappy I’m probably going to uninstall it. Save your money folks. In Canada, go to - it’s free and better than the premium version of Carrot

- 5 To Barely 1

You know what’s nice? Seeing what was once a great product go to ruin through sheer greed of those that own it. It’s a shame of course to lose that product but spite is a satisfying redeemer. It’s a WEATHER APP people! It tells the weather just like all those other apps do out there. But you want me to pay HOW MUCH for the privilege of getting a widget and a fancy icon? You’d be crazy to support this company coz all they want to do is RIP YOU OFF! I just looked outside; it’s raining, and I just saved myself enough money to buy a new umbrella. Or ten..

- Loved this app until the newest update

The simplified widgets are now a “premium feature”. I’m all for supporting independent developers, but rolling back on features that users already had is a dick move.

- A BIG step back...

I was using this app for years because it was simple (and fun). This new update makes things complicated and confusing. I guess I’ll go see what is new on the weather app market. Sad.

- New update is all subscription based

Super greedy move. I used to use it but after the new update uninstalled. Carry weather is the epitome of greed.

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Joshua H. Davidson

11. @CARROT_app — My new favorite weather app. For starters I am still a kid at heart, and an app that curses and threatens me makes me laugh every single time. Second, it gives the best consolidated data all at once replacing Dark Sky for me. Love their dynamic notifications too


@SeeAllEvil @ResisterAdrien1 @CynthiaCoy8 @MizQue @MynameisMok @pinewoodsdojo @RonPyke @Chance4Gardener @ph00ligan @ReporterPhoenix @pomsmama @criteria681 @Gypsy_Grandma @DustyRanchHand @IdahoRoadapple @Adenovir @nwTGcpvrO1h3BpH @AynRand_is_Dead @BreSta7 @peterrobinsons2 @DalyPolitics @Sanlin @Beleafer1 @papalia_chris @RobinMcMee @graygoods @KSAMadina2 @julyriver @LMegaw @TimothyDolby @adrienne_teeter @traderttt9 @john_godish @Flomoll @anartdecodiva @KenSheck @ThemanThanos @Brittan88747269 @HooDatGurl333 @QueenPeace2017 @TruthnotBS2020 @SinsLikeABoss @andreagail_k @formerrepublic7 @mars_weather @abigailm1971 @KgKathryn @Cindy_52s @bettypge69 @nbcsnl Snowman: "Carrot? Give me a damn cucumber at least!"

Nasty Sue Votes Blue With Eyes Open 🆘

@Beantowndougish @ResisterAdrien1 @CynthiaCoy8 @MizQue @MynameisMok @pinewoodsdojo @RonPyke @Chance4Gardener @ph00ligan @ReporterPhoenix @pomsmama @criteria681 @Gypsy_Grandma @DustyRanchHand @IdahoRoadapple @Adenovir @nwTGcpvrO1h3BpH @AynRand_is_Dead @BreSta7 @peterrobinsons2 @DalyPolitics @Sanlin @Beleafer1 @papalia_chris @RobinMcMee @graygoods @KSAMadina2 @julyriver @LMegaw @TimothyDolby @adrienne_teeter @traderttt9 @john_godish @Flomoll @anartdecodiva @KenSheck @ThemanThanos @Brittan88747269 @HooDatGurl333 @QueenPeace2017 @TruthnotBS2020 @SinsLikeABoss @andreagail_k @formerrepublic7 @mars_weather @abigailm1971 @KgKathryn @Cindy_52s @bettypge69 @nbcsnl Nah, you can use a carrot for that.

Mr W

What are carrot weather hiding from us?

Sorted carrot

ways to improve your quality of life 1: get more/less sleep 2: eat healthy 3: exercise 4:talk to people weather that be irl or online 5: try to get the raccoons in your backyard to be your pet 6: feed the raccoons 7:pet the raccoons 8:let the raccoons take over your life

Mona AlMutani

Triple layer carrot cake turned out perfectly delicious! Perfect indulgence for this weather (:

President-Elect Timelord

CARROT Weather's forecast for today 😲 #carrotweather

Brendan Jones 🚴

Maybe...CARROT Weather's forecast for Bateau Bay 😮 #carrotweather

Tobias Vemmenby 🥩 ⚖️

CARROT Weather's forecast for today 😏 #carrotweather

ko kāihe ahau

CARROT Weather's forecast for today 😮


CARROT Weather's forecast for today 🤭 #carrotweather

Meghan Ball

Do the Carrot weather people need a writer because there's no way those little messages are auto generated and, like, I've read enough @REALpunknews to be surly enough for them. I work real cheap

Manohar Ramesh

@sarvamshivamaya I❤️ upama with carrot batani potato capsicum green chillies and pepper + grated ginger. Ginger+ pepper to be boiled with the veggies. Residual water used for preparing upama. A little hot nevertheless, good for the weather ☁️.

T. Lacombe

Carrot cake and Apple pie for the health! Cinnamon everywhere but no snow... COME ON WEATHER !

Marlin Orchards

This rainy weather is making us crave a nice warm bowl of soup! 🍜 It’s also nice to have a bit of a lighter meal after Christmas dinner! 🙃 I’m down to our last cabbage from this year, so it’s time to use it up! Cabbage and Rice Soup 1 carrot, diced 1 celery stalk, diced 1 …

CARROT Weather 5.0.7 Screenshots & Images

CARROT Weather iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images
CARROT Weather iphone images

CARROT Weather (Version 5.0.7) Install & Download

The applications CARROT Weather was published in the category Weather on 2015-03-19 and was developed by Grailr LLC [Developer ID: 556706923]. This application file size is 128.97 MB. CARROT Weather - Weather app posted on 2021-02-21 current version is 5.0.7 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.grailr.CARROTweather

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