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Lose weight and keep it off with Stupid Simple Keto, the easiest-to-use carb and macros counter for people on the ketogenic diet or for those looking to lose weight.

Why count carbs instead of calories?
Most people fail on low carbohydrate diets due to cheat meals that ruin their progress. Stupid Simple Keto helps you avoid problematic carbohydrates so that you can finally succeed. With the right foods, you can lose weight, feel great, and remain full all day long!

*Easy-to-use food icons for logging your daily carbs and calories.
*Barcode scanner to quickly add new foods.
*Private selfies let you take pics to track your visual progress.
*Track your progress over time and set daily goals.
*Sync between devices for free.
*Food bank conserves calories for special events.
*Add custom foods.
*Helpful warnings when you approach your daily carb/fat/protein limit.
*Change portion sizes on the fly.
*Easily review your daily foods.
*Helps you learn new habits, eat right, and ultimately keep the weight off.
*Track how much water you're drinking each day to stay hydrated.
*Export your food history.

Try it today, it's free to download! You have nothing to lose but the fat.

Stupid Simple Keto - Low Carb Diet & Macros App App Description & Overview

The applications Stupid Simple Keto - Low Carb Diet & Macros App was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-01-30 and was developed by Venn Interactive, Inc.. The file size is 107.66 MB. The current version is 3.4.5 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

Version 3.4 brings 500,000 new foods to the search bar in the app! If your search doesn't find any icons we'll automagically find the nutrition for it and show you. This update also brings improvements to the stats screen with some lovely graphs to visually display your progress. This minor update adjusts the screen size to fit newer phones better as well as issues some people were experiencing with blank days and missing food.

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Stupid Simple Keto - Low Carb Diet & Macros App Reviews


Best KETO APP!!!  Melones  5 star

Best KETo APP!!!!!


Don't even bother...  VRanalli  1 star

The app is full of glitches. Tried to update, said the credit card expired. (It did not) Only the basic food options, measurements given in ounces so having a kitchen scale is a must. The worst thing is, that it adds to your food log. Today I see that I started out with -235 calories. I checked the food log from yesterday, there where blue cheese, Brazil nuts and white bread added to my log. Day 1, same thing. It's a mean little app. Lol. Don't recommend it for sure.


Finally an app that accommodates night shifters!!!  whatever_u_say  5 star

I really enjoy using this app. It’s easy to use and best of all, doesn’t force me to fit my non-traditional day into the conventional 24 hour period of midnight to midnight. Yay! My only complaint is that there’s no way to enter sugar alcohols so you have to do a bit of finagling to calculate net carbs. But hey I can deal.


Simple app but  Kmjo30  4 star

It don’t allow your phone to go to sleep. Backlight just stays on just in this app. Please fix. Thanks in advance!

Sarah Edna

Best app for Keto for epilepsy  Sarah Edna  5 star

Using keto to stop convulsiones. The app is easy to follow and allows me to put the settings at the keto for epilepsy levels. Three days with this app and I stopped convulsions, although I still had absence seizures. Now I am using it in combo with epilepsy meds to be completely seizure free. I highly recommend this app over the others I tried.


Pretty good  rob~n01  4 star

Tracking is super easy! It has most foods that I eat, but I’m having trouble when I go to add my meals. For some reason, not all the options are available to add. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? If so, I can’t figure it out. Otherwise, a super simple app to use.


syldavis  Syldavis  5 star

This app really helps keep me on track and is easy for my life style. It also really helped me to understand the keto lifestyle.


Helps track, has a couple bugs though  kellyViv  3 star

Stupid Simple Keto has certainly helped me get this diet figured out and I would give it 5 stars if: 1 - it had the capability to import recipes w/ associated macros. 2 - had the ability to choose a smaller portion of some foods. For example, if i put some onion on my salad, the smallest portion i can pick is 1/4 of an onion. 3 - there's a bug when searching for something from my manually added foods where the app will just randomly bring up a suggestion from what i assume is your database of possible foods based on what I've entered in the search window. Once this suggested food is displayed, there is no way to not accept it into your daily food log other than closing the app out. So it adds which forces a manual delete. Then, the search for what i actually was trying to add is the first place must be done again. 4 - i have the paid app and it askes constantly for a star and rating review. I have used the star response many many many times, only to continue to be asked again if i will review the app. Hopefully, now that i have actually written a review, it will now stop repeatedly asking me? Bottom line is, this works to track foods, but could be improved.


Just as the name says. Stupid Simple.  ConnieJOS  5 star

Simple is what I was looking for. I looked at several apps that just seemed cumbersome and hard to follow. This one is extremely easy to use. Also, I had a question while purchasing the paid version and customer service emailed me right back and my questions were answered! Impressive! And for ten bucks, the upgrade is definitely worth it. It loses the ads, and just the bar code scanner alone is well worth it. Thanks for a great app that tracks keto dieting perfectly!


Tutorial poorly designed  BluesQueen  2 star

You are prompted to tap thru the tutorial until you get to adding 1/2 the meat to the tortilla, then it just sits there, no prompt. You have to guess what to do, which is to tap the beef icon again. Hello, it would be helpful if you said so. I thought it just stopped working. A tutorial is for those who don’t know what to do. Also who ever thought tracking ingredients was easier than tracking entire food items? Seriously, it is NOT. Apps with huge data bases and the ability to scan product barcodes win over this one.


So easy  Tophnmel  5 star

I’ve tried a few keto apps but this is the most straight forward and easy to use app. It’s easy to be accurate and I often find myself at dinner time trialling ingredients in my meal so I get the best results from my macros!


Simple and effective  Shellegman  5 star

Love this app, I'm still using the free app, I don't feel the need to pay to have no ads - there aren't too many .... yet! This app has been really helpful for my partner and myself to stay on the keto track - woohoo! Go Keto!!


Great simple way to live keto  Pleiades14741  5 star

I'm a busy guy and this app makes life very simple. Great diet, great app. :)


Great App - love it !!  Ozwebworx  5 star

Totally different than anything I've used before... I love the way it colours food options red when I've reached my daily quota of chosen levels ie fat, carbs, protein. And leaves foods which I can eat , in white.


Great!  spookiest  5 star

A great app. Very useful when tracking Keto macros.


Very user friendly  BlueAlex  5 star

Great little app. Looking forward to more basic food elements being added (e g inulin), but you can create your own. Which is great, because different countries tend to have different common and core food.

Silver sailor

Easy  Silver sailor  5 star

Love it. So simple to use


Only in Portrait view  Goldenelfman  1 star

Useless to me. I like Landscape view or at least a choice. Deleted!


Too many ads  bessie323  1 star

Ads pop up every couple of clicks. Ridiculous.


Easy and intuitive  SignorinaOlga777  5 star

It's an easy and intuitive app that helps you to control what you are eating, The food icons look realistic so I find the products quite easily. So far I think it helps me a lot.

Xander 534

Good one  Xander 534  4 star

Love that in this app u don't need to enter the name of the food, u just find the appropriate icon. Barcode scanner is also right in the place


A real helper!  Katherinesl  5 star

This updated for free app is even better than the previous one for me because of many new products added and the possibility to automatically scan the products which I can’t find there. This is a real helper in my losing weight and healthy living. Highly recommended!


Easy Keto tracker  RondasItunes  5 star

Super easy to use! Love the new updates. Still wish they had a way to scan a food to find out the macros.


Simple app  Sklu4k1  5 star

Great app easy to use. Only problem is portion sizes aren't listed but you can figure out with most things. Impressed with number of unusual items in data base.

Shane Officer

The name of the app says it all  Shane Officer  5 star

Simple, but complete app, highly recommended. Love it!!


Scam  desertbutterfly  1 star

You can't actually use the app without paying for the upgrade.


Simple easy  2north2100  5 star

Straight forward to use, easy platform


Huge database of food items  072468  4 star

This app has a huge database of various food items to draw from. You can scan the barcodes of most items and the information is already available. It can be a bit difficult to navigate the various screens but it is easy to learn. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that you can't share the app with family members and it doesn't sink with other devices. I can't run it on my iPad and iPhone simultaneously.


Not worth $10  Donutprez  2 star

The idea of the app is great, the pictures make it much easier to start, but the app wouldn't produce a progress report and lost some data. Needs work.

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