Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run download

Run, swing, drive, and swan dive your way as Lara Croft through mesmerizing yet hazardous environments, uncovering ancient relics to unearth the truth and solve the mystery behind a shadowy conspiracy that threatens the world!

- Discover incredible locations as you make your way through the jungle, the desert or the mountains, each filled with secrets and danger.
- Use Lara’s signature parkour moves to create death-defying last minute escapes.
- Master fast-paced vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles to give Lara more ways to conquer the terrain.
- Engage in epic Boss Fights and defeat iconic enemies including the return of the infamous T-Rex!
- Progress through the campaign map to collect relics and uncover the Relic Run mystery.
- Power up Lara’s arsenal of weapons and engage in frantic combat.
- Choose from a wardrobe of classic Lara outfits, each with its own gameplay perks.
- Swap and upgrade equipment to give Lara the edge.
- Get the chance to rack up big rewards in endless mode with non-stop action
- Earn bragging rights on the leader boards.

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The speed of gameplay and graphics offered in this game, requires minimum iPhone 5c, iPad Mini 2 or iPad 3

Lara Croft: Relic Run App Description & Overview

The applications Lara Croft: Relic Run was published in the category Games on 2015-05-25 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX. This application file size is 334.96 MB. Lara Croft: Relic Run current version is 1.11.112 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Bug fixes and improvements

Lara Croft: Relic Run App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Lara Croft: Relic Run Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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ormor skanka   1 star

Keeps freezing and stopping and crushing. This apps needs work. A lot. It’s fun but very complex with all the freezing and stopping and this sucks😓

Ally.Cat001   5 star

Freezing bug. I live this game a lot but recently my game has been freezing and I have no way to fix it but to loose my progress and exit the game

Mamba17G   4 star

Crashes often. The game is super fantastic,but why does it crash often? Can something be done as regards that?

Mohsen msb 112233   5 star

Good game. Nice

MinKyMoNkey🙊   4 star

Good but kinda glitchy. This is a good app, however it can be kinda glitchy like I watch an ad and the app’ll turn black

Dylan121900   5 star

UPDATE THE GAME. Please update the game I would really love to keep playing bc it’s a very fun game to play to pass the time

d_jafra   4 star

!!. There’s something wrong with this game, I’m in the last stage (120) and every time I finish it,it seems that I didn’t get the last relic!! I’ve played it so many times!! It’s just me or someone else’s having the Same issue!??

HonestlyVala   3 star

Want to love it but. It keeps crashing pretty much every level which is kind of annoying so unfortunately I cannot give it five stars because it keeps crashing also the tutorial isn’t very clear so there still some stuff that I’m not fully aware of how to do or how to make happen which is kind of not fun It’s sad because I’m a huge tomb raider fan and I really wanted love this but I just can’t

cakeepop   5 star

More levels?! 😂. I really like it! It’s a lot of fun. I’m a Lara Croft fan anyway, and I like running games too; so this was amazing to play! When will you guys update and more levels or areas for her to travel?!

4everqween   5 star

Best Game Ever!!!!. This is definitely the best running game I’ve ever played! It’s more than just a running game tho. I love how it engages you in a story line and the dangers that come along as you go further into each level. It never gets boring and I absolutely love that!!! Rate: 10/10

Ricardibiri   3 star

Godaaaaamn!!! PLEASE FIX IIIIIT!!. The game keep freezing atfer 1500 M running and it doesn’t work anymore, then i have to restart it and still the same, please fit it because i love this game a looooot! And i can’t play it.

Xuyufeng911QD2017   5 star

Nice Game. 🤩👍

syl yarb   1 star

Time for an update. I’ve played this game several years. It’s way past time for an update. It’s now boring... Moving on to something else!

Ashe Aesling   5 star

Try It. Yes, as anything else it has potential to get better. But, as far as it has come already, it is definitely great. I’m not into “infinite” running games tho I gave this one a try ‘cause I like Tomb Raider. I was hooked after the first few levels. One good thing I found is that “infinity” is an option, and works well when you need to gather coins, diamonds and get to know the trail a little bit better. It makes it easier to complete the task-oriented levels. It’s a good game for when you just wanna chill and forget about everything else. Just try it yourself, you might get hooked from start ‘til you finish it. 🙂

Gineah   5 star

Yeah Laura for Apple. Pretty fun and addictive

Querieda   3 star

Disappointed 😞. This game would get 5 stars if only your progress was restored when switching to a new device. You lose all of your progress which makes me not want to play this game but I’ve been a fan of Tombraider games since the very first one released on PS1. Fix this please. I’m sure ALOT of people would appreciate it. 👍🏻 Update: It’s weird that they fix other issues in the game and one of those issues should be saving your progress. Wrong again👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Alexis36216   4 star

Love it.. I love this game and can spend hours playing it. The only sad thing is I’m almost finished and theirs hasn’t been an update in months. I’m really hoping they still plan on adding to the game. It’s one of the only games I’ve enjoyed enough to play daily and keep on my phone. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

Gprimewhite247   1 star

Update. New update keeps crushing.

chipku   5 star

Awesome game. Enjoyable and 2 much fun

johnkayhn   2 star

Hanging. It’s a Nice interesting game, I don’t have issue with the downloading but when I’m playing the game it just hang of a suddenly...pls what can I do to stop that occurring

Navbradz71   1 star

No ending gratification. Played through the entire game. Invested money into some of the frills. Beat the very last level and nothing at all happens! That’s lame... really!.. the game it self is highly repetitive but fun. Honestly.. you guys couldn’t program even the smallest of a fun ending for {FINISHING} your game???? Lame sauce if you call your selves game developers.

Mad dog $ 4   5 star

Lara croft relic run review. Very good all around game plus my love for lara croft and tomb raider runs deep so i enjoy it

CeliaGaming   5 star

Cooler version of temple run 1 & 2. This game has just the girl and no other skins. I know I’m making this sound like a bad thing but it isn’t. Please make more games like this. Bye

Wide eyed wildlife   4 star

Super fun. I just beat all 120 levels with my kids. Seems it’s not done but I don’t know how to continue. If anyone wants a hack, I accidentally discovered the supply box will spawn infinitely many times if you follow these steps (also for developers): The following criteria must be true -a supply box has to be ready -you can not have just beat a level -open the supply box - click on the inventory button in the top left. -immediately X out of the inventory menu -a new supply box will open. -collect it (optional: double for video if gems are in the box) -repeat last four steps as many times as you want. Presto, infinite supplies with a little time investment. Now, if you’ve gotten this far, the game is super fun. It’s challenging and creative with a ton of variety. My only critique which yields 4 stars instead of 5 is there’s some turns, especially in winter tundra, that no skills can actually help you know the lane because the twists and turns are so sharp with almost zero visibility. In any case, great work, fun free game that I took full advantage of and my kids loved it too.

Rohm82   5 star

Great Addition. This game has a lot of outfits and design from some of the iconic games including 2013 tomb raider (rebooted 1) and 2015 and 2018 versions. I would recommended this game to anyone who has liked rebooted so far

Joey salad   5 star

Great game just it sends me to the home screen. I am in love with Lara Croft and I love this game so much but during my run I’ll go directly to the home screen I would love to see any feedback and get back to me as soon as possible thanks for your cooperation👍🏻

Rachel106   4 star

Option to watch ad to revive is gone. Nice game overall, but as of yesterday, I can no longer watch a video to revive Lara when I die, which forces me to use all my gems to revive. Please restore the ads.

琦荀懿瀚   5 star

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idk-anymore   5 star

It’s a wonder game. I love this game, it’s challenging, and the graphics are wonderful. And there are so many levels that you can play.

NASA_Caley   2 star

Too long to regenerate. I enjoyed the game play itself. However, even if made purchases, long time between when stop & when can start again, to encourage in game purchases. Low rating partially because during that long time, I found it offensive to have Lara’s lifeless body prominently on screen during this time. Seemed like lots of thought into all the possibilities and very bothersome/objectifying.

Advertorial    5 star

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2009Mathias   5 star

When?. Quand le prochain niveau? J’attends depuis des mois...

exterminater_474   5 star

Save data. I want to transfer my data on my other phone but there is no option it would be really easy if there was an option for Facebook or instagram login please do something about this as soon as possible I don’t want to lose anything that I have earned if there is any option but I can’t see it do help me

scanner boy   1 star

Almost unplayable. Great game but for every 20 seconds of play time, there is 30 seconds of advertising

samantha1010   2 star

Please Fix. This is really a great game however, the game keep shutting down every second I start to run and then the game will just blank out. Could you please fix game. It happens when I get to level 39 please fix


review. Classic game, what more could you want ?

omganame   1 star

Extremely laggy, abandoned game. Took them 2 YEARS to release 1 update, and this one update made the game extremely laggy to the point of unplayable. Hitting walls because the game lags just before the wall and my tap doesn’t register. Then the cost to continue the run increases exponentially every time you die. I have so many items saved and almost everything maxed out but it’s way too laggy to enjoy this game. Uninstalled.

SpekArt   5 star

Tomb Raider I & II. Please put back TOMB RAIDER I and II in the App Store!

AmandaWeide   5 star

New levels. I really love playing this game but can you tell me if you will add new levels and continue the storyline?

Jathaniel   4 star

great app just•••••. Its a great game im just wandering if theyre is going to be a game update. mine crashes after 5 mins of playing and losing everything i gained at the time

SpyMasterPaul   5 star

Love the game, however updates are offline!. Since installing on a new phone, I cannot download the desert and snow areas anymore. It says they are 0MB, and fail to install!

Mox_Nix   3 star

A Real Relic. Unfortunately, minus one star because after upgrading to iPad Pro this game crashes each time it is played, and, minus the second star because it is too expensive to play for anyone who is not independently wealthy.

sybchvdjk   5 star

Génial. Vraiment cool les améliorations et les objets ne son pas trop cher

Violet Stars   2 star

There’s one major problem. When you’re swiping down to avoid the blades in Desert Ruins, you still get killed no matter how well you time your swipe. Before the devs upgraded this game, this wasn’t an issue at all and I’m not sure if it’s by design (it would be stupid to make that particular aspect of the game more difficult, it’s not the kind of challenge you enjoy) or if it’s a bug, but I had to mention that it significantly degrades the playability of the game. One thing to make monsters more difficult to kill or goals harder to achieve; another thing to make traps needlessly inescapable.

Momo#Aziz   4 star

Relic Run. Un peut difficile, mais très intéressant 👍👌

Squids4life1247   1 star

???. I wants me to upgrade build but there no updates?? iPhone 6

sxoxs-1993   4 star

Help. Please help, I have an iPhone 8plus and the app is telling me “build expire please update”, there’s no update option and the locations won’t load. I love this game I started playing when I had a 6, I’ve made it soooo far please help!!

Sarahfiend   3 star

Plays an ad and then crashes. Please fix this.

Wifey9007   1 star

Doesn’t work with iPhone se. It won’t load.... don’t download

Swag girl 31   3 star

Fix the problem and add more levels. Great game love it I just wish it had more then 120 levels and I can sign in with my Facebook it won’t let me and It would be good if upgrade on stuff didn’t cost to much gem so till the problem is fix and add more levels I give it 3 stars

INDIGO75   5 star

Connection problem. It won’t let me connect to my Facebook keeps failing

Ivelisse888   4 star

Fun and exciting. A great runner game featuring one of the best characters of all time. It's a lot of fun to hunt for artefacts and the game seems to be constantly adding new elements as the levels progress, so it always stays interesting. I think you should get one version of each outfit for free/coins, and then subsequent ones with gems... high gem prices for most of the stuff makes the game feel a bit more like a money grab, but I haven't done the math to see whether it's unreasonable. At the end of the day, it's a good game and the team's gotta get paid somehow. There's clearly heart put into making it.

Hogan325   5 star

Excellent game!!. The runs perfectly and is really well done, very enjoyable!! Highly recommended!!

Popopopop2   1 star

Love Lara craft however. Y’all butchered this sad attempt at a tomb raider run first thing she doesn’t even look like Lara don’t know who designed her but he should be fired, I know they’ll never read this so I can really let took an iconic name and dragged it through the dirt slapped a Hugh cash grab traps and glitches y’all make me sick! You should be ashamed 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Fran84   4 star

Addictive, watch out!. This is an addictive game. It’s generally fun but it can get somewhat monotonous since each level is pretty similar to the last. New challenges and scenery are added slowly. The game says “this build has expired, please upgrade” but that doesn’t seem to help (I’m not sure what it’s affecting besides maybe the sound/music as that only periodically works on my device (iPhone SE).

Amie tell it all   5 star

Won't start and when will it work for mini iPad. I noticed it say it for mini iPad 1 and up... What about mini iPad?.....

Patty Pantypants   5 star

Love it!. Love this game! I play it all the time! Only thing is I wish it were easier to get more jewels or that more of the upgrades costed coins rather than jewels. Takes forever to upgrade things later on in the game.

Cassndra4320   2 star

Alright game. It's a pretty tough game which is good but it needs to work out the bugs and secondly to revive Laura, the cost is way too much. Over all it's good graphics but because it glitches it always messes up so please fix!

starcraftdiva   5 star

Addictive...great visuals...but $$$.... ...just be aware that you may be better off purchasing an Xbox...if you succumb to reviving Laura with ankhs...the costs rise exponentially in jewels and credit card charges. Can resist the urge to spend jewels to revive our friend? Play on. Great game otherwise.

Snapchat is retarded fix it   1 star

Help. Can you please fix the bug that makes the game crash and exit even before it starts?? It used to be a fun game but now I'm disappointed 😩

Crabbbbbbnnnnnn   4 star

Awesome game. Very well done!

Advertorial    5 star

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Martopolis   1 star

HORRIBLE. This game was FANTASTIC at the beginning but it eventually stopped being amazing. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big daddy D max   5 star

My rating. I love playing Lara Croft relic run but l die a lot.

Nazo khan   2 star

Not working. It’s not working time to time it stops working. I think update issue please make it workable

pipee d   4 star

Woo. Awesome but were is the blood and it’s too easy

TristanXeno   2 star

This game is so laggy. This game lags just makes me die and I can’t flip my iPad over and the music just fades this is stupid plz fix

xmas puppies   5 star

OMG OMG I LOVE LARA CROFT. Lara Croft relic run the best game EVER😍 if I didn’t have this game I would die sure it glitches but I still love this game 😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕😘😘😘 I LOVE U

Deydey19951995   3 star

Progress save. It’s annoying that everytime I get a new phone or ipad I have to start over. Or if I delete the app. Can you work on that? Then it will deserve 5 stars

Render029   4 star

New app lots of potential. Doubling rewards for ads makes sense, though why not sell an add free version? Also just in case if you turn back on automatic video adds I’ll block you from data again like I have been for years. Last, shadows are completely broken on the iPhone X’s please fix. Been playing for years encouraged by the update!!

LiamCJohns   1 star

You removed the original games?. This game is fine, but they REMOVED THE ORIGINAL TOMB RAIDER PS1 GAMES FROM THE AUSTRALIAN APP STORE!! It’s one thing not to offer a game in a country, but to actively remove it? I will delete this review once games have been brought back. Thanks, Liam

Shortstuff9040   5 star

Love it!. Great game awesome graphics and a good test of reflexes

Spottedlegs   2 star

Needs a update. Needs an update. Now in 2018. Im getting bored of it. No more relics to collect.

Featherxquill   1 star

Cynical cash grab. Ugh, I can’t believe Square Enix have stooped so low from creating one of the most iconic characters and innovative games ever made. This is awful, a poor man’s temple run crossed with the worst that leveled fremium games have to offer. It tries to force me to ‘revive’ Lara, every second thing you encounter is an excuse to try to make you watch an ad or spend money. Derivative, cynical and boring. Gross, Square Enix. You’re better than this.

Royal King Jalon   5 star

Oh Lara 😍. A huge fan of all things Tomb Raider from the start to now and hope very much that this app and other continue.. Told all my friends and most have it or love it. Thanks heaps Lara team you're the best 🎉

Obitumx   3 star

Too dark. Difficult to see

Kiki4eva   5 star

Lara croft. OMG!! This game is fun and free!!! The graphics is good and sometimes lags but is still good!!!!

ForgetIt...   4 star

Good game. I like the game. Enemy difficulty level jump (from green to red lizards) is a bit much, had to grind weapon upgrades for a bit. Otherwise good fun!

TommyTurtle117   4 star

A fantastic app. The temple run format fits the Tomb Raider aesthetic perfectly, the shooting and driving areas breath fresh air into the stale "endless runner" genre. Small challenges and side missions will keep you coming back for more, a must have for any Tomb Raider fan.

Lust8207   4 star

Awesome. It's a good cool upgrade.👍

ShakAttack03   2 star

Meh. Why can't you no have the levels when I first got this game it didn't have levels now it does change it back to the normal version

Harry Potter 33   5 star

Brilliant Game. Lara Croft: Relic Run is a brilliant game having lots of fun running as Lara Croft. This game reflects a lot to Tomb Raider: Underworld.

DelShock   4 star

Pretty good BUUUUT..... Look, it's a decent infinite runner. Graphics are good, swipe response is all right. Problem is that the combat sections are way too overused and quite tiresome. Furthermore, the annoying popup that tries to get you to watch a video to open a supply box appears far too much to be acceptable, plus you have to watch the shuffling animation fully before you can close the damn popup which really tests your patience when you're just trying to play. Was going to give this 3 stars but bumped it up to 4 because you can play as Anniversary and Legend Lara and there's no sign of the awful 'reboot' Lara from 2013 and her xbone 'exclusive' (read: traitorous) sequel. However, the issues above hold it back from an almost well deserved 5 stars.

Kella12345   1 star

So hard it's barely playable. Loved game at first. But it's ridiculously difficult. I've had it for way over a year and am still trying to pass level 30. Challenging would be good (I don't want it too easy) but it should be passable without having to spend real $$ on Kevlar vests and the like just to progress. I refuse to waste money on these games, I guess that's probably why it's so impossibly difficult! Deleting.

Icbyafsabtnn   1 star

So frustrating - don't bother. I had completed all of the levels and collected all of the artefacts ready for the next level with upgrade but as soon as I upgraded - or should I say downgraded - The app just crashed and is now finally working but I have to go through the last level again in order to access the Thailand section. To add insult to injury the game will no longer save your progress so back to square one! I am done!!!!!

Nutt Man 117   4 star

Nutt Man 117. A fun and easy to figure runner game. With the added benefit of Lara Croft and cool environments and artefacts. Great Game!

rae01234   4 star

loves it. great game! I would have given 5 stars but the supply drop seems fixed. it only gives out coins, mostly 50 and the occasional medi pack.

Haventown   5 star

😍. Love the game!!!

GoGro   5 star

Excellent game. Extremely challenging at all levels. Excellent reward trees for activity. Tolerable ads that never interfere with gameplay. Daily rewards are awesome, although seem to keep resetting back to day one lately. Fantastic update series. Game gets better with every update!!

Frank annuli   2 star

Why do you hate the people who love you?. Dropped a star since my last review. To recap that, the new update steals more of your time for a lesser pay off, and makes users rely on gambling their hard to come by gems in order to attain a supply drop that equates to even half of the previous supply drop. Really loving being made to watch a video to get those 50 coins! Lara no longer revives after watching a video. I watched 3 before rage quitting the game. The game doesn't sync between devices. I thought maybe I was being too harsh and opened up the further developed version in order to connect to Facebook to see if this would resolve my issue. Low and behold, the option is now missing from there, and only appears on my copy of the game that is on the third level. They are both connected to game centre so I have no idea what's going on there. Furthermore, I have, in moments of sheer determination, given the game my real world money, which cannot be restored onto my version of the game stuck back in square one. On my advanced version, I have had to re-download levels I have completed, meaning an hour of updates, another of updating the sub-par new supply drop system, and another half an hour of downloading where I am actually up to in the game. You guys really messed up.

Frank annuli   3 star

Bad update. Well done on the update. Videos no longer revive Lara. And the added feature of being made to watch a video for the supply drop. I had this game on my iPad, and decided seeing as the progress on my other games had synced with my iPhone I'd download this one too... But here I am, signed into game centre and back at square one, and not able to "restore" my purchases made on my iPad to at least help me pass the huge amount of levels I already had completed. Pretty much an epic failure on an otherwise highly enjoyable game.

Attystraliabi   1 star

Lags and controls not responding. Great game but after the last update the game has control issues.

Dany960918   2 star

El juego se detiene. Adoré el juego, su calidad de gráficos y todo. Pero tengo un Iphone 7 y el kuwgo se detiene cuando estoy a mirad de algunas partidas. Muy mal

ssgss raditz   1 star

just plain horrible!. thank goodness i learned not to WASTE my money on games like this, i do enjoy relic run but every time i start playing it freezes everytime and waste my resurrection coin, so i have deleted this game and will never play or share this game in my lifetime!!!!!! stick to final fantasy square enix, you make horrible platform running games! horrible JUST PLAIN HORRIBLE! don't tell me it maybe my device, because it's not! i've tried on 8 different devices, iphone 5s, 6s+, iphone 8 and 10xr, and the rest is samsung galaxies. if you fix i may come back, but i will not waste money (which i didn't spend a dime on relic run) just resurrect myself and have the game freeze completely and in turn waste my resurrection coin!

Ahmiikhan10   3 star

Game hanged. Sometimes game hanged on 5s and sometimes lagging please fix it. But game is awesome too much fun

Mulehead 3   5 star

Lara Croft..Relic Run. Like this game. But can’t get to the next level after the ice spiders. Can anyone help with that?

unicorn eatin a cookie321   5 star

Amazing just amazing!. This game is so awesome! Its not a rip-off of temple run or any other kinds of games. I love that you can fight monsters and do parkour. Some games don’t have that. I only had this game for like about a week or so and I literally play it 24/7. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a action packed game! Trust me, you definitely won’t regret it because I didn’t, and neither did my friends. I told them to download it and the next day, some of them told me that they loved it! So you should definitely download it!

Luh OJ   3 star

Better GRAPHICS. I’ve played this game on Samsung Galaxy S6 and hoped for the same experience on my iPhone 6s Plus but so far the quality of this game on iPhone isn’t up to my expectations maybe a little update could fix that THANKS

Jess777333   5 star

Love it but need more level. Can we get more levels please???

mrhusband   1 star

Meh. Game constantly crashes.

Shaliyah18   4 star

Needs more levels. Great game needs more levels please update

Pat Eil   3 star

Game freezes. It works fine except when it glitches out and the game freezes. I wait and nothing happens. I have to exit the game and wait for it to reload and it doesn’t save my process. Can you fix this!

Flyboy836   2 star

Frustrating. I want to love this game but it glitches so often and kills any progress you make. It has all the potential to be great fun but the CONSTANT crashes and glitching take the enjoyment right out of it. Please fix it so I can love it

Lani_ionic   4 star

My Favorite game of all time.. I love the story line and this character inspires me every time I play this game. I never get bored when I start playing. I could play this everyday. I am so happy to have this game available and am hoping there will be a part II (or 2nd edition) added because I will miss playing once I complete the entire game. Sahara desert levels aren’t loading :( I would like to see items like ammo and first aid kits become less expensive in the game

Please Change It Back.   1 star

Needs to bring back the old ways. I love this game so much, well I use too, until you guys put the update for theses dumb quests. You guys could’ve at least left the free for all when you just run until you die. The quest are good but no, please put that mode back.

giostudio100   1 star

Not good. Game is horrible can’t control her running she hitting herself everywhere and dying. Why does she have to always run?

Malefic Angel   5 star

Very good and easy game!. I have been playing this game for a couple of months and I really like it, the parkour moves, the slow motion, the combat and fighting bosses, this game is unlike any game Ive ever played! already beat the whole game including the mountain level. This game is so easy, easy to collect so many gems and coins and upgrading is easy. Reading the comment section and seeing so many people complain about gems are not really playing the game well. Here are ways to get gems, defeat bosses as many times as you can, upgrade your weapons and your gears! Upgrading your secondary weapon will allow you to kill the bosses even faster, allowing you to kill them as many times as you want and getting a bunch of gems! Upgrade your vest with gems and your ammo clips for your secondary weapon. Use adds to double the amount of gems and coins you collect and also revive using adds. Just thought I would share this, so far this game is great, now Im just stocking up on gems, coins and upgrading while I wait for another level to be added after the snow mountain. Thank you to those of you who took your time to read this!!! And thank you to the developers lf this game!!! ❤️

Muhammad Mallah   1 star

Lost the Progress. I lost all the progress after deleting, installing the game again How to retrieve back the progress?

chrisxmichael97   3 star

A good game at the beginning.. I’ve been playing Relic Run since the game first launched. When it first came out it was almost everything I could ever want in a Lara Croft mobile game. That changed when the update came out where it turned level based instead of just infinite running like it was intended to be. I eventually gotten used to it. However, the reason why I gave 3 stars is because the latest update messed up the entire game and it’s almost unplayable. The shadow effects are mostly gone, (I have an iPhone 8 Plus so I’m almost positive my phone could handle shadows.) and in the store you can’t even scroll down to upgrade anything because it won’t let you scroll down at all. It’s really annoying. And I hope this gets fixed ASAP. I didn’t know any other way of contacting for a big glitch because I couldn’t find a Help button on the games menu. Hopefully this gets read and they will fix this game.

hdmcatracho   4 star

Great game but.... The only reason I am giving 4 stars to this game is because it doesn’t have a cut scene at the end. Yep, there is no ending no nothing, you get to that last level like if it was just one more level of endless running. Kind of disappointed.

platonics811d   2 star

In app purchases forever. No way to buy the game, there are 2 small in-app purchases to help but then there are still unlimited advertisements. Wish I could just pay a reasonable fee once to enjoy the the game. Fun game but don’t nag us.

Popiporulez   1 star

Music cuts off after starting the run!! 🏃🏽‍♀️. Huge fan of Tomb Raider!! Been playing since I was a kid!! Been playing Relic Run for almost a year now too! But after updating the app recently, it seems to not play the music when you begin the run. All I hear is the sound effects! A huge part of playing this game was enjoying the BGM while going into action, fighting the bosses and furthering along!! Please fix the music!! I tried changing the volume to see if it helps and it doesn’t!!

minionnation   2 star

BRING THE ENDLESS RUNNING BACK!. I used to love this game, now the running stops after each achievement like come on bro 😑 now I just stick to subway surfers.

Naniiii 🤗   3 star

Tomb raider. It’s a fun game but when your almost finished the game turns off smh

piratelistener96   1 star

Good until it’s not. Honestly this was a good game until it wasn’t a good game. I’m not the greatest “gamer” despite not being a “gamer” at all cause of games like this that have a great presentation and a great start then lead the gamer to levels that aren’t even tough but bothersome. I recently started getting back into video games and I started getting into Lara Croft Tomb Raider from ps1 games to the latest Shadow of the Tomb Raider for PS4. Most of the console games I come across are legit and fun to play for entertainment and an escape into a virtual world. With Relic Run, it’s not tough but bothersome like a few games I’ve come across in general because the game’s not so much challenging as it is redundant with the same mistakes a gamer can make occurring that eventually ends a level. After countless times that a game is worth, the gamer, like myself, is going to lose interest real quick. A few reviews claimed this game within the Tomb Raider franchise as a whole was not one of the better games. That much is true!

mmprfan09   1 star

Not fun because gems don't almost ever show up. Make the gems show more frequently because I don't like how it is now

Osy Nii   3 star

Freezes. Since the UPDATE the game on my IPad has been freezing

Phat Mhan   1 star

Bugs. This new update is full of bugs it freezes often and have to start all over again on my SE like wise 6S

toocherry   4 star

Fun game. Fun game. Ever since I updated the game it locks up on my iPad halfway into the game and lose all my progress. Somethings not right with the latest update.

olamxky   1 star

Relic hanging issue. My own game start and later hang am really tired

Thurayawahid   5 star

I can’t download sahara part thou i gave the 5000 coins. Please help me wt to do

Sparkyfire04   1 star

It was a lot better. This game used to be awesome and there was no levels it was so intense and fun and you just ran until you died, now there is levels that stop you from going so far, its the worst i miss the old version. Please bring it back ☹️.

SupremeIndigo   5 star

Cr. Cr

Superlol28   1 star

Crash. Every time I try to open it, it crashes every time

Shlook   1 star

Legal crap. Why do you want us together accept a term that will use our information by you and third party? Deleted the game, not worth risking my privacy to play this game.

Nate466   3 star

Actually works with iphone 4s. isnt as fun and addictive as temple run 2

Deadsonbread   2 star

Too many ads. There is no new content for the last 2 updates, but keep adding more forced ads within the game. I understand it needs money to keep the game running, but ads are way too frequent compare to other free games. The gameplay itself is fun. Players are not waiting for new costume but also new maps. What is the to repeat those same old stages with a new costume or with a gold colored weapon? It doesn't change the gameplay at all.

Burnin2much   5 star

Awesome !!. I really like this game because I find it very challenging and the graphics are fabulous

Kat_Petrova   1 star

Decent. I really liked the game before the new updates. If it's possible to bring the old version back, please do so.

Alaa.jd98   5 star

AMAZING!!!. Best game eveeeeeer :)

Kax911   5 star

Love it. Good game

Dave👌🏾   4 star

Wow. Beau graphisme pas de beug très bonne app à télécharger

5stars345   5 star

Great stuff. Great stuff!

Sylmip   4 star

Super!. Divertissant !!!

Dtthew   1 star

☹️. When ever I launch the game it makes me wait for like five minutes and the makes a crash sound and the crashes on me every time.

Bluee0120   3 star

It's ok. I keep having the issue of my progress being lost on my longer runs. When I reach $1,000 in coins for what ever reason the game doesn't count it, or it crashes and I lose all my progress. I'm having to start over from the beginning now. And in my opinion the new beat the stage to move forward is annoying. I want to play through, not be interrupted to be told I passed a level. I wish you'd change that

MissDedog3   1 star

👎🏼. Je peux même pas jouer 5 petits minutes sur mon IPod 5 parfois il plante au chargement, sa lag pendent le run et il ne réagi pas au mouvement (exemple : aller sur les coté ou sauter) faite une MAJ pour résoudre le problème. 😡😡😡

Magalie H.   1 star

It crash. It always crash😣

Psychoboi32   4 star

Just started playing. iPhone 6+. Runs great. Lots of fun. Haven't played enough to give it 5* but so far so good

Jsbo   5 star

Wow simply wow. Don't bother reading this, go to the app store and download immediately!

squidlee123   5 star

Lara Croft again. Bravo J'adore

ChrissyM64   5 star

Returned. Played this when it first came out and stopped for awhile, but when I came back to play the updated and new version of game is fantastic!!! Well done!

Caddoc   1 star

Agressively Pay to Win. The in-game currency is gems (wow, how original) which you will absolutely require in order to progress. The unfortunate thing is that it's impossible to gather enough gems by simply playing the game. I've been playing this off and on for the past 2 weeks and in that time, I've been able to earn 204 gems. The very first upgrade slot for the very first weapon, the dual pistols, costs 140 gems. I'd hate to know how many gems would be required for the other 6 weapons, not to mention the many outfits and their requisite upgrades. It's very unfortunate because the game can be entertaining (for a "runner") but as a gamer, I enjoy the challenge of playing games to win, not paying. Guess I'm not the target audience for this title.

Larrido01   5 star

Totally awesome.. I just love the game the graphics are phenomenal. The gameplay changes so much that it's always keeping you on your toes. I just love playing it and can't get away from it.

Midnighttrekker   5 star

Awesome Game, Love Lara!!. Really Great Game!! I Love the Variety of situations that Lara runs through, keep it up S-E!!

GenerationPlaylist   5 star

Amazing game!. Great game, you can enjoy it without being dependant on in-app purchases!

SSG164708   5 star

good. nice

Tinkerbell_19   4 star

Troubles since the update. Is anyone else having a jumping/freezing problem sine the update I love this game but every time there's a move that needs to happen it freezes and then I die cause it unfreezes right before the jump

Bowsneros   5 star

Lara Croft Relic Run. Fabulous graphics! Great fun! Could not find a tutorial to help me know what to do. Practice sliding/jumping in safe areas! Totally addictive, which sys a lot!! Enjoy!

TravisTruant   5 star

So much fun!. An actual free game you can play and enjoy without spending money. I really enjoy playing this game and can't wait to see what else they add to it.

Mathu75   4 star

Love it!. Fun and addictive... a little laggy on iPad 3.. but not a deal breaker by any means.. if you're a fan of TR.. get it... does take patience and practice to advance

OTA eh   3 star

Nice update but glitchy. It is a big change but I can live with the changes. But it no longer jumps consistently. Don't know if it is the iOS9 glitches or the game but of seems to miss my jumps regularly. Too frustrating to play because of the glitches. iPhone6+ iOS9.0.2

✌ABI✌   5 star

NOT TEMPLE RUN. Okay so at first glance this looks like a dupe for Temple Run (I thought it was - I initially only got the game for Lara) but trust me isn't. I was playing temple run for ages; I went from Subway Surfers even to the Minion one (idk what it's called) and I can guarantee this game isn't like them. It's not glitchy, there's a lot more content, it's more a "game" than an app compared to the others and the graphics are amazing. One of the best features is the different maps you can play - that you don't have to waste money on to get. There are ads here and there but they don't stuff anything up and you're lucky if you see one every time you open the app. There's combat, four-wheeler and motorbike riding - also dino riding, achievable upgrades and, well, Lara Croft. What more can you ask for??

JSuis10   4 star

OK. Cool app when bored I've been addicted to beating my personal best but I've died too much over obstacles not being clear ahead of me and the timing too or where things will fall and not having enough time to react is annoying. Plus you have to pay to revive or occasionally watch a short video if you want another chance. The only thing I like is the feel of ps1 tomb raider I'm getting from it. But it would be better if there were levels in different places (city, snow, sea etc.) where her different outfits are useful like the game. I'm getting bored of it but in my opinion it's better than temple run

Dayor86   5 star

Great game, needs a little work though. I'm having a lot of fun playing this game, but it seems to crash alot when i'm connected to the internet. Responds very slowly which means i can't control lara properly. But when not connected it plays perfectly. Apart from that, fantastic game. A few new levels would be great too

aiBoffin   3 star

Pay to play…. I like the game and can't wait for the next level but wow is it pay to play, I'm now at a stage where any upgrades cost 150 diamonds and with only one or two appearing per run its going to take forever. Some way of converting the gold I get to diamonds would be appreciated even if they are quite expensive.

SonOf27   1 star

Poor game. Very glitchy. Game play is glitchy making it difficult to play. Don't bother downloading it.

Cabmatt   1 star

Don't bother to download. Every time I tap to start the run the program shuts down and returns to the screen app. Very disappointing. I will stick with maze runner. It's a similar game and works great.

Guided Light   1 star

Terrible game. It's a shame I can't rate this less than one stars. The game is unplayable, because the lag is awful. The obstacles don't contrast well enough with the scenery meaning you often don't see them until it's too late. Obstacles aren't spaced far enough apart early in the game, so the difficulty is too hard. Camera cutscenes are disorienting. In summary, I think this game tried to cram too much into itself that it forgot that it has to be fun.

Jtayl689   4 star

OMG THIS IS EPIC! BUT ONE THING..... This game is so epic, better than any other game, and i LOOOOVE it! I just want two things. lower the prices for igc and PLZ SUPPORT IPAD 2!!!!!!!!!

ashstablished   5 star

Great. Yes

SmexyPepito   5 star

Top notch. I have this game on my iPad, I have an iphone 4 and would love to play this on the go.... Could you guys please optimise it so it works on 4s please 💃

Alexxxx69   4 star

Great Game. I love this game graphics and play are great Lara is hot and she moves smoothly ....i love the adventure she goes on..keep em coming and make the adventure more and more interesting guys ....ok...also I'm not sure why but each time she dies she starts at different positions can't work that one out....other than that awesome guys

Geemuzz   1 star

Would be great addition to franchise. However, the app lags intermittently causing very avoidable end of runs and constantly and randomly shuts down/blacks out (even when having iPad mini on aeroplane mode) Worse lag when connected by data/wifi Will most likely delete Will definitely not spend on in game purchases because there would not be much point when it will be extremely difficult to use them effectively anyway

IxMickxI   2 star

Not Happy. Good game , but you need to fix the lagging and glitching !

Leon Syd   5 star

Addicting game. Welcome Lara

Soup is great when hot   4 star

Hi-5 Lara :D. Relic run has so much variety and an actual story with objectives. Temple has lost its perch now, except one thing. The lag. Theres too much lag appearing at the wrong time that makes you lose a lot considering how long the run is. Besides that I think its better than most people expected from a popular franchise made into an app.

Bluebottle_   1 star

Terrible Lag. Unplayable

Jussstin89   5 star

Best Game Out!. Love Lara! Best game out. Best game I've played. Very addictive. Levels are a little long and hard but not unmanageable. Great graphics and everything.

Freshooom   1 star

One of the worst game I ever played. Designed by amateur. The game is a clone of the famous Temple Run, with Tomb Raider branding attached to it. It all sounds good at first, but when you actually play it you realised this is designed by a bunch of amateurs who never play a single game in their life let alone play test their own game. The game constantly throws obstacles and hidden traps that are impossible to spot to kill the player, and since the level is random generated - there is no way for you remember when to dodge these. This is designed into the game to force the player to buy coins to revive Lara, or watch a short interstitial ad to drive their ad revenue. But they don't realise this frustrate the player before they even feel rewarded. Which means most players will simply leave the the game and then delete the game in frustration. Resulting them not getting a cent. This is all game design 101 stuff! And the designers seemed oblivious to it, which is why I said this game is designed by a bunch of amateurs who never play a single game in their life, or play test their own game, because if they did this problem would be apparent to them. The art production is also sub-par, looking like something the first year college would designed. The Lara Craft character is the only thing that looks decent - but it looks like something they bought from Maximo. All in all, 0/10.

MrMinecrafter   5 star

Works perfect with my iPad Mini. Hehehe, it works perfectly with my iPad mini. Great game, probably better than Temple Run 2. Hehehe so happy it works on my iPad, there's no lag at all.

Britjust   5 star

Amazing. Play this every day! Love something tomb raider related to play whilst waiting for the new game! 10/10

Kayzos21   3 star

Issues. Would be a great game if it wasn't for several issues. Very 'glitchy' - lags and constantly turns off. Please fix with next update! When these issues are rectified will be a very entertaining and addictive game.

NikkiShan   3 star

Ok game. The game has the temple run feel but a little glitchy/laggy at times and it hurts when you are about to pass an obstacle. Location-wise, it's hard to see what's in front of you at times regardless of your distance from that object (close or far) and that may be part of the game to make things challenging for the players but I prefer a game where you die solely on skill and not luck.

Shazzaisdabest1   1 star

CRASH. Cant even play the game. Aside from long loading times it crashes before i can even play

Duhvgvhcggzfuvjbhdxgvfvf   5 star

Awesome. It's amazing!! I would highly suggest this game! It's like a combo between temple run and subway surfers except it's a million times better!! It has so many features and you should get it now!! 😸😃😃😸

jacquelineh304   1 star

Lags and crashes.. Was excited to play this game but I can't even play it because every time I open it crashes. Not impressed

Pech Sor Oudom   5 star

Cambodia!!. Awesome game I love it!!

Allthegoodnamz   1 star

Doesn't download. Doesn't Download on iPhone 6 IOS 8.3 Really disappointed! It looks so good!

Lightning 47823   3 star

Great running game. Best running game out there for iOS. Great graffics, physics, parkour, gunplay. But the lag needs to be fixed and you die so easily because of it. Other than that great game👌

agent86therealone   5 star

Great Game but purchasing difficult. Love the game. Can't stop playing. Loved it so much I wanted to buy something to thank the devs but almost everything that can be bought takes away the challenge so buying is difficult. You can win just about everything from playing and I love playing this game. So what I did is I bought the desert map which kind of extended the game but by doing so it took away the challenge of earning it but the trade off is it keeps the game fresh. The bottom line is I couldn't accept such a great game for free. The IAP are not needed but I had to give the devs something.

hellzali   2 star

Argh no no no. I love it, it's amazing BUT -.- it continues to LAG and CRASH, it also has loading problems and will sometimes take me back to my home screen -.- it gets really annoying and makes me not want to play it AT ALL anymore. Please FIX.

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