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Hippie Lane: a recipe app designed to empower health-conscious people to make thoughtful recipe choices. The stylish app features a selection of highly sought after sweet treat recipes that are 100% vegan and free of gluten, refined sugar, dairy and genetically modified ingredients.

The Hippie Lane recipes evolved out of a simple love for sweet treats and a passion for nutritious organic wholefoods. We have merged these two driving forces to create a premium pack of 50+ recipes for people who simply want to enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt.

Each recipe has been developed with your health at heart, consisting of ingredients that are natural and unprocessed. Why? To ensure that each recipe is full of nutrients that work towards your optimal health and wellbeing.

To meet the demands of our users, we have created extra in-app packs that include breakfast recipes, savoury additions and a collection of must have party recipes.

Whether you are an experienced baker, a rookie in raw treat making or someone looking to dabble into a healthier eating lifestyle, the Hippie Lane app has you covered! With breathtaking photography and creative spins on classic treats including the mars, twix, bounty and cherry ripe, you will be surprised at the how tasty and fulfilling healthy can be.

Photography for Hippie Lane by Sneh Roy.

• 50+ in demand healthy treat recipes
• Delicious, satisfying and simple to make raw and baked recipes
• Suitable for new and experienced treat makers
• Vegan, clean eating, paleo and allergy friendly
• Gluten, wheat, refined sugar, egg and dairy free recipes
• A wide choice of nut free recipes
• Recipe indicators for Raw, Refined Sugar Free, Nut free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Gluten Free
• Information on number of serves and estimated kitchen time for each recipe
• Category menu featuring Chocolate Fix, Snacks, Celebration Cakes and Cookies & Biscuits.
• Easy to follow recipe format
• Imperial and metric measurements for each recipe
• Leading design, user friendly interface and professional photography
• Videos demonstrations for added benefit
• Shopping list function to help keep you organised
• Save your favourites for quick reference
• Share function available via email and social media
• In app purchases including a breakfast 'Rise and Shine' pack, a savoury pack 'Nourish and Glow' and party recipes, 'Let's Party'
• No internet access required to view recipes once downloaded
• Optimised for iPhone 5 and 6

A BIG thank you to all Hippie Lane enthusiasts. These recipes have been developed with love and appreciation for each and every one of you.
If you happen to love what you see, please leave your positive feedback by reviewing the Hippie Lane App in the App store.
If you are in any way unsatisfied with the app, please give us an opportunity to resond with a solution before leaving a negative review on the app store.
If you happen to have any complaints or problems technically or with a recipe, please contact our support team for assistance:

Email: [email protected]

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Hippie Lane App Description & Overview

The applications Hippie Lane was published in the category Food & Drink on 2015-01-18 and was developed by Hippie Lane. The file size is 57.06 MB. The current version is 1.7.3 and works well on 8.3 and high ios versions.

We fixed a small error in the ingredient list for the Matcha Maple and Sesame Oats

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Not worth it  Katisi  2 star

You only get a few recipes with the app purchase. Then you have to buy more recipes if you want to see them. My app won't even let me do that. So not worth it. Also you can find recipes like these on Pinterest or similar food blogs

unimpressed in Brooklyn

Meh  unimpressed in Brooklyn  3 star

The recipes are beautiful but there’s not all that many. The ingredients are somewhat obscure and expensive. I was hoping for something a bit more practical. This is like a mini cookbook.


Amazing!  alintahawkins  5 star

This app is my favorite vegan recipe app of all time 👌🏼


Purchased packs gone  lalalanoodle  1 star

I can't access packs I've previously purchased or restore purchases. I also can't seem to find support.


Not what I expected  LauraLynD  1 star

Pretty but none of the recipes I wanted from seeing pics on Instagram are included. Even the additional recipe packs that you can buy within the app don't list the recipes you will get with the purchase. Really disappointing and want my money back.

Hiphop realist

Beautiful but not functional  Hiphop realist  3 star

I didn't mind purchasing the app, I didn't realize I would have to make in app purchases in order to see all the recipes, I bought the breakfast recipe pack and the recipes disappeared. I still got charged the money but any time I try to get the recipes it just goes to charge me again


Too much money  Pixobsessed  2 star

I don't mind paying for an app, but $2.99 for the app and then an additional $1.99 per "recipe pack", of which there are 3, is a little ridiculous. Like another reviewer said; I'd rather search on Pinterest.

Design house

Bugs that need to be fixed  Design house  2 star

Hello first I love this brand. The food the photography and the care that goes into each. I just purchased the app with the additional 1.99 party recipes your and noticed a few glitches that I hope can be fixed. two recipes are missing and there is a layout glitch. Strawberry tarts goes to 3 layer smoothie Lime tart goes to vanilla rainbow cheesecake and when I open the ingredients and then go back to the menu the two pages overlay. I attached an image so you can see what I'm talking about. Thank you

Nia zavala

Only complicated recipes  Nia zavala  2 star

Don't bother buying this app if you don't live in a rich neighborhood near a whole foods or trader joes or something, you'll never find all of the ingredients you need for even the lesser complicated recipes. Waste of money.


Room for improvement  Tarrynu7  2 star

Looks like a great app till you purchase it. After purchasing, once inside the app, there are only a handful of small recipes and then you have to purchase another of her packs for an additional fee if you want more. Personally I'd rather search on Pinterest. More variety. One other thing is that there is a bug on one of her desserts - the key lime pie routes to cupcakes you have already seen. Been that way for weeks. Fix it?


call congress haircut_hippie 3 star

@prisonculture: It's a big problem that politics is seen in this country as the purview of elites. There is no *politics lane.*


hailey nichols haileycnichols 3 star

@hippielane_: Bring some cash tomorrow and come down to Hippie Lane for a bowl, a cone, or a waffle cone of Ice Cream! 🍦 #PeaceLoveIcecr…


Hippie Lane hippielane_ 3 star

@hippielane_: Bring some cash tomorrow and come down to Hippie Lane for a bowl, a cone, or a waffle cone of Ice Cream! 🍦 #PeaceLoveIcecr…

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