kirakira+ [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

With this app, you can add effects like a cross filter to attach to the camera lens. Light emitting materials and reflective object will shine even more.
Jewelry, glass, illumination, etc. Please use when you want a gorgeous shot a little!
!!! Please be careful for too much light. !!!

■ Basic function
- You can shoot the video and photo with impressive Glitter effect.
- You can edit photos and videos from photo albums.
- You can create "kirakiragraph" from still image.
- Swipe left and right to change effect.
- Adjust light with Kirakira power slider.
- On the confirmation page, 25 histories are displayed.
( Please check the photo album for the shooting data older than that. )

■ Notes
· Sometimes, there is an unintended area is sparkling ....
· By the situation at the time of shooting,
the video might not all glitter or too sparkly.
Please try to adjust with kirakira power slider.


if you experience any problems or have questions or suggestions please contact:

If you can send a defect report,
it will be helpful if you can describe your model and iOS version.

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kirakira+ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Filter adjustment and bug fixes.

kirakira+ Comments & Reviews

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- Like, where is the sparkle!!

This app did not work for me at all I actually would like my 99 cents to be refunded! Dissatisfied and disappointed

- Love it

So much fun

- You can’t delete photos and videos

The app is okay for what it is but I don’t understand why there is not an option to delete the photos or videos from the app after using the glitter filter. I don't want my photos or videos on the app, I want them deleted and there is literally no way to do that.

- Sparkle Sparkle

OMG... This app is a blessing. It makes your pictures look amazing... I craft my centerpieces for events and the reviews my videos and pictures get are amazing. I love it!❤️❤️

- Light up

Game changer

- Garbage



Hated it. Literally won’t let you decide where you want to place sparkles. Looks very cartoonish.

- Glitch/Bug

I’m unable to see the videos/pictures after some time. Able to slide to see which are videos and pictures but with Blank White Screen.

- Love it!

This app: •Does what it promises •Doesn’t crash •Doesn’t try to squeeze more money out of you every five seconds • Doesn’t bombard you constantly with ads • It makes everything glittery and I love it.

- Stopped working

This use to be my favorite editing app, but it doesn’t work anymore. It keeps crashing whenever I’m ready to save the video, basically making it unusable. Kind of disappointed that I spent money on it, just so it could be pointless. There has been no bug fixes since last year, they should really get one done now.

- Hi

Thanks you

- Great

It is wonder app

- add another feature

i wish there was an option to zoom in on the photo

- apps broken

literally can’t do anything when i open the app. nothing functions at all. dead buttons.

- Stopped working So dissatisfied

Not good

- Bad

I would like my money back please. This is a scam app and if I could I would put a zero star review. The pictures do not look the same as it was shown and the sparkles do not work goodly.

- I would recommend it!!

i love the app! it does what is should do. the only thing is that if ur picky with money this is 99 cents for just a filter so think about that. overall great app and amazing filter!!!

- Make it adjustable

The glitter is so fun and I love that you can adjust the brightness of it. HOWEVER, what you CAN’T adjust is the filter strength and I feel like that’s a staple for filter apps. When taking videos ON the app, the filters do well but if you upload photos or videos to the app, the filters are just way too overpowering. Please add this feature in!! I would use the app so much more.

- Doesn’t work

It doesn’t add any sparkles at all. Waste of a dollar.

- Almost perfect

Needs an option to take away sparkles in certain areas of the photos uploaded

- crashes

can’t even handle an 8 second video without crashing. waste of time and a dollar

- So much fun

It brightens pretty much every photo!

- I love this app :-) amazing for my business

I love

- I can do wonders with this app

I love love love it.

- H

Kira plus is gone

- Love, but wish kirakira graph could be taken as a photo

Love this app so much!! Highly recommend for adding a fun, sparkly detail to photos and videos! I wish that I could take a kira kira graph as a photo instead of having to upload a photo to save it as a kira kira graph.

- amazing

so fun! i’m using it everyday now lol

- doesn’t work :(

everytime i upload a video from my album to put the effect on, the app crashes

- Love love

I love this app it really makes pictures look cool 😍

- Love but...

It crashes frequently when trying to alter and save a prerecorded video.

- Ok but not great

I love the glitter effects, but I hate the filters. You should be able to adjust the filter and glitter strength separately, and also have a pen tool to determine where you want the glitter if the auto glitter isn’t right. This app is boring and not much can be done with photos...

- Not worth 99 cents

I tried this app myself and my 7 year old daughter tried it. We tried all the filters and both lost interest immediately. I was coaxed into buying it to make my 4th of July videos “stunning.” 🙄 Hardly. It’s a waste of money. Save your buck or give it to a homeless family.

- Too complicated

I thought it would be a great app but it is not user friendly.

- Subscription or 1 time purchase?

Does anyone know if this app is subscription based?

- So pretty just missing one thing

It’s so fun and pretty and I really like the kira video feature, I just wish you are able to choose where you’d like to add the sparkles or erase some, because sometimes I have a whole white space and it’s just filled with sparkles doesn’t really look good😵

- Amazing app

This app is amazing, especially for videos. The only issue is that I wish I could control where the stars are, like remove or add stars. This app is definitely worth the money though.

- Amazing App

Used it for a Quince (15th Birthday) video and it was awesome! Thank-you so much! ❤️🙌 Lovely app, amazingly developed. 💖

- Awesome!!!!

Must have filter

- It crashes

It crashes every time I press the export button ....??? Please fix this

- Love it

So much fun!!! Sparkle everything🌟

- No more extra sparkles

I use to love this app but where did all the sparkle option go??? I would give a 5 if it had not changed. Am I missing something.??

- Sparkle AWAY

GREAT APP it really truly works!!! I have used it for 3 months with no problems. My iPhone is very old and I just love this app. Keep up the good work in keeping this app workable!!!!

- Good app but...

Can we get added functionality to tap where we would like the glitter effect?

- Sparkle Cam is better

Get sparkle cam instead

- Love it.

I use it for my jewelry photo and I absolutely love it.


it does nothing I want a refund

- Keeps crashing

This app has been the best app I’ve ever used until it started crashing. Everytime I open the app and try to save a video to my camera roll, the app closes. Please fix this!!!

- Awesome and great

This app is so cool.

- Needs work

Excellent lighting effects, when they work. Many photos show the effects incredibly weak. Need to be able to import video and save as GIF.

- Can I please get a refund

I accidentally bought this app so please give me back my $2 thanks

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- Won’t add glitter to existing videos

When I try to upload a video to add the effect there are no changes made

- Suggestion!

Hi! This app is great, but it would be better if there was an option to control the TIME the filter shimmers. It just blinks really fast 😭

- Not so great!!

It doesnt work after the update!! Its a BLUR!!

- Bug

I don’t know why I could not use this app!

- random charges

It’s cute and all, but it started charging me randomly

- Bug

Why my app can’t be used? It cannot open the camera at all??????

- Glitch

I’m having problems every time I open the app it either freezes or is all white and I can’t click anything. This has been going on for months now

- Doesn’t work

Whenever I try to upload a picture, I just get a blank white screen.

- Won’t load!

I love this app so much! But it will not post any videos onto my Instagram or Instagram stories! The screen just goes black. I wouldn’t have given it 1 star if this were not a problem but I can’t even use the app! And I neeeeeed to lol! Heeelllpppppp Also I’m using an iPhone 7 so the problem isn’t not an old phone or lack of updating

- Please fix other wise PERFECT

Great app but it won’t let me “Kirafy” some photos and they’ll just turn out white

- Lovely

Simple to use and lovely effects! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- ✨

✨ please support 2x zoom 💖

- So pretty!!!!

Really nice app, makes everything super magical! Especially great for this holiday season ❤️ BUT it would be nice if there’s an eraser function in photo album mode!

- This app is amazing

Best $1. . . app

- I'm kira kira-ing EVERYTHING

You can take videos and photos with the effect but you can also take already existing videos and add the effect... I know what I'll be doing the next few hours. Kira kira-ing all my videos!!! Love it!!!

- Addicting 😍✨

It’s that famous sparkle app! This app allows you to take photo AND video with multiple different sparkle effects. Trust me, it’s worth the purchase. ✨

- Adore!

Fantastic filter ✨🖤💋

- bunk

it just gives me a pink screen :( i feel so ripped off

- Not worth the purchase

Can't get the sparkles to show up anywhere in lowlight. For something called kirakira it's not really a very sparkly app.

- Needs more functions

There should be an option to mute videos, and zoom in/out. Since it is a paid app.

- Music

Would be great if it allowed music apps to be used at the same time as recording videos

- Recommendation for improvement!

I love this app!! However would it be possible to include a function that allows us to apply these filters on video/ photos from our camera roll? This feature would definitely boost this app to five stars for sure :)

- Don't waste your money

This app is not good - only takes videos and cannot apply the app to previously taken videos or photos - super disappointed.

- ?

Why can't I take photos?

- Ripppoffff

The app said it was $1.49 and charged me $5

- useless

does absolutely nothing to any of my pictures or videos. waste of money

- Pretty but glitchy

I love the idea of this app but rn it’s not working with Instagram and won’t sync my vids or photos to it!

- Sparkles in unwanted areas.

Let us edit where they are and arent. This ruins the app for me, it makes my headphones look crazy and my eyes look creepy. Super basic feature that shouldve been added when the app was first released.

- Love This!

The only drawback I have with this app is that I can’t zoom! :(

- Amazing app

Exceeded my expectations, was very happy with this purchase!

- Broken

IPhone 6s App is completely blank, no buttons working. worked for a short while, even deleted it + redownloaded...nothing risky buy

- Worst app!! Doesn’t work after once use

I only used it once and it was fine, except the fact that you can’t change where the sparkles are and it goes on your eyes. Now every time I try to use it it’s a blank white screen and I can’t access anything. Very annoyed!! I want a refund

- Let down

Am I the only one with this problem? I was so excited to download this app only to be struck with a blank screen that won’t change. I have deleted and re-downloaded it, the app is sensing my phone rotating but the screen doesn’t change from white 😞 paid and everything.

- Kira Kira

Great app it is just like Snapchat but make sure you put filters and you can sent it to people Kind regards Hannah xoxo

- Problem with photos from camera roll

Okay so I tried to edit a photo from my camera roll and when I pressed on a photo the screen just went white like when I got the app I allowed it to edit things from my camera when I first opened it so there shouldn’t be a problem,I would like a refund

- A bit disappointed

Very basic app & i was disappointed that u cant change where the sparkles are in the picture ie eyes no matter which photo i use it does the eyes which looks either gaudy or creepy!

- Not downloading

I just paid for it and I keep trying to pay for it but it keeps saying “you have already purchased this it will be downloaded at no additional charge” and the download button pops up again, on and on

- El

Love it.... 🖤🖤 The only thing I wish was different was that it didn’t flip your photos once you take them. A photo taken on an iphone does this whereas the Insta story feature on Instagram doesn’t. It should make it more like Insta, conserving the photo flipping, but that’s a minor. 💕 There are so many effects to choose from and they all catch the light really well and make whatever your trying to get twinkling twinkle!!💕

- Waste money! Please fix!

Please fix this apps! I pay but cant use it

- Not working at all

Not working on my phone. I have iphone 7+ and ios latest version. Please fix it thanks

- Could be amazing.

A great idea but I would like to be able to control to some extent what is sparkling. You can only do live Video/Photo and the slider doesn’t seem to do much. Should not cost money, this app is an unfinished concept.

- Cant upload photo to edit

Why cant upload photo from phone? Waste money..

- Nothing special

Can’t even upload photos from camera roll.. only new live taken videos and photos next time will read descriptions properly and not assume, would not have purchased otherwise ..

- Frustrating! Does not save my video 80% of the time

I really wanted to like this app since it's a great concept, but, it's impossible to like it because it cannot perform a core function as simple as saving a video! 😕

- Instant Glow Up !

Love. This. App.

- Amazing


- Useless.

I can't even upload a picture to make sparkly, what a waste of a dollar! Don't bother with this app.

- Could be a lot better 🐝

Good app but you can’t zoom in or play phone music over video mode, it’s a shame but decent app overall.

- Has potential

Won't save to my camera roll... pointless without that function.

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- pretty good

i can’t get prequel because they don’t support my iphone (i have an iphone 6 plus so i’m annoyed that they put it for iphone 6s and up) so i couldnt get that retro and soft sparkle look. but i downloaded this and i can kind of get the same look if i edit the photo with another app first and then use this one. it’s pretty good.

- Best app ever!!!

Best app ever! It brings so much life to dull photos!!!

- Like it buttt

I really like this app. But I wish I could use my flash and I could import photos that I took with my camera. Other that that it’s a great app and worth the🤑🤑

- What happened???

What happened to this app? The app does not load a clear image to Instagram. Image becomes fuzzy and blurry. It will load clear then a second or two later it destroys image.

- Great app

this app is good for taking quick pretty simple look photos app really work well with my phone , it make my photos more vivid ~ App really catch the point of light really well ! Waiting for more good feature to come on next update 🎵🙂

- Thankyou for album pic’s

Thank you for making it possible to use photos from photo Album. But when I use a pic it somehow makes 25 of them. That uses up my memory in my phone and makes 1 pic. A video memory cell. That’s too much.can you help with that ? Otherwise I have to delete this app it’s using too much memory ???

- Keeps crashing

Looks like it could be fun but I could only give it one star because I didn’t get to use it because it crashed over and over. It’s .99 cents and 8 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

- Not Loading

The app was working for me a week ago, but now it’s not even loading... please look in to it!!

- Trying switching from video to camera

When trying, gives me an error and then the app freezes ... Reinstalled, tried again, same mistake ...

- Bug?

Not sure what’s going on with the app, but it’s not working altogether. I expect this from free apps but not paid ones.

- Stop the glitter eyes

Oh man, I’ve the glitter effect, but when it glitter eyes it ruins the pix. Is there a fix that I can find.

- NEver worked

I got like one or two videos out of it... it’s always crashing

- This Makes Videos Too!!

Sparkling pics and videos you can make! How cool 😎

- Doesn’t work

I just bought this and it keeps saying error and not doing anything.

- Cannot even use...

I downloaded this app this morning and have yet to be able to use it. When I choose a picture or video from my album and press next, the app closes itself. I have the most updated iOS 12 so this should not be an issue. I have also restarted my phone after downloading this app and still nothing.

- Super slow and difficult to understand how to use it.

I didn’t like this at all, can I have my money back? I biught it five minutes ago. Instant regret 😪

- 😡 no longer works

Loved at first. I’ve used this app for over a year. It now has a white screen. Tap on the buttons and nothing works. What happened? Is this no longer available?

- I bought the app and it’s started to be dumb

so i was casually using the app and a day later the screen turns white and i can’t do nothing about pls help

- Read this please.

I don’t remember buying this app for money but I think the money is definitely a good price for the app. But this app can have a lot more improvements. Like a boomerang mode, more filters, and have a photo/video timer. I also think when we first open the app it is already on the video mode, not the photo mode. When wasting my time on fixing it, I miss what I want to take a photo of. These are a MUST HAVES in this APP (That everyone has been dying to have)!!

- Bling Bling

I love this App, it’s easy to use

- FlamboyantSmiles

Amazing APP!!!

- Stopped working with album videos!

This app stopped working and just freezes when I try to process an existing video from my album. Please help!

- Not much happening

I can’t figure out how it works! ‘M not getting much sparkle. Disappointing.

- Wow

This app is awesome. I love what I can do to pics and videos..

- It won't even work

I just purchased it and gave the proper permissions and access to my phone. But it takes me to a white screen and I am not able to tap any of the buttons or options. I feel like I just wasted my money that I can't get back.

- App locks up EVERY TIME

This app does not work at all on my iPhone X. When I select a video and import it into the app it locks up during the processing and crashes. I want a refund!!!!!

- Keeps freezing

First app I’ve ever bought and it doesn’t let me take videos or photos . EVery time I attempt to , a little window appears and it says it’s an error and just freezes . Please help !!! I have an iPhone 7+ I constantly update it. Is it just not compatible with my phone ??

- sparse sparkles

it’s cute but it only makes things already sparkly sparkle like your glasses. I think it should make ordinary things shine!


The photo was great until I tried to post it on Instagram, and Facebook and it was so blurry!!! A waste of money and TIME!!! Ughhh so annoying, please fix this ASAP!!!

- Refund please

It worked for all of ONE day and after that I keep getting this “The operation could not be completed” error

- Love it! But.....

I love this app I really do! I use it to edit my makeup pictures and add some sparkle to them and I absolutely love the affect it has🤤 but...... it’s so annoying when the sparkle is in a unethical place and not even near the area I want to have the sparkle!! Say I edit a makeup pic with my light on in the background... when I use kirakira+ effect all the glitz and shine is on the LIGHT and none is on my face! I get that it goes to “illuminated” spots but that’s very inconvenient.. especially for having paid for it with MY own money...

- 9/10 Times Only Shows A White Screen

I was excited to use this app because of all the race reviews I've heard about it, but when it became my turn to use it there was nothing but a white screen along with the app's different features.

- Great app!

I’ve been using this app for more than half a year now, and it hasn’t cause any troubles. It works great and is pretty high quality! Though you do have to pay, I think it is definitely worth it since you can adjust how much sparkle you want, and it has no ads (at least I didn’t notice any)! Definitely recommend if you are willing to spend a little bit:)


Paid and downloaded this app and when I open it for the first time ever I see a blank white screen and tabs that I cannot tap. Nothing is working and I’m going to request my money back. Feels like a SCAM!!

- Changed from 5 stars to 1

This doesn't record anything longer than 5 seconds. Tried doing something special for my GMAs 100th Birthday with this and you ruined it! 😡😡😡😡

- Main screen is frozen

I just purchased the app and I can’t use it! It might be a bug but I’d refrain from purchasing this app since you can’t even use it.

- Import

There should be a feature that allows us to import photos and edit the sparkles on.


I had a friend pay for this app for me since I didn’t have enough iTunes credit to buy it myself. It worked fine until new “bug” fixes started up. I’m trying to use this dumb thing now and it won’t start up. The camera isn’t opening so all I see is a white screen with a camera and album option, which I can’t open. my dudes if you’re really gonna charge people for this darn thing, please make it work at least.

- Love it, but

I love this app, but I wish there was a way for music to play once app is opened, like Apple Music or Pandora


Used it once, loved it, and then it froze—the screen went white and I can’t press any of the buttons. What makes it worse is that I spent money on this. How can I fix it??

- App not working

I just paid and downloaded but the app is not working on my 8plus 😡

- great for 4 year olds, bad for anyone else

literally the worst photo app I’ve ever used. If you want to add sparkle in places you WOULDNT want sparkle, and if you want your picture to look like a 4 year old made it, I guess this is the app for you.

- Had it for a day

It worked the minute I first downloaded it but it’s only been a few hours and the screen of the app is all white except I can still see the controls. I’ve tried re downloading and it doesn’t work

- Love it !

Im a Nail Tech, and this is my go to App for Taking pictures! Worth every penny. See on instagram @TahliyaNails

- Love it!!!!

Great application I use it every day for work

- Fraud


- Not Working

I’ve always loved this app but as of recently, it isn’t working for me at all. As soon as I open the app, I just see the options with a white screen. The camera doesn’t open up at all even with access granted. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it, but nothing seems to be working 😩

- Fun app, I love all the sparkles

Worth my dollar! Love how easy to use the app is, it’s endlessly amusing to add sparkles to my videos and pictures. I do it to everything and haven’t become bored with the app, I keep going back to try it.

- :(

I hate how u cant zoom or play music on this app. Please fix it

- Doesn’t work

App just shows white screen

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- Waste of money

The app only works once and the only thing you see after that is a white page as others also mentioned ! Absolutely waste of money !!!!

- It chose for me where to put the glitter

Its not flexible, not intuitive to work with very very disappointed. There are so many free apps to add sparkle, i assumed that since this one costs money it would have more option rather then an ex USSR we choose for you thing.

- Needs an eraser!

Great but would definitely benefit from an ‘eraser’ to remove the effect from parts of an image or video where it’s not wanted. Glittery eyeballs just look wrong.

- Difficult to post

Will not allow me to download picture waste of money and time

- Suggestion

Would be better if users can tap onto areas they want to have sparkles on

- Only one effect

Photos suggest that you can choose more than 1 effect but you can’t, misleading. Not worth it.

- Too much on the eyes

It keeps adding sparkle to my eyes and not my clothes It’s so annoying

- Doesn’t work

I’m gutted about this my friend has this and recommended it to me... I downloaded instantly yet it doesn’t work. Now I’ve read the reviews I can see people are having the same issue with just a white screen and I’m furious I’d love a refund if possible even though it’s one 99p it’s the principle behind it all

- Yesss

The best level of sparkle

- Fab

Love this app to make my pictures that extra little bit glam. But if there was one thing that would make it so much better, it would be to have some sort of erasing selection to swipe over parts where i don't want any sparkle.

- Okay

Every time I take a picture the app freezes and then doesn’t always automatically save the images as it should? Please fix as it’s a purchased app

- What the hell is happening with this app!?

It worked perfectly fine soon as I first purchased it and opened the app on my phone. However, the next morning, I try using the app and it seems like the app is frozen. It’s unresponsive. I couldn’t get the recorder or camera to work. Couldn’t access pictures or videos from my device either. 😕 It keeps showing a white screen as so many of the others have mentioned already, I see. So disappointed as I wanted to use the app more than just the once! I know it’s only 99p, but if they can’t get it to work I would very much do like my money back! 😤😤

- Great app but...

Great app I love it but I would love the option to place the sparkle where I want it. Rather than it being randomly selected for you.

- Rubbish

Tried to upload a photo to try and it just goes to a white screen, rubbish! Refund would be nice!


Very easy to work with this app, however; it doesn't have option button and compresses the video in result you will get beautiful video but with ok quality. it would have been great if it would have an option to render as the same quality as your original video.

- Twinkle Twinkle...

Kira Kira adds a fabulous edge to Instagram posts - it’s a joy bringer!!

- Carole’s nails

Love them 💕💕

- White screen only!

Just purchased. The app itself is great! But you can’t use anything you’ve created. It saves it as a white screen! Bugs need fixing ASAP!

- Needs improvement

Can’t use any existing pics - just goes to a white screen (as many others have mentioned!) Also I agree that you should be able to select what areas you want to sparkle as it picks up any light reflections. Other than that it’s a very pretty effect

- Needs improving to be even better

There needs to be an option where you can select an area to add sparkle as sometimes the sparkles aren’t in the areas you want them to be, and aren’t bright enough.

- Album photos won’t upload

Trying to get the effect on a photo you have already taken won’t work. Just shows a white screen and never loads. 99p wasted

- Please fix white screen for editing photos

Doesn’t work with iphoto gallery only works in real-time photos or videos, please fix

- Amazing app bring sparkle & bling to everything

So easy to use..bling and sparkle pictures & films! Works perfectly love it!

- 👋🏼

Please could you fix the white screen after uploading a picture? 🙏🏼

- Disappointing

Bit disappointing - just downloaded but keep getting an unknown error after agreeing to use mic and camera. Hmm. Not good.

- Meh

Just downloaded this app, messed with a few pictures and it’s not working! Keeps going to a white screen when I try to upload a photo to edit! It’s only 99p but to pay for something that doesn’t work is a joke! Sort this out or I want a refund!! Don’t download until it’s fixed !!b

- Refund please!

Crashes when you try to save a picture, pointless! I want my money back

- Not impressed

The app simply doesn’t work. It doesn’t open any phones in my album. Don’t wast your pennies.

- I love this App!! ✨

But would be even better if you could erase/paint sparkles in certain areas!

- Very disappointing

Just displays a white screen after taking photos and crashes, doesn’t work at all

- Doesn’t always work

Sometimes you just get a white screen :-(

- V

It doesn’t work 🙄

- Please fix!!

Absolutely love this app but only the video option works! I click on the picture but it just goes to a white screen ... please fix this!! ✨

- Keeps crashing!!!

Every time I take a photo the app closes, extremely frustrating!

- Doesn’t work?

Open it and it’s just blank?

- Mirror image/flip the photo

This app is awesome. But what would make it perfect 5/5 is if there’s an option to take videos/pictures as a mirror image. Or have the option to flip the image round!

- Eraser

This app would be better if you had the option to erase parts of light so you can have specific areas lit

- Eh

This was really good for about 20 minutes but now I can’t open any pictures or videos it just goes to a white screen. Fgs

- cute as

The sparkles are really cute and pictures turn out nice and aesthetic as hell, but a mirror option would be great !! Please consider it

- Useless...crashes every single time

Crashes every time I try to open a picture. Waste of money 😕

- 🤩

Love the app, love the effects and its great that you can control how dazzling the filter is.

- App closes

App closes every time I select a photo.

- Doesn't work on some pics and videos

Keeps crashing on some videos and doesn't open them sometimes :((

- Rubbish

Doesn’t work!

- Great now you can add pictures you’ve taken...

It keeps freezing on a lot of pictures I want to upload?!

- Almost

The new update would be perfect if it didn’t keep crashing !

- More features

Want to choose where sparkles go! Or do it on photos that have already been taken

- Pretty, would like to import!

great app, so pretty! just wish you could add sparkles to pics/vids that are already in your camera roll!

- More features needed

Please allow us to upload a video or photo in order for us to add sparkle to exiting media

- Not what I expected

Can you update and modify the app so you can access camera roll photos and videos to edit please? This would be much better because I can’t find an app that does that. I really think your app needs to be able to offer this function.

6A76942F :参戦ID 参加者募集! Lv100 ゼノ・ウォフマナフ

@kirakira_Pico ただいま〜

@YoritaNatsu フォンテーヌ来ましたねっ! 🐧💧♨️

@precure_screens: Kirakira ☆ PreCure À La Mode ep.46 @ 00:11.92 #PreCure

@apexxxs2 英語面接😱💦 絶対緊張するやつですね🙈 でもでも次もがんばってくださいね✨フレーッフレーッ!!*\(・▽・)/*

ラスアス2って酷評受けてるのだが 僕にとっては泣きながらできる傑作ゲーム

@rt_kirakira @____sum_ateez すごいね笑笑

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kirakira+ 2.1.2 Screenshots & Images

kirakira+ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

kirakira+ iphone images
kirakira+ iphone images
kirakira+ iphone images
kirakira+ iphone images
kirakira+ ipad images
kirakira+ ipad images
kirakira+ ipad images
kirakira+ ipad images
kirakira+ Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
kirakira+ Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

kirakira+ (Version 2.1.2) Install & Download

The applications kirakira+ was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-02-26 and was developed by bytes inc. [Developer ID: 451040503]. This application file size is 1.15 MB. kirakira+ - Photo & Video posted on 2019-01-05 current version is 2.1.2 and works well on IOS 11.1 and high versions.

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