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Private Internet Access™ VPN service: fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, 5 devices simultaneously (smartphones, tablets, desktops), no traffic logs, 24/7 customer support!

Protect your privacy with Private Internet Access™, the world's leading VPN service for iOS users. PIA enables users to encrypt their network traffic and stay protected when online. Add privacy and security to private and public networks when you use the Internet and WiFi Hotspots.


- IP Cloaking. Your IP address will be changed to one of the Private Internet Access’ IP addresses to hide your identity and location by blending you with the crowd. Hide your IP address to stop data trackers, snoopers, and hackers from tracking your browsing and search activity.

- Data Encryption. Get Public WiFi security in hotspots, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, and airports. Without encryption, your data can be as available as public TV. Our trusted VPN service creates several security layers which protect you and prevent access to your data.


- Low price. $3.33 per month if you purchase a yearly account ($39.99/year) or $6.99 on a monthly basis.
- Reliable and trusted VPN provider since 2010. Proven no log policy.
- Privacy is our Policy. Here at PIA, we not only provide a great VPN service at a low price, but we also support organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, FightForTheFuture, and many others.


“Super easy to use, just works.... Speeds are the same as if I wasn't connected to the VPN.” Werner 06/19/2016

“I did my homework, reviewing many VPN services. PIA was among the most economical, plenty of simultaneous connections and more than enough servers and services. (...) The speed is more than I hoped for. I can stream all YouTube videos. HD quality is superb with no buffering. I am happy to have this extra security on all our devices. My wife could not tell the difference after I installed it on her PC. I think I paid $39.99/year. What a bargain!” Helmut, 06/20/2016

“PIA is the best VPN provider that lets you download in complete privacy at your max download and upload speed. Very user friendly interface with many option to choose from. Totally worth the extreme low price!” Minivip, 06/19/2016

“They are bold when it comes to promising the quality of their product and are just as bold in delivering the result, I stand by them as my favorite VPN service providers. Buy the service you won't regret it.” Atharva, 06/19/2016

Private Internet Access VPN App Description & Overview

The applications Private Internet Access VPN was published in the category Productivity on 2015-05-24 and was developed by London Trust Media, Inc.. The file size is 5.86 MB. The current version is 2.2.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- VPN connection negotiation improved

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Private Internet Access VPN Reviews


Disconnect  Wsjkkkkkk  4 star

App disconnects randomly, why. Also when ipad cover closed then opened, app appears connected, but is not, why


Great service  Joejoebrown  5 star

Works great. Sometimes you have change proxies for it to work. But still works as advertised.


Pretty good overall.  Jitterbug_Boy  4 star

It loses the connection from time to time, but not as much as others I’ve used. It’s been good for the price.


SCAM-FAKE VPN  Mug620  1 star

This app says I’m “connected” but my ip is the same as my ip at home. This app is fake and if you use it you are going to get doxxed, don’t say you weren’t warned.


Regularly loses VPN IP, stalls  elgrego1939  1 star

“IP Resolving” error still exists. I’ve noticed that now, if my internet connection isn’t working, when I check the PIA app, it sometimes says that everything is fine, but if I quit and restart the app, it shows that it’s connected but now says “IP Resolving”. Seemingly there is a UI bug that prevents it from updating its status even though the status has changed. Disconnect and connect, and then everything is fine for a while. Today I also experienced an older bug: opened the app, saw “IP Resolving”, but the app didn’t fix the issue on its own. I had to manually disconnect and connect. For a while, for a couple of versions, I think, I hadn’t been experiencing this bug, but apparently it has come back. Also, why do I have to open the app to get it to resolve a connection error at all? It should do all of this in the background on its own.


Not a bad app in my experience thus far  Maddogdne  4 star

I see that others have experienced some connection problems, but I really haven't been troubled thus far. Nothing works 100% of the time, but overall performance has been satisfactory to me. I think they are offering a useful service.


Great app!  fbroaders  5 star

Works just as well as it does on my laptop.

Orlando Dude

No bandwidth  Orlando Dude  2 star

Finally disabled it to get a connection. Too often have to turn it off to connect to mail/banking/internet sites. Turn off - connection good.


Getting better  Garbs  4 star

Paid customer here, overall satisfied. Still some lag when going from WiFi to LTE but this latest update is running nicely.


Good VPN but mobile app has problems  DukeNukemForever!  3 star

I'm liking the app but it frequently disconnects me from the VPN for no reason at all. Please fix this.


Speed okay, but Ad blocker doesn't work on IOS  Walksky32  3 star

The ad blocking feature still doesn't work, which for a paid app is poor. The IP location issue now 'appears' to properly correspond to where you connect to. In general, one of the faster & more reliable vpns on the market. Just need the ad blocking/tracking feature fixed or stop claiming you offer ad blocking. Like all vpns, you get 'a little' extra privacy, but this is decreasing and you definitely do not get anonymity.


VPN Negotiation with the Server Failed  An0nym0us32  1 star

This message shows up. It’s always resolving. Every 5 minutes the wifi icon disappears and if you open the app it says it’s resolving. Wait and nothing happens and you have to press the button to connect.


Seems broken  Maconnoisseur  2 star

App won’t let me disconnect from VPN.


Easy to use  Martismo  5 star

Very easy to use and effective.

Eman nick

Works as advertised  Eman nick  4 star

Slow at times but mostly works fine


Flawless.  eljayscott  5 star

Easy to use and flawless performance. Very happy.


Never connects  Beardiebeardie  1 star

Just hangs on connecting. Last version was the only version that worked. Have to to use openvpn app instead.


Great VPN Service  Salamandis  5 star

Solid software and service. Highly recommended!


Connection negotiation frustration  Grrrr1990  1 star

The most recent few updates have failed to improve connection negotiation issues to the point that the app barely works at all. Started out fine a few months ago but something is amiss of late. I hope they can sort this out before I go looking elsewhere...

Feedback and bug fix required

Latest update has broken the app  Feedback and bug fix required  1 star

Since the latest update the app is stuck on connecting.


Disconnects all the time  Gryfhyhf  1 star

The app disconnects all the time! It’s very frustrating. Have to constantly toggle the switch to get it to reconnect. Can always tell when it’s not connected cause the internet stops working. Very inconvenient. Please fix. Works great everywhere but the phone app!


Update NG  Baronpatron  2 star

After several years of working well,app has big problems with latest version on my IPhone 6plus . Slow connection or with public Wifi no connection at all . Customer service not much help


Fix what I payed for  iLLypHiLL  1 star

iOS app is not connecting to any VPN servers. Speaking of which, is there even an option to choose a server?! Please fix.


Great!  GoodVintage  5 star

Love it. When traveling international I still have access to download Vudu movies to my iPhone. Never had any problems.


What a waste of money  Atmenterprises  1 star

Sometimes it can't connect to any server. Sometimes it fails to disconnect and reconnect to a server if there's no available bandwidth. Sometimes it just sits there connected to a server at 0.3 kb/sec. This product has only gotten worse in the few months I've had it. I can't recommend this app to anyone in its current state. Don’t waste your money.


Not working on iOS 11  Nullcreation  1 star

Not working since upgrading iOS to the latest version


Slightly above average vpn  LA-SDbanker  3 star

Pros: -Speeds are average to good for p2p. -price -most features work properly (not kill switch) -all major OS covered Cons: -They are in US and claim that does t matter but I find a hard time believing the NSA hasn’t stuck their fingers in PIAs pie! -custom apps are bare bones -no mobile kill switch (most vpns don’t have this unfortunately) -they use virtual servers (not as safe. I can choose California but often server location will show New York or Georgia.


Drops too much  Irishhatt  3 star

This service drops way too many sessions or fails to connect at all. I like it when it works but something needs fixing.


Speed is Ok, app is so easy to use  HolyAmbition  5 star

Title says it all.

Anoneemus Revyooer

an SSL error has occurred  Anoneemus Revyooer  1 star

This was working until I upgraded to an iphone 8. Now it just says “An SSL error has occurred ...”. Tried reinstalling, but it did no good. Saw some others online with same problem on ios, with no resolution. Wasted money on annual contract

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