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KeepVid Pro lets you download files to your iPhone, iPad.
KeepVid Pro includes a music player to let you play offline files.
KeepVid Pro supports for Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many more to come such as Web Browser.

Highlights >
Download files to local for offline use
Powerful playlist manager for audio, video files
Audio video player with background playback and lock screen controls

Features >
Switch account if you have more than one
Search for files by name and content
Share files and folders easily with others
Transfer files from one account to another account
Upload photos, videos from library to cloud
Move files around within an account
Rename, delete, copy files
View documents, PDFs, photos, videos and more

Disclaimer >
This app does not provide content. By conforming to each Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive API Terms of Service, this app allows users to manage their files.
The download feature is allowed by Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive API. For more information, see the guideline of each cloud drive as below.
Dropbox >
Box >
Google Drive >
OneDrive >

KeepVid Pro Edition App Description & Overview

The applications KeepVid Pro Edition was published in the category Business on 2015-01-31 and was developed by An Tu. This application file size is 93.85 MB. KeepVid Pro Edition current version is 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

KeepVid Pro for latest iPhone, iPad models

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KeepVid Pro Edition Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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lachance9711   1 star

SCAM. How does apple let people like this get away with crap like this? Using someone else’s name is clearly illegal. DO NOT BUY, its a SCAM

armando beniquez   1 star

Bad for business. I want my money back you thiefs this is a joke. Ima sue you guya

alarabiam   1 star

Keepvid fir IOS is waist of money. I got the app for free on my Android phone and it’s a great app to download audio and video from YouTube. Now I am using iPhone so I wanted to get Keepvid for iOS, I first noticed that you have to buy the app then unlike Android and you get an app that doesn’t work at all and can’t find how to use the app anywhere. It’s a waist of money.

Shortspilot35   1 star

Terrible. This app is worthless - not even worth my time to write a detailed review.

It's getting better every week   1 star

Scam!!!!. Scam!!!!

Iheartmagneticzeros   1 star

Horrible. Does nothing. Don’t waste your $$

andreacardosousa   1 star

Trash. This app no work , I want my money back

GeloMadMan   1 star

Do not buy this!!!. worthless app ever, waste of money. If I could I would rate it negative 5 ⭐️

S Spreng   1 star

Terrible App. Does nothing. No instructions. No interface with YouTube. Total junk.

Ceboy   1 star

Give me my money back. Not working p.o.s.

Patch74   1 star

Listen to the reviews!. Didn’t listen to the reviews I read. Complete waste of time and $!!!!!

parillllll   1 star

Totally useless. Waste of money and time.

Mstov28   1 star

Waste of money!!. Once you download the app there are no tools! There is no way to upload videos as mentioned in description. I’m totally disappointed that I wasted $3 on this useless app.

KelseyQ25   1 star

DO NOT BUY. This app is not what is shown in the photos or what is described. Waste of money. Can not do anything.

Honest Review 2   1 star

It is a SCAM Useless App is “NOT Keepvid”. It uses the name KeepVid Pro like it is the actual app, but it’s not. “Not” as in it does “Absolutely Nothing!” I mean NOTHING... Except the developer screwed me out of $$$. Should be removed by Apple as a SCAM. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! 😤😡🤬

DrHamed   1 star

Fake. I buy this application but not work in my iphone x!! Apple please give back my money

Dj Devereau   1 star

I want my money and time back. This thing doesn’t nothing! Not even a faq or contact section to help the user understand the app better. This is my first app review ever and it’s only because I want to warn people to not buy this thing!


THEIF!. This con artist is using the name of another software that does something completely different and misleads you to believe it functions the same! I want my money back! THEIF!

elp0110   1 star


Jermk3   1 star

Waste. Worthless app

Wellpooh!   1 star

Fraudware! Do not buy. This product does nothing. Should be banned.

RJMO   1 star

Awful - don’t buy. A waste of money. I thought it was the improved version of official keepvid

Seamusmctube   1 star

Useless. App does zero.

Okwhatnow19&5   1 star

Doesn't work. App does nothing

trftffggggg   1 star

Junk. Garbage

Gfego1   1 star

Awful. This app doesn't do anything useful for the user only the developer who just made money for giving nothing.

Not the keepvid to download video from YouTube. I was using KeepVid web to download video from YouTube. Obviously this is not the app but using the same name. Don't waste your time and money!

Anizabobisa   1 star

Read before purchase. Wow, I wish I would have read the persistent reviews not to purchase this app. It's unfortunate that I have already paid for it. If you can read, this is a clear message not to purchase the app.

Ki4zxl   1 star

Garbage. Lesson learned .... read reviews before any purchase. If I had I would never have bought this. Total waste of money

Steve Davis aka Steve Davis   1 star


Advertorial    5 star

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Bulawayo Boy   1 star

Crap app!!. I want my money back!!

Lobster219   1 star

Rip off.. Rip off, doesn’t work, don’t pay for it.

Xhoops15   1 star

Doesn't work.. This app has no instructions and doesn't appear to do anything there than steal your money!

tkate3456   1 star

App. Your app ripped me off It needs better instructions as to how to do things or do not charge for it because it don’t work

Wuda7   1 star

It's NOT working!. It's NOT working!

Advertorial    5 star

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xcvbnmkjhgfdsaqwertt   1 star

Cr... Doesn’t work. Total scam, avoid like the plague.

kymmyrad   1 star

Waste of time n money. Useless app, no instructions how to use!

Teachers need this   1 star

Rubbish. I think this app is a scam. It does nothing and I can't find any guides online with the same matching logo...

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