Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD App Reviews

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD [Business] App Description & Overview

What is voice recorder lite: record hd app? Live sound with its true feelings. Enjoy recording, playback and audio editing with Voice Recorder. We have fine tuned it for your day-to-day activities. Attending something important and want to record it
for later playback, Voice Recorder will allow you to record your meetings, lectures, and other events with codec noise reduction technology. You can record anything within 10-100 meters around you.

Edit the recording as per your need and save it for later playback. Voice Recorder has multiple playback options helping you decide how you want to hear your recording. Developed specially for Apple, it plays just as excellent with Apple EarPods as it plays with our old earphones.

You can auto upload and even share the recording on cloud (Dropbox) in seconds.

Voice Recorder is an easy to use and handy app to record the meeting, lecture, music and many more. The interface is designed to make it quick. With single tap you can record and share the recordings.

Enjoy sound, record, edit, play and listen!

List of Features

# Audio Recorder
- Quality options: (Low:8KHz, Medium:22.05KHz, High:44.1KHz)
- Format options: (WAV, CAF, M4A)
- External input device support : Bluetooth Mic, Other External Mic (Tested with Tascam mic)
- Background recording support

- Continue recording into existing recordings.
- Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.

# Audio Player
- Quick audio player
- Playback controls (Fast backward, Fast backward)
- External output device support (Bluetooth and External speaker devices)
- Background audio playing

# Audio Trimming
- Select a part of recording and trim it.

# Sharing
- Email recordings
- Dropbox sharing (Auto upload recording support)
- Upload to iCloud Drive
- Import recordings to computer with iTunes file sharing
- Airdrop sharing with iOS and Mac devices.

# Universal App
- Support for both iPhone and iPad devices.
- iPhone 7 an iPhone 7 Plus optimised design.

English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português (Br.),Português, Italiano, 中文 (Simplified), Русский, 日本語, 한국어

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How to contact Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD (LiveBird Technologies Private Limited)?
Find this site the customer service details of Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/955000203/voice-recorder-lite-record-hd/contact

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD Version 6.108 September 2021

Hi friends! We have updated Voice Recorder for better performances to you. In today's update, we have taken up some edgy part for smooth flexibility with improvisations. We have also made it full compatible with latest iOS. We did localization improvements for 中国人, française, Deutsch, italiana, 日本, 한국인, português, русский, española..

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD Version 5.030 January 2020

- Dropbox API update. - Support of External Bluetooth Audio play. - Compatibility for new iPhones and iPads. - Bug fixes and improvements..

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD Comments & Reviews 2022

- Awesome playback and easy to use

Love this app and it’s features. As a senior I can record memos for playback instead of using my phones memo which I have to type it. The phone has trouble deciphering my accent and just makes up text. I just got this free app today and I know I can use it at my doctors visits as well as talking to my nutritionist. Making lists for the store as I go through cabinets fridge etc prior to shopping. And I am sure to find more uses as I continue to use it. Thank you you’ve made my life easier!!!

- None of your business

Hello it’s me again . so today it is June 5 and I just recorded some new songs on the recording app that I’m making this review about. First of all in the beginning it was great. now the last review that I made for this terrible app it wouldn’t play my voice it would just be silent even if my volume was all the way up it would just be silent. So today I’m like OK it hasn’t been working it was working after I made the review but now it’s not working and I am thinking OK this is Ridiculous. this is maaaaaaaaaaaaan....... anyWho so today like I said it isJune 5. I am trying to listen to my new recording.I just recorded my voice and it is tiny it’s one thing to the next I can I just can not and I just I just cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot take this. and there is a lot of bad reviews on this app so I’m not surprised that I am having to make this review because I’m not happy with it I wish I didn’t have to make it but life is not perfect So. hey get your head straight get your noggin on because this App is trash/ terrible. from none of your business once again.

- Not good

I use this to record and listen to lectures so I can study from them later. This is a terrible app, it is not a good recorder, can’t record from more than a few feet away and the playback is terrible. The quality of the playback is not great, it’s not bad if you recorded close, but there’s no way to access the controls unless you keep your phone screen on the whole time. As soon as the phone screen goes black, you can’t pause or play and when you reopen the app it goes immediately to an add and then pop ups ask you if you want to upgrade, so I keep having to rewind over and over bc I missed something and there were 15 things popping up that kept me from getting to the pause button. Maybe the upgrade is better but if the free app is this bad, there’s no chance I’m going to pay them money and risk the pro being just as bad. There are plenty of better free apps to use for audio recording and playback. I recorded one lecture on this one and once I don’t need that, I’m deleting this.

- Wait what? Great ap if I could save MY file elsewhere.

Great App! So why the one star? Is not the biggest point of making a recording to be able to KEEP it! The app only allows you to share thru iTunes and I don’t want to share on another Apple device. I’m about the easiest person to please with apps and rarely give less than five stars if it is basic and adequate and free. But I put an important recording on here and could have easily just recorded it on my standard app and emailed it or backed it up. Aside from just listening to the recording on my phone I now have to pay for the upgrade to keep my recording safe. Otherwise it worked great. I think it is important to make what is most basic available for free and then charge for perks or no ads. Otherwise it just feels coercive. Make sense? This advice is free by the way. No strings. Also, feel free to let me walk away with my one recording for free and fix this issue and I will gladly write a five star review. I’m easy.

- Overall not bad, just one flaw

The recordings are good and clear. The range is good as well. The problem I have is that when the app gets closed accidentally, the recording doesn’t get saved where you left off, the entire recording gets deleted. I’ve lost a few important recordings from this which is unfortunate. It would be helpful if the recording was saved where you left off when the app is accidentally closed. I do only have the free version since I was using it for my last semester of school so maybe it’s different with the upgraded version, but it would still be beneficial for both versions in my opinion.

- The best recording

It worked so well and I play my instrument and I record it and it comes out very clear and I really like it because when I play my instrument when I tried a different recording app it didn’t work so when I checked I deleted that one and I tried this one but then it works way better so I decided to keep this one so I could play my instrument and see how I did because I have a concert coming up so I want to see how how I did.

- Maybe me

I originally gave this app a poor rating; but it have been me that was a poor rating. I could not find where or how to get to the recording’s, came gave it 1 star, noticed an update, updated, went back to the app and there right in front of me was a link to the recordings. From my slight usage, it maybe deserves a 5 star; but I will wait until I do not faux pas more. It seems to do what it is supposed to do, try it, at this point I don’t think you will be disappointed.

- Best audio recording app available

By far the best sound quality, both while recording and playback. I’ve gone through numerous other audio recording apps and none compare. So glad I finally discovered this one. 100% worth upgrading to Pro for full access to all features. Even if you don’t upgrade, the lite version is flawless!!

- Disappointed

There is no way to utilize the functions of this app unless you buy a subscription. When I download the app I was unaware of that fact. I have no idea at this point whether it was false advertising or I simply overlooked that. But there is no way to do anything with your recording other than utilize the playback feature unless or until you purchase a subscription. The app offers the only one function besides playback~ export to iTunes. I did that I can’t find my recording in iTunes in any way shape or form. I’ve turned to using a different app which allows me to do what I want to do.

- App audio no longer works

I have used this app for a few years and its been very helpful. However, recently every time I try to listen to my recording a little google add video for “tape a call” appears and the audio is cut out. I can’t hear the audio to my recording anymore except for a split second and then it goes silent. I am fine with adds on an app but not when it makes the app unusable. It would be great if this audio ad problem could be fixed and then I would definitely change my review. Thank you.

- Kyvon

No problem at the house and then I have a few minutes and I will get you the food in a little bit later then I’ll be there for you the rest the next few days and I have no rush to get back to work but I’m going out for the next few days but I’m not sure what time I can get back to work but I will be back

- Love it

The app is amazing I love it it really shows like how your voice projects and it’s like you can just like why all your songs and savor the only thing I would really like it if we can have like a face camera but I just got the app so I need to like figure out to do stuff so I don’t really want to pay for the pro but I want to grill so maybe if you guys can narrow it down to a dollar you don’t have to get the probably don’t want to but that’s what I get I give it four stars

- Why I like this app

Well I always like singing and I like hearing myself sing but it is kinda hard to sing and listen to myself at the same time but with this app I can listen to myself sing and I can also record things and later in my life go back and listen to my voice from the past and see how much I inproved

- Great sound but

I was looking for recording app for my upcoming audio book series I can record and sync on my tablet or iPhone that also produces good sound quality - if you can ignore the constant pop up ads every time you open a file - this app delivers clear voice recordings and has some features included in free version - I will continue testing the app and let you know if I can change my rating from 4 to 5 stars

- It is worth it

This is worth it I Make all of my own sounds and I can listen to them since like a year later I would get this game if you like to hear your old things that you used to talk about in my opinion it is really fun I hope you can get it have a wonderful day bye-bye

- So much potential...so many bugs!

I have just purchased this app (I’m talking 9 minutes ago. Oh, and I paid for the whole package!), and it has either lock-up or it has restarted itself three times, AND it has lost two of my test recordings so far (I believe that happened when the app decided to restart itself). Not leaving me with a lot of confidence. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that regardless of the claims of the maker and of some its reviews, NO, this app will NOT pickup sounds in the background. In fact, it won’t even adequately record my neighbor’s lunatic rants when the phone is pointed right at her at only about 9 or 20 feet away! **¡¡ATENCIÓN!!!** I would not recommend purchase of this app. Please give it some more thought if you were considering it! •••¡¡¡ATENCIÓN, AGAIN!!!••• I WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE A FULL REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE. I would buy it again in the future, if most of the bugs get worked out of it.


It records very well, it can even pick up the the smallest of whispers with acute accuracy with very, very decent elimination of any background noise(such as wind, fans & other hassling sounds). So if you want an extremely decent recording application for practically nothing(truly an excellent little corporation), this is the application.

- Review

This app is honestly decent, you can record sound. But much of the stuff is blocked off and is only for Pro users, which you have to pay for. Other than that, it is a decent app, but there should be more options for free users. Another problem is that ads pop up literally everywhere. A lot of times, once I hit the record button, a screen-wide app pops up, an I have to restart because I am unable to stop it.

- Excellent recording from old tape recorder

My Parents sang some devotional song for 30 ministers about 24 years ago. I wanted to convert on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and I down Load application and it was so easy to record In perfect voice. I am very happy with the result. Thanks for developing application.

- Ineffective

I downloaded this app to assist my advancement in academics. However, this app is not functional at all. 1st, the adds break the recording sessions, & are highly invasive. You shouldn’t offer a free trial if you’re not going to honor the terms. Yes, I understand this app is vocational & your business. Then simply be straight forward & present the app & charge fair market price. Stop the “bait & switch.” I’m glad I tried it free 1st. If I would have paid for an non functioning app, a scathing review would be the least of your worries. It is not worth the time, or effort. The app is nonfunctional.

- Really is great

I just started using it today, and it’s doing what I want it to do. I needed a voice recorder because I will start preaching in the car, bathroom on the phone, so I needed it to go back to see what the Holy Spirit said. Before i start preparing my sermons. I believe it’s great to use.

- So far, so good!

I’ve only used this app a couple of times but the times that I have used it, it seems to work great for my rather basic needs. I’m actually even considering upgrading and buying the pro version!

- Memory Issues

I got this app to help my boss who has memory issues. The ability to record and store then play back when needed shall come in handy. Also a safety protocol for important reminders and instructions.

- Not Great-But ok

Mediocre sound quality is what you might expect from a free app, but I am grateful because the recording I do doesn’t have to be stellar. The ads of course are annoying, but understood for a gratis app. Maybe Pro version sound is better and no ads, but not worth the cost for my needs. Just happy to have a choice that I’m not bound to and can easily delete with no hassle and anytime it no longer suits.

- Great app

I have found that this app has been very helpful for me to be able to review the information form a lecture and review information that I may have missed if I was just taking written notes.

- Works but unforgiving

Most of these recorders seem about the same to me so it shouldn’t get credit for recording something. The one thing this absolutely should have is the ability to retrieve a mistakenly deleted memo. I’ve got lots of recordings and not enough time to name each one, so mistakes are possible. Just give a little user-error forgiveness and this would be great. Not a lot of recorders have that forgiveness but the ones that do are the ones I’ll be using.

- The free version is crippled in capability

It doesn’t even seem to let you save the audio in anything except right in the specific program without paying for upgraded features. If they had more integrity they would let you know that we’re offer one way to get the audio out.

- Looking for an app

I’m looking for a recording app that I can record a message in my own voice and have it playback at a certain time. Like “time to wake up” and repeat at 4 am. Can you write me an app for my I phone that would do that? If you can please let me know what you would charge me and how long it would take.

- Highly recommend

Love this app! I’ve used several other apps and this one is by far the best I’ve used!! Highly recommend to anyone else looking for a simple app to record anything really!

- Not an editor. Free version is pointless.

Firstly, this is an audio recorder not an audio editor. No editing capabilities. You can’t even trim the length in the free version! The only options that don’t require upgrading to pro are deleting or renaming the file. Even the “share” option requires upgrading! Are you kidding me? What’s the point? And why are there soooo many ads if the free version is basically a demo? I am deleting this app and I bet everyone else does too after using it for the first time.

- Awesome App

When I finally sat down to listen to my recordings, I did not know where to find them. Found a screen shot of what I needed, figured out how to access them ... and was blown away. Audio quality is great. Thank you. I probably will upgrade soon. Ann Marie

- Pretty good app

I use this for making my own songs pretty good app The only thing I don’t like about it is the pro isn’t free I wish the pro was free that’s the only thing I don’t like about it other than that pretty good app

- I love this app! One suggestion ~

The sound quality is incredible and I love the ability to move sound clips to Dropbox. My suggestion (and I desperately need it) is a way to search for sound clips. There’s no search bar 😭 Thank you!

- Great device

Voice recorder is very easy to use. I use it to quickly record my ideas as I think them so I don’t forget. I also use it to speak my thoughts before I write an article. Sometimes I write verbatim from my speaking. It’s great and easy.

- Why Charge Sharing?

The quality of recording was really good and there wasn’t any problems with the sound. However, I have to pay into Pro to share my recordings or use Dropbox. I find this very unnecessary to charge all sources of sharing, when you can only charge one (Dropbox or the other, NOT BOTH). I would change my review if Dropbox or sharing was enabled WITHOUT purchasing into Pro, but, right now, I review this as 1/5.

- Review for recorder

First time using this feature, Easy to use. Very clear, easy to understand. Easy to go back and listen to what was recorded, I appreciate this feature very much.

- Easy to Use App with Great Audio Quality

This app is user-friendly and has superior audio quality. You should install on all of your devices as you never know when it will come in handy!!!

- My opinion

I love this app it’s like it has the little sound wave thingies but not like some old regular sound wave thingie it has from green to yellow to red I always try to get to red if I do it’s gonna be like 1 thing of red not the whole thing now u see why I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Book Outline

This is an amazing voice recorder having tested about 11 so far. My purpose was to record notes to be transcribed for a new book. Very clear, controls and simple to use. Great sound quality!

- Relentless Advertising, Worthless Without Pro

I can hardly do anything in this app because of a new ad every other time I touch the screen. It’s obnoxious. Just make it a pro-app only. All the features I want don’t work on the free one anyways. I understand you need to turn a profit, just be more up front about what you want in exchange for your services, I just don’t want to be offered a free app that frustrates me to use.

- The playback goes in and out

I haven’t used this recorder app in a while but I just noticed it does not play back as effectively. I would play it after recording and it would either go in and out from speaker to having to listen with your ears pressed up against it then back to speaker again or it plays blank when I would replay it multiple times.


The app did not give me instructions and did not warn me that my recording was going to expire or automatically get erased. I watched a tutorial on You Tube and when it shows a recording being made it she’s the recording being stopped and automatically saved. Mine did not do that and now I have a 3 hour business meeting recording that disappeared! If I could give a negative rating I would. I’m very upset and disappointed.

- Great app

I think this app has amazing features that work but when you make it personal sound the screen does blackouts sometimes and it looks like it is off when it isn’t and it can confuse you a little but it’s a great app other than that and fun.

- So helpful

Trying to teach myself to sing and needed something to record my singing at the same time as the karaoke version of the instruments. This was perfect.

- Blessing to me

This App has good sound quality and given me the ability to have information at my finger tips and easily accessible.

- Super easy to check ur mic. 1 touch app

Had really great experience with this app, easy to install and record u also can see what device is using to record the audio from top left .

- Can’t figure out how it works

Can’t figure out how it works or how to set it up so that would work and I put the same coding but when I logged in and now my passwords not working or my email or something not a good start hopefully it gets better thank you

- Good app but need help urgently

I was happy with the app. Pretty straight forward and didnt face any glitch till date. Recently I did a factory reset on my phone as it was hung and couldnt restart. To my dismay I lost all my previous recordings. Is there a way I can retrieve those recordings. Highly appreciate your help.

- Zero Stars, for intrusive ads

There is no way to get me to delete an app faster and never use it again than to play an extremely annoying, obnoxious video ad over a VOICE RECORDER app, COMPLETELY destroying its usefulness. I get that ad revenue pays for your time to make the app, but somebody needs to smarten up and recognize that there is a time and place to play obnoxious ads with AUDIO, when I am trying to AUDIO RECORD something. Unbelievable.

- Voice Recorder

Used this app to preserve my beloved Mother’s voice from an answering machine after she had passed. Precious and priceless opportunity to hear her voice whenever I need to do so.

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- Good and basic

Good for basic stuff because it’s very straight forward and easy to use

- Great app

This app can show you how good or bad you are at singing it doesn’t edit it and make it bad or good it just shows you what other people can hear and how good you are I thing this app is great and also good because it’s free. No one else can hear your stuff and you can’t hear other people’s stuff and it keeps all you things safe and if you want you can delete them. Kelly Jones

- A Quality free product!

Enjoying with this product! It has all the basic and premium feature. Premium is paid one so you can decide depends on your requirements. Sound quality is great and easy navigational features.

- My review

I would like if you could make it content to other apps so we can get better sound on the vid we are gonna use and up grade it more but mostly connected it to iMovie bing or other apps for ya to use in vids if we dont have a mic thank for this is my review

- Tricky

Probably okay for using for personal messages but tricky if used for recording meetings or other things because you have to put too much effort into looking at which buttons do what. I’ve looked down to stop recording and automatically gone for the red button. Easy to do when there’s things going on and you just want to stop. I’ve lost important recordings because of this.

- To the manerger

I have made so many song just because of The voice recorder and it has change my life I love Who ever made this app thank you by and I hope I can meet the crater of the app I have made A song Will blow your mind Night is young . By now

- The worst app ever do not buy

This is the worst app ever the only good thing about it is that you can make it faster and slower I got this to help me make music but the sound udio on it was terrible also you can not add the sound you made to over music apps like you can with other recorders u strongly suggest to not but this app Also it glitches out a bunch of times it is a bad sounded glitched app and it is terrible for making music “ strongly think is the worst app ever “ - said by unicrazy1234.

- Great!

I think recorder is great, because I don't want to buy music. I can record music from other devices, and listen to it when my device is off. If I want to rehearse a speech. I can just record the proper speech, and listen to it regularly. That's my review. ❤️

- Recommended to my patients

During hypnotherapy i often offer people to record their session and this is a valuable app for that, enabling them to record the information.

- Rubbish

Keeps on showing adds almost once per 30 seconds the chance it gets. The reaction is delayed and the recordings are hard to hear clearly. Don’t waste your time and GB trying to download it. This app needs a lot of fixing. The voice recorder is glitchy and doesn’t run smoothly. ONE WORD: ADDS!!!!!!! TOO MUCH ADDS!!! The developers force you to upgrade and cost money. I found a new one witch is much better. Ditchin’ this one right now.

- Best app! 😋

This is great app cause u can record stuff that are special and it’s also good for a spy voice recorder 😉 the sounds are also saved in a corner so u can always listen to it as a spy 🕵️‍♂️ u could get secret information on tape 😁 so it’s a great 👍 app -sameer😎.

- Ducking adds

This app might work if you were not continually interrupted by adverts. While trying to use this free version you are harangued by the developers to change to the PRO version, and indeed if you want to successfully use this app that’s what you’ll have to do. There’s a free Apple App which is much easier to use, has good quality dynamics and is uninterrupted by crummy adverts. I’m ditching this app right now.

- Voice recorder

I don’t like the idea of u just saying something and it records not in a funny voice it just repeats what you are saying any app could do that, so if u could change the app a little more add maybe funny voices and funny faces to do because it is just boring saying stuff and listening to it I could to that on all of my apps so please change and I will be on it all the time!!😎😎

- I ❤️ This app

This app is great!!! Every thing I ever hoped for! 5 outta 5! It records my voice how I hear it; no auto tune or any thing! This app is certainly one I will recommend to my friends who love to sing!

- Oh no

I accidentally deleted the app and there was something important in it and I don’t know if I could get it back Wish me luck

- Perfect audio recorder

Has everything I need. 1) quality can be changed 2) simple to use

- More features

Since most of the features are not available for free package, it’s somehow hard to use this app as lease efficient as possible for a minimum usage. And it seems necessary to upgrade for a usual and regular usage!!!!

- Very easy to use

Thank you for being so easy and straight forward. Well done !

- Don’t use the free version

I was recording an interview and an ridiculous add with noise disturbed the conversation in the minute 1:49. It broke the conversation flow. Also, it only offers download via iTunes in the free version. The pro version could be pretty good, but I won’t buy it at all. There are other options with more fair usage proposition and useful functionalities for free in the AppleStore.

- Improvement they could do

Maybe the can like take a recording of what is in your device for example you want a recording of a particular music that is rare.

- Worst thing ever

I just wanted to record some voicing to add into a movie I was making with my sister. After about twenty minutes of recording I went to download the files and was shocked to find that the only way to download them is by upgrading and paying $6 which I was not planning to do. Do not get this as it is a giant rip off.

- Full screen ads in a simple voice recorder app. The future is here.

What can I say, we live in a future where sound recorders with less functionality than mac/windows/Linux freeware, come with full screen ads shown every few minutes. And then they nag you to rate them. Well ok, here you go, there’s your rating. What a future.

- Waste of time and money

This app can’t share recordings on iOS devises as there is no access to the file system. Its sandboxed and no other application can access it. Apple... why sell an app on your store that can’t be used on your own devices? I never thought I’d shift from Apple but this is just one more deal breaker! Rubbish!

- Recording

Very clear playback. Excellent especially as first time user. Easy very easy to use.

- The recorder ın our phone

Dont have to buy a recorder anymore thanks

- I love this app

I think this app is amazing and I would recommend buying it

- Feedback

Great app, but too many ads!!

- Voice recorder light

Best free voice recorder ! But It’s amazing if you upgrade to the full version!

- Voice App

Only just started using app seems ok time will tell

- Paywalled and ads up all the time

You need to pay to unlock any sort of transport method. Also ads pop up every couple of minutes? It's a recording app, and having to press two xS to stop my recording wasted precious memory space and time..

- stupid app don’t buy

Please listen I only just got the app and I always look at the reiveiws before I buy it but they were all good so I bought it and there is waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many adds every second there was an add so don’t waist your time on this app

- Works well on mobile phone, but adds are relentless

Works well on mobile phone, but adds are relentless

- Worst app for assessments

I had an assessment task that required you to record a transcript. I spent one hour recording to find out to cannot transfer the recording to your device without paying $6! Worst app possible, biggest waste of time

- Great work

I used it to spy on my brother because he did it to me and it worked

- Great sound recording


- Very good!

Easy to use and sound is very clear.

- It won’t let you take it anywhere

You record it and then you can’t put it on your cloud or save it so bad do not buy unless you want to waist you storage

- It helps me a lot I am. Very Happy that I bumped into this voice recording app


- And I Oop

This is a great app I use it when I’m bored and have nothing to do, like now LOL

- Me on microphone

This is the first time my voice sounded so good.. like almost real me❤️

- I made a song for you

) ) 0

- Hi

It’s a great app and has very clear recording so I was able to prove to my dad that image is a loud snorer

- Hard to pass on

Hard to forward to friends

- Great voice tool

What a great app. Recommend for all.

- Super basic, TOO MANY ADS

Perfectly fine basic function. BUT, ads interrupt every 2nd recording. I don’t have the patience.

- Can’t initialize player problem

Recording process seemed straightforward, however playback kept showing errors messages on irregular occasions.

- Constant pop-up ads

Every minute or less, a full-screen pop-up ad appears. Was completely impractical and annoying. A waste of what may have been a useful app.

- Good

Picks up good sound. Just wish you could name your recordings so you know which ones they are. Good job on this app.

- Rubbish

I have upgraded to pro so that I can share a recording, the money was taken out of my account but the upgrade never upgraded

- No way to export without upgrade to Pro

If you want to email the files you’ll need to pay to upgrade.

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- Ça sonne ben

Ça sonne ben

- It’s ok

It does the job, it records your voice, but every time I go to check out my recordings they’re an ad that pops up every single time. It can get pretty annoying. I understand it’s free and all, but I can’t use the app without being interrupted every second.

- Terrible app

Recorded a very important 3 hr session and it was randomly deleted by the app. Would not recommend.

- Good quality tape

I found the quality of recording to be good and clear.

- Super


- Very impressed

This app is absolutely what I was looking to record conversation when I'm not in the room.

- Me

Like it, easy to use.

- Very poor!

Cheating App. Stay away, cannot retrieve data records.

- Please Add in the App description that this App does nothing else but record!

The description of the features that this app offers is not for the Lite version!! It’s only for the PRO version. The description is misleading. You can only record and delete in the Lite version! You cannot even export your recording.

- Oups

Parce qu’il est cool mes il y a trop trop d’annonce donc si vous pouvez réparer

- Works great!

Produces crisp recordings.

- This is just what the doctor ordered!

Awesome recorder!

- Cant play back.

Forces you to use dropbox or itunes or download another app. Use Voice Memos from your iphone. Way better. This app was a waste of time.

- Only good if you pay

No use unless you pay. Free version pretty much useless. Quality of sound is just ok. Skip it.

- To many adds

What is with the advertising

- Just ok

Works does not work works does not work

- Crap

Doesnt work

- Simple

Easy to record and play

- Unreliable

Randomly just stops recording

- Top notch recorder for singing lesson

I'm a singer who take regular Skype lessons and find this recording app to be invaluable for my practice. The sound quality and excellent range makes for helping me refine my voicewhen running through my lessons.

- Not happy - you can’t save or move them

I can’t believe they hijack all your recordings and make you pay for upgrade if you em want them saved anywhere. Once recorded you can play back but can’t move or save the. Even on my current device. I searched for them on my device, iCloud, iTunes, one drive, google drive etc… the only place I can see them is in the app. So now what I recorded 30 client interviews, and court cases but can’t send them to client. TNT Enterprises Lawyers for the people

- Not useful. 1/5

Bad app. Doesn’t work.

- Records with the screen off

Shows a small microphone button when the screen wakes, but records even if the screen is off.

- To bad

The free version has way way way way way too many ads get my point

- Bad

It makes you sound so wired when you listen to what you recorded.

- Jacob joseph

Easy to use , simple torecove

- Ads

Its oay but there is ads every time fixe this please

- Thanks

It’s so awesome!

- Supposed to be free. Nope

Charged for an app then constant prompts to “upgrade”. Deleting.

- Voice Recorder

Problem hearing recorder.

- God awful

Add pop ups after every button press, including menu navigation.

- Robbed my money

Hey, you didn’t even mentioned any amount when i was trying to buy (Get). I thought it is free. Refund my money back.

- Voice memos problem

It is very hard to download for me can you fix it

- Interessante mais plante

Interessante mais plante, ça enregistre une 10ene de son vide, bug à réparer

- Hi


- Confusing

Super confusing how to download the recording. Don’t bother downloading

- Too many adds

The free version has so many ads and pop-ups that you spend twice as much time on the app, when it’s supposed to be a time saving tool.

- التطبيق

انهو تطبيق جميل جداً واشكركم على التطبيق الرائع

- Does not work for voicemail

Tried to record while voicemail was playing. It would not work, useless

- Best app

Best recording app ever

- Useless for exporting/sharing files

Useless. You can’t do anything with your file outside the app unless you upgrade to Pro.

- Deceiving

Not a call recorder.

- Hold recordings hostage

Forces you to upgrade. Unethical. Re-recording on another platform.

- Don’t Install It

This “free version” is so limited. Waste of time...

- Piece o crap

No mic level adjust Too many popups Sounds terrible

- 5 star!

No issues whatsoever. Great recorder!

- Nico on the beat

Tina Shandwe

- worst voice record app ive ever used

endless ads, you CANNOT transfer your files anywhere off the app unless you pay to upgrade. completely useless, theres much better out there.

- Love this app

It’s great for making songs

- Holy crap

The amount of ads is unbearable

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Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD 6.1 Screenshots & Images

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD iphone images
Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD iphone images
Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD iphone images
Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD iphone images
Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD iphone images
Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD Business application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD (Version 6.1) Install & Download

The applications Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD was published in the category Business on 2015-01-14 and was developed by LiveBird Technologies Private Limited [Developer ID: 551521372]. This application file size is 37.95 MB. Voice Recorder Lite: Record HD - Business app posted on 2021-09-08 current version is 6.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.livebird.VoiceRecorderLite