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OurPact is a breakthrough parental control app and family locator that enables parents to manage their family’s screen time, locate family members using geolocation and teach time management through Internet and application blocking.

Parents use OurPact Parental Control & Family Locator for complete family management:

• Blocks/Grants – Block internet and block apps at-a-touch

• Schedules – Schedule screen time throughout the day or week

• App Rules – Block specific apps

• Screen Time Allowance – Set daily screen time limits for your kids to budget as they see fit

• App List – Discover what apps are on your child’s device

• Block Texting – Use OurPact parental control to block access to texting apps

• Find My Family – OurPact’s Family Locator allows parents to locate any family member using geolocation

• Find My iPhone & iPad – OurPact’s Family Locator also lets parents locate all of their individual devices paired to their parent account in case of lost or stolen items.

• Porn Blocker – Block all adult content on your child’s iOS device

Our parental control and family locator solution allows parents to foster healthy habits and manage their child’s screen time using screen time allowance, blocking specific apps, blocking texts, and scheduling daily screen time according to a child’s daily routine. OurPact also gives parents the ability to discover what apps are installed on their child’s devices using App Lists and their children’s whereabouts with Family Locator.

OurPact is a complete parental control solution that gives parents control over screen time and the peace of mind, knowing their children’s location at any moment.

Enforcing bedtime, dinnertime, study time and family time throughout the day has never been easier. By pairing your family’s iPads, iPhones, iPods or other device platforms to OurPact parental control, you have the power to manage your entire family’s screen time & device locations from one powerful application.

Rest assured OurPact parental control gives parents the ability to limit child’s device use at any time, and locate your family from anywhere.

• Use OurPact as a parental control solution to reinforce spoken or written agreements with your child regarding screen time limits and device use.

• Set daily screen time allowance and teach your children how to budget their screen time effectively.

• Use OurPact parental control to block social media or games with a single touch, while leaving apps that help your children learn and grow.

• Find my family or locate lost or stolen items using Family Locator

• Set one-time or recurring schedules for your child to manage screen time on-the-go.

OurPact parental control and family locator was designed with the family in mind as an effective, guidance-based screen time management solution. Whether you are introducing a younger child to device ownership, or struggle to connect with a teenager who spends too much time on social media, OurPact is the perfect parental control and management solution for your family.

OurPact offers a Plus and Premium monthly auto-renewing subscription for $1.99 and $4.99 USD charged to your iTunes account. Try one free for 1 week. You will be billed monthly within 24 hours of the end of the current billing period. You may cancel billing or turn off auto-renewal of your OurPact subscriptions at any time by going to the user's Account Settings. To avoid being billed for an additional period, subscriptions must be canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

For more information visit http://OurPact.com
Privacy Policy: http://ourpact.com/privacy
Terms of Service: http://ourpact.com/terms-apple

If you have any questions or need technical support, do not hesitate to reach us via:
Email: [email protected]

OurPact – Parental Control App Description & Overview

The applications OurPact – Parental Control was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-02-05 and was developed by Eturi Corp.. The file size is 71.01 MB. The current version is 4.6 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

- Performance Improvements
- Bug Fixes

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OurPact – Parental Control Reviews

Panda Unicorn 🐼🦄

I just can’t...  Panda Unicorn 🐼🦄  1 star

Why 😣


Fantastic but with 1 Hiccup  Kumarapu  4 star

I have a hard time keeping focus on things that are important. But with this app, I’m able to prioritize things a lot better for myself. The only issue I have is the premium setup. It’s not intuitive at all. There are too many steps to get it installed to a phone. Ideal state would just to install a separate software in addition to what’s on here so that way it’s just a 2 step process, not a 6-10 step. Other than that though, it’s fantastic!


I hate this app!!!!  NewHaven3  1 star

The installation process is impossible! We have now paid for premium service for 5 months while the company refuses to troubleshoot problems. They will email back with a useless message. I have demanded a refund I am sure to never receive. This company is not even a legitimate business as far as I can tell. After having company reach out to try to walk me through the rest of this setup yet again there is a problem. My Mac cannot “pair” with this app. It is straight up robbery to ask people to subscribe to their premium service when there is no support available and I would be shocked to learn anyone could get it working as promised.


App diminishes device power over family  GoodLife71  5 star

Our family loves this app. With four kids in range from 16-6 years old, it’s been difficult to manage all their different device needs for school and entertainment. OurPact saves us from all the power struggles and arguments with our kids. Now everyone in our house has a fair opportunity to be part of making smart choices when it comes to device use, rather than us as parents having to be the managers all the time. We use the schedule feature, and each child has a different schedule based on their developmental level and school needs. I especially love that if the app is glitchy (hey, it’s a fast moving tech world!) I can go online and manipulate the kids’ schedules just the same. Other loves: - locked app home screen on my phone so the Little’s can’t get into it - premium feature that allows us to leave certain apps open all the time. This is most necessary for the older kids and the apps they need open all day for school. - being able to block specific apps entirely- so huge when all our devices are Apple and the kids can airdrop any Family shared apps to their devices without notice to the parent. - online support has been awesome, friendly, helpful! Long story short- what used to be a major point of contention in our house has become a non-issue, thanks to OurPact and the flexibility it offers in managing all our kids’ devices.


Fantastic  Jorja13  5 star

Wonderful app that has helped me from having to worry about my child spending endless hours on his phone doing who knows what, either when I am not aware or when he is away from home. It’s nice to have that peace of mind!


Can easily be disabled by child  zydac  1 star

While the idea of Ourpact is good and the interface is well designed the app fails miserably because a child can easily figure out how to disable it by unpairing in the settings. Also when you block the child's device, it scrambles the location of apps. In addition Premium installation tuned into a major PIA! I don't know if there is a program out there that is better, but certainly this one is a major fail.


💖💖💖💖💖💖💖  Mkamee  5 star

I LOVE THIS APP!!! I’ve tried other parental control apps, but this one is the best! It’s simple to use. It helped me take back control! It is changing my children's attitudes and respect towards myself and my husband. Thank you so much for this!!


App is awesome!!!  5starssssssssss  5 star

The free part of the app is awesome. It actually is set up to turn off all apps at 8pm - 6 am on school nights. I didn’t tell my son and he came to me and said his phone quit working.... lol. So I know it works!!!! All the apps disappear. You can pay a monthly subscription for more features but I don’t need those for now!


Kids deleted on second day  Opet6  1 star

Subscription required or all you can do is set a bedtime. My 11 and 13 year old boys deleted it from their phones in less than 48 hours. Completely worthless for us.


App doesn’t deliver, either does customer service  NFT2334  1 star

The app doesn’t actually do what it says it does. It does not limit access. While in “block until i say mode” my son was both able to text and add games. I contacted support was given unclear information. I requested screen shots and was told “sorry you are unhappy”. I highly recommend life 360 and ables built in parent restrictions. I still can’t figure out what this app actually does. And the customer service is not helpful at all.


Deleted 50 apps on parental device  72saurbo  1 star

This app is hopeless We set it up this morning and it immediately deleted almost all the apps (including theirs) off my husband iPhone !!!!! How does this happen?? Now we can't even delete it off husbands phone !! Gave it 1 star as you can't give no rating


Location and picture  Chakiejess  1 star

You cannot edit the photo to the size u want but only allowed you to change a whole different photo. Location, it’s showing my son’s location at our home address when we were on the other side of the town so that’s not correct at all.


It’s great until your kids learn how to..  Crucialvirus  2 star

It’s great until your kids learn how to delete profiles on their devices.. My son showed me how to do it and it completely bypasses and makes the app redundant, developers having a master password in program that denies the removal of the profile would benefit this app greatly.

Craig and Kate

Suggestions  Craig and Kate  3 star

This is great, love it but suggest as follows: 1- one child goes of and uses her laptop. Back to square one- why can’t this be added to laptops? 2- can it alert Kids that it will lock in say 1-2 mins meaning they can save or finish or ask the parent for an extra few minutes ? Thanks

Aus family

I don’t need my kids and even my husband to know...  Aus family  3 star

I have installed the App to all our IOS devices and I don’t want to let my kids especially my husband to know that! As I know they won’t agree. Can I still use all this new add-ons without showing them the allowances... this App also helps me if my husband is somewhere else...


Review  Noserous  3 star

Would be good if I could pause my kids IPads from my phone instead of blocking

Ernie Wilde

Too expensive  Ernie Wilde  2 star

The app is fair (currently only using the 'plus' option as 'premium' seems too expensive) but I expect more for the price. I will not renew next month and instead try a competitor.


Used to be good  Pabre  2 star

I am very close to deleting this. As it works intermittently rendering it ineffective and Is wasting my money. Still cannot login. Unable to contact support. Paying for nothing. I've paid fur upgrade. Can't use it. I can't sign in. Password was wrong and changed it still locked out. Annoying to set up upgrade Used to be great


Kids can unpair easily  Fedgash  1 star

I got this app assuming My son's ipad was under my control. He unpaired his iPad quite easily from the setting and then uninstalling the software. Kids are very smart nowadays. Back to the physical restraints!


messing with app order  Lakritze66  2 star

It is really annoying that the order of the apps on my son's ipad messes up when blocking him. Not worse the drama.


Robert James Harding moondevil 3 star

@OurPactApp: "This Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for what you offer. Parental Apps are your best friend, next to bourbon. 😉 Thank y…


Paige Mayer _paigemayer 3 star

@OurPactApp: "This Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for what you offer. Parental Apps are your best friend, next to bourbon. 😉 Thank y…


OurPact OurPactApp 3 star

"This Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for what you offer. Parental Apps are your best friend, next to bourbon. 😉…


The best I’ve used  Crystal_H3  3 star

I’ve tried a few others and this one is the best, so far. It could use a little work and recently the price went up, but they have a new update coming out that I’m eager to try. Also, they offered a sort of early bird special where you can lock in the $4.99 price by subscribing before the price change. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Failure  Music3895  1 star

To onboard a device is so finicky as to be almost unusable. And it your kid ever removes the management profile you’re done for. I’ve spent hours trying to pair additional devices. No support number to call either. Great idea implemented in either a rush or with zero testing on humans.


Spyware  dr1one  1 star

This app is bundled with spyware programs that commandeer your search engine and deliver data to third parties. Took an hour to scrub. Everyone saying it rearranges the icons - it does. That is a problem, and indicative of just how much control you are giving away. I would strongly advise against this program. Here's a tip: change your kids' password. Now you are in charge again.


WORST SETUP EVER - NO PHONE SUPPORT - FROM INDIA  ilovewineandmusic  1 star

I have worked for 3 of the largest software companies, and I’m pretty technical. The instructions on how to set this up and create backups to do so is the WORST. 5 hours in and we gave up. AND if you want to know WHY you can’t talk to anyone...it’s because they are in India and don’t speak English very well.


Doesn't Do What It Claims  Jjohns1999  1 star

Unfortunately, kids can still access apps or the Internet by simply double clicking the app and keeping it running in the background to access it at a later time. Totally defeats the purpose of this app. I contacted tech support and they are aware of the issue but there is no solution. My kids did this for months and months before I realized that I had an issue. Your kids will figure out this simple hack.

Clo a la Chile

Terrible. The opposite of worry-free  Clo a la Chile  1 star

I used the premium app for 3 months on my 3 kids. First it took a long time to get it running on their devices. I had to re install more than once. Each time it was a different issue from not picking up the child device to disorganizing their phone or erasing completely the content of some games (level reached, points earned, etc). Needless to say my kids were not too pleased about that. After several rounds of emails with the help center, we finally got it running. Te bliss lasted a couple of weeks. Then problems started again. Different kind. More serious. Like phones blocked on free time or completely open when supposed to be blocked. Or not recognizing internet connection. At the end, I would have to manage manually my 3 kids phones giving them allowance time. For that they would have to call me with insistence. When I would be out of town for work it would become simply unmanageable. It became so frustrating that I decided to end it. Starting this month.


Um?  Ebbyann  1 star

So I started out loving this app! Now not so much! I had to reset my daughters phone because it wouldn’t grant her access again. And she was connected to the internet! With 4 bars!! Thanks!


So far, so good  Areuuukind  3 star

Update: I've been unable to get into my daughter's iPad and get the apps and Safari to even show up for over 24 hours. I even deleted her profile and it's still not working. She is on vacation so this is very upsetting. There is no answer when I call. I wish I could use the upgraded feature, but installation was too hard. I spent about 8 hours on different days trying to install and never could.


Stop creating more issues!! 😡  jentosh  1 star

Pre4.6 hasn’t been working. Why? How should I know, but you need better QA and developers that know what they’re doing. What issues? 1. Moving out to blocked will put status on parent device as “blocked pending” then on child device “OurPact Jr.” will advise “blocked”...but all the apps are still accessible! 2. Tapping on the ‘app rules’ tab will display the allow/disallowed apps for ~1 second then goes right back to schedule. WTH?🤔 3. Moving to blocked or granted will only stay in a pending state. Lately I haven’t been able to successfully use this app. And I would highly recommend that some of us who are premium members get some kind of compensation as we can’t even use the features we pay for. 😡


Update messed up the app.  Skierbri10  1 star

Can’t scroll through apps. Press apps and it jumps to schedule. It’s broken.

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