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OurPact is a breakthrough parental control app and family locator that enables parents to manage their family’s screen time, locate family members using geolocation and teach time management through Internet and application blocking.

Parents use OurPact Parental Control & Family Locator for complete family management:

• Blocks/Grants – Block internet and block apps at-a-touch

• Schedules – Schedule screen time throughout the day or week

• App Rules – Block specific apps

• Screen Time Allowance – Set daily screen time limits for your kids to budget as they see fit

• App List – Discover what apps are on your child’s device

• Block Texting – Use OurPact parental control to block access to texting apps

• Find My Family – OurPact’s Family Locator allows parents to locate any family member using geolocation

• Find My iPhone & iPad – OurPact’s Family Locator also lets parents locate all of their individual devices paired to their parent account in case of lost or stolen items.

Our parental control and family locator solution allows parents to foster healthy habits and manage their child’s screen time using screen time allowance, blocking specific apps, blocking texts, and scheduling daily screen time according to a child’s daily routine. OurPact also gives parents the ability to discover what apps are installed on their child’s devices using App Lists and their children’s whereabouts with Family Locator.

OurPact is a complete parental control solution that gives parents control over screen time and the peace of mind, knowing their children’s location at any moment.

Enforcing bedtime, dinnertime, study time and family time throughout the day has never been easier. By pairing your family’s iPads, iPhones, iPods or other device platforms to OurPact parental control, you have the power to manage your entire family’s screen time & device locations from one powerful application.

Rest assured OurPact parental control gives parents the ability to limit child’s device use at any time, and locate your family from anywhere.

• Use OurPact as a parental control solution to reinforce spoken or written agreements with your child regarding screen time limits and device use.

• Set daily screen time allowance and teach your children how to budget their screen time effectively.

• Use OurPact parental control to block social media or games with a single touch, while leaving apps that help your children learn and grow.

• Find my family or locate lost or stolen items using Family Locator

• Set one-time or recurring schedules for your child to manage screen time on-the-go.

OurPact parental control and family locator was designed with the family in mind as an effective, guidance-based screen time management solution. Whether you are introducing a younger child to device ownership, or struggle to connect with a teenager who spends too much time on social media, OurPact is the perfect parental control and management solution for your family.

OurPact offers a Plus and Premium monthly auto-renewing subscription for $1.99 and $4.99 USD to those looking to get more. You may cancel billing or turn off auto-renewal of your OurPact subscriptions at any time by going to the user's Account Settings.

Please note:
During a blocked state, icons are temporarily hidden from the home screen. After apps are unblocked, the icons will return to the home screen in alphabetical order and outside of any folders. Rest assured we are working on a long-term solution to this issue that is compliant with Apple's policies.

For more information visit http://OurPact.com
Privacy Policy: http://ourpact.com/privacy
Terms of Service: http://ourpact.com/terms-apple

If you have any questions or need technical support, do not hesitate to reach us via:
Email: [email protected]

OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager App Description & Overview

The applications OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-02-05 and was developed by Eturi Corp.. The file size is 70.85 MB. The current version is 4.3 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

-Bug Fixes

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Unusable  blue_avatar  1 star

Unfortunately like other reviewers have stated, this app will un-organize apps that one may have invested considerable time in rearranging using folders, manual placement, etc. I thought that might have applied to specific app blocking or some other advanced feature. I was just looking to lock the entire device, and after the install and device linking, tried the 'Block' function ... nothing else. Seemed to work, at least it hid all but just a few icons. "Impressive" I thought. Then I tapped 'Grant' and though it unlocked all my apps, they were all ungrouped ... turning about what was three pages' worth of organized icons and groups into eight pages of randomly scattered ones. I'm still repairing that damage. Sorry, won't ever be using this again.


$5 a month is original pricy but...  Thatgirrrrl  4 star

I do have peace of mind knowing my kids are spending five hours a day on a device/phone when I'm not around. I like that I can turn off specific apps with the premium version, including iMessage.


Uninstalling  ochickrj  1 star

I have had it for four days and upgraded to premium. Every day about twice a day it suddenly tells me the child's device is not being monitored. Then it resets the allowance time. When it is blocked, and the scheduled time has come and gone I get a tearful child who watched the clock patiently till his allowed time and it won't unlock Simple enough idea. The app just doesn't work

Super Froob

Pretty cool  Super Froob  4 star

Ok, thank you! 😊


Terrrrible  Stareheartqqqq  1 star

Literally the worst app ever. I connected it with my daughter's phone and at first I thought it would work really well, but then it completely changed her apps and everything! I now deleted her account and deleted the app. If you are looking for an app for two year old on an iPad, this might work, but if you are looking for an app for a teenager who uses her phone too much, this is NOT the app to use.


Support is terrible  jfischl  1 star

Sent a support request on May 11. Got this reply on June 21: There was a spike in support inquires and unfortunately we were not able to get back to everyone. Please respond back on this email thread if you are still having issues and we will do our best to help you.


Exactly what I was looking for!!  gthomas4  4 star

Amazing! This app is exactly what I needed and it's awesome! My 16 year old won't stay off her phone at school so here is my answer. She is in summer school right now and the scheduler is great! My only complaint is that it rearranges her apps when she has phone access back. Thank you, thank you!! (I'm using the free version as I only have one phone in need of control)


Fix Bugs! Was a great App, still can be great!  OCDmom&teen  3 star

Please fix the bugs! I downloaded this app after being told by numerous friends of teens this was the app to use. These friends are scattered across the USA. After downloading and purchasing the add-on, the trouble began. My daughter is as OCD as I am. She keeps all her apps in folders, super nice and neat on her phone. So!! When I enable the app, ALL of her apps are shifted from her folders and onto the screen in no particular order. She called it chaos. Nothing was left in any folder. So every time I enable this app, it causes such disruption and chaos. It's not worth using until the bugs are fixed.

Regretfull Purchase

Doesn't work on Iphone 7  Regretfull Purchase  1 star

Won't install. I have a brand new phone and new iPad. I keep getting errors about MDM payload not matching the old payload. As if that's useful information for me. Thanks for wasting my morning. Now I gotta figure out how to get my money back


Only 5 Blocks a month!?!?  1lightbulbskin  1 star

This app used to be awesome until it only gave parents 5 blocks a month. Now you have to pay if you want more.


Was a great app, now has issues  Lovethisappmom  2 star

I loved this app so when it started having issues i unloaded it, reloaded it, over and over, spent hours trying to get it to work again. But it wont work at all so i unsubscribed. 🙁


Best yet!  Ruthstory  5 star

I have tested a whole lot of parental control applications, and this one is the most comprehensive, easy to use, clever that I have encountered. Setting up the child's device is a little bit of a song and dance, but now that it's done I think we're going to be very happy.


Re-Organize apps  kreizboi  3 star

I had mentioned this before and it looks like you guys didn't do this. When the device is Granted/unlocked for use, all the apps are not back to where it used to be. I don't like it, my kids are fed up with it, and I don't think any owners (kids/teens) like it either. It's like a punishment itself. Fix it, then I will consider the premium service. Great app but it's a deal breaker from what I said.


My kids even like it  Jmoney2929  5 star

I love that you can setup screen time and they pause and resume in their own! They now control their time within my set schedule. Very tuff to setup but worth it.


Great app  gracrasuarous  4 star

Great app wish it would allow to block different apps during different schedules. It would be nice to have no apps on at night but some on during the school day and then more on after school.


Apps are everywhere now  Liquidmachine  1 star

Yup, sure enough like it says in the description once access is granted all the apps that were blocked come back out of folders. In my case all 168 apps are now out of folders and alphabetized. This can't be a feature. How is this ok? Now I have to go back to a back up to put everything back were they were. So disappointing.


Not worth it.  Jeffro59  1 star

When you make an app that "scrambles", or puts the apps back on the iPad in an order other than they were originally before the app's main feature, it's a failure. It's a shame that this is an obvious side effect caused by the Apple iOS but it's still a deal breaker. Shame. Waste of time.


This is hands down the worst app. Both versions are awful  ReviewedbyTechMom  1 star

This app and their support team is the worst I've ever experienced. Neither the free or the premium app ever worked. The system kept telling me that it could not access my son's device because he had a poor wifi signal, yet he was right next to me and there was no issue. I originally asked for support to help resolve the issue but was told the configuration was my problem. When I asked to cancel since the app never worked, they billed me anyway instead of cancelling me. I spoke with 3 different support people on their team and they were all equally unhelpful. As a side note, if you do choose to download this app, be aware that all your child has to do is google "How to disable Ourpact" and there are YouTube videos showing every kid how easy it is to get around this app. The company used to be called ParentsWare and now they changed their name to Eturi. I don't know about any of the other apps they've released but after my experience with their design, execution and support of this one, I plan to avoid anything else they've designed.


Best app for iOS  Shallamc  5 star

Love this app! Works across all our Apple devices. No more fighting about screen time! Love that I can make some apps available all the time, like Kindle, and others I can completely block. The rest are available per our daily schedule, with a daily time limit. Would be even better if I could set daily time limits at the individual app level, but I'm not complaining. OurPact is fantastic!


Different apps for different blocks  Anlucas75  4 star

We have been using the free version for awhile and upgrade in the last month. We love it for our three children! We would love to see further enhancements to make it even better....please allow us to specify which apps are blocked at different times. We would like to allow some apps on Sundays but block all apps at night. This would be a great customization.

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