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Staying on task seems is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. The Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It’s a surprisingly effective way to retain motivation and focus. Create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period. Use either your iPhone, iPad or Mac – your devices always stay in sync.

Key features:
- Manage your tasks
- Track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period
- Fast and easy goal tracking
- Customize to maximize productivity:
• Work interval duration
• Short break duration
• Long break duration
• Number of work intervals between long breaks
• Target number of work intervals per day
- Possibility to start/pause/skip the current interval
- Auto-start the next timer (option)
- Ability to edit the number of intervals
- Ability to view the amount of skipped intervals
- Ability to paste a task list from other applications
- Pie Chart reports for better estimation how much time was spent on a certain task
- Export to a CSV file
- 3D Touch
- Original ticking sound (optional)
- Ability to change the frequency of the Chronometer sound
- Wide range of notification sounds or vibration
- Ability to adjust the volume of the Chronometer sound
- Ability to adjust the volume of notifications
- Alarms sound even if the app is in the background
- Interactive notifications
- Widget in the Notification Center
- Full synchronization between iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac*
- One universal app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
- Mac version is also available*
- Supports Apple Watch

* Sync with Mac requires Be Focused Pro for macOS, sold separately.

Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer App Description & Overview

The applications Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-27 and was developed by Denys Yevenko. The file size is 45.25 MB. The current version is 1.7.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Minor fixes and improvements

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Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer Reviews


Simple and useful  jwbbccp  5 star

I like it

Bossology 101

Solid pomodoro  Bossology 101  5 star

A cool feature is it syncs with Mac, so I can keep track of how many pomodoros I do daily. I set a goal of doing 12-16 pomodoros per day on deep work. This does a solid job. Highly recommended.


Good app  Gasney  5 star

Work good


Where is auto-reset round function?  Gjoeg  3 star

It is annoying that the round does not reset automatically, and yesterday’s intervals are continued. I hope the interval is rest daily.


Excellent  Brozena  5 star

A great way to implement pomodoro and hold myself accountable to goals through time.


Keeps me motivated  YamaDiallo  4 star

This app really keeps me on task. I do wish I could add time to my stats for the times I forget to start the timer. That way I could keep track of the weeks progress.

Ariel Rivas

Great App  Ariel Rivas  5 star

Great App recommend


Good app  trotskyreviews  4 star

The layout is slightly confusing but it is otherwise a useful app for time management.

Elf tosser

Does everything I want  Elf tosser  5 star

Full featured, well designed interface. Synching across devices is reliable. I depend on this app to keep me honest and track my real, factual effort, rather that relying on guesswork.


Great integration with desktop app  ZorgonTheElder  5 star

If you like the “Pomodoro” method, this app is perfect. It is super customizable and it integrates seamlessly with the MacOS app. Even if you don’t, it makes a great time tracker if you work on different projects and need to track time on each.


Great timer  resusjam  4 star

Use it to time study sessions


Rating because it keeps bugging me  cbrchrisf  4 star

No big complaints so far. I think syncing is about as good as it can be. But I can’t start a timer on my computer and have my phone notify me while I’m on break, unless I open the app on my phone. That aside it’s a good app and is helping my productivity. Hopefully it doesn’t bother me about getting focus matrix as well. I did look into that and it doesn’t meet my needs at this point.


Awesome app!  JG737  5 star

Tried so many other apps with ridiculous recurring pricing! This app does everything I need! The best I have ever bought because it’s making me more productive every day!


Good app, one suggestion  DrBroks  4 star

I find this app surprisingly helpful to keep focus on my work. I noticed that the ‘end of work’ sound does not work unless the Noticications are On for this app. However, the sound for End of break works even if Notifications are off! In my opinion the sounds set in this app should be independent of the Notifications status.


Simple yet Effective  Sime_tolken  5 star

Great app. Does the job. Most important thing is to use the app consistently and to monitor one’s progress.

Maxim Filimonov

The only timer which actually works cross devices.  Maxim Filimonov  5 star

Works flawlessly across Mac/ iPhone and iPad. Real handover experience without slow sync


BeFocused on fiddling with this damn app! ROOKIE FAIL HERE  textureclash  1 star

As a standard alone pomodoro app, this is good and well designed. If you don't need to sync across devices, you'll be ok with this one. But syncing? Forget it. It's 2018 so why this isn't an app priority, but instead users are treated with disdain and contempt, is beyond me. Some hipster nerd had a latte epiphany and then found the back end of app design was actual hard WORK. Other apps manage it: learn what they do. If you need to sync for productivity, run don't walk.


It’s a lie  tokke_keren  1 star

Don’t buy if you after for the sync. They don’t sync. I want full refund! And It’s useless having other name current studying time. Every time I change it, the time doesn’t change. It’s only the name change


BeFocused  iveyhwod  3 star

I find this app makes helps me to focus and use my time effectively. However, I often return to my to-do list within the app to find that tasks have disappeared. Sometimes they had zero completed intervals, sometimes they had several. This is very frustrating when I want to make note of the information, and it makes the stats less accurate.


Nice  Dynamicaviation  4 star

Is what it is.


Very useful  lcmh91  5 star

Love studying with this app it really improves my concentration


Becomes more and more unstable  Dsuyang  1 star

It happens all the time when the clock tick in the middle and go back all the way to zero??? Come on, you cannot keep your timer straight? This happens when the app is in the foreground! Do you need me to teach you iOS programming?


Sensible and practical  AFT0192  5 star

Easy to use and most importantly for me, so easy to customise. I use it nearly everyday. I wish there was an android version available.

BalanceCheckbook Fan

Great Study/Work Buddy  BalanceCheckbook Fan  5 star

I use the app to study by. The timer helps keep on track with concentration levels and breaking to drink water or stretch. I am able to work longer at studying or working. I rely heavily on setting my timers to be in tuned with fatigue. This is a life saver for me!

the mana man

Perfect!  the mana man  5 star

significantly increased my productivity and consistency.


Easy Pomodoro App!  xirest  5 star

Such a helpful and healthy productivity system.


Great time management app  lindzyloo  4 star

Really love this app for keeping me on track! Sometimes the tasks are logged in backwards and I have to rearrange them but overall, very satisfied. Use it on both my computer and phone


Great app subtle flaws  pokervans  4 star

Works great


Awesome!  Richardhjz  5 star

Easy and reliable to use


Great app!  Pranto49  5 star

Nothing to complain really.

Daragh Walsh

Simple but effective!  Daragh Walsh  5 star

8 Pomodoros a day is my target and this keeps me on track

Ted Crilly

Great concept but has its flaws  Ted Crilly  3 star

It works well overall but is slow to sync between iPad and Mac apps. It also had a sync issue today resulting in the deletion of a week's worth of completed sessions. There needs to be a way of updating the records manually, in case you complete work intervals away from the computer.

Arik E

Could be great with a few tweaks  Arik E  3 star

This app has so much potential and I really would like it to be better... Firstly the alarms are not working for me at all (I'm on iPad on the latest iOS..). Secondly, I just completed my 2nd pomodoro today... and it's giving me a 15min break, I think because it's also counting previous day pomodoros, but really it should reset when a new day starts. Other than that I do love the integrated Task Tracking and Reporting... please fix these basic issues soon so I can continue using this app! :)


:)  Hfshkccchn  4 star


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