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oneSafe is like Fort Knox in your pocket! oneSafe provides advanced security for your passwords with features like Touch and Face ID, auto-lock, decoy safe, intrusion detection, self-destruct mode and double protection for your most sensitive data.

NEW! oneSafe 4 comes 3D Touch, an awesome Apple Watch app, iOS universal (super fast) search in Spotlight, and many other iOS 12 improvements.

You can even sync your secured info across various devices via iCloud Drive, CloudKit or Dropbox to have your passwords available whenever and wherever you need them.

oneSafe protects your confidential information with AES-256 encryption; the highest level of encryption on mobile devices. Passwords, documents, photos, credit card numbers, bank account details, PIN codes and much more can all be locked away securely inside your safe – and at the same time be accessible whenever you need them. Plus, oneSafe adapts to your preferences allowing you to change the colors and images of your safe for maximum customization.

> THEY LOVE oneSafe

• Apple Editor's Choice, best new app in 80 countries!
• "oneSafe has cuter graphics than its rivals" [New York Times]
• "Even though oneSafe is incredibly powerful, it remains incredibly user-friendly." [iMore]
• "Listed in top password managers" [Cnet]
• "oneSafe is well built, robust, and easy to use" [Marco Tabini]
• "If you want to protect and secure your data like Fort Knox, oneSafe is your solution." []

oneSafe is ultra secure, easy to use and provides an unequaled user experience. Keep all your confidential information secure and easily accessible when you need it – with oneSafe!

> SECURITY first

oneSafe incorporates the strongest encryption algorithm available on mobile devices (AES-256). All your data is automatically encrypted as soon as it's stored in the app, even the synched content. oneSafe also makes your entry password unhackable by using encryption standards involving extremely complex calculations. In addition, oneSafe comes with numerous advanced security options allowing you to manage your level of security: double-protection categories, auto-lock feature, password generator, decoy safe, self-destruct option, break-in attempts monitoring and a password change reminder.

> SYNC your content, the way you want

• You control at all times which categories are synched and which are not.
• Your info is synched via iCloud or Dropbox. Before being sent to the server it’s encrypted with AES-256 for the maximum possible level of security.
• You don't want to use the cloud? Choose the manual sync option!

> FEATURES that will make your life easier

• Password safety analysis.
• iOS universal search in Spotlight.
• Large step-by-step password reader.
• Integration with Withings watch, securing oneSafe based on the watch's distance from your iPhone or iPad.
• Create, browse and edit your items super easily.
• Adapt your safe with customizable categories to keep all your information well organized.
• Use ready-made templates to quickly and easily enter your data.
• Take advantage of the ultra-secure built-in browser with auto-fill feature to access websites quickly and securely.
• Back up your data (via email, iTunes or Wi-Fi) to be sure you’ll always have a copy in storage.
• Change the texture, icon and color for any of your items.
• Flag items as 'Favorites' for quick access to your most commonly used information.
• Use the ‘Search’ feature to find items quickly within your database.
• Sync the contents of your safe between your devices using iCloud (iCloud Drive or CloudKit), and/or Dropbox.
• Use the bullet-proof "Secure sharing" feature to share your confidential data with your family, friends or colleagues.

Store in complete security:
• Credit card numbers
• PIN codes and entry codes
• Social security and tax numbers
• Bank account details
• Usernames and passwords
• Documents in PDF, Word, Excel and more
• Private photos and videos

oneSafe 4 password manager App Description & Overview

The applications oneSafe 4 password manager was published in the category Productivity on 2017-02-02 and was developed by Lunabee Pte. Ltd.. The file size is 216.06 MB. The current version is 4.3.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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OneSafe is the best.  Claytho  5 star

I originally used 1Password. I moved away from them when they started charging monthly. I recently tried to use another PW manager - one that had a Windows PC app and was able to sync. I just don’t like any of them compared to OneSafe. My only complaint is that OneSafe has nothing to do with PC compatibility. This is the best iOS password manager hands down.

texanichael Disabled VETERAN

Buy this today! Best password keeper  texanichael Disabled VETERAN  5 star

By far the best password manager and vault. I’ve been using it for years and won’t try anything else. This is easy to use and one feature I love is being able to send an encrypted copy to my email addresses to retain forever. Cool and useful feature Buy it you won’t be disappointed!

The Rock Looker

Works as intended  The Rock Looker  5 star

I don’t have many secrets but this app keeps them from prying eyes. Been using it for a few years now and I have had zero problems with it.

Richard 621

Not thought out  Richard 621  1 star

They have attempted to fix what was not broken. Some folks have other things to do than spend an hour or two getting familiar with a dog’s breakfast.


Excellent password keeper  Chpnjoe  5 star

Have been using OneSafe for 5 years or so. Syncs great across iCloud, works with Face ID.


Great app  shadowvisions  5 star

I love how the fingerprint recognition works so well. Your setup for different passwords for different apps is simple and I love that I can google search icons. I truly feel secure with this app and recommended to all my friends. Great app over all


Love this app  Mill4  5 star

This app has been awesome for keeping everything!!

Pstr Felts

The BEST Password “Keeper”  Pstr Felts  5 star

I absolutely LOVE this app!! I’ve been using it for years— I've tried MANY before, but this app is by far the BEST out there! I couldn’t survive without it!!


I Was Lost Till I Met You...  OneWomanWest  5 star

Friend recommended. She knows me- need it simple and have it work. Love the fact I could take a picture,too, of my cards and option to load logos so everything is easy to find. Thanks. Glad we met and I have you now.


Outstanding  Zarcarllon  5 star

I use this app multiple times a day! I have unique passwords for each app so this App is essential. I highly recommend.


Essential  Kapow11  5 star

Life would be painful without this app. It is the only way that I’m able to keep track of my huge number of unique passwords. Prior to having this app, I had fallen into the trap of using the same password for everything. I love that I can open the app with Face ID. I’ve now branched out into storing credit cards, license and passport photos in the app. Great and very responsive support. Thanks.


Help required  Jjenny829  1 star

I’ve been trying to get this app to work for awhile both on my iPhone and iPad. It will not load up. I have turned both devices o First and rebooted but still it will not work. It just keeps going to say it is optimising my details.. wont be long.


Love this App  boldgold49  5 star

Reliable and a pleasure to use.


The killer password app.  Kobiashi  5 star

The killer password app. I use it all the time, and I am especially a fan of the automatic syncing between my different devices, including iOS and MacOS devices.

Rural vic chick

Love it so much  Rural vic chick  5 star

I have over 80 passwords saved between work and home and my kids school logins and all sorts of things. This keeps them safe and backed up so I never have to worry about losing them. I brought the pro because I live out of it so much. Thank you.

Finger bib

Review  Finger bib  2 star

Great app, however, frustrating if you are trying to access a password quickly. One safe need to work on the start up of the app and get it to open up quicker.


Great app. Works perfectly, especially the sync between devices  WillFSydney  5 star

Works perfectly


非常好的app  MichaelWang075  5 star


Kat Tak

Waiting for support  Kat Tak  1 star

I hope support gets back to me. I was happily on version three. Updated to four and my passcode will not work. Can’t open my files even though initially my fingerprint opened it. Now locked out. Will change my review when fixed but very unhappy at the moment. Help.


Super application  Patnea  5 star

Très simple a utiliser je la recommande


Buggy with the Apple Watch  Will82584  4 star

I used to have your old App OneSafe 3 and it never crashed on me and worked great, i mainly upgraded to OneSafe 4 because it now had a Apple Watch App BUT it is Taking a Long time to sync my Passwords, like Hours, and every other time i try to open the Apple Watch App it crashes after 1-2 seconds. A couple suggestions: - Have a Status Bar to let us Know the progress of our Passwords transferring from our iPhone to Our Apple Watch - Also the buttons where we enter our 4 digit password on the Apple Watch OneSafe App are too small because it takes me 2-3 times to put in my passcode because i hit the wrong numbers


Fantastic!  TheHammerr54  5 star

This program is very easy to use!


Great App  Jeff531963  5 star

I loved the free version so I purchased. When I switched from my iPhone 6 to iPhone X it was so easy to restore all my data on my new phone from the cloud. I also love that I can share information with my wife over a secure method. It’s the greatest way to keep all your passwords and user names


Great app!  Patrick1007  5 star

This is my favorite password manager on the App Store. Not only is is easy to use, it does not require third party accounts, nor does it require a monthly subscription. The addition of iOS 12 autofill just made this app 100x easier to use. Thank you!!


Love this app!  Cathqueen123  5 star

I don’t know what I ever did without it!


So Secure  hungryraddish  5 star

None of us likes to have super long extra hard passwords, but this app makes it a little easier to be secure.

JLR Music

Used for years with problems  JLR Music  1 star

I have had this app for years, starting with old version. But every time I get a new phone I can’t bring my data back in... very frustrating... I guess it’s a good thing I have another app that I keep the more important items in. So I get the new IPhone X and here we go again... and such sketchy help instructions to address the problem. All my other apps bring the data back from iCloud , I don’t know what the problem is with this one. Just be careful with the things you don’t want to lose. John R


Great app but problems with phone upgrade  Gingermama79  3 star

This was a amazing app...until I upgraded my iPhone from an iPhone 8 to the new Xs max. I forgot my password (a bunch of dots and I am suppose to make a picture with them) and now can’t reset it. I have very important information on my app and am at a loss without it. Please! Anyone! I need your help!


Handy and Easy  Suckeralso  5 star

Says it all. Handy and easy.


Highly recommend  Alonsaban  5 star

Useful and safe. Works great with iOS 12

Grey Karma

Great app and excellent customer support  Grey Karma  4 star

I'm using version 4.2.1 (4209) Since buying this app I have upgraded all my online security. I had problems with the app after I first installed it and thanks to Olivier in customer support he soon sorted the problem for me. The various account templates are handy and quick to use. Maybe think about adding more optional fields such as - secret question(s) and custom field with the option to hide/un-hide any field. I'm considering buying the MacBook version. Keep up the excellent customer service it is the most important line of communication! Thanks for your help.


Good app. Great support service  Annoyed1942  4 star

This is a very good app. My needs are simple and I found earlier versions of the app easier to use. That said, it is very secure and has many features which will suit users with more complex needs. Importantly, I have had issues on a couple of occasions, and the backup service is superb.


Try this app  #uj  5 star

Never used password manager but for this app I will make an exception.


Slower  Cjkhurst11  3 star

It's slower to open than previous versions

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