Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages download

Export Messages App allows you to Save/Export all Text Messages,Audio messages, Images/Pictures,videos and other attachments to your MAC/PC from Messages App.If you need to print text messages for legal purpose, this is right app for you to take a print of any Text conversation.

[IMPORTANT] You need to Download latest Desktop app from http://backupsms.weebly.com for iOS 10.0 or latest iOS support

WIndows PC users & Mac users must follow the instructions given in "FaQ" tab with in the Application.

Make use of Export Messages App and take a copy all the Text Messages in Messages App to your Computer and keep it safely before Upgrading to a new iPhone

Please refer FAQ tab with in the App for instructions on how to Export Messages using the App.
Detailed user guides provided in App support website http://backupsms.weebly.com/

+ Never worry about losing SMS/iMessages/Text Messages, you can now take backup of all text messages including pictures, videos and other attachments in your messages app to your MAC/PC.
+ You can free up memory by saving all the the messages permanently to MAC/PC in PDF/HTML/Excel format
+ You can print save or email SMS, iMessages & Text Messages, MMS, attachments, audio, video messages.
+ You can filter messages by contact and date range
+ All attachments saved in a separate folder
+ This is the Only App in App Store supports iOS10.2 encrypted backups, so export/save messages without compromising on security.

Don't waste your time, contact support if you are having any kind of difficulty in using the app.

+ No in App purchases, you can do unlimited exports for the device on which App is installed.

Minimum Requirements:
+ Mac or Windows PC
+ Latest iTunes installed on your computer
+ iTunes backup encryption password required only for Encrypted backup users.

Note: Companion PC/MAC applications are having advanced features, you download and use it for free from http://backupsms.weebly.com/

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages App Description & Overview

The applications Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-02-17 and was developed by SOWJANYA ALLA. The file size is 8.26 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

+ Please follow instructions given in FAQ tab of the App to get started and save/print messages, no need to fill login details in export messages tab
+ iOS 11 support added with companion computer application from http://backupsms.weebly.com/
+ All Encrypted backups supported
+ Save Pictures, MMS, GIFs, Videos, Contacts and other attachments supported
+ Filter Messages by Contact
+ Voice Messages export
+ Emoji characters support
+ PDF generation supported
+ Filter Messages based on Date range supported

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages Reviews


Ridiculous  Capitola20  1 star

Nothing works all the links go to dead sites. It’s a useless bundle of apps. Im going to get rid of it and get my money back.


Somewhat annoying, but definitely works. I’m happy.  messageexportreviewguy  3 star

I downloaded this after seeing great and terrible reviews. For the price I figured it would be worth trying. It was confusing to get working at first, but customer support reached out quickly and was able to help me get this up and running. I didn’t know I had to backup the phone after downloading the app. It’s actually faster than other software I’ve used for this. You do not need to put in your Mac Id/username/password. Basically just download the app to your phone, backup phone to computer, download app on computer, then you’re good to go. It doesn’t export text in a very aesthetic way, but it gets the job done relatively quickly and doesn’t take up too much space. Attachments are stored in a separate folder but their time stamped so it’s actually pretty helpful. Overall for the money it’s a steal. I’d recommend trying this before spending $30+ on one of the more expensive ones. My Mac is from 2008 and is slow.


Excellent product, excellent service.  Robert;;548$;35(89(;  4 star

Using an iPhone 7 download a text to my PC. Had an issue with it but their service department responded same day on a weekend which is excellent. I ended up having to temporarily remove encryption to get the text. This was before tech-support responded but it worked fine the way I did it so no problem.

Alabaster Design Solutions

Excellent app  Alabaster Design Solutions  5 star

It took a little bit to get hang of it. Customer service messaged me and got everything sorted out. Great app. Exactly does what it describes.


Very Difficult to implement  Mteldred  1 star

Sounded amazing, exactly what I needed. Very difficult to connect .... way too confusing


Does not work for Chromebook  LunaBeluga7  1 star

Purchased app then discovered it can't be used on Chromebooks, so it was a waste.

LP 8165

Wish I could get my money back  LP 8165  1 star

Sketchy app. Don’t recommend


Horrible  J.NV  1 star

Complete waste of money! I don’t even want to get into details just give me back my money!!!


Fails to launch!!  lavernslusher  1 star

Thought this was a simple backup being paid, you have to backup to iTunes, do remote sharing, and it still failed. Spent all this time backing up phone to computer, then when I input info, app crashes. Restarted phone, still crashes. Will file complaint with Apple.


Broken  kaimadam  1 star

Waste of money app crashes do not buy


Doesn't work  JenBox5  1 star

Doesn't work wanting my money back found this app through google so thought it would work... want a refund asap


doesn’t work  useless-apps1  1 star

This doesn’t work- we tried for ages to get it synced, connected, etc- watched out of date youtube videos on how to make it work but there was no connection between the phone and computer. A waste of money. Id like a refund.

Col. Nutty

Windows not supported with this app  Col. Nutty  3 star

If you are thinking of using this to connect to a windows computer, turn back! You will be redirected to a website, but you will also have to pay $15 there. For what it's worth though, you don't even need this app. The windows version does everything this one does.


Scam  Selzamija  1 star

App asks for sensitive information, does not do what it is supposed to.

Tono Brown

Not user friendly for PC users.  Tono Brown  1 star

Went to the website to download the software for PC, & it asked to to pay to upgrade to premium version. What a joke!


Do not buy  wendynewt  1 star

Does not work waste of money


Great App  ecdmvp  5 star

What a fantastic app! Very easy to use and the support was great! We were able to download all the information we needed. Thank you so much!


Wants IP address username, and password  Venom_23  2 star

Bought this then read through the reviews after initially trying to set up. I don’t trust anything asking for sensitive personal info. If this is a deal breaker please heed this warning..


Upset  losh2005  1 star

I have followed all directions to try to get this to work with my computer to no avail. Save your money, definitely a rip off.

Oph tech 1

Terrible and a rip off!! Not user friendly either!!  Oph tech 1  1 star

Terrible and a rip off!! You have to purchase another app for your computer. Not user friendly either!!


Very helpful  DubsyWubsy  5 star

The app developer is very helpful! I contacted support and he texted back and forth with me for hours until I figured it out (the app was working fine, my Apple ID and Mac were not cooperating). He was very helpful and explained things thoroughly; he even attached an Apple article that helped explain one of the problems I was having. Overall, a great experience!


Does not work !  ladytn12  1 star

It simply does not work. The FAQ is just one page. No support.

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