Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages download

Export Messages App allows you to Save/Export all Text Messages,Audio messages, Images/Pictures,videos and other attachments to your MAC/PC from Messages App.If you need to print text messages for legal purpose, this is right app for you to take a print of any Text conversation.

[IMPORTANT] You need to Download latest Desktop app from http://backupsms.weebly.com for iOS 10.0 or latest iOS support

WIndows PC users & Mac users must follow the instructions given in "FaQ" tab with in the Application.

Make use of Export Messages App and take a copy all the Text Messages in Messages App to your Computer and keep it safely before Upgrading to a new iPhone

Please refer FAQ tab with in the App for instructions on how to Export Messages using the App.
Detailed user guides provided in App support website http://backupsms.weebly.com/

+ Never worry about losing SMS/iMessages/Text Messages, you can now take backup of all text messages including pictures, videos and other attachments in your messages app to your MAC/PC.
+ You can free up memory by saving all the the messages permanently to MAC/PC in PDF/HTML/Excel format
+ You can print save or email SMS, iMessages & Text Messages, MMS, attachments, audio, video messages.
+ You can filter messages by contact and date range
+ All attachments saved in a separate folder
+ This is the Only App in App Store supports iOS10.2 encrypted backups, so export/save messages without compromising on security.

Don't waste your time, contact support if you are having any kind of difficulty in using the app.

+ No in App purchases, you can do unlimited exports for the device on which App is installed.

Minimum Requirements:
+ Mac or Windows PC
+ Latest iTunes installed on your computer
+ iTunes backup encryption password required only for Encrypted backup users.

Note: Companion PC/MAC applications are having advanced features, you download and use it for free from http://backupsms.weebly.com/

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages App Description & Overview

The applications Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-02-17 and was developed by SOWJANYA ALLA. The file size is 8.26 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

+ Please follow instructions given in FAQ tab of the App to get started and save/print messages, no need to fill login details in export messages tab
+ iOS 11 support added with companion computer application from http://backupsms.weebly.com/
+ All Encrypted backups supported
+ Save Pictures, MMS, GIFs, Videos, Contacts and other attachments supported
+ Filter Messages by Contact
+ Voice Messages export
+ Emoji characters support
+ PDF generation supported
+ Filter Messages based on Date range supported

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages Reviews


Costs much More to Get the Data!  Hicksy7878  1 star

You have to purchase the license for another $19.99 to actually save or export the data on your computer to any format. The app is worthless without it!

SS Daddio

Doesn’t work. I want my $5 back  SS Daddio  1 star

After loading it on my PC three or four times, backing up my iPhone8 three times with no encryption and twice with encryption. I have restarted my phone and computer many times and the pc program still doesn’t find the iTunes back up. I have followed all the directions and emailed the developer. Unless you want to waste $5 and a whole day, find something else

Sandy's Shadow

It doesn’t work. Creepy customer service. Sketchy at best.  Sandy's Shadow  1 star

I tried it immediately and it didn’t work. Asked for a refund. Later in the day I got a text from a random person supposedly from here asking if I was using it on my phone and near my computer.Then got a blackened FaceTime call which was creepy to say the least. They weren’t able to help and I didn’t get a refund.


Complicated and doesn’t work  dhdbbdbejjsoowjennene  1 star

You have to install this on your computer and link to iTunes and after all that it still doesn’t work.


Great program and support  MACHONM  5 star

I had a little bit of difficulty getting the program to run on my pc, and not only did they contact me to help get everything working they even did video chat support so that they could better assist me. The program works great as it is listed!!


Nikki2017  Pleased!!!!!!!  5 star

Guys listen, I’ve had a problem and have complained about EVERY SINGLE APP that claims to export messages into a pdf but to my surprise this actually 110% DID EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED AND PROMISED THE CONSUMERS IT WOULD DO. At first at had a problem getting it done however after reaching out to the publisher he not only FaceTime me but also text to walk me through the process in its entirety to ensure I was rendered the services in which I paid for. Awesome app and I’m installing it on my son’s phone today as well. Great App!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Best App for transferring text threads  TheRebelQueen  5 star

This app is the quickest and easiest wa to transfer and save text threads. I’ve tried others that were a pain. And when I had an issue, the developer actually called and walked me through it. Highly recommend.


Don’t waste money  BlazeLos  1 star

I made the mistake of buying this app because a couple of the reviews were good. This app is way too complicated. First, this app requires you to download another app on your Mac. You can easily print all your imessages with your Mac. Second, this app requires you to enter your Mac’s user ID and Password, which is the same as my Apple ID. Nope.


Wonderful app!  Shandylier  5 star

I was looking for an app to save my text messages and this is great and the tech support was immediate and helpful.


Thank you!  VerinaZ  5 star

This was so much easier to read than another app I was using. I needed this for legal purposes and it’s perfect! It is helpful that I can choose which format to save the file in. Thank you to the developer and your excellent customer service!


doesn’t work  useless-apps1  1 star

This doesn’t work- we tried for ages to get it synced, connected, etc- watched out of date youtube videos on how to make it work but there was no connection between the phone and computer. A waste of money. Id like a refund.


don't wast your money for this app  jimliu5360  1 star

useless app and it is misleading junk


Awesome  jesse1298  5 star

I am a father who is battling for child custody. I needed help extracting emails and phone logs. Excellent app! And customer support was amazing. I couldn’t figure some things out and I got a FaceTime from customer support to show me how to do everything. He manipulated one of the features of the program to get me what I needed. I had more questions and he text me back many times. Couldn’t believe how helpful they were. Definitely recommend!


Falsely Advertised  Oneilius  1 star

The app description led me to believe I can export message threads from an iPhone (or any device). Within 5 seconds I realized this is a scam, you must connect the device to a computer with iTunes, and if you already have a computer with iTunes installed you can do this all for free using iExplorer. Of course I don’t have a computer with iTunes (that’s why I bought the app), so I paid $10 for absolutely nothing. Good candidate for zero stars. Apple please review this application & developer they are cheating your customers. Also after reading the reviews, one response indicated the positive feedback appears fake. I could not agree more. No one would be happy paying $10 for something iTunes does so easily at no additional cost.


Thanks guys for a great app!  radiowaver2018  5 star

Excellent app! This did exactly what I needed and provides the texts in multiple formats, as well as puts all attachments in a folder for reference as well. This is worth every penny if you need to keep your text messages organized for future reference and backup. Thanks guys for a great app!


Great app  cxxffgg  4 star

It does what it says it will do the only thing is that you have will back up all messages certain messages that j need for court. But overall it does with it needs to do for the iPhone


Purchase key for windows  12346789298484838  1 star

I purchased this app for $6.99 and could not use it. I followed instructions and downloaded the PC version on to my laptop. I was able to transfer text messages, but only a few would show. It informed me that if I’d like to view the rest of the messages that I would have to purchase a “key” for $14.99 and upgrade. Why did I just spend $6.99 for an app that I can’t use? I would like a refund or the key!


Just what I needed  Roll27  5 star

The app is clean and easy to use. Customer support was fast and helpful. Was done through text which I actually prefer since I was able to send screen shots to help with my minor technical issues which I basically caused myself. Using this for court and will help focus the text conversations I needed. Would highly recommend it for it’s designed purpose! Don’t know if it’s possible. But would be nice if they figured out how to add the pictures into excel.


Awesome export app.  Etodd2001  5 star

Been using this app for a few years now and it’s the easiest I have ever come across to use and it does exactly what’s needed, perfect for legal issues and presenting whatever is needed for the situation to knock someone off their pedestal. App developer is super quick about getting back to you as well. Awesome service! I’d recommend this app to anyone!


Best Export App for every IPhone User  June_Sun  5 star

This app works amazing. Sometimes we really need to save some important texts from our iMessages. Export SMS saves it all. It is so easy to use and if we get any problem while using the app, the customer service will reach out ASAP with a solution. Highly recommend !!


Be careful  lookingouforpeople  1 star

Anything asking for and up MAC address full name and your password have all to your computer. Does not seem secure and I would label as a hack. Be careful

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