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Prodigy: Kids Math Game [Education] App Description & Overview

Amazing pets, epic battles and … math practice? That’s Prodigy, the no-cost math game where kids can earn prizes, go on quests and play with friends — all while learning math.
With Prodigy math homework is disguised as a video-game. Loved by over a million teachers and 50 million students around the world, kids have fun and get rewards by correctly answering skill-building math questions. The best part? All of our educational content is completely zero cost.

Math practice used to be a struggle — but not anymore. With Prodigy it’s easy to learn math!

Customized to your kids needs:
We know that every student faces unique challenges when it comes to math learning. That’s why:

• Content is tailored to every player’s strengths and weaknesses. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and many more skills are embedded into the game. Our proprietary algorithms adapt the questions to suit your child’s learning needs.
• Math questions are fully aligned with state-level curricula, including Common Core and TEKS, so Prodigy is always connected to the classroom. 1st grade math, 2nd grade math, 3rd grade math all the way up to grade 8 are customized to align to region, district and school board.
• 1,400 available skills give students the chance to learn more and keep growing. Other math games for kids stop at easy addition and subtraction. We go far beyond grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 and provide comprehensive math education past grade 4 all the way to grade 8.

For a full list of the math skills Prodigy supports, visit

Every child’s privacy and safety is important to us. We don’t just say that - we’ve achieved:
iKeepSafe FERPA Certification
iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor Certification
A 2018 Top Pick for Learning from Common Sense Education
One of the American Association of School Librarians’ Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2018

For Parents:
Connect a free parent account today to:

•See what math practice your child is working on
•Monitor your child’s understanding and progress with dashboards that show the specific math concepts your child excels at, and where they struggle
•Set goals and give rewards to encourage even more math practice!

To sign up for your free parent account, visit

Here’s what teachers are saying about Prodigy:

“I have seen students who were apprehensive about math open up and begin to enjoy working on their skills. I have also seen struggling students make improvements with as little as 10 minutes each day.”
Jamie G
5th grade teacher

“I have students who will tell me a new concept is easy because they have already learned how to do it on Prodigy.”
Kim J
4th grade teacher

Want your child to learn more?

With Prodigy you can turn screen-time into education time. Premium members level up faster, spend more time answering math questions and get exclusive access to pets, member-only game areas and extra rewards. To sign up today, visit

Don’t want a membership just yet? All of our educational content is zero cost and always will be.

To learn more about Prodigy and to get started, visit

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Prodigy: Kids Math Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

What do you call a metal beam that rings softly when hit? A low-ding bar! Improvements to loading have been made.

Prodigy: Kids Math Game Comments & Reviews

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- I love it!

Ive been playing Prodigy for 3 years now, and its really fun! No complaints about the game, just the community, they think that your forcing to buy a membership, or you cant succeed, and they don’t realize, that when you pay that real life money, you should get those advantages, because you deserve it! You can play Prodigy without a membership, and if you just started playing, and you realize that you don’t have to be a member for everything, don’t consider buying a membership, if you think your going to like this game, and you wanna have harder goals, such as the dark tower, go ahead and buy one! Now back to the game itself, Its one of the only 2 games I play and I really like it! I have one thing you could maybe try to improve, I think you should try improving the movement of your character in the game, I think you should go from click to move to something like arrow keys, or the W,A,S,D keys, but you can still keep the click to move, maybe on the settings tab (where you see the volume and stuff) make a section where its something “movement” and have 3 options, such as, click to move, arrow keys, or the W,A,S,D keys, I am still thinking of ways for mobile users to move around, besides the tap to move, again no hate on the game! I love the game!

- Great Game!

I recently got to my max pets, and decided it was finally time to ask my parents for a membership. The membership was expensive ($8.95 USD) but they got it for me. Many people can’t afford a membership, which is very disappointing to other players without it. I used to have trouble with math and during the quarantine, I was starting to think that I would be behind more. Now, I don’t worry about being behind in math! Everything has gotten much easier. Can you make the memberships a dollar or two lower to buy, though? With that, I think you can get more people to get it and be able to afford it. (More people, more money!!) It’s also very upsetting that the price is so high for membership, but linking a parent account is free!! The small star boost is not worth it, kids might argue with their parents on getting membership, and this isn’t too bad, but I play on an IPhone10 and sometimes the screen still moves, but strangely it doesn’t pick up when I tap the screen... I just simply leave the tab open and go to the phone’s home screen, go back into the app, then it works again. Hmm... trading would be nice... Seriously, though, my name is a boy’s name and it wasn’t on the girl’s avatar name list, so I had to be a boy, which doesn’t trouble me at all, but can you make the names as the same list and make a search bar for names?) -A Random Person (Pretty sure the moving cat in the window of the pet shop glitches the window to move...)

- Pretty good game!

I got this game about a few years ago, and I stopped playing because I earned all of the keystones, and I felt like there was almost nothing else to do without membership since I had my max amount of pets. I recently got this game again, because I found out about the new updates and all, and I just want to say I love how the pets look now! I think that’s an improvement, but I still think that it’s kind of annoying that almost everything in the game needs membership, and I feel kinda annoyed when I can’t capture any more pets. I understand that they just want to make some money out of this game, but without membership this game is just not as fun, especially when you already earned all of the keystones, there isn’t really much to do in my perspective. I am also really irritated about the fact that Gale still hasn’t fixed any other pedestals yet, and I already completed the earth tower. Right now I am just really creating new accounts, capturing the max amount of pets, and then earning all of the keystones and finishing the earth tower, and then that process will repeat :x that is pretty much the only way I can have fun in the game, and I would really appreciate it if they can add more non-member items in the game so the items wouldn’t have to be so limited. Overall I would definitely recommend for you to download this game, it could help on your math skills! Thank you for your time, have an amazing day/night!

- Great Experience

I really liked this game. I thought it was fun and lighthearted. The pets are great and I love the faces that you can choose for your character. I think prodigy is a great learning experience. However the math questions are bit simple. It’s quite easy yet fun. I really like Prodigy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn math in a fun yet easy way. However the sad thing is is that I don’t agree with the memberships. I think it’s unfair especially since some people can’t afford memberships. Memberships put other people down. I disagree with the memberships. It’s unfair that members have to pay so much money just to be one of those important people in prodigy. It’s also unfair that they are the only ones I can have certain clothes or certain pets or certain hairstyles. I also think that you should put some of the communications back. I really liked the heart face and thought it was funny. When you took it off my whole class was disappointed. We love the heart face and thought it was really funny. You should definitely put the heart face back. In a nutshell I would recommend prodigy anybody who wants to learn math in a simple yet easy and fun way. In total I would read it four out of five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Prodigy is a really great game despite it’s flaws. I love prodigy but I disagree with the memberships. Thank you to all those who take the time to program prodigy and make it special for us students.

- I love it but one major glitch/problem

*Spoiler Alert* I was introduced to the game from my teacher. It is super educational and even learned a few stuff that my class would learn two years later. I loved it and played it along with my class at computer lab time. However, I had to log off while I was battling the earth titan. Then, later I logged back in only to discover that I can’t battle the titan anymore. Flora is no help. She’s all, “well done!” and drops no clue what to do or even if I am on the titan quest. The strange thing is, when my friends see my status in the earth stone quest, it says that I am finished. Since I couldn't do anything about it, I just went along and earned the others. Then the academy open and now I could restore the stones. But I had to do the earth stone first. But I did not have the stone. So now I am going nowhere. I tried going back to the place again, although it is not clear cause it happened years ago, but no luck. The titan did not rumble, and I was constantly disturbed by other monsters. Also, when I battle one and defeat it, another picks a fight with me. While I am preoccupied with that guy, the other heals, and I only make it to three defeated monsters before one recover and picks a fight with me again. Flora does not help. How do I get out of this mess? How do I fix it so I earn the earth crystal? HOW DO I FIX THE ACADEMY BRIDGE AND DEFEAT THE PUPPET MASTER?!! Please help me. Thank You.


I am 7 and a half years old and when I started playing I could handle 9 years math and that made me so surprised! You should super get this app because then you might be able too handle 9 years math when your under 9 years old just like me! Best of all,all of it is free with no app purchases, mmhmm you heard me right a super lot of fun and lots of educational with no adds and even kids like me love it! So are you gonna get a app that seems fun but for kids is really not?¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Come on get this app for your kids and see how they have fun with learning as much as possible! (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) So get it today not tomorrow not in a week not in a month not in a year get it today! Let your kids have fun learning for the first time! And your kid won’t cry about wanting you to buy something because no app purchases and no adds! Love the app as much as your kid will! And you can play it with friends! And maybe later you will play it and have so much good fun and you level up! But I wish I could make my own weapons and armor but it is all so awesome! I love this! So what are you waiting for? Get this app for you or your kid or kids today! And sorry if it is this review is too long for you to read but thank you for reading it and get it now!

- What is actually the point if the game?

As far as motivating children to practice math skills, this game is on top. The game will differentiate based on the child’s answer, steadily increasing in difficulty until the game figures out where the child’s math level is (1st - 8th). The game will also focus on specific skills planned out by the child’s teacher. The game will not teach new skills, but will review previously learned skills. (I do wish it did more to explain how they came up with the correct answers.) However, this game shamelessly markets to its players to push a monthly or annual membership. After every challenge the child completes there is a reminder to purchase a membership. Key pieces of the game are unavailable until a membership is purchased, and they even go so far as to not allow you to wear or use armor you have earned because you are not a member. Each spell battle earns you gold that you are meant to buy things with in the game, but you can only buy certain things without a membership. The child playing the game’s focus distinctly shifts from fun math review to buying pets, hairstyles and things (and then arguing with parents over purchasing a membership). A child could play for an entire day without ever completing a single math problem, which defeats the overall educational purpose of the game. If they could dial back the consumerism and the constant pressure - on Children - to get a membership this would be an excellent game.

- It’s awesome

I love prodigy because it is a very fun way to learn and it has multiple storylines and quests which come with achievements in prizes and you can level up you can get pets that level up with you and you have to battle monsters to get to whatever you need to get to and by fighting the monsters you have to solve math facts and you can draw on the screen with pencils and like you can use counters to help you solve the math question and it’s way better than most math games because it’s very very fun it’s not like this rookie thing and you can trust it because it’s used for school and school wide and better than ABC mouse even and it’s worldwide it’s one of the top things that you can use and it really works I’ve only been using it for two days and my mom and my teacher said that I was doing great in math I was I was doing a lot better and it’s for all grades even for adults adults and teenagers and it’s for any age of kids and it’s for teachers to and refund it doesn’t only teaching math it teaches you math it also teaches reading because you have to read the story plot and it teaches you social skills and it teaches you how to be responsible around the house in the classroom hope you like it use Prodigy be the future generation

- Math learning Fun!

I am having great experiences with this! Cause I like math! And some people are bad at math. Put prodigy is a math learning fun game! I just LOVE it, prodigy is a learning experience for all ages! You can make friends and pets. Best part is battling friends or monsters. Cause you win points or stars. The game play is very nice and islands! I’m very addicted to the game, it’s really fun to play if you like battles, games,math, and friends, and also enjoyment!! Math games can be boring but not this one. You can get addicted on your first and keep playing prodigy. Tell all of your friends that prodigy can be a fun learning experience. Schools are using it already. So maybe in your school you have a prodigy experience! Even if you don’t know how to do math just practice it. You might get obsessed over prodigy:D. You will LOVE it! Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers ;D. But it is a great game. Many people are using it even my friends, we battle a lot. I already got obsessed over the game. It’s skill and to improve your brain, that’s why I love it so much & so much fun & can improve your skills at math. It’s okay if you don’t like it you don’t really have to, but others do and I do too. I hope you fully enjoy the game Prodigy. :D

- I love it but it needs a little changes

It looks longer because of the explanations but please read I think it will be worth it. So I love the game altogether and it does make math fun but it could use a few changes so first the member ship should be cheaper because how are we supposed to get the whole fun math experience if it’s a little pricy in my opinion i also think we should be able to trade and if we earn a member thing and non member can’t use it hen whats the point? And I also think if you defeat a monster it should not come back until the next day because it gets a little annoying another thing is I feel like it’s not fun when you can only type certain things to your friends I get the protection but I think you should just stop like numbers and other key words that is dangerous or bad to say I read of limiting what we can say in general if that makes since and I feel like we should be able to get 1 of each normal animal if your not a member and I’m not saying the special ones but I’m saying he normal one and I think you should be able to rescue titan and other huge monsters. I’m sorry it’s liner than I expected but if you could just atleast make a few of these updates I would be so happy and enjoy he game even more thanks!

- BEST Math Game Ever! But...

Prodigy is probably the best math game I have ever been on. But I do have a problem... I have been a player since 4th Grade and in the game, I had collected the lost Island Keystones in a few weeks. Now, (Yes still playing :3) I have placed the Earth Keystone awhile ago, but whenever I go to place the other Keystones, it says Gale STILL hasn’t fixed the pedestal! I have another account where I had to rescue Florian, and whenever I got the Earth Keystone, Gale immediately opened the pedestal. So he should open the pedestals when you get the Keystones. He won’t open the others and I have the Keystones and the right amount of wizard levels to be able to open ALL the pedestals. I am level 85 and says I am the correct level because it no longer says that it will “Unlocks at Lvl. 20”. I also have an update suggestion, I was thinking you could create different wand casting looks for Members and regular players to use, instead of the jumping and waving your arm action that everyone has. That is all for this review and if anyone else sees this and knows how to fix my glitch. Let me know in your review, I will check back every so often! Thx!

- Love the game

I’m an og prodigy player and have been playing since the first edition (I don’t really need it anymore it’s just fun) and um I worked really hard on it but I worked really hard to get some of the more rare monsters like dreamlets but in the more recent games you have changed the design of the monsters and are continuing to change them and I am not in love with there new looks It made me very angry when you changed the design because they looked pretty bad and it made me feel like I wasted my time so I beg of you please change them back and all of the monsters I get your trying to make it good for 6 year olds but me and all my friends agree that not even 4 year old us would like it so please change them back and on to the next issue the memberships I get it’s the only way you make money but if you even made it two dollars cheaper I think a lot more people would buy it and it would make you even with the opponents of this game also last year you made it so you could get a week membership for free you should do more of that kind of thing like during events you could buy a membership for a week that would be really great over all the game is pretty good and I just want you to make it easier to play also I really look forward to mor pedistools being unlocked!!!

- Such a shame...

I understand Prodigy is a for profit organization, and I do appreciate their even letting non members use lots of features of the game, but I am so fed up with my kids’ tears because they will loose all their progress when I tell them to turn it off after our set 15-20 min screen limit (or even sooner if something urgent comes up unexpectedly). Sometimes, they have to redo the same challenge 3-4 days in a row because screen time ran out, and/or the game locked them out suddenly. Also, the app’s rubbing it in my kids’ faces that they are non members after every. single. battle. is really getting old. We’re homeschoolers, and I gladly pay for may Math programs, if I think they’re worth it (like Reflex Math and Beast Academy), AS LONG AS I can make them work for me instead the program trying to work me and my family. So far, the kids are loving it, and I do think it’s a fun way to get some extra Math in, but I feel like Prodigy’s aggressive marketing strategy and especially the inability to set daily screen time limits without loosing progress is starting to become more of a headache than a help to the parent. I will probably not end up giving this company my money but at some point just delete the app, call it a day, and stick to a combination of Reflex and Beast. It’s a shame because the kids do love it—even without membership.

- Look, I like it, however...

“I am in eighth grade. I love the game, it helps me a ton because very little can motivate me to do my math. The creatures are beautiful and unique, buuuuut.... Yea, the membership thing. Wouldn’t it be better if a) Instead of requiring a membership for basically everthing, why not just say ‘hey, lets just make the game cost money instead of tormenting people by putting everything under membership’ b) Make an easier way to access membership items. Me and my (three) sisters tried to save up for a membership and failed. Too expensive. Perhaps it would be better if the membership things could be bought by player coins, but double the price. (Example: Hat A cost 1,000 coins for members, but 2,000 for non-members, that way effort is still involved.) I got this for my iPod Touch with the most recent update, and I dunno who you’re trying to fool by saying it works for this device. It clearly doesn’t. It’s fine I guess on the computer, but a compleat fail on this device. It goes (In my own words) ‘Oi mate, somethin’s go amiss but don’t worry lassie, we’ve been notified!’ And then four hours later, lo and behold, still ain’t working. That’s what we Americans call really freaking annoying. If it doesn’t work on this device then good greif just say so. I haven’t yet seen the new update, but the way it sounds I’m close to not returning to Prodigy. Thank you for your time, Emb3r”

- Membership?!

When I first started the game I found the pet shop and lamp light town and I was FREAKED OUT (mostly because I love animals) So I wanted to buy a pet, I looked through the catalog and all I saw were...MEMBER PETS. I tried to buy one but the membership made me NOT get one, all though I looked through the hamsters section and at least I could get ONE. Then the more I started playing the game I figured out, that almost EVERYTHING you wanted need member ship! (Buddies,Armor,Evolving Pets,Morph Marbles,Furniture for your house,More spins on the wheels,Bigger houses,Boosts for mini games,Buying pets from Dino dig and so much more!) But seriously...i would play the game more if you didn’t need member ship for EVERYTHING. Another time I went to the copper coin island sort thing, I went on one of the pads that toke you to the epics and I saw epics I never saw before that I wanted! But when I tapped it....all it said was “OnLy MemBers Can BaTtLe thE EpIcs” I was MAD. Now all I do in prodigy every day is spin the wheels. Yep..that’s right, I spin the wheels waiting to get the aquarium house furniture item or one of the sparkle pets. Also you have to link your parents account or something to get a FOX BUDDY? One day I asked if I could get member ship but I had to explain to my child that if she got membership she would have to re-start the WHOLE GAME. -Please get rid of membership-

- Great! But I have a problem...

So, the game is fun to play, and I like how the math questions don't take 4 hours to solve. Well... some of them... now just to bring up a point, I'm in 5th grade. But I found one subject of problems that aren't at all necessary. These problems are the ones like "the sum of the two numbers are 18 and the difference of the two numbers is 8". Now based one the math in the game, I'd say the math is 3rd-4th grade level. I myself don't understand these questions, and often give up and type random numbers. I don't know if the teach this in school now, unless it's something we learn later in 5th... anyways, another problem I have is the constant membership reminders. Now based on my friend's experience, she says it's $59 dollars a year for membership. 59 dollars!!! I don't know, but it seems unfair that players without membership can't buy half of the nice things because they don't want to pay 59 dollars on a math game! And also, it's unfair that you can only evolve your pets if you have membership! Now, I think it would be more fair if you lowered the membership price and gave more things to the non-member players.

- My opinion about prodigy

Prodigy is a really fun game and all I really enjoy is my self and my friends love it!! And yet we all agree on the same problem that we just think is the game. Our problem is that when we leave the game it doesn’t save where we were in battles. And I know that’s just a normal thing that people get mad at, but I really really wanted well we really really wanted you to maybe fix that problem. It’s also that I’ve been at the bridge in the lava kingdom for so long because I’d either had to go or the game lagged me out, but I’ve been stuck in those battles and when I came back in it brand me right into the starting where I had to start my battle all over again😡 and I’m still stuck there. But either all I love the game I have learned a lot from the game, and it is one of my favorites. If your scrolling there the ratings debating if you want to get it or not. Then do it because I would really recommend it!! (I love the game so much I got the membership) and every day in my 3rd grade class we play 20 minutes of prodigy! If you are reading my rating and you got this far of reading then I really thank you for reading my rating and I hope I can get a reply back soon!!

- Turn my procrastination into homework!!

This game is incredibly fun I found it while looking for a curriculum for my pre-K son during quarantine. He is looking forward to working on math and trying to read so that he can battle new pets and level up. I imagine this game being an invaluable tool throughout his education. I even created my own avatar so that I could keep my math skills up while doing calculus in college. If you could please add some integrals and differentiation so that I can be doing homework while procrastinating I would be incredibly grateful. I see a few reviews saying that it’s not fair to have membership products and encourage the purchasing of memberships. I can imagine this game is time consuming to make and maintain considering how you can battle alongside your friends and i appreciate the effort to make learning fun. I also appreciate how my son is not bombarded with third party ads to god knows what kind of games. For the price of a kids meal to McDonald’s every month I think y’all parents need to do right by your kids.

- Mailing ,trades,and selling

I have been playing for awhile now and I noticed that you can’t mail items nor sell them I have a lot of things in my bags that I don’t need and love to sell ,trade ,or mail to my sis for her to use.I think it would be a great upgrade to allow players like me and my sis to add these things not only to share items but also to open a gate way to allow players to barrow tools and other items and also to get rid of the things that pile up in your bag.I now what your thinking selling maybe we can do but trading and Mailing what if someone get there video hands on something that’s for a important pest you want players to do themselves well you can always bane some items from Mail and trades.I think if you do these things your game will be more fun and if you add more interactions that you can do with your buddy’s that would be awesome so like you can join them in quest and battles.I’d love if you’d add these thing’s or even just one of them because the only written this so I can better help my sister with her math in a fun way and isn’t what this game is about. Hope see some of these added soon bye.

- Could use a little work

This game is AMAZING. Don’t get me wrong. The storyline, the design of the characters, EVERYTHING is all great, except for a few things... The sound, data from the computer doesn’t load to my iPad, and hard questions. Now first, I understand that prodigy was made to test your range of IQ, but when I don’t get it, and click on the hints, THOSE seem even harder to solve than the question itself!(I tried to hear what the hint sounded like on speaker, and the reader read a multiplication sign that wasn’t there) And for the sound, I really have nothing against it, (I mean, I can just play music in the background, but I don’t have much good music) but to me, without music, it makes the game less enjoyable. I think the only things I get to hear are the dialogue, and the correct (when you cast a spell) sound effect. I think it’s just my iPad, but I’m pretty sure I put speaker on. When I played this at school (on the computer), I caught a sprike. When I went home from school, I came home to find just my first creature in battle. Again, I think it’s just my iPad. Now I love this game, I really do, but it would help for me to enjoy this even more by fixing these glitches.

- Fun Game But Needs Some Work

As a sixth grader, this is a great game to play on a computer because of how it teaches kids math in a fun way and such, but there are some issues with the iPad version. One issue that I came across is that you can only play this game horizontal one way. What I mean by that is you can only play with the home button on the left, which doesn’t make much sense, because usually people use their iPads with the home button on the right, and it shouldn’t be hard to program the app to play like that too, since all it does is change to orientation upside down. I also really don’t like how much they push you to pay for their membership. Every time you complete a battle they push their membership in your face, which I’m not fond of. I would appreciate if the developer team could make the advertising more subtle. Oh, and one more thing, the way the game looks is pretty odd on iPads. Because the iPad has a 4:3 aspect ratio as opposed of the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, everything in the game looks squeezed in, and just looks a little off. I wish the app could be optimized so it didn’t look like that on iPads.

- This game is awful

This game rubs the fact that you are not a member into your face every. Single. Time. You answer a series of questions. Maybe if the developers would have put in some time and made animations for the characters the world and everything else, ( instead of making 2 picture animations that just make the image change) then this game would be worth a dollar , but considering that they could have made the pets or hats or armor 10,000 coins but for members 4,000 or something like that instead of rubbing the fact that they can’t afford or that they are too bad or broke for the membership tears my heart. My 5 year old daughter always comes running up to me in tears saying that the game won’t let her do this or that and this has also been a bad influence on my child’s vision. She has been on prodigy days and days at a time and before prodigy her vision was bad enough. And I fact I let her play prodigy for 4 or 5 hours a day and the next day we checked and found out her vision went down. That’s because of how poor the graphics are and shows that the people only put about an hour of work into this whole game. No hate prodigy crew, but man your game is just lacking. And I feel really bad for my child, just because I cannot pay for some online thing. I prefer abc mouse :P

- New character design and membership.

The game has its flaws, but the new character design is like Pandora's box! The faces of me and my peer's characters is an abomination! Although some of the equipment looks better, but sadly some look a bit..."dull". Overall you need to change some of the newer designs you made, AND DEFINITELY THE PLAYER FACE MODELS, but you could keep some of the newer ones that looks better from the community's perspective. Overall it's a good game...but could you at least stop taunting us with membership only exclusives? It's extremely annoying and I'm sure 60% of the community can't afford the pricing of membership. I just don't want to pay it personally, it's a huge ripoff. Could you just put ads of other games to the side or something so it wouldn't bother us, but it would still make some money so those membership stuff would be free after a while? Or we can watch ads for coins or other currency. Also while I'm still writing, could you kindly make a map for every area (You can only see places you explored) so that I won't be wondering about trying to do certain quests or bounty hunts where they sent me where I have no idea where it is.

- If your not sure about downloading, read this

HELLO READER! So prodigy is amazing! All of my friends play on the same world and once we are started we never want to get off! Prodigy is very entertaining for a math game and some people don’t even realize their math skills are increasing! The opportunity to have a parent or teacher monitor you is great and it’s fun for all ages! There is also members and it’s not like other games where you need it to complete the task and or quest, it’s an add-on to help kids enjoy it more but right now....I think members is nice and how much it gives you is cool and it doesn’t make others feel left out! Next, the game itself. Prodigy has lots of things to do like The Titan, Lamplight town, Elemental quests, home and character decorating, and talking with other users! You will never get bored playing this with all there is to do! So if your still on the edge about getting Prodigy, I would just try it and see for yourself! Great job so far Prodigy! Keep it up!

- Something happened a update or some problem

So I guess that prodigy is great and all that but now it’s so bad I used to love prodigy but when I started doing my battles I put the answer in the box and on purpose it’s skipping the numbers I type in and I told my dad about this cause he’s an engineer but he doesn’t trust me because I told him in the past that prodigy is great and not only that you only have 3 colors to write the problems in the workspace if you need to and the black one doesn’t work and the eraser takes forever to erase. Usually their used to be coins and manipulates to help you on problems but now there’s nothing and it’s kind of annoying and one time there was a bug that I typed in the correct answer and it stayed I was wrong but when I clicked see answer the same answer came up that I typed I didn’t know what that glitch was called so I told my mom and she said that it was a bug now I really know what “bugs” are not bugs that crawl up your screen just technical difficulties that happen with the app. WARNING! IF YOU ARE A STUDENT 1st grade-8th grade PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IF YOU WANT TO GO TO PRODIGY AND SIGN UP NOW IM SO SO SORRY BUT YOU CANNOT NOW BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHATS GOGING NOW BECAUSE OF COVID 19 PROCEDURES WHATEVER BUT JUST DON’T SIGN IN IF TOU DO YOUR FIRST FEW DAYS OF PRODIGY ARE YOUR FIRST FEW DAYS OF AN EDUCATIONAL DISASTER APP SIGN IN I

- Needs a bit of improvement

Ive been playing prodigy for 2 years and i only have a few complains. Apart from my complains the game is actually kinda good! My complains are that when I try to battle the Titan is always logs me out and by log out I don’t mean really log out i mean that it doesn’t show anybody in the titan arena(whatever you call the place where you battle the titan)and no teams show up and that is really annoying because every time i want to play team i have to log out and log into the same world again to see everyone else at the titan arena thingy. My other complain is that even tho I’m at level 55 and i have every warden keystone i still cant place them down. Overall the game is good but it just needs a few tiny tweaks here and there. ( edit: also can you make the membership price lower because my mom just wont do it(I’m only 10 yrs old).) (2nd edit: also can you make the little pets that follow you around when your walking non member because legit ALL the pets in the pet shop are member stuff. The only pet that is non member is the flamingo and the brown hamster)

- Love, but dislike.

Hi, I’m Ella I’m a fifth grader. I love Prodigy! But just a few changes? I’ve been playing Prodigy for a couple years now! It is easier to play on computer, I usually play at school or home! But I think you should have a better verity of pets! Like when you get your first pet there’s a parrot, dog, cat, fly (I forgot sorry), and dragon. I think there should be a dog, cat, parrot, and hamster (or ferret!). I think those are more popular pets than a dragon, they aren’t even real for one. For two who wants a fly? Also for three they are cute but small. They should be full grown! Or little! But other than that I love Prodigy! But another comment, you should be able to pick the color or your pet, for instinct when you have a fly or something you can pick a color! Like black, blue, or green! Or even let you pick their name! So if you have a parrot it’s not the name it has already picked. Because if I had the parrot I would like it’s name to be Alex! Or Lexi! So what I’m saying is that a few things don’t have to be changed, but I would love it! It would make me joyful! Thank you for your time. - Ella ♥️

- My favorite math game but cmon!

So I’ve been playing prodigy for 2 years, and I’ve seen some updates that made it bad. So first of all my least favorite update is probably the newer one that changed the spells so now you don’t “Learn new” spells and it has those 2 spells falling star smash and Super Nova. I liked it when you leveled up a couple levels you learn a new move, but no now it’s just those. Second of all, membership! LIKE EVERYTHING REQUIRES MEMBERSHIP!!! So I today just caught a Shade today and was “Planning” to get a Spectral, but no you HAVE TO HAVE STUPID MEMBER. I had member for a while back but it expired, I think it should be a 1 time purchase for a lifetime! And bring back the thing to get DragonYX items by the leagues, it would make it way easier in my opinion. So yeah here is why I think it could do way better if you didn’t have to have member for evolving! So please bare in mind if you all were to add this I would really only ask for the evolution to be free, and I really don’t care about the other stuff so yeah, here ya are! Please add this in the newest update, thanks in advance.

- Great game,but one problem

Ok, first of all, this is a really great game and I am constantly learning new things. I learned about this app in 2nd grade. There is just one problem me and my sister have with it:It constantly is logging us out. Half the time when I am in a battle, everything on the screen freezes out of nowhere. Next thing you know, I am back on the login screen. This happens almost every day, and it is really annoying when that happens in the middle of a Titan Battle. Me and my sister were fighting the titan together, and the next thing you know, she had gotten logged out in the middle of fighting, so she couldn’t take her move against the titan. Although, I do love the fact that you get to unlock new worlds, weapons, costumes, Wands, etc. But if there was a way you could probably fix this glitch, it would be very helpful to us. I really love this app, and I would also like it if there were more updates to the game, which could probably make Prodigy a better experience for everyone around the world playing Prodigy. Thank you.

- Membership problems and more

So I started playing prodigy a few years ago, and membership wasn’t exactly a big deal. But now you must be a member to evolve pets??? Prodigy just why though? And they have some useless things too for membership, such as, an exclusive dab dance move? Or a stupid cloud that doesn’t even look cool, it looks silly. And then there were morph marbles which were pretty useless as well. There’s also the dark tower, but if you don’t have membership you can only go the first 5 floors until they require you buy membership to continue. I also don’t like how prodigy is changing the art for some of the sprites of the pets now, for example that t-Rex pet looks really plain compared to the old sprite, next thing you know they change embershed’s sprite to a dinky looking, simple dragon. I get that prodigy needs money to keep running their site and keep paying their workers, but if you are going to keep removing things non-members could do like evolving pets, then people won’t enjoy prodigy as much as they used to.

- A fun game...

Prodigy overall is a fun game, which I found out on a computer. Why I bring that up is because I tried to play this on my iPod touch, but due to a slightly irritating update, the recent alerts screen pops up, and because this was on an iPod, the top section of the screen was hidden, with the X button. After several attempts at fixing the display, I finally gave up and deleted the app. Another annoying thing is that you have to work ten times harder if you don’t have the membership. If you have it, you get a floating cloud, access to all of the pets, and gear, you get 2 spins on the spinners, you get to climb the Dark Tower, you level up faster, you get more hairstyles, you can catch more monsters, most of which make you have an unfair advantage in the game. Prodigy would have been better if you just had to pay to get the app, instead of practically having to pay at least $4.00 per month. This is fun game, but needs a few tweaks, so I recommend just playing on a computer, and really getting into the game, you just might have a chance to the top of the leaderboard!

- Best game ever! there’s nothing I don’t like about it

This is by far the best game ever Im in the third grade and I’ve been playing since kindergarten. It so far motivates me to practice my math skills. This app is for anyone who wants to do math in a fun way. I was struggling with math and this game totally helped me now I feel like I’m very good at it. It’s been my dream to succeed in math and I’ve always wanted to be good. This app really helps you learn I even have the membership and with that you can even have more math fun I renewed my membership a few months ago I still have the membership. this is such a great game when I got home telling my mom and dad about it they said it was a great game for me since I was struggling with math. This game really helped me to learn math now I’m great at it. I recommend this game to anyone who’s struggling with math! It really helped me so I’m sure it will help you. And this message is to the developers this is my favorite game! Everyone who reads this download this game.

- It’s an incredible math learning platform!

I’ve never seen a math learning gameplay like Prodigy. It’s so original and cute and incredibly fun. It’s been a tough time for all of us, and I’ve barely learned anything in my normal classes, but prodigy helps with that. From an adorable backstory, to interesting quests and math problems. Although the game has some of it’s best parts, there are a few bugs in the game. I’ve noticed there are people who hack into the game, and hack their amount of gold, name etc. And lately I haven’t been able to log into the app, and all it shows me is a larger version of the logo. Even with a few bugs, I enjoy Prodigy even more than most typical video games. Probably one of my favorite parts are how the developers make the game even more unique, which are these festivals that are in the game. If you were looking for a kind of math learning platform that was both entertaining and educational, Prodigy would be my number one choice! ❤️


Don’t take this wrong I love playing Prodigy but I got all the warden keystones and the ice,fire,air,and water towers are still locked. While I’m trying to pass the time by trying to level up half of the game is unavailable to me because I do not have a membership. I love prodigy but I hope it will change so that I can fully engage and enjoy it. If you are looking to start playing prodigy I advise you to hold back unless you are willing to spend money to get a member ship. Okay so now i am going to update my review because i finally got a membership and the game is a lot better but i still cannot access the ice,air,fire and water towers so 🤔😒😔!!!!!!!! please update the game😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😞☹️🙁😕😟😔😣😖😫😩🥺😠 but other than that the game is really good even though it freezes A LOT! okay this is the biggest complaint of all BRING BACK EPICKS I STARTED PRODIGY WHEN THEY STOPED AND I WANT CHILL AND CHARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥶😡😡🥶🥶🥶😡😡😡

- Prodigy is “Magical”!

As a teacher, I use Prodigy daily with my students! There is no way I can teach an individualized math lesson to every child, every day...BUT because of the way the Prodigy platform is set up, I CAN create assignments for my students that are geared to their needs. By going into the planner, I can create an assignment for a specific student or small handful of students to give them more practice with something they are struggling with or challenge them beyond my small group instruction, I can create assignments for groups of students if they have similar needs for practice or enrichment, and I can even create whole class assignments to review concepts and keep them in my students’ minds or prepare my students for an upcoming lesson or unit. I cannot clone myself to meet with every student, but with Prodigy, I AM able to teach math lessons in small groups and utilize Prodigy to keep my students engaged and learning, no matter where they are in the learning continuum!

- Love it! One problem.....

Prodigy is by far the best math game ever created! One problem; the MEMBERSHIP!!!!!! Many of the cool things are only for members, so if if you aren’t one, you can’t do or get a lot of things. You can’t evolve pets, transform into morph marbles, or climb the dark tower. And I’m just naming 3 things you can’t do without a membership! Some people can’t afford to buy their children such expensive memberships. I mean, come on! $59 a year! Outrageous! That money could be used for something of more importance!Plus, memberships are also kind of encouraging bullying. Let me explain. 1. Kid wants a membership. Parents buy the membership with their hard-earned money. 2. Kid loves all of the cool things he or she gets. 3. Kid gets arrogant, greedy, and just plain rude. He or she doesn’t even learn anything anymore! 4. Kid starts to bully kids that don’t have a membership. Please STOP this membership NONSENSE!!!!! Immediately!😾😤😡🤬👿 Kids everywhere love this game but cannot enjoy many benefits because they can’t do anything in the game! Fix this!!

- Great! But Just A Few Other Things...

I’m a 5th grader and I play Prodigy with my friends. It’s fun, I’ve learned many things and my math skills are AWESOME, but how they educate you in math and some few other things are what I’m going to talk about. When they give you a question you can’t answer, it’s frustrating, they give you tips but sometimes they don’t help. I think Prodigy needs kind of a teaching thing like if you don’t know how to solve a question, plus you’ll get a bit smarter then just practicing your math skills! Now talking about how to make fun. MEMBERSHIP, the thing everyone’s talking about! You can barely have anything without membership! If you get a member object, you can’t use it! I’m not complaining as much as everyone else, but I only have one request about the member things. If you get a membership object without buying it, can you make it that you can use it? That would be great. That’s all I’m saying. But besides that, I LOVE the game!

- It’s fun but... Prodigy - please read!

It’s a great game, but I think there should be a thing where you can choose what grade your in. I started young and I wanna keep my account still, but 2 years later I want to play sometimes. So I need harder questions. I never miss an answer because it’s too easy, and I’m not learning anything. Please make a feature so then you can pick your grade level or a difficulty so then people like me can actually learn more. Also the limited speech bubble is hard because you can’t even say wanna play at the shipwreck? Or something, I think players should be able to talk to friends... but in there own words, and if it not appropriate then prodigy can block those words. Another thing about friends is that, (Maybe there is something like this) but how do you know when your friends are online? And if you want play with them, how do you go to the right place? Anyway, I’m not trying to say it’s a bad game, it’s one of the most fun math games I’ve tried. Download it if you haven’t yet!

- Great fun for learning

My child absolutely loves playing this math game. It was started at school and information was sent home. Once we bought the membership, the game is being played as much as we allow at home. It is very engaging and fun from a child’s point of view. As a parent, I would like to see a bit more information on the dashboard. Any type of explanation/description of the levels, goals, awards, and coin usage. I get asked questions on how to get certain things. Also why after buying a house then you choose to move to a new one you no longer own the original house to go back to and you don’t get coins back for “selling” the house you left. I would also like to be able to see when any friend requests are sent/received. I don’t see any way to get notifications on my phone to alert me that goals have been reached. I also don’t have the ability to select awards for goals. Just a few ideas. It’s a good fun game so far. It has a stamp of approval from 7/8 year olds.

- Excellent Teaching Tool

As a math teacher at a juvenile detention facility, I have found Prodigy to be a very engaging tool that can be used to help my students learn math. On its own, Prodigy automatically gives new students a placement test. It produces a report, color coded according to ability (tiers) that shows a student’s functional grade level. It then assigns students math problems based on their individual abilities. There are also reports that show students’ progress on a variety of useful metrics. Although it works very well on its own, teachers can also give students assignments in a variety of ways. This can help students to prepare for specific standardized tests, help teachers cover specific state standards, and help students prepare for and even take quizzes and tests in a fun way. One of my favorite things about Prodigy is the amount of detail about each student’s performance in the report generated for every assignment given.

- What?

I love Prodigy, but there are some issues. First of all, I already had an account online for this game. I logged into my account on the app, and everything seemed fine, until I looked at my friends list. The app said that I hadn’t added any friends yet, but on my online account I already had at least five! I was very disappointed because I thought ALL my progress would be saved, not just my level and outfit. I deleted the app and will keep playing online. Another issue is the Membership. I am a Member, but I still think it’s unfair to have to pay for all the best outfits and buddies and to get more stars. I couldn’t even get a decent-sized house until I became a Member. Seriously, the only houses the Non-Members can get are the “Small Houses”, which are really tiny. I think Prodigy is a great game, but some changes should be made. I hope you will continue to make the game better. Thank you for all your hard work that went into this game! Bye! P.S. My Prodigy name is Ivy Windcrafter

- This might just be me.

So, every once in a while, the music starts getting all glitchy. Kinda like when a TV gets all.. I just call it “Fuzzy”. After a while of that happening, the music completely goes off. ONLY the music and battle sound effects. Not the noise when you rank up in a skill, earn a new skill, or get a question correct. This only happens on prodigy. I was thinking it was because me and my brother were playing prodigy and we were sitting on our washing machine, because we just like the way it feels when you sit on it while it’s running. But, that’s not the reason, because if that was the reason it would because from my IPad. But if I turn the volume all the way down, the glitchy music stops. Also, once I answered a question correctly and it said it was wrong. But I didn’t know what else to put, because I was sure I was right, I even asked Siri. Then, after I got it wrong twice, I pressed “Show answer” and I was right the first time.

- Memberships....

I love the game. Straight up. But the memberships... not so much. If you don’t wanna make them go down in price, at least make more items available to those without a membership. I have a membership myself, and enjoy the game. But without it, the game isn’t fun. You even went as far as to not let us players wear things that we earn, if it has a membership. My friends always complain about that. It’s to the point where my classmates, don’t enjoy prodigy. Memberships are fine, but make items available or bring the price down on the memberships. Even as a fifth grader, I think the price is outrageous. I don’t know why My mom got it. I have seen Lots of negative reviews about this, I’m not trying to add up to it, but you should do something. But otherwise, the game is great! I have learned a lot. So I’m still giving a five-star review... But please don’t ignore the membership complaints.

- fun game

Prodigy is a really fun game. But it’s unfair to people who can’t afford memberships. Almost half of the things to buy with the coins are things only members can buy. Like I wanted the space buns, I couldn’t get them because of me not being a member! Memberships also cost a lot. $59 a year? I know that you guys are trying to make a profit, but making high prices won’t really give you that much money. Lowering it might get you some more customers, and will be a reasonable price for a math game. Also, try making more items available for non-members, it will make us not feel like the peasants of the game. Also, maybe add some cute pets for non-members! I tried getting a ferret, and I couldn’t because I wasn’t a member. This also gives people bragging rights— which isn’t really how you’d want the game to be viewed. Thanks for listening, and keep updating the game. I hope you take this for consideration! I’ll definitely play the game more if these are added in 💗

- READ !!!🌅🌄

I used to love prodigy and I still do but I have a few minor details the faces are hideous they should change them back. Along that they're amazingly gorgeous creatures to capture and become your pet, that fights along side you and you get a stronger as a wizard you can get up to level 100 become really strong have more and more stronger Spells. You can complete the quest to get money. You can also talk to and become buddy's with new people and people you allready know. Use your own money to buy cool outfits hats ones and new pets to help you become a stronger and better fighter! It also improves your math skills, and you don't even notice! It's not hard and it's amazingly fun!! 😁😁👍🏻👍🏻 But more about the hideous face it we used to have beautiful and gorgeous anime eyes ( for those of you who know what that is if you do not look it up) but now the faces look like a stupid smiley face! 👎🏻😡 CHANGE IT IT BACK 😡😡😤

- Please listen

Hi, I am ten years old but you have to listen to me. I was playing Prodigy and I wanted to climb the dark tower. I was on level eight and the Mira girl said that I could return to the floor I was on if I was on (or above) floor five. Since I was on floor eight I “desired” to go to the forest... that is to gain hearts. But when I came back I had to get a membership. I can’t get a membership because my mother won’t buy things that cost money. This ALL happened because Mira didn’t say that I needed a membership to go any farther. If Mira did I never would have left. May you fix that by making Mira say that you need a membership. That is really all that is wrong with it. I am in 4th grade and it improved my multiplication skills a lot. It also helped me identify shapes better. Please listen and respond to my question. Also may you please bring me back to floor eight. If you don’t or can’t I understand. I know I am asking for a lot. All I really want is a response back from you.

- Like most games, this one has its flaws

I love Prodigy. It is such an amazing app, and I appreciate all the people who have taken their time to program and design this game. But some things don’t make sense, and others need fixing. The first thing is, when you battle Pippet, you can’t see his stats, and it makes it difficult to gauge and idea if you’ll even win. The next is, when you pass Pippet or anyone else to that extent, it forces you to battle them and you have no way of getting out of it. When you request to battle your teammate or somebody random, you have to wait, and wait, and WAIT, for about 1 minute, and you can’t exit out of that either. And finally, the fact that you have to have a membership for all the “cool” stuff bothers me. Some people who aren’t fortunate enough have to pay to have the cool stuff and not the starter and newbie stuff. But otherwise this game is pretty cool and I love playing it. Thank you, have a great day.

- 😡😡😡😡😡

Don’t get me wrong Prodigy is an awesome game. I am a 7th grader and I have been playing this game for four years. I like the plot and that different challenges and the pets are so cuuute! But unfortunately ever since I first started I feel like most of the updates are flops. First update flop was the new character look I mean what the heck! They just look creepy. The hairstyles are weird and some of the clothes and item are just plain dull. I liked the first design much better. Second update flop is the Member privilege increase. Prodigy is supposed to be a fun math game not one where children are constantly being pressured to buy expensive memberships. One of the worst member privileges though is pest evolutions. I loved having my pets evolve. I remember watching eagerly while they evolved hoping that their next evolution would be awesome. But ever since Prodigy made it so that only members can do that I just get sad every time my pets want to evolve. I know you guys never change major things for just one person but please consider changing at least the evolution thing. - Clara 😿

- My opinion on Prodigy

I really liked this game. I enjoyed all the new variations, always having something new and fun to find, many surprises around the corner. I like how there are special holidays, like bunny and fox teams in season spring, and something like that for some special months, and mostly in new seasons. I hope you also find it interesting and fun, for kids and adults! But let’s discuss a problem... you see, one day I logged in as usual and the characters were completely messed up! They weren’t as average and realistic as before! I was like, dude, I hate my character’s look! And plus, when you’ve done everything, like got all the keystones, there is nothing to do! Like, you are completely bored! Don’t get me wrong. It’s sooo fun, but it’s just that when you’ve done everything there is to do, what’s the point? Anyway, I like this game a lot, and before you do everything there is to do, it’s AMAZING! I hope you DO play, though. Thanks!

- The game is a pay to win

So I started playing for a while back when I was in fourth grade since the teacher told us and I liked it was fun until I moved now my sixth grade teacher told us to play it now the game makes you pay for everything like the gear you get from those random quest chests and now you need a GOD DANG MEMBER SHIP to evolve your pets JESUS before you didn’t need it was only for the gear but now!?!?!?!? The devs just want you to spend cash just to evolve your pets or get gear even when you finish a quest you might need a member ship if you get gear from so I say just stop playing it is just a pay to win truly and i know some teachers use to teach students this and I am not trying to say don’t since I am just a child since the game is good for learning new things and helping kids with math but still it frustrates me so much because the devs just decided to make you pay to evolve pets it make me so mad so can the devs at least not make you pay for evolving pets that is all I am asking

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- Prodigy Review

Prodigy is an educational maths game created by Hanakai Studios. Students are able to battle their friends and other players whilst completing mathematics equations. My favourite part is that you are able to battle other wizards by answering maths questions… you are also able to customise your own characters. In addition, you are able to lock in to a battle competing against your friends for the ultimate glory. In my personal opinion, I strongly believe that Prodigy is a challenging but addictive educational game with exciting gameplay. The game is adaptive as you are able to extend your learning through mastering basic skills in all areas of mathematics. In addition, I strongly recommend this exciting mathematics game for the reason that it is free and accessible to all students around the world. Students don’t have to ask their parents for any money and they can easily download this great game at school. I strongly recommend this adventure game to primary and secondary students who enjoy maths and adventure games. I give this exciting educational game a 4.7 out of 5 stars. This addictive educational game has incorporated fun and learning together for all primary and secondary students to enjoy. Well done Hanakai Studios…

- Great game but HIDEOUS updates

Prodigy is an amazing game, my favourite game ever, but let me just say that those 5 stars count for how it was BEFORE the pets got changed. I loved the pets, and before I became a Member, before the updates happened, I was going to have almost every one. Now, I barely have enough to fill up one page. I love the fact that it’s a GAME with maths, not like a test where all you do is answer questions. The events are cool, and I have no problem with Memberships like some people, but what really annoys me is the new pets. They look demented. People on the Prodigy Math Game wiki on Fandom are constantly complaining about the updates, saying how they let their pets go, how they’re ugly and look stupid. And I agree. If you like the looks of the new pets so much, maybe could you keep the old ones and just ADD new pets as well, with different names. Because I really miss Frostfang and Emburn. And all of them, really. Are you going to change the appearance of the old Starters though? I don’t want my Peeko to look dumb! People are even signing petitions to try and get the old ones back. I am among them. Please, change them back! The pets meant everything to me...

- Write a feedback!

Dear prodigy inventors, Can u guys add something like when we have all the crystals we can place them and if people finish with the game you can go to another place and start over? I love prodigy but there just has to be more we can do. Thx. You guys have seriously worked har for this game to be an epic success. I suggest you take away memberships because kids like me (😜) would like more prodigy than memberships, can you also add like, different maps, because If someone finishes all the quests, then they can go onto a different map with all these island, and u guys can work hard on the next chapter, Thank you so much! P.S. please add trading and make the speech like grammerly so kids won’t be mean and add trading

- January membership box is the best

I have been playing prodigy for a while now and I have been enjoying it. I am a member and I opened the January box today and then I saw all of this stuff that looks like it’s from the Splatoon series! example: the squid hat looks similar to an inkling’s squid form in splatoon and splatoon 2 and the splat hammer looks like the ultra stamp special weapon in Splatoon 2. I am I fan of theSplatoon series and I am a fan of prodigy so this makes me happy to see Splatoon similarities in prodigy...but just one question...were you sponsored by Nintendo or did you just add the splat hammer (looks like an ultra stamp and has ink/ paint on it) and squid hat (looks similar to a splatoon squid and has ink underneath it) by coincidence?

- Good but...

Prodigy is a game that I only started playing recently, (I didn’t know about it back then) but there are a few things wrong. First, it’s quite glitchy. The worst glitch to me happened when the screen went frozen. I closed the app, and opened it again, and about half an hours progress was gone. The second thing is that I think that there’s too much stuff you can’t get unless your a member. Even though I am, I found that I could get or do barley anything before I was a member. The last thing, is the day after I payed to become a member, my cloud disappeared, and I can’t turn it back on. Also, sometimes it says to go to the website to play it. You have to redownload the app to get it working.

- Great

I am still a student and playing has been a great pleasure. It has taught me a lot, and I would rate it as my favourite educational game. I can battle my friends while answering maths problems. My favourite part is that I can run around battling other wizards. I think a problem Is that I have downloaded and played it at school as well as home, so I have to remember an extra login detail as they are pretty much the same. Most people will not have this problem so it’s pretty much perfect. Another thing I also like is the parent area, where you can see your child’s progress and what they need help with. I would recommend this game 5/5 stars🤩


In my first school year, my teacher introduced my class to “Prodigy” my teacher said “Prodigy is sort-of like Pokemon” at first, I was like “just great” he also said it’s a maths game! I’m NOT good at math, in fact, I was never EVER good at math. Anyway... when the teacher gave us our password, I logged on and didn’t know what to expect. 10 minutes in the game already I didn’t know any answers, I just started guessing, i was on level 6 while everyone was already on level 18! After school I decided to QUIT prodigy and go to mathletics. But 3 months later, I decided to play AT HOME, and try to catch up, but 30 minutes right into the game, I started to get addicted to it... I would play prodigy everyday. And whenever the teacher says “we are doing prodigy” we all cheered! My mum even got membership for me because I promised that I would play prodigy EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am now on level 68 and I am proud! I’m now walking in the dark tower! P.s thank you for making this game, it has made me smarter for the past months

- Amazing

I love this game! It’s fun, and yes, there is actually maths included in it. It is an online game, you can chat, but it is prewritten messages, written by adults, but you can play offline. I think that people younger than nine could play, but the maths questions might be to hard. But I rate this game 5 stars. I definitely recommend this game, especially for kids working at home. It’s a fun way to unwind, and still learn. One thing though, Yes there are in game purchases, with real money, but only if you want to become a member. You pay $5 a month, (I think) and you have special access to lots of cool stuff. There’s more info in the game.

- These Glitchy Things Must STOP >:(

I started playing prodigy online and it was glitchy so I went to the app and downloaded it it had glitchy things too my screen was frozen I got a question right but it said it wrong but I looked at the answer and the 1 I typed in was correct but it said I was wrong I was going to battle my sis but i can’t see anybody and she can’t see me and 1 last thing I was battling 2 creatures that were controlled by the puppet master I used my all out attack then the I won but it said I have been playing too long so I needed to battle that creature again but my all out attack wasn’t there >:( please STOP THE GLITCH ALL OF THEM or else I will make a review with one star but prodigy is a fun game the main problem is glitches

- Very Educational but it’s pretty glitchy 👍

Hello, this math game is very educational and fun! It is really engaging and it improved my grades at school! Just to let you know... the game is really laggy on my Apple iPad and sometimes the game crashes which is pretty annoying when I’m battling monsters. Also sometimes while battling other players the whole game lags which makes battling really annoying and hard. The gameplay is really exciting and really educational. I like the way the developer deign the game just like some RPG games. The game is excellent in my opinion! And I hope it adds more features to the gameplay. It’s really good 😁😆


I LOVE PRODIGY, but umm I got all of the keystones and I placed the plant one but how does Gale fix the other pedestals? I just got Noot saying that Gale fixed the pedestal and I was like wow cool but how does he fix them? Also there have been two shops one with a picture of a dino skeleton and the other had a book with ivy around it but for about one and a half years if you go up to them it will say “a message on the door says coming soon and I get all the updates when they come out so I’m up to date but I really want to see whats inside them please anser normally when I send a Review I dont get an answer but great app!!!

- The game is great but

When you play the game you can get pets and then you can have a wizard battle with them and level up. At a certain level they can evolve but when you get to that point if you don’t have a member ship they don’t evolve until you get one and I find that unfair because if you want to get all the pets you can’t get them all I would really like the developers to make it free to evolve pets because there will be some people that don’t have enough money for there child to have a membership and there is already so much in this game that you need a membership for so please, Please change this to make it free to evolve pets in prodigy.

- Fantastic game but needs to fix the keystone!

I love prodigy so much, and my sister and I try to play a little bit each day. I’m obsessed with it and I think it’s so much fun but..... YOU REALLY NEED TO FIX THE KEYSTONE so that I can place all the gems I love this game and I try hard to finish everything so far I’ve finished all the worlds finished the dark tower done a fair bit on the floatlings tower and now all I really need to do is place the other gems please fix the keystones soon. And also you totally copied HARRY POTTER in so many different ways 😉 kind regards GRACE ILLUSIONSTEEL!🤗👍🤝🙂

- Great....but....

Well, prodigy is a great game! I love playing it with my friends and siblings. It’s really fun to battle friends and other wizards and monsters but, the membership. I get you need money as it is a free game, but you guys have made it so that you need membership for a LOT of things. Like for instance, the dark tower To climb it you need membership, to get more pets you need membership, you need membership for majority of the items at a shop, you need membership to make your house way bigger. You need membership for a lot of things. I understand you need money from this game but maybe don’t put it on almost everything? :) other than that, this game is great! It’s really fun to play and it’s helped me a lot with my maths!

- I like prodigy but

prodigy has too many gimmicks and memberships transactions and ect was being changed and lots of people have been losing their levels and now it looks different and hard to understand for students and there’s too many things for membership is barely nothing to do in prodigy without a membership and the epic are just too overpowered unless you remove this or lower down the damage or just closedown prodigy Old players i’m moving away from property because they’re growing up and moving on so if you fixing things up some people might want to join back and play Prodigy again unless you make this change this is gonna ruin prodigy for all time

- (PLEASE READ) Good game, but I miss the old stuff

Prodigy is a great game and a great way to learn maths. But literally all of the old updates were sooooo much better than they are now. For example they just recently took epics away from the game, which was a major letdown. Also I think it would make a lot more sense if you brought back the lost island for a time instead of tower town, so you could still obtain the trailmaster set. I know the chances of prodigy reading this are super low, but I humbly beg you all to read this and please write similar reviews and maybe, just maybe, we may be persuasive enough to change prodigy’s mind.

- Awesome

I LOVE the new update in prodigy it is so much more organised and I love how there are stages and you can complete them in levels. I normally hate math but when my teacher says we are doing prodigy, the class and I cheer! I love how you can play at home and at school, and that making a profile is free. You can become a member and get cool stuff and extra stars but if you don’t want to, you can just play without it. There are lots of cute pets on the game and I just can’t stop playing!!!

- Greatest game ever

My mum downloaded this game for me. At first I thought it would be one one of those boring math games that are no fun. But boy I was wrong this game was so much fun that I even made an account for my younger brother he immediately got addicted and he skipped lunch just to play prodigy. I think prodigy is a great game because while you answer math questions there are many quests. But when I got all gems and I logged in again I went down to level 69 and lost heaps of money. I would have given this app a 5 star rate if it weren’t for this annoying thing.

- I like it but..

I like prodigy soo much but every time I play at school I do the dark tower and pay 500 gold to go up a bit more (and I’m member so yeah, I can keep going), but every time I log back on at home it says I have to log in again and I lose 500 gold because I have to start again at where I left off at school and I have to pay another 500, so I have to pay 1000 gold instead of 500. Pls fix this, but apart from that, I like this app. P.S. anyone who reads this can you copy this and paste it in another review and say Archer wrote it. Thx

- Not fair having a membership

It’s not fair that other players get membership when other players parents don’t have enough money to buy them a membership. There are also some glitches in the game but they are just tiny ones. As I was saying about the membership some kids feel left out and people can brag about it saying there more special then them and teasing about there parents are poor so please get rid of the membership because there could be horrible new of kid getting bullied because they don’t have a membership. From Luka. P.S please stop this.

- Awesome but.. GLITCH??

Glitch? When i spun the wheel in florians 'hang out area that has a lock on the satircase' i was just about to get a snake from the wheel! I was so PUMPED that i was about to get the cutest snake ever, but the screen froze.. I went to a store that fixes that but it just didn't work. So if this is the app its self, then could you please give me my snake back and fix this glitch! Membership: Also, membership is NOT fair, I say that all players should be able to have membership! Because i have seen players brag about their membership to some that their parents don't have the money for! What i am saying is, please let everyone who plays prodigy be membership. Events at lamplight town. Requests: Instead of membership just being lets to buy buddies from the events at lamplight town, i believe that everyone should get buddies from every event! Because they're just so darn cute!

- Prodigy: The BEST teacher tool

As a teacher, I use Prodigy daily to engage my students in their learning. It allows me to differentiate student tasks with ease, resulting in lots of individual achievements. I use Prodigy as a revision tool so students practise the skills I have taught in lessons and retain what they have learnt. A great part of Prodigy is the assessment tasks you can set and the instant feedback I receive on their results. This aspect assists my assessment as there are a range of reports that align with the Australian curriculum.

- Download to get high math grades

I really like this game. But this is confusing. It says 9+, and there is math for people who are in grade 1. This gave me high math grades. And it’s like a home game you don’t play a school. But you do play at school. That’s how fun it is. What I don’t like is the member add things. They pop up when you try to get a pet and then you can’t get your pet. And you can’t get all the good stuff. Sigh. But other than that, it’s like, the world’s best math game. I do like the the cube things! They are so cool! And so are the special events! And the...😮... the list is very big! Come on, just go away member adds!

- So good

I love the prodigy app and web. It a so fun and you can make your own avatar, collect pets and battle a titan. It is the best when you go on a quest and you can collect coins for the different quests (fire, earth, sky, water and ice quests.) I just have one question: How do become a member? I’ve been trying but it just loads all the time, in the app and web. It’s very annoying so please tell me how to do it. Other than that, it was very good and I love it.

- Amazing!

I really like prodigy! I feel like it makes math more fun! I love it how you can choose which standard you are up to..! For example: I am in grade 5 so it would be weird if I had to do simple sums like, 1+1 and 2+3. (Yes, I live in Australia.) I highly recommend it! It is a very enjoyable game! Oh and I love it how you can play with your friends! I don’t have a membership but I don’t mind! Very happy with the final product! Thanks for creating an awesome game like this! 😁☺️

- Omg 😆!!!

Me and my brother LOVE prodigy! It’s absolutely excellent apart from only 2 things: my poor brother keeps getting a white screen? I don’t know whether if it’s the age of the iPad he’s playing it on, so if it is, sorry! When he gets that white screen he can’t get off it unless he completely shuts the game down and logs in all over again. I love my brother and he looks so frustrated with the iPad and I don’t like him stressed 😥 By Raina

- Prodigy

Prodigy is an awesome math game and I go on everyday. Since I just started my school year, it’s given me a head start in maths. There is a few problems though.. First of all, when you are on the mobile app, sometimes it will appear higher than the screen. Example, You can still see the app prodigy, but it’s shifted higher on your screen so you can’t see the upper part. I really hope you fix this bug and Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- I love this game!!! But just little things are bothering me....

Omg I just love this game!!!!! It’s only the fact that when I try to rotate the screen it doesn’t work 😠 and also I get annoyed coz my brother has the updated version (which has vids to teach ya how to do it) I don’t have that 😡. And also there is this thing where you get these cool new items and sometimes you can’t wear them because they are for members only!! But for some stupid reason you still own it!? But besides that I love this game!!!!!!!!!!

- Amazing, but......

Prodigy is such a fun game, and so amazingly created. The only thing I would offer for advice is to explain how you got the answer if you get it wrong. I have gotten lots of questions wrong, mostly of the same type of question. Because I don’t know how to get the answer. Also, whenever I log in and tap on Aquaria it always takes me to where I was last before I logged out. I think it would be really great if you could fix that. Thanks

- I love prodigy

I love it and stuff but the new update not to much, maybe we shouldn't of had that update everyone at school is starting to hate prodigy because of the update, I still love prodigy but not the update, so please whoever made prodigy take away that update. Best game ever I am a member but why should there be members,, it's the best being a member you can change houses you can but and stuff I love it too much I'm addicted to it

- Good but... 😱

I was battling my friend and we were both on the loading page for a long time. When it did start, her game was acting normally, but I was stuck on the waiting for player... thing. Also, when you invite someone to play, and they decline, you have to reload the game/website. It will just stay there! Very glitchy and...I don’t think kids should be having to pay for something like this for membership ☹️

- Memberships

I love this game, and it’s recently become homework at my school. It’s fun and educational, but... Members. I lost $2,000 trying to climb the Dark Tower, only to be informed that I can’t get past Level 5 without a membership! It’s so unfair! Also, you can’t get many pets, there are so many Member Things, such as Member Stars, Member Chests, everything! So, unless you’re willing to pay for a subscription, you’re not gonna enjoy the game immensely. However, this is still a good game but I would recommend you to tone down the member privileges a bit.

- Amazing

I like this game a lot I love the wizardry style and the fact that you’re learning as well as fighting is really good. One thing I would change is having less membership only things and make it so that u can’t get membership items out of conjure cubes unless u have membership. Note: I know that u have to pay to keep this game running but don’t make membership a massive advantage.

- Idk

It’s a really good app but the matter of fact that it makes you log in in google I did that and I went back to the app and still needed to sign in. My feedback is that can you make it some app that when you sing / log in 1st time it stays logged in so when you open the app you can just play / log in really quickly not like making you go onto google / safari and play there. I would really appreciate it.

- Why I like prodigy

I like prodigy because it is helping me Lear way more better than some other learning website and also it is an education website and also like a really fun game. Sometimes when people hear... ( my class) my teachers said " hey this is an maths game and then the whole class was like awww I don't like it and when we got on the computers we started to like it and enjoy it.

- Love Prodigy! But this happened...

So I play prodigy a lot, and I love it. But when I reached level 40 (finally made it to the top of my class :D) it said on the screen ‘internet connection lost’ when I went back on later that afternoon I had been moved down to level 32, I was on floor 20 on the dark tower and I got moved down back to level 5 and I lost a lot of my gear and money! :( Please don’t let this happen again to other players. But overall great game

- Fun!

Prodigy is a fun maths game that involves catching pets, battling with other wizards and of course, learning maths! Prodigy makes learning fun and in my opinion, it is the most fun learning game/app that I’ve ever come across. Being a member is so much fun! I get more stars after battles, member chests, monthly member chests, a special cloud option for your avatar, and some cool customisation options! This review was NOT written by Prodigy, but was written by a very pleased player. 😀

- My favourite app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my favourite app because on this fun game you can battle monsters ,spin fun wheels,rescue pets from the puppet master ,design a character and answer fun maths questions and much MUCH more!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you get a membership that’s a bonus!!!!!! Tip for parents this game is also great for parents it is hard for some parents playing Prodigy and having to do year eight maths!

- Glitches and more

I have a complaint about this app I hate when I am in a battle then the screen goes white and then I have to login again. It mostly happens in a boss battle so then I have to try again to kill the monsters but any way I don’t want this fixed I just want it to stay the same I just wanted to tell you guys that it happens. I enjoy having to log back in if it freezes but it can get annoying if your so far to the end of the battle

- Love Prodigy

I love prodigy!🥇❤️🌈💎😱🤗😨. Prodigy is so cool 😎 And at the same time your learning MATHEMATICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you put more evil people in the game like the Puppet Master? And maybe some more animals and people in it. Also some more names. Thanks 👍🏼. Just a reminder this is an awesome 😎 app it is just missing a little bit of things but it is still awesome! Also MEMBERS ONLY are allowed to climb the dark tower it’s NOT FAIR

- Glitch

I have been playing Prodigy for nearly 2 years now. It is such an enjoyable game, even if it’s related to math. While playing this fun game, I have encountered a glitch. This is the only glitch I have encountered so far. When I logged on Woodland Vivian (my first account,) I noticed that my bounty Arcticlaw had completely vanished. Apparently it still says I still have it, but when I went to select my battle team it’s not there. So I have a question. If a pet dies, does it permanently die? My Nalak died and when it died, it was time to get off my iPad. When I logged back on, my Arcticlaw was not there. Please fix this glitch, and this has probably happened to some people that want their pet back. But other than that, Prodigy is enjoyable!

- Please fix BUT GWEAT GAME

This is a very good game but from the I removed the sound because I wanted to play music,then I put it back but it not work so I put my volume very high and it is still not working. Please fix this because I still want to hear the characters voices.😞 But also a vewy gooooood game. So please tell me how to fix the sound thing.


Hyello! I love this game saaah much! I play it at school and home and I'm on lvl 42! I have a friend who's on lvl 79!! So anyways, Plz Friend request me I need some friends on Prodigy! Prodigy is very educational. BUT.......... When I play on my iPad, the game keeps crashing! Plz takes this problem into consideration! I love Prodigy and it would rly help me love it even more! From, Chloe Dreamwand P.S. Friend request me!!!!!!!!!! Chloe Dreamwand is My Characte r name!

- 🙂Amazing but one request🙂

I really love this game it’s one of my favourite games in the world but I am really disappointed that I’ve only placed one keystone and I have everyone though and the person who owns the academy Gale is too lazy to fix any other pedestal stones and really want to place all mine.😢please do something about it thank you I LOVE PRODIGY

- Loved it...

I loved the game until one thing, when I wanted to get a monster that was ice type, I forgot its name but I remember it started with A and it was a wolf. Whenever I got it low enough to catch it it would heal then I get it low enough again... it would heal I did this for 2.56 HOURS. DEBUFF THAT STUPID WOLF! I hope you read this and I hope you improve the game, by making it so if a wild monster has a move to heal it, it will not use it. I hope you do this for me. I hope I never have to encounter that situation again.

- Prodigy

I'm really enjoying it. I like all the little cute characteristics and also could you give me a little boost in experience and levelling up as in every time my main character levels up my pet levels up at the same time please reply to me thanks I got to go back to playing your game.

- One Problem

This is an amazing math game, and it’s really fun but one problem. In the tournament, there are people who just sit there and wait for the opponent to leave so I suggest adding a timer to the question this would make it possible for the opponent to win if the opposing player just does nothing, thanks!

- Love it but...

They keep on updating so they had the update about 4 months ago and that was fine then they had another update which I don’t know what happens and then they did another one which made it shut down when I opened it I dunno why then the next update fixed that the next was even better and the current one is EPIC

- Maths Prodigy fan

Maths Prodigy is my favourite game 🎮and I play it 24/7. I just have one request, it is to make the price of getting a membership cheaper because my family is struggling with money 💵and Maths Prodigy is the only thing that keeps me happy and positive about life. It is okay if you don’t but I am not forcing you to.

- Definitely get this game!

Prodigy is a truly stunning game that’s perfect for kids to learn math. The best part of this game is becoming a wizard and all the fun of levelling your character up. I think the concept is brilliant. Defeating the puppet master (villain) is also a loads of fun. To all parents that want their kids to practice math, definitely get this game. 😜

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- What happened to Prodigy?!?!?

Just the other day my wizard looked cute but now my wizard looks derpy and ugly!

- Driving me crazy

I love prodigy but it's DRIVING ME CRAZY. It always asks me to become a member and it so much money

- I agree

I agree with you jellybean2/(jelly111234

- Noticed strange things!

I have seen a level 4 non-member with the staff of duelists. However, you need to be level 95 to even battle Crios and get the chance to win the staff! I also saw a level 12 non-member with Mira's staff, which is strange because you need to be a member to get it and have climbed to top of the dark tower. I am 10 years old and have been playing for almost 1 year. I love it! I am a member (thanks mom!) and am level 78. With this last update I noticed these strange things, along with the new image design. Is there a list of the changes anywhere?? Thanks! Rylan

- Why does my wizard look so stupid?!

I love prodigy and it is my favourite game. But now the style of my wizard changed and now it looks so ugly!


I am eight and i love it but it sometimes freezes or sends me back to the username and password page PLEASE FIX

- Cannot game to start

After I login the friend screen is stuck. There is an extra thick white bar at the bottom of my screen. It’s cut my screen in half and I cannot scroll to close the pop-up screen. How can this be fixed!?

- Best game ever


- 12 year old kids review

I love prodigy I have been playing it since grade three and I love it! One thing I don’t like is you need a membership to get some the outfits. But it is not like many people say it is when it comes to advertising for a membership the only times when it will actually advertise the membership is when you click on something that you need a membership for and when you first log in their is a little box beside your character advertising it but it is not like most adds were you have to ex it out t is just their if you want it but not really their if you don’t. and if you look at some reviews for prodigy lots of the reviews are from parents saying that it is stupid and boring but prodigy is a kids math game not a parents game so of course it is not gonna seem that fun. Prodigy adjust with your level and teachers can even send in custom questions I always love the time when my teacher would let us play prodigy. I recommend prodigy hope this was helpful

- Too hard

My account is for grade 1 but I am getting really hard questions that are for about grade 6’s

- Then make your wizard cute.

Then make your wizard cute again ROBLOX name: OmqltzMal

- So bad

Worst game ever

- Umm

Ok so I was play protogy with my friend and I wanted to play with her and I wanted her to come into my house but strangely it was looked and it said that you have to have a parent account to come to a friends house and to get to your own home and it is the same thing to get to the village. I also really don’t like how that to make your house bigger you need to be a member and you need to be a member to do like everything!! Another thing is that I can go to the top of the tower unless you are a member! But other than all for that I still really love the game just I wish these changes would be put under consideration! I know I already sent this same message out before but I have more to say!! Like someone said you only have 3 tickets to play at home. Now to me that seems a little stupid because what if your for example home schooled and you want to learn math on prodigy but your parents or guardians don’t even know that’s what you want to do. Same thing if you don’t even have a school account. I know that I have been ranting on a lot in this message I really love the game just if these changes were simply changed it would be so much more fun and more inclusive for me and everyone playing! Thank you

- This update sucks

Why is it now derpy and not like it should look like

- Sick

Are you kidding me?! You can’t do anything without being a member, you can’t evolve your pets, you can’t get stuff, you can’t do anything! I liked it when Prodigy was carefree and no one really cared if you were a member but now the art style is bad, you can’t do anything without money, and you’ve basically redesigned mostly everything to make it look stupid! The museum isn’t even open yet! You guys are money greedy!

- You need to fix the screen

I can only see half of the screen when I log in you need to fix this mistake

- Good


- Really good

Really good. It’s run to play. But it would be better if you could change your grade because I’m stuck on grade 3

- Awesome


- Why can’t I even get back in with the log in

Why can’t I log in already only once and I can log in even though I’m doing my password right so I have to create a new account please fix this.

- Sh:t game for iPad OS

I can play it on my iPad

- Apple Pencil

I play on the iPad Pro, it would be helpful for the game to utilize the apple pencil’s double tap feature when switching between the eraser and pencil. Could you also look into adding higher grade up to high-school level?

- I mean its not that bad..

Just a little glitch.. when you press a number (on mobile) it doesn’t actually show on the textbox and I got most of the questions wrong my that.. please fix this but nice game..

- Let it stay on

Whenever my device quickly turns off then I got to login again

- white screen

i have been getting a white screen in a battle and i couldnt do my math

- Good, but doesn’t work

It’s driving both me and my teacher nuts. She puts the questions in, but I get random questions. But when I log in the next week, I’m slammed with the questions she embeds! Also, the app constantly crashes. Just go to a computer browser for less crashing, but my computer is old and slow. Another thing is that about 90% of the game is member only! I am a member, (thanks mom!) but I have noticed that only members are level 100. Non-members aren’t usually higher than level 80. Also, you need a membership to evolve pets? I waited so long to evolve my Peeko, when I finally got the membership I wasn’t all that impressed. I’m level 97, but the so called “member stars” always she up as fifteen or less stars! One more thing- the new pet designs are cute, and I like the new pets, but I miss Peeko and Dragic! Other than that, the game is amazing and great for kids. My main concerns are the constant membership ads, which make it annoying, the member only part isn’t great for school, and the long delay in imbedded questions. Please fix these issues, as only 50% of Prodigy’s players are members and the embedded questions bother me.

- This app is awesome

When I was younger I loved this game I played it everyday after school.

- It’s good but you have to log in again and again

I opened it and it the log in screen

- Awesome

Prodigy is really fun and actually gets kids to learn math. It’s addictive but can you lower the price for membership it’s a little too expensive.

- I’m in 3rd grade and this game saved my life

This game helped me know what 8 x 4 Is! And it’s 32!! I like this game a lot❤︎❤︎☺︎☺︎☮︎☮︎❦❦❦

- i LOVE ❤️ prodigy

I love this game it is Soooooo fun but still educational! I have a membership and I love the floaty cloud ☁️. Thank you for making this game!!!😊

- Only one complaint

I’m 12. I love Prodigy, it’s so fun!!! My only problem with it is that you can’t pick the subject you wan’t to work on. I wish I could choose to do what we are working on in class. Because sometimes the questions are waaaaay to easy and I feel like I’m not learning anything. Or sometimes the subject is something we haven’t done in class so I just have to guess. Other then that I LOVE this game.

- Good


- Sucks

Ok so my son has been trying to play this but it keeps giving him grade 9 math even though He’s only in grade 6!

- Crashes

I love this game but my friend is trying too play but crashes.i deleted some games but it crashes. Please fix this

- This game is annoying

You have to be a member to do almost anything and it’s so annoying! If you want to evolve your pet, you gotta be a member! You want to get decent hairstyles? Sorry but you gotta be a member. And the list goes on and on. I don’t recommend playing this game.

- Trading items

You should make an update to a trading land where everyone Can trade there items. And to do so you click on the person And click the trade button. BTW this app is awesome

- I hate it

There is lots of lags

- The game glitched

I worked for 3 days to get the invisibility cloak and it glitched and got deleted ☠️but the game deserves 5 star it pretty good Still very sad

- It’s amazing

Thank you for making this it is so much fun and helps me learn I finally learned what 7x7 was cause of this game 😁😁😁

- Keeps crashing!!

My kids both love playing this game, but every time they complete a battle it crashes and they dont get their rewards!! I pay a membership for my older child so this is really frustrating!!

- The new art style sucks!!!!!! And you can't do anything without being a member

Garbage!!! Game used to be a lot better

- Prodity Is Fun! Play It!

I may be a math pro for grade four but! I needed more fun into my life but this... This is a Fun cool game + Math! Even I didnt get them all right! ⚠ Once You Have Made A Account And You And You Have Been to idle You Got To Sign Up Again! ⚠!

- Game crashes a lot

When I finish a skill the game crashes on a white screen but the game is fun!

- Bother those 1, 2, 3, 4 stars losers

Hi I am smart in prodigy but some questions I don’t know it so put a video in one of the I don’t know answers and they want to fix everything so let them know your team to fix all of those problems ok and I like you to ☺️.

- Prodigy is very good


- It’s fun and it help me to learn math.

This game is awesome!

- I would enjoy playing it but...

I would love to see the phone version of the game, but it doesn’t allow you to log on with your Google account. When you click on the button to sign in with your Google account, it redirects you to the online platform, that doesn’t fit on your screen... 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Prodigy is AWESOME

I love this game, it really makes learning math fun

- What happens to this game?

I was playing a few days ago my wizard was cool now?.. it’s just dumb for real and you need MEMBER?! To evolve your pets seriously?

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- Fun and educational at the same time!

Hi I’m Camryn and I’m in fourth grade. Prodigy is my best way to learn math skills before we learn them in school. The day my class all played prodigy for the first time was about six weeks ago. We also tried Khan academy, but we all hated it. In case you don’t know what that is, khan academy is an app when you watch a boring video then take the easiest test ever on it that’s five questions! Anyway, prodigy is a game where you are a wizard and you fight monsters. But, when you use a spell on a monster you do a math problem first with two tries. If u have enough little spell things ( there’s different kinds ) you can rescue a pet. You evolve pets too. Well I hope you all enjoy prodigy! Oh one last thing, your enemy is the puppet master and you’ll find these crystals he scattered. You will have to ask your teacher for the password. Well... enjoy prodigy!

- some bad things

ok so... this IS great and all, BUT, there are things you very much should fix: • genders why only 2 genders? there are loads of genders, more then just 2. a fix i recommend is maybe just not having genders at all, skip the genders. you might think "oh they're kids, they dont know their gender yet!", wrong, most kids get the idea of their sexuality and gender from 3-5yo. not all, but just...please add the option. and even then, not all who play prodigy are that young, your program allows for up to 8th grade, so there will be people who know very well what they are. either remove gender, or add a non binary option(the least you can do). • countries why are there so few countries? why do you need to know? you only have the us and a few other countries, there are way more! please add all of the countries, or remove the countries, why do you even have it? • names again, a lack of options. why does someone have to choose a list of names? what if my name isnt on there what do i do? not everyone's name is on there, fix it. make it a text box. maybe youre thinking "but the kids will just type bad words", add a content filter! filter stuff that you consider inappropriate. nintendo did it, so can you. • looks jesus you need to fix your options. add more hairstyles, clothing styles, etc. look at the terraria character creation screen, take inspiration from that. thats about all i have, again great service, but fix some stuff.

- Wow this game is amazing

Prodigy is such a fun game and it is educational for kids although you can buy epics prodigy is totally free plus it has a nice story it is a nice game with good learning skills so I recommend prodigy for kids but some people say prodigy just wants your money but it is only the membership and epics there getting all mad about it even though you can play the hole story for free you can even do trophy challenges for free so I don’t now why they get mad but don’t pay attention to them they are just haters beacause prodigy is a great game for kids I know this beacause I am a kid myself so prodigy is basically a fun adventuring game with math who can ask for more it’s a game that teaches your kids math and people are complaining I mean come on just beacause you don’t like it that doesn’t mean spread the word and make them haters to just keep it to yourself🙂😁 so have a nice time playing prodigy.

- Prodigy Poem

Roses are red Violets are blue I love prodigy And so do you Though I wish I may I wish I might Have a spotted hamster by my side Though it is fun to play the game I will say membership and regular players should be the same Membership is fun for some But not everyone Without a membership you can’t do certain things Like climb the dark tower and spin the wheel Of good and bad things When you go to lamplight town I makes me want to turn around When I go spin the twilight wheel for a great prize It gives me an old sock instead, not a good surprise I wish that all prizes were good Or have certain pets that go bow wow Oh how I wish I had a husky now When I want to buy this great hat that would look so good With luck I win it out with a battle But then I realized that it was a membership only So I could not use it at all so my head looked so lonely My battles are won but then I see My creatures want to grow But then it says “become a member to upgrade pets” My device I want to through I remember the good ol’ days when pets evolved with no trouble “But what happened to that?” I mumble I love the game it’s so much fun But please make some things not membership Or me playing the game will be done I know that the creator does not want that to happen So please read this comment Or my anger will come crashen’ Thanks If you are reading this comment I know some things don’t rhyme but I did my best so......Thanks!

- Fun but super unfair! (Pls read before installing!)

So prodigy is super fun but if you aren’t a member there are so many disadvantages that will come your way! For example you can’t get most clothes, you can’t get most wands, and in the pet store you can only buy ONE of the pets if you aren’t a member! A lot of the appearance customization options are only for members! So you can’t truly be yourself! Plus you can’t buy ANY of the potions, but in conjure cubes and on the wheels you can get the potions, you just can’t use them! Speaking of the wheel, non-member players get one spin a day, which would be fair, but members get multiple spins a day. Another unfair thing is that most furniture is member only, not to mention the houses, which include, Special, Large, Medium, and Small types. Three of the houses aren’t member only, all of which are Small! You also cannot climb the dark tower past level 5. The dark tower is its own world, so they’re basically making a whole member only world! Thanks for reading!

- Love it

I love this game!!! Get This game!!! One thing lower the membership by a Fokker or two it’s expensive!! Thanks 🥰🥰also Prodigy people the people who made prodigy listen up I am on floor 96 for the dark tower I have faith in me a shade more than nine times and haven’t won I don’t feel like that’s fair at all there’s no way to buy food so I can’t just go and buy food and then come back in if you leave it in your arm at 9499 then it will take you back to 496 just so you know I said just taking the dark tower off because it’s very annoying when you can’t get paid higher than 96 thank you very much prodigy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I meant by all that is like I am on the floor 96 of the dark tower and I haven’t beat I’ve gone to Florida hundred more than 10 times and I have not beat her I don’t think it’s very fair because not all people have food and there’s nowhere to buy fit.

- I Love It. But Needs Some Adds.

Before I Start This Review. I Just Wanted To Say. I Actually Had The Game Before I Even Played It. For A Long Time. Now Let’s Get Onto The Review. I Would Really Like It If You Could See Your Own Shoes, It’s Just Weird. All You See Is Gray Feet, The Second Part Is.. I Would Love If You Made It So You Could Get More Shards When You Battle Titans, Or Make It So The Prices Were Lower. The Third Is About Levels, I Get A Keystone, Thing. I Go To The Academy And It Says Unlocks At Lvl 25 I Am Way Above That! Really Prodigy!? The Last Is About The Normal Thing Of Prodigy. The Monsters And Battling. When You Start. Your Fine With It. A long Time Later.. Not So Sure Bout That. It’s Just Kinda Annoying. So I Dodge The Monsters. And I End Up Battling. I’m Like Fine. Until I Realize There’s Two Or Three Monsters. And It Really Annoys Me. Wouldn’t Those Monsters Be Standing By The Other One? It’s Kinda Weird. Well Bye. I Gues..

- I forget I’m even doing math!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I really don’t like math (because I’m not all that great at it) but this game really changed that for me. It’s basically Pokémon based-ish like the battles and the attacks and stuff but when you do an attack move you have to solve a math question first, but sometimes I forget I’m doing math, it’s just me playing Pokémon. My only complaint is that on the newer phones the screen is wonky and I only see 2/3 of the screen. It doesn’t really matter though cause it works on Th iPad and computer so I’m not that bummed about it. All in all this is way better than any math game out there and actually makes you takes notes in your own time. (I learned mode, mean, circle radius pie etc all on this app in a day!) to sum it up, this is a phenomenal game and this deserves a five star rating -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I have loved this game ever since it was introduced to me in 3rd grade, it has great graphics (as I said in the title) and is a great way to catch up on what u missed in online classes. I recommend this game to all students under and in 8th grade, prodigy is very accurate on what the grades are learning in there classrooms. I would also like to say, as a player of prodigy, there is something I would like to address, in the game there is a chat and some other people might have also noticed this but when you type in the chat for example “hi” you have to click on the word hi that is above the chat to actually say it and you can’t type, for example “can u friend request me?” Bc you can only chat the words that were made already and you can’t write your own. Other then that the app is great I suggest you get it.

- You need to change and fix some stuff

I’ve been introduced to this game by my second grade teacher and I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s really fun but there’s a major glitch. A lot of times, when I am about to defeat a monster or that I was about to collect a chest, it would glitch. Turning the whole screen white and i have to reload and log in again. Everyone can have to best experience if you can just fix the glitch. And another thing. The membership is way too expensive and when I tried to get an epic pet, it said that I had to buy one to get it. I went online but I couldn’t even find a single one that was for sale. My suggest is that I bump the price down for the membership, fix the glitch, and use something different to get the epic pets, like battle 10-30 monsters at a time to get an epic pet. This game could be really fun and educational if you can fix the problems.

- I like the game but,

I really like the game it’s great don’t get me wrong it’s just basically EVERYTHING IS FOR MEMBERS it makes me so mad that it says you need to be a member to do this it’s just pushing my buttons. Like I said you need to make it so people like me who’s parents won’t let them get a membership can do more stuff. For example I have enough coins to buy a new house but it says I need a MEMBERSHIP. I used to be able to climb the dark tower but now I need TO BE A MEMBER. Most games like these I feel like they made just for members!😡😡 I really don’t like that the people who made the game just let people play for free just so they can find out that they need a membership to do a lot of things!😠😡😠😡😾 But besides the MEMBER thing can you make more weapons in that store that is in the town because I have all these coins I don’t know what to do with so I may have bought them all. SO CAN YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MEMBERSHIP THING I WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT?!?!?

- I love this game 🥰🖤💜❤️🧡💛💛💙❣️💚💞💓💗💖💘💝💜🧡❤️💙💕💖💗💞💘💔🖤

I love this game so much! It just has few flaws: membership is soooooooo expensive! Please make membership free and can you also make it where you can chose which titan you want to battle anytime? Otherwise, I love EVERYTHING! And also can you make it where nonmembers can evolve their pets? And PLEASE make some items in Star fest for nonmembers? And also more hairstyles like a braid for nonmembers and more pets and buddies and clothes and furniture and nonmembers can climb the dark tower? And can you make a land where it’s like a dream and the puppet master doesn’t come back to level up the titan it’s SUPER annoying cause you have to go there and all your PRECIOUS PROGRESS GOES DOWN THR DRAIN OF NEVERLAND. and can you have free typing not going like hello and bye like can you type? And be able to dress up your pets and buddies?

- Suggestions

I think you should be able to report people that are cyber bullying because even with the limited amount of things you can say people still manage to cyber bully. They would call mean things such as smelly the skunk, pumpkin head they would also say that we are terrible and that we need more practice in prodigy. there is a lot of people that makes drama by crying. That has happened to me loads of times and I think by reporting people you could stop that. So if you report a person 3 times they could get a 3 day suspension from prodigy, but you would have to have proof such as sending a picture of that person’s character cyber bullying you. I also think you should be able to donate and trade items with other people. I think it would be great to do that! Thanks for reading!

- Good game but a few major problems.

I really like the game but I ran into a few problems quickly. First problem I ran into is the math. I am in 3rd grade and the math is actually really challenging. I even had to use my calculator. The next problem is the monsters. When I do a math problem and get it right, I use my powers. But after I do, the monster throughs a power at me that gets me lower Heath. The last and final problem is that I cannot find a “save game” button. So, I had to start all over. I know that Prodigy is trying to get people to want to do the math but I think kids like me only play it for the fantasy and the quest along with the monsters. I recently just ran into a problem about the monsters. I feel like every quest you take and every island you go to, there’s always about like 5 monsters walking around. Also, when I am in a battle with a monster, that battle takes a little while to finish because I am not that good at math. I also just recently found another problem. The problem is that the game always glitches when your in a battle and going to the math screen. I like the game and all, but I just find way to many problems when I just started. If the game maker(s) are reading this, I ask politely if you could fix the game for me because I still want to play the game, but not with all these problems I ran into. Thanks, A new guest to the game

- Great but........

I love this game its so much fun as far as for an educational game but theres a huge problem! You have to be a member for about 75 percent of the stuff and I dont want to pay like 60$ for a year. Ive played for about a a year and a half and its so fun I play at home and at school I play with my brother and we play for hours when we have nothing to do but the member ship problem isnt the only problem I mean you should be able to type in your real name because some kids names arent on the list and you cant type in your personal message I know you want to protect kids and stuff but when I get home and my friends are on I play with them and I try talking to them but the only things you can type are things in the game. So please add more for communication otherwise its a great game for kids.

- Prodigy

I love Prodigy! My teacher introduced this game to me, so now I always play it with friends. I like talking, dancing, and playing hide and seek lol. The only problem is that when I am doing anything, but mostly battling, it shows a blank white screen. I am very confused about this. Also I love how you can talk and dance on this game. I only wish that you could maybe just say more because like every word in the chat area says something such as, “ Ninja Hood “ or something like that and then someone will cry. I wish that there was more to say, and I wish the glitches would go away. I’ve seen that they’ve sort of added on to the chat box with “ Locked! “ and things like that. Now that is very useful. Maybe you could be able to say, come to my prodigy house! Or, Happy Fourth of July or something. Over all thank you for this wonderful game. I know it took awhile to create.

- About my experiences with prodigy

I have had many accounts on prodigy and still have a few things to talk about. In this game, you can make friends, buy different things to compliment your outfit. But there is one thing you have to buy to basically play the game. MEMBERSHIP. After every battle it asked you to get membership, when you want a hairstyle, it tells you to get membership. When you want an outfit, guess what... get membership! It’s a great game for a child education and all, but this game still has other things... A child can walk around and try to make friends. Walk next to a animal, battle. Walk next to a tree, battle. Get a new pet, battle. Walk in the game for the VERY first time, battle. I know this is great for education, but what if I want to battle my friend or get a new outfit? Instead, I have to battle the animals and trees.A better idea would be to put on the child’s screen.. “(state animals name here) would like to battle! Care to join?” But instead it just ASSUMES the child wants to battle every time they breathe. I understand why parents allow their children to play, but just imagine... “Mom! Can I get membership to play my game” “Dad! I really need membership so I can get the full game experience” “Mom and Dad! Please Please Please???” And this is my review on prodigy. It’s great but I’m sure people are always arguing about buying membership for their child(ren).

- Prodigy

It is a really good game to help kids with their math! I have only been playing prodigy sense kindergarten and I am in 4th grade. I love it so much and I thank you for making a great game to help kids learn math and have fun at the same time that they learn. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ PRODIGY! I would say the same thing as cooldawg🐶 about the membership because I also don’t think it is fair that some people can’t become a member because they can’t afford it and there are probably a lot of people saying the same thing. So I think you should take the requests from all of your reviews from all of the kids that play prodigy if they sent one. Well I want to say that is all that I need to say but the math that got us a little hard for me. Well that is all. Thank you for taking your time to read this and peace out!

- Fun but weird

So I absolutely love Prodigy. It is a great game that teaches math skills and makes you feel accomplished when you get an answer right. Aside from that, I have never gotten a membership and I used to have a friend with a membership and I was so jealous. I happen to dislike the new update because it just adds more items that only people with memberships can buy and some are key items that people with memberships can’t buy. I have an outfit that is for a person with a membership and it’s my outfit and I can’t wear because it’s for people with memberships. Also I can’t evolve my monsters because I am not a member and it is really making me feel bad. Otherwise, a great game that I give four out of five stars in only because of the memberships. If you could give more items that people without memberships can buy I wouldn’t be such a stickler for memberships.

- Prodigy Ratings

I love the game! One thing though that is very annoying is that every time I try to get something cool you guys have to change it and make it for members only. This really bugs me. I try and try to evolve my pets and then it says I have to be a member. If you want anything that is actually good then you have to be a member.I would like if I could get a pet from the pet shop, but all there is for a person that isn’t a member is a brown hamster. Hamsters are cute and all but I can’t get like a cute dog or cat. One day I started grinding those shards and I got 53. Then when I was going to buy a pet then I said that I needed to be a member. This is extremely annoying. Please make it fair for both members and non members. I know you try to make the kids beg their parents and then they show off to their friends and it all spreads. Yes I do know that. That’s how you guys make your money.

- Why does Prodigy not fix their flaws?😡

I am COMPLETELY in love with Prodigy. It is SO educational, but the makers of this game seriously need to fix the flaws. Number one, to get to many of the items and one of the islands, (dark tower) you have to be a member. Another one of my complaints are I was just updating my starter home(the other homes there is to buy you need to be a member) and I was not happy with my design. I hit the box to store all of your items, and I ended up completely LOSING three Christmas tree chairs, a boom box I just purchased, and my brand new dragon mirror!!! I was so mad, I could throw my REAL house chairs, but here I am writing a review. To bad the Winter Fest is not going to be here soon; I purchased my Christmas Tree chairs there with magic snowflakes that you only get once a year around Christmas time. Besides from that, I am absolutely impressed with Prodigy and recommend it to other users.

- Prodigy much of a "prodigy" anymore

This game used to be super fun, but nowadays, it's super boring. All my quests have been finished, and there's nothing I want that I can get. Here are my problems: -For some reason, it won't let me build anymore in Floatling Town except the first tower (since I didn't finish all the floors yet) -Membership. There are so many things I want that are MEMBERSHIP. And some things I have or membership but I can't wear them. Why??!! I get it, it's for getting money, but not everybody can get it you know??? -Not enough updates. Why does it take so long for an update unless it's seasonal?? It's so boring now with nothing else to earn. Updates are what makes it keep on being FUN (unless it's a bad update) -Furniture Placement. It won't let me put furniture near another, which makes it hard to place stuff you want down -Bad Clothing. There are some good ones, but a lot of them look NOTHING like the picture and is terrible looking unless you are a certain gender (often I find it good looking on only males) -I also wish there were more options to customize your character. -Bad looking pets! Prodigy updated some of the pets, which a lot of them look horrible. For instance, the cloaker...the arms are screwed up, and it's not even a CLOAKer!!! Bruh! Although this game can be very good and have a good style, it just doesn't work for so many things.

- Teacher review

As a teacher, I use Prodigy to provide remediation for my students. Most of my students are well below their grade level in math. They need to work on basic number sense skills and each student needs work at a different level. With Prodigy I can create assignments and have students work through skills at their own levels. They don't know because they still battle each other and the wizards in the game. I love that even the 1st and 2nd grade level skills are presented with the same fonts as everything else in the game so they don't think they are doing baby work even though they are in middle school. Using Prodigy for this purpose has greatly increased my students confidence levels and engagement in math. They always loom forward to their Prodigy time!

- More worlds=more fun

Please please please put more worlds in that way I won’t have to stop playing prodigy and so will other people too. What you can do is for the people that finished all the worlds and have a the gems in they keystone in the academy can play the other islands you can lock the islands for people who haven’t finished. New worlds or islands means new animals and outfits. Also, do this if you want to change your look you can go to one of the islands and they have amazing hair and faces you can put on. Make tons and tons of worlds that mend tons and tons of learning and fun! You can make a unicorn world or book world whatever 😂. Please I hope you do this if you don’t I understand. But, I will just only play this game for a little bit if there aren’t enough worlds きわくよせらそよすを. Thank you and konnichiwa. I just want prodigy to have more fun and more Learning.

- Best Math game ever!

I have been playing for 3 years now, and I still play Prodigy! Prodigy is so awesome, because I get new clothes and pets using the money I earned from defeating monsters. But it is not only fun, it is also educational! I learned math thanks to this game. But I don’t like how you need to be a member to get stuff, that is totally cool. I got a cool armor after doing a battle, but it says that I need to be a member for this. I really wanted to try it on. Also, when I go to the village, I went to the potion shop. But I can’t get them because you need to be a member to get these potions! Still, it is a good game. And don’t get me wrong, you can still do the membership thing. I don’t mind about the membership game. I’m still rating this a five. Keep up the good work Prodigy! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

- Awsome game

I’m a 5th grader and I love prodigy. I’m not in a class but I did create my own account. How I got to prodigy was one of my friends we’re playing and I got very interested in it and wanted to join. I used to be in a class but my math teacher doesn’t do it anymore instead we do some stupid boring website that has aliens in it. Prodigy is awsome our teacher sometimes allows us to do anything on the computer and I always pick prodigy . Just one problem there is the membership, Its $59 for it and my mom was gonna to give me membership but she checked the price and was shocked. I really want some of the stuff membership has and please make it less expensive and make some of the cool stuff non-membership. Thank you for taking your time to read this👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Worst. Game. Ever. READ MEEEEEEEE

The only way to fully enjoy the game is to get a membership, which are over 100 dollars a year and no one wants to buy that. The Members get all the cool armor and get better service. This is like having to buy freedom. THAT is just wrong. Don’t play this game until they delete the “Membership” thing. By the way, creators, I might as well tell you, go over what the point of the game is for non-members like me. If you said, “there is no point” you are absalutly correct. Now. If you decide not to CHANGE this, I might as well delete the game. Because if there’s no point to the game for the non-members, and if all the non-members delete prodigy, then what’s the point for the membership? I’m at the point where I don’t care if you make us watch 50 ads straight. No Memberships! No Memberships! NO MEMBERSHIPS! Please, here’s what happens when you create memberships: 1) Kid gets membership. 2) Kid enjoys new things. 3) Kid gets greedy. 4) Kid is mean to kids who don’t have memberships. This is almost discrimination. Please delete memberships!

- Pls fix flaws

I am a Prodigy player who is level 70 and has some complaints about the game. First of all the new design is really cheesy. Second of all it really bugs me on how you get into the Academy. I heard that besides having 5 gems you have to be lvl 100 AND be member. Third, it SERIOUSLY bugs me how sixty percent of the cool stuff is member only. I have around fifty thousand gold and I don’t even spend much of it. I don’t really like how you bug us to get member. And you have to be member to climb the Dark Tower and catch pets. I don’t get it. I believe memberships are to get the super cool stuff. Instead it’s something that you need to play. Can you decrease the amount of things that need membership? Like, to twenty percent? At least let the non members get more pets......And make the gold more useful because I don’t have many ways to spend it due to the fact I am not a member. And when is the Lost Island officially coming out?

- Fun game but.. 😕

So I really like this game because of the cute pets, and the quests you can do. So let’s talk about all he really annoying things In the game. So I wasn’t a member before, but what’s really annoying is that in the older versions of the game, it was a lot more fun. Basically the annoying part of this game is that the whole game revolves around prodigy members. Like when you win/lose a battle, there’s a little bottle that gets filled with stars every time, and it’s just A PAIN to see all the stars in that bottle. And also, why can’t normal players evolve their pets? Like you work so hard to get an evolved pet, but like when you press the button it says “you have to have a prodigy plus membership to do this. So what I’m saying is, please give normal players the ability to do everything like plus members, and if you are plus, then u get the monthly membership box and more XP and coins than normal players because I really want to evolve my pets.

- Great game

I just love prodigy, and I’m only nine years old. It seems like the best math game in the entire world. Some of the other math games are too childish. I introduced this game to my BFFs and they loved it too! We like to battle each other and go to each other’s prodigy houses. You get to catch pets, buy stuff, and go on cool quests that get you a lot of rewards. It really is a very cool game. I got obsessed with it and it’s features, and I just cannot stop playing it. I like how it combines learning math with a cool game that has cool features. The only problem is the membership thingy. You need the membership to catch exotic pets and buy lots of the cool stuff. Please get rid of the membership. I looked at some reviews of this game and they said the nine dollars for the membership wasn’t worth it. Otherwise, I think prodigy is the coolest math game I’ve ever played.

- I love it! Slight problem.

I have been playing this since 2nd grade and I now have permission to make this message at 11 years old. I really like it. And it’s amazing. It made my math grade go to an b- to a A! I appreciate this game and how much it helped me from my troubles. Slight problem though. Sometimes when choosing a ability, the screen will freeze easily can be fixed, but if not, it is fine by me. And I’m only doing this by the freezing error. Anyways, great game and keep it up! (UPDATE!) I’m the mother of this child making this, and It was believed that his Pyromane disappeared. He also had a Emburn, which also disappeared. My son is devastated and is sad and mad at this game. And please, fix this bug. Because as a mother like me, it’s very hard to control my kids out of crying. And it makes me annoyed. Just please, fix this bug. I’m not going to as you to give back the pets. Just fix the game.


Love love love it best math game ever highly recommended it I just upgraded it to a member ship and my prodigy name is Anna ruby catcher I love the game but can you please make more places to go I now you just made tower town but I don’t really like tower town in my defense please make more places and can you make a money 💴wheel and when are you going to open up the that book 📖 place in lamp light town also that dinosaur 🦕 place in lamp light town when are you going to OPEN IT I have had this game for 3 years now and still haven’t opened and I am on level 73 so thank you oh let’s go back to the money wheel like get 1,000 or 5,000 and 20,000 and 10,000 and 15,000 well thank you for reading 📖 my review also please consider my suggestions well bye and thank you for reading

- My Opinion

I think that Prodigy is a great game for young learners and starters, it really makes it entertaining for others that think math is really boring, the questions can be a bit simple depending on their level. But there’s one think that I don’t like about Prodigy. The memberships, I think that it’s disappointing because you have to be a member just to wear certain stuff or do certain stuff, for example you get one chance of doing the Dark Tower with Mary. I honestly think it’s dumb for kids that want another chance after they’ve trained finding out that they can’t because it’s for MEMBERS! Overall I think Prodigy is a really fun game to play in your spare time to level up you and your pets! I would definitely recommend it for teachers at school! If I could I would rate it 4.5 but I’ll rate it 4. :) I hope this feedback helped.

- Students love it!

I’ve been using Prodigy Math in my 4th grade Math class for a few months, the kids LOVE the competition. I’m playing it myself because some kids like to battle me, and that provides an opportunity to project the battle for the whole class and model effective problem-solving strategies. I have my students practicing math in preparation for a state level standardized test. I need to review some aspects of the game because some problems are closer to 5th & 6th grade math, and I don’t want my students exposed to that content for fear of frustration. Hopefully I will find a way to review and edit the question bank ahead of time. Even though some questions are not academically appropriate for my students, it is not a show-stopper, nor is a lost battle. There are hints available in the game, and they are helpful for students who are willing to do the work. The hints become a crutch for those who just want to breeze through the game, but even those students are learning from repeated exposure. I like how I can review specific questions and see student responses, I can immediately differentiate who is trying and who is playing around. Overall, I’d give the game two thumbs up!

- Students Love Prodigy

As a teacher, I use Prodigy many different ways. It’s a wonderful engagement strategy, gameifying a lesson. It’s useful for differentiating activities because you can assign different standards to different students. I’ve used it whole class and small group and the wonderful thing about it, besides how much my students love to play it, are the reports and the ability to create plans. In the reports section you can produce just about any type of report to give you that valuable student data that you can conceive of. Also Prodigy allows you to align their content with many different state standards and even the Common Core with just a click of a button. If you haven’t already tried this with your class....DO IT NOW!!!

- Look, I like it, however...

I am in eighth grade. I love the game, it helps me a ton because very little can motivate me to do my math. The creatures are beautiful and unique, buuuuut.... Yea, the membership thing. Wouldn’t it be better if a) Instead of requiring a membership for basically everthing, why not just say ‘hey, lets just make the game cost money instead of tormenting people by putting everything under membership’ b) Make an easier way to access membership items. Me and my (three) sisters tried to save up for a membership and failed. Too expensive. Perhaps it would be better if the membership things could be bought by player coins, but double the price. (Example: Hat A cost 1,000 coins for members, but 2,000 for non-members, that way effort is still involved.) I got this for my iPod Touch with the most recent update, and I dunno who you’re trying to fool by saying it works for this device. It clearly doesn’t. It’s fine I guess on the computer, but a compleat fail on this device. It goes (In my own words) ‘Oi mate, somethin’s go amiss but don’t worry lassie, we’ve been notified!’ And then four hours later, lo and behold, still ain’t working. That’s what we Americans call really freaking annoying. If it doesn’t work on this device then good greif just say so. I haven’t yet seen the new update, but the way it sounds I’m close to not returning to Prodigy. Thank you for your time, Emb3r

- Old Version Was MUCH Better

I like prodigy, a lot, but one year ago when I played, the game was much better! The monsters were better and I liked having the main island where you could spin the wheel and earn prizes, or go to the shop, or just look at other people’s outfits! I would have recommended getting this game 1 or 2 years ago, but now, it is quite lame. And besides that, it doesn’t even make me want to do math. I only wanted to do math so I could get the ADORABLE monsters. Now, the monsters do not look even close to as good or as cute as the older version of the monsters, so I do not care as much. Also, the graphics are terrible. The map looks like a 1st grader drew it and the monster look the same. THEY ARE SOOO CHILDISH!!! You can keep it that way for the 1st-3rd graders, but for 4th-8th, make them look the old way. The OG (Original) way. The OG way, was the best way.

- I love it 😻

I love the game prodigy because it is all about math and I also love it because it helped me learn how to do rounding!!!! I just want to make a suggestion for a update in the game. I do not think membership should be in the game because it just makes the game less fun. I think this because there are soooooooo many pets in the game that you can not rescue without having a membership. Another reason I think this is because in the pet shops 🏬 in lamplight town I have to be a member to get a husky. That’s why I think the whole membership thing needs to go. I am not trying to be rude but I just think it’s not fair to the people who don’t have a membership. 😅😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 but again I love this game sooooo much!!! Byeeeeee😉😋😜😎👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

- I guess it's ok just what's the point?

I have had prodigy for a while, and at first i was in love. But then, I had a realization. This is literally pokémon with math. Ok, yes it has different pets and all but still! You capture pets, and use them in battle! Also the math problems on my iPad are WAY way way to small. Now, I know it's different on phone, but on Ipad they are to small. Why would anybody pay for the membership either? It has like 20 things that you can do with membership. Including: Evolving pets Wearing member clothes that you OWN Opening member chests Hairstyles Buying certain stuff in the shop Having a stupid cloud that makes you look like your farting Member stars??!? Leveling up 50% faster???? Leveling up faster isn't fair! Who cares about a cloud? Prodigy my friend and i really agree if your game costed money you would make more money! Teachers could pay 10$ or more for a class, and the app would cost 5 dollars and the website wouldn't be the game it would be advertising the app. And the website could give information like a wiki like on the pets and what prodigy is!! But no, we have to be little peasants in prodigy compared to members. Fair? No!! It's a good game for math, but it really pressures kids to buy a stupid subscription every month.

- Enough With the Membership D**mit

This game is great. Seriously. I WOULD suggest getting it, except that you need a membership for literally everything. It asks for you to get it after everything, and once gotten, you cannot cancel anytime. The worst part is that it originally didn’t need a membership for almost all of the game itself but just a couple clothing and armor items. But then over time, you bums decided to not even let us into the academy or evolve our pets without a membership. There are a few minor glitches like the white thing after you log in, and it’s a bit slow, but you can get around those and/or deal with it and the main problem is the membership. You should keep it, but maybe make it a little less ridiculous. Add in an advertisement every once in a while if it’s not enough. It just currently a pay to win game. Also quit changing the styles please. Thank you.

- I LOVE IT (please read)Edit: HELP ME PLEASE

I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much it’s amazing me and my class always play it during math but I have one suggestion when people battle others you can’t cancel the battle and that people don’t know when other people wanna battle them but I still like it -actually I love it oh yeah just 1 more thing why can’t you make being a member free at least at every Thursday in the next few weeks Edit: every time I play battle against random people it doesn’t work and I have to wait for so long so I can either win or if it’s been 10 to 15 minutes I reload the game and try again and it won’t work and once I even had to battle someone in lvl 96 and I was lvl 49 PLEASE HELP ME

- Great game

It is a great game except one thing. Your house. 1. The placing is just horrible. You can put 1 thing against one wall but you can’t put that same thing against another wall. 2. When you leave your house, when you come back everything has been moved around. Like for example, I spent 1 HOUR doing my house, but when I came back, EVERYTHING WAS MOVED!! The beds were moved, the table was moved, the chairs were moved, everything was moved!! 3. (This is not about the house) There is WAY to much stuff for members. If you play at home and go to the town, when you go to the pet store, there is only 1 pet that is not for members!! 1! I kinda get that, but not the house problems. Please fix the first and second especially, than the third. Beside those problems, it’s a great game! - Lily Thompson, 7th grade.

- Dream ideas

I love this game I am a member and I want to give you some ideas maybe there could be new land my first one is a crystal land it could be called crystal cove it could have a crystal unicorn and a crystal heart puppy and a crystal diamond fox and a crystal fairy panda with crystal den items and clothing the other land is animal land it has animals all over the place you could get really cute and have other animal body parts like panda snow leopard or a dog deer or a cat dragon for buddies and same with the den items and clothes and maybe you could make a huge house and have three floors it could for members like all the other things it would be all made of crystal and a pet house ty for listening to my dream ideas I really hope it happens also best game and I love learning new things

- Great Math App for Students

As a teacher, I’ve been using Prodigy for the past years. My students LOVE it and don’t realize they are learning. The planner tool allows me to reach all my students with the skills they need help with and most importantly, at their individual level. The Test Prep plan allows students to practice skills assessed by my state test. I use the assignment plans to review concepts I’ve just taught and to spiral back to skills learned earlier in the year. I mix in multiplication facts regularly too. I can differentiate by creating assignments at different grade levels and using different skills. The reports are great to show the students and parents how they are progressing with each skill assigned. There are so many ways to use Prodigy in the classroom.

- Why I LOVE prodigy

I love prodigy because it’s about math and it makes math super fun. It’s an amazing game and the puppet master’s monsters are adorable! By the way I’m a fourth grader and I play prodigy from my house and my brother watches me play it. The game makes math fun for everyone who plays prodigy and it’s amazing how many people I know who love prodigy as I do. If the rate went up to a million then I would still fill in all of the stars because how much I love this game. To whoever made this game, thank you SO much for making this game because almost every body in the world loves this game. Well that’s at least what I think because this game is so awesome. Again thank you for making this game and well...... thanks!! SINCERELY, Tirzah N. Smith

- Good but needs 1 change

So far I have been playing prodigy for 5 years and I think it’s great! But I hate when you run into monsters you don’t wanna battle or feel like they are to hard so I just wanna say that I feel like prodigy needs one more thing to make it better a RUN AWAY option a button will appear when you have not attacked the monster you’re battling so all you do is click the button and then a question will appear you will only have two chances to get it right if you mess both of them up you will have to battle the monster so I think prodigy creators should create that so um yeah that’s my one change I need thank you for reading this I hope you have a good day/night byeeeeee

- Membership

Being a proud father of 5 this game is the perfect game for my children to play while learning. Unfortunately, sometimes things can get a bit out of hand. My only concern is the membership because my kids are constantly asking me to sign up for a membership, but I can’t because I know the other 4 are gonna complain. If you could allow the pets to evolve, have an infinite amount of pets, and are allowed but anything you want from stores , if you have the money to buy it, without having the membership would make things for me a lot easier. I know you need the money, but I can’t afford to have 5 different memberships that last for a while. Thanks for listening!

- Love it but the membership is otherwise

I love this game! It’s an amazing way to test your math skills and play with other players. I also love how the theme isn’t boring-and the creators really pay attention to the game and update it sometimes. One conflict that I can’t get past: The MEMBERSHIP I used to play the game when the membership didn’t involve really everything you could possibly purchase in the game. And it was great! But later on, I realized that the membership was taking away most items away from those who weren’t members! I’m not saying to take away the membership,(well, it would be nice without it) but preferably you could add more items to be purchased for nonmembers. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let those nonmembers out there to be able to rescue more pets! I’m dying that you can’t rescue more than ten!(And most of the ones I have I would trade or let them go and rescue a different one.) And if you creators aren’t willing to cooperate here, you could instead make a setting that you could trade a rescued pet you have for a free rescue and you could do as many times as you want. Please think about what I have said ‘cause I’m begging you! Thanks for reading! 😋😁🥳

- prodigy's great, but..

I'm an 8th grader, and i really like this app! i prefer this over using ixl in my math class XD. i first discovered it from my little brother. his class uses it, but not mine. i play it just for fun. the only problem is the membership that you need to buy in order to get all the cool stuff.. I'm not sure how much it costs, but there should be no membership. some other kids who doesnt have it want some cool things, too! i totally recommend this app to any student who wants a little bit of help on their math. all you gotta do is get all the questions correct, and you'll defeat the enemy and level up! what's cool is that you can also get prizes! but some of them you cant access if you don't have any membership :( besides the membership thing, you should get it!

- Prodigy is awesome but here’s some ideas

From me and my friend We love prodigy it is a awesome game, but we have some ideas for you here are a few. One is you can see what what your character sees and see your character from different angles. Two you can have the option to make things change color. Three you can go inside places and shops and you do not stand outside the door, you can go inside and look at the displays. Four you can write anything in prodigy but not bad words and you can use emojis in typing. Five you can teleport to friends in prodigy. Six you can have a back yard and have several floors and actually go up the stairs connecting with each floor and an elevator connecting to each floor and you can choose which floor. Seven you can sit,watch,run,walk and jump but no more bobbing. Eight you can make a character just like yourself by taking a photo. Nine you can type your name but not have the same name as anyone else in prodigy. And ten nothing is is more expensive than 10,000 coins or anything else in prodigy. We hope you like our ideas and please reconsider adding them to prodigy thank you

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Prodigy: Kids Math Game 3.4.1 Screenshots & Images

Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images
Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images
Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images
Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images
Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images
Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images
Prodigy: Kids Math Game iphone images

Prodigy: Kids Math Game (Version 3.4.1) Install & Download

The applications Prodigy: Kids Math Game was published in the category Education on 2015-10-09 and was developed by [Developer ID: 950795721]. This application file size is 83.05 MB. Prodigy: Kids Math Game - Education app posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 3.4.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.prodigygame.prodigy

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