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Welcome to Blackboard's mobile solution that helps students stay informed, up-to-date and connected. This app includes Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience - a synchronous web conferencing solution for high-quality virtual classes and meetings.

With the Blackboard app, you can:
• Quickly view updates to your courses and content
• Take assignments and tests
• View grades for courses, assignments and tests
• Participate in Collaborate sessions on the go

We love feedback! If you have any questions or comments use the in-app feedback to help improve the application.

Note: This application functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution's Blackboard Learn server. Blackboard cannot guarantee that the content created by instructors or other users will be compatible with this app. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may at times be limited if your institution has not updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages.

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Blackboard App Description & Overview

The applications Blackboard was published in the category Education on 2015-01-16 and was developed by Blackboard Inc.. The file size is 206.99 MB. The current version is 3.11 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements.

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Could 🐝 better !!  CapnCatt<3  3 star

This app is really helpful, but I’m frustrated with a few features/lack of features. 1.) I wish there was a way to view/send messages within the app instead of only being accessible on the website. 2.) I also wish that you could delete the announcements that you’ve already seen or that aren’t important. I have to scroll through old announcements to find the new announcements, and for a while I just thought they weren’t actually on there LOL


Blackboard is the worst!!!  Tashad7  1 star

I do not understand how Blackboard has such a high rating!! They must have never used any other program! The app doesn’t even have the same functionalities as the website!! The website is annoying. You have to go through so many steps just to view stuff. It’s not user friendly at all. I almost didn’t apply to the grad school I am in because they use Blackboard and I wish I would have stuck with my original plan. Canvas is just way better all the way around. I wish the developers would study Canvas’ platform and copy them!!!


Logging in  Naty1218  3 star

This app is great the only drawback is logging in every single time I click on the app. I can leave the app for 5-10 minutes go back and I have to log in again. I don’t have to keep on logging into all of my other accounts. I don’t know why the blackboard app is this way. It gets Very tiring. PLEASE fix.


New update removed all user friendliness from the app  Max5555555555555555555  1 star

This app used to be a helpful tool, but now it would honestly be just as easy to login to my computer to access blackboard. Please bring back the user friendliness.


WAS a great app.  fmi001  1 star

The app logs me out every single time and then after signing it it takes me to the web page instead of the app. What’s the use in even having the app??


Getting there...  Diorio10  4 star

So I have been using this application for approximately a year now. When I first downloaded I was very distrustful as I was a firm believer that navigating through their website is not very user-friendly and cluttered/messy. But the application was more accessible. I currently see that they are trying to improve that on both the website and app constantly. The application is pretty close to perfect, other than not having the ability to email instructors through other applications other than the regular iPhone mail application, or to rename the courses you are enrolled in to name them a more concise name. The website still has a way to go but for the most part: it’s worth it.


Not Working Properly  Coolboy431  3 star

When I login through the web login it takes me to the desktop website through my phone and does not let me use the app.


Logs out  Nebrrets  1 star

It logs me out every time when it used to keep me logged in


Stop signing us out.  wottpreston23  1 star

****Unhelpful review**** (App is decent otherwise) 4 stars if not for signing out crap. Change it or your mom’s a hoe.


Fix this  abe1048(8482  1 star

This app won’t even let me look up my school

Rohain Tahquil

Improvements  Rohain Tahquil  2 star

I find that most of my course is based through the discussion board. We don’t have access to our tutorial groups, or the individual group board. This means that the app is almost worthless for me at the moment. It is helpful at times, but certainly not at the level I need.


Black board  dodaaaa11111  5 star

This app is so helpful for students ,you just login when never you want and wherever you are through your Mobil phone .Its awesome 😊


It was great but now it’s not.  cbrow334  3 star

I’ve been using Blackboard for almost a year now and it was working great for most of the time but recently, it’s been acting up. Now, every time I click on the app, I have to log in (I didn’t have to do that all the time before) and it takes me to the website I would normally see on my laptop rather than the app itself. I don’t know what happened but I would really like this to be fixed because this is poor quality.


It’s pretty rubbish  dahltweets  2 star

Title says it all


The worst  Mattsbt  1 star

The worst app! I can't access all the functionalities available online through the app. Slow to load and has a super rigid unnecessary structure that doesn't exist if you use a browser. I go to my grades to check my marks and it says no grades available when I know they're they're released. Now I gotta wait tipl I go home and see my grades on my laptop!!!


So far it’s ok.  WellyKager  4 star

Would be better if what was already completed was tracked.

kaytelin king

Emails  kaytelin king  5 star

Blackboard is very helpful and easy however I would like for emails to be available in the future if possible.


Video  amcauley88  3 star

It would be nice if live classes work and the have option to watch old recorded videos.


Not worth the trouble  Aus.Teddy  2 star

There may be slip between what the platform can or is intended for and what I’m seeing. However, forums which don’t highlight unread posts (or prioritise them) and a stream which has all sorts of garbage in it, does create a pointless app. Please have a platform worth using somewhere.


Clunky  bohoSal  1 star

This app constantly balks and does not match the pc version enough to be easily handled.


Where’s my school?  Cekings  1 star

My school told me to download this app.. but my school is no where to be found. How am I supposed to use this? I’m not happy.


Where’s my school?!.!??!?!!!  RoniKa2015  3 star

I currently have the app downloaded on my phone and I recently purchased the new iPad Pro and no schools will load in the search. I have typed it in every way possible and it will not load my school information. The app is working just fine on my phone and this is frustrating that it will not find my institution on the iPad.


School can’t be found.  ttranster  1 star

It works great on my iPhone, but I’m unable to even find my school on my iPad - making it useless. Sorry. Will change my review once it’s fixed!


Not finding my school  VanityMandie  1 star

I downloaded this thinking , wow what a great idea ! It can’t find my school or any I type in. What a bust!


It’s not working  queen_dayana  1 star

It’s not working at all on my phone i dont know why.


Doesn’t work  Awesomeingram  1 star

Downloaded since I saw being advertised at my school. Couldn’t make it past the “Find your school.” Tried to find my school, nothing came up. Tried again after checking my spelling, still nothing. Tried searching for other schools, UCLA, nothing; Syracuse, nothing; University..., nothing. App’s broken.

canessa smyrne

Blackboard needs fixed  canessa smyrne  1 star

I don’t know if this has been going on for a while or if it is recent but whenever I download the app it asks for the name of my school and I typed it in and nothing showed up. I tried the same thing but naming multiple different schools and still nothing. Even words like university it comes up with nothing.


Needs to be updated  Smith.Heather  1 star

Every time I try to open the app it tells me this app need to be updated to iOS 11. Can you please update it so I can access my courses! I loved this app before. It was very helpful, but I can’t use it anymore because it’s can’t work with my phone.

George Skevas

Didn't load schools  George Skevas  2 star

I can't find my school or any other school for that matter


No schools listed  Lilninji365  1 star

Can’t find my school or any school! Tried deleting the app and reinstall, but same issue.


Can’t log in since update  niallmcp12  1 star

Unable to log in at all on the app


App  Bambioshon  1 star

Use to work for me but now it doesn’t even let me log in


Was good until newest update  ellenstuck  1 star

New update won’t let me log in


Latest update locked me out  Iqodhdis  1 star

Can’t get back in since the update.


The difference between a pass & first honours  736572920  5 star

This is by far the best student app ever, all what you need for that sweet 1st honours mark is a finger tip away.


Review  Latindancer98  5 star

Great application baby

Niall De Barra

Licence error.  Niall De Barra  1 star

Licence error.


Good but not Great  Rastus21  4 star

Good resource for viewing course work and tracking documents while on the move. It could be improved by allowing easily transfer between landscape view and portrait, function does not always work in iOS. The notifications for new documents added or course messages does not work in iOS. Overall though it’s good and very similar to the desktop version so makes the transition between platforms easy.


Good but  AvieMogs  4 star

No notifications? Notifications would be great


Useless. Use the web browser instead.  Ceel88  1 star

Can you turn off the animations? The navigation is not logical at all. The images in presentations don't display at all when lecture notes are opened in Blackboard. Anyway, you've a lot to improve...

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