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Home security is a large and growing concern for most people, but the high price (and monthly fees), complexity and burdensome installation of typical home security systems prevents many from protecting their homes and loved ones – until now. Introducing Guardzilla, an affordable, easy-to-use, customizable security system for less than $100 and no monthly fees. With Guardzilla, monitor your home 24x7 wherever you are from your smartphone through live video streaming. You can even listen into the room and broadcast your voice. Guardzilla can even inform you on your phone (via email, text and/or push notification) when motion is detected and even ward off intruders if you set the ear-splitting 100dB siren. It’s peace of mind – at a small price tag.

Guardzilla also offers several video cloud storage subscription options to provide users the ability to retain their recorded video events:
1. Two (2) Days of video storage (no audio): Free
2. Seven (7) Days of video and audio storage:
Monthly charge: $4.99, auto-renewal for one month
Annual charge: $49.99 (17% savings)
3. Thirty (30) days of video and audio storage:
Monthly charge: $8.99, auto-renewal for one month
Annual charge: $89.99 (17% savings).

- Auto-renewal subscription information:
1. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

2. The user’s account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
3. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

The Guardzilla Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found below:
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Guardzilla App Description & Overview

The applications Guardzilla was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-01-08 and was developed by Practecol. The file size is 44.61 MB. The current version is 1.3.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New in 1.3.5
-Bug fixes and performance improvements for Guardzilla 360 devices

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Guardzilla Reviews


Sad this didn’t work out.  MinniemouseCin  2 star

Bought the device. Bought two more. Tired of having a subscription jammed down my throat. I can’t access my camera because I now have a subscription page demanding me to make a selection. I am done. Trying something else.


Well worth the warm and fuzzy “security” feeling.  Detillion81  5 star

I realize this isn’t an armed guard, but it may as well be, easy setup, excellent response, great quality, and Guardzilla wasn’t part of the ipcam hack. I love the app, the update looks kinda cheesy, but functions better. I picked my Guardzilla indoor cam up at my local Monopolizer-Mart. ( my other choice is 50 miles away, thanks Again Walmart). So, anyway, my wife had seen it and recognized as one of the ones I was researching. It was $25 on clearance, no clue why, but when things like that happen, (rarely), I just go with it. Well worth $100 though. So easy to use, the CIA could do it, (supervised). Works wonders, lots of features, and I would highly recommend, even over the 8 channel DVR styled security cams, this thing texts you, there’s no fee for it, however you can get pro monitoring and such for cheap, but it does a great job. I really enjoy getting to watch the first 30 seconds of my wife having an affair with our pool-boy. I’m usually done by 20 seconds. Wait minute, I don't even have a pool.?.?.


Guardzilla camera  Bigjimo  2 star

Software is OK, but camera eats the Lithium batteries. Using the camera in an obscure place armed 24/7, causes many problems for a 70 year old. Such as moving and climbing a ladder to change batteries every 6 to 9 days. Nine days being the longest battery use period. It had been disarmed much of that time. Lithium batteries are recommended for this unit..and they are very expensive in comparison to alkaline. Note: there is no power supply near camera location, but the camera is in the area that gives the best range and coverage. At this point, I could use another camera, but want buy another, of this type, due battery expense and frequent labor to change. Jim Murphy 118 Lambeth Street Florence, Al. 35633


Freezing  :;()[email protected]  2 star

Freezing frequently, shutting off


Inexpensive and Easy  Jmrosie90  5 star

Bought 2 of the cameras to monitor our house and to keep an eye on our dogs. You couldn't beat the price, setup was easy, picture quality is great and my wife and I can monitor the house from anywhere. Throw in constant recording, sound, night vision, motion sensors with audible alarm and text alerts just for good measure. We will be purchasing the 360 deg. camera in the near future for complete home coverage. Awesome Product, highly recommended.


Greatly improved and reliable  atwstar  5 star

When I first got this app for two cameras over year ago it was very slow to load and often times one of the cameras would not appear. However in the last month with the upgrades it’s marvelous. I have three different security cameras on the building and inside the building and often times the others do not load. In fact one of themVueZone, never did the update for iOS 11 so if I’m trying to see them on an iPhone I cannot. I highly recommend these cameras and the software app.


No really worth the money  MsMaxx  2 star

Connectivity is choppy, can’t see alert or monitor because of their pop up ads. My house was robbed, only got 8 seconds of footage after he was in not when the door opened. Couldn’t immediately get to live feed nor intercom because of ads for their new products and them trying to push their monitoring services. Will save my money and invest in a better product from another vendor.


Great app  Yukongus  5 star

The Guardzilla app upgrades are amazing. This security cam was easy to set up and use. I can monitor video from anywhere on my phone. Motion alerts are sent directly to my phone as well.


Don’t trust this device  Jedfw  1 star

Why must I always have to check to make sure this device is recording? It suddenly stops and I have to start all over again to have it to record. I have to constantly erase the SD card and then it says unknown. This should’ve been fixed long ago. I have two of these devices and I’m always having to check on them. Unfortunately I can’t trust him to record at all times. Fix it! I can’t trust this device to record video on my SD card while I am away from my home. This device is failing me. Actually, both of them are failing me. I would not recommend buying by this device.


Love it  Dokbob  5 star

Great security


Awesome400  Jose400  5 star

Works great!! Quality could be just little better but overall it’s a really good security camera


Recent update!  Ksparky513  4 star

Awesome speed now connecting and viewing! Thanks Guardzilla !

Mike Lawwwry

Horrible product  Mike Lawwwry  1 star

I do not give this product any stars. Not even 1. This product continually freezes, does not record, says it's free monitoring but there are after charges. I wish I never bought this product at all. Please head this review and never purchase this product.


The app is so bad it barely supports their hardware.  TotallyMyRealName123  2 star

The Guardzilla system is unreliable at best. Although the hardware itself is fine and actually works, their coding department definitely needs to be fired. We have work going on behind my house and bought this to make sure they don’t come on our property without permission, which they have a tendency to do anyway, but half of the time the camera won’t even work enough to get a live feed. First off, the camera itself refuses to accept a memory card I put in because “there is too much room on it.” What kind of functionality is that? We installed the card because of how much trouble we have getting a live feed, and we used one we had with a decent amount of space so we wouldn’t have to take it out too often. There is absolutely no system whatsoever, and I don’t mean only security cameras, that I have ever in my life encountered beside Guardzilla that gave me an error because I used too much memory storage. If you give the option to put in an SD card you should not be limiting your customers to how much they can save. Furthermore, the application is simply horrendous. The development team put so much effort into ensuring that you got pop ups every time you open the app or press any menu button that asked if you want to pay for cloud storage or hire professional monitoring that nothing else is even remotely functional. When I go to look at my live feed I usually get only a still image of something I recorded minutes ago. I would assume this is because it has trouble connecting, but I wouldn’t know, as when I checked their support site, there is no mention of this issue at all. The closed thing was “Whenever I go to see my live feed I only get the buffering video screen and I never stops buffering.” And I ran the self test several times that determines how strong the connection between the camera and the wireless router is, and I always get the highest possible score followed by a message saying I had an excellent signal and that this was the ideal place to put the camera. And when I am lucky enough to get my feed to come through for me, it typically only lasts a few second before freezing on another still image. Very rarely it resumes again but since this almost never happens I usually go back to the menu and try again but it just does the same thing. Sometimes even shows me the same still image I was trying to fix. The best I have ever had was it lasting for several minutes before cutting out. If I wait, it occasionally will work the way it was supposed to and start showing me the live feed again (after staring for what feels like an eternity), but alas, this again is seldom the case and I have to again restart the app and repeatedly go into the menu and hit live feed for it to work. If you’ve gotten this far you might be saying “Wow, this guy is pretty dumb,” but I am a very technologically inclined person, and like I said before the first possibility that comes to mind when I examine the issue poor connection. But according to the diagnostic the developers provided us with, I’m just the stupid consumer who has an “excellent connection” and is just too ignorant to use the system properly. Even if I am just really unlucky, the entire program could use some work. Definitely patch the cameras so I can use my SD card slot without having to search my house for one that does not exceed 32 gigabytes. That’s just so beyond unacceptable that I can barely come up with some fancy word to insult them with. Also, the app needs updates more often. You can’t just make it and then leave it until it’s time to patch in support for a new product. At this point anyone who’s made it this far is probably thinking that I’m beginning to loathe the Guardzilla system, but that’s not true. The hardware itself is more or less a great investment compared to similar products. Although strongly worded, I just want them to see this so they can work on fixing the bugs. More importantly, you, my fellow consumers, I want you to see this so you can exercise caution when using this product. Since you have to be looking at the app’s page to see this, I’d assume you already bought the camera. I’m not necessarily telling you to go and return it, although I’m not going to lose any sleep over it if you do, just until all the problems are resolved and their coding is more reliable make sure you play the right cards. Definitely use a 32 gigabyte or less SD card until they patch that, if you want to record without paying for it. To be honest, after writing such an unnecessary long review, my frustration over that part has just turned into me finding it humorous that I’m warning people about it. Also, regardless of what the app tells you, place it near a router. Or, you know just not have a bunch of walls, power lines, electronics, or anything else that will otherwise cause a lot of interference between them. Overall it’s a great for its price, just make sure you aren’t going to have too many problems. Since I already have it and it’s all set up and whatever, I’m going to keep using Guardzilla. Anyway, to finally put an end to this before I think of something else I prolong this with, I just want you developers to know, that is if you guys actually read your reviews, that I have nothing against you, just fix the coding and I’ll be happy to take this down. Maybe I’ll even write a another review for you (and probably waste my time when I could just be lazy and write a few short lines of text).

Joe bammas mamma

Guardzilla APP  Joe bammas mamma  1 star

Ya , New Feel ,, Made the App More. CRAPPY DONT. WORK. AT. ALL!

Pinoy ak0 😝

Iphone apple user  Pinoy ak0 😝  5 star

my previous review is on the bottom of this review and just a one star only (just ignore that). okay here we go for my current review and i will give a thumbs 👍🏼 and 5 stars rate... after updating the app, i was able now to view the camera and set it armed and disarm the app using my ios device. so keep it up or else i will give u again bad rating like below. ——————— I'm really android user and I don't have any problem using this Guardzilla on my android device. But using iOS devices (apple), it won't armed my Guardzilla. I can't even check the monitor it buffers forever. Guardzilla is thums 👎🏼 using iOS apple devices but thumbs 👍🏼 using android user.


Garbage  THE FIRST HELIOS  1 star

I am stuck with the worst four wireless cameras ever. The don’t pair up at all. I have tried 3 different routers to make them work. The app is useless. Customer support is nonexistent. Every time I called I was unable to reach anyone. I have left countless messages and none has been returned. BE WARNED THIS IS JUNK


App doesn’t communicate  mcolson14  1 star

I got the Guardzilla to be able to see what my pups got into while no one was Home and to be able to play it back instead of having to catch them in the act. I synced the camera to the app 3 different time because it kept shutting down when I would get to the next step. Once I finally got all the way through the set up process it forced me out again. And now the app is still saying there is no camera connected. Tried rebooting everything at least 3 times and still nothing. And customer service for the Guardzilla is a joke.

S.C. Pa.

Horrible, not dependable, plagued with self-serving ads  S.C. Pa.  1 star

This is the worse camera and camera app on the market. I will never up another one. I purchased this from QVC which may offer cheaper versions and cheaper quality. Not worth thinking about getting. It is horrible, not reliable, not dependable, freezes and you are to aware if looking at a live video or frozen-in-time video. I sent repeated comments to Guardzilla which had shown zero interest in the response from its customers other than making more sale through self-serving ads the user is not able to escape out of other than rebooting mobile device. Every dollar spent on Guardzilla is wasted on garbage.

Kit bit

Good camera  Kit bit  4 star

Great picture easy to hook up. Little slow loading speaker for siren weak but works as advertised. I would buy anither

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