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Mortal Kombat X brings its trademark Fatalities and X-Rays to mobile with stunning graphics and over the top moves that punch you right in the guts. Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth!

Collect Mortal Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others. Discover the newest additions to Mortal Kombat such as the insect-like D’Vorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Kahn, and the mysterious Kung Jin.

Customization comes to Mortal Kombat X Mobile! Complete tasks through gameplay to unlock character customizations in FEATS OF STRENGTH! Win your battles to show off your personality with combinations of Victory Stances, Victory Taunts, and War banners. That’s not all! Unlocking Feats of Strength also gives you a permanent stat increase for that character!

Collect Kard Packs and character cards to unlock powerful upgrades, rare equipment, and strengthen your team. Receive exclusive deals and early access packs such as Punk Cassie Cage Pack and Gold Fire Starter Pack!

Create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.

Compete with other players in multiplayer Faction Wars, an online competitive mode where players engage other player teams. Rank up in your own Faction’s leaderboard to earn weekly prizes.

Find other players to be your Ally. Borrow a kombatant and strike a decisive blow against your enemies.

* Mortal Kombat X features high quality visuals. Performance is not optimized on devices with less than 1GB RAM such as the Ipod Touch and Iphone 4S.
** A minimum of 1.5 GB of free space is required on your device.
Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore.

MORTAL KOMBAT X App Description & Overview

The applications MORTAL KOMBAT X was published in the category Games on 2015-04-07 and was developed by Warner Bros.. The file size is 1,006.86 MB. The current version is 1.19 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

• Complete tasks to unlock character customizations in the new game feature FEATS OF STRENGTH! Customizations include Victory Stances, Taunts, War Banners and more!
• Win battles to show off your customization combinations!
• Earn a permanent Stat increase for that character when you complete a Feat! Earn RUNES to unlock the new Strength Pack!
• Take on the new KLASSIC ERMAC Challenge!

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Awesome game...I have some suggestions tho.  Luke4546  5 star

I love playing this game and I’m pretty good at it. I have been playing for a while too. I have some suggestions too. I think you should be able to donate to your allies. I think you should be able to search your friends usernames and have them as your allies too. I think there should be way more packs you can buy with coins. I think there should be more challenges at once. Like the weekly challenges, there should be more than one at a time. And the rubies from faction wars should be easier to get, or the cards you get should be cheaper. Also when you unlock a card, you should be able to purchase it from the shop with either souls or koins, it’s hard to evolve the characters when you have to purchase a pack every time and hope you get the same card. And I know diamond characters are a pretty recently added thing, but I think there should still be more of them. Also when packs come into the shop, like the twenty dollar card pack, you should be able to purchase them with the gold you have, 1,500,000 gold is $100 so if you pay 1,500,000 you should be able to get the card 5 times. Thank you if you actually read this!! And over all this is my favorite game!


Diamond  mileyton  1 star

Why can’t I get a diamond character


Best  Kingroys  4 star

Love it 😍

I want diamond card

I want diamond card  I want diamond card  4 star

I want diamond card

Jere 😤🔥

Great game but iPhone X support when?  Jere 😤🔥  5 star

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years, but since I got this new iPhone it doesn’t feel so good.. I mean having black bars around the whole game is just so annoying and I can’t wait until the iPhone X display is supported because I love this game

When I enter the game come out

When I enter the game come out  When I enter the game come out  3 star

When I enter the game come out


بويوي  يرطرطرط  5 star



Plz fix this plzzzzzzz  ghostbess  4 star

So I used to play mortal kombat x for a year, then like every other game you get bored of it, but then I really wanted to play it a few months later so I downloaded the game and did the tutorial and the something happened the screen turned black and it said pick a username so I did and then it wouldn’t let me press done so I was stuck on the screen so I got off the game and started it again and it showed the same thing so then I deleted the game and got it again and the same thing happened then a few months later now it’s 2018 August and I really want to play mortal kombat x and so I got the game thinking they fixed the issue but it’s still here and that’s why I’m writing this plz fix this plz I really want to playyyyy!!! Also the game was really fun when I did play it but because the issue I’ll give it a 4 stars Also I would give five stars if the issue was fixed


IPHONE X UPDATE PLEASE!!!!  Scorpionsting97  5 star



BizzyB  Sexyperota  5 star

Great graphics💀 seamless game play💀over all great💀


Last update  SelvanG  5 star

Since the last update my season milestone in faction wars is not working. Although I have won many battles, it does change or give me the rubies for completing each milestone.update - Issue has been resolved. Got all missing rubies. Well done team


Change the challenge tower  Splatmat  2 star

Before the 1.19 update I thought the game was great. Only problem would be the waiting time for the challenge tower. I have an average team and even then I complete all the towers in about 2 days max. But for the rest of the week I would be waiting for the next tower to come out. With the new update you removed the second stage to the tower but you have still left the time limit to 7 days. If anything you should have shortened it by at least half when it had 2 stages, now that it has 1 stage it has become unnecessarily tedious waiting a week for the next tower to come out, only to give us 1 horrible challenge character. Either bring back the different levels to the tower so we can get more than one card or give the tower 1 day only.


BEST GAME EVER!!!!  Game4Fame6  5 star

Thank you so much the only thing I would like to see is the increase of soul coins because I want to get some of the gold characters and I don’t want to spend a lot of time fighting


Crashing  Qiniso11  5 star

New update is crashing and won’t let me login on my account the game just stops


Disappointed  Tyrone1113  2 star

Haven’t been able to progress in the story at all. Game crashes every time it says finding friend


Update fail  Colonel_B  5 star

Since the June update I haven’t been able to play or launch the game as it keeps crashing. I use an iPhone so is there any explanation? Almost 6 days not running


T  ovidox  5 star

Best game versus game ever🔥🔥🔥🔥


Latest update failure  Redgreenguy  5 star

Latest update and game fails to load at all now on iPad.


Johnny Cage Ninja Mime  JKLOMST  5 star

Please add Johnny Cage Ninja Mime to the store I am dying to get his but all the packs I open I can’t find him. And please make him a starter character as well and cheap too. Great game


Crashes  RuggedTigga  1 star

So this game crashes a lot resorted to uninstall and reinstall like 3 times!


Very good.  Ermenest  5 star



Not cool  fanisok  3 star

My games keeps crushing after the current update 😡


Game keeps closing after recent update  Chuksblaze01  5 star

Love the Game, however it recently started crashing after the movie intro. Just updated please fix thanks


Return help from ally  karkraze  4 star

Why did you remove help from allies. They helped defeat some enemies please bring it back and also sound problems fix that too.


Crashing!!  KwesiAwesome  4 star

The game has been crashing for weeks anytime I open it. Today’s update says the bug that caused it has been fixed but its still crashing!! Fix it!!!

Ain Madhi

Fix some stuffs  Ain Madhi  5 star

If a person is suspended that account must work after 3months.. not over a year and SOS packs must be frequent plus Faction Wars rewards must be given orderly and not anyhow!!!

Imperial Selasie

Sound problems but still awesome graphics  Imperial Selasie  5 star

Apart from the sound going off after a call or text, the game works just fine. Awesome game


Multi player mode  Qwame.k  3 star

Kindly give us the option to play against our own friends face to face. For instance I can have my device with the game installed and my friend can also have the game installed on his own device, but we can link our devices and play against each other. This will be very cool.

m ,/EddyGlory

Best combat game ever  m ,/EddyGlory  5 star

I really enjoy it a lot


We tip  Mic.roc  5 star

U know u could add some quotes before the battles and fatalities with a little bit of fighting combos . The games just getting old but its great this will even get u more ratings and downloads.Also u can make it one on one that's the mortal kombat way and the fatalities we'll make it like a bar the tokens you get the chance of executing a fatality


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