Mortal Kombat X brings its trademark Fatalities and X-Rays to mobile with stunning graphics and over the top moves that punch you right in the guts. Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth!

Collect Mortal Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others. Discover the newest additions to Mortal Kombat such as the insect-like D’Vorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Kahn, and the mysterious Kung Jin.

Customization comes to Mortal Kombat X Mobile! Complete tasks through gameplay to unlock character customizations in FEATS OF STRENGTH! Win your battles to show off your personality with combinations of Victory Stances, Victory Taunts, and War banners. That’s not all! Unlocking Feats of Strength also gives you a permanent stat increase for that character!

Collect Kard Packs and character cards to unlock powerful upgrades, rare equipment, and strengthen your team. Receive exclusive deals and early access packs such as Punk Cassie Cage Pack and Gold Fire Starter Pack!

Create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.

Compete with other players in multiplayer Faction Wars, an online competitive mode where players engage other player teams. Rank up in your own Faction’s leaderboard to earn weekly prizes.

Find other players to be your Ally. Borrow a kombatant and strike a decisive blow against your enemies.

* Mortal Kombat X features high quality visuals. Performance is not optimized on devices with less than 1GB RAM such as the Ipod Touch and Iphone 4S.
** A minimum of 1.5 GB of free space is required on your device.
Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore.

MORTAL KOMBAT X App Description & Overview

The applications MORTAL KOMBAT X was published in the category Games on 2015-04-07 and was developed by Warner Bros.. The file size is 1.02 GB. The current version is 1.21 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Be afraid, the most epic Halloween update has arrived with…
• Four brutal Halloween and Day of the Dead characters! Available through special Halloween Challenge events.
• New limited-time only Halloween Character Packs!
• New limited-time only Halloween Feats of Strength Pack!
• New Equipment including Shang Tsung's Stone and Rusty Chainsaw.
• New rewards for watching video ads.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Please note: The minimum operating system is now iOS 9.0 and Mortal Kombat X Mobile no longer supports iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad Mini 2. Please consider saving your progress by linking to your WB Play (WBID) account so you can access it from another device. The minimum operating system will be raised to iOS 10.0 in January and 32-bit device support will also be removed at that time.

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Crash  SCREWED.UP.CLICK  5 star

My game crashes when I start it.


Can’t play  mkdreem  1 star

Had the app for a few years. Updated iOS to 12.3 and hasn’t worked since. Contacted customer support a month ago. No response.


MK X  KingLeonidas5700  5 star

Excellent game.


Upgrades  Ghost4496  5 star

In a future update can we please have the option to sell special attack upgrade cards? Both bronze and silver characters are all upgraded so now the special attack cards are just sitting in the upgrades section taking up space. So unless you plan on adding more silver and bronze characters to the game, can we please sell them for coins or souls? Otherwise they are just a waste and taking up a lot of space. Other than that this game is pretty great.


Hummm  djddhi  4 star

Haven’t been able to login in two days when is it going to come back up?

Alek Jurek

Some Balancing Issues  Alek Jurek  3 star

I love this game, I would give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, but there are a few issues I witness all to often. 1. Jade, as the ability to avoid a special or a combo finisher all is fair, But I like to main Sub Zero, every time I have ever done a Ice ball special back to back (special 1) the first one works (not that often) so I go in for a second but little to I know a stupidly over powered counter cancels any damage I could have done letting jade do the ghost thing while already frozen and dumps the damage back to me. 2. Immortal Wood, every now and than (more often than not) during a Multiplayer match when I have depleted an enemy’s health to the point where it is no longer a visible line (0.01% Health) the enemy gains this hovering wood effect and is unable to receive any damage for a notable amount of time (about 7 seconds) which is very unfair as I and many other players have spent a lot of time to level up a character only to lose to an invulnerable enemy 3. Red Shield Aura, every now and than (more often than not) during a Multiplayer match when I have depleted an enemy’s health to the point where it is no longer a visible line (0.01% Health) the enemy gains this red-ish Orange effect and is unable to receive any damage for a notable amount of time (about 12 seconds) which is very unfair as I and many other players have spent a lot of time to level up a character only to lose to an invulnerable enemy 4. The Red Shielding and the Immortal Wood, this is the worst because they stack and it is virtually impossible to beat that enemy and not die 5. Preemptive Tag-in damage, there are few characters when they are teamed up to the point where fighting back isn’t even an option, there are some teams you can come across that will give you a debuff or instant damage (or multiple effects causing even more damage) thus causing you to lose the match before it has even properly started. I feel these 5 things need to be looked at nurfed, balanced, or simply removed. I know I am not the only who will stop playing if such things will keep you from progressing, I am not asking for the challenge to be removed I’m asking for the unbeatable challenges to be removed... cause why spend the time programming a challenge that is literally impossible to overcome? Thank you for taking the time to read this review I hope you see my point of view on what should be fixed.

rip dxxtentaction

It’s fire  rip dxxtentaction  5 star



The Ole Best Adory  TheGaintSlayer  5 star

Big Ole Menge Adory


No full screen  Frazier1263  1 star

No full screen for iPhone X


No faction rewards?  sacboi3  1 star

I always get up to a high rank in faction wars and I don’t get my rewards for the past 5 times? What’s going on


Crashing game  Jaroodi  3 star

The game is awesome, but support for the game is awful. The game has been crashing for the past few days. Please release a patch to fix the issue.


What ever  amkldad  5 star

Suddenly game doesn’t let me go on it.!!

SAM 6t

Glitch  SAM 6t  1 star

Unfortunately I have been playing about four months now and I just got a dimond shao Kahn and a klassic reptile but today when I tried to log in my mortal kombat it just kicked me out.I tried updating my iPhone 6 but it still didn’t work.WB PLEASE FIX THIS BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A WB ACCOUNT!!!!! So please fix this or else I would just have to resta the whole game again.please.


It’s great  SuperChill13  5 star

It’s a great game but can you please bring in Kabal he is my favourite and I would love to play as him


I love this game so much!  ElderWoWo  5 star

This game is amazing, I have had many accounts and every time I started a new one it had been just as fun, I play this game on every device and there is a reason for that. ITS AMAZING!!! This is a reply to Elite Gamer PRO’s review, yes Shoa Kahn is very hard to get on some towers but there is a reason for that Shoa Kahn is one of if not the best card in the game so there is a reason for it to be extremely hard to get him and if you can’t complete the tower that just means you are not yet good enough to achieve him. I have tried many times and failed but that’s fine by be and I finally got him this previous relic hunt. Once again I love this game and thank you nether real, studios!

Lenny Litherland

Doesn’t launch  Lenny Litherland  3 star

Great game. Stopped launching several weeks ago

Dean Parthimos

Inappropriate  Dean Parthimos  2 star

This game has hearts falling out it should be 17 years or over


Add if you want  sndhvdenkpb  5 star

This is a thing that you can add a Diamond sub zero cause he my fav character a mode to battle friends and that’s it

test your might

Are the rest of you kidding...?  test your might  5 star

I don't care what you say about mortal Kombat, and about the return of Shou Kan. I like what they've done with the game, adding the feat of strength gave another reasons to play this game!!! Look I get what you guys are saying but the first couple of reviews have been nothing but trash talk to NetherRealm. I've had this game for 3 whole years now and it keeps getting better and better by every update . But please if your reading this NetherRealm please... please make souls easier to get and add Predator to the game


Issue loading  vitamin2212  5 star

The app keep shutting down wen I load it up on the intro movie any ideas wat I can do to fix this issue cos I like the game but it does not load up at all


Hackers Paradise  mlovesw  2 star

It’s not like this the first time it’s been mentioned which makes it even more ridiculous. There are so many hackers in this game that it’s hardly even fun anymore. You write to customer support,And they pretty much blow you off. They say they’re aware of it and they hope to address it in the next update but it continues to happen even after updates. And it’s the same people over and over with the VMFKX tags. It is unbelievably frustrating when you have characters that are maxed with cards that are maxed, and you can’t even put a dent in your opponents health. And when they hit you it’s pretty much one and done. I seriously do not understand how they cannot police the game better. Issue number two, I’ve been playing this game long enough and I have yet to receive a Diamond character more than once. How is it people have them at level X when there’s only a 7% chance of landing one when buying the packs? It’s mind blowing how rampant the cheating in this game is! This is why I will never spend another dollar on this game.

maddie hurst

Good game  maddie hurst  5 star

I like it so much but it needs more Freddy


Lol  bxbdbdhbsy  5 star



Mortal Kombat x  kumabear0708  2 star

Can not make a username.

Lalo 1948

Love this game BUT!!!!!!  Lalo 1948  1 star

I’ve play this game for a long time but about 5 months ago some way some how the system lock up and I couldn’t open the app them I lost everything end have to restart again, I was doing great again whit all of my carácter AND just 5 days it happens again it’s very frustrating.

isaiah barraza

MKX  isaiah barraza  5 star

Honestly this is one of my favorite games It is fun doing challenges but can you bring the undercover Cassie cage challenge


Lit fam  Mr.Swampert  5 star

This game is the best


Please fix bug  718se  5 star

I just reached Level 60 but my profile LVL bar didn’t reset but my players are still able to level up. 👎🏽


Reinstall  trakshiyle  4 star

My saved data was deleted and how i can get back?;(


i love fighting  SS4321ss  5 star



Unfairness  Snakedog35  4 star

Most of the time I play this game. Whoever I play against seems to have no effect when I strike back.


!!GREAT!!  Markus/(&&::€&;&"&  5 star

This new update is the best by far, now all we need are a search bar to add friends and to text them. Maybe friendly challanges too


Mortal kombat  Tom875378853  5 star

Fix the bug in the game pausing all the time when ever I play it other than that it’s a brilliant game love it

Leonardo leonel guillen

Good game but...  Leonardo leonel guillen  1 star

This game is one of my favorites but Kombat Cup Sonya always glitches and its frustratin cause sometimes Im fighting fatal battles and it glitches.Also theres many characters missing like Ferra Torr, Kabal, Stryker, Noob, Nightwolf, Smoke, and some other side of characters like the other sides of raiden. They should put up some new challenge characters and maybe some of the recent ones like Hanzo Hasashi elder god kenshi shaolin fist kung lao jade spec ops scorpion etc. They need to come out with am update this coming week because i played awhile back deleted the game and just recently started playing again so i missed out on a lot of new characters. Please update


Kombat cup sonya exploit ruins the game  Zewler  2 star

Fun game, but the exploit with kombat cup sonya is obnoxious... on battle 7 the difficult pvp and and opponent glitched the game with sonya cause he was losing, the match freezes indefinitely, i lose all my progress and dont get the energy back. Game ruined over a sore loser. Happens far to regular when winning a match


New Sonya Blade is Glitched  ObrienJep  1 star

Please fix Kombat Cup Sonya, many times in faction battles she glitches the fight so that you can’t do anything and the fight can’t resume. Will rate 5 once fixed. Thank you


Disappointed  k.ahm  1 star

After last update I lost all my equipment cards and talent points. I deleted and installed the game again, then my profile was gone, even though I have an account. I played for 3 years now it is all gone....... very very disappointed


Random bugs  Debs108  5 star

I love this game, it's probably one of the best mobile games out there! I'm on iPad air 2 with 32 gigs, but I have recently encountered a bug that freezes my game at random locations while the game is starting up. If I do manage to get through to the game, it doesn't have any sound effects and sometimes no music. Please fix this, the game is so good and I don't want it ruined by bugs!


Amazing But....  #Centurion  4 star

In injustice 2 (or 1) the fight moves are fast but here it's kinda slow but the game graphics and other stuff are like whoa


Fatality  Hdhdhdgehd  5 star

The fatalitys are awesome and sick and brutal put more people more fatalitys


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