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The carnival for celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Clash of Kings-Global SLG pathfinder is started! Tons of grants are scheduled to show our appreciation to every lord who stands by us throughout these years! The new released battlefield-[Mysterious Sea] is specially prepared for our kings over the world!

※ [Mysterious Sea] has been officially released
From the land to the sea, reveals the new chapter of the war!
※ Tons of grants:
1. Free to take massive gold - a total of 5.5 billion gold is awaiting you.
2. Come back and continue to play, you will be sent a piece of the super powerful set-Archangel Scepter as a gift.
3. Permanent castle skin - free to get a 5th anniversary themed castle skin.
4. Deluxe Dragon's Gift: Dragon's Gift Plus, more items in it while the price remains the same!
※ Game quality up:
1. Fully improved the image quality of in-castle and out-castle appearance!
2. The daily quests are simplified. Frees your hands to enjoy battles!
3. A new opening CG, perfectly reproduces the most authentic war!

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Clash of Kings - CoK App Description & Overview

The applications Clash of Kings - CoK was published in the category Games on 2014-12-30 and was developed by ELEX Wireless. This application file size is 214.97 MB. Clash of Kings - CoK current version is 5.09.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

"Event previewChallenge from the wise man–coming againKnowledge is power! Answer questions to join the division of Gold. The more the participants, the richer the prize pool. New function preview The Auto Battle featureAdjustment and optimization of the functions1. Adjusted the rules about Altar in the Mysterious Seas1) Initial ownership2) Rules of the battle stage3) The function of the Altar2. Lord Trial3. Optimized Lord Skill4. Optimized rankings"

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Clash of Kings - CoK Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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gotdogs77   1 star

Don’t spend money. If you need help don’t expect customer service to help you. If you spend money, you will get screwed.

Mr. Pickles 422   2 star

Love this game.......but. The constant scrolling across the top of my screen is annoying as hell. And I mean constant. I’ve played this game for 3yrs. I’m p6. But the scrolling is enough to make me not only walk away from this game but elex as well. I can find another game, can Elex continue to replace players that leave?

~Aunt~   1 star

Favored to the Chinese , catered to the rich.. I’ve been playing this game for years and put in so much money. It has been fun but I’m tired of the favoritism this game provides to the Chinese as many other countries purchase $99 package and the Chinese purchases them for $30 or less. Their excuse is it depends on society. 🙄 many of the Chinese players build castles and sèll them to other foreigners. Majority of the kingdoms are run by Chinese because they can afford to play this game for years to come. People are quitting and dropping like flies because the developers continue to add more features, updates and upgrades. You become too busy trying to build your castle which takes the fun out of the game because you can’t battle with weak troops or they will die and you’ll end up paying more money to strengthen them. This game is a money pit. Big spenders receive more benefits. This game is not catered to those who hardly spend or don’t spend at all. The responses to your reviews here are copy and paste as you noticed are all the same responses. They only care about making money. Don’t waste your time because it’s no longer fun anymore. And just in case they do slap a “sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you, please contact us BS.. “ well I’ve made many complaints and it was never resolved. Don’t get hooked, there is plenty of other apps that are fair and fun. They tore the fun out of the game because they are desperate for more money since many playing.

fatfreddysfatcat   5 star

Great game!! Ive been playing for years.. love it!!. Great game been playing for years... love it!!!!

Elíaz_27   1 star

No puedo espiar a nadie. No puedo espiar a nadie , el juego es una basura

jsior   1 star

:/. Feel like the roulette games are rigged

Aria🥳   5 star

5 minuets. i just played this game for 5 minuets, i hope its nice

Sleepingws101   1 star

Can’t play game. Spent money on the game, says updating data in game but always stops at 99% and can’t find a way to access support to help me

Ryan12316373719   1 star

READ READ READ. I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year. I have spent money and my valuable time playing this game after parallel kingdom shut down and this has to be the WORST game I’ve ever played. Not because of the way it’s set up but because of the sheer disrespect and lack of support from customer service. I lost my account a few months back and contacted customer service to have them retrieve it for me “As they told me they could” and I was met with a tech that was extremely ignorant and difficult about giving details on my account. After providing payment receipts, transaction dates, screen shots, tracking numbers etc I was basically told to go fuuuck myself after my device would not physically allow me to fill out a form with questions I answered prior to having it sent to me. I told the customer service rep that my app would force close every time I tried to complete the form and was met with disregard. I was told that I should go get a new device to fill it out. Excuse me ? I’m broke! I can’t afford another device. Seriously dude ? Then to top it off when I said use the information I provided (Don’t take this as me being a crappy consumer) my screen shots, account info, payment receipts directly from iTunes with MY name and address and card information I was told in light that they could not help me. YOU MADE THE GAME. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN HELP ME!!!! I was my thousand dollars back or my account. I have the screen shots from your ridiculous customer service tech as well.

ouდდდ   5 star

banned account. my 200 million power castle is banned for permanent and i have no idea why. i am sending mails to u for a long time but u never answered. this is totally unfair. i loved this game but i see its not safe. i can write here my coords if it helps, but i dont have hope. i dont have idea if spending money in this game has any sense

Jadenjenn   1 star

Support doesn’t actually read. Mailed them over and over for the past month about my avatar being frozen and unable to change. They keep talking about a review process. No just stop and read, it is stuck.. frozen... not being reviewed at all for several weeks now. They removed my old avatar and it’s still stuck. How hard is it to understand my account has a problem with the change and why can’t you fix it. Because you do not read the actual complaints that come to your customer service. I’m done even spending for a .99 pack. Why pay for anything at all for a game that doesn’t actually fix its problems.

Kara Menderes   1 star

If your smart?!. Don’t play this game, waste money

-DeBo-   1 star

Generic pay to win game. This game has evolved from a fun community oriented game to a pay to win clown fiesta. Developers do little to address legitimate glitches if it works against the player. They’ll admit fault and then when you request compensation they stall and then later deny any wrong doing. Steer clear of this game, it isn’t worth your time or money if you have it to spare.

Davide Secondo Generazione   1 star

Clash of Clans a Winner!. Terrible company and dishonest. I canceled my account since August but have been charged with out my permission. I have tried everything to get an answer but still no response. Don’t get deceived. Bad company.

Chalo797   1 star

Bad bussisnes. Played this game for over a year and spend a lot of money in it, got problems logging in and could activate a shield got attacked lost everything contacted customer support and they said maybe I didn’t have good signal so no big deal then another year and same thing happen took pictures of the screen tried to log in for over an hour nothing all other games I have work except this one got attacked again and lost everything Again contacted customer support and they said the game wasn’t haven any issues at that time even with the pictures I sent them they didn’t solve anything. Don’t waste time on this game there are others better

ChicagoRE   1 star

Clash of Kings. Game is repetitive, brainwashing, and ever so consuming and costly if you want to keep up with the Chinese [and other third world countries] players who purchase gold for a fraction of what we pay. Developed by ELEX, which is based in China; ELEX incentivizes the Chinese, etc. so we — Western peers — are forced to spend more of our money. My single advice is don’t download this game and fall victim to their exploits. Further, USA is in a trade war with China. China continues to manipulate its currency and offers unfair subsidies (COK “Gold”) resulting in trade inequality (game imbalances) and intellectual property theft.

fjfjfidnbdy   2 star

Kingdom transfers. I have played for a long time and even lost castles and had to start over but im giving it a low review because recently my friends and i have been seperated in to different kingdoms and i would like to be with them with out starting a third time

Lullabye nanny   1 star

pay to play. the game is enjoyable with plenty of stuff to keep you occupied, but if you are a non spender or do not spend over $$$ per day or week, the growth of your castle will be limited and extremely frustrating. along with the frequent game bugs and poor customer service who seem to be robots saying the same apology over and over i would not recommend this app

The Beast Gaming   5 star

Listen kings queens and peasants. This game can get interesting and intense you can actually feel like a god king queen emperor empress goddess whatever you want to be referred get this game my lord...

gridlock prime   1 star

Ripped off. Spent over 10 thousand dollars on game and they can’t make it work half the time need to sue some way for refund.

darklord45   1 star

Shame. Literally one the best and advanced games out there you could enjoy it however , there is people that spend a ton of money some how and burn your friends for hours because how low level you castles are verses there prestige castles so I would say don’t download it because it’s literally a waste of time I did enjoy it in the early days but now it’s just horrible because for some reason only Chinese members seem to be at the top of the servers with prestige castles with in moments of a new server opens it always happens so ima save you some money and time don’t install the game

Winterfeld1111   1 star

Poor customer service. Persistent errors and bugs with very poor customer service. One sees an issue and when a player follows up there is a new representative who now has to restart the entire process. Would be simpler for them to say they have no interest in correcting errors than waste a player’s time seeking a resolution.

FluffyPilot   2 star

Monopoly. I have played this games for years now. It started out as a great game. But recently it is driving players away due to the lack of enforcements for griefing on lower level castles or players selling accounts that are claimed to be modded. Alliances are forcing players to either quit the game, join their alliance, or be attacked often enough that they are NOT able to do anything but retrain and heal troops. If developers would seriously listen to and work with players that actually play the game and NOT SPEND MONEY on it..this game would be great again.

Estrellato huevudo   1 star

the start is stupid. if you reset the cell phone and put it back on tea it starts until you already do castle 5 so you can use your old account it's stupid that

psychojim   1 star

Non existent customer service. In June I made 2 in-app purchases at the same time. I only received 1. On my fifth ticket with customer service, I didn’t check on it for 24 hours. They closed the ticket because I didn’t check on it frequently enough. So I gave up. They stole 19.99 from me that day. Today was the end of a month long event, the Lord Trials. For $9.99 you had a chance to open double the rewards. So I opted to join the advanced event. At the end I had 27 reward chests that I needed to buy a key to open. It gave a message saying that the items were sold out to play the event. It was an ongoing event.I spent the last 25 hours of the event trying to contact customer service to buy keys. The only response I got was to uninstall and reinstall the game. Which I did, after that I didn’t hear back from them. If you choose to download and play the game screenshot every transaction.

bos man jsss   5 star

King. Es un excelentísimo juego

Quaffator   4 star

Game crashes is annoying now!!. Fix this game you guys adding new and new stuff and don’t think wjat is going on after it..... game crashes alot becouse of idiotic updates!! Before adding game stuff fix crashes and lags.... 😡😡😡

zombn8or   2 star

was good. last update crashes the game, guess who is blamed? add to that bragging, begging and shoving ads in our faces.

honestPèrson   1 star

Don’t play. My statistics dropped 20-40% each year so I had to keep spending money to build them back up. If you stop spending money they drop your stats out of spite I’ve been playing for 5 years have stats over 900 and today I quit.

The kill streak stopper   1 star

Do Not Download. This game used to be good. The highest castle level was 30. Everyone wanted to achieve this goal. The game was moved around through multiple owners. Many players perceived them trying to get their investment out of it. Now the highest castle level is Prestige 6 (36), going on Prestige 10 (40) from Beta Testers. The updates were stagnant, but then they came out every week. It was amazing. It turned south when the normal player who spent little could not keep up with the top spenders of the game. 99% of the community would use protection items to have themselves not to be attacked 99% of the time. The developers came out with a 5-10 year plan with many more updates which leaves the average player behind. For a player to stay competitive, it may cost 200-2000 USD a week. This saddens me to have to leave the game after 4 of the 5 years, but I was one of those players left behind. Please do not download.

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Anarchy242   3 star

Reinstall problems. I experienced a lot of glitches so I deleted the app so I can reinstall it. Now it’s not allowing me to

dewgitskee   4 star

Clash of kings. Not bad! Not good either

thestaylucky   1 star

BRUH. Look at the name it has a poorly spelt swear in it

ProMasterJohn   1 star

never stop upgrading!. lots of glitch, iam always reporting an error and they do nothing, every update of the game your attributes turns back to zero.

Ethamace01   1 star

Nothing changes. Been playing since before it was a year old and they haven’t added I single new thing to the game it’s the same thing over and over again making new event won’t change that adding another castle level won’t change that nothing you do will change it elex it’s time you realize that and the way I see it the best thing you could do right elex is shut the entire clash of kings game series down and move onto a different game make a something like nova empire or something and make it so that people who don’t pay to progress in the game can catch up to those who do otherwise you might as well just go bankrupt. This game deserves 0 stars

Marilou Savard   1 star

Sucks. Pay2win

Jsilva93   2 star

Awesome. Awesome game I just wish you can swap kingdoms after castle lvl 6.

AvilaBr   1 star

Atualização. Ta horrivel, essa atualização da civilização é muito ruim efeitos muito ruim, so queria o COK de antesss

#BGDVS   5 star

Perfetto. Io gioco da 3 anni questo gioco sa il fatto suo , però è meglio giocarsi quando si fuma qualcosa di buono best game forever

Not again..really   1 star

4G?. From what I see, my main is bound to Facebook. That is the bug. It won’t let my join. I’ve tried everything......I mean everything. Delete, still won’t let me open. Even when I go to app for clash of kings. Opens in my farm castle. At this rate, I will have nothing left to open up. It’s been over a week now

Yippee io   2 star

A good enough game but needs some serious glitches to be fixed. Whoever does the programming for COK needs to go back to school... the same glitches have been around forever, if they do fix it the next upgrade seems to bring it back. It’s like they use an older version to do upgrades, brining back old issues. It also lack good customer support... if you lose items, you get a generic response like refresh your game, even if you’ve added that you’ve already done that. then they usually close the option to respond to the same problem. This game has great potential and it used to be awesome, but they really need to get things back on track.

TofuKillerr   5 star

Good. It’s a good game but i lost my account :’)

bored stiff3   1 star

Game total waste of time and money typical from elix. Game total waste of time and money

Game allias- Annihilation God   1 star

Horrible game. I have spent a fortune. Every other month even after spending thousands of dollars, you become weak if you don’t spend in the following week. Primarily what you spent on last month becomes weakest thing in the following month.

Angeleif   3 star

Game is too complex. Way too many different battles going on save time for different events and such. Let’s get some bugs fixed !

jrjdjidosmndnff   5 star

clash of kings real money spending app. money money money is all this game has come to. boycott this game

Gerardagh   1 star

Pay to win garbage game. The game is so unfair and is pure pay to win, there is no point of even trying to play the game cause of players that play and keep ruining the game, so if you want to compete you either have to be a complete no lifer and stay 24/7 playing the game or just pay a couple of thousands of dollars I hope this game dies and its developers get bankrupt

New player, immediately purchased. No problems with billing and nothing wrong in game odd lag spikes not certain that's the game as I play on cell service not wifi. 👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Vishani26   3 star

Rich wins Poor looses game!. No doubt this is the best game i have ever played. However, developers have really become greedy over time. Play this game only if you have enough money to spend!

french guy 93   5 star

COK ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It’s a good game 👍

Cd vancity   1 star

COK - give TAN back his account. It appears that these developers are in bed with hackers. So disappointed with COK... do the right thing COK. Don’t bother wasting your time and money.

Jimifingers   1 star

Hacks, cheats and poor support.. Chinese alliances control every kingdom. Phantom charges to your visa, hundreds of Chinese bot farms, major glitches and poor "support". Google the issues in regards to this game and you will then realize how poorly it is run. Do not spend a dime on here.

halo77798   5 star

How can i get my account back. Hoc can i get my lost account back

MFKNSteve   2 star

Bugs. Game has notification bugs. Getting notifications for alliance mail that has been read already. Try deleting them then closing game and they come back as if they were not read. Fix ASAP.

Josh canada   1 star

Customer service is non-existent here.. I logged into awhile ago (its been about 10 days) and had 17000 gold missing from my account. It happened overnight while I was sleeping. I contacted support. They claim I used the gold to upgrade a dragon. This all occurred while I was sleeping believe it or not. I asked for them to provide me with information on time, which dragon and such.. they provided nothing but a pre-generated message saying screw off basically in poor English. This is even after me threatening to contact my bank and credit card company to dispute the charges for the gold I bought that went missing. They still sent pre-generated response in broken English. Just a warning for spenders.

khvkgcjgfx   3 star

Ok. Game is good but runs slow. Very unrealistic for battles though, ex 100k level 7 troops will always beat 200k level 6 troops, I have had battles close to this example many times with the same result while defending even though my troops are almost maxed out for research with attack and def. With new upgrade I can no longer equip my hero’s with forged equipment, not sure if anyone els is having the same problem.

GetGoodBro   5 star

One of best games I've ever played. I used to play COK since the kingdoms 98, it's been a long time since I played this game, I'm going to give it a try today

Zxcvb678   1 star

I cannot begin to list my grievances with this game.. Run ... search for a better game. Help and support are neither helpful nor supportive. I cannot begin to list my grievances with this game. The fact that it is a money grab and very few will ever get to the top is only one of the issues. It is the most frustrating game to deal with because of the many bugs and lags. Prepare to lose everything you have built up for months within minutes. Because you play with players from across the globe be prepared to deal with racism, reverse racism, homophobia and political and religious views you may not share. You are on your own.

Bone_Crusher   2 star

Mise a jour 3.29.0. Je joue a ce jeux depuis 4ans et cette mise a jour (3.29.0) sais vraiment la pire que j’ai jamais vus, pas capable de jouer sa bugg au 2 min et je suis meme pas capable de voir le niveau des monstres meme pas capable de voir mon fort d’alliance se construire et non seulement je suis meme pas capable de monter mon R3 en R4 très dessus mais sinon en général avant cette mise a jour de merde le jeux est super bon

samir.djazair   4 star

Trops d’argent a dépenser dans le,jeux. Arrêter de mettre tout payant

Advertorial    5 star

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Mystery Man 17   5 star

I am Magic Man 17. hi can you please help me I cannot reinstall my game I am prestige level 1 and I would love to get it back could you guyz please help me and thank you 😊

Another rob   1 star

Good game let down by bugs. Poor quality control. Each release fixes some bugs, but introduces just as many new ones. Some bugs affect fundamental game play. Marches go missing, attacks go unreported. It's clears the developers spend no time testing or playing the game. I have logged many bugs with them but they don't get fixed. Even the bug reporting function has bugs!

BLUEeyesss💙   5 star

Clash of king. It is a good game

bobbieblackheart   5 star

Good game. Good game take care though you can lose hours in here

Sam221a   3 star

7 day shield. Bringing out a 7 day shield would be awesome I noticed that you have been making a effort to add events and it is making it more enjoyable

Mithon18   1 star

mod. after update game shut down in25 seconds

destructa78acedit   5 star

Omg. Omg you actually answered my review thank you so much it how do you upgrade a hero love you guys

Keyryan PVP   4 star

Some improvements needed. There has been a difference between spender and non spender from start,, so many glitch , some people use it and get more powerful. I think cok should seriously focus on these matter ,,,, Rest of it other stuffs is perfect in cok.. love it

Marcus Vosamot   3 star

Okay. I have been playing for a while and was doing good but had to stop playing for about a week. After that everyone was ahead of me and I lost my alliance. What I think would be great is if you could replace your old account with a new one in a different kingdom

Brollga   2 star

Open your purse. How many credit cards do you have

Nuckogu   5 star

Hi. Why no update in iOS ???

KvØ   1 star

Disappointed. Pay To Win At It’s Peak

vetra40   1 star

Trouble. Since the last update I can’t log in I’ve been playing since the start I’m so upset the developers have helped but have unbound my account all I want is the password lock to go so I can play worse thing I ever did was putting a password lock on the game dont do it not worth the trouble

lovish khichi   1 star

crash. Its not working on ios 8

Pepsiwild   1 star

Elex. The game started great. But the influx of new updates weekly and the demand for $$$ packs ‘show me the money’ has become unreal. Every time you log in your spammed with packs and bugs

Braxeo   1 star

Buggy and massively pay to win. Been playing this great game for over a year, it’s concept is fantastic and the idea behind everything they bring out is amazing, except for the fact that it feels rushed and not tested for bugs, there are connection problems, response problems, items going missing from lag, freezing and crashing, been double charged for just about every pack I’ve bought. This game could be absolutely incredible, 5/5, they just need to make it playable for people who don’t want to spend $30+ per month just to keep up, the additions of hero’s is great! But unless you intend on paying $16 per hero you’re looking at weeks of farming, Then once you’ve bought that hero you just need to spend 3 months farming a half decent armour set, or pay $30 for in exclusive OP armour set specifically for that hero that is only available to people who will pay. Random bugs, badly placed text, unreachable and unreadable text and buttons, anything from a simple text wrapping issue to rewards from events going missing because of lag or crashes, as a fellow mobile developer it pains me to see that even the simplest of issues are still around, especially when they have these great looking events every week! It would be nice to see some cleaning up and bug fixing In the already massive amount of game content available. In a game like this, specifically when you’re participating in dragon campaigns, ancient battlefields and slaughter battlefields, every second counts, every 0.5 second counts, which is why I just about throw my phone through the wall whenever I compete in one. The need to teleport out at a split seconds notice, recall troops or pop shields is something is all done under immense pressure, and when you realise that every time you teleport you need to re locate the camera position just to be able to select your castle to attack or shield, or if you click on the scouting tower to see what’s happening but it freezes for that 1.5seconds too long, those kind of things are what cause holes in the wall. Sadly, I shall continue playing, I won’t be spending any money on this game from now on, unless they bring out some serious patches for the already existing content I don’t see the point in throwing away money. This is honestly my favourite mobile game, it’s ideas are great, things look great, the events they constantly and consistently produce are great, I would just really prefer if they took a step back, tidied up what great game they already have and make it more enjoyable for the people who want to play competitively without spending a fortune.

#1dave 256   1 star

Fix it. Can't play since last update fix it now

jarl griffo   5 star

If this game was a person I’d make love to it.. This game is without doubt one of the best mobile games ever made it’s not a game where you just throw money at it and you’re the best you have to work hard and always doing something being in an alliance give you the feeling of belonging to a brotherhood the one and only thing I would change about this game is some sort of cap when it comes to ridiculous high level players coming and wiping you out for the fun of it yes they have put the time and effort into getting that high but when you’re on 3 million power getting attacked by someone who is on 70 million it seems a little unfair.

ErikHuynh   4 star

Add language. Can we add vietnamese for the language???

COK addicted guy   5 star

Very good game get it while you see it. My god I got addicted the second I opened it because of its beautiful artwork and tactical decisions

dianehough1   5 star

Love the game. With this game I have deleted I about ten times and it has always been one of my favourite iOS games. Thanks for making the game.

Lady Archers   2 star

Clash of Kings. The game is addictive but fun. You get to talk to people not in your own country. Would be better though if the version for PC was fixed. It would be easier to play. It was fun until the Kingdom merge. Now it is hard work. It would good to have all the glitches fixed before adding new features.

kingdom 1945   1 star

Game lag so bad. Hey everyone when I first start playing it was fine but after the latest update my game is so slow and even the scouting is delayed by few seconds so not happy about this . It’s like more money u spend more lag u get I even have to wait so long for the game to go pass the welcome screen . Fix this please.

Krysdang   1 star

Ms. Bad

Chadack   1 star

Play king of Avalon it’s the same as this but better. Play king of Avalon:dragon warfare it’s the same game but more in it and better quality this is a take off of it or the other way around. King of Avalon is better

TangoMilfshakes64   5 star

Yummy COK. I sure do love me some COK

Fireflyladyshine   5 star

Queen. Awesome

Robbo and Angie   5 star

Ripper of a game. This is a great game, good team play but it will cost to advance to the upper level, it a bit of a shame.

Riki a   5 star

Kingtickly. Love it great game

Tommy Aus   5 star

Great. It's great

Obey rutz   5 star

Amazing. This game is extremely addicting

beastatnotning   5 star

I can’t talk about how good this game is cuz it’s the best.. Still the Best

NYC23562   1 star

Poor customer service. You take my castle by banning it and I do all steps required to prove it belongs to me and you submit same for to fill out over and over again for weeks. It’s time to find out what the laws are on this matter. 😐😡

Jason Escamilla   1 star

I miss the old version.. I was bored and decided to re download this game after 2 years only to find out the drastic changes that were made. If only u guys would bring back the old version. Doing that WILL change my 1 star review.

Bbthebobo   1 star

You basically have to pay to play.. It’s awful. This game is impossible to play unless you sheild 24/7. People sit and torment you daily. You can’t farm plots. You can’t build. People can take your shield down when you’re not even in Their territory. It’s no fun. The only reason I’m even still on this game is because of the friends I’ve made. Otherwise this game is trash. All the responses from the developers are just apologies and empty promises. This game has no notice of maintenance. It just goes offline whenever. The glitches in the game have caused me so many problems. I tried to purchase a package on main account. And it did purchase it but put it on my Game Center account. I wrote a message. No reply. Lost out on $10 because it was put on an account I wasn’t even logged into. No compensation. I came back after not playing for a year and no Kings return. Glitched. I should have gotten it. I wrote a message to developers. Automated rely. Nothing happened. Told me I obviously did not do the event correctly. But had they of checked my logs they would have seen that I was serious and I was cheated out. I wrote a second time on the issue. No reply. No compensation. This game is here to take your money and for alliances to constantly bully you. You can even hide u set a shield because people speed build a tower on top of you. Drop a cannon. Slam your shield off zero you. It’s such a cheap shot. So many problems and developers give such generic automated responses. ..... I

Draven Executor   3 star

Good game, worst balance ever.. This game isn’t clash of kings, this game is clash of Chinese, I had to say it, and I said it, doesn’t exist balance competition, if you play this game, you may learn to lose ever, see rankings, I was playing this a lot of time, and this is the true truth.

Saxonlord   5 star

Love It. Great game it’s a must play

hebfjvhcbs   5 star

Love this game. I’ve been playing this game four years now I even got my boy friend addicted to it.i just love this game I would love it even more if they would give me a unicorn skin and wings lol. Only downfall is it is very expensive.

Sambosam1   5 star

Awesome game. Enjoy playing

wbtmtm   1 star

Fun game but really bad service. I played this game for 2 years. I made the highest level and played at it for about a year. It’s a really good game. It’s complex and I bit difficult to get started. Like most games of this type it’s pretty much pay to win. The main problem with this game is the customer service. You will have to talk to them because the game is always getting new bugs. Things you spend a lot of money on sometimes just disappear and the customer service is completely useless. They will not even try to help or compensate the players even when provided with proof. I quit playing because of them but still talk to global friends I met playing

Airiyalynn   5 star

Fantastic game. Been playing for going on four years now absolutely love this game !

camacho luis   1 star

Warning. Customer service is the worst!!! They tell you they are working on it but take 4 weeks a never do nothing. Peace of trash

augurhead   4 star

Lost castle. Help! I accidentally unbound my castle from Game Center. Now I cannot access it, find it or switch to it from my second castle which is bound with Facebook. The lost castle is named Vodker and is in kingdom 1111. It’s level is 43. The second castle is Vodker#2 level 30 and its also in kingdom 1111. Can you help me recover Vodker.

keepergrim   2 star

Keepergrim. I now give it a 2 star because one unless your a huge money spender you can’t make it far with out working for a long time. Also if you are a iPhone user it takes longer to get the correct update since game in mail tells you it’s new update is ready but iPhone version is not

kong5464   4 star

I can’t login. I can’t login, I try so many times, but still can’t login

MiguelFunesLOL   5 star

I REALLY LOVE IT, BUT.... I really like the game, is the coolest game that I ever played! Even better than fortnite! The only thing is when I purchase something i doesn’t work, like the game dont take the momey, i am a month trying to purchase something but i cant

toby52717382   5 star

Clash of kings. Awesome game

عقييييل   5 star

Good. Good

Susycue3   5 star

Love it. Ive basically stopped the other 2 i played. Idk where bulling comes in. Maybe ill find out eventually. But where im at, we have a great group.....

Ghzei   1 star

لعبه غشاشه و احتيال كبير. يتم عمليات الغش و الاحتيال في اللعبه بعمليات الشراء و الدعم لاطراف اخرى علي حساب اطراف اخرى ... العرب يشترون العروض بقيمة 100$ و الصينين يشترون العروض بقمية 50$ و اقل و يوجد اثباتات كثيره لهذه نتمني من ادارة الشكاوي في ابل ستور التصرف و النظر بهذي العمليات

Yea, me   1 star

Edit/Update. Wow! This game looks horrible on iPad 6th Gen. Installed this on my XR and the display optimization is horrible. Seems like the game is better optimized on Android than iOS. Going to delete the game, there are other games similar to this that does get the optimization right.

your friendly game expert   1 star

Don’t waste your time and money. The game can be interesting, however it’s definitely a pay to play game. If you’re not a big spender on games, this game isn’t for you. There are the purchase events which are a way to make your castle better than the next person’s castle. If you are not spending more than the next you obviously won’t be as good and someone out there will always spend more. Then there are the Chinese which can purchase the same for far less than the US. Further more about the Chinese, they have cheats and hacks that no one else has. So by the time you start playing Clash of Kings you’re already far behind and there is no way to catch up unless you’re willing to drop a few several $10,000. As the game goes on it adds more and more for you to spend your money on. In conclusion if you’re looking for a game and spend a few dollars this isn’t your game. You’ll just get attacked over and over and never get anywhere but activated.

Jonl4653   1 star

Play at your own risk. Overall the game is ok. It is horribly expensive if you want to play and have any fun at all. When I say horribly expensive I mean that you should get ready to dump at least 1K per month into this game or you will have to live under a shield forever because you will be too weak to fight. Now if you are ok spending a ton than there are still things to consider. This game is incredibly glitchy and the customer service is nonexistent. They answer you in a halfway decent amount of time but either take forever to do anything or do nothing at all. Free to play is a myth unless you are ok with being a farm for kills or resources or both. So basically go save yourself some money and go out and buy a new BMW instead. Sadly I’m not kidding...also I think that the reviews are being changed as I see tons of 5 star reviews that clearly states that they are rating the game 1 Star.

Petesdsk   1 star

I agree.. This game dose promote bullying. It is all about money. Its is driven by money and very un balanced money is power in this game it takes years to advance and only those who spend money can survive. The support is a complete wast of time, they are argent and serve no purpose. They get nothing don nor do they even try. The game is very glitchy. Causing massive losses as well as coasting players latg sums of money. I think a three year old could run and manage the game better than the current sys admin. Players have been leaving the game in droves. System is more concerned with trying to lour and bait players back to the game that they dont fix the issues with the game. Instead the worry more about getting players back In summation game takes massive amounts time money. And offers no support or responsibilities for the game. So if you dont care about tons of money and getting screwed by the fame with no support. Go for it and get used to the horrible feeling of loosing six to eight months of wirk due to system glitches and support that not only refuses to fix issues. But dose t bother to help if they arent being nasty to you Thanks pete

FallFire342   3 star

COK really of all names COK. Why the name COK? We all know probably what u guys are referring to 😉

lolizakie   5 star

It’s addicting and fun. This game gives you the option to interact with others or play for fun

redsin78   5 star

😅. I’ve been playing for 4 years now love the game just hate allot of the new upgrades

Айван-1   5 star

Прекрасно. Игра очень интересная

Smokymtneer   1 star

Customer Service. There is totally no CS within this game.

toddusa   1 star

Account Hacked, Service is bad. I played many accounts through many kingdom , like K1061 K1464 K1578 K1672 K1776 K1942 I am currently playing in K718 and my account got hacked before the dragon campaign. I asked the game support to return my power or compensate me the speed , material etc. they refused. And they told me your compensation is by percentage. What the hell it is. Being a VIP club members. I invested a lot of money on this game. I bought a lot of packs and build a lot of troop to prepare the dragon campaign, now they told me like that. Besides being a consumer , I feel I got cheat. If I bought something and I am not happy with that , I can return it. But now my rights for compensation is limited. Very bad service. I need my case get resolved ASAP

.1711.   3 star

Clash of king. Amusant, vous devez travaillé au sein d'une alliance et vous entraidez. Ce qui est désagréable c'est qu'il faut investir si non vous n'êtes pas dans le coup et êtes constamment attaqué.

Tannarus   1 star

BOT rules. Game has been taken over by bot farmers, wiping out normal players. Moderators only "talk" about discipline.

Gunjit Singh   5 star

No bugs. Game plot is amazing and it's fun to play most part of it

zeking4   5 star

It is soooo cool. Excellent game of strategy :) :D

Lillianna Malfoy   1 star

I hated it. The ad made it seem not like a simulator game.

Daws360   1 star

CLASH OF HACKERS. I would give it all 5 stars if it changed its name to what it really is.

Timmysmitty   1 star

Clash of kings. I'm not happy at all,for almost a month I had no or little alliance chat,I have tried everything and this is not my first war game,pretty hard to war without alliance chat and computer programmers with cheats is another problem I have been seeing first hand. They auto shield and automatically leave resource tiles when you attack and who knows what else.I have been using the customer service building and getting computer generated responses and or no response ,I'm not happy with game at all

Lyraaa1212   4 star

Good. Good

Obplc   1 star

Worst and worst. I play the game for 3 years now and you finally find a way to make it worst updaye after update. Game lag, always needed to restart. You win, i quit

ZDoom9100   5 star

Good. Really good game

fEANISH   1 star

Game no longer loads is there a way to give game zero stars. Can not log into Facebook bound accounts

فرح الشرقيه   2 star

Bugs?!. The game is crushing every time I open the app what happened?

Minx777   4 star

Adds :(. Decent game just the adds are crazy

London13131313   3 star

The adds are crasey. The a

Earth_Rocker   2 star

Greedy. The game was great a couple years ago, but the micro transactions are out of control.

legrandpied   4 star

4 étoiles seulement. Il manque la fonction de traduction que est très importante dans un jeu mondial. J'espère que ce sera pour bientôt! De plus, la traduction laisse à désiré ce qui m'as occasionné un achat qui ne reflétait pas ce que je croyais acheter.

Dannykenny87   1 star

Cash grab after cash grab..... To do anything in this game it will cost you money.... every new technology or building has more in game purchases needed to even remotely play the game...

PCThor2013   1 star

Was fun. I was having fun then all of a sudden the game just closing every time I opened it up.

justinaohcookie   5 star

awesome. keeps me occupied, kinda addicting and fun :) now..... my kingdom awaits!

Hellspecter   5 star

Yay it's good but vary glitchy. Yay

Shadow of wrath   5 star

Review. Great strategy game

Rapunzo044   5 star

Fun game. Enjoy

Glitched123   3 star

Mr. With the latest updated dated Feb 20th, the wandering caravan window appears 3/4 off the screen an is unusable. This occurred on an iPad Air 2 with the newest iOS. Aside from this coding glitch, the update appears to be good.

Dawrecker   1 star

Epic fail game. Normally I don't write reviews but the stupidity of this game pushed me to do so. Now unless you like losing everything you have and being "zeroed" by players 10x bigger than you, then this game is good. Also if you have tons of $$ to spend then this game is good again, no one can compete with people who "pay to win" by spending thousand of $$ to get to level 30 and then they get to kill small players. Still don't see the fun or challenge in killing someone 10x smaller than you. Also the game mechanics are broken. It's unreal how 100k troops T10 can kill 1000000 troops lower levels with almost no losses... that's right. Oh well have fun :)

Crooks613   5 star

Awesome game!!. I love this game!! A lot of fun!! :) I'd tell anyone to play this!!

DJDocStrange   1 star

Do NOT play this. This game is terrible. Unless you plan on spending serious money (tens of thousands of $$) you won't be able to compete. It's riddled with bugs. With every release comes game breaking issues. Seems like the devs are focused so much on making money, they don't know how to retain players. I highly regret the time spent on this game and so do several people I speak with.

Pamela292016   5 star

Addicting. I absolutely love this game:)

J2A-2MT   3 star

Ok. Ok

Reichmarshall II   4 star

Charlemagne. Good   5 star

Cool. I like it

lala82la   5 star

best game ios. i need it to some time

Zac216   5 star

Zac216. Great game

L cummins   1 star

Good game but.... your making it too complicated and ridiculous. You've really messed up this game.. a year ago it was good.. now.. I'm sorry it's poor

Mikelt1984   5 star

good game. I love it.

Lio Man   1 star

Clash of Money Kings. Only install this game is you want to spend heaps of money.....I was told it was a good game, however the developers keep changing it to force you to spend money to update. Only play now to kill time. You get pop ups and messages all the time...also you get wiped out by really strong players all the time and you can't attack them back as they either have a shield or tele port elsewhere and you can't find them

VM9123ab   2 star

Really poor game. All it wants is you to spend money. You can't get anywhere without spending. Also tries to keep you on line all the time. Don't play it, that's my advice

XXXMr.PopoxXx   1 star

Terrible game. This has false advertising to the max that I re made the pecking order goes you, this game, the dirt, the worms inside the dirt, popo's stool, kami then popo

Dcsimo87   5 star

Good game. I rate 5star

Mick_feltham   1 star

Try again. Keeps crashing when sending messages my suggestions is to fix what's wrong and not being out a new update ever 4hrs

Captaindynabolt   5 star

Great game. Great graphics & endless strategies its agame worth logging into everyday there is always something that needs building or an enemy to defeat/alliance to defend. Great graphics and easy to play keep it up. I can recommend this game to all strategy game enthuiasts.

simon_ma 1990   5 star

good game. this is a good game

Muto32   2 star

Review. I found items in the store very exspensive, No support I have had none, I paid 500 gold for an item I never received, 2weeks ago still haven't heard anything, the system keeps crashing, but other than that, I'm enjoying the game more the members I'm with in the alliance

Anank3   1 star

Would give 0 if I could! RIP OFF THIEVES!!. This game has way too many bugs. DO NOT SPEND EVEN 1 CENT as you probably won't get what you paid for and if you contact support they will tell you that you received it and then ignore you. They should be banned from the App Store as they are thieves. I am reporting to Apple.

Zacyboy1704   5 star

Best game. I love this game it's very competitive and I'm really addicted. Best game !!!

BadeggWong   4 star

有趣,有趣. 有趣,有趣

Onewog   5 star

Good stuff. Good game easy going .

alison22000   1 star

Worst support you could ever get.. I have a bug with my castle that I've had for 2 weeks. I've messaged support about the issue quite a lot in 2 days. Provided a full list of screenshots to prove other friends castles aren't affected. Had a friend message them for me, as per their request. They tell me it's not a bug after telling me it is a bug. Now the time countdown on alliance mine is fluctuating constantly telling me different time amounts. I try message support to inform them of it. They simply ignore my messages to them. I spend hundreds of dollars every week. Now I'm not paying a cent until they fix this. Worst support you could ever get. It doesn't take over 20 hours to reply to a couple of messages that even the dumbest if people can read. So angry.

Rasya22   5 star

Good. Nice strategy game

Hokonfan   1 star

Don't update. Can't login with fb Should test it before release to public

Daniel090292   1 star

Worst update cannot relogged into Facebook. I loged into gamecentre after the update as that was a farm account I can no longer log into Facebook as it just closes the game . There is no update and no fix for it guess I'll just wait for my shield to run out. Get zeroed by an enemy, complain because they stuffed up and get told its badluck nothing they can do. And then uninstall the game permenatly

一个任天堂的玩家   5 star

good game. i love china

真小魔   5 star

good game. good

Ubiquity inion   5 star

Good. Fix the bug update it now make it better

Ali0093   5 star

Ali. Good games very good

Kellieison   1 star

Can not access current version. Have download current version and can no longer access game!

Mr bu bu   5 star

Great game. Nice

Deegan06   3 star

Glitchy. Love the game but this latest update is very glitchy. It keeps telling me that my troops have returned home (every 10 seconds) earlier than they should yet they aren't in my castle or showing up on the map. The message screen says a message was sent or received earlier than what it actually was. The scrolling around the kingdom map isn't as smooth as what it was.

Koko2107   4 star

Awesome. Nice and very addictive.. Tho more could be done but so far so good

Mr_Fish001   3 star

Decent, but not fair for non payers.. This game is ok. CoK I'm going to say the game if fun but I'll just point out a few things I think you can change. 1 Female characters. Really guys, who clothed these people, did you run out of material on the men or what? 2 Pay to win. That's what this game is. I've spent nothing and over the course of several months I've grown to the power where if one of the Chinese attack me I can kill a grand total of... 17 troops. Great. 3 Ads. Please have less ads (with less women in skimpy outfits). It's annoying. Have a system where people can watch ads to get gold or something like that. 4 Tech support. I sent in a request and a week later they (in broken English) said the problem had been fixed. It hadn't. I asked again and haven't been replied to since. Thanks if you read this, it's still a pretty good game.

crazydutchman37   5 star

bug. please fix the game

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