Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 [Education] App Description & Overview

The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing!

Who said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boil the salad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipes and treat your guests to something special.

With five different kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfect setup for preparing fun foods! Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner?

Discover your guests’ preferences by watching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn’t like it? Try adding some salt. It’s fun to get the “ew”!

- New ingredients in the fridge
- New characters to feed
- Stronger character reactions
- Five kitchen tools to cook with
- New juicer and oven
- No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Kitchen 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them!

Toca Kitchen 2 Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome game!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Awesome game but I think the that it needs more foods and ways to cook so it does not get boring after you cook all of the foods and put sauce and salt and pepper on them. Otherwise it is a great, fun, 5 ⭐️ rated app

- Goooood game🤩but😕

Could you add more food like pastries 🥮 like cake 🍰 and muffins and pancakes 🥞. Also ice cream 🍦 and for the drinks 🍹 could you put ice 🧊 for them and more cooking 🥘 supply’s and more sauces. And more characters but otherwise it’s great 👍

- Really fun

I do get bored of it it’s just when my friend is over so we can do challenges would be five stars it’s not enough foods

- More food

I love it but can you add more food and characters and sauces and ways to cook but without all that this app is 5 star

- Awesome game but...

I really love this game however, it could use more ingredients to cook with and more ways to cook the ingredients. Please update the game because it gets a bit boring when you have to use the same ingredients over and over again 😄👍

- I love it

I love it and it’s fun but can you make it able to put food on other food and then they can eat it all at once? Also can you put and option to make sauce please? I would love it even more!

- I love Toca Boca

I love this app and all the others because it is so fun and no mater if you are a girl or a boy, this game is for bolth genders. There is also no adds and no in app purchases. You can create every food and drink. There is carrots, steak, potatoes,lettuce, and so much more. You can also boil it, cook it, cut it, fry it, and roast it. You can feed a Man, a Woman, and a monster.This might sound like a message from the creators, but I am actually a 10 year old girl.I think this better then the first one because I think the people you feed are kind of creepy. I think for your update you can put more food please. And please tell us what the spike blue food that the monster likes. I think you should totally get this app. It is for 2+ and is SO MUCH FUN. If there where 100000 stars, I would put that. Thank you for creating this app. - Serena

- update it!!!!

it’s not wide enough for any of the iphone x’s


My options are super limited plz add more food and recipes that would make it FIVE STaRs! Plz respond to this lots of other people think the same. PlZzZZzzz

- Need extra food

Need extra food

- OMG 😮 THE BEST!!!!!!!

My brother loves this game but if it’s to spicy 🌶 make his mouth burn and it will get soooooooo 😆🤣🥘

- Awesome but...

This game is really funny but please could you add cheese, milk, eggs and things like that? It would be perfect!

- I love this game

I love this game sooooo much, if possible could you make it so you have more options like soup or you could make pancakes muffins and cookies. Again I love this app

- Fun but...

This game is fun but needs baking and something like cookies, cake, and ice cream. Also maybe an option to create your own character to serve. Also please ad a sauce making machine. Overall great game but could use the sweets at least. 😛🐥🧐🍰🍪🍨

- Great

This game is amazing just for a future update can u make like a list of foods to make then they vote on how it taste. But make it a mode the normal is amazing

- Great game.

Great game but needs more stuff like chocolate and cheese and an oven to bake in. You should also be able to put tjings together like a salad or sandwich. And the chopping should be improved.

- Nice

The game is good but it doesn’t feel completed add more food and more ways to cook like add cake and cupcakes and more I know it’s hard to do these things because of the coding but please add more

- Hm

Fun for a small bit would be better with more options

- Pure Epicness.......Mostly.

I am insane bout this game, so I'll cut to the chase- More food and features would make it epically insane-(Like Sushi, Or Somethin') Awesome, Toca!

- im 15 this game still fun

make a third one though

- I’m 11

I’m 11, and I still play these! Congrats toca boca. Don’t know how you did it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- FUN!

I can’t stop playing it, with a bunch of food products I recommend it to anyone. Although I think Toca Boca should make a Toca hide and seek kinda like Toca boo

- More desserts

Pls add more desserts like syrup,ice cream and SUGAR then I will give you five stars. Also, pls make this game FREE!!!!!

- Wow

This game made me the real deal. It taught me how to cook guys. Ive been inspired to create my own restaurant.


This game SUCKS

- Great App

I'm eleven years old and turning twelve in a month and I'm still playing this app! It's really fun, but I think you should have more options for what to do with the food. :)

- Boring

This game is boring all you do make people food

- Actually.....

Great game. Oh and fyi there is shrimp in the game.

- Fun👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great game could use more food options Also can you please please please make a sushi 🍣 game

- Fun but needs work

Can you add a lot more food the garlic , buns, cucumber, avocado, and can you make it so we can combine the food

- Very cool 🤘

Awesome you can make food ,drinks,yucky foods and drinks

- 10

I can't believe I'm 10 years old and still playing this app:l

- Boring

It gets old fast. If I'm gonna pay 3.99 for a game, it better be a exciting. It needs an update or something. Don't buy this game.

- Great and Entertaining, but it needs. Moar.....

This app us amazing and I am so glad that is has such a variety of food (even dragon fruit), But I think you should be able to stack foods (sandwich) and they should add a microwave and a toaster and maybe even a bit moar food. I love how this game has no ending and also I got my older brother, friends, family and my brothers friends to enjoy this game.

- Amazing but needs more...

Its amazing! But I agree that it needs more food. I'll rate it a 5 if you add more food. Do NOT make a part 3. Update it please!

- Dessert

It's a great app I love it but it should have dessert it would make the app so much better

- Update Please

Add more foods and make recipes and more ways to cook!! That would make this app 5 stars

- Good game

This is a fun and entertaining app. But just a thought; maybe in this app add thing like cake or cupcakes or muffins or whatever. Maybe in a different app? Some kind of baking thing ? Just a thought, but maybe an app where you can bake cookies and stuff. Same layout as this, drink mixer, oven, but maybe you should be able to bake desserts. I understand the fact that these apps don't contain that sugary stuff because to be a good role model for children and such It's only an idea but if you do it I'll rate 5 stars.

- Fun but

Can you add more food it just gets boring doing the same food can you add pancakes or maybe even cookies that would be great then I'll give you 5 stars keep up the great work

- Needs more

Add more food and i might give 5 star

- Update

It needs more foods and more stuff to cook it and to be able too make cake and pancakes and muffins it just needs more to make it better

- I like this but...

I like this game but you should add milk and cheese and eggs. I think that the food is not very vary.

- Fun

Pretty fun time wasting game, some neat things to add in a future update would be: Eggs, apples, dough, avocado, peelers, an ice cream or sauce making machine, a grater/mandolin and maybe a whisk?

- Love it 😍

Y love it y love the game the monster💀 version is no match for this game

- It's a great app, but

I want the characters to sound realistic, cuz my daughter is now talking in weird languages, I say where did that Come from, she says, from Toca boca, her friends think she's weird now and they don't hang out with her, she's 11



- LOVE THIS!!!!!

Idek!! Just SOMETHING about this app has me addicted!! It is so awesome! Download it now !!

- Please add

Please add apples and peelers bysides that very good game!

- Sound not working

My sound isn't working for the game! I'm playing on a iPad 2. Please fix!!!

- Worth 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I'm a bit old for this game, but this game gives you an experience in cooking. It's fun, entertaining, free and there is no wifi included. 👍

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- Add

Add a peeler,apples, yogurt, mixer, salad things, more characters, and more please

- Awesome

Can you add something so you can make cakes and cookies

- Awesome

Amazing! I love this game it's so fun but add more people and food!!!

- Toca Boca games are excellent

My kids simply love anything made by Toca Boca. They're fun, clever, and make my kids laugh out loud.

- What to Add

The game is awesome, and my friends and I love the reactions. It's fun seeing the customers "eat"! However, I'd like it if you could add a feature that allows you to stack food items, apples & peelers, just a plain blender,(blending doesn't always mean juice!)hot dog & burger buns, sugar, and a decorate feature. Other than that, I rate it 5 stars!

- Great game

im 21 years old and im feeding children meat smoothies and deep fried watermelon, great game

- Awesome

Plz add a peeler.Its a really good app.Its recommend ✔️✅

- Nice!

Awesome! Gameplay is great. Good for young kids who are interested in food or cooking! :)

- It's fun

It's really fun but it gets boring after a few days. You can't make soup or sandwiches which is closing off a lot. Add eggs, flower or cheese and stuff. Things you can make different things out of.

- Fun

I got this game for free

- not updating

4 stars because i didn't get new characters or new foods.

- Love it! But add-

I love this app soooo much but I've started getting bored of it . There should be a wider variety of foods and tools. Maybe using the same software as toca school and city uses to mash foods together . But it's still a great app!!

- Just Why?

Okay, I am an older player, and I am very disappointed that this is the free app of the week, I am not saying that this game is bad or anything but I would like a game for ALL ages not just 2nd graders.

- App of the week

Omg this is the free app of the week omg I can't wait to play it!!!!! I waited too long to play it I think I'm going to have a blast!!😄😄😄😄🙂🙂😃😃

- Fun game

It would be nice if you could add in eggs and flour so you could make cakes and a oven :D plus a Apple I like apples

- Add plz

Please add some peelers and some sandwich maker thing that you can put like stuff together to make the samchis

- Pls add

Could you please add milk cheese sugar eggs nuts and butter and also flour

- Add more stuff

Pls pls add more stuff in getting bored, stuff like peelers , popcorn poppers, other machines

- Add please

I love the app but there should be a bowl so we can mix ingredients together.

- It's the go-to app on the iPad

We have had this game for about a year, and it's the one they keep going back to! My 6 and 4 year old especially love making the monster fall over when he doesn't like what he is fed. Lots of fun!

- Burn it baker

I like the game but can you make it so you can over cook and under cook food also maybe a baking option🤗😋 Finally maybe stuffing food like stuffing a turkey or pasta or anything also thanks for reading

- update please

add more things it's starting to get boring! I love the format so don't change that, but add like a soup maker and a masher or a salad or icecream in it pleaseeeeeeeeee

- FUN toca is a great game maker

so much fun i love how you can make drinks out of anything

- Diaspointed

This game was fun when I started, but after you play the game for 2 days, it gets boring. There are not a lot of things you can do, except for burning random foods, putting toppings on then and feeding them. If there were more things to do, I would give it a higher rating, but for now, it seems like a waste of money.

- Love it but...

I love this game but can u add chocolate and can u make the people be more grossed out by the drinks and make more expressions when they eat the food! Thank u other wise awesome game!!!!

- Needs more 😡

Bad needs more food but good has food fix the glitches needs a new update lower your standards and crazy prices but love it best game forever and always will be pls lower to 2.50 or even better 2.00 1.99 or 3.00 to keep it even Steven 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋other wise amazing buy it

- Very fun!

I really like this game but can you add bowl so that they can make soup and also a stacking station where you can stack things and make sandwiches and stuff please add!

- Add ice and soup pumpkin

Well I love this app because now u can mix things etc.. But I suggest to add a soup option and add milk for drinks bananas for fruit and sugar for seasoning plz!!!! also add more food items lkke pumpkin

- Things too add

U should add a soup maker, ice machine, apples bananahs, Milk, BBQ, pork chops, cheese and gravy, french fries maker, more characters, and u should be able to make thanksgiving dinners

- Please update soon

I still play the game and so do other people and so I am hoping that you will update with new features so the game will be even more fun.

- Why

Why can't you make this game for iPad 1

- Awesome game!

Great game. Some suggestions for updates: cheese, apples, lemons, blueberries, sauce maker and peeler

- Kids love this app

Many peaceful hours in the car can be attributed to this app

- Confiture

Il faudrait qu'il y'aie de la confiture pour mettre sur le pain


Be Abel to make SOUP in the pot with broth and your own ingredients with the food!!

- Awesome!!!!😁

This game is way better than the last and it has more food choices! You can also make juice which I think is very cool! It's the best app ever!

- I would give 5 stars but...

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!but I wish they a would add more stuff and make the people/monster eat the food them sefts and it would be awesome if you can make a person to eat the food

- Very good game but it can be better

It would be fun if there would pimentos, bananas, ham, nuts, egg, ice cube and cheese .Also a machine that can make food combinations to create a new aliment.(ex: french fries with brown gravy and cheese give poutine).

- Maybe

Sounds very fun at the start but as you play after 2 or 3 days it gets old and well... Not fun.😔 If you stick with games and love them forever then I recommend this game to you!✅

- I love this game

You should add more foods to the menu and maybe a peeler and a sandwich, salad maker too but u should make the people eat the food them self

- Ideas for more updates!

Awesome game. Please add ice-cream maker, sauce maker, soup maker because I'm tired of making them drink sausage juice, and the foods should be apples, cheese, and mangoes because mangoes are amazing. 👍👍 for this game! ❤️

- Okay

Like the new update but add apples and drinks

- Lol

My brother laughs at the burps and when he spit stuff out. He loves this game! Thank you!

- Good, but...

I love love loveee the new update and how you added the new foods and the fryer but it's almost the same as before! Maybe add a feature so that you can add as much food as you want to boil or put on the plate because I hate the limit you give us. Add a peeler of some sort and a feature to change views to add sauce that doesn't look splotchy. Thanks!

- Amazing! Add more!

Amazing game I'm addicted to it. A couple thing I would like for you to add is; Bananas, hamburger meat, buns. Apples, Apple peelers, hot dog buns, new characters; more than just 3, more sauces; mustard, , green red yellow peppers, add pop maker, if that even is a thing and PLZ add sugar, and a pizza maker

- What to add

Please please please add a peeler and a food mixer to make salads and sandwiches I like this game so much please add a update fast and please add a coffee and drink machine please please please. P.S:please give us information of the new version

- Great game and update!

I love this game,plus,this update is so awesome! For the next update you could add:desserts (that you can make),money from customers to buy new food at the grocery store (toca store) and some more characters please,thank you! Keep making awesome games! From your biggest fan! 👍😃

- Great

I think it's a great game! I have some suggestions. I think that there should be an electric mixer so you can mix eggs and cake mix. You should be able to bake cake and cupcakes and put icing on them. There should be recipes to make and steps that you can follow and make the perfect meal !! Plz add !!!

- Peelers

The game is super amazingly fun you should definitely get it but if it's not to much to ask for please add peelers to the game

- Love this

I love this game very much<3 but I would love if you added apples and a peeler that would make the game much more better<3 I do recommend this game<3

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- I love it but it need more food!

Please add more food bc there’s not much food types! So please add more ingredients 😁!

- My Childhood

I grew up playing this game! Now I’m older and I still want to play it. It took me forever to find it but I found it and I’m never letting go of my memories again!

- Ok

This app is ok but it’s gets a bit boring if you want something exciting do not download this app

- Great but...

I really love this app it’s just that I wish you could make meals like spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna. Other than that, the game is amazing!

- Love it,

I love playing freely testing new ideas that could one day be real dishes!But I was playing normally today, and I was thinking that there should be an update of soup & deserts!! Please add it in soon Luluimeliem

- Need egg

Please add egg 🥺

- Good, but....

This is a good app, fun and experimental. But there’s one problem. When you blend stuff, it puts it in a glass with a PLASTIC STRAW! Save the turtles people! I am just so appalled with that sort of behaviour.

- rEEEEeEaaaaAAaAAaAAly funny

Lol I made the customers fall off their chair so funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂

- Pls add cake maker

Why I want a cake maker so I can make onion cake and bread cake also a ice cream maker

- 💓🤦🏽‍♀️💓🐶🌙

We cooked jamiamas hair and it turned green poor jamiama

- Please add a cake maker and ice maker because...

Because the icemaker we could put any liquid fruit veg no meat though and of the cake maker again fruit veg anything but meat and can we use the juicer to make the ice cubes all so add I would love is to be in the game please put them in I would love it 🥰 thank for reading

- Needs a vegetarian version

Needs a vegetarian version or the ability to change the meat to a veggie option in the settings.

- I like breaking rules of my parents

You know how you parents tell you not to play with your food well you can break that in this game because it’s a game you are playing with your food and I like the idea of that 5 stars

- Just please update

Everyone have been saying in the reviews that please add more and more food and other things. I think that’s true this game needs a update. Please please just do it. Thanks for reading xxxx

- AMAZING!!! Toca Kitchen 2

I love Toca Kitchen 2 I play it everyday.But I know how to make it even better by adding more characters like maybe a really posh man/Lady or a 👽 alien or even a space man/Lady and plsssss add more food 🥘 I think there should be more interesting backgrounds because right now it’s just boring.LOADS of my friends play it and they love it and some are complaining and they told me to say it in the Reveiw.Thanks for working so hard on the game! ❤️❤️❤️

- Liked it...

Personally, I think this app is amazing, yet, there should be more food- maybe some more sweet things? Another good edition could be a potato masher, I hope you agree and possibly add these extras in, thank you for reading this review.

- Cool

Add food

- What?

There's not even a first game before this so why call it to a kitchen two

- Wow😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


- Add more food options

I think you should be able to make sandwiches and soups etc also cereal and maybe have a few recipients like cakes and pasta etc

- Great game but,

This is a great game but I really think they should have more food and people. With that out of the way I do really recommend this game to any age and you will still have fun. That’s a promise💕

- Great!

So good and quite funny 😂 thx for making it 😛😝🌈👍🏻

- We♥️this game.

Hi,We love this game because it teaches us to cook.Now we LOVE cooking.

- So cool so worth £2.99 but

I’m waiting a long time for a toca kitchen3 but if there not thinking of one please make one that app made my day great

- So bad

It is a waste of storage and it's so hard to play I hate it


This game is great and it’s fun but I wish you could make soup of stack on the bread maybe you could create another one? That’d be AMAZING!

- Great game but needs improvements

I love this gams but it could do with more foods and condiments as well as being able to combine foods and make sauces and new foods and just more, also more realistic foods eg the rice and spaghetti

- Love It👑👑👑👑


- best app ever

gr8 game m8 i r8 8/8 no h8. Its kinda l8 but i had ta w8 cos my mum confisc8ted my phone. So i couldn't mansturb8.

- Add it back

I have tried and tried to make a gross drink so the girl would faint but she doesn't do it anymore👿👿👿

- Good

Gets a bit boring after 20 minutes but fun :-)

- Hi

I don't even have this game

- It's funny about the glass

When you make a smoothie then you swipe your finger up On the sides or not on the sides it's like the glass is saying "Hallo😏" swiped again "HAllo😏" again "HaLlo😏" again " HALLo🤤" 1 more time "HALLO 😆😆😆😆"

- Great App, Lots of different recipes.

Great app! I recommend that you add making your own sauces. Or adding a cupcake centre so that you can make your own frosting. I think the game is great and I love how the people have different likes and dislikes, it adds more real ness to the game! Good job. Could use some updates but overall, great app!


PLEASE MAKE A TOCA BOCA KITCHEN 3 PLEASSSSSEEEEEEEE you can make some of the food sloppy like soup I would be good if you could bake cakes and desserts and some more food like chocolate and fruit and veg and it would be good if you could create recipes for cakes and meals and save it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

- Great fun

An App that is continued to be used. Brings laughter too.

- Terrible

I played a couple of times but now when I click on a character it goes to the home screen PLEASE FIX BuG!!!!!

- AMAZING!!! But.....

- You could add some more characters - Add more food Other than that it is great!! 😀 Make a Toca Kitchen 3!! PLZ 😫!!

- Very fun but why can't you mix food together?

I can't even make proper spaghetti with tomato sauce! And there should be more food like cheese and chocolate and candy and more fruit but I love it still!

- Luv it, 😊

I absolutely luv this app, however, I think they should add cupboards for bowls and things, a microwave, cocoa and stuff like that. Apart from that, I absolutely luv this app, and I think you should buy it. If you are reading this makers, please add them. 😊😊😊

- What is up with this app?

I bought this app and, for the first few weeks it was amazing (but I think it should add more food) yet, just recently, when you make a smoothie the glass wouldn't be there, so I turned off the app, I went back on and the people weren't showing up, went off and turned my IPad off then went back on and I couldn't get on, I hope this is a glitch because the app is amazing!

- So happy however,

I love the game and don't regret buying it however the food is limited which is Annoing when ur doing big foods also there isn't a big range of food to pick from but overall this game has had a lot of good work into it and I am happy with the results

- Now this game is amazing!

Outstanding game, there is non other like it. The team at toca boca has us all waiting for a 3rd! I have always loved these toca kitchen games and recommend trying out a few of the other games! Thankyou toca for this amazing game you have made all of us happy❤️

- 😎 dude

This is a good 😊 game but I think 💭 they beef more food and cooking options pls thx👌🏻👌🏻

- Make a 3 Toca kichen 😍😍😍😍🤑

way i what a 3 toca kichen becoz its soo good and thay can add more requed stuff i realy regomend adding beable to make papyrus famus spogetii if u dont no papyrus hes from a game named undertale go a head a serch it up if u what thats all im gonna say see u when u make a 3 and ill will telll u if i like sins i whated i 3 toca plz give me a link to the pre alpha if the makers read this 😱😈💅😈👻👄😱😝😅😝🙃😝😆😝😄☺️😎😝😗😠😝🤗😋☺️

- 😎best toca boca game

This game is the best toca game

- Good for kids and wierd 60 yr olds

lol I got this when it was free!

- Improve:

This game is real fun, but I think more food should be added. Please consider: Freezing food : Ice-cream, Lollies and Ice Cubes (maybe snow cones? Or slushies!!) Sauce and Soup using a blender(eg. Spaghetti Bolognese) Cutting potatoes (peeling) to get chips Gravy Please add the following: Cucumber More pudding options Peas And a masher for potatoes Thanks, and overall a great game!!!!


This game is so good and amazing but I can't cut up the food,please fix this -summer

- improvement

this app is so fun but you should add more characters and a wider verity of food

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@espxrkle Toca kitchen 2

【iPhoneアプリ注目情報】教育アプリ「Toca Kitchen 2」の人気が急速に上昇しているのを検出。今注目のアプリかも。

素材をフライパンやミキサーなどで調理して、人間やモンスターに食べさせてあげるクッキングゲーム『トッカ・キッチン 2 (Toca Kitchen 2)』が無料ゲームの注目トレンドに

素材をフライパンやミキサーなどで調理して、人間やモンスターに食べさせてあげるクッキングゲーム『Toca Kitchen 2』が人気アプリとして話題沸騰!

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Toca Kitchen 2 1.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Toca Kitchen 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Kitchen 2 iphone images
Toca Kitchen 2 iphone images
Toca Kitchen 2 iphone images
Toca Kitchen 2 iphone images
Toca Kitchen 2 iphone images
Toca Kitchen 2 ipad images
Toca Kitchen 2 ipad images
Toca Kitchen 2 ipad images
Toca Kitchen 2 ipad images
Toca Kitchen 2 ipad images
Toca Kitchen 2 Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toca Kitchen 2 Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Kitchen 2 (Version 1.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Toca Kitchen 2 was published in the category Education on 2014-12-18 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 106.6 MB. Toca Kitchen 2 - Education posted on 2018-03-02 current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions.

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