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-This game requires 512 megs of ram. Because of this, the game will not work on iPod gen 3 or 4 or other low-memory devices.

Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a new cast of characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!

What could go wrong?

As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office.

As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was published in the category Games on 2014-11-20 and was developed by Scott Cawthon. The file size is 35.89 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Love this game  SketchyGamer  4 star

I have had this game since I got this device, and the game is perfectly fine. But the icon of the game on my home screen is zoomed in on his eyes for some reason after the update. Please fix, it bugs me lol. Fix it


Great game, Night 6 is almost impossible for me.  XxXMLGSwegXx  4 star

I got 3 stars on FNaF 2 Steam version, but night 6 is significantly harder than the Steam version. You have no time to flash foxy when he’s in the far end of the hall when old Bonnie is in the office! Other than that, it’s a great game. Just needs more mechanics from the pc version of FNaF 2 like the cutscenes with FNaF 1 between nights, and night 6 needs to be easier for players.


Super hard but so fun  Supih  5 star

So this game is great and I love it I started A couple days ago and I am on night 6 and it is so hard the most aggressive is withered foxy and the puppet they are crazy 😅 and I can’t beat it

Dragon Kid 46297

Fantastic!  Dragon Kid 46297  5 star

I love this game because it needs a smart brain to play and you need to be patient because withered Bonnie,Freddy,Chica can take a little long to get out of the office and the Puppet might attack you


Broken foxy  J198534  1 star

I gave it a 1 because broken foxy keeps killing me 🤬😱😡👿😈

Mr Cote

Haven’t played this in a long time  Mr Cote  5 star

I used to play when I was younger but I am going to ask my mother if I can play again From Charlie


Its good  Samm1998  1 star

How do you return this


My great time  abelboy295  5 star

The time I play FiveNightsatFreddys2 it was the best time ever I definitely recommend it to you but it’s really hard.

Anomanous Ooser

Hooked on this series!  Anomanous Ooser  5 star

These games are super cool! I'm 12 years old, and will probably always love this series. FNAF 2 digs deeper into the story and plot, and I totally recommend this game! It runs super smoothly and graphics are great! I know you probably won't read this Mr. Scott Cawthon, but I'm really glad you made this INCREDIBLE game series. I'm really glad you stepped out of your comfort zone from making your other games, to the FNAF series! Totally recommend this game!

doctor cata

This game was awesome  doctor cata  5 star

I just beat the game 10/20 mode was really hard but I finally beat. It. Scott cawthon if your reading this this game was a really fun horror game

Ultimate player 96

Amazing game but a few issues  Ultimate player 96  5 star

First of all this game is amazing I love it but I have a few problems. First of all the mask is disabled for a second and sometimes it’s more then one second, this leads to withered Bonnie or withered Chica killing me. Second thing foxy is really hard, a lot harder then the pc version. Like on The pc version you only need to flash him once or twice where as on mobile/iPad you have to flash him 5+ times meaning my power will go down faster. Other then that I really love this game you did a really good job Scott. 👍


Good game!  Kyzcnaj  5 star

I love five nights at Freddy,s is so fun and los of aver fingers and I’m such a big fan of fnaf! Out of 1900$% I will say a 10.000 I love to play the game I don’t rilly like the robots that much but is mor fun wiv it and are you gowing to Mack a 3 Rome on ipad and fnaf 6 to and many Mack the 3 Rome fnaf 1 2 3 4 5 and made 6 to and keep up the great efite love the game love the sand and love evrey fing adat the game is so good


Screen Sizing  Redleader772  4 star

Please add iPhone X/XS/XR screen size suppurt!


Best game  firepeashooter  5 star

Thanks scoot I have beaten all nights no custom night challengers it was great playing this game.


Great! But, a few things...  Foxythefox9  5 star

This game is very fun! I recommend it to anyone everyone, but the gameplay is very repetitive because once you have a strategy, that strategy always works almost always without fail. What made the 1st game so good was the randomness in it. It wasn’t always so unpredictable that it was impossible, but it at least had a bit of randomness to it like Bonnie and Chica disabling your doors, or Golden Freddy, boy, he can really put you out of sequence. See what I mean? It is very repetitive and easy. Also, one more thing, like the PC version, you should be able to change the A.I. difficulty on the IPad version, but you can’t please fix that! Anyway, awesome game. Keep up the good work, Scott!


Amazing best game of my life  anooooooooying  5 star

Amazing game and gameplay


Lol  jshchejbd  5 star

When i was little i said to my older cousin LETS PLAY THE TEDDY GAME but turns out that the game was not what I thought it was lol so i said YOU CLICKED ON WRONG GAME and when i said that i got jumpscared


Please tell me why  player6292  3 star

How do I do custom night please tell me Scott


Thank you Scott for this game  tawc123  4 star

Fnaf 2 is real good I love how scared I feel when the siren or Alarm goes off and when Chica is in the hall and you put the Freddy mask on and she goes away and comes through the Vent just to make sure your Freddy

Kylie Start

Way deter than granny and hello neighbor  Kylie Start  2 star

Make night 3 possible Fnaf 2 From Brock


Tips (all)  makmillian  5 star

(Toy Bonnie) toy Bonnie appears in the right vent so put the mask on. (Toy chica) same as toy Bonnie but left vent instead. (Toy Freddy) Toy Freddy comes down the hall in front of you he has 3 places 1.all the way back 2.close the office. At 3 put the mask on. (Mangle) mangle is like toy Bonnie. (Withered Bonnie)withered Bonnie will appear in the office eventually put the mask on to make him leave he can only appear if you put down the monitor (withered chica) same as withered Bonnie. (Withered Freddy) same as toy Freddy. (Withered foxy) he appears in the hall way,flash him with the light to make him go away. (Shadow Bonnie) *noise of pc crashing* he just a Easter egg. (Shadow Freddy) he appears in parts and service.another Easter egg. (Puppet) the motto here is “watch the fox, wind the box!” (BB) same as toy chica but has audio cues when he laughs 4 times he is in the left vent. (Withered golden Freddy) he will appear in office sometimes after putting monitor down put mask on to make him go away. (Withered golden Freddy part 2) if his head appears in the hall put the mask on.well that’s it hope this helped

bunny boy27

Toy Bonnie issues  bunny boy27  5 star

I know this game is old but I still like to sometimes play it, toy Bonnie is a huge problem in this game and he won’t go away. I was trying to beat the fazbear fever challenge and everytime he appeared in the vent I put the mask on and he wouldn’t go away. I needed to wind up the music box but I couldn’t because he just kept staying there. I know I will die if I don’t wind up the music box and he kills me everytime. Could you please fix it? Other than that this is a really good game series!

Sammy falbo

Oh my gosh  Sammy falbo  4 star

It will not let me play the 6th night


ijah  Ebd2006  4 star

foxie always come when the other animatronics are there and we have to do totally different things when the old animatronics are in the hall way..what do i exactly do....?

🤩Gold miner

Hard! BUT FUN! BB and withered foxy are mean  🤩Gold miner  5 star

Dose anyone know how to get past night 2 3 4 and 5. Sub to Squalid. Help please! It’s suprisenly hard! But at least very FUN!!!!!


THE BEST GAME EVER  AllenPlayz  5 star

Ok so I think that FNAF is awesome. It’s just that Scott needs to put the animation in when you put the mask on and when you flip the camera on. I played the demo before (I really hated it.) and it put the animation in it. Also How do you avoid B.B.(Balloon Boy). I FEEL LIKE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID HIM AND HIS ANNOYING LAUGH! Other than all that, GREAT GAME AND GOOD LUCK SCOTT!

I need a ladder

Very good game  I need a ladder  4 star

This game is amazing. I was so shaky by the end of only night TWO! Only thing is that the game may sometimes be a bit laggy. Overall this is amazing I recommend

cyber master666

Awesome but crazy hard  cyber master666  5 star

Fnaf is probably the best game I’ve ever played. but it is just so hard!!!! I mean it’s so hard i asked my mom if I could throw a party after I beat night 2!


Amazing but hard  sharkoooot  5 star

I am on night 2 I keep getting jumpscard by the puppet Master. It's so much pressure. I will get the fnaf 3 and 4 soon.

fanf pro 123

Custom night on the iPad  fanf pro 123  5 star

The game is really good👍😥but there is just one problem😢that on custom night on I pad pro FNAF 2 custom night does not work because on every mode all of the characters are in it like on Night of misfits. And foxy was in there too when only golden Freddy,mangle and balloon boy should be in.please fix it 🥳😄.

Mikey Lawlor

Withered Chica  Mikey Lawlor  4 star

When I play on night 5, Anytime Withered Chica enters my office, The mask is put on too late for me to stop her. And if that doesn’t happen, she just kills me anyway.

Pls dont hate me

The mask  Pls dont hate me  3 star

The mask dosent work when u need it to

Reasonable Gamer1956

Terrible  Reasonable Gamer1956  1 star

I have spotted a glitch where toy bonnie is in the vent and toy chica jumpscares you and it’s unfair


Good game but not good on a small phone  JackMF12  4 star

This game is great it's a challenge but the biggest flaw is that button to put on the Freddy head. I play this game on my iPhone 5s my screens a decent size but that button is just too small so I can't pass night 6 please update this Scott and I'll give u 5 stars


I love this game!👍  Meow788  5 star

I love this game!!!!!!👍👍👍👍


Cooooooll!!!!  Buildthecity  5 star

I'm so in love with this game but I haven't seen the puppet yet. I've mostly got this game to see him but then I played it I am so impressed

Better than 3

Amazing  Better than 3  5 star

The game is great and fun and it really makes you jump but I have a glitch where in every custom night foxy is in all of them

Dond master ROI

Good but missing lots of key moments  Dond master ROI  4 star

I was watching playthroughs of the game and saw the unlocked mini games and animatronic cutscenes. When I completed every night there is no cutscenes or mini game. Am I missing something ?

Arnold 1880

Read if suffering from this problem  Arnold 1880  5 star

If you suffer the glitch of when the audio goes away when you leave and enter the app just put your iPad on sleep and back the audio will be back just keep doing it if the audio goes away


GOOD!  Eas23  5 star

Nice game,but no nose honk;(

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