Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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NOTE: A device with at least 1 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a new cast of characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!

What could go wrong?

As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office.

As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.


Five Nights at Freddy's 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was published in the category Games on 2014-11-20 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC. This application file size is 136.27 MB. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 current version is 2.0.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Scott Cawthon and Clickteam bring the superior version of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 to mobiles!
- Remastered version from the PC version
- High resolution graphics and visual effects
- Survival Kit including activatable cheats (in-app purchase)
- Improved UI ergonomics
- Display options
- Fixed the issue that prevented ending nights 5, 6 and 7
- Fixed the issue that prevented the use of the left/right vent lights
- Reduced the panning speed when looking in the office
- The app can now switch from one landscape orientation to the other

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Awesomesiler   4 star

New update. I used to play this game all the time and I loved it until the new update which really messes up the gameplay so that the camera moves to fast, the buttons are smaller, and you can’t really see all the way in the hallway. The graphics are much better but the update made the gameplay worse, please fix it!!

the big update   5 star

The new update. I all wanted to play this game on pc but it is now the pc Version I love Five night’s at Freddy’s 1234567 it my favorite game

jjjjjjjjjjooooooeeeeee   3 star

Why?. The game is awesome but why did the new update have to make all the buttons smaller and u turn a lot faster, it doesn’t feel right to me.

Annie_Bee123   5 star

Plz make easier. This game is great but too hard. I’m on the fourth night and it’s a living nightmare.

fnaf is good   5 star

Omg sooo good. I love fnaf and this one is kind of easy I only died 2 times one on night 2 and one on night 5 balloon boy and foxy is so HARD foxy comes out then he leaves and 10 seconds later he come back and balloon boy is dumb he got me on 5am but was lucky and I won so to bb go away put on the mask and put on for 7 seconds for all robots but foxy and the martinet

trevor brock   5 star

Update the game add power. And doors flash light chets

jady_wady   5 star

I’m an idiot. This game is absolutely amazing. Everything about it is great except one thing... as you can tell from the title of this review I’m an idiot wanna know why? It’s because I accidentally clicked new game when I was on the 3rd night and I had to restart from the beginning. I wish that there was a button that popped up saying are you sure you want to do this? But no it didn’t. Besides that though I absolutely love this game 20/10

Tclemm   5 star

AMAZING!!! But a little room for improvement. This game is amazing i have to say scott you impressed mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This game is awesome but a glitch with the puppet il tell you this the puppet came out of the music box when it was wound up i dont know how this happened fix that night 1 was easy night two is hard i am on night 3 i finally beat night2 i realy like the withereds there cool i want to talk about the jumpscares in fnaf 2 the withered freddy is scarier then the toy freddy and heres why is the Wfreddy the w stands for withered the withered has the beat up creepy look and the creepy teeth. The toy 🧸 has the playful teeth witch make it less creepy. hope you like my review scotttttttttt your the best. Here are emojis of the animotronics 🐤 is chica 🐰is bonnie 🐻 is freddy 🦊 is foxy 🐮 is mangle I just beat night 3 so im just saying im on night 4 i had to change my review the Witherered freddy was annoying on night 3 i got jumpscared by him once when i was so far . please make the toy animotronics more active in later nights like 3 and 4 please so i can see them attack me more often.

Lizzie~Chan67   5 star

this is weird-. okay, i love this game so much. but there is something throwing me off. the new update. for some reason, the camera movements won’t let me look straight and are too fast. it’s really hard bc i cannot see completely through the hallway. i hope that you make the camera movements back to the way it was bc i don’t like these, it’s messing up my gameplay. but the game is good overall.

SavvyRain   5 star

New Update. I love the new graphics but how you can’t look strait in the hallway and turn on the light is hard, also it’s really slow on the cameras moving, so far that’s it. Keep up the great work!

Shadowbonnie1970   5 star

Minor Bug. This update is awesome but there is one thing I’m concern about. The Toy Bonnie action figure is missing. I have already beat new and shiny (which is the challenge to earning the action figure) but it is not on the desk in the office. Can you please fix that? Thanks!

Erik1103   5 star

Fun and easy. I like the new update. It’s fun and easy. Right now I’m on night seven on 20 20 20 20 level.

Great Game!!!. I love FNaF every single game has been great! I have all the games and the ones I don’t have I’ve played at one point. But this one has to be my favorite. And if you are worried about being scared don’t because you really only get jumped. I’ve beat the game twice and had lots of fun!!! Even though it’s money it’s worth it. I recommend you download it!

Drizzits   1 star

Would be great if there was sound. Do not get if you have the newer IPad Pro as there is no sound for this one and the first one.

birdland paradise fan   5 star

Amazing. The game is really awesome! Just got it when I typed this and I’m on night 2 (I’ll update that soon)I have one dislike:how it glitches your flashlight after withered foxy is gone:it’s messed me up a little.but other than that I love the game. Night 1: Basically your only worry is the puppet, she/he is one of the hardest character. (Characters you’ll see that night) Toy freddy, Toy Chica, toy Bonnie, B.B., and puppet. Night 2: (I’m still on this night so please forgive me if I’m wrong) The thing is the toy animatronic are getting to become aggressive now your main problem is withered foxy and mangle...they can get very trick (I got jump scares by withered foxy) (characters that visit u this night) Toy freddy, Toy chica , toy Bonnie, puppet,B.B.,mangle and withered foxy) I got jump-scared by t.bonnie and withered foxy

Hero The Killer   5 star


DragoSlays   4 star

I love it but.... I love the new update giving it more graphics. Making it beautiful but I have a problem... On night 6 I can’t beat it because of withered Bonnie and Balloon Boy. I die by withered Bonnie because you only have like 1 second to put your mask on. And For Balloon boy he drains my music box because he takes forever to go away. But overall that’s all my problems but please give us more duration to put our mask on for withered Bonnie. And make Balloon boy go away faster because it is getting annoying having to put your mask for so long and then have your music box so low!

gdhehdb   4 star

Great update but there is a problem. The game is even harder now even with cheats because BB and Toy Chica stay for so long and I can’t do anything else or I am dead can you please fix that

BubbaChubbaDaddy   4 star

Fix Foxy. Foxy has jump-scared me like 6 times and I know he is active on night2 but HE Doesn’t even leave parts/service bb stays for to long way way way to long he was in at 3 he was still their at 4 It was almost 5 so bb should stay for 1hour and go away and foxy is way way way way to aggressive on night 2!!!

m.l.g. pro   5 star

Yaaayyyyyy!!!. 10%FNaF nerd. I love Fnaf and the story it brings! Can you do Fnaf 3 and 4 next with the superior thing? Thx, LONG LIVE SCOTT CAWTHON

Jasiel246   3 star

Creeper Youtuber: Make A Unlimited Music box! Why...?. Is Becuse I stuck on night 5 so flashlight,Unlimited music box, fast night, and map! So is easy like first one, is easy. You have to close the door so is easier! If is not update... I never play FNAF ever again.... please..... Scott! 😭🙁😔😣

ASHDRYGON   5 star

Amazing. I love the game good old fnaf 2 new update is amazing except I miss the old music and the camera being more centered

Zambi hunter !   5 star

Awesome game 5 stars. Awesome game easy classic very nice game 5 stars and START PLAYING IT because it’s awesome

poopy dooly for the man in red   5 star

Amazing, hard, scary, and fun. Scott Cawthon did an amazing job on this game. My only problem is how little time you have to react to the withereds.

Socalsally   4 star

Good update but upsetting when you new game. I finally reached night five but when you press new game you cant go back I F***ing better win agian

Fnaf 20976   5 star

LOVE THIS UPDATE. I’ve been a fan of five nights at Freddy’s ever since it first came out and I always loved playing the games till I heard the were coming to mobile. A few years later after downloading all of the games I saw that FNaF 1 got a really Awesome update to make it look like the pc version and I was so excited to see that. I was wondering if you guys were going to remaster the 2nd one and the rest of them and then I heard that the 2nd one was in the works for the update a while back till today when I went to update my apps. I saw that this was updated last week and I screamed. Please remaster the rest of them because the graphic now for the 1st and 2nd game are Amazing and the effects are super cool they would make the rest of the games even better. You guys are Awesome

kandiqghs   5 star

Bug. Foxy prevents me to pass nights 5 6 and 7 fix him I flashed him a lot of times and he still jump scares me

MCivilization   5 star

Great fixes! Great difficulty amount!. Hey! Ever since I got this game, I’ve been playing it every single day! I got this in 2015, but didn’t play it a lot until now. The new 2019 update TOTALLY fixed it! The whole gameplay was getting old, and the way it stretched to my screen made everything really skinny, but not anymore! Here are some tips on how to get past nights 1-4. 1: This one is not too hard. It may be tempting to leave the Freddy mask on when you see chica or Freddy, but it’s okay to take it off to wind up the music box. 2: Same tips for night one, but with old Foxy, if you see him in the hallway, flash your light at him randomly, but not too fast. Do it for about 8 seconds, then go into your cameras and wind up the music box or something, then he should be gone. If not, repeat. 3: Don’t worry about anyone but the withered animatronics. Don’t check your cameras much at all, only really to wind up the music box, because the withered animatronics will get in your office SUPER QUICKLY. Only wind up the box for about 1.5 seconds. If foxy and withered Bonny are in the hallway, do a combo of flashing your light and putting on the mask. Same for foxy and mangle in the hall. 4: I haven’t passed this night yet, I must have been jumpscared about 15 times no joke, it’s hard! Listen for the thumping in the vents so you don’t have to check the cameras. If you hear thumping and right after that balloon boy says hi or something, check the vent light IMMEDIATELY and put on the mask if he is there. If he gets in your office you are as good as dead, he makes foxy get you. I’m not sure how to get the withered animatronics out of the vents, because they don’t go where you can see them by the vent light, only by the cameras. If they are in the vents, if you go in your cameras for more than 2 seconds they get into your office and you’re dead. I’m right now about to try flashing my light through the cameras while they’re in there. Hope that helps! Great game!

nothing random but i love fnaf   5 star

Awesome but please read this Scott. Best game ever so fun and scary but one thing the survival kit... gives you infinity power it would be helpful... if bb(balloon boy) was not in the game if you find him in your office you practically lose.BB and withered foxy are the worst combatants ever because withered foxy requires the flashlight and bb say's I don’t mind you all I want is those sweet sweet double A battery’s so great game is all I say.

Noah lefave   5 star

Fun game with two bugs. Scott the new update is fun but I found two bugs 1. When golden Freddy disappears from your office it just put a black square over him. And 2. Every time a mini game comes on it won't let me play because it's a black screen and it doesn't let me see the controls either. those are the two bugs. Bye

Advertorial    5 star

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kitten9756   3 star

Not bad but. Foxy and balloon boy are very annoying and the 6th night is so hard and frustrating pls just make it better and easer . All and all very fun just make it easer and beatable

hhhhgfgjxykn   5 star

Sound. Sound wont work

Bloxcop   4 star

It’s amazing but.... In the new update I get jump scared by toy chica when the camera up even though she wasn’t in the vent.

kansjssheke   5 star

Wow new look to the mobile. I like how you guys are working on the remastered version for all the games on mobile that makes the game look more scary and more bigger keep up the good work and hope you guys make that new fnaf game!

Seth minkus   4 star

Plz fix this. Plz fix how fast it moves to the vents because I can't flash the hallway

Peageon   5 star

Excellent. Super good Its worth it

mikes Ness   4 star

Updates OK. The updates OKBut the original version still the best

Theamazingbroty122   5 star

AMAZING GAME!!. This game balances scary fun and challenge all at the same time just like all the other versions of the game it is always fun to play

Gabrielletellier   4 star

Rotation lock. Very good game but just ça you please delete the rotation lock, it really sucks. Thanks

tcfvubfct tvhu   4 star

Fun. I love the game but it is super scary

mr. can't like a game   4 star

Great game. It is a little difficult but it’s a really good game! Freaky too!

Zigzgamarrow   3 star

Scott. Hey you should update the game to the better PC version just like what you did for fnaf 1

5884;90224   5 star

OMG😱🤩. This game is hard but so much fun!!!!! I’m on night 4 and I think this is awesomeeeeee!!!! 👏🏼

kenzie potter   4 star

It’s AWSOME but sooo hard... How in the world do you beat NiGHt 6!? I CANT 5 AM IM LIkE I can doo this! THeN FOxY MURDURES Me!

Rhy dawg   3 star

Needs update. I died From mangle cause I can’t hear the noise of mangle scoot u need to update the game

Mynameisneil   3 star

Remaster. Could you guys remaster this game just like the fnaf1 remaster? Also please make the screen wider for iPads,

thatmlgdorito   5 star

Remastered. I love this game so much and i love that your starting to put work into the older games and you might be doing this already but can you remaster the pc version for the second game as well? Thanks!😁😁

punipuno   5 star

Great game. So excited for the remaster

Fnaf kingBossy   5 star

Bug but I still love it. It keeps force clicking me out of the mask but I still love it

Ceej1977   5 star

He he. It’s great love it but I can get help wanted in vr and I might maybe or I could just chicken out

boycott chipotle   5 star

Awesome!. Such a fun game to play on a rainy day 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Ayden65458   4 star

Scary game. I love scaring my kids/friends with this game I love foxy but I hate him to I wish there was like noise of him walking/running so it’s easy thx. Thx for getting me scared out of me kinda it’s a cool game

prhcugnr ybejcy uskrn   4 star

Evan. It’s just the Freddy mask it does not make the puppet go away and then I die

FarmerDani77   5 star

Iove this game so much. This game is so so so cool 😎

objbjb   5 star

Amazing but scary. This game was scary but it was still awesome

ButtercupWasTaken   5 star

Fnaf Vr Out!. THIS IS A GREAT SERIES!!!!!!!!!

BENDYFAZBEAR453   5 star

AMAZING GAME. This Is The Greatest Horror Game 2nd To BATIM!!!Still...Amazing Game,Keep Up The Good Work Cawthon

sniper 1432664758646   5 star

Epic. I love it my age is 9 and I rilly like it but CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

JAYDINIO   5 star

Amazing game!. I LOVE this game, I forgot that mangle came on night 2 so I looked down the hall to se if Cheka was there and then mangle killed me and jumped up out of my chair. But besides that it is the best game I have ever played!!!!!!

momsmith14   5 star

worth 3.99$. good game

Advertorial    5 star

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Phantom Balloon boy   5 star

WHEN IS FNAF INTO MADNESS COMING!!!. When’s fnaf into madness coming, start making the game Scott I want to see springbonnie and fredbear jumpscare also. Fnaf one to 4 is not in right order it goes fnaf 7 1 4 2 3 enyways fnaf two is great.

needs lifes   5 star

Great game ❤️. Great game love it nice to finally have cheats

Planet Thomas   4 star

Only one problem.... I liked it before the update, but it’s almost perfect! Only one problem. I’m requesting the ability to change the button sizes (on the camera, including the “Wind Music Box” button) and decrease the sensitivity of looking left and right in the office. It’s thrown me off, and I’ve been struggling to beat Night 6. Overall, a good game. Although, the button sizes and office looking sensitivity can throw off veterans.

tydoke714   5 star

I love this new update. For years on end, I have re visited this game and it’s law and it’s awesomeness in general, because of the challenges that this game brings to you every night. Ever since this game released in 2014 I have played the series for years, and I definitely think that Five nights at Freddy’s 2 is my personal favourite. Most animatronics, most danger and most amount of counting factors to watch out for, and this new update has made the game so much like the pc version and way, way better than the version before.

TheGodzillaPortal   1 star

PLEASE FIX I Can’t buy cheats 😞😞😞😥😰😰😓. I Cant Buy The Cheats

Bossatgaming3000   5 star


Stef🐶🐕😂   4 star

It’s a great game but a fiew problems. It’s so scary!! And I like it😈 but people do videos about how to cheat that doesn’t make u happy dose it my favourite animatronics are Spring trap and mangle

jjdhcfencehf   4 star

It’s good but I’m angry. Don’t get me wrong this is a great game. It’s just they moved down the new game and continue down so when I went to press continue I pressed new game accidentally! Surely you can see how frustrating it would be for me being on night 4 and all. I was just hopeing you guys could send me back to night 4 because I worked so hard. I still recommend the game it’s just my personal experience was not that great. Esther.

gukcmgzsddfa   5 star

Favourite. All I have to say is... the best update in the world!

oliverL2011   1 star

Pls ban withered Chica and Bonnie. There always killing me in night five because I am worried that the time is bad and everyone else attacks me well try’s to just please ban them and I’m on night five not completed Lars’s iPad

im a bigfnaf fan   5 star

So good. Hey scot can u guys fix 6th night it’s really hard on iOS and I still haven’t completed it please make it a bit easier

migucyrhwcdfheyhwcyehuimgo   5 star

THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER. Thank you for all the happiness you have brought me Scott you are inspiration to me and I’ve been making games with codes and even made a unofficial five nights of Freddy books and it’s pretty good for a 12 year old there’s 13 chapters also is these updates going to go to five nights at Freddys 3,4 and sister location good you please tell me Thank you -Jok3r2007 Ps. If you are updating Five nights at Freddys 4 please put the Halloween update thanks

namtab114   3 star

Fix please. My game display is upside down, please fix


Good game as always. But the new update yesterday was very very cool loved it so much with like the pc effects and stuff but.. one thing that bugged me is that I can’t flip my screen to what I want it to be like it’s stuck on the same one I tried everything looked at settings and I didn’t have screen lock or anything on so please fix.

Austincreeper   5 star

Glitch found in the new update. When I turn perspective mode on The game has trouble detecting my fingers hitting the light buttons please fix this other than that great update

oh b0y 0h b0y   5 star

Love it but tooo hard. I have honestly nearly played all of the fnaf games on different devices But this must be one of the hardest. Scot I love fnaf but night 4 is soooooooooooooooooooo Hard. Please make it easier I’m crying now 😭🥺. Ok I’m sounding like I’m not good at this but please I’m beging you to make it easier.

Chicken burgure   5 star

Remastered. I really really want the update too I would work so well on Mobil one thing I don’t get why Mobil would be so poor wait positives positives other than that great job Scott.

Nasty Noodles   4 star

Please update. Personally l Love the game but l think you should update it fnaf 1 Better quality like pc version

naathan toys talk   5 star

Best game ever but a few problems. So scott just like fnaf 1 you should add some updates like fnaf 1 and can you make withered Freddy active on night 2? And can you please make people only need to flash withered foxy 1 or 2 times?

Monkey13081983   5 star

Good but.... Let us do are own costome night

BrockTRM   5 star

The 7th night. When I finally beat night 6 I went to change the A.I but I can only do the challenges please make it like the PC version so we can custom the A.I

😭💥🔫   5 star

Update!. this game desperately needs an update! just like fnaf 1 got one about a week ago with higher quality jumpscares, better sound, and most of all, an addon menu! (oh and also make it so if you started a new game accidentally and you deleted all your progress please make it so we can recover the progress without having to start ALL OVER AGAIN!) sincerely -Jazzy

Fenderella   5 star

Awesome game. Fnaf has changed my life, and btw thx for updating fnaf 1 to mobile cause I hated turning my iPad upside down (ps please add fnaf 6 and ultimate custom night 😃)

fnafgirl123   5 star

I love it. I can’t play cuz I have a parental lock but I still love it 🥰

Shootey guy   5 star

How is phone guy still here. I love this game I rate it five stars also can someone explain how phone guy is still alive


Having Trouble. Sometimes I have trouble clicking the button to put on the mask.It makes me fail a night often.Please fix that problem and I would appreciate that.Thank You!

Lily The   5 star

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!. I love this game so much and it’s given me and a lot of over people inspiration!

techashi69   5 star

I LOVE IT PLZ MAKE MORE IN THIS GAME!!!. I love this game more scarey animatronics overall 100000/10

Sarads2020   5 star

Fun but scary. The game is very fun but I don’t enjoy getting jumpscared

bigboy🐲   5 star

So awesome. This game has so good graphics/ played this game for 6 years it’s so fun my friend introduced me into the game 6 years ago it’s so inspiring I’ve got all the games fnaf 1 to 6 I don’t have simulator or ultimate custom night I have help wanted on PlayStation vr and the bubble head figures I have a feeling that when you looked up chucky cheese you had a great idea of making a game like this or an another restaurant for children and I feel like your playing as purple guy on help wanted add some new awesome features on help wanted such as a secret passageway leading to a animatronic that no one knew about and I feel like yellow Bonnie from help wanted is shadow Bonnie awesome,terrifying,heart stopping game did you make a video of why you created this franchise what didn’t make you stop making it and designing the characters 😉

Mr.Cockatoo   3 star

Foxy..... So I was play custom night on FNAF 2 and Foxy was off, I only had Toy Freddy on, AND FOXY WAS IN THE HALLWAY. If you can fix this Scott that would be great. Thanks!

GamingTylerYT2   5 star

I LOVE THIS!😁. So I’m Still On Night Three So Yeah But Still I Cant complete It But Now I Get The Cheats Haha I don’t have them yet but I will SOON But Now It’s Pc Version So Bye!😁

bemdy   5 star

Foxy. He’s the impossible because he waist your power a lot by your flash light

Alan Salamancaaaa   5 star

I kinda not bad. I been playing this atleast a day

Kevin B175   5 star

Now this is perfect.. The newest update from the PC update has fixed what was busted earlier and now is playable again. I will obviously report any other problems that occur if any at all. Also, when is the PC update for FNAF3 going to be released? Thx Scott for continuing to improve your masterpiece and please your fans. 🐰🐻🐔🦊Fazbear ENT.

Rossettistink   5 star

Great but hard. I love all the games and everything. It’s just Old Foxy would not even be there in the hall way and then it would glitch and he would kill me. Other than that ITS AWESOME!

Contently   3 star

A little broken. Scott if you read this it is hard to swipe to check the vent and some Times the vent won’t light up and I like every thing else and every thing looks vary small but every thing else is fine thanks

lennon jay baucom   5 star


TurtleLikesEmojis800   5 star

New and improved safety guide (in progress). HERE WE GO. Toy Freddy: A glossy

XCrypticalSinsX   5 star

Definitely worth the rating, but... I feel like the survival aspect of this game is important and it should be respected, but the people who are really struggling with this game should still have a nice fighting chance. The survival kit does just that..but it’s lacking in one simple thing that would make this a whole lot easier..we all know the music box is a constant problem and it goes down rather quickly in the later nights (especially in Golden Freddy custom night) I feel like you guys should definitely add an option to the survival kit that allows the speed of the music box to go down at least by two times. I feel like this could really help out the people who are having difficulty with this game, just an idea. Thanks for reading.

helplz   4 star

One problem (Please notice!). The new update is great but for mobile devices the office is a pain. You can only look on one side (let’s say the right) and not in the middle. And if you tap the other side (left) it just swings you to that side making it hard and you can’t stop it. It used to be if you hold you’re POV moves and letting go stops it but now it’s just one tap you get pushed to only looking at the vent and like a third of the hallway. Also, it’s hard because I happen to tap near the hallway(yes I know the middle outline is for that) but since I’m look to far over to one side I get swung back to the other side. There is no complete view of the hallway. Do you think you could only fix that part? Everything else is great

bunny boy27   5 star

Night 6 is impossible. This game is really fun, but is Night 6 eve possible? I’ve played for hours and I know how to play! But I can’t beat fricken night 6! Don’t even waste your time it’s not possible!

jenna the fnaf master   5 star

😁. great game and it looks so much better now. Also what happened to the mini games?!!?! Either I’m not getting them or they’re just gone now 😭

Texas Coppersnake   5 star

Better than TJOC And I LOVE IT. Hello Mr. Cawthon, I just wanted to say that I love the new update and it helps me be faster at checking foxy and the mask and Marionette. For some of you guys who watch YouTube,TJOC is a game of withered-like animatronics that look like they were in a fire. So they are called the Ignited Animatronics. Other wise, I chose this game because from many of my friends at school have told me that Five Nights at Freddy’s is the scariest game ever. I especially love FNAF 2 because it has the most animatronics, is exceedingly hard each night and Custom Night, and that it has a backstory to the withered. Great work so far Scott, I look forward to more of the world’s scariest game.

BLUHHEISN   5 star

Just a thought. Nice. Very cool. I’ve always loved FNAF2 and now I can truly experience it. But I’ve wanted so badly to play Chipper. I know he wasn’t very successful and stuff like that. But there was still a decent amount of people who loved it. It would be awesome if you could at least make an IOS update for it so it can work on all the new versions

TTVtemtacion   4 star

Plz fix. When I load the screen on the game I can’t flip it upside down for some reason can someone help me or tell me how to fix it

MJ's_Biggest_Fan1958   3 star

Night 5 repeat?🤨. The Game Is greatly updated but, after I beat Night 5 it doesn’t get me to the ending and I have to play it again? What’s the problem with it and why is Night 5 constantly repeating itself every time I beat it?

CAOSWIZARD122   5 star

Amazing. With the graphic improvements and everything click team has done this game is AMAZING. Controls are so smooth it’s insane.

golden expirence   4 star

Amazing but one thing. It was awesome, the game was working so well and I was simply just playing one of my favorite games of all time. But I have just one minor bug on the game and it’s that sometimes the vent lights won’t work until I flip the camera up or check the other vent. This other issue is either me not doing something right or a real bug, every time I beat night 5 I can’t get to night 6 please help.

Justin12397173   4 star

Fun but a few bugs. The game is awesome but there is a few bugs 1 sometimes it won’t let me use the vent light 2 when old Bonnie and Chica are in the vent they kill me instantly and not appear in front sometimes they appear in the front last one I completed night five but it didn’t show night six and the star

minoritygaming117   5 star

I love fnaf. My first fnaf game was the 4th one and Chica was the first one to jumps are me and then I played the second one and I was instantly hooked and loved it

Js23jr   5 star

Perfection. I loved this game how it was, except custom night, now that that is fixed, I can fool around with it, it is such a blood pumping game, it gets people sweating, trying to keep up, it is a fantastic difference from five nights at freddys 1. Thanks for the update, Scott, it really improved it, hit fnaf 3,4, and sister location next, then even add uncle and pizzeria sim, I can’t wait Scott, I love the games soo much, keep em comin Scott!

youssefgames   5 star

One Of The Best Mobile Remastered Games of the year. It’s send shivers down my spine!

NYsaratogasprings   5 star

PLEASE MAKE A SPRINGBONNIE AND FREDBEAR GAME!!!!!. I really really really would like it if you would PLEASE SCOTT PLEASE!!!! and thank you!

andrewmw11   2 star

It’s not the same.... For mobile it was a simple, fun, and detailed game! I love it to this day but ever since the new update, well I don’t mix with it very well. I could go really fast with going in the camera, and out. But now I’m not used to anything! I’ve practice this new thing for a while and decided, I won’t be playing as much as I did. But everyone is happy so good on you. (Also normal mode is broke so fix that.) (and now you won’t money dang.)

Alfie808   5 star

The screen won’t flip. After the new update the game’s screen won’t flip


FiveNightsatFreddys 2 hard night 6. is game is so hard a night 6 keep foxy come get me all days l no wins l want get night 7 custom night wins come back ever again l need win today now go to night 1 night 2 night 3 night 4 night 5 and night 6 night 7 l done ever come back and come out and come over and come to school to get the kids and come home and get them done so I don’t need to get them out and come out for a while come back to the house and go to get my kids to come back and go to get the girls night school and go get them nightmare kids crying night 6 teenagers hard too hard for you to come to House night night and I how much do I get done for the night and come out and get you to come get me and get come to school I want love you to get the girls and come out and come get me out of my car so I how come you come back to school 🏫 night I want to go get some girl and no wins today and go get them done ✅ I want to go get out to school the end!

MAXTHEBEST454   4 star

Weird glitch. I love the fnaf series and I have each one but since this new update there will be a glitch were the vent light sometimes won’t work even though no animatronics are there and it makes my night six challenge harder because I have to open the monster for it to work and if someone’s there I’ll die so please fix it would be awesome thanks

Turboenemy   4 star

Fix this. I’ve gotten on the 5th night and have beaten it a few times but it won’t let me progress to the 6th night it shows the puppet cutscene in the Fred bear head and just makes me replay the 5th night

mexico👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👍🏻   5 star

Scott your awesome!. I see that you updated and it looks very nice first when I looked at the app it look so new and when I opened the game I was amazed the menu music change and it was also included with the survival kit like FNAF 1 and the cool part is when animatronic comes out of the vents they actually do their animation I’m so glad you did this update and good luck Scott for the upcoming updates and awesome games your making dude and thanks for the update long live FNAF!

ThePlushBruh   4 star

Nice game! 😅😅😅. This game is super fun! But shadow Bonnie when he appears... makes it a little less fun, cause I almost beat night 6 and then he appeared... but other then that... THIS GAME GOOD 😃😃😃

Aimeelheurr   4 star

Love it but.... I’m a huge fan of the entire FNAF series, but the only thing I would have to comment on would be the difficulty of clicking the mask button. In many situations, I find myself clicking it multiple times, trying to get it to work but then I lose. I believe this is only a problem on mobile because of how small the buttons are. Overall, really amazing game!

Lolboytrool1345   5 star

Creepy. AND I LIKE IT👵😃😃😃😃😃

EvilMcrPro   5 star

Awesome. What I hate is that when I’m on the 6th night, 5 am foxy keeps jumpscaring me. It’s so hard

EpicNinja168328   5 star

Love it but,. I love the game but I can’t get past night two. It’s mostly because I’m bad but I really want to get past night two. :(

Rfr5002   5 star

Geat game. Great game but I can’t pass the second night!!

love you toy bonnie   5 star

LOVE IT!!!. It is the best game in the world but you should put doors for the vents that would be great if you have time thanks😄👍🏻

Hdjdbshidjf   5 star

Funny. It’s cool that they hug you XD

jedi bugerboi   5 star

I love you Scott. Thank you so much for the awesome series. I loved the purple guy and Freddy and the gang. (especially foxy) The crazy ride with Game Theory (MAT PAT)and all the mystery that mostly solved (Talking about orange guy) I hope you read this thank you Scott thank you.

Dgameman   4 star

Awesome. Really good but foxy keeps killing me

ky ky 24-7   5 star

Best game ever. I love the jumpscares and everything else

Survival craft Kid!   5 star

Good game Scott. Ok ok I know that’s it 2018 but I never said how much I liked this game so I’m doing it now (just portend that this is a comment from 2014) Great game its a nice game cool and fun and scary.But I do have one request. Plz!!! Make us able to change AI in fnaf 2 iOS plz!!!!! How come you let us change AI in fnaf 1 ios but not fnaf 2? But still plz allow us to change AI in fnaf 2 costume night. Plz listen to your fans and plz do this for us. P.S. I’m counting on you to change it :) Thx Scott

Mykeilla Zammit   5 star

Multiplayer. Great game but you should create a multiplayer feature where there’s a night guard but you can also choose to be an animatronic. The night guard should be randomly chosen . This would be a really cool feature.

time canoe   5 star

🙄🙄🙄🙄. Super scary

gamerofgoly   4 star

Great Scott!. I can’t get past night 6 Because Foxy THE B*** keeps killing me

Ava fedor   5 star

I cant even! I blown away by dis game!. The jupscares are so scary! Foxy always gets me! I got to be more careful! 5/5 love dis game!

Mbcarrie   5 star

Five nights and Freddy’s is awesome!. Hey this game is really awesome and I just got up to six night and I started sisters location and there like the best games on the App Store keep up the good work for making games! -from bob JK It’s Cassidy but still keep up the good work!!

Pizzardi   1 star

Five night at Freddy’s. I love this game I am in the 4th game it’s so not creative

riko and miko   5 star

GREAT. Awesome and super fun but make sure the puppet does not need the music its boring doing that

Godlyarka   5 star

The game is cool. This is a awesome game and i like it so much thank you to make this game and its make me really happy 😊

Topbebe1   5 star

Great game. Wow this game is be honest its kind of weird when the jumps are happens because it seems that i jump but don't scream and I don't really feel very scared like a second after it happens...hmmmm eh maybe its just me. But really. This game is AWESOME i love the mask to. Oh yeah and a question i had when Toy Bonnie is at the vent and i put the mask on should he pop up and into the screen then go back or just go back because when i put the mask up in front of him i cant see him pop up all i really hear is the sounds of the vent so i guess my question would be if since this is the mobile version I'm guessing it wasn't added in? But anyway GREAT GAME!!!! : D

Tralahard   4 star

Amazing. I love the game, but the Freddy head button won't work

Andy Banos   5 star

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟. 10/10 IGN (I'm not from IGN) but I love the game

greyboxer   5 star

Excellent. I still just cant say how awesome it is. I'm a big fan!

Maxibelle6   1 star

C dla merde. N'achetez pas sa c de l'arnaque se sont de fausse image

gamers x2   5 star

Works perfectly for me. You need to make the game harder cawthon

Amairris101sadie   3 star

;-;. The sound won't work when I use my headphones OR when I use it without headphones. This really just spoils the game and doesn't make anything fun or scary. I would appreciate it if someone could fix this problem, then maybe I'll give it a 5 star rating and a more positive writing review next time. Ciao! SadisticSadie101♥️💋

Poo keep gds   1 star

The sound does stop. When there's NO animatronic in the vents or in the room the sound keeps on going

Ice bird as jolt and ironhide   5 star

Fix. Love the game but I can't play it just sends me back to home screen

ElectricBoy99   5 star


SavicShark   5 star

Amazingly Amazing. Game for those who love horror and mystery

I am a stagosorus   5 star

Best game ever. Omg this is one of the best games I played in my life. I love all the jump scares but my favourite would be puppets. But I honestly think it could really use an update. Like it isn’t fare that you have to do night 1,2,3 and4 twice. Apart from that this game is so good.

jamstar0806   5 star

Custom night. The game is great and all but once you beat the 6th night you unlock custom night but the only downside is withered foxy appears when he is activated or deactivated

dat fanf boi 6   5 star

Awesome game. Loved it best game I have ever played I want fnaf 1 3 and 4 but my mum said no :( keep up the good work my friend and when will fnaf 6 be out on iPad??? And will ther also be a fnaf world in iPad and are u making more p.s on night 3 can u make it so ur flashlight dose not go out so quickly be cause that darn fox

DaChop   1 star

A bug with mangle pls fix that. Pls add mangles audio in this cause on pc you hear her when she is in the room your viewing in the cams or if she is in the vent and she is about to enter. On IOS you literally can not even hear her audio at all so it makes it harder when we try to check the right vent and the cams if we dont know where she is and we cant hear her audio on ios pls fix that to make it alittle easier pls.

silent assasin 5446   5 star

Scott you just outdid yourself. I can not believe how much work you put in to do all these games and yet you are making another amazing game Scott what is this so called new game after fnaf6

Sammytoast   5 star

Great game great fun. So I made it up to night 4 without dying then I forgot all about the music box because of foxy in the hallway up to night 5 now still stuck but anyway your keeping me occupied so all people reading this download

Feddam   5 star

Dis is epix. Lol dis is epix I hope FNAF 6 comes out on the app store

plot jackcooper   5 star

What the heck. Scott if you are listening to this please fix this because when I play fanf 2 Bonnie has a weird smile like this 😄this is a good game but when I get jumpscared by Bonnie it’s annoying because that smile I think the it’s a glitch

Aveary007   3 star

Dear Scott,. I love the FNAF franchise. But I just can’t get past night 2 It’s all because of ballon boy. Can you make it so there’s a way to get rid of ballon boy? I know it’s a thing the community might not like. Anyway other than that great Game!

MangleFNAF2   4 star

It was nice I guess. Can you put alittle more detail to the killing part but from that, this game has been going good!!! I like night 6 or 5 hehe but the hard part is when puppet comes out you can’t put him back in......I always forget.....but I’m on night 4 hope I get onto night 6 cause golden Freddy comes then.

virgill6   5 star

Shut scared. Absolutely terrifying that’s the only two words I can say about this game absolutely terrifying

ItsMrChickenNuggets   5 star

FNAF. I love the game but I can’t get passed night 6, I’ve been stuck on it for ages

angrywizangus   4 star

Cool but needs improvement. What I don’t like is that this game dosent have costum nights Could you Scott please make a five nights at Freddy’s with custom nights besides sister location

abirdy103   4 star

I can’t download any games. Why

SteveKiller607   4 star

Great game...repetitive..!. I only recently got this game -Though I'm impressed by the actual gameplay- and I've found that Scott has gotten a little lazy..there is no camera static or the lights when you change it, there's no flickering with Toy Bonnie in the room, small details, I know...but if you put in the extra effort, it would have made it that much better...4 stars

dayne is supre coole   5 star


TristanXeno   1 star

I’m so mad at night 6. I swear to night 6 it is so hard and really mad that my friend bet it before me just adjust the difficulty change!

Piiiiiook   5 star

Best Game Ever. I absolutely love Five Nights at Freddys 2, from the creepy atmosphere to the scary jump-scares, I love it all. The creepy music box mechanic keeps the players on their toes. I love playing this, it’s perfect for Halloween or just casual for. For the people who are reading this, you should buy this game. If you’re ready for Freddy.

SuperGhost 01   5 star

Annoying glitch fix it up plz. I have recently occurred that whenever I want to play night 6 it takes me back to night 1 and now I don't get into night 6 as quickly as I used to because of this Cheers SuperGhost 01

fnaf fan#5   5 star

Good never deleting it. Scott I am a really big fan of your fnaf games

LukeSecNoligy   5 star

Scott Cawthon. Thank you so much for your support. I couldn't have done it without all your support. Keep an eye out for fnaf world 3.0 and two more special games coming out... I'm trying to make sister location again, just a sequel or prequel. The other game is the final game in the series. Baby, Freddy, Springtrap, Fredbear and any other mascots will not be the main character or characters. A new main character will be introduced and most of your questions will be answered like, who is shadow Bonnie, who killed phone guy or did he die, who caused the bite of 87, who the child in the mini games in fnaf 4 is, what is the voice in sister location before you enter a night, who is purple guy and phone guy, is mangle and Funtime foxy 1, why foxy is out of order, who is the new mascot, is purple guy really in springtrap, are the animatronics really the children, who says "sorry, you're broken..." Is the child dreaming, does foxy have a broken voice box, is the hand unit against you, why does the guy on the phone in fnaf 3 say "Ugh, gotta go man", and most importantly the storey line. The last game will take a year to three years. It's a lot of time but it will be more than worth it for my players. Most secrets about Ennard will be discovered by the players playing the series. Thank you for listening, and please pick up the fnaf books "the silver eyes & the twisted ones." Thank you, and look out for teasers. Thank you so much for all your support and thank you so much for your help...!

Lys xx o   5 star

Awesome game!! Always wanted to play. Awesome work Scott, it's just like the other one, I think night 2 was a little hard though, Foxy is a little bit of a pain though, keep up with the good work!!! Hopefully another one will come out soon

FNaF fan #103   4 star

Really cool!. The graphics r awesome and the sounds r cool too! Why not the home screen change? Oh well. Still really good. Why is the 4th night alright to beat and then straight away the 5th night is like, impossible?! Still, probs meant to b like that. Love your work, Scott! Keep it up!

Order of Ender   4 star

Great game but.... The second night is way harder than it should be. It's way easier on pc than on here. Anyway love it!!😍

Spac3chicken   4 star

Great!. Great Game! I love the jump scares but it is obvious when you are forced out of the cameras. Also, to all those people complaining that it crashes on your iPod or iPad, make sure you read the information before you buy it as some models won't work!

Technogames   5 star

Me needs approval. Hey Scott!! Just wondering if u could help me and my friends with our own version of fnaf. Our characters we came up with are; Papy the fox (my oc), willow the lizard and crackie the crocodile. We where thinking if this was after purple guy became spring trap and Jeremy is the killer in this story. So is it good so far?

xBrandon22   5 star

Thank you. Thank you for updating this game for 64 Bit Compatibility ❤️

Fruit cakes <3   3 star

FNAF1 was good but this one?!. FNAF1 actually looks like YOU made it *Scott cawthon* but FNAF2 looks like it was made by someone else but I know you created it. I looked FNAF2 on Computer and it seemed like a pretty good game! But when it was on the IPad it was a huge letdown. Where is the static on the CAMS? where is the honky nose? I can see bright lines whenever I put the lights on! It looks fake! And why would the kids touch the Mangle! Look at her they could cut an eyeball! Plz fix these!

Johnduckaduck   4 star

WHERES THE SOUND. No Sound all I can hear is the breathing of when you put mask on it's quite bad BUT ITS STILL A GREAT GAME MAKE SOUND 5 stars from me

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