Love You To Bits

“Love You to Bits” is a crazy cute, purely visual, puzzle-filled, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure spanning all around the universe.

You will follow the journey of Kosmo, a clumsy, rookie space explorer in search of Nova, his robot girlfriend. After a fatal accident, all of Nova’s pieces get scattered in outer space! So now Kosmo wants to retrieve all Nova’s bits, rebuild her, and get back together.

Explore the strangest worlds and planets, full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles, and hidden objects to collect. As you complete levels, you will discover Kosmo and Nova’s heartbreaking love story!

Explore enigmatic planets full of mind-boggling puzzles to be solved! Meet and outsmart dozens of bizarre creatures and aliens from all around the universe!

Experience and rebuild a thrilling love story for all audiences: pure visual-storytelling with stylized visuals and a hair-raising soundtrack!

Reconstruct the touching past of Kosmo and Nova by collecting dozens of their hidden love-tokens.

Coming soon, extra unique levels will be added to “Love You to Bits”! The adventure continues with no in-app purchases of any kind!

**This game requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch 5th Generation and iOS 8.0 (or newer).

Developed by Alike Studio and

Love You To Bits App Description & Overview

The applications Love You To Bits was published in the category Games on 2016-02-25 and was developed by Alike Studio. The file size is 353.75 MB. The current version is 1.3.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Update that brings you the AMAZING end of the story between Kosmo and Nova.

- New Levels: A Mall of Zombies, The Last Piece & Ending
- New GameCenter Achievements
- Silence button functionality added
- Minor level bugs solved
- GameCenter achievements bugs solved

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Awesome game  IbRaGiM GaDjIeV  5 star

I love it so much, cause I can feel like Sherlock Holmes!!! 😻😻😻😻 It's really hard to play but it worth it. You need to download and play it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

DoubleDotted ..

Very fun  DoubleDotted ..  4 star

Agree with some other users that the game can be unnecessarily tedious, going to the furthest lengths for simple tasks.

Jackson and his mom

Please read this???  Jackson and his mom  5 star

Please make more😍🙂???


Sad to have completed it  Anthimeria  5 star

Love the visuals, the music, and the puzzles. I was sad to reach the final level! One of my favorite games for sure.


Wonderful!  Alphabean11  5 star

A great game overall. Lots of fun puzzle solving and fun short stories in ever level. I love how the whole game tells a wonderful story without ever speaking a word. I also enjoyed the MARIO and Zelda references among others. The game was fun, the story was touching, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to play a great game on mobile (which is very rare)


Adorable!  AnnNafNaf  5 star

I love the game.


Saving problem  Dejuu  3 star

Hi. When I leave in the game off while on a planet, and then go back, I need to start from the beginning on that planet. It is not saving and remembering where I left off and what I already achieved. Help! It is a wonderful game , but this is frustrating. On some planets I am starting over 3x


Loooooove this game  RuuYii  5 star

Just finished all levels. Feel so empty now....please have sequels! Need more!


Awesome  Mortezaei  5 star

Awesome game, worth the money


Needs improvement  Glitchcast4life  5 star

Needs improvement


Love it!  Natthefatrat  5 star

Cute story, awesome music, lovely scenery. It was a fun game but not an easy game. Challenging enough but not to the point of frustration.


Soundtrack and all the feels  jennyluau  5 star

I downloaded this for free and played it slowly over time. The game is very simple and can probably finished quickly but I'm glad I took my time. Each level was either quirky or endearing. Such care went into the soundtrack that it made the game even better. I highly recommend playing this for the sweet story and lovely tunes.


Wish It Didn't Have To End!!  ShineTilly  5 star

I've been playing this game for a while and waiting for each new bit to come out. Now that it's over; I wish there were more!!

Payton Huhtala

I love this game to bits  Payton Huhtala  5 star

This is the most fantastic mobile game I've ever played in my life. Incredible story, never once got bored! That is, until I completed the impossible task of getting absolutely everything ;) astounding job guys, I would LOOOVE to see a sequel!!


Incredible game  Tinytowerguy  5 star

This game was worth every penny, I can confidently say it was the best mobile game I've ever played and wish there were more like it. There are very few things I could be nitpicky about with this game, which honestly weren't easy to think of. None of the little things I didn't care for really stood out until I thought about it for a while after beating the game. First, I didn't really care for how some levels were designed with the memories. On the zombie mall level, you can't get the last 2 memories until the last step of the level, which then causes random things to change in the level so you can go back and get the memories. No real thought process in how to get the memories there, just a little guesswork. Not a big deal by any means. Also I think the character moved a little too slow for me, which people may or may not agree with. Whenever I had to climb a long ladder or move between a couple panels, I kinda just sighed and settled in for the long haul (especially getting the last memory in the boss level, haha). I think if a sequel was made, a little quicker movement might ease some pain. Again, these things did not stick out nor bug me that much, just things I noticed after the fact. I really loved the character design on the antagonist, and the design of the levels was nice, I particularly liked the original Walt Disney level. One thing I absolutely loved as well was the user friendliness with items, the struggle in this game was figuring out what to do with items, not finding them in the first place like so many puzzle games out there. At no point in this game was I so lost I felt like I had to google what to do next, it was all manageable which I respect. Overall, this is definitely the best mobile game I've played and I realllyyyyy hope to see a sequel. Beautiful game, nice job devs. TLDR- Amazing game, very few small things I didn't care for, would recommend to everyone. ALSO, last thing, I love the way the character just shrugs when you can't do something yet. Made me smile.


Cute fun no dying puzzler  Sphynge  5 star

This is a cute puzzler with lots of fun references in the background - wish I could play it again and again


❤❤❤  Petricit  5 star

Love it

Lalaland$$$ bay butterfinger

A beautiful work of art  Lalaland$$$ bay butterfinger  5 star

I am absolutely in love with this app. Each level was unique in design and creative. I have never played anything quite like it and will be disappointed if I don't see similar apps like this. It was a mix of strategic and simplistic designs that I find fantastic. This was a unique and wonderful experience.


Breathtaking  WesternGale  5 star

Absolutely one of the best games I have played in a long time. The music is incredible, the ambiance is to die for, and the story line is a fairy tale for the modern world. Would absolutely recommend to my friends!!



Thank you thank you thank you for thinking so much about each level. It's such an amazing game. It's the cutest thing in the world and still challenging. And the old school references are amazing !! All the Nintendo refs are so appreciated ❤❤❤ I can't say how much I am so happy you made this. I only hope it came out for PlayStation or Xbox or Nintendo and you made it a massive (HOURS) of this game ** the last two levels added to end the game were disappointing. They shouldn't have rushed it.

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