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“Love You to Bits” is a crazy cute, purely visual, puzzle-filled, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure spanning all around the universe.

You will follow the journey of Kosmo, a clumsy, rookie space explorer in search of Nova, his robot girlfriend. After a fatal accident, all of Nova’s pieces get scattered in outer space! So now Kosmo wants to retrieve all Nova’s bits, rebuild her, and get back together.

Explore the strangest worlds and planets, full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles, and hidden objects to collect. As you complete levels, you will discover Kosmo and Nova’s heartbreaking love story!

Explore enigmatic planets full of mind-boggling puzzles to be solved! Meet and outsmart dozens of bizarre creatures and aliens from all around the universe!

Experience and rebuild a thrilling love story for all audiences: pure visual-storytelling with stylized visuals and a hair-raising soundtrack!

Reconstruct the touching past of Kosmo and Nova by collecting dozens of their hidden love-tokens.

**This game requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch 5th Generation and iOS 8.0 (or newer).

Developed by Alike Studio and

Love You To Bits App Description & Overview

The applications Love You To Bits was published in the category Games on 2016-02-25 and was developed by Alike Studio. The file size is 353.75 MB. The current version is 1.3.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Update that brings you the AMAZING end of the story between Kosmo and Nova.

- New Levels: A Mall of Zombies, The Last Piece & Ending
- New GameCenter Achievements
- Silence button functionality added
- Minor level bugs solved
- GameCenter achievements bugs solved

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Love You To Bits Reviews

Eduardo salas

Excelente juego  Eduardo salas  5 star

Gráficas, historia, puzzles, todo es espectacular. Lo jugué con mi hija de 9 años y fueron momentos de compartir de maravilla


Plz make another one  Hcfjidd  5 star

This was an amazing game I wish more were like this one


I prefer tiny theif  SnowKillerSpringTrap  1 star

This game is to depressing


Ending ? :(  Ash2thaley  4 star

I loveeeee this game. I wish the ending was a little more planned out.. after waiting so long for the update I figured we would have a ton more stuff to do. Oh well .. hope to see a sequel!! ❤️


Perfect  Clickklickboom  5 star

This is one of those must have games for everyone's library! So creative, so fun, so perfect!


Great game... where’s tiny thief.  [email protected]??  5 star

Hey developers just wanted to say this is a masterpiece. Also wanted to know if you guys will ever fix tiny thief so it will be compatible again. Well can’t wait for what’s next.


MAKE MORE GAMES PLS  The_.toast23  5 star

I beat the game after all it's confusing, fun, beautiful, and sad levels! IM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME, I want this company to make more games!!!!


amazing  bmvagabond  5 star

my favorite game ive ever played on the iphone


I laughed, I cried  bearisthebomb  5 star

This game was warm, sweet, funny, challenging... it was completely beyond my expectations. The little things really made all the difference, such as collecting Kosmo's "memories" and the storylines behind the scenes (the level with the old man who goes back and forth in time was pretty deep). Honestly I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear when Kosmo ran to hug Nova at the end. 😭 Amazing and beautiful game. Wish I could rate more than 5 stars!


Creative and fulfilling  hnanannz  5 star

Creative and compelling game play with a heartfelt story.


This was the best game I've ever played.  MadisonR64  5 star

I want more games made by this awesome studio. Me and my friend played it together, because two heads are better than one. We played it to have a friendship that's so close, almost a hundred people have asked if we're together (which we're not). I just think that the ending was a bit anti-climactic. My favorite level is Me, Myself, And My Clones. All in all, I really want a Love You To Bits 2, and if you don't know if you should get it, you should.


must play!!  kaylahbri  5 star

love this game. would recommend!

I.S.A.B.E.L Claire

LOVED AND CONQUERED.  I.S.A.B.E.L Claire  5 star

Finished the game already! The only issue I had with the game was that I downloaded it about 3-5 months ago and had to wait up until now to receive the new levels. It was frustrating mainly, because I would have to continue to use space on my phone with a game that I was not able to play. Overall, it was a beautiful game with gorgeous music and I am truly sad that it has come to an end. Would love to see a Part Two! **Addition** It would be awesome if the creators made a save progress option when in the middle of a level. I know I had numerous accounts where the level was either very long or I would get stuck and wasn't able to stop playing until I finished the level otherwise I would lose my progress and have to start the level over entirely. Not fun especially in a game that has a LOT of steps to take within each level. The only way, I found, to get around this problem was to pause the level then leave the game OPEN in your iPhone windows. However, if you accidentally swiped up whilst deleting excess windows, you were screwed.


Another Game Please  JK_Master  5 star

I loved this game it was perfect to pass the time and so unique. I am praying that you guys make a sequel because I love this game to bits!

mike =)

Cutest game ever  mike =)  5 star

This game is very entertaining and it definitely makes you think. All the stories are very creative. The ending is the cutest. I love the name of the game, it fits perfect with the storyline!


One of the best games currently  Vieri181  5 star

It rarely to find a game with unique ideas at the current time but with this game you will love every bit of it. I hope to see another games with the same concept.

Not bad but not worth it

Fantastical  Not bad but not worth it  5 star

I love this app to bits! Super fun but can get hard I wish there was hints. Awesome and so worth it!!!!

Ajay :)

Heartwarming  Ajay :)  5 star

I usually never write reviews, but 'Love You to Bits' is a visual masterpiece, with compelling story and adept game mechanics. Highly recommend.


Please make more!!  Ruthie.Chef  5 star

This is a great game. I can't remember if I bought it or if I got it free but I would legit buy all the games from this company if they made more. PLEASE MAKE MORE IF YOU'RE READING THIS!! PLEASE!


Absolutely suggest it  Mohamadre3a  5 star

Best game I ever played!

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