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HEY THERE! You’re so close to getting exactly what you need: download Flyp for the highest quality calling and texting from multiple phone numbers, all on one smartphone. Need a new phone number for your business? Need multiple Flyp numbers? You can have up to 5 on your device.
**Trusted by hundreds of thousands of users each month**

So you’d like to quickly sign up for your Flyp number... Here’s what you get:
- Instantly get a 2nd phone number on your iPhone for your business
- Make high-quality voice calls - no Wi-Fi or data required
- Send and receive texts, picture messages, and GIFs
- Choose your area code and customize your voicemail greeting
- Call and text any Flyp phone number in 15+ countries for free

Flyp gives you the highest quality calling no matter where you are - because it doesn’t use unreliable Wi-Fi calling technology. When it comes to your work, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner, you can rely on Flyp to give you the best quality calling available!

Instantly get a second phone number for your business with Flyp! Choose your area code and customize your own voicemail greeting - it’s the best way to keep your work and personal life separate, and totally organized on one device.

Flyp now lets you send and receive photos and GIFs! Flyp MMS works to and from any US phone number - it’s not just Flyp-to-Flyp!

With Flyp, every call is a local call. Flyp allows you to call and text any Flyp phone number in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States!

You can get up to five (5) Flyp phone numbers. Subscription rates are:

**$7.99 USD per month for each Flyp phone number**
**$79.99 USD per year for each Flyp phone number**

Payment for the subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. If you do not wish to auto-renew your subscription, you must turn it off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at a rate of $7.99 USD for monthly subscribers, or $79.99 USD for yearly subscribers. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. If you turn off auto-renew, you will be able to use your Flyp phone number until the end of the current subscription period.

With Flyp for Apple Watch, calling and texting on-the-go is easier than ever. View incoming calls and texts, send calls to voicemail, respond with Quick Reply, enable Do Not Disturb, and much more - all from your wrist! The perfect solution if you’re a dynamic professional who is always on-the-go!

Flyp Terms & Conditions:

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: http:.//

Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers for Calling & Texting App Description & Overview

The applications Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers for Calling & Texting was published in the category Utilities on 2015-03-30 and was developed by Flypsi Inc.. The file size is 59.58 MB. The current version is 2.0.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

With Apple's latest software update, we had to make some minor changes to Flyp calling:

- When you make an outbound Flyp call, you'll have to tap "Call" on a new popup
- When you receive an inbound Flyp call, you'll have to tap "Answer" on a new popup ​

Pretty simple, eh?

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Take your money and run!  KevinFalk  1 star

This is a SCAM. I moved out of state and thought this would be a good way to get a new phone number to appear as a 'local' for my resume and printed checks. So I paid their high annual fee so I could secure a number in the area code I needed. Less than 40 days later my number stopped working! I had to figure it out placing my on test call. Being they base their business on a phone service -- they have no phone number for support -- of any kind. Had to email about my purchased service from them not working, they blamed it on a vendor "reclaiming" numbers! Said I could have another phone number in another STATE. What's the point of Trusting them again?! Still have not receiving a refund. Run far away, and FlypTHEMoff.


Crap  Replenishd  1 star

No point in even having this service, it's a flop not a Flyp


No available area codes  LaneC  1 star

Great idea but I can't even find an area code somewhere I want. I tried San Fran and New York but had no luck.


Horrible  Chadsere  1 star

Terrible app. Claims to be free but instantly brings you to a subscription page to use anything. FAQs page is severely outdated. Image messaging does not work. Gives you an error every single time. Don't waste your money


Sideline or even Google Voice is better  FrenchFryAddict  1 star

I thought I would give it a try despite the poor reviews, but when I got in it force-fed me a subscription right away. Online indicates that the service is free unless you want to play for some upgraded features. If you're looking for an app for a second line that is affordable, I would recommend sideline, although I'm not a fan of the user interface (prefer google voice), it works well. Google voice is great to use but comes with downfalls as well - there is no support and it doesn't support MMS in the traditional sense. Photos are emailed to you. I thought flyp was the happy solution we all are seeking. But I was wrong.

Business line user

Do not depend on them for your business lines!  Business line user  1 star

Horrible experience. Phone numbers canceled. Payments lost. Missed business opportunities. They've got. Good idea that they don't k ow how to support or execute on. Stay away! Stay away! Stay away! I've wasted hundreds of dollars on multiple lines and who knows how much time and business was lost.


Got authorization code 30 hours later.  underarmourfixated  1 star

Was excited to try. Never got an authorization code. Then randomly I get one 30 hours later.


Not a solution for a business line  Latsyrc1  1 star

I wish I could tell you this is the ideal solution for those looking to add a second line to their phone for business, but sadly it is not. A year ago I chose Flyp and paid for a premium number with the associated features and felt I had just the right solution for my small business. Some glitches... no MMS texting, no control over the ringtone. No 24x7 support, no way to speak to a real person. But those were minor. Fast forward a year... I have paid for my number to be auto renewed via iTunes. The app tells me my subscription has expired and crashes when I try to update it. So I filed a service ticket, and Flyp will no longer honor the number I paid for (and have published as my business line). They called my number "non-functioning" and the only solution they are willing to offer is for me to choose a new number from their list of generic phone numbers. So basically they have either lost control/ ownership of the number or they have reassigned it to someone willing to pay more, since it appears their pricing has increased since I got on board. No recourse, no refund offered, and now I am stuck trying to find a more reliable vendor, because I most certainly will not trust Flyp with my business ever again.


Horrible app  Lvhost  1 star

I have never been able to download my contacts. Customer support doesn't exist. I can't receive a call anymore. I see others said it's because of the iPhone 7 upgrade. Horrible app !!!!


Do let your business depend on the number. MISTAKE 1  pamtime  2 star

I am sadly giving this app a 2 star only because it will take messages. It does not notify me a call is coming in or msg. It seems to work intermittently and disconnects easily. Custom msg now includes instructions to use another cell line number because this phone service is not functions properly fir me, with apologies. I have business cards, brochures, other business related promotional s with this number on it. I am very frustrated at such shoddy service.


Does not work  tilper  1 star

I tried sending a text to a phone number as a test. Never went through. I tapped the phone icon to initiate a call with that number and the app initiated a call with a completely different number that exists nowhere on my phone. Unreliable.


Total Dissappointment  Boorath  1 star

It's very frustrating that Flyp don't even respond to the request. The app doesn't work at all, it's not receiving any calls, there is no way I can receive a call the Flyp number. I'm very much disappointed for signing up for Flyp and creating a number over here and giving it to my business entities. Now I'm regretting it and having a huge loss.


Barely Works  Samyinaz  1 star

I get notifications for text messages but they do not appear in the conversation list. I reported the problem weeks ago and they still have not corrected it. This app has cost me business.

Critical Customer

Unreliable!!!  Critical Customer  1 star

This app constantly drops my Bluetooth headset with no warning. Then I have to go to the phone and switch it back. I'm gonna get a ticket one of these days! I get voicemail notifications weeks after they were left. I've already lost one account and I almost lost a second account. NOT HAPPY!!! Furthermore, while I'm in an automated system it won't recognize when I enter numbers to follow the prompts. Works just fine with the actual iPhone phone. I'm not happy with this app being as unreliable as it is. Fix it or I'm out!


Stopped working. Now I need to reprint EVERYTHING  adrianmhlin  1 star

For the past month, I've not been able to receive or make calls from this number, which I use for business purposes. I will need to redesign and print all my business related materials which I've listed my flyp phone number on. Terrible.


App does not work. Deletes all voicemails, texts and call records  Annauncgrad  1 star

I unfortunately have this number on all my cards. I've had numerous voicemails left that are immediately deleted by the app. Texts are deleted and call numbers are deleted. Do not use!


No Text  EveryNameWasTaken123456  1 star

I would notifications about text, click over and I don't receive all of them. It really is a waste of space.


Garbage.  AngryAnt1  1 star

It sounded great in theory, in practice, by the time it rang, you swipe, it opens the app, you hit answer, and it redirects to the phone app, it's been about four rings and my customer hangs up. Waste of time and money.

Lord of the Radio

Garbage! Garbage!! True crap!!!  Lord of the Radio  1 star

This app once worked well… So well I use it for every part of my business… The numbers are on my business cards... my... brochures... pamphlets... files... advertising… It was wonderful to be able to use only one phone. I got rid of my second phone… I've now lost thousands of dollars in business. The app does not work at all. I have been in correspondence with the company and they have told me they have fixed the app… It still does not work! They told me again that they worked all weekend and have now fix the app… It's still does not work! I realize that I am the true idiot here… I am the idiot who thought they could count on an app to help with my small business. So this is really just a cautionary tale… Don't be an idiot like me... DO NOT use this app!


Terrible for business  ErinCatOConnor  1 star

I use this app to run my small business and it is no longer working at all. Unknown how much business I have lost but right now I get updates on notifications for calls or texts then when I click through to the app there is nothing. I reached out to costumer service and have heard nothing back. Will probably switch to a competitors app but then I will have to change all my printed business materials with the existing number. Do not bother with this app.

Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers for Calling & Texting Comments

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