Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery

Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery [Games] App Description & Overview


Set off on an incredible journey to the cursed city of Darkwood! Its dark streets hold many secrets that will only reveal themselves to the chosen one, and it's you who are destined for the role. You are the Seeker, the owner of a powerful artifact—the Magical Map! It's your fate to save the city from the oppression of the Curse. Don't waste another minute—start your battle with evil right now!

What awaits you in Seekers Notes:

- Gorgeous graphics, striking characters, and picturesque locations
- Free updates: new quests, fabulous locations, and unique prizes await you every month
- An awesome plot and fascinating storylines with unexpected twists and turns
- Spellbinding puzzles: Treasure Box, Haunted Lights, Mosaic, and Ancient Cards
- Desk guardians: a charming cat, a funny raccoon, a mysterious unicorn, and other cute friends
- More than 8200 exciting quests
- You can assemble over 1000 amazing collections
- A variety of events and daily quests with fantastic rewards
- Unique jewelry boxes, stickers, and medals for completing quests
- Enchanting music that will plunge you into the mysterious atmosphere of the game
- Craft unique items with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor
- Trade useful items with the residents of Darkwood
- Use magic talismans and craft powerful artifacts
- Banish dangerous monsters and placate magical creatures
- Play with your friends!
We're already 4 years old! Thank you for being with us!
Seekers Notes is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use in-app purchases, please disable them in your device's settings.

Subscription Options
We have the following subscriptions in our game:
- Double Energy Restoration (1 month) offers a monthly subscription for 14.99$ which makes your energy restore twice as fast;
- Double Experience Month (1 month) offers a monthly subscription for 9.99$ which doubles your experience.

End of the trial period and subscription renewal
- The price indicated is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual changes may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after confirmation of purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- The account will be charged for renewal during the 24 hours before the end of the current period, and the amount charged will be the current cost of renewal.
- Subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off at any time in your iTunes Account Settings.

Canceling trial or subscription
- You can turn off auto-renewal for subscriptions whenever you want through iTunes. Please see
- When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed.
- The current active subscription period cannot be canceled.
- When your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements included in the Subscription Options.

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Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Download the update and get rubies for free! — Long-awaited guilds! Join a guild, chat with other Seekers from around the world, and exchange energy! — Exciting Endless Inspiration event! А flight of imagination will take you to the past! — New location: Attic — Cute desk guardian: Ellie the Alpaca — Exclusive event rewards: wonderful avatars, the Hidden Magic chest, the Treasure Hunt talisman, and the Fearless Dreamer jewelry box — Amazing event creatures: Meowpheus the Cat, Susurrus the House Gnome, and Kiki Morra — Take part in Search for the Talisman in a new fascinating event and win amazing prizes — Color in a beautiful picture in the Colorful Adventure event — Craft unique items during the Festive Fun event — Wonderful Emerald Mystery event with a lot of prizes — Search the whole of Darkwood in search of black pearls and win valuable prizes — Over 100 new quests — Fixes and improvements: your favorite game keeps getting better and better! Share your opinion about the game. We value each review! Several bugs fixed

Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery Comments & Reviews

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- Problems in game

Every time you change this game, something else gets screwed up. Last time it was your designated arrow or whatever you call it, which is still a nuisance, now you have a couple more, 1 those stupid blue arrows. One of them comes up, you can’t do anything else in the game til it’s dealt with. Programmers GROW UP! Most of us are not 5 yrs old. 2 along with the arrows ,if you try going in to visitor/ friends, it locks up and I had to dump the whole app AGAIN! And start over. Fix your games bugs,and leave it alone!

- Addicting

Great game, very addicting.

- I could be nice.... didn’t deleted my level

I liked the game a lot and played month... but now after the last update all what I had is gone and I have to start new! That’s really bad!!!!!! I was so far in this game... so many levels done.... all gone

- Please Listen

This last update is good. I love the game and have been playing for a few years. But please, please, please listen to your customers when we ALL say - get rid of the arrows! Not only are they expensive but I liked being able to see where the item was before it disappeared. You actually made more money off of people because I always bought more magnifying glasses and spent real money often as the deal was good and made sense. The arrows are horrible and all I see on the internet is that people hate them. PLEASE bring back the magnifying glass! Then this game is an easy 5 star. Please.

- Game

It’s a good game

- Love it!!!!

The only thing I do not like about this game is that I am really bad at the 3-in-a-row puzzles 🤣(sorry I do not know what they are called!) The only thing I would add about this game is more cinematic scenes! I love the art work!!! I would also love if you could make more games like this one!!! My device would be full of your games!!!!Keep doing an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

- Expensive Update

The latest update is an insult to people who have played for years. Tool prices were jacked up overnight, arrows are 400% the cost of the previous tool. Too bad. Lost faith lost interest, and the advertisers will lose money.

- Don’t waste your time or money

This has been my favourite game for a couple years. The last update has ruined it. I play and spend rubies to buy things to advance and come back the next day and the advances I’ve made are gone. Support takes a day and by then it’s too late to get the goal. It’s become a frustrating waste of time and money.

- Worst game I have tried!

Perfect game to delete off your phone. Energy is gone so fast and an update 500 MB that’s just ridiculous. It’s now off my phone!

- Great game

More energy please!

- Great game

Great Game

- You’re just greedy now...

I really enjoyed the game until the latest update but now you’ve become just too greedy. It’s impossible to play too long without having to turn to the bank. And before you tell me it’s a free app, I’ve willingly spent lots of money playing because it was truly entertaining for me. Now it has just become a money grab. Not worth it.

- Bored with it

Have played for at least three years and enjoyed it. Now I’m getting bored with it after latest update so I’m thinking of deleting it.

- Newest update

On updating the game with the latest update the game continues to crash. So much so that I can not even complete a visit to one location before I am kicked out. I have been playing this game for well over a year and this is honestly the first problem I have had. Regardless if you cannot fix this problem I will be unable to play the game anymore. 😭

- Seekers note

A very involved game. Highly addictive and challenging. Not worth downloading anymore. Mytona has become greedy. The prizes have become worthless they have devalued their collection item to the point some cost a lot of time and energy to recieve less. An example of this is a fixer is crafted 5 times to recieve something crafted twice.

- Disappointed in new update

The new update it not great at all! I’m especially annoyed that the eye glass was taken away. For ancient cards, we no longer have the ability to look at all the cards at once and that makes it extremely difficult. Not only that but it’s clear the time provided for the Haunted Lights and Treasure box has been greatly decreased. It’s basically impossible to complete them now! I incredibly disappointed and do not enjoy playing anymore. Please consider fixing these problems.

- Addictive


- Trop cher...

Assez amusant mais ça revient trop cher au bout du compte et ça finit par être démotivant....

- Booo.

Disappointed with this new update. You made treasure chest and haunted lights impossible and the new arrow instead of the eyeglass is way to much money and not an improvement at all.

- Rubies

I’m really not happy with the latest update! The change to the arrows for clues costing 4 rubies each is ridiculous! I never got complete return of all my rubies, coins etc after the last update and then this! Wow.

- New update

I just updated the app to its newest version... only to find that I lost all of my friends....(meaning, even the friends I’ve had on the game for the past 2 years have disappeared)... Is there anything to be done that could fix that? I never even talked to these people but I’m still so sad!

- Pointless

I am at level 43, ages since won any rubies, without which you can’t progress, lots of energy but times have been incredibly shortened so you can’t solve puzzles, even using tools you win or trade. I’m done! Loved the variety of puzzles but if you can’t progress, why bother?

- Eventually Disappointed

When I started this game, I really enjoyed it. The graphics and concept are amazing. It was fun and challenging to play and the multiple quests and events add more to the regular game playing. Unfortunately as I progressed, it’s not that the game became necessarily harder, I began to get bored having to play the same location sometimes 6 or 7 times in a row before obtaining the item that I needed. I don’t mind difficulty and I appreciate the many levels, I just don’t want to have to play the same thing over and over again. I stopped looking forward to playing and when that happens then what’s the point.

- Seeker’s Notes

I love this game. Thank you so much for the free daily ‘Wondrous Gift’ allowing me to play for much longer each day. It is very much appreciated during this Covid19 ‘stay at home’ time. I wish you all good health and happy lives xx

- Enjoyable game

I really like this game, except for the three in a row challenges. I HATE three in a row games. I enjoy every other small game though. The connect the lights game has been interesting and fun, the memory card game is challenging but enjoyable, and of course the hidden objects games are why I came in the first place. It has a great story line and does not force you into buying power ups. With perseverance, you can overcome any challenge, but if you hit a wall and can’t go any further, the ability to buy helping tools is great. This would be a 5 star game, if it wasn’t for the three in a row mini games. Good work.

- HELP‼️

Dropped my rating for the first Time, because 2 days ago... ALL MY (20+) FRIENDS DISAPPEARED/JUST GONE... POOF‼️ 😟 NOT COOL‼️ I play almost every day, and my progress will be significantly hampered without the sharing of gifts! PLEASE 😩 Is there any way for you to put them back?

- Loads of fun.

I like all the different puzzles. Fun.

- Too much witchy/supernatural stuff.

I love the game, but do they have other themes?

- So so game

Last update did not take. Had to uninstall and reinstall. Not impressed.

- Lost Friends

I completed the update and had difficulties reopening the game. Now I have lost all my friends.

- Seekers Notes

Best game ever Great for all ages

- Fun game

So disappointed that my game somehow reset and I am starting over at the beginning now. Was great until this. Not sure if I will keep playing and if anyone has help on how to fix this please let me know

- Disappointing!

I emailed tech support regarding this latest update resetting me back to level one 2 days ago, so far nothing.. do we have any idea when this is going to be corrected. Update!! Tech team reached out with a fix today.. much appreciated. Really enjoy this game.

- Disappointed

Twice I have lost my progress, I love playing but refuse to pay for anything anymore because when they upload there is a chance of losing everything. I hate starting over. I also find the advertisements annoying in order to receive things.

- Update

Your latest update erased both my iPad and my phone games. I want to know how to restore it back to normal

- Bad update

Hated the latest update lost all my 300+ friends am seriously considering deleting this game

- Updated

Updated on me , I lost everything, was back to beginning

- Great game

Although energy goes quick. It’s super worth it. And it’s easy to get more energy even without buying anything

- Le jeu est « gelé »

Malgré une mise à jour du jeu et réinitialiser la tablette à une couple de reprises, il n’y a rien qui se passe, le jeu est gelé à la page d’accueil. J’espère que c’est temporaire car j’aime beaucoup ce jeu. Merci

- Tout perdu

Niveau plus de 100. Le jeu ne voulait pas partir. J’ai fait une mise à jour. Je me suis retrouvé au niveau 1. Catastrophe, pouvez-vous faire quelque chose? Une réponse s.v.p.

- Terrible Update

Have been seeking since 2017 and loved the game. Last update was defective. Yesterday it hung up on loading. This morning the game opened and reset me to level 1! I lost 3 years of work! Talismans, friends, money, tools, all gone. I was level 263. I’m done!

- Kate

Great game! Wish there was more free energy!!

- Tengo muchos problemas

Hola Buenos días . al fin se me hizo la actualización mi id es 04zsti y por más que he tratado de entrar al juego cada vez que lo intento me saca del juego . No he podido jugar en todo el día

- Can’t load the game

The game updated and now stuck at the loading page - please fix asap.

- Update

I updated on March 27, 2020. Once the update was finished I go back into the game and it brought me back to the BEGINNING OF THE ENTORE GAME!!!! I had many Viturosio, energy, chest, ect....where are they??? What is wrong with the update???

- Can’t open game

Updated the program and now can’t open it

- Game won’t load

Since the last update I’m struggling to get in. Playing on an iPad and it freezes as it tries to load.

- Frozen

With the new update, the game is freezing on the loading page

- Ridiculous game !

Just spent good money to buy gems and the new update would not let me play...kept cycling back...... uninstalled and reinstalled. Boop....level gone gone .....I’m done !!!!

- Game freeze at loading

Please fix asap I play on iPhone 8 Thank you

- Mytona destroying game

Unfortunately, although I have loved this game, Mytona ignore the majority whilst making changes purely to try and grab more money: I would recommend the game but don’t waste your money on any of their so called “good buys” - fun has gone from 100% to literally playing for less than 15 mins a day

- No friends

I love the game. I love playing by myself for myself. What I don’t like is having to drop in on friends to achieve a “reputation level”. And my OCD does not like the missing trophy at the top of the screen because - again - I don’t like to have to have friends.

- Bug making me redo earlier storyline

I really enjoyed this game before it got this major problem. The main problem with this game is that it is making me redo some of the collections and storyline early on in the game. I was playing happily and progressing on the storyline when I realised it was making me re-find a collection. It was the collection of reporting equipment Anna Sherwood was asking me to find so she could confront Mayor Smallcat about the mysterious book he always carries around. After I realised, I thought I may as well finish the collection and the bug would probably sort itself out. But no!!! When I had finished that collection it led me to start other collections I’d also done before!! These were meeting Ben (again!) and finding his toy soldiers for him and finding the crystals stolen from the museum exhibit. The game is presumably going to make me redo everything I’ve already done (which is a lot!) until I reach the progress I’m up to at the moment. This is a massive problem which is ruining the game for me. Other than that main issue I have two other points of feedback which aren’t too much of a problem but are things I personally think could be improved. These are: 1. I realise a lot of the tasks are added to give the game a longer story line, but some seem completely unnecessary and boring. For example: One task you have to do is find Mayor Smallcat his cufflinks. This doesn’t progress the storyline at all!! There also doesn’t seem to be much reason why you have to do this other than the fact he wants cufflinks to wear to a party. 2. When you search locations you sometimes get items that belong to collections you will complete in the future. This is not a problem. The problem is that when you continue the game and someone asks you to complete that collection, you already have some items and they make you find all the items anyway!! I would appreciate it if you make the game recognise what you already have in your inventory so it doesn’t make you find the object again and end up having two of the same item when you only needed one of it for the collection. Please fix the main problem in this game. I’m happy if you take the two smaller issues only into consideration because they are only my personal opinion. But the main issue definitely needs to be fixed. Other than these issues I really like this game. I love finding objects and the storyline gives that a reason. The treasure box, haunted lights and mosaic puzzles are also fun to do to give you a break from finding things. I love how the game seems to be set in the past and it has interesting graphics and characters. I am happy to give this game 5 stars if you fix the main problem as apart from that this is a great game. Thank you for reading this and getting all the way to the end :)

- Seekers Notes

This is a great game- the monthly events add interest and I enjoy them. Mytona has been really generous during Covid-19 with additional free energy. Usually the upgrades are good but this time I don’t like that they have taken the magnifying glass (10 for 7 rubies) and replaced it with an expensive arrow(1 for 4 rubies). Please bring back the magnifying glass.

- Lost everything

After losing everything in an update - support were brilliant and game was restored very happy🤓

- Changes

I am really looking forward to guilds becoming a part of the game. I think this will add a new level of enjoyment. I am disappointed that the eyeglass has now gone and been replaced by the precise arrow. This is a change that I am not enjoying. I wish they would bring back the eyeglass!

- Time wasted

Was excited to play a different game to my usual but what seemed like an eternity for it to download I’m them subjected to lengthy intro. I just wanted to play.

- Review

I enjoy playing the game as it’s not easy as I’m a senior and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, anyway what’s the point of playing if it’s always too easy. The only problem I have ever had was about a month ago when the game wouldn’t load and the help page said try and reload the game so I went to the App Store and found there was an update which I did but lost an awful lot of rubies and spyglasses, and basically the game started all over again as all locations were locked as well. Not as if that’s ruined my life, just one of those things. I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem. Cheers Mahri

- Yay

I rlly like this game just wish there was more energy haha

- New arrows.

I hate the new arrows instead of the magnifying glass. I hate not being able to use it for the treasure chest. I won’t continue playing once my rubies have gone.

- Seekers notes hidden mystery

Since the new update the changes of the collections of the eye glasses I feel is a bit harsh and unfair

- Used to be good but now money hungry

This game has chosen in these uncertain and anxious times to get money hungry and hope that all of us staying in isolation will have nothing better to do but spend money on the game. The last two updates have been one drama after another and so many people have left the game and they keep taking things away from the game without any care for their loyal customers.

- CanDy

I always disliked going to candy world as I was not very successful and now I like the new seems easier.thanks

- Horrible update

I use to love this game and spent some money buying tools but the latest update with the arrows and shorter time has killed it for me. I’ll probably just finish the items I bought and stop playing. I’m not alone either. Facebook page has many that agree with me. Please return looking glass at same price and undo time changes.

- Greedy developers

This used to be my favourite game, so much so that I paid for a subscription for a long time. Latest update they have increased price fourfold for tools and shortened puzzle times.

- Great game but recent upgrade wiped our game

The recent upgrade wiped our game from level 52 to level 2. Now it seems to be stuck in a loop where we can only go to the mayors room but it is locked and we can’t get a key from anywhere. So now can’t play the game and very disappointed

- Haunted Lights

This is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played. I actually doubt it is possible to win

- Amazing

This game is amazing because it has a mix of different games inside.

- Peeved off

Won’t let me play because it needs an update that isn’t there

- Hard game to play, too repetitive and money hungry

I’d think 3.5 would be fairest but not a pick. I’ve been playing for a while now and seem to be stuck at an arbitrary level. I am constantly badgered by offers to spend money buying things that I feel I should be able to get through playing the game. It is currently giving me unlimited energy in the session so a I play until I just run out of interest. I can’t seem to get enough rubies to get anything done and it becomes so frustrating. I WILL NOT BE BUYING THEM! I think I will move on soon and just delete what is otherwise a good game to play.

- Was Happy!

Loved this game. I was way up into this game after playing it for months & months. Maybe even years....... I did an update and it took me back to the very beginning. To start all over again! Not happy !!! 😡

- Addictive

I play everyday- it’s addictive. Very expensive in app purchases. Current issue: App crashes every time I try to send a friend a gift. This has been ongoing since the last update. If I’m not sending gifts I’m not receiving them and that is a major issue. Please fix ASAP.

- Lost game

I have loved this game for a long time but I have just had to do an update and for whatever reason I have lost everything, I have gone from level 88 to level 1! Not very happy.

- Help

Just updated and I've gone from level 135 to level 1. Send help

- Playing offline

I love playing this game but since my last update I can’t play offline. It’s a great game but I prefer to play offline and if it is not going to be unavailable offline I will have to delete the game as my internet is really bad and drops out all the time

- Recent update erased all game progress

Completely removed all progress and started from scratch. Completed first puzzle now won’t let me select another. Keeps asking me to open a closed location with no key.

- Game becoming increasingly frustrating.

After updates all of my in-game friends disappeared. Followed process, sent an email but no response. I play the game on two devices and this has happened twice. Also, felt that loot boxes weren’t being awarded so counted my own records and found that the game has a mysterious way of counting. In order to qualify for lootbox I counted in excess of 60 successful games. The game told me that I had completed nine!

- The app is shutting down

Hi With the new version update, the app is shutting down many times Please fix it

- Try it!

Great graphics, and never-ending puzzles and object searches. Constant flogging of items for sale is a bit tedious, but overall, a 5 out of 5

- Friends

I love this game and have been playing for years. Just noticed all my friends have disappeared and I had over 200. What happened????

- Last update issues

Last game update a disaster. Issuing with accessing correct account as game keeps defaulting to an account belonging to a different member of household, who has never played game on that particular device. No means of changing user either. Used to enjoy playing game, but will be looking for alternative. Beware of updates, there usually result in problems with game.

- Now very disappointed

If this is the only way I can get attention to my email then so be it. I have played this game for some years and I was at Level 131. Did the latest update and message came up that my account was on a new device so I have been taken back to the very beginning. All previous data apparently gone. This has been my favourite game but won’t be playing anymore.

- Shame, I did love it

I was really far into the game, it updated overnight and has thrown me right back to the beginning! I’ve deleted the app, such a shame because I loved playing it. How frustrating.

- What the???

I’ve finally been able to load the game but have lost all my friends. Please fix it!!!

- What happened???

After playing this game daily for months, and all the bugs yesterday, it has now taken me back to the very beginning! Please tell me you will fix this!

- New update is frozen

The game is frozen and will not load after the new update

- Latest update

The new update has killed my game! 😔 The game opens but you have reduced my game to start over as a new player! I’ve only played on the this device. I was on a Level 200+

- Great game but updates always problematic

I have been playing this game daily for a couple of years now and am at level 150. I could be further along but I very rarely make any in app purchases. The latest update has been a disaster. I have lost some of my saved talismans and am now unable to open the game at all as it has frozen while uploading the new update.

- Lost everything

After an update wouldn’t download lost everything. Back to the start. Such a pity as I enjoyed the game. No more for me.

- Reconnect to Facebook every time I launch the app

It is one of the three games I play every day 3 times but since yesterday I lost my Facebook progress and now I’m asked to play from the start ( level 1) can you solve the problem for me please thanks

- Love this game

I absolutely love this game however I do have a few issues. I can never seem to finish events. I play almost every day but I can’t seem to banish enough creatures to finish levels. This is so frustrating. I also am unable to finish one of my sets because I don’t seem to get any bracelets I need 4 to complete and haven’t even received 1 in the last 5 weeks. Last issue is I just updated and now I can’t play at all. The game keeps saying I need to check my internet connection but it is fine and working on all other apps. I have switched my device on and off but still can’t play.

- Latest update

This update has completely wiped out my progress . Warning to other players .

- Gyhhh


- Money

The biggest problem I’ve found is everything is to expensive.

- Game won’t open

Game doesn’t load anymore

- Freezing

Since I got the iPhone 11, it keeps freezing up. It’s been 12 hours now and it still can’t get passed this current freeze. Can’t action or close.

- 不错


- Review

I really enjoy this game but there are a few problems: The collection items should be distributed more evenly around the game. I have found collection items at the Night Street probably fifty times, and the Mosaic five times. I am now extremely bored of the Night Street, and still I am exploring it non-stop. The collections should be finished quicker. Some locations take far more energy than others to explore, and often I am asked to explore these. This is not an issue, but recently I wasted all my energy on the Mine (one of my least favourite locations, again) and still had to use energy boosters to finally get one collection item. It is especially annoying when the main part of the story has a collection item at a premium location, because if one runs out of access it can take weeks to get it back. The events finish too quickly. I do not have much of a chance to play the event location (because of access, which is okay but still) and the event stories are one of my favourite parts of the game. When the events finish, maybe you could do what you did with the Ship and Old Square and leave the event there, with less rewards once it is complete. Finally, the collections are too difficult to find. Perhaps when one is looking for a collection item there can be a “to the collection” button like there is a “to the chest” for some fixers.

- Fraudulent charges

Appalling!! I was really enjoying this game until I discovered they have taken over $200 from my account without authorisation. I tapped to make a purchase but it would not connect to iTunes (it would quickly flash in the screen and then do nothing), so I was not able to get the screen to enter my compulsory password and confirm purchase. So I pressed again, same thing. This happened a lot over many weeks. I then also received no email receipt as I normally would so thought nothing of it. Until one day I logged into my account for something else and discovered all these charges. I have been back and forth with their support, originally to report the glitch, then to request a refund, and provided all the information and they are just saying I confirmed the purchase and received them. TOTAL LIES!! This is obviously fraudulent activity and I am prepared to take legal action. My recommendation is DO NOT attempt to make a purchase!!

- Game is awesome!

This game was awesome to play! Loved keeping my mind active. However with the last update it lost all of my game status and started from the start. I won’t be playing anymore as I don’t want to start again.

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- Lost My Progress and Content

I've been playing this game for years and have loved it. After a recent update to the game I lost all of my progress. Unbelievable. I've deleted the game as a result and won't be back. Furious!

- Bring back the Magnifying Glass Tool!!

This is the first review I have ever written but I feel so strongly about this that I am leaving this feedback. Developers, how do you think it’s okay to charge 4 TIMES AS MUCH for a tool that is not as good. This has been my favorite game for a couple years but the change to the magnifying tool has ruined the game for me. I have always used the magnifying glass to SHOW me where an item was but the new tool just makes the item disappear quickly so that you cannot even see it in its place. In addition, many times are now shorter making it very difficult to finish on time. I used to feel free to buy the magnifying glass tool but I refuse to pay for the overpriced inferior tool and with the shorter times it’s even harder to finish without tools. Unfortunately it’s not fun anymore and it makes me very sad to say that I am going to stop playing this game.

- Time

I love the game but it takes the fun out when there is no way to complete the task!

- Seekers Nest

Love the variety. Would like more instruction now and then

- Video rewards

I have been playing this game for a long time and I love it (I’m on level 159)but here for the past 2 weeks every time I watch a video for a free reward it freezes up, I end up not getting the reward and have to totally get out of the game to be able to play again. VERY FRUSTRATING!! Makes me not even want to watch the video and most of the time I don’t. Please fix this glitch!! Also it is so wrong to not add in the energy we already have when we level up. In order to play the game we need energy and get this by playing the quests, when I level up I lose my energy I have(which at times is 200-300 sometimes more) we should be able to keep the energy we have!!

- Terrible game now. Don’t waste your money or time

They have ruined game with latest updates. I played since 2018 but will not now due to changes made in last 2 updates. I even had the subscription for double experience I paid $10 a month. They are greedy for money and game is rigged so that you have to spend a lot now to just play. Save yourself the frustration. I’d give in a big fat 0 but that’s not a option. They need to put it back the way it was 2 updates ago. Give the looking glass back and get rid of the stupid arrow. Put the collections back the way they were. They don’t even make sense to try and win anymore reward just is nil.

- Like playing seekers notes

I love the colorful graphics and finding hidden objects in the rooms. I have been Playing the game for 2 years . I play for fun and to help my memory. I have friends in the game many are generous and spend money to play which you can do if you want .I play for free but you have to dedicate a lot of your time to get up to a decent level in the game. I don’t really like that the eyeglass tool you can use to find the objects is completely gone now. There is an arrow Tool which is okay to use . The eyeglass tool should be brought back it was great just the way it worked before, with it you can see the object before it is removed by using the eyeglass. Seeing the object first helps me with memory. If the arrow tool is kept in the game, I would like to have both eyeglass and if arrow available to use without having to use up Way too many game rubies.

- Latest Update Messed Up!!

So you updated the game to add the requirement for energy to play. Wish I knew that before I tried to update! When I updated, it took all my tools and money and it locks up. Please fix this!

- Lost all my progress

I was in the 130s level, my game is wiped to level 1. I’ve been playing for months. So beyond frustrating!


This is such a great game! There are not tons of ads, different kinds of play, good story line, I am so addicted to this game!!

- Change of Tools Disappointing

I have been playing this game for many years and found it relaxing and fun. However, the storylines have become predictable and trite and the developer tweaks are focused on generating income rather then improving play. I am not opposed to supporting a good game by purchasing items that give an assist to play, but lately the ads have become almost constant and then the change of the Eyeglass tool to Arrow an unfortunate decision. I am regretfully deleting this game. And I suggest people looking for a fun game, look elsewhere.

- Must try!

I’m pretty impressed with this game. Lots of fun things to do and you really don’t have to wait around for too long. No ads and the puzzles are actually challenging.

- Good fun, but...

Like several others noted, the new precision arrows are not a welcome change. Yes, they are fast...too fast. No chance to actually see the object (especially helpful for new scenes). And they are stupid expensive. Bring back the magnifying glass or give an option.

- Great seek game with other great games

This game has so many games in one that you will be busy for a while. They get a little harder as you go on, which is great. Great free game.

- Fun but annoying

I like the games, but the levels move slightly faster than I like. As in most games it urges you to buy frequently, which becomes annnoying. I buy, but I limit the amount I spend on games so I want to do it my way. Lol

- Awesome

I’m truly addicted to this game, by far one of the most lively and entertaining games I’ve played. The only issue I have, are the treasure hunt games; the two of them. I’m colorblind, so it takes me a good minute to get in the game and then it’s over. And again I lose. I still try and I will keep trying. Thanks

- Loved it until everybody got greedy.

I soon spent more time closing a ton of banks or special buys.

- Entertaining but,,,,,,

I do enjoy the game, but I am unable to understand how points are acquired and to progress. It is disappointing that there are situations where I cannot proceed without purchasing. I am sure that when I do reach a point I am unable to move forward, I will simply delete the app and or find some other game to play.

- Great game

Good fun!

- Challenging but fun

I really find this game to be very challenging and fun some times mind boggling and difficult as well as rewarding.

- Game’s good...but the timing.

I love me some Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery game, but I want the time gone because it goes red every single time I try to find items, and it’s a pain in the neck, but I would appreciate it if you can please get rid of the time when I find items. So, the time is so super annoying, because like a 2:00 🕑 warning ⚠️ at a football 🏈 game, and I just want it gone. Also, I want the negative 👎🏻 timing absolutely positively gone. Thanks. Brian Bontrager

- Fair

Ok game but difficult to play without spending a good deal of money. You can play free for a bit but can’t get very far. I would rather pay a set fee for a whole year.

- Warning: Super Addictive and some ideas for updates

I am very addicted to this game. So addicted that I just cannot stop playing this. My ideas for an update are:New Locations Such as A clocktower and The mayor’s home. Another idea is getting into The seeker’s backstory like His/Her kids and spouse and their parents and siblings. That’s all for now.

- Little upset

I was up to City Hall and had 9 trophies. Now I have 1 trophy and had to start from scratch.

- Crashes and glitches

I just don’t enjoy it anymore. Seems that the higher my level the more crashes I get, and glitches like times frozen, energy not restoring right , and in the past they responded to my requests and questions promptly but now you can’t even contact the customer service . I’ve also noticed that the puzzles all became impossible all of a sudden. My phone is Xs with the latest iOS update. It shouldn’t crash like that

- Download/Updates take FOREVER

I rarely get to play this game because it takes SOOO long to update. I tried to play last night, waited 10 minutes and only 64mb out of 953mb was downloaded. My WiFi is fine and fast & my iPad is new with plenty of memory, so that’s not the issue.

- Too expensive

The graphics are very pretty. It is very nice of them to give players an hour of free energy during this pandemic. But you cannot play the game for free like the makers say and hope to advance. If you purchase everything they promote you can easily spend several hundred dollars a month on this game which is crazy. To get anywhere in this game you have to buy a lot of rubies. In the new upgrade they changed the magnifying glass to arrows and quadrupled the price. The arrows are definitely not as good. If they do not bring back the magnifying glass I will be leaving the game after I use up all my talisman. I know they have to make money and I do not mind paying some amount to play but their constant pop-up boxes to spend outrageous amounts of money gets annoying. I hope they fix this. I see their have been many complaints about the arrows.

- Crashing

I love this game but when it crashes it takes days to get any type of answer. My app updated over a week ago and has been crashing ever since. Updated again today and still crashing. My email is answered late at night where are these people.? It takes over a day for a reply and usually it just more questions no answers. ☹️

- Seekers Notes

I don’t like new arrows they cost too much,I won’t be buying any more rubies

- Ugh!

I have been playing this game for years..I used to love it..didn’t even mind spending a little money . But this new update is awful..the arrows are terrible and way to expensive ..time is cut so short..unfortunately I am considering not playing anymore which makes me sad ..☹️☹️


You have taken all of my money thru the years, I’ve literally got ten ripped off by you ppl, I want my game back, plus all of the rubies back, and it wasn’t my fault to begin with!! I had no other option than to choose to start a new game from the beginning, bcuz you gave me no other options! This is not even a little bit fair to me. I was really far into the game when you ppl did this very cruel thing to me! Either pay me or put my game back on!! Marylu Carter phone number: 9102583092.

- Pandemic ripoff

Wow! Right when people are having to stay home, unable to work and short on money, they change the magnifying glass to an arrow and charge more. It is impossible to play the games without using tools. I will not be spending anymore money on this game. It has gone from 5 stars to 1.

- Waiting for support

I love this game! I have been playing for over a year. The last update took me back to Level 1! I was devastated. Still waiting for it to be fixed!😔 It is fixed‼️ thank you‼️

- Updates

No sound. Fixing to uninstall. Yes, I’ve been in settings. Hasn’t worked since updates.

- Very disappointed

I have played this game for a long time and enjoyed it so much that I did not mind spending money on it every week or so. However, with new update I can no longer continue the game. Previously, the only way I could complete the Ancient Cards puzzle was to use the magnifying glass several times to view all the cards. I am a senior citizen and my memory is not what it used to be. The new arrow tool does not reveal the cards, so I am unable to complete the puzzle and now most of my “quests” involve solving that puzzle, so I can go no further in the game. I wish game developers would realize that not all players are young. Looking for a new game to play.

- Disappointed in changes

I’m so disappointed that they changed to the precision arrow. I can’t see where the hidden object was. Plus they more that doubled the rubies cost for the arrow.

- Disappointing

I have not gotten very far in game. I have come to a point that the last one item I cannot find to pass the quest. I have played one 15 times and still can’t pass. I am so disappointed with game I am going to uninstall it after my nap.

- Greed

I’ve played this game for years & have really enjoyed it. I’ve actually gotten friends to play it. I would’ve of recommended it then, but not now. Over time we have noticed the rewards have been reduced & the cost of chests that hold tools, & energy etc. you actually need to really play the game have increased. While you get less. We did continue to play the game, but now they have replaced our magnifiers with these awful arrows. The arrows do less and now are quadruple the price. How do the developers justify this huge increase for less? When I asked this question in the game I received a canned response. My friends asked the same question & received the same response. We didn’t even warrant a real answer. Why would they do this now? How do they expect us to continue to enjoy playing this game when they keep increasing the prices & giving us less? I’m going to look for a new game to play & spend my money on. I also believe others will do the same. What an awful time to be greedy. I’ve read some of the developers responses here & they state you don’t have to actually spend money to play the game. That’s not really true! If you choose not to spend any money you won’t get far in the game & it can be a very frustrating experience.

- Fun but needs better instructions

I would give this five stars if the game provided better instructions. I spent too much time trying (and still trying) to figure out objective game and how to get to new levels ... I understand how to find hidden objects and solving puzzles which is fun; however, there need to be more clarity. Another example, I don’t know how to find friends or accept friend request. It changed from when I used to play years ago. I don’t like to have to search online to find this information. I like to play the game but the extra time to figure out things by trial & error. It taking the fun away from the game. PLEASE CONSIDER FIXING

- Bad update

I used to enjoy this game and spent real money at times but the changes with the new update make me angry enough that I won’t spend money and may well quit playing if it’s not improved soon. Bad changes: Arrow- costs more and doesn’t let you see where the hidden item was so you can use that info there again Ancient cards lost the ability to see the whole layout which helped with solving in the allotted time Time is shorter on puzzles increasing number of times to pass it Only plus has been the hour of free play most days since many are stuck home with COVID 19

- Addicting despite limitations

Seekers Notes is a fun game with gorgeous aesthetics, but it seems rigged to coerce players into spending money. It’s possible, but not always enjoyable, to play for free. The storylines and characters are terrific (that’s why I keep playing), but the pace is slowed down by frustrating game mechanics. I don’t mind paying developers to support their work, but this game often feels as if it hog-ties the player, and the only way to cut through the ropes is to pay up. Example 1: Solve puzzle A in B minutes. Except you can’t. (Eliminate 42 purple gems in 2.5 minutes—except did we mention you won’t actually _see_ 42 purple gems in that time?) How to get more time? Pay up.+ Example 2: Search location C in mode D. This requires playing the location multiple times until it lands in the right mode. I’ve had it take as many as 13 plays to reach the right mode. (Yes, I count them; it’s the only way I can feel like I’m not searching the same place an infinite number of times.) But the problem is, you use energy each time you search, so after so many searches, you’re out of energy. How to get more energy?* Pay up. Example 3: Search location E. This requires passes, which you get from searching All The Other Locations. By the time you have enough passes, you’re out of energy. Pay up. Now imagine the exasperation when you have to search location G in mode H, as in Ex.2, while G _also_ requires passes, as in Ex.3. It can take _days_ to accomplish a single task. How to get a bunch of passes quickly? Pay up. Special events occur about once a month. But you’re unlikely to finish anywhere near the top of the rankings unless you—do you see this coming?—pay up. I love this game beyond all reason, so despite its faults, I can’t quit it. But new players should be aware of the faults before they get hooked. + You can just fail at the puzzle a bunch of times until you randomly get one that’s solvable. That uses up your energy, though. * Energy regenerates at the rate of 20 points an hour, so you can just wait. That’s one of the things that slows the pace.

- Not worth your time

Would give it less then 1 star if it was a choice. Game keeps many better games out there

- Best Hidden Object game

I been downloading 2 Hidden Object Games playing for a week and it got boring the games it self is just search for items no extra stuff. I’ll end up deleting the 2 games apps. I’m searching again and read some reviews on some of the Hidden Object games. Finally, I found this Game Seekers notes. This games is addictive it have 3 matching games, searching for items and more. I totally recommend this game. 👍🏼👍🏼

- Bad app

Play the game 5 minutes max & it kicks you off for hours Horrible game app

- Newcomer review

As a newcomer to this game I will say that I love this game and I play it with my 15 years old autistic son!

- Best hidden object/puzzle game!!

I have been playing this game for several years. I decided to try similar games for a change of pace. Nothing has come close, so I keep going back to this one. Not only that, their customer service goes above and beyond to assist you when / if there are any issues! Highly recommend this game if puzzles, storyline, hidden objects is your cup of tea.


Enter at your own risk if you have addictive tendencies. Only plan to feel satisfaction if you have VERY DEEP pockets!

- Mistake

I think I subscribed to this game by mistake. It just happened. How do I undo this? Thank s

- Lost everything!

I just updated to the most recent version. What a nightmare! I chose to keep my profile and everything I accumulated. The update wiped out all my progress and my profile even tho I clearly chose to keep my existing profile. Very disappointing. I have no desire to keep this game anymore. Do not run the update.

- Love the game

I love the game. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is due to all of the ads.

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- Upgraded back to 5 stars

I originally felt the upgrade had lost the gaming capacity but I stand corrected, it’s fantastic! Once you take the time to explore the new guilds it’s boosted playing power and flexibility for those who don’t use Facebook as you can now ‘friend’ other players for exchanges, power etc and the whole experience is greatly improved. I love this game and I was concerned id need to rely on spending daily or weekly (which I cannot do but I do top up every month) but you don’t. This is the only game I highly recommend on the App Store as it’s a brilliant storyline, graphics are outstanding and the developers clearly put a lot of time, effort and care into creating a unique and enjoyable experience. My apologies for my hasty original ‘panic’ at the changes made in the latest upgrade, after a few days exploring and trying it out, it’s an incredible and enjoyable gaming experience. Thank you all :)

- Worst customer service EVER!

Good game that is let down by its pitifully poor customer service. Made in app purchases that never materialised. Avoid paying for anything is my advice

- Enjoying it .......... until it changed 🤦🏼‍♀️

A typical hide & seek game with added variety to keep you interested. Yes there are adverts, but you do have to accept these if you are playing a free game 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve got no problem with that and compared to other games which I had to bin, there really isn’t that many. However, a recent update took away the magnifying glass and replaced it with a flaming arrow. Not only do the arrows cost more to earn, they, unlike the mag glass, don’t show you where you’ve been such a numpty and missed the obvious 🙄 This has somewhat turned me off the game tbf. I still play (for now), but I don’t get the same pleasure which I used to get playing this game. I feel a little cheated instead 😕 I must however, congratulate Mytona on their generous free time they have given during the global pandemic of Corona virus. Thank you guys 🙏🏼 I was quite touched by the spirit you showed during this time of trial 😊

- Good but frustrating

I like the game, the quests are enjoyable however, there needs to be a confirm to spend rubies. Twice now I have accidentally pressed the wrong button and lost a decent amount of rubies. This is especially true when you go to dispel an anomaly, think you have the tool available, but don’t and end up spending a lot of hard earned rubies. Other games where you can spend these rarer currencies have a confirmation button to allow for mistakes in pressing. I did contact mytona, who said they would look into it but this was clearly a platitude. Also the game randomly crashes out completely, very frustrating, especially if in the middle of a Candle of Clarity event and it takes a minute or two to get back in and you have lost that time from the candle.

- Happy hour not so happy!

I have been playing this game for a long time now (years) and really enjoy it. When the lockdown started gamers were given happy hours twice a day with no time restrictions. Now there are time restrictions I find it is not working. For example the timetable said that 12.00 - 1.00pm would be happy hour for decreased access passes. I logged into the game at 12.09 only to be told happy hour had ended! Surely this can't be right! Help required please.

- Fix the update bug please!!

The new update is horrible! Some awful bug. It now crashes every time you try to open it! & the energy talismans have stopped coming ..! Used to be so good :(

- Crashes

Love this game but it keeps crashing very annoying!

- Game keeps freezing!

I really love playing this game but since it has been updated it keeps freezing and I have to come out of the game completely to un freeze it but again that only lasts a few minutes then it freezes again. I have made sure no other apps are on and have switched off my device completely to see if that helps but no it is still freezing. Please get this sorted as I don’t want to stop playing this but if it continues I might just do that.

- One of my favourite games

I love hidden object games and this is one of my favourites. One or two things could be improved though. Too many pop-ups. Some of the puzzles are impossible to complete without using the “flying time” tool and the only way to get that is to buy it which could end up being expensive. A very useful tool would be a compass which points to several items, as found in lots of similar G5 games. Marilyn

- Great game but....

I think this game is great nice graphics and sounds very addictive also. But they have changed the magnifying glasses to arrows which when you press on them don’t seem to work quick enough. They have also added happy hours which are good but personally I preferred the option of one free hour when I open my game up if I join half we through the happy hour I have wasted a talisman. I really hope you continue to give the free hour energy in future ... with the happy hours as well. I normally play this game everyday and have even spent a fair amount on it financially.... i personally enjoyed it before all the changes.

- Upgrades cost players more!!,

What is the reason that each time I update the game, changes are being made that cost the player more. The first change of the magnifying glass to the precise arrow. This used to cost 7 rubies for 10, but a 4 fold increase for an arrow to 28 rubies for 10...... To complete guardian quests you used to be able to have 3 free changes to these, now you get one, then for the pleasure of the other 5 rubies each time. Sorry but upgrades should improve the player experience, but this is currently not the objective in your upgrades.....

- Loading and freezing issue

I love this game but today I am having problem with it. The game loads but then freezes all the time. Cannot tap into any places to continue with game. I have downloaded game twice and still having same issue

- Great game

Hi MyTona, thanks for what I think is the best game ever. You have been brilliant with all the free play you have given us to try to fill our time whilst we are not working and staying home. Thank you and keep up the great work and stay safe. X

- Rubbish for a mobile device

I love this game but they have server problems and the game keeps crashing too!

- How to raise downloads by 10 timaes?  

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype and Whatsapp: +8615282351612 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Rubbish

This game is rubbish because it always buffers and it takes ages to load. I do not recommend this game but only when you are prepared to wait half a day just to get on the home screen. Then when you finally get onto the home screen you have to press one of the options about ten times and yet it still does not let you go where you want to go. Finally the games takes ages every time I wanted to do something on like if I want to press the play button on the start the longest I had to wait was 30 minutes. There is one good thing though I think it could be a very good game because of the theme if all the problems are fixed and trust me there are a lot of problems with this game. I only recommend it if you are very patient and don’t get frustrated when you tap something ten times and nothing happens because that is what happened to me when I was playing this game.

- Really great addictive stuff

Discovering this game has really helped me during the lockdown. The graphics are beautiful and it really is a fun way to spend hours before you know it. Only thing I would suggest is that the time of the Treasure Box and Haunted Lights puzzles be extended slightly, because unless you’ve got all the tools you need, it’s virtually impossible to complete some of them however many times you try. It’s also not possible to constantly have all the tools all the time. I would also suggest increasing the gem count for a player instead of by one gem whenever they move up a level but by 5. TJ

- Give me back my magnifying glasses!

I really don’t like the arrows! Please give us back our magnifying glasses. Also the more recent new locations are really not brilliant graphics :(

- Seekers notes

Not a bad little game but quests can get a little tedious at times. Still a fun little finder game!!!

- Obsessive

An obsessive game but thrilling

- Great game

But it refuses to come up on my iPad,was working yesterday but today nothing

- Keeps crashing with latest update

Keeps crashing

- Great game (that was)

The latest update has completely ruined the game for me, have played this game for many years and now Mytona, probably by “gifting” us all free energy during the lockdown period, have to recoup their generosity! Arrows a rip off and cutdown on time given for puzzles ridiculous! Certainly won’t be spending any money on this game before the recent changes are rectified. SAD☹️

- Rip off

What was a fun interesting game has quickly turned into something very different. It’s quite obvious the only way to pass levels and quests is to spend money to obtain specials to get extra time and special passes. My son and I enjoyed playing the my spy game together but I have lost my patience with this game. Total rip off. Not impressed.

- Best game ever

Best game ever

- Andy

Have been playing this game for a while and thoroughly enjoy it, until the last update when the magnifying glass was replaced by the arrow. It seems that the price has quadrupled to buy arrows, it used to be 7 rubies for 10 magnifying glasses but now is 28 yes 28 rubies for 10 arrows. Find that a bit naff so after this purchase I just made will not be purchasing anymore 🤬 shame really

- App continually closing

Have enjoyed this game for a long time but recently the game suddenly closes down whilst in use. Have tried closing down and reloading but problem still remains.

- Seekers notes

Do not like the arrows prefer the eye glass plus the arrows are far to expensive 1 arrow for four rubies go back to the eye glass

- From Barabel

Sadly, I am giving up playing Seekers Notes for the moment until the developers see the error of their ways and reinstate the eyeglass. I could not believe that they could make such a fundamental change for the worse. I understand that Mytona is a business and needs to rely on purchases. I do purchase rubies regularly as I understand this point. The reviews on the Facebook page have been many and all negative. Come on, Mytona, listen to your players and do the right thing.

- Games

Love it ❤️

- Lost progress after update

Completely lost my progress and profile after an recent update, really annoying! Did email support who fixed the issue, but still not a great experience.

- Very addictive!

I love this game but it’s crashing about 20 times a day right now 😩

- Great game

Perfect for learning beautiful objects as well as English vocabulary.

- Great game

I have been playing this game for a long time now and really enjoy it. Sometimes a bit frustrating as I don’t spend money on in app purchases and therefore sometimes run out of energy to complete the challenges. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the free energy every day - it helps me to keep occupied in these extremely difficult times.

- Solid game with lovely touch

Have been playing for a while now and I keep returning to it. One extra lovely extra talisman is automatically activated every morning to give me free play for two hours without using energy. Thank you for catering for those in lockdown. Well done MyTona.

- Great

A good little game while chilling.

- Dhhfc

Used to be a good game to pass the time away. Now I’ve lost all my progress and friends. The game now wants me to start from the beginning. Sort it out please.... I’ve now got my original avatar back, but instead of being on level 176 I’m now on level 1. All the friends and game challenges I’ve won have gone. I have no intention of carrying on with game as I’ve done it all before, it was a great game.

- Lost it all but got it all back!!

Having lost all progress as did many others, after a short dialogue with customer support, everything has been restored - great job 😃

- The best game ever !!,


- Good game

Very good game... I did enjoy it very much till I lost all my progress and my level 151 and had to start from the beginning... 😫

- Excellent support and great game

Hi all, after the last update I’ve lost all my progress, however the support team were excellent and they restored it. I really enjoy playing this game. Thanks 😀

- Great game

I have been playing this game for a long time and I never get bored, the last update did cause a problem but customer support was very helpful and prompt, thanks for that, and now the game is back to where it was before. Highly recommend the game if you play for 5mins or 5hrs a day. The graphics are great and each location is different and challenging. Thanks

- Love it

I love the game, just very disappointed that after using it for 3 years, paying for some elements of the game, that with this upgrade to level 96, it lost my history and I have had to start again - it’s very disappointing and I hope CS can rectify this for me.

- Errors!

I’ve updated my app yesterday and I just lost all of my friends! I had a lot of friends and reputation. 😞

- Great game

I really enjoy this game. Always lots for me to look at, and I like playing through the different anomalies. The different venues are always fun, and if I get bored with one I just work on another. Perhaps I am an oddity in that I don’t care how rapidly I progress (or don’t) through levels of experience. I just have fun exploring and finding things. It’s a very good game to keep me occupied for a while and rather relaxing too.

- Useless support

Have updated game and lost all progress nit helped in the slightest, have contacted on All platforms no help what so ever

- Game froze now reconnected

Game Frozen on start up screen since today’s update Just managed to get into game and apparently I lost all game I deleted this game What was the point in connecting with FB that was suposed to save the game in case something goes wrong. Just started a new game than reconnected with FB and my old Game was listed.I have my old game back so no need for support to get involved.

- Reset the game

I been playing this for months and was up to level 60. It asked me to install an update which I did and now it has gone back to level 1, aren’t starting it again so will delete.

- Lost all my progress after update

After I have downloaded the latest update I have lost all progress and the game has gone to the beginning. How can I get back to where I was?

- Great game

I have been playing this game for over a year. Just did the recent update, lost my level data (that was supposed to be saved on Facebook). Thankfully it was sorted with another update. Plenty of variety, and new challenges. They just need to check the updates more thoroughly before they put them out, as a friend of my had similar issues before with updates.

- Review

My new favorite thing! Awesome

- Okay

Okay game

- Haney

Very fun game 😌

- Unauthorized debit from my iTunes

I need a support ID to lodge in my complaint. Please provide guidance on how I can obtain this. Thanks

- Update

Can’t update my game

- Great game

Nice and very addictive

- Wow

Really great game

- Really

Good game

- Great

Great App love playing

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Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery 1.53.1 Screenshots & Images

Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery iphone images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery ipad images
Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
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Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery (Version 1.53.1) Install & Download

The applications Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery was published in the category Games on 2015-07-30 and was developed by MyTona [Developer ID: 1035473178]. This application file size is 266.61 MB. Seekers Notes®: Hidden Mystery - Games posted on 2020-05-20 current version is 1.53.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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