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Designed for your iPad and iPhone, this app keeps you informed with award-winning national and international news coverage — along with striking photography and informative graphics that bring stories to life. Intuitive browsing and a streamlined design allow you to seamlessly navigate through stories and enjoy in-depth reading.

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▪ INTUITIVE NAVIGATION: Easily browse through and between sections.
▪ EASY VIEWING: Swipe or scroll through articles, then select and read full stories.
▪ STREAMLINED DESIGN: Enjoy an uncluttered, engaging reading experience that makes it easier to find—and read—the stories that matter to you.
▪ IN-DEPTH READING: Immerse yourself in stories where the focus is on storytelling—enhanced by bold photos and graphics.
▪ AWARD-WINNING COVERAGE: Stay informed with award-winning national reporting and expertly curated stories.
▪ FREQUENT UPDATES: Stay connected 24/7 with breaking news and other important updates throughout the day.
▪ 3D TOUCH SUPPORT: Get a sneak peek at top headlines, right from our icon using Quick Actions

▪ OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access for just $9.99/month (first month FREE).
▪ EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to The Washington Post App on all your smartphones and tablets.
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The Washington Post App Description & Overview

The applications The Washington Post was published in the category News on 2015-07-09 and was developed by The Washington Post. The file size is 67.21 MB. The current version is 1.11.8 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

This update fixes an issue where some headlines do not render correctly on a recent version of iOS.

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The Washington Post Reviews


Good app, great journalism  Lightnin99  5 star

Insightful, rigorous coverage.


One of the critical investigative news sources to cover 45  Bigredabraham  5 star

I like the app and love the quality of the reporting.


excellent news app  Noah1992woody  5 star

This is a great, very convenient way to get your news. And you know you're getting some of the best journalism there is. Highly recommended.

dark reaction

Terrible  dark reaction  1 star

I rather read the paper on chrome than this piece of junk.


Slick interface  10dubs  5 star

Easy to navigate. Great content.


Frustrating  Vandrklw  1 star

This app is so frustrating: 1) hate the carousel scroll, it wastes time and it is hard to orient yourself by section of the news. You can't scan headlines on a single page; 2) the menu lists a very limited number of news sections, so you have to search by keywords to find things, and there is no customization option; 3) where is the local news?; 4) not possible to go directly to a specific blog or column.


Wish I could search for desired content  Jnlyn5  2 star

I get the WP access as part of my home newspaper subscription so I guess I shouldn't expect full access but wish I could search for desired content like keyword or columnist name rather than just getting what some programmer has decided I should see. Is most annoying that I can't link my access to stories I open through other sources, am always running out of my monthly allotment of stories allowed


Five Star News  lyvnfu  5 star

My go-to news. User-friendly app and in-depth articles. I trust for solid honest information.


Keeps me informed  Ceeljay  4 star

My only issue with the WAPo app is that when the alerts pop up on my phone they don't always get added to the alerts section so I can easily access the story. Today's political climate has made me glad I subscribed.


Newest version not worth the time to download it.  Richard003  1 star

Newest version not worth the time to download it. I don't mean that the app takes a long time to download. It's pretty normal in that respect. I mean the newest version isn't worth the bother. Period. Trying to read the news through this app is like reading a child's picture book. There are so few words, they can only be called teasers. Each picture takes up around 80% of the screen, and I guess that lone picture is supposed to give the reader enough information to determine whether the linked article is worth the time or piques enough interest for one to decide to read it. I find it rarely does. In fact, I usually just go to the main WaPo website on my phone to read the news, since the app gives me no clue as to what's going on. The app is pretty, but so are a lot of things. When looking for the hard hitting news that WaPo is reporting these days - and doing a great job at it, BTW - it's a shame the app is so useless. WaPo needs to step up its game with a new app. This version is ridiculous. WaPo - check out NYT, Guardian, WSJ, or any other respectable news site for how to present the news. This app looks like it came directly from Fox. To paraphrase an old childhood saying, All pictures and no text makes Jack a dull boy.

OldElmTree OldElmTree 3 star

@JaredBeck: No one should be reading the Washington Post for facts.


Karyn A. K. Fleck KytKatz 3 star

*How #Trump ’s budget helps the RICH at the expense of the POOR!!! Via - The Washington Post


Escher Nineeleven Escher911 3 star

@JaredBeck: No one should be reading the Washington Post for facts.

Princeton Mac User

Mobile web site is better  Princeton Mac User  2 star

Easier to view WP content via Safari. The WP app gets in the way

Dissatisfied user in Oakland

Formatting is confusing and unintuitive  Dissatisfied user in Oakland  3 star

I got a subscription to support the free press, but I find the NYT and WSJ apps much easier to scan/read online. I dislike the Rolodex nature of the app. Also find it weird they don't remove the article to a "recently viewed" section once you've read it But go Bezos, keep the Post alive!


OK ... but it's supposed to be a newspaper  sundoggy  3 star

I like the Post app, and use it daily on my iphone and ipad. Kind of necessary resource in this crazy D.C. nightmare we're living through. Good things: Bright colorful and love the way it highlights "the" story of the moment. Easy to use and I don't have any of the performance issues on an iPhone Six and iPad Air Two ... my shift key is not working. Bad things, especially iPad version. I'm not old school, but I'd like my newspaper app to act more like a newspaper. Meaning give me a front page and sections so I can find stuff normally. No front page is ruining it for me. NYT has figured this out better than anyone, so a little copy and paste would help these guys. We don't need a totally new UX for a standard newspaper pub. This is annoying, and therefore the Times is still my first stop, though at least for now I'm subscribed to both.


Solid journalism, strange interface  HolaDiana  4 star

I'm not in live with the UX, but the WP is a good new source. So I read it!


Comments Please!  kozlosap  4 star

Please add the comments section so I am able to add that fifth star!


UI is just not to my liking. If only they had another app with a more traditional format...  Rjprzy  1 star

Okay, so the paywall finally worked and I forked over $99. Now you're telling me I can't use the normal app and I have to use this "innovative" UI that prevents the basic newspaper function of "scanning the headlines" by making each story take up the whole screen, even in the browse mode? It's as if the greedy a__holes that run WaPo realize their UI is an abortion and they think they can shake down their users for an extra $5/mo to use the non-aborted version. I'm considering requesting a refund.


Easy for old folks  Ergulon  3 star

Unlike some, I like the animations and arrangement. Articles are very legible. Id like to be able to call up prior days' issues.


Gives me motion sickness.  Mjfhfrrdrftg  1 star

Why not just one easy to read classic app?


Easy to navigate  Cdg1974  4 star

Very happy with this app, how easily I can navigate through stories, and the save to Pocket feature always works great. No complaints.


Daily 202 shows up hours later on app  Bladedude  1 star

Daily 202 is an amazing must read from the Post. But it shows up on the app hours, sometimes 1/2 day or a day later. Daily 202 is time relevant and should be available asap.

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