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"In the end, we picked Disconnect as our favorite [privacy] tool because it was the easiest to understand.” The New York Times, February 17, 2016.

Super simple to use, Disconnect Premium empowers you to control your privacy and makes your iOS experience faster and safer, and also improves battery life and reduces wasted cellular data. Disconnect Premium gives you the ability to block and visualize tracking across your entire device, protecting you inside all the apps and browsers you use.

About us:

- Over 50 million people use our software
- Amazing accolades include winning the 2015 Innovation Award for Privacy and Security at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, making the list of Popular Science’s 100 Best of What’s New and being recommended as the New York Times' favorite privacy app
- Featured on 60 Minutes, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show, CNN, Wired, and many more
- Public partnerships with leading privacy/security organizations like the EFF and Mozilla

About Disconnect Premium:

- Blocks invisible tracking and next generation malware (malvertising) threats
- Allows you to actually see the trackers we block
- Accelerates page load speeds by up to 44% and reduces bandwidth by up to 39% depending on your device usage!
- Unlike browser specific products, Disconnect Premium protects you across all your applications, including mobile browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.)
- Allows you to encrypt all Internet connections, to prevent Wi-Fi snooping and other forms of surveillance

Subscription information:

Length: You can sign up for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions

Prices for subscriptions:

Info: Your subscription will auto renew unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current period. You'll be charged at the confirmation of your purchase. With an active subscription, you'll be updated to the latest blocking protection every month and the use unlimited amount of bandwidth. You can manage your subscription by using the App Store app on your phone (Tap Features --> tap Apple ID at bottom of page --> View Apple Id --> Manage App Subscriptions)

More info:

Privacy policy:

Terms of use:

Disconnect Premium Privacy and Performance App Description & Overview

The applications Disconnect Premium Privacy and Performance was published in the category Utilities on 2014-11-13 and was developed by Disconnect. The file size is 39.46 MB. The current version is 2.3.2 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

- Performance mode improvements
- Improves encrypted VPN stability and connection speed

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Superior support  Vbkayaker  5 star

Been using their extension for years and now finally upgrading to their iOS app for better protection. Had an issue activating the app and emailed support. Received a response within the hour! Was able to quickly resolve it. Very impressed. If you care about your online privacy, do yourself a favor and subscribe to their premium service!


I really want to like Disconnect. But it doesn't work :(  D2Rhino  1 star

Disconnect is a fantastic idea and lead by really nice people. But, most unfortunately, the just don't deliver. Sure, *when* their products work, they're awesome. Over 1k trackers blocked, extra privacy, and of course, everyone needs a VPN on 100% of the time now. But...they rarely work. Their app and functionality is incredibly buggy and drops VPN connection (or simply fails to connect) CONSTANTLY. Their problem isn't device specific, or even OS specific: I have problems across all of my devices, as does my significant other and various friends that I recommended the service to. The bottom line is that all of their clients (or perhaps their service) is not reliable enough to recommend. I really, really hope they do a complete overhaul of whatever is causing the issue so that I can go back to recommending them, because theirs is the only service that stops trackers. Their support team is very helpful, but unfortunately has never been able to resolve any of the main issues (app instability and connection instability) on any environment/device. Until then, switch to ProtonVPN or IDVector.


Not free. Somewhat deceptive  Rann77  1 star

Great concept but Will ask you to pay right out the gate. You might as well consider the paid version. Just cost me some data to download then delete.

3D guy

VPN fails regularly thru daily usage, absolutely don't install on home computer  3D guy  1 star

This service seems to work fine-ish on iOS. Except it will randomly disconnect the VPN service for no reason. But, boy howdy, you do NOT install on your laptop or desktop. Horrible. It gets nice and screwy with your IPv6 protocols by giving out multiples. Suddenly my browser could not see half the internet (on multiple machines, mind you). And the best they could try and do was have me launch their app from a terminal window, which seemed to make it all the worse. Even after I force quit the app, it would relaunch. I do not see myself continuing at all with these folks. Scrubbed it clean from both computers. (I also love the confusion of which service is which. In the end, I purchased one version for $40. And then realized I needed a renewing subscription for the service I thought I was buying. What a waste.)


So far, So good  drrjv  4 star

App seems pretty easy to use. Like ability to turn VPN on and off easily. Subscriptions are confusing. What's difference between Disconnect subscription and Premium? How do you buy a whole year within the App?


IP Leaks  asi65  1 star

App constantly fails to connect on demand. Requires manual connect. IP activity leaks because it is not performing as it should. Servers and software unreliable.


Great  Issac4334  5 star

Installed this and haven't turned off. Experience so much better with this app. Highly recommend.


Excellent privacy software  reed2102  5 star

I've been a Disconnect Premium subscriber for about 2 years now and I think the product is finally starting to hit its stride. It does not work flawlessly (occasionally disconnects/reconnects), but 2 other mainstream VPNs I've tried were much worse. Most importantly, Disconnect's privacy policy is very strict - they don't log IPs, DNS hookups, sites accessed, anything. Customer support has been extremely fast & helpful when I've needed it. I highly recommend Disconnect to anyone who cares about their online privacy. The internet is a scary place.


A+ for providing mobile privacy  Dr_Ortho_O  5 star

App works across all connections, protocols, and apps to filter out trackers. You can see a real-time feed of trackers blocked too. Awesome.


A Disconnect from Reality  MacDelta  1 star

Feature review: Ad and Tracker blocker: more like a partial blocker. Disconnect allows many ad-servers and tracking scripts that "behave," to keep on spitting out ads and tracking your online activity. This is not user configurable. I tested several web pages. All ads present and accounted for! Ad/Tracker Blocking: One Star VPN: for $4.99/mo., there are far better options. Again, not user configurable, and you are stuck with AdBlock to protect you from ads. Site builders frequently cut-and-paste one of the dozens of anti-AdBlock scripts, which neutralizes AdBlock. VPN: One Star Full System Protection: in 2015, Disconnect was lauded for its system protection capabilities. During 2016 and 2017, iOS upgrades through 10.2.1 have been doing a much better job, at no cost! System Protection: One Star Free Week Trial/"No-Questions-Asked" refund policy: within seconds of activating my Free Week Trial, my bank account was charged $4.99. When I emailed Disconnect's support and asked for a refund, they couldn't help. I was given outdated directions to remove the software's auto-monthly charging tendrils. I had already trashed the app, an hour after trying to figure out what it did. as it "broke" my highly configurable ad/tracker/sneaky script blocker with a custom URL blocker to prevent garbage sites from loading. Free Week/Support: One Star Bottom line: If Disconnect Premium worked, it would have blocked itself as suspected malware. There are too many quality, full featured, user configurable VPN and ad/tracker apps written for iOS. This is not one of those.

B.sc pro

Whoa, get this now  B.sc pro  5 star

This is a great app, super easy, way faster browsing love dipping in out of Vpn on public wifi. Highly recommend this.


now only for newest hardware  zzzzaaaakkkk  3 star

says no longer compatible with the iphone 4s. even if upgraded to iOS 9. but why??? can't be the speed. heck, it's faster than on iOS 9. is it memory shortage? much larger apps still run fine with some background apps still running


Update on ipod5 notification?  James5wins  1 star

Can't update when it's displayed on my iPod5G, stupid. Old update: Disconnect Kids + WeBlock is good enough for me.

Right prescription

Real?  Right prescription  4 star

I would love this app if I knew it was working. I don't even know how I got it. How do you know it is working?

Monkey Conspirator

Totally sucked  Monkey Conspirator  1 star

All it did was crash all the time and made everything on my phone run super slow. I had to uninstall it. It was a major disappointment because I was really looking forward to using it.


Connection Issues  And2112  2 star

I had a really hard time maintaining a steady internet connection. When you wake your phone up to use it, there was a delay while Disconnect connected to the servers so your internet connection would work and then it would stop working. Then you'd finally be connected to their servers and working fine and the connection would suddenly stop working so you'd have to disconnect from their VPN and then reconnect to get the Internet working. Also, I could never get it set to just connect only when I wanted it to. No matter what settings I used in Disconnect it would always try to connect to the VPN. There was no way around it. The App became much more of a problem than it was worth. On the positive side, it seems to work well on my laptop. Also, their customer service was very prompt to respond by email. They also offered to refund my money.


Can't do anything unless you pay 50.00 x year  Omejia  1 star

Free app?.... pay for it to work !!


Crash  Dndjsoejjsjchicken  1 star

The app keeps crashing when I check the trackers.


Very good  Popperop  5 star

Easy set up, no hassle.

Papa wiggles

Great potential but not there yet  Papa wiggles  3 star

App won't stay on, constantly cutting itself off throughout the day

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