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Fitbit and Health, together at last. Sync all your data from Fitbit to Apple Health. After the first sync, the app will automatically sync in the background throughout the day. **Important** Fitbit currently provides access to daily data only. We have requested Partner API status in order to provide intraday syncing.

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Need to sync from Health to Fitbit? Check out Sync Solver - Health to Fitbit as well.

Data types supported:
- Steps
- Flights Climbed
- Walking + Running Distance
- Weight
- Body Fat Percentage
- Body Mass Index
- Sleep Analysis (In bed and asleep time)
- Water
- Dietary Calories
- Resting Calories
- Active Calories

- If you are using Sync Solver - Health to Fitbit, be sure to not sync the same data types as this will result in a data duplication loop.
- Since iOS schedules backgroud updates based on your app usage pattern, it may be necessary to manually sync from time to time in order to keep Sync Solver automatically syncing on a consistent basis.
- Intraday data granularity is not possible at this time due to Fitbit API limitations.

Sync Solver for Fitbit App Description & Overview

The applications Sync Solver for Fitbit was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-11-18 and was developed by James McAndrew. The file size is 15.92 MB. The current version is 2.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Sync Solver for Fitbit Reviews


Not all the data I wanted synched  GlimmeringB52  2 star

I don’t see any support for syncing menstrual cycles to Fitbit. I have another app that I e been using to record periods, and it logs everything g in HealthKit, so I’d like to see all that data in Fitbit, too.


No heart rate support  KiZzle36  1 star

The only reason that I bought this app was to transfer heart rate data, which this app does not support. Also, sleep data is limited to awake and asleep, you loose all of the sleep insights from Fitbit. Waste of money.


Fitbit? Don’t bother  Gourleygirl  1 star

Sorry to say despite description will not sync


This app doesn’t work with Apple Watch Series 4 on my iPhone 8  Bsquare14  1 star

I’m so sad. All I want to do Is track my steps from my Apple Watch to my Fitbit dashboard so I can stay connected to my friends. I wish this worked. Save your money.


Does exactly what is says  londoner343  5 star

Synchronized an Alta HR brining in all the data with no problem. If I made a change to the permissions I did have to log out and then back in to the FitBit app in order to keep synching. (Easily done through the SynchSolver interface)


Doesn’t sync multiple sleep times per day  chacotanlines  3 star

I got this primarily for importing sleep data into apple health but I was really disappointed to find out it doesn’t allow multiple sleep data for the same day! Why is that?! Seems like not a big deal to do. Really frustrated because it really can throw it off.


Apple Watch Users:  Pikazardthedestroyer  4 star

This app helps your Fitbit Aria write data into your Health App on your iPhone. So your weight, body mass index, and body fat percentage will import “automatically” (you still need to press “sync” on this app) into your Health App. That’s about all it will help you with if you’re using an Apple Watch.


Don’t buy!!!!  fghydtj  2 star

Do not get this. I rarely write reviews. This does not automatically sync and always comes up with an error message! Stay away!!!

Willy Chaz

We’re Synced!  Willy Chaz  4 star

Finally was able to sync, but it does not pull the data into the Activity app. Only the Health app. A little confused at first but it’s good now.


Wrong Charge  mins81  1 star

Recent upgrade disabled the App & Made me purchase again

Ramandeep Singh Bhalla

Worst application  Ramandeep Singh Bhalla  1 star

Application doesn’t do anything. It is just waste of money

Princess Arin 42

Waste of Money  Princess Arin 42  1 star

I downloaded the app and it just says unable to sync! Completely useless.


Does not sync active calories  whatever8341  2 star

Sync silver hangs forever on active calorie syncing. Is there a solution?


Calories do not sync  Nuttystan  1 star

I think the title says it all. And the reason for the terrible review is because its a paid app, and therefore everything shoulda been working fine. And it used to until the last few months


Please fix this so I can improve the rating  BrightGTR  1 star

This app was last updated a year ago, and apparently needs updated again. It syncs some things, but continually gives an error not mentioned in the FAQ, namely that sync could not be completed; Fitbit unavailable (other reviews note this as well). There are similar FAQs on, say apple health being unavailable. And the Developer recommends a hard restart to the phone. That has not helped this issue. I have tried numerous other approaches as well. If fixed, or at least addressed in the FAQ, this would go back to being a good app again. I welcome any developer comment

Ephram Zimbalest

No Fitbit  Ephram Zimbalest  1 star

The reason this was purchased was to synchronize my Fitbit and Apple watch. This app DOES NOT SYNCH WITH FITBIT. There.


It just stopped working  Ms_Mase  1 star

In the last year the app hasn’t worked AT ALL. Don’t bother spending the money.


So so  mcahill85  3 star

The app works, but doesn’t quite ever finish the sync. My biggest grievance is that the developer has a website with faq’s, but there is no means to contact them to report/discuss a problem.


Doesn't work  Mandonrocks  1 star

I read on googe that this app would sync up with apple health so I purchased it, but when I tried to sync things up it gave me an error message. I then tried to fix some other things, and still no sync! This app dissapointed me and I do not recommend it. In my oppinion it was a waste of $3.


Disapointing  Kbaisa  2 star

Doesn't do what I want it to do. Does not sync heart rate data which is what I really wanted. I should have read more about the app before purchasing it, so that is my fault, but it had a giant heart icon sooooo I kind of thought that was what it did. Oh well, I only lost $1.99

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