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Mobile Strike is an exciting new action game of modern war that lets you build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield!

Unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies, and put your tactical mind to test against opponents across the globe in this worldwide MMO game!

- Join millions of players from around the world
- Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might
- Use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies
- Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your allies, and obstacles to your enemies!
- Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter
- Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower
- Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers
- Clash with rival alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO

Experience the rush of battle and conquest in the vast multiplayer world of Mobile Strike.

Join forces with powerful players to create global alliances and conquer enemy territories in the immersive world of Mobile Strike!

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Mobile Strike App Description & Overview

The applications Mobile Strike was published in the category Games on 2015-11-11 and was developed by Epic War LLC. The file size is 232.01 MB. The current version is 3.30.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Mobile Strike has set the standards for war strategy games. Receive intel from the Security Advisor as he guides you into Battle against other players, destroying targets, and leads you to GLOBAL DOMINATION!
- Recruit several Commanders to lead your Army into Battle!
- Power up your VIP to gain outstanding benefits to help you protect the State!
- Recruit Rebel Targets to fight alongside your troops in Battle!
- Make new friends, chat, and organize Attacks with your Alliance!
- Upgrade your Base with the with all-new building Levels!
- Constant updates will keep your Base growing and give you the competitive edge you need!
- Take control of the Global Control and become Supreme Commander to win exclusive prizes!
- And MORE!

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Mobile Strike Reviews


I love it!  Crusader121  5 star

It’s truly an amazing game for an 11 year old! I am happy! But I would like to have more details though... But I will love this game forever!!! There is a problem when I send one of my deployments and when they arrive to the destination it doesn’t give any information whatsoever of the collecting and stuff! And I would like the troops to have more load like the: Soldiers: 10 load Scouts: 10 load Patrol vehicles: 20 load Mortars: 15 load And if you can do that, it would be great! Thank you!


Don’t even bother  V1nnym  1 star

What used to be a good game for free has just gotten plain greedy, unless you have and/or don’t mind spending thousands on a “free” game then stay away.


Don’t bother  bigdavecab  1 star

Game is no good, I played it from the start but now it’s all pay to play and it’s just no fun😔, if you’re not shielded for a second you will attacked by players that have a bigger bank roll then you 😡 and now they have some warp thing, where you have to build yet another base and spend more money to get that up and you can’t get shields easy anymore so your just continue to get attacked unless you pay $160 for a pack so you can grow your base quickly. Just look for a better game, I’m starting to look for a more even game that skill is the aim not your Bank account 😳


Bad Developers - game was fair - but ripped me off  RayK2012  1 star

I spent a lot of money in this game, the last two packs i purchased they did not give me bonus 5 free packs - no response from them. Now they changed the game and I the $200 cash spent on 13T gold is wasted, I cannot buy anything using the gold. RIP OFF

DLS 3888

Fraudulent game  DLS 3888  1 star

Needs to be banned... requires tons of money to be able to play. Used to be so fun and addictive but the developers killed it themselves

Inverted Landing.

Don’t waste your money  Inverted Landing.  1 star

Can I give it no stars out of 5? What a useless game, full of glitches, if you want to play at standard level you need to spend at least $150 a week. No support, if you email them they give a useless, irrelevant response, as if they hadn’t even read you complaint. Find another game- any other game, don’t waste your time here.


Don’t bother  KrystalWehi  1 star

This was an amazing game that has been ruined by money hungry developers. And no matter how much you write in, you will be ignored. They do not care for the smaller players so if you are going to start, get ready to be paying out lots of your hard earned money. You can’t survive without buying in. Good luck! You’ve been warned....


Vro  hsuandh  5 star

It’s rad


Worst game  Tahlia767  1 star

Boring horrible game

rUserious world 44

Don’t do it  rUserious world 44  1 star

The developers got greedy, really greedy, thousands of people left this game because of it - they wouldn’t listen - I loved the game but unless you have 10k or more to squander don’t bother.


You need more money than common sense to win this game.  Poffroad  1 star

I started playing this game almost two years ago. It used to be a great game, but now it's purely a pay to play app. If you spend a lot of money you might be competitive this week, but next week they add a few more zeroes to all the possible stats and if you don't spend the money again your quickly left in the dust. No strategy needed for this game, just money. If you have more money than common sense, this might be your lucky day. Frankly, there are much better games out there. Games that don't require deep pockets, but skill and brains. Those are good games, this is not one of them. Update 7-8-18: In an effort to keep the money flowing they have now started the game over in a “second world”. Ironically enough this a reboot of the original is played by glitches and flaws that of already been solved in the original. Not sure what six-year-old is running the show over at MS, But this is still not a game worth starting or continuing to play in all reality. Clash of clans is still a much better choice and requires actual strategy, not just a credit card.


Do not start playing this game. Scam.  tomeboy625/178  1 star

Yes, the app is free but the game is not. Pay to play is the only way to describe. Or bait and switch. Played for a long time and made in app purchases until it became gambling. You might get something and then not. The packs are over priced. $99. Then they basically reset the game by negating any purchases made before cybernetic troops came out. They stole my work in the game. Yes it is their game, but it is a scam. Customer service is horrible and condescending. Update 7/8/18. Stop playing and stop paying. The new MECH world is even more expensive and they have become even more greedy. Smaller packs same price same worthless virtual junk. Read their terms of service. They owe you nothing. Do not play this game.


Waist  @#waist  1 star

It was fun when first came out. Now all they want is money and people to pay. They can’t fix the problems that they have in the game but want people to pay to move on without fixing the problems. Recently they took good earned away from players that earned it to say it was an error and they wanted fair play. How is that everyone in the game had the same opportunity to earn and now you say nope you worked hard to earn that but it’s not yours. Also keep track of all your bonuses and awards they frequently forget to put them into your inventory. What started out fun and great is going into a money draining nightmare. The game has such great potential until the designers got greedy.

Poofybird Design

MS just zero’d out everyones’ paid currency  Poofybird Design  1 star

For a moneysink game you’d think they’d be wiser, but no. They just revoked everyones’ paid in-game currency. They’re not just figuratively a scam, they are literally a scam. I’ll be contacting Apple about this shady business practice.


Money Pit With No Real End Gane  Corsair90805  1 star

This game was enjoyable when it first came out. The social aspect and value in alliances to learn the game and get help made it a great diversion. However it has become apparent that there is no definitive end game in site - what’s top level today is obsolete tomorrow. Since the advent of cybernetics - where they essentially reset the game and made everything pre-cyber worthless - the publisher has become greedy to the extreme. Before cybernetics they would offer packs at various price levels so even casual/fiscally conservative players could be reasonably up to date. Now there are no packs less than 99.99 USD available. I don’t mind publishers making money - as a developer myself I understand it’s a business. They have to keep an infusion of cash to continue to publish, maintain and improve the game. But they would do well to understand that 100 $20 packs would earn them more than one $100 pack and increase the player base. It feels as though they’ve betrayed the original players with the cyber reset and want to milk as much money as they can rather than provide an entertaining strategic game. I will not be buying any new packs until or unless the publisher changes their practice. Install, play, and spend money as you see fit. But for now I’m done. I’ll maintain my base, but the publisher will not get any more of my money under their current business plan.

0 Twisted 0

Money Pit / No Service  0 Twisted 0  1 star

This game is an extreme waste of money. You need thousands of dollars to keep up and play. Customer service is a joke, they will respond but fail to answer any of your questions. They alway have a reason they cannot help.


Worst  faceofdeath8334  1 star

This game is money hungry that’s it do not look out for the player believe me

Xxx 797

Worse game  Xxx 797  1 star

Do not SPEND YOUR $$$. The game keeps evolving and everything you ah e spend goes down the drain. Customer supports only gives you vague answers of the changes of the game or why they are slowing the game. It is not worth the time.....lots of players are upset!!!! Money hungry game!!!!


Move along nothing to see here.  cjkmom  1 star

Updated They have developed a new dimension to travel to. It looks great it’s like going backwards in time. However, they have built in multiple ways now to get your money. You can now buy $100 packs in both worlds and not achieve anything. The developers have no soul and don’t care about retaining players. The service reps that respond to you operate off scripts and have no power. Your better off donating your money to a casino. This game at one point was fun. There was strong groups playing together. Since that time MS has gone absolutely profit hungry. You will spend two days setting up the latest gear and it will be out of date the next week. Setting you back $100s of dollars each week. Many players have quit leaving abandoned bases that are in the millions all over the playing field. Currently they are subtracting resources without giving you a way to reproduce them unless you buy a pack. Good luck if you decide to play but, ensure you have plenty of room on your credit card. It will be spent in no time at all.

MS is pure greed

Arms Race  MS is pure greed  1 star

There is not strategy except out spend your opponents. Every $99 pack gets you the latest gear for at most a day. Then you will need to shield or buy another $99 pack. Play only if you are willing to spend thousands a month.


Game Seriously Expensive  Micktakamine  1 star

I know games keep evolving but to keep up you need to spend loads of cash and this makes it way too expensive, and if you don’t have the latest gear then forget it


Great  Eartdfg3456  5 star

Lots of fun friendly teamwork 👍👍👍


This is a great game that is something to do every day  Wackyfaint  5 star

A very good game you come to expect from Epic War LLC


Can't stop playing  Stringyblow  5 star

Fine app but too many ads, please do smthng with it, cause game's just fine and I wanna keep playing it... but without this amount of ads!!!


Best fighting/warring/alliance game/quest & global/alliance banter chat!!!!  Oilywail  5 star

Definitely a game I will continue to play. MS rocks!


Fun game!!!  Purrheat  5 star

Nice game, but too much stuff cost $


Amazing Game!!  Mowdrafty  5 star

I would and I have recommended this game


Good  severemackerel  5 star

I still play and the new updates are awesome 👍👍 but I wish there were music available from the game. I'm addicted


Great gaming at it best  tranquilsloppy  5 star

Good game. I love it


Really good game without fancy 3D stuff  limeluminous  5 star

Awesome game! Alliance boss fights?!? Can't wait! See you in FF!. and you haven't built enough resources to continue with the game. It's supposed to be for fun! ;)

Nobody rsa

App store should delete the game  Nobody rsa  1 star

Game has many glitches and MS support Does not fix them but they take your money when purchasing packs Game is unplayable Don’t download it stay away


What?  thefatkidfromUP  1 star

The game is so laggy and you get kicked out of matches for no reasen


Don’t waste your time or money  Ihlade  1 star

Very laggy, terribly unstable and bad customer support. It’s clear the game developers are desperate and trying to milk players for money. If your idea of a game involves spending lots of money, doing nothing but pushing the same button endlessly, and lots of device reboots and game reloads, then go ahead and try this. If not, don’t waste your time. And if you do spend money, be warned that whatever you buy is worthless within a day.


Blood sucking money grabbers  Bron2000  1 star

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, after playing for a while you are forced to spend money constantly trying to be competitive. The new upgrades and must have items can be introduced 3 x a week, all requiring your hard earned cash. You would be better off rolling up your money and smoking it... AVOID THESE LEECHES


Terrible Game  Gillazzii1  1 star

This game is very bad, always lagging and chat not working. Be used to getting kick out while you in battle. They'll tell you it's your device that's faulty even if you have the best mobile phone on the market. Support team never gets back to you and issues don't get resolved. Be careful of items being wrongly advertised in packs, they don't take any accountability after you have purchased a pack. Poor Game, Poor Support. Apple should ban this game from iTunes as people just gets rip off. BadMthrFckr


crazyMRsushi  slimvangsybaas  5 star

I like this game alot!!

xX Evil C Xx

Money maker  xX Evil C Xx  1 star

Mobile strike is only about making money. You will end up spending thousands and for what? To get burned again. Nothing comes for free in the game. Constantly upgrading game to take away things that are fun like rebel killing points in SVS. Gone. Or. Killing points while filling in SVS gone so you need to spend spend spend. DONT DOWNLOAD GAME. DONT PLAY it's going to be a waist of time


Was vey happy  TJsmash!!!  1 star

Great game LOTS of fun! But I have sent 3 emails to mobile strike over 3 days regarding packagers. They offer different packs to players, I had access to the best packs (sales) then it was removed from my account and now only the most expensive pack is available with items not even worth money.

Koena Masenya

Expensive  Koena Masenya  1 star

Addictive game yet expensive, once you reach top levels, they bring new ones with fancy buildings and troops but you still get burned. It's like burning all your investments. I quit


Mr  Arnobae  1 star

Terrible app, the game is lagging all the time and crashing In app purchase is expensive (consider minimum 100$ weekly to play), developers not responding to gamers community and complaints. Even worse than online casino, funding latest final fantasy game multi million dollars launch from long standing player on this game. Rip off


Bad poor wasted  Chaptez  1 star

Are we build castles or we are playing game


Mobile Strike  TBreezy55k  5 star

A very cool game. Love it!!! ✌🏾️😎✌🏾️

Abeiku rico

Poor poor poor  Abeiku rico  1 star

This game's size should be 12k instead of about 80mb, we need real action not building some structures, in fact the name should be building castles not mobile strike

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