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Mobile Strike is an exciting new action game of modern war that lets you build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield!

Unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies, and put your tactical mind to test against opponents across the globe in this worldwide MMO game!

- Join millions of players from around the world
- Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might
- Use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies
- Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your allies, and obstacles to your enemies!
- Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter
- Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower
- Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers
- Clash with rival alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO

Experience the rush of battle and conquest in the vast multiplayer world of Mobile Strike.

Join forces with powerful players to create global alliances and conquer enemy territories in the immersive world of Mobile Strike!

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Mobile Strike App Description & Overview

The applications Mobile Strike was published in the category Games on 2015-11-11 and was developed by Epic War LLC. The file size is 232.01 MB. The current version is 3.30.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Mobile Strike has set the standards for war strategy games. Receive intel from the Security Advisor as he guides you into Battle against other players, destroying targets, and leads you to GLOBAL DOMINATION!
- Recruit several Commanders to lead your Army into Battle!
- Power up your VIP to gain outstanding benefits to help you protect the State!
- Recruit Rebel Targets to fight alongside your troops in Battle!
- Make new friends, chat, and organize Attacks with your Alliance!
- Upgrade your Base with the with all-new building Levels!
- Constant updates will keep your Base growing and give you the competitive edge you need!
- Take control of the Global Control and become Supreme Commander to win exclusive prizes!
- And MORE!

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Mobile Strike Reviews


We did it folks!  trumpsevil546  1 star

I have scoffed at MZ and their greedy antics for over a year, and I still do. But look. Due to the complaints we have driven the total profit of MZ far down... this was once in the top 10 grossing, now it isn't even in the top 100! However, there are others like it that are just as vile as its predecessor. Only when this rotten trend is removed from the face of the earth will the App Store be free of corruption.


Not good anymore  bfyjvvft  1 star

Bad to much money


The sad truth is  Traceyuuy  1 star

I absolutely loved this game until the developers ruined it and turned it into a completely different game. Met a lot of great people and had a ton of fun. I had no problem spending on this game when it was still fun. It’s a sad thing to see how the developers have destroyed something that was once so great.

Farmed to Oblivion

Try it!😎  Farmed to Oblivion  4 star

It's simply too addicting and I can't put the phone down!😧😭😭😡😡🤔😂👍


Money money money  Mermyster1  1 star

So long as you can spend spend spend. The game is complicated and glitchy. I’ve played since the start and can never catch up. Too much money to stay competitive. Just when you get caught up they add more to the game. Basically it’s like changing the rules as you go. If you have money to burn it’s probably going to be the game for you. But beware it’s so glitchy that sometimes you can’t play the game correctly. I’ve contacted them many many times and always seem to get the same lamb answers. “Reboot your machine often” seems to be their favorite answer. Correct the problems and leave the game alone. That’s what I say. Looking at from the business end I understand they have to make money, but they charge a lot for the upgrades of which most of the new stuff included in the packs you have already bought before. I can see wanting to have an edge in the game, but not totally destroy in one attack everyone else’s base. What good are the lower tier troops. What was it that I actually bought in the beginnings of the game. All BS in my opinion. This comes from a seasoned veteran of the game who tried to believe it was a good game. In closing this letter I have to say the customer support is a joke and sometimes can even be disrespectful. Play if you want but heed my warning it’s a screwed up game and you will be disappointed.


Too expensive  jose.1986  2 star

This game is literally about money. If you don’t spend you have no chance at keeping up to stay competitive. If you end up in the right alliance it’s good. If the developers chose to balance the game out it could be fun again.


I’m a OG player...  Zman😂😂  1 star

Yes I’ve played since it came out, and take it from me DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! As soon as you download your under a curse, and only you can free yourself from it..(not a joke)


Not free  SDwreckingball  1 star

This is not a free app. When I try to download, it requires me to adds payment method. When I use my paypal that I know has less than $1 in that account, I am told that I do not have sufficient funds to download the app. I used to play when this game first came out. It sucked $17k out of me in a 1 year period. Maybe it’s a good thing they won’t let me log in without adding my credit card.

Protector 86

Worse ripoff game  Protector 86  1 star

I wanted to really love and enjoy this game, but the need to always buy packs literally every week became insane. You think you’ve reached a level of safety but then developers decide they need more money, so they increase the levels and add more junk. It would be an amazing game if everyone had the same opportunity. Make the game a paid app and let people work for their levels instead of having to buy packs. I spent about $150, then deleted it. Worse ripoff. Don’t get sucked in. Don’t even download the app. Spend your money on a platform.


Could you be more greedy  Chungchingchang  1 star

I usually don't bother writing a review but this game. This game was designed to Get Money, period. They don't care about players's experience about the game. As long as you keep putting money in, you will have some (sorta) fun. The greediness disgusts me. Don't get me wrong I've put money in many games (the ones where I think the money is worth the fun and the efforts that they put into the contents).


Vro  hsuandh  5 star

It’s rad


Worst game  Tahlia767  1 star

Boring horrible game

rUserious world 44

Don’t do it  rUserious world 44  1 star

The developers got greedy, really greedy, thousands of people left this game because of it - they wouldn’t listen - I loved the game but unless you have 10k or more to squander don’t bother.


this game is awesome  Omen82  5 star

i used to play this game so much it was so addictive and there were so many features that i liked. (most people might not agree and my review is quite bland but dont care) bye


Very, very expensive to play competitively  Tamjam  1 star

Believe the other reviews; this game can literally cost you thousands. Stay right away from it.


STOP  Amanda_h7  1 star

Do not get this game. It’s a money pit. It constantly crashes and recently M$ took away all the benefits of those that spent any money to effectively make this game non existent. Epic War is fraudulent and will steal every cent you have. They no longer care if the game glitches instead say ‘have a nice day playing the game’. What game? It’s worse than FarmVille. There is no war. They’ve taken it away. In addition they monitor your game, patterns, conversations and sell it to for the best price. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.


Getting even worse daily  oztrev  1 star

Put aside for the moment the real cost of financing, er playing, this game. It gets even worse. Massive rule changes overnight. Bugs galore (eg commanders with negative experience in the millions as a result of a game change overnight), chat stops working, troops disappear, game crashes, laggy as hell, search fails most of the time when it once used to work, the list goes on). And watch out for the misleading and deceptive in game ads to acquire various widgets... the link usually takes you to a purchase which does not include the advertised widget or widgets. Just beware. Take it for a trial spin, but don’t start spending or you’ll almost certainly regret it.


I love this game  Sticksmcgee  5 star

This game is so cool.

1st slippery

Mobile Strike is the worst  1st slippery  1 star

The overlords of this game think your an idiot you spend $1,000 of dollars so they can rest all your game to 0 and say it so you get a better expirance and then the glitches never stop if you think it’s worth a try save your energy FORGET IT THEY USE “Leagle” EXTORTION, THIS GAME SHOULD BE BANND .


Fun game  Shendelle  5 star

My son loves it


Seriously important  hcfl  5 star

Ok I have a new phone, I downloaded this app AGEN but the problem I’m having is, it won’t let me log into my old page/account, it’s killing me that I have to start over but I can’t give up on this game, I’m a member of ARMY OF HARDCORE better known as H.C.F.L. (HARD CORE FOR LIFE) which is located in the state of mzco, I really really really miss my foes, friends and hard core fam, I’m a extremely active player in this game and I no my army is missing me like krazy and is questioning my were abouts so if this problem can be fixed please help, my base name is untouchable in the hard core army

Jules and bow

love  Jules and bow  5 star

cool game


Please read if you are going to play this for the first time  Droptune  1 star

This game lacks actual gameplay, what we are doing in this game is gathering resources and upgrading/building structures but even when you do that you have to wait a long time for it to finish. Here is where the bad if not absolute worst part comes in: anyone can attack you and once you are attacked, there is a very high chance you will lose and your troops will be sent to the hospital or dead along with losing materials to being attacked, the only possibility you can somehow successfully defend an attack is if someone has a much lower power level than you and that all the troops are at your base. Here is the story i have for you folks that made me officially give up this game: I've managed to level up my headquarters to 15, and in order to shave off roughly 2 weeks of grinding and materials i decided to purchase a pack for $4.99 so it can give me plenty of materials and speed powerups. I had a lot of troops but someone who was level 21 decided to attack me and i lost all my troops and almost all resources (in short i was robbed) since they were blown in upgrading structures; here is where it gets much worse, i wasn't attacked just once but i was attacked 7 more times by other people who were also level 21 and all my troops were dead and money was gone, so now i'm at a loss because i have to wait a few days and hope to not get attacked as much so i can regain the materials that take too much time to regenerate so i can train new troops to replace the dead ones and the troops need resources to recover if they are in the hospital. So at this point anyone can grief you and if they are at level 21 and you are much lower of a level than your attackers you are going to lose a lot of troops and resources so this game is not worth playing anymore unless you are willing to dish out a lot of money on upgrades.


Game?  NedNeedlndr  1 star

I stopped playing this game almost a year ago. When HQ was still 21/22. Played for a year. It’s was fun then, but the developers got greedy. After reading that HQ is now 450, I’m glad I deleted the app and moved onto games that really are games. This app has no point, no reward, and obviously no where to go. The players don’t play cause they’re too scared to loose their millions of hours in research or thousands that have been spent on packs. When players don’t have so much money to loose by letting down their shields and play I will return. This will not happen though because they’re too far gone already. Save your time. There are plenty of games out there that you can actually play without doing so much just to wind up in a stalemate or increase power just to end up in a stalemate again. This app gets 1 star because the rating system doesn’t allow negative numbers


Bad game - money grabber  mahoney908  1 star

Quit while your ahead - scam all your cash. - no refunds- poor support service- lots of lag,,, cost you big $$$$.


Garbage buggy app  brewfan9  1 star

App is buggy. They constantly devalue what you purchase and “rebalance” so that the big spenders don’t crush the free players. Not worth a second of your time.


I deleted it. So happy!!  Katttteeeee  1 star

I played this game for too long. Spent way too much money. It was fun in early days but it became a money spending contest. Deleted it over a year ago and moved on.


Blatant theft with bait and switch advertising  Jenwebster1986  1 star

Arnold S. should be ashamed to have his face associated with this game. They will make it impossible for you to actually make progress in the game without their expensive packs. By the way, those packs go up in price each time you buy one and you don’t get the option to spend less if you want to continue playing. Then once you have bought some packs, they will “update” the game to make it “fair to smaller bases” rendering the items in the packs you have already paid for useless effectively rendering you back to square one. Either continue to spend hundreds per month or the game becomes unplayable. Those people who haven’t paid, aren’t any further ahead, their bases are rendered totally useless by these same updates that are supposed to be leveling the playing field. iTunes should remove this app.


Horrible  EagleEye2020jrKlw  1 star

Used to love the game. Used to play it everyday. Faithfully and now I’m debating whether to deleted. Due to the way the game has gone. It’s all about money. If you have no money technically you can’t play the game .


Great game  Dgneill  1 star

Great social war game. Easy to spend money on though. Latest game “update” has rendered it impossible to take the control point (object of game) and literally stolen purchased upgrades from players.


DOPE  Phynest  5 star

The best war game ever played...


Mr  Gottay  1 star

It's not loading past 70% 😕

scrabblemania love

cool ad  scrabblemania love  5 star

the ad is very attractive

Ola hyper

Package  Ola hyper  3 star

Players don't get to use new set of packages before new ones come out making it difficult to want to buy the packs


From Grace to grass  SpecterGray  1 star

The Game was the best,I mean,I loved it and people I believe played for hours without getting tired.its one of the best game on phones.But no no,The developers decided to ruin the game by making all this nonsense updates which destroyed the game.Imagine people on trillion reaping on others who just started..The whole game is a Nightmare now.


Nice game  Hurntre  4 star

This one lives up to its reputation, just had a lil bit of too much things to do

Carlton Princewill

This game is tha bomb  Carlton Princewill  5 star

Can't get enough of it... they should just look into d packages and d cost of the packages .... that's just d ish


Mobile strike  Anasmud  5 star

I the game so much


Cool  Gentlelove4me  5 star

Love the game a lot ...


Game Seriously Expensive  Micktakamine  1 star

I know games keep evolving but to keep up you need to spend loads of cash and this makes it way too expensive, and if you don’t have the latest gear then forget it


Great  Eartdfg3456  5 star

Lots of fun friendly teamwork 👍👍👍


This is a great game that is something to do every day  Wackyfaint  5 star

A very good game you come to expect from Epic War LLC


Can't stop playing  Stringyblow  5 star

Fine app but too many ads, please do smthng with it, cause game's just fine and I wanna keep playing it... but without this amount of ads!!!


Best fighting/warring/alliance game/quest & global/alliance banter chat!!!!  Oilywail  5 star

Definitely a game I will continue to play. MS rocks!


Fun game!!!  Purrheat  5 star

Nice game, but too much stuff cost $


Amazing Game!!  Mowdrafty  5 star

I would and I have recommended this game


Good  severemackerel  5 star

I still play and the new updates are awesome 👍👍 but I wish there were music available from the game. I'm addicted


Great gaming at it best  tranquilsloppy  5 star

Good game. I love it


Really good game without fancy 3D stuff  limeluminous  5 star

Awesome game! Alliance boss fights?!? Can't wait! See you in FF!. and you haven't built enough resources to continue with the game. It's supposed to be for fun! ;)

Nobody rsa

App store should delete the game  Nobody rsa  1 star

Game has many glitches and MS support Does not fix them but they take your money when purchasing packs Game is unplayable Don’t download it stay away


What?  thefatkidfromUP  1 star

The game is so laggy and you get kicked out of matches for no reasen


Don’t waste your time or money  Ihlade  1 star

Very laggy, terribly unstable and bad customer support. It’s clear the game developers are desperate and trying to milk players for money. If your idea of a game involves spending lots of money, doing nothing but pushing the same button endlessly, and lots of device reboots and game reloads, then go ahead and try this. If not, don’t waste your time. And if you do spend money, be warned that whatever you buy is worthless within a day.


Blood sucking money grabbers  Bron2000  1 star

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, after playing for a while you are forced to spend money constantly trying to be competitive. The new upgrades and must have items can be introduced 3 x a week, all requiring your hard earned cash. You would be better off rolling up your money and smoking it... AVOID THESE LEECHES


Terrible Game  Gillazzii1  1 star

This game is very bad, always lagging and chat not working. Be used to getting kick out while you in battle. They'll tell you it's your device that's faulty even if you have the best mobile phone on the market. Support team never gets back to you and issues don't get resolved. Be careful of items being wrongly advertised in packs, they don't take any accountability after you have purchased a pack. Poor Game, Poor Support. Apple should ban this game from iTunes as people just gets rip off. BadMthrFckr


crazyMRsushi  slimvangsybaas  5 star

I like this game alot!!

xX Evil C Xx

Money maker  xX Evil C Xx  1 star

Mobile strike is only about making money. You will end up spending thousands and for what? To get burned again. Nothing comes for free in the game. Constantly upgrading game to take away things that are fun like rebel killing points in SVS. Gone. Or. Killing points while filling in SVS gone so you need to spend spend spend. DONT DOWNLOAD GAME. DONT PLAY it's going to be a waist of time


Was vey happy  TJsmash!!!  1 star

Great game LOTS of fun! But I have sent 3 emails to mobile strike over 3 days regarding packagers. They offer different packs to players, I had access to the best packs (sales) then it was removed from my account and now only the most expensive pack is available with items not even worth money.

Koena Masenya

Expensive  Koena Masenya  1 star

Addictive game yet expensive, once you reach top levels, they bring new ones with fancy buildings and troops but you still get burned. It's like burning all your investments. I quit


Mr  Arnobae  1 star

Terrible app, the game is lagging all the time and crashing In app purchase is expensive (consider minimum 100$ weekly to play), developers not responding to gamers community and complaints. Even worse than online casino, funding latest final fantasy game multi million dollars launch from long standing player on this game. Rip off


Bad poor wasted  Chaptez  1 star

Are we build castles or we are playing game


Mobile Strike  TBreezy55k  5 star

A very cool game. Love it!!! ✌🏾️😎✌🏾️

Abeiku rico

Poor poor poor  Abeiku rico  1 star

This game's size should be 12k instead of about 80mb, we need real action not building some structures, in fact the name should be building castles not mobile strike

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