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Mobile Strike is an exciting new action game of modern war that lets you build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield!

Unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies, and put your tactical mind to test against opponents across the globe in this worldwide MMO game!

- Join millions of players from around the world
- Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might
- Use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies
- Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your allies, and obstacles to your enemies!
- Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter
- Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower
- Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers
- Clash with rival alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO

Experience the rush of battle and conquest in the vast multiplayer world of Mobile Strike.

Join forces with powerful players to create global alliances and conquer enemy territories in the immersive world of Mobile Strike!

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Mobile Strike App Description & Overview

The applications Mobile Strike was published in the category Games on 2015-11-11 and was developed by Epic War LLC. The file size is 270.77 MB. The current version is 3.28.543 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Mobile Strike has set the standard for war strategy games. As it continues to evolve, take advantage of the numerous opportunities to build up your base and destroy enemies! LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES!

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Mobile Strike Reviews



It is a pay to play game which is fine because it's your own choice to pay and play. But if the cost to play the game at even a low level of competition costs hundreds of dollars, the app should actually work. There are many glitches that cause the game to freeze, restart or cause irreparable damage to your base because it occurs during battle. Challenges have been canceled due to technical difficulties without warning. It’s commonplace for the app to constantly contain glitches and the only response you ever receive is to restart the app, it nots worth the investment. The high cost to play should parallel a high level of technical support - which is so not the case with Mobile Strike. I'm not cheap, I'm just not willing to invest money in a shoddy product.


Move along nothing to see here.  cjkmom  1 star

This game at one point was fun. There was strong groups playing together. Since that time MS has gone absolutely profit hungry. You will spend two days setting up the latest gear and it will be out of date the next week. Setting you back $100s of dollars each week. Many players have quit leaving abandoned bases that are in the millions all over the playing field. Currently they are subtracting resources without giving you a way to reproduce them unless you buy a pack. Good luck if you decide to play but, ensure you have plenty of room on your credit card. It will be spent in no time at all.

Real Creel

All about money  Real Creel  1 star

Now this game is all about who can spend the most. Strategy has no bearing on anything, if you are unshielded you will be zeroed. If you attack you need the latest boosts from a pack you have to buy.


Hate the game  warboy-007  1 star

I hate the game because of how the game is

Spike Viper

Great game. Great people.  Spike Viper  4 star

Very expensive, so I took a star off. Very expensive. Did I mention very expensive because it is very expensive. Other then the cost this game is very fun. You can’t be afraid to get attacked. If your not afraid and get into the battles it’s very fun. I highly recommend this if you have the money.

Doomduck785 ur

Horrid  Doomduck785 ur  1 star

This game is by far the worst clash of clans rip off ever, the functions are awful, there are no functions that let you fight or compete, all you do is upgrade by pressing the same thing, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and all you do is upgrade to upgrade this or upgrade that this game has not consept or goal.

Zzz frank

Better have a lot of money!!  Zzz frank  1 star

They release new items every other day and if you don’t buy you’ll never be able to do anything except hide and do nothing. You never can catch up, because they won’t let you!! It would cost them to let somebody catch up! Used to be fun and now it’s just a money sucker .


Be prepared to pay to play  Nicknameistaken123456  1 star

If you wanna be a top dog prepare to spend a few thousand. Had a blast before they got greedy requiring $100s a week to stay relevant. I just can't justify it anymore.


You need more money than common sense to win this game.  Poffroad  1 star

I started playing this game almost two years ago. It used to be a great game, but now it's purely a pay to play app. If you spend a lot of money you might be competitive this week, but next week they add a few more zeroes to all the possible stats and if you don't spend the money again your quickly left in the dust. No strategy needed for this game, just money. If you have more money than common sense, this might be your lucky day. Frankly, there are much better games out there. Games that don't require deep pockets, but skill and brains. Those are good games, this is not one of them.


NOT Free  JT133  1 star

Get out your CC and bend over.


Greedy Pigs  EmptyWallet13  1 star

Joke of a game, the developers just want your money......and lots of it!!

Sultan LS

Money pitt  Sultan LS  1 star

This game is nearly exactly the same as Game of War, both have similar releases at the same time. Both of the games expect you to put in a few hundred dollars every month if you want to actually compete. Or you will stay shielded 24/7 because in one hit you will pretty much lose everything you put into it. You can write to them as much as possible but you will be ignored and given a generic reply. Which you can pretty much interpret it as..’shut up keep buying packs’... if your not going to spend 1000s if dollars then pretty much play sim city..


Mobile strike  Goldasman  2 star

Not happy

Coffee mugger

A rather good game  Coffee mugger  5 star

I do like the way the game helps me build my base


Rip off  jessss1098  1 star

Don’t play this game unless you’re willing to spend $2000! Daily updates means that you have to keep spending and spending to keep up. It’s a joke.


Fun is long gone  KillBlinton  1 star

This game costs money to play and there is no upper limit on how much you can spend on it. However in the past it was possible to spend relatively little and still enjoy the game. All that was required was a little skill and patience. Now the game is unplayable for all but the biggest spenders, and by that I mean people spending thousands of $ per week. MS was always a scam designed to pull more and people into the game and take their money. In the past gameplay was positive, to grow the player base, but now the developer has decided to focus on the really sick addicts who spend thousands, while the rest can go to hell. Do NOT download this game. Worse than pokies.


It’s a money sucking machine  phantomassasain  1 star

U need to spend hundreds of dollars a week to play and u still won’t have a good base It’s very addictive People have sold their cars to keep up with this game They drop new features every day or 2 and if u dnt spend ur base becomes useless Lags are awful they dnt fix it Items u buy in packs go missing U can’t logg in most of the time It’s a big money scam Do not download or play this game


Was a loyal player for a year, now they are focused on $$$  Lohrrr  1 star

App is prone to crashing every 5 minutes, responses don't solve any issues, have to spend at least $100 a week to keep up with all the new gear they put in every few days, never any bug fixes that actually work and they don't listen to their community. Would highly recommend King of Avalon instead, as it has the same platform but it's free to play and you hear from the developers whenever there is an update or a new event. Solid 1/5 for Mobile Strike.


Skill points  Bryssah  1 star

Force closes when trying to spend skill points. Every. Freaking. Time. Also the packs are super expensive and for some reason, appear to vary in price depending on your location. 2.6ktt days to heal some troops is a bit much.


Don’t waste time or money  Ants99  1 star

The developers of this game only care about getting your money. They do not listen to the customer. So unless you enjoy wasting your money don’t play this game.


alex foti alexfoti 3 star

@cosocomesechiam: SOLO IN ITAL...ah no


Christoph Teufel teufelchristoph 3 star

Same procedure as every #year. 😂🌆 #Workers #strike at #Amazon #blackfriday #sale day.


Andrea landrea92 3 star

@cosocomesechiam: SOLO IN ITAL...ah no

joe the salesman

Fraud  joe the salesman  1 star

Do not buy this game. I have been a long time player and spent a ton of money, but they operate a bait and switch scam. I bought a pack and they awarded a lesser one then the one I purchase. I have sent them 6 emails, including screenshots of the pack I should have received and they have refused to make the correction. The game was once enjoyable, now it’s just a scam.


Purchase scam  Fightnch3f  1 star

I tried to buy the $99.99 casino pack, that from what I have heard from everyone else is still there! Don't buy it!!!!! My card company stopped me(thank god) because the game tried to charge me $119.98 for a $99.99 purchase! My card company even told me that it was even way to high for it to even be a tax!!!! Good thing there are recordings from card companies!!! If I could give zero stars right now I would. But you have to have one star for a post. Psssh smdh.

Farmed to Oblivion

Mobile Tripe  Farmed to Oblivion  3 star

The tactics were fun and joining an alliance was fun. It all went downhill when they focused on the whales rather than the whole gaming community. We still had our alliances until the developers merged States and split us all apart...again. Basically the game hit the reset button and now you have to start again with new alliance members while ignoring the ones you bonded with in the beginning.


Money grab  Jhjnjjk  1 star

I’m a game aholic. I have spent multiple hours a day, for weeks now. I even spent $, which I almost never do. I was making progress, someone wiped my soldiers out, now I have to train a trillion soldiers at once (literally)! I don’t have a trillion of all of the multiple resources I need to train soldiers, so now there’s not much to do on the game. After hours and hours wasted, I can’t recover from one guy wiping me out. To do almost anything you need to buy stuff. Every time you close the game, or even go to a different app for even 2 seconds, an ad pops up, which you have to close before going to the actual game. I have games I’ve been dedicated to for years, this one isn’t worth it.

Catholic Theologian

It Was A Great Game Until MS Got Greedy  Catholic Theologian  1 star

I have played Mobile Strike for almost two years. I no longer play the game or have an account. It was a fun game for awhile until MS became greedy and their customer support and the developers and sales team failed to respect legitimate complaints by customers and failed to fix or put an end to numerous issues that are still unresolved from technical problems to misleading ads re: packs. I bought a pack last Summer that claimed "free research on all research trees". I asked Support if this includes Economics research and Building Dev., research. They said yes. They continued to advertise the instant research claim in other packs. I wrote another message to tell them that the latter and former cannot be instantly researched. They gave me confidence that they were working to fix this problem. More time passed with this problem unresolved. I wrote Support again except this time they claimed the instant research was not for all of the research features but that the two that I mentioned will be instantly researched but through a new pack put together by the Sales team. Players spent as much as $100 on a single pack with the aforementioned instantly research feature and now they were told to spend money on a future pack to finish researching the aforementioned research trees! What a low thing to do to customers! MS uses black hat tactics to deceive customers into spending money The black hat tactics include enticement and false advertising. They charge for a membership-type setup in that players have to buy and sell constantly and then buy anew for a lifetime and then Mobile Strike makes up an entirely new format without warning or explanation so that players are forced to start from the beginning. They keep selling packs that become outdated before you can use them. You needed to farm for resources and maybe buy at least one big pack every month to stay relevant and competitive but then farming became useless and it turned from a monthly pack to a pack once a week and now the game demands daily purchases of packs. The "best" and most expensive packs are $100 each before taxes. These packs now become outdated in only a couple of days. Players have attempted to organize protests by boycotting the purchase of packs. A large number of bases gathered in a hive to show unity in protesting but MS failed to get the message. Some of the longtime and best players have since quit the game. Play the game if you are interested in building up debt and in being lied to and misled. Do not play the game if you do not like endless greed and in tactics that are misleading and dishonest.


Beware of fake 5 star reviews (READ THIS)  Happios  1 star

The 5 star reviews are from the developer. This game is essentially a scam. Initially the game is fun as each action you do will have consequences. However, after you reach a certain point in the game it’s about spending money on packs and there are absolutely no strategies involved. There are plenty of negative reviews on this game but the developer has so much resources that it covered up any negative press with fake positive feedbacks. Spending over $1000 in this game is common, are you kidding me?! The chat rooms and alliance groups all have a high ranking female member that will engage with new players and encourage them to spend. There has been leaks that these fake female players are employed by the developer and are probably guys with female avatars. There are also high powered players proclaiming how much they spend as to normalize the high expenses required to stay competitive. Eventually ALL real players quit the game! If you are still not convinced how this game is a scam just search on google and go to for the players petition against the developer. I repeat, there are no game play or strategy involved in this game. It’s all about spending money. Majority of the “female” players in the game are employees from the developer to get stupid guys to spend. Anyone with a brain will realize everything I’ve said within a month of playing this game. So if you enjoy spending money on stupid made up items like “Divine ordinance chance optimizer prime plus “ and chatting with fake players that calls you “family” then you will love the game. This has been an honest review of the game. Play the game at your own risk!


A fun way to waste your money...  NOMOMONEY4YALL  1 star

I’ve been playing this game for almost two years now. It started off beautifully, I managed to join a great alliance and meet some pretty cool people via the chat rooms and such. The problem is that the developers are dropping packs 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a week. The average pack runs $100.00us and it takes at least a day and a half to apply all in the pack to your base strength. But by the time you complete this task and exit you base to map view. You will realize that the updates you just applied to your base are obsolete. Because while you were on the inside of your base applying the pack to level up your base the developers Have dropped three more packs making your pack obsolete. I know that the owners and developers of Mobile Strike also on Final Fantasy 15. It is rumored that they are dropping packs as frequent as they are because they are trying to manipulate the players of Mobile Strike to switch over to Final Fantasy 15. So if you like to blow your money come on over and join my alliance. And let’s all just burn our money together.


Expensive  [Barbarian]  1 star

Pay to play and pay to win game. Expensive to keep up, especially with all if the new releases. Must spend at least $20 on a pack every week just to keep up. Must spend at least $70 a week to have most of the latest stuff when it comes out. You will spend most of your time upgrading, chatting, preparing and looking around rather than actually engaging in "gameplay." You're basically spending a lot of money for an expensive chat room where u meet up with lots of new people and show off how much money u can spend. If you are rich and want to spend thousands or more on this game, it's your money. You def will get the attention of a lot of people, especially women, if you're a guy. Just don't let your wife or gf know about everything, ok? Seriously, there are many good games out there that provide a good and full gaming experience for $300 or less per year. Why would any real gamer who isn't rich want to spend too much money on this game? If this game is cheaper and provided more gameplay, it could be really good.


Crashes  Dee33150  1 star

So I've been trying to update my commander for the past 3-4 days and the game keeps crashing. This is getting on my nerves b/c I have over 3300 points to add. 😡😡😡😡 so now it's honing into November and the game still crashes!!!

Bloody Bup

This Game will Rob your wallet  Bloody Bup  4 star

Basically: you need cash to play, your cash runs out. Your base will be zeroed all money you have spent will go down the drain. They bring out something new everyday now at 8 oclock. One day your big the next day your enemy is bigger then you!! No matter if they just start playing.. Money wins on this game you can Buy a win. Here lately the game shutsdown alot leaving your open to attacks!! I finally erased the game everyday you have to spend 100 dollars to keep up or shield and thats boring

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