True Key™ by McAfee

True Key™ by McAfee [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Meet True Key™ by McAfee – the easier, safer way to unlock your digital world!

Save yourself the frustration – True Key will remember your passwords for you, automatically filling in your account info on apps and websites so you don’t have to “forgot password” ever again. True Key will also generate secure passwords for your most important accounts. Your True Key account automatically syncs across all your devices, including desktop and mobile devices, so you’ll have access to your passwords everywhere you go!

Enhance your personal security – Password Generator will create strong 8-30 character passwords for you to use on any account such as banking, email or credit card accounts, and will autofill the password for you when you’re logged into True Key so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

Quickly access your accounts – use Face ID and Touch ID for speedy access to your True Key account, allowing you to automatically and securely login to all your apps and websites on your iOS devices. You can use 2nd device authentication as an extra layer of security when logging in – just swipe the notification on your 2nd device to verify it’s you.

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True Key™ by McAfee Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Securely autofill your username and password and effortlessly login to all your apps! Your experience is our top priority, so we’re constantly working to improve our service so you can spend more time in your apps and less time trying to remember your account info.

True Key™ by McAfee Comments & Reviews

- Love App - NOT the New Update

This latest update has destroyed the UI in dark theme/mode. The title fields stay white but the input fields are all dark with dark grey font making it very difficult to see & almost painful contrast, especially in the dark. Hope it gets fixed ASAP! As for actual app function: True Key is awesome! I’ve been using if for over 5 years now, since before McAfee bought it, & it does exactly what it’s supposed to. I keep it installed on all of my devices and I rarely have to worry about passwords. Occasionally, on my phone a password created in an app won’t get saved but it’s not very often & fortunately my iPhone usually does save it as a backup so I don’t have to worry about it. Major cons: 1)Not good at generating passwords for new accounts created in apps. 2)There used to be a legacy feature where if something happened to you, you could designate someone to have access to all of your passwords. - it was disabled/removed when McAfee bought the software & it was supposed to be brought back but never was. I REALLY wish they would bring it back so I can have the peace of mind that my kids could access anything they’d need to should something ever happen to me.

- Does what I need-full featured and mostly trouble free

The implementation on my iPad/iPhone seems to be more user friendly and robust than the Windows version, but that could be just the work patterns I’ve fallen into ... I would rather use the mobile devises for training or general browsing and only move to the computer when I have substantial typing involved. A couple membership websites with logins seem to completely block TrueKey and I’m more inclined to just dump these services because logging in becomes an unnecessary hassle. I’m not making constant purchases from these sites ... I have to check the login info, copy the password and paste it in ... frustrating! For most everything else I can simply go to the TrueKey App search the site I need and click login. The site opens in TrueKey’s own browser and I can go right to work. Think I’ll dump those services and probably Windows as well. Just sayin’ ...

- Easy to get used to, but...

It's very convenient to be able to retrieve all your passwords ..., but if ever you want to save it to another password keeper, they really abandon you. You have to do each password manually. So, for that, I would drop this one star to 3stars. Having used this now for awhile - I am now raising it to 4stars. They seem to have stabled out. Another thing to note - as to why this App is much better than other McAfee apps... It originally was NOT a McAfee/Intel app. McAfee/Intel just bought the company, LastPass, that made this App. No wonder it's a good App, compared to the others the McAfee team have in the iOS AppStore.

- Not as intuitive when using iOS.

I use True Key on Windows 10, Ubuntu, and iOS for iPad on Google Chrome and Apple Safari. When using it on Windows 10 and Ubuntu, a True Key button displays prominently in Chrome. Can't miss it! Not so with Safari. If you open True Key for iOS you have to select Extensions and choose Safari. Then when you go to a website to log in with Safari, you have to select the Share Button and then select the True Key Button on the Share Menu. What a pain to do! Well, once you figure out the procedure, it works OK.

- Love the app, love the program, but.....

Great program, works wonderfully. But beware of customer service!! I was using a trial version and LOVED it, so wanted to buy the premium version. After TWO MONTHS of haggling with McAfee Customer Service I finally have my subscription working. I couldn’t GIVE THEM my money for the subscription! They either didn’t call back as promised, or called to say they can’t yet figure out what is wrong! Surprising that a company so big and well established had so much trouble with such a simple problem.

- Works But Inadequate Feature Set

After repeatedly trying to add a new login/password entry from my iPhone, I figured out the only way the app will allow you to save an entry is to associate it with a website. Save button stays inactive until a correctly formatted URL is entered. McAfee support’s response to this was to not add a login entry but create a note. I was also told that no other password managers allow you to create a login account from IOS. Later found a review stating this issue from two years ago along with suggesting they add a folder capability. None of these suggestions were taken into consideration. It’s a shame because they are valid features and without them I don’t have much interest in continuing to use the application.

- Lacking iOS 12 auto fill feature

Installed trial today. Was very intrigued by the product however was very surprised and disappointed that it doesn’t yet support the new iOS 12 auto fill features. The product LastPass already has incorporated it into their product and it is awesome. The only drawback to LastPass is that it doesn’t do the facial recognition on the PC. TrueKey does the facial recognition on the PC- VERY good feature. If TrueKey had the iOS 12 features I would have given this review 5 stars AND already be migrating everything over from LastPass. But they don’t and from what I can see in the community posts they said they would in August and still nothing. ☹️

- Love it! Can't live without it!

I used to literally write all my passwords down in a notebook then switched to my laptop and my protection lapsed so I was so glad this was offered upfront. It wasn't asking all the time or maybe I skipped it or moved too fast but I make sure it gets it everytime now. Its very convenient and I really love it! I seriously couldn't live without it or I'd be resetting all my passwords all the time and that gets really old really fast. I definitely recommend u try it out!

- Great password manager

I like the fact that I don’t have to remember passwords anymore. I feel better about my online footprint and feel less hackable. The only drawback about this is that the True Key app doesn’t work with iOS apps. So to enter a password into an app, you have to open the True Key app and copy/paste the password into the app. That itself isn’t too cumbersome, but there may be times where the app you’re entering the password in doesn’t allow copy/paste, which means you have to switch back and forth to type the password. Other than that, it’s a safe password manager.

- Best Password App Period

This is the best password app by far, and I have tried them all, including Dash, One Password, and Last Pass to name a few. It works seamlessly across all devices and consistently enters your login info on every website better than any I’ve tried. Also, when you create a new login it automatically updates so the new login is available to all of your devices. Why would anyone want to pay a monthly fee (like with Dash) when True Key is free.

- I appreciate the convenience

Facial recognition has been problematic even on my iPhone 10. It works well as an extension in browsers I’ve found, but not always in apps. I’ve found easy work arounds though. Love the password generation. I went through and updated all my passwords for my important accounts. It has worked well within budgeting apps where I’ve consolidated important accounts. Despite not being perfect, it has been worth the annual cost.

- Can’t update your email - problematic

My email changed after having this account for several years. Then I got a new iPhone. The double confirmation system went to my old iPhone and my old email so I couldn’t get into my account. After calling customer support and getting disconnected three times they said all they could do is delete all of my passwords and start over. My phone number never changed. I could prove my identify but that’s all they gave me. So I agreed. They still haven’t made the chance a day later. So I can’t get into my old account and can’t start my new one. Since I have to start over anyway I’ll be starting with another app.

- True key

I would say most of the time this works very good there’s a few sites sometimes it does not like to auto fill on but otherwise it does keep track of everything you are doing. It does keep track of your favorites and things that you like to do and makes things very easy to use. I’ve been using it for two years and I have had no real issues purchase now!

- Decent But could do better

I am willing to raise my star rating once a few features have been added. 1. Allow passwords to be added that aren’t associated with a website. I am unable to save the password without placing a valid formatted URL. Can we elect to not add the URL at all? 2. Add a folder structure. For example, maybe I want all my bank information in a folder separated from the rest. Or even all my passwords related to my job separate from my personal passwords. 3. The UI could be a little more pleasing. Obviously this is preference so maybe add a Dark Theme? ‘Keeper’ has a great look to it.

- Disappointed

Never use this app with an Apple phone. Mcafee decided not to support face recognization and auto deleted my login. If you forget your password you will not be able to reset the master password. I called customer service and no one knew how to support the issue. It been a month and I’m still not able to reset my password. When you click the reset master password and go to email to reset password from link it does nothing but set at a frozen screen the locks after 2 attempts. I wish I had never trusted this app with my passwords and when my subscription is up I will look to find a better virus protection app.

- Either the best or the worst

This app can’t even send me a reset email because I forgot my password. Face check, ok, finger print, ok. But no password = death. You can’t even get help from support staff. It’s a good thing I guess. But I don’t see why it can’t sent me a reset email. Don’t forget your master password like I did foolishly. Also. The app doesn’t sync passwords always. I was logged in on my phone and changed a lot of passwords on the PC. It started to ask me for my password on PC all of a sudden. And BAM. I’m locked out. And none of my passwords were synced to my phone. Total fail on my part I guess.

- I didn’t think I would like it but I love it

Tremendously easy to use very convenient such a great reminder of my passwords Love it on my computer, I confess to being lazy because it logs me in and asks me on new websites that I log into. use it on my phone it has definitely save me from the insanity forgetting a password and then ridiculous dance of resetting my my passwords on websites over and over This definitely is a gem!!

- Very Annoying.

The app does not store updated passwords correctly. It also doesn’t understand if you want to store 2 passwords for websites that have similar domains. The end result is that the next time you visit a website that you’ve just updated its password it will be incorrect and you’ll have to type it or reset it. Also the face detect feature to log in does not work and if you forget your master password you can suddenly be permanently locked out of your account. Just a horrible app. I’ve deleted it even though I have bought the full version for 3 years with a new laptop.

- Great App but could be better...

This app is good in terms of accessing it and also sharing through multiple devices. One element that would improve it is to save these passwords in some type of protected file on a local drive. Nevertheless, very useful, reliable and easy to use. While I’m thinking about it, I’d like to know if my information is truly safe and protected from the App developer/owner...hmm

- Easy to use, super convenient mobile and desktop

Super easy to use. I love having the easy access to all my passwords, but also have the security of keeping them safe. The password generator is great. I’m horrible at coming up with hard passwords and this makes it much easier to keep things safe. Great app and program so far.

- Love the cross-platform support

The best thing about True Key is the ease of use between my computer and my cell phone. Passwords sync up to all my platforms automatically. I wish that the face recognition feature work a bit better. I sit the same distance from the camera, same lighting, etc. and it works about 50% of the time.

- True Key is a Great App for Secure Password Protection!

I use the facial recognition to open the app. It's easier to use and safer than a password you try to remember. The app works with all browsers: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Windows Edge. It's easy to use and works well. It even synch's across devices including PC's. I highly recommend this application


I don’t know what I’d do without TrueKey, I even use it to keep the password for my work password keeper 😂 I used to waste so much time looking through notebooks or phone notes for password, then ultimately giving up and resetting it for the umpeenth time. TrueKey changed all that 🙌🏻😊 10/10 would recommend

- It's a great app. But noticing offline errors recently

Its a great app. Have been using it for past 6 yrs on iPhone and windows. How ever, from last month or so, I started noticing offline mode errors very frequently even though my iPhone has internet. Even in offline mode, it's not letting me retrieve my passwords for websites.

- Best Password Manager App

After trying a few other Password Managing Apps, TrueKey is by far the best. The convenience of being able to connect to a Google Chrome is awesome!!! Very user friendly & also has the abilities to save other functions besides only passwords. Highly recommended!!!

- Keeps glitching

We love this app and it is the perfect g way to save sour passwords, but it keeps glitching and shuts down when we try to access our notes with passwords. We’ve tried deleted and reading the app, signing out and back in, nothing works. We have it on 3 phones and they all do it. If that can get fixed I’d give it 5 Stars! It’s frustrating to try to find a password only to have it shut down when you try to open it.

- Great for keeping your passwords safe

I have been using True Key or it’s predecessor for 3 or 4 years now. It’s the best app on the market bar none. I have never had an issue retrieving my passwords and they are continually making improvements. Thank you True Key for making my life much more simple.

- Great Interface / Some Bugs

I would really like to use this app as it integrates with Apple Touch ID and The fingerprint scanner in my Lenovo ThinkPad. I am evaluating it against LastPass and like the interface better but have concerns on overall security of both since they are online/cloud based solutions. The reason for 3 stars is that it crashes when inputting Credit Card info (iPhone 7 Plus on OS 11).

- It’s good overall but it lacks a lot of stuffs too.

Overall It’s a good app for any standard users. Reason I didn’t give 5 star because it lacks following: no dark web monitoring, no 2FA ( but it has MFA), Desktop version of TrueKey is no longer supported, Password sharing is not an option, auto password changer feature not available, no security analysis and more.

- All My Passwords Available On All Devices

This program makes it easy to create and store strong passwords for web sites and apps. All passwords are then available on all my devices - phone, tablet, & computer. Makes having strong passwords achievable.

- True(Ly) Key

True Key has provided a great way to manage passwords. As with all internet interfaces, it’s not seamless new cause each site creates levels of security that mess with easy Log-Ins, but, overall, I’m happy with this product. I do hope they will keep improving it, though and forget about us faithful users!

- Great customer service

Like any app, there are aspects of it that may require HELP. Customer service is always fast to respond whenever I call. This is one of the reasons I prefer True Key to other password managers I have used in the past.

- Works for Me

I used Password Box on in my iPhone and with a Windows Vista desktop with Chrome browser. Over 100 passwords after about two years. I recently switched to True Key when the support for Password Box expired. I like True Key even more!

- Convenient and Quick

First, this is a time saver when needing to access multiple sites. Second, in addition to the security feature, you can change or update accounts without going to the website.

- Good

This app is pretty good. It does it’s job and it is easy to use. However it will log you out a lot and it doesn’t automatically connect to the browsers that you have on your device. Other than that it’s pretty good app so if you need to save your passwords I suggest you try this one.

- Outstanding app and design!

Edit: Why is there no Face ID support to access the app? Let’s be honest, the facial recognition McAfee uses in the app is useless and time consuming. Please use Apple’s built in Face ID. I use this along with IDSafe by Norton (because Norton's app is free) and they both work great. However, I do like that this app design is much more modern and smooth. It's worked great so far!

- Very helpful across all my devices

If I have my iPhone, I have my Password book. Can look up PW for use an a device without TrueKey app. Sometimes, however, True Key app on iPhone does not automatically complete log-in information for Safari or Chrome Browser apps.

- Minor issue

I use this daily and my issue is that if used on my iPhone it won’t sign me in automatically. I wanted to get rid of another app that I use but I use both because the other will sign in automatically when this one won’t

- A well though out program

This program replaces one from another manufacturer that is incapable of working with the current version of Windows 10. It’s a robust program that works well.

- works but

Works well for websites, but you can't "say goodbye to your passwords" because it doesn't work with apps that require you to login with pins or passwords. Tech support said "sorry". I said "what good is it if I still need my password list". All in all it is great for the web, but to be a complete password manager it needs to do apps as well.

- Copy password stopped working after upgrade to iPhone 8

I can confirm that copy/paste issue after iOS 11 upgrade is resolved from iPhone. Appreciate the quick resolution and that support team provided update. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

- Love the app...but

I really love this app, the only down was when i have to format a hard drive, when i tried to reinstall the app, i found out that now is only as an extension into the web browser, personally I preferred the app separately ....anyhow works

- Great App

I can use this app anytime on any device. It saves several passwords on the same site. When you use this app, it launches the saved site on the true key browser. Very user friendly-love it!

- Can’t even login

I use this on PC with no issues but trying to use the app on iOS was just frustrating. I can’t even login to this thing. I put in the login information, it sends me an email to verify, I confirm via the email, it then pops up the mcafee site saying access is granted I go back to the app and nothing. Try to log in again and that process just repeats, did it 5 times then uninstalled this useless app.

- Calming

I have had the app for over a year. It takes all the stress out of having multiple passwords. I so firmly associate this with lack of stress frequently tap this when I mean to open the Calm app

- Rock Solid

I’ve been using the app on my iPad and iPhone for over a year. I have it in a windows PC also. It has never let me down, always there. I would recommend this app to anyone!

- Is great now

Used to be mediocre but I finally ditched LastPass for this. It is easier to use, looks nicer and much faster on most platforms. My only wish is for better family integration.

- Security

Great way to keep track of many passwords and easy way to log-in. With all most everything on line great way to keep track of membership and licenses

- Love it

I love this ap. Remembering passwords is so frustrating. In the past I’ve always maintained a spreadsheet to prevent losing them. Now i have access to them no matter where I am across all of my devices. Love it.

- Works Great

I started using this app a few years ago before it was an app and before it was acquired by McAfee. Used it on my PC to save login URLs and passwords, and to automatically log in to all my selected sites. Works great!

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- Never forget a password again

I have been using Truekey now for several years. I have found this 100% reliable. I am now using face recognition. Never had to use customer service. Can’t recommend this enough Narelle Australia

- Hopeless customer service

Currently using a free version and wanted to buy a premium version but couldn’t do it via app. So I opted for support and I was diverted to chat support online. First the guy was from a web support so he was not able to support after writing him all story and he transferred me to mobile support division and the guy also read all my issues written and told me he can support as it’s a sales issue. So purchase department will help again tried transferring me to purchase department but it didn’t connected and I had to close the chat and still problem not resolved. I don’t know how the company like McAfee make this kind of app with out any support. I wish could have given ZERO star.

- Good in theory

I got this because I have a year subscription with McAfee but this app has never synced with desktop app, i have to manually add/copy/paste between phone and laptop then passwords that weren’t added with the initial import disappear. I’ve been locked out of accounts and the browser extension kills my browser every single time but since removing it I get prompted to re add every time I use the app. Very frustrating app that i probably won’t keep after my 1 year

- This app works well

I’ve been using this app for a long while now, and have only had one minor issue. I can’t speak for their call-Center because I’ve never had a need to contact them. Most important; this app is a vault that I trust.

- Great App

If like me you like keeping your passwords securely in one place, then this is the app for you. Works great and simple to use. You can even share your passwords with others (e.g partner etc). A big thumbs up!

- Great True Key

I’ve been using this app for a few months now and I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s really easy to use. I don’t have to worry about remembering passwords.

- Excellent for passwords

Use it all the time!

- Happy with True Key

I'm happy overall with True Key, although occasionally it doesn't sign me in automatically. I also don't like having to sign in every week on my home PC.

- Buggy App True Key

Unstable Application, never processed saved features such as Fingerprint Sign in, malfunctioning on the Screen Use Touch ID button will not Activate saved Advanced Features. Sign-in via second Saved device never works, must use email Verification Links.

- Login Twice

The app is great and I'd love to give it 5 stars if I didn't need to log into the app twice before it will work. If it's intended can it be explained to me why?

- Great password manager

Easy to use with a lot of options.

- Truekey lover

Love TrueKey saved me so much time and grief over the years💋💋💋💋🍀🌈🦋

- Brilliant app ...

Secure passwords, wallets & notes are now available from all of our devices including desktop PC's, laptops, iPads & iPhones. This also covers multiple platforms including Edge, Chrome & Internet Explorer. We have hundreds of login's and passwords & they keep on accumulating... And this app provides a stable, secure & convenient way to both manage & create new accounts. The app is brilliant!!


If I could give it no stars I would. I migrated my data from Password Box (which was a great app) only to find that I couldn't have access to any of my 'wallet' information (where I stored my passport details, drivers license etc) on ANY mobile device (phone/iPad). I only use this app on my mobile device! I use it so I can have access to that sort of information if I am overseas and my wallet gets stolen. I did try to load the app onto my iMac but it didn't work at all on the iMac. The support was terrible. They said they would call me back the next day between a 2 hr times slot when I was at work. Useless. Run away from this app.

- Great app

I have been using this app for nearly two months and find it is very good. I needed to secure activities on my iPad and iPhone, along with my PC, when dealing with banks and other transactions, I am very satisfied with the performance and security.

- works very influent

It's best option for free to store confidential information. Fast sync between iOS and windows. It works very well on google chrome and Edge as well. Just a few function need to be improved.

- One problem fixed, another one emerges, and another one still remains

All previous issues fixed in version 3. Top job, just a shame it took so long!

- Great tool but security concerns

An update to the app seemed to override my security preferences from logging out on exit to logging out after 1 week. Also found that single factor authentication for facial recognition opened the app with my photo. However, switching to two factor (facial recognition and Master password) resolved this.

- Great

Ease of access and does the job as intended

- Bring password box again! Rubbish app

I paid for password box which was the previous version of this and it was much better , now this decides to charge me again. And I have limited passwords . What a joke Password box was way much better . I expect something better from such a reputable company (intel) but meh!!

- Great app

This is a great app, saves a lot of hassle trying to remember accounts and access information.

- Good integration

Works well, password generator, safari extension to log on and a desktop version.

- Notifications bug

When I remove a notification about safari just keeps coming back when I remove it

- Great app

Worth having, good services

- Great App

Keeps all my passwords in one secure place.

- Awesome

Love the facial recognition and touch pad ID for 2 step verification. Easy to use!!

- Great little app for managing passwords


- Wow!

A truely remarkable and amazing app!

- Very good app

No complaints

- Stuck on sign on page

Once I've entered my credentials, the app just hangs.

- Easy and much more secure than a password in Password.docx

Good 2FA, easy to use. I trust the security - although in this cloud-based world, a leap of faith must be taken; is more secure than common methods of password "storage"! Is handy on the go, when you usually need your passwords.

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- Super

J’adore cette application qui est installée sur tout mes appareils, donc aucun oublie ou réinitialisation de mot de passe nécessaire .

- Problème sous IOS 14.0.1

L’application gèle lors de l’ouverture de “Adhésion” sous IOS 14.0.1 sur mes 2 iPad (Air 3 et Pro) cependant je n’ai pas chargé la nouvelle version IOS sur mon iPhone XR afin de pouvoir continuer a utiliser True Key

- Not as advertised

Many features don’t work well or not at all however the suprise only 15 uses left and please fork out $20 to continue was the last straw for software that should still be in a free beta.

- Awesome app

System generates passwords for everything and nothing g to remember - awesome

- Helps my memory

Love the app. Makes it much easier to use strong passwords.

- What happened.?

Cannot login, it says "Something went wrong".!. Very informative. Delete app, then reload: does not even start. Go to website: does not even send a message to the email. Is this App now out of commission?? Thanks

- True Key

C’est super et ça me sauve

- Never Lose a Password Again!

I tried the free app version and I have to say, with all of the internet sign-in names and passwords I was hitting the reset ALL THE TIME! No longer! This was a fabulous solution to a first world problem. The only thing I wish is that it had room for more passwords. Definitely a worthwhile app!

- Won’t confirm my email

Did it 9 times, still won’t confirm my email. Won’t recognize my master password. What a shame for a password app.

- Très pratique

J’adore cette application. Elle me permet de stocker toute l’information que j’aurai besoin ultérieurement.

- Excellent security to avoid browser

Keeping your security password on this app, you avoid to save password on diferentes brisque as Edge, Chrome ir Firefox. Easy tu use. Keep in mind only one personal strong password , others could be generate by the app (copy paste)

- Great product overall

Unfortunately the need for additional security on the internet is simply a necessity. True Key is a excellent extra blanket of security and helps you avoid having to remember umpteen passwords. Highly recommend it. The one thing I do find odd is the ability to register certain sites on True Key but then actual log in to those sites don’t work. So a little more development is obviously needed.

- Great App

I am giving four stars only as on some web pages, True Key does not fill in user IDs and passwords automatically. The Browser tends to bog down sometimes too. Other than that, I love True key. Very easy to use.

- They need more password reset options

The app doesn’t work well when you can login, but if you forget your password, and the fingerprint and Face ID doesn’t work, you’re screwed, all your information is lost for good. Very dangerous product.

- Not what I expected!!!!

I had an True Key account. I put my email and my password but I forgot the password. I press forgot password but is need an trusted device but I don’t have any of a trusted device and I can’t log in!!!! I am very disappointed from McAfee because they are not great. One day they lock my tablet for no reason!!!

- Truth key

Yes it’s the best thing ever! I use it all the time. I don’t need to remember anything!

- Good app

Easy to use and nice to have

- True Key app

I don’t know what I’d do without this app. It works great on my laptop as well as my mobile phone. Worth every penny!

- Une mémoire libère

Excellent outils pour nous aider à gérer nos mots passe et surtout les sites internets - sauve du temps et la rapidité de connexion .

- Great App

Love this app it works great

- Good product

Makes remembering passwords as necessary as remembering phone numbers.

- Waste of time. Don’t get it.

Spent all the time adding everything and now I can’t add any new ones or edit the existing. Now I have to find new app.

- Très mauvais service à la clientèle !

Je viens d’avoir une très mauvaise expérience avec True Key... Incapable de renouveler mon abonnement après 5 tentatives, le service support (très difficile à atteindre) me fait comprendre qu’il y a un bug avec mon profil qui m’empêche de renouveler (ce qui arrive apparemment )... Résultat : il faut annuler mon compte et ça va prendre UN MOIS avant que je puisse réouvrir un compte avec le même adresse courriel ! L’app est très agréable quand ca fonctionne, mais là vraiment je n’en reviens pas !

- Garbage

Locks you out after you reach a limit of usernames and passwords. Should be unlimited, zero stars!

- Subscription - great but how??

It is extremely frustrating not being able to subscribe to this product to increase the number of passwords that can be stored in this app. The website doesn’t even have a direct link to upgrade which should just be available within the app... What am I missing? It’s disappointing that such a large reputable company like McAfee can oversee such a simple user interface necessity.

- Great

Replaces my recall button that isn’t as good as it used to be when I was younger.

- Simplify your access

Makes it easy to login securely and not worry about memorizing 28 unique passwords.

- Something I rely on

Amazing app that I can count on. Don’t have to remember any password. Generate and complex your credential, and here we go. Thanks True key.

- Super!

Simple d’utilisation et fonctionnes très bien.

- Pratique et efficace

Rien à redire

- Tri Alpha des notes ne fonctionne pas

Très bien fait et pratique. Le tri alpha des notes n'est pas présent dans la version IOS et ne fonctionne pas dans la version Windows 10 et le tri par date ne tient pas compte de l’année Une correction serait appréciée...

- Great

So far so good.

- Great time saver

I was an avid fan of PasswordBox and converted over to truekey. Flawless fingerprint authorization with iPad and iPhone. Logins and setting up new sites is super easy. Main qualms is that they haven’t implemented legacy locker for when you pass away...this was promised when they took over in 2015 to have it done in 2016...I’m assuming this isn’t on their roadmap and with that in mind I have other plans in my will to pass on my digital life. Major consideration in this day and age that I hope they will consider if they plan on this product being around for decades vs merely years.

- True Key

Un aide indispensable dans la récupération de mots de passe, d’identifications, d’enregistrements de cartes de crédits etc. Juste se souvenir du mot de passe principal pour pouvoir entrer dans cette application très pratique. J’utilise cette application plusieurs fois par semaine.

- Mejor imposible

Me encanta

- Excelłent + when will we get the legacy & sharing capbilities of Passwordbox

Excellent app. Former user of PaaswordBox. still missing the sharing capabilities. You should implement such capability ASAP. Thanks

- Great

Very good app. I would like my notes to transfer from one device to another.

- All of sudden limit of passwords

Bought the premium version before McAffe took over now all of sudden a limit of passwords what a scam

- Must have apps

Great to have with you a safe place to store sensitive informations.

- A great product

I'm quite happy with it. Especially the facial recognition.

- Très bon aide mémoire

L’application est simple à utiliser et très stable.

- Excellent

Simple et pratique fonctionne bien

- Thanks for screwing recently used

Since I was forced switch to True Key prom password box, the option "recently used" work like sh** you have to open it in app and instead of just copying the password. And it dont keep it in memory. The support is unusefull it brings you to a page you must login wich you dont have a login. Thumps down Intel...

- Excellent produit

Fonctionne très bien

- True key.

Great app. Easy to use.

- Il faut juste le temps de le connaître

Bon programme

- So handy and safe!!!!

So great to have all my passwords with me and securely. Seems like you need a different password for everything these days so this makes keeping track of them so easy!! Highly recommend

- Outil très pratique!

J'aime bien l'outil, considérant le nombre de mots de passe qu'on exige partout. C'est rassurant d'avoir ces mesures de sécurité.

- J'adore!

True Key est un outil essentiel. Personne ne devrait s'en passer!

- Super!

Tout à la même place, j'adore. En plus avec le key touch c'est encore plus simple.

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True Key™ by McAfee 6.1.3 Screenshots & Images

True Key™ by McAfee iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

True Key™ by McAfee iphone images
True Key™ by McAfee iphone images
True Key™ by McAfee iphone images
True Key™ by McAfee iphone images

True Key™ by McAfee (Version 6.1.3) Install & Download

The applications True Key™ by McAfee was published in the category Productivity on 2015-02-25 and was developed by McAfee, LLC. [Developer ID: 369885745]. This application file size is 111.69 MB. True Key™ by McAfee - Productivity app posted on 2020-11-19 current version is 6.1.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.intelsecurity.truekey