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Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat [Games] App Description & Overview

What is give it up! - jump to the beat app? Feel the Rhythm. Jump or Splat. Give It Up.

GIVE IT UP is a rather hard game where you have to assist this cheerful, singing Blob in jumping through 36 different tracks.
Single tap control - sounds easy right?
You have to feel the rhythm as Blob jumps up, over and down with the help of the similarly crazy music.
Beware, if you don't tap at the right time, poor Blob will splat before you can cry Nooo and throw your device away.

Who will love it?
• Those who love challenges
• Those who enjoy sweating during the game
• Those who can feel the rhythm
• Those who feel up to it
• Those who don't fear for their devices

Who will hate it?

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Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat Version 1.9.1829 September 2021

Bugs fixed!.

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat Version 1.9.1604 August 2021

Bugs fixed..

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat Version 1.9.1517 June 2021

Bugs fixed.

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat Comments & Reviews 2022

- So addicting!

This game is so addictive even though it can definitely be challenging. When I start a level I just have to finish it!

- Hungarian masterpiece

I Love this game! I enjoy this one just a little more than the second version. My only issue is that when I’m on wifi it tells me that I’m not connected to the internet. So to use any internet based features, I have to disconnect from wifi and use cellular data. Please fix this bug!

- So awesome

This is one of the best rhythm games ever! The sequel to this game is also fun I love the song that plays in the background it is the best song that I even screen recorded the whole song and it is the best! Thank you Invictus for this amazing game Give It Up! And Give It Up! 2

- HUGE issue

The mechanics of the game are fine, sometimes a bit jumpy at the beginning, but whatever. My issue is that when you are doing the daily challenge, at least on “Hard”, it’s says +150, meaning you are getting 150 coins in this level. Well, yesterday I got 143, today it was 132, last week it was 149. Now I mostly every day (let’s say 6 out of 7 days) I beat the level on the first try. STOP SHORT CHANGING THE COINS.

- Impossible game

I play the “hard” challenge daily. I make it in less than 5 tries EVERY day, some days even on my first try. Yet maybe 8 levels in, passing your first time is impossible because they have columns that move after you’re mid air, so you have to trial-and-error it, and remember what position each was in order to actually pass a level. Or forced to spend coins on shields in order to make it pass the bits you always forget. Not worth my time.


I really do enjoy this game, it’s sort of similar to geometry dash. I just have one thing, sometimes when you jump I wish the music was exactly on beat I guess but other than that I love this app!

- Daily coin is not honest

This game is pretty fun, but I am very dislike the daily challenge coin. It is because that I choose the hard challenge and I should get 150 coin from that level, however I did not get the right amount!!! I am very mad about that!!!!! That happened so many times before!!!!!!!! AT LEASE MORE THAN 5 TIMES!!!!!!

- The updated version is just ooookay

So when I first discovered this game I totally loved it, I was completely addicted! Once I painstakingly completed all the levels I too moved on to the daily challenges which were perfect. Challenging but not too challenging like some of the regular levels that took me hundreds of tries. So I was excited that there was an update with new levels. And this is where the but comes in. The new levels were WAAAAY to easy. I literally finished all 9 within a couple hours. I get it people complained that some of the higher levels were "too hard," but wasn't that the point of the game? It's called "Give It Up" for a reason. You either try and try until you get it or you give up, plain and simple. And that leads me to my next problem. The name should probably be changed to Keep It Up now that when you lose a positive message comes up instead of the negative ones that insinuated you should GIVE UP. I'm assuming some sensitive people complained that this app was ruining their self esteem or whatever kind of nonsense that forced the developers to switch it to these ridiculous "motivating" phrases. That was what I loved most about the app originally. Not only was it fun and addicting but the sarcastic sense of humor that went into the comments have the game a better feel. Now it's just mushy and lame. The only reason it gets 4 stars is because the original version was just that great.

- No ok?

Its hard and I should of not bought this game this is too hard. I dont like this app basically- its too hard and when I click it wont let me go it just makes me die. This app is really hard trust me, dont buy it.

- OMG😀

Nice game but the shield pack annoys me when I play a level. Still a good game🎮

- Great!

This app was is amazing! Even my mommy likes me playing it!

- Very fun!

Very fun. The beat is fun to tap along with. But super challenging!

- No sound

Whole purpose of the game doesn’t work.

- Gg

I bear lvl 3,4,and 5 today

- Terrible

Why does the game glitch so much? Especially after getting a shield pack 🤔😒

- Capital frustration

So much really hate the game

- i am good?

mile the rule

- Good game with minor fixes required

I acquired this game through the Starbucks app for a menial price of $0.00. It was well worth it even if I had paid the normal $0.99. You can easily sink hours into this game completing all the levels as well as the supplemental daily challenges. The music is lively, and although it loses it's novelty overtime it doesn't become monotonous or irritating. The game really starts to get challenging around level 7. This is where you begin to realize multiple attempts will be needed and simply reacting to a stimulus is insufficient. It again gets easier past lvl 9 only to become somewhat tedious in the later levels. Still the requirement to memorize levels in order to progress further was quite fun and not as brain depleting as some other games seem to be. In reference to most everyone's qualms with the "new character spin machine" it does need some fixing. I have received a couple characters 2 or more times, however, I have also received almost all of the Japanese characters. Indeed a minor bug fix would be nice. Lastly some added levels would be great, but overall good game and I would/ have already recommended the game to several friends.

- Fun and challenging until the later levels

June 2015: any new levels being added or can We go ahead and erase this game? Since the spin it function is a scam, giving us characters we already have over and over, all the levels are completed, what else is there to this game? In addition: when you Stir it Up to win new characters, it gives 'win' characters you already have. Instead of using the 100 coins you get from the daily challenge to win new characters, it just keeps giving characters you already have...rendering the coins useless. Definitely needs to be looked at. I should have had all the new characters many daily challenges ago. The daily challenges are fun, offering just enough of a challenge for it to be engaging, maybe bordering on addicting. So are the first 8 levels. Great music, fun courses, good stuff. From level 9 on, forget it. These levels forward are set up for you to having to try and fail over and over over again, eventually having to memorize the course in order to maybe complete it. Not challenging, not fun, just a poor setup. After trying level nine 30 something times, i eventually just started hopping randomly, and got to 62%. Didnt even realize how I got there because the columns pop up sporadically and much too quickly. The columns from this level on just pop up mid jump, which of course means you cant jump in time to avoid popping. Level 9 and on zapped all the fun right out of this game.

- Love the game but...

I love this game and all its frustrations. I play daily and complete (100%) the daily challenges and have gotten to level 9 of the regular levels (I don't play regular levels everyday) however there are some issues with the game. I am on iPhone 6 plus with latest upgrades. Issue 1: The responsiveness of the jumping is a little slow or lacking accuracy. When I tap to jump it doesn't always jump at the right times or the game responds slowly so you have to compensate by tapping earlier. This needs to be fixed to make the game less annoying and reduce the amount of times people die when hitting an object. Issue #2: fix the timing of the left/right moving tiles. You can time the jumping at the last second but there have been times where you jump to reach a pad that has shifted to the right (leaving a space in front of you) but when you jump you land on the pad only to have it move at the last second and you basically just slide off to your death. This happen more often than me miscalculating my jump all together. I'm not asking you to make the game easier as I actually like the challenging obstacles, I just hope you fix these annoying issues.

- Fun, addictive, challenging.

"Give it Up!" is a very fun and extremely challenging rhythm game that gets extremely difficult quite fast. A lot of people give the game a bad review for this reason, but in my personal opinion, I feel that it is a good value for the money considering how long you spend on it, as opposed to a game that you buy and complete quickly. If you aren't up for a challenge, or if you are not skilled at rhythm games, this game probably isn't for you, and the name of the game even encourages you to give it up before you start. That said, I personally find the game fun, quirky, and delightfully challenging with a great and unique soundtrack. A word of caution: before you play this game, make sure all other apps are CLOSED. When I first purchased the game, it would not play at all, and I later discovered that this was because an app called Smule Sing! was open at the same time, and it somehow prevented Give it Up! from working at all. I'm glad I sorted that problem out, because I really like this game and have been enjoying the challenge, even though I haven't made it past level two after over 170 tries!

- Brutal, Addicting and Utterly Fantastic.

Let me just say that this is the most difficult game that I've ever played. Good. Now that that's out of the way, let me continue by saying that this is also one of the most addicting, rewarding, mesmerizing games I've played on the iPhone. Once you've accepted the fact that, yes, you will die in this game, you will have a lot more fun. I am slightly ashamed to admit that it took me 373 tries to beat the third level--and that's not even including the number of deaths in previous levels. It looks simple, and in a way, it is--you simply tap to jump over obstacles. The first level, while far from a piece of cake, is easy enough. But then, the difficulty shoots up, and you find yourself dying, a lot--often in the exact same place. It's never the games fault, only yours, and the game will constantly remind you of how inadequate you are. It's fantastic, and addicting--the short play sessions, alongside the on-screen percentage counter, will motivate you to try just one more time...and another time after that... The graphics are simple, yet charming, and while the music is repetive, it also is critical to timing your jumps and can be kind of fun. Additional level variety would be nice, as there only appear to be 9, but what's there should keep you busy for plenty of time. This game is great. Give it a try!

- Goes out of its way to frustrate

A fun obstacle course should always be completable on the first play-through while always throwing new, yet possible challenges. Give it Up sets up the player for constant failure in the later levels with platforms despawning at impossible to react speeds leaving the player to memorize course layouts before they can beat them. Give it Up is not a fun game, but rather a adversary to constantly overcome. Coupled with taunts and jeers after each (inevitable) failure, Give it Up comes off as an annoying younger sibling constantly jabbing you till you finish a course in bitter-sweet glory only to throw more irritating curveballs. The first seven levels as well as several daily challenges are bearable however. Matched with an easy to pick up control scheme and addicting music score, Give it Up is very difficult to give up on. tl;dr A game for weekends and lunch breaks. Know you can't finish each course on the first go.

- WARNING: 80% chance of breaking your phone

This game is a good little fun game. I got for free from the Starbucks app of the week and personally I would not want to put money into this app. It's a good rage game (key word "rage") but the music is does not change. This game is meant to be a rage game but the controls are very nit picky or glitchy. You have to have your character jump across some tiles but you have to press in the right spot at the exact time. I give this a 4/5 if it where free, which for me it was, but if you are to buy it then I would give it 3/5. Now to the warning part. WARNING if you do not play rage games on a regular basis, in case your phone in three oterboxes, duck tape it, then put three feet of bubble around as there is a 80% chance that you will chick your phone across the room.

- Fun and addicting!

When I first started playing it was kind of hard to figure out when to tap to get blob to jump. It's kind of a weird timing but once you get the hang of it it's a lot easier. A lot of people are complaining that you have to memorize the courses in order to beat it, when honestly that's my favorite part. The game gets you thinking about rhythm and you have to memorize it instead of playing some mindless game. They are also saying that it's set up for failure because of some of the beams changing last second, but again, memorize it and you'll figure out when to jump. My only complaint is make more levels! There's only 18 and I'm on 17. 2 more and I've beat the whole game and I want more!

- Hard, but awesome!!

At first I thought I'd never get past the second level. But after about 250 tries (it counts for you), I finally did. And that I tried over 200 times should tell you something about how fun it is. If you give up easily, you will hate this game. If you are willing to stick it out or are stubbornly competitive with yourself like me, you'll have a blast. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because i do think it is a little too hard. I say start with a couple beginner rounds before making a level like #2 that would take someone over 200 attempts to complete. I'm on level 3 now and I'm either much better or it is easier. We shall see what the next 15 levels hold...

- Please read this entire review

I understand that this is supposed to be a rage game but making the second level so difficult you don't even get a chance to get a feel for the game? like most rage games you go back to the beginning which I'm fine with but the fact that you have to tap the screen at the absolute perfect moment on/over every obstacle is a bit excessive as far as difficulty goes on a post tutorial level. Also, though this games controls are basically just tapping the screen sometimes your tap doesn't register, or possibly you were a fraction of a second late and since blob ( your character ) automatically jumps on each platform you die and then back to the beginning you go. Thus making this game nearly impossible to master in the first place. Please don't purchase this app. Thank you for reading my entire review.

- I'm hooked!!!

Super challenging and definitely does frustrate! I think it gave me high blood pressure quite a few times and feared for my phones safety often. However, I love a challenge and I'm always determined to master whatever is challenging me at that time. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I'm out of levels!! I'm pretty bummed that I can't play this game anymore. Any idea if they will create levels past #18? If so, I may consider not deleting the app. Update: Umm Hello!! Still waiting on more levels. Do you plan on making any more? I'm about to just go back to Candy Crush...they have plenty of levels 😉

- Feeling robbed 😡

Ok so my original review was all raves and 5 stars about this game but unfortunately the feelings have soured. I purchased the full game and I will still rave about the gameplay and music but the random character spin stinks. 3 times I have earned enough coins to spin and upon doing so 3 times I received a character I already owned. So much for "new" random character "every" time. I was originally disappointed that upon purchase of the game you still needed to purchase every character individually but the random character spin quickly helped me look past it. Unfortunately it is a useless function if it's only going to duplicate characters you already have. Please fix this issue or at least man up and remove it but stop making us do things for absolutely nothing.

- Really difficult but fun

The game is really tough and I agree with a few others that already said this, where you fail the level a bunch of times because you can't react to the new obstacles they throw at you in time, which forces you to basically memorize what's coming up. I can't get the rhythm right either so it's hard to tell when you're supposed to jump. It's unclear if you're landing on the down beat or if you have to jump at on the beat. I'm a musician and can't get it right haha. Really solid app though, not slow, doesn't crash randomly and I like the artwork. Love the songs in the game too :)

- Banal in its attempts to be annoying.

I got this game free thankfully from Starbucks. I would never buy this game. It was fun for a little bit, but after the daily challenge showed me what I had to look forward to, I was immediately turned off. Games being frustrating for the sake of being frustrating are irritating and not fun at all. I hate the roguelike game genre as a whole because instead of giving you a legit challenge where you actually have to truly plan it out, it forces you to react to things fully out of left field and just be okay with it because "it's punishing." I love a good challenge, but when it's based on the pure luck of you happening to notice a platform fell from under you with less than 1/4th a beat to react to it, it's ludicrous.

- Addicting

I was fortunate enough to get this game as a freebie from Starbucks as a Gold card member. Since the day I downloaded this game I have been addicted to it. It almost becomes a challenge that you must succeed at before you can do anything else. I've spent many nights up late trying to beat a level. My only complaint is that many times when you are in a rhythm the game itself slows down and cause a glitch. It can be very frustrating when you are so close to getting further than your last mark. Totally loved it and I am now finished with it and need more levels.

- Cute, but difficult

I'm constantly losing at 90% on round 1 which is quite frustrating. I play games on my phone quite often. I'm not trying to toot my own horn by any means but I feel like the developer made this game a bit too hard from the start. I can't even imagine what the later rounds will be like and it is not making me want to even try to beat the first round based on this round's level of difficulty. The games music connection is appealing. My daughter, enjoys practicing tempo while we play together however she can not pass round 1 herself. Good idea, a bit difficult, start easy and build to difficult... I can only imagine the other rounds!

- Over the top frustrating

The games concept is great, but it's executed very harshly. The intent of a game should be to enjoy it. I don't think that's possible with this game. It's designed to make you frustrated and to have you fail. The title "Give it up" is appropriate. I made it through 6 stages, but couldn't get past the 7th. Seriously...not through lack of skill or just became impossibly hard. I uninstalled it after 3 days of attempting this level. If the goal of this app was for people to uninstall the application...success! Read the many other reviewers similar take on this game. I wish they would have thought this through...because it could have been a great game. Hat Tip to Starbucks for giving this game for free.

- Terrible - no skill involved

This game is terrible. The first few levels are cool because you're learning how the game works and seeing how it can get difficult. After level 4-5 it just gets stupid. You have to keep trying/dying and memorizing to move forward a level. The game intentionally throws you off and makes it impossible to complete without failing a ton of times to memorize the level. While I can respect the skill it takes to memorize some of the harder levels, it's just not fun. I got about halfway through the game before deciding to write this review and uninstall. Waste of time. I'd rather memorize something more important than this crappy game. Remove the randomness and intentional need to fail and just make the levels longer/harder but reward skill.

- Addicting and fun

Fun game, and it'll give you something to do for a while. It is a stable game for the most part, only lags every once in a while. The lag has is rare and has never really been an issue for me. Other than that, I just wish they would add more levels or something to do. There are 18 levels total and 25 characters you can unlock through purchase or by saving coins for the daily challenge. I have all the characters now and have beat all the levels and now there is nothing left to do :( Add more levels!


Gamers, if you're looking to buy this, at least take a second to read my review. The trailer for this game makes it seem enjoyable, addicting, and fun to play. After playing the first level, I enjoyed it, it seemed simple, easy to catch on to, and worth my money. After spending 20 minutes trying to beat the second level, I deleted the app and regretting buying this game. I am fairly good at Rhythm games and can honestly say this one is way too hard way too fast. If you are a person that gets irritated and swears at your screen when you do poorly on a game that you play over and over, I highly suggest you do not get this game. All it did was waste my time and cause irritation to me.

- Great game...when it works

This game is great and addictive ALTHOUGH there are some issues. There are many times I will start the game, the intro music doesn't play and when I tap the screen the character jumps on the same spot that it is already on but doesn't progress and the music never starts. Also, in the daily challenge there is one spot that no matter how I tap, it run into the spike anyway. Otherwise, this is a very fun game, great concept and highly addictive. My biggest gripe would be the lack of new characters I get when I spin. I've spin and gotten the same "big" character three times in a row which is just a waste of coins.

- Difficulty Setting?

Yes the game is fun and addicting. But it can also be utterly frustrating and annoying. If you don't press the screen at EXACTLY the precise moment you're supposed to you're dead. This makes it even more frustrating considering it's not a physical button you're pressing that'll give you feedback. The touchscreen can sense your touch a little early. Needless to say, maybe a difficulty setting would make this a little better. Other than the first 2 levels the stages get frustratingly hard

- Kinda glitchy

I think this has the potential to be a really fun game. The music is catchy and I adore rhythm games. This one is super fast paced though which makes it seem a little impossible to look ahead and still jump when you need to at the same time. But by far the thing that makes this just completely unplayable is that the music sometimes doesn't sync to the bouncing, so timing is out of the question. It lags for a half second every time you get an achievement (of which there seem to be an endless amount of) and that run is ruined. I wanted to love this game but I don't. I'm hoping for something similar one day with a lot less annoyances.

- This… I just… yes.

I don’t play a whole lot of mobile games. I think I love this one though. Maybe I was a puppy in a past life, because the squeeky toy sounds just make me happy. It’s a good game to just pick up and put down. It is difficult, and it is less intuition and more repetition that will get you so far. I gifted this game to a few family members and got a better reaction than to most presents I’ve given in the past. Way more fun than the can of soda you were going to get instead.

- This game started out awesome...

but eventually you realize that it's called "give it up" for a reason. I have the feeling that the developer doesn't want the player to enjoy their On my way! Because from level 9 and on, it becomes absolutely treacherous to play and ultimately undesirable. Annoying is not the right word because annoying can be addicting, and satisfying to complete. That is the first 8 levels but after that, it becomes an insult. I loved the game before these levels. I'm surprised the game asked me to rate it, from the dialogues it seems like the developer just doesn't care how bad it gets and asks you to move on or "give it up"

- Fun, Challenging & Really Annoying

Ok, so it's a cute game, it can be fun to play, and it's challenging -- but the idiotic sophomoric comments that pop up after each time you "get squashed" have got to go. I realize they're supposed to be fun / obnoxious--that's fine. The problem? They're not clever. They are boring. They are repetitive. Would it be asking too much to expect more than a handful of phrases that repeat endlessly throughout the game? Am I asking too much? Am I reaching for the stars here people? I don't think so. The comments themselves are pointless and stupid, the fact that the game creators only bothered to come up with a few of them is disappointing and pathetic.

- Lost a couple stars...

So I originally rated this a 5 star app and I still really like the game. One thing that really is starting to get on my nerves is that I have been playing for weeks and weeks earning coins and spending them on characters I already have. This is happening more frequently now that I have more characters than I don't. I know to some degree it's about luck and all but it's been weeks since I got a new character. Plus when I do it is one of the zodiac ones whose music I can not stand and so I can not use it. Please make the slot machine more fair, it feels rigged.

- Not meant for everyone!!

This is a platform game. It's meant to induce rage. Lol The sounds that the guy makes when jumping don't always sync well with the music but that's not a deal breaker. Yes the additional characters are .99 or you can play until you get 100 coins and try to win a new one for free. The guys that designed this app have bills to pay and need to yes, they want to make money. So if you don't wanna don't have to. But you will have to work harder to get all the characters. It's really not that hard though. Playing the daily challenge each day for like a week...gets you plenty of coins to try multiple spins! So it's really not as bad as people are making it out to be. Game play is awesome! It's simple and very challenging! The music is catchy and the characters are cute!! Great game!

- Grrrrrrrrr!!

This game is fun and yes addicting as everyone says. It is also extremely frustrating and yet very satisfying. I can't believe some of you have beat the levels in 10 tries or less. I'm on level 3 and I'm on my 189th try give or take. I agree with the comment about the leaderboards, they should make sense and I also agree with both sides here on the feelings about the game. I don't know if I'll have the patience to actually finish the game but right now I'm having fun.

- Fun and challenging, but has a bug

I really enjoy this game and like playing the daily challenges! The only frustrating thing about it is that you are able to spend earned coins for new characters, but 3 times now I have been given a character I already earned. It's annoying because those coins take a lot of work to get and I'm being robbed of the new characters it said it would be getting. Other than that, I like the game and it's worth downloading.

- Frustrating/addicting

What is it with games like this? It looks simple but turns out to be difficult and that difficulty challenges you until you're hooked! Draining my battery life right now but very entertaining! And at least the graphics and sounds are cool and original - unlike Flappy Bird Just finished level 10/18! Wish you guys can give us an official hash tag so we can brag! Wish you can make it free too so more folks can share the fun!

- Awesome, but with a bug

the game itself is fantastic. Hard, frustrating beyond belief, but fun. That being said, it seems to have a bug. Whenever I try to play the game with some form of Internet connection, it pops up with a screen with "Invictus Games" at the top and there's an x, presumably to close it, but nothing happens when I try to close it. If I click on the grey space where the play button normally is, I am taken to whatever level I'm on and I can play through it, but I can't see it, I can only hear it, all I see is the grey screen.

- 😩😕😐😕😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😕😐

So...I understand this is a rhythm game. The jumping is a little glitchy. The music is wonky, which i thought was pretty funny the first time I heard it. What's not funny are the shifting poles when you JUST land before them, only to die instantly. Not to mention that the music in sync with the characters movements is out of wack, so that's not really dependable. That being said, and giving credit to the people who developed this app which I could never do, I did enjoy this game. The characters are cute and the frustration of "THE SMEAR" 😨 always has me coming back.

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- New version has delay on rhythm

New version is good however there is little lag on the touch and the sound, hope you can fix this

- Original

It's a cool original game (from what I know of). Being a fan of games with good music I like it and hope I get to see more through updates. Good work creator/creators

- Best game ever!

Love everything about this game! The wacky music, the levels, all of it!

- Awesome game

Already addictive

- Give it up

This game is so fun but it is really difficult to play 👍😎


Cant believe theres such a great bug in your daily challenge

- great game! tons of fun!


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- Really addicting

My boyfriend showed me the game and I am now addicted. Wish you could move on though at 85%

- Add more music!!

good game but it would be great if there were more music!!! like if each individual character had its own song! also it would be great if the chinese characters’ sounds weren’t so loud and obnoxious 😬

- Was great.

I bought this years ago when it was shown on Pewdiepie's (I think) channel. It was a dollar and there were no in app purchases. Now the god damn check points cost the same price as the game once did. Disgusting.

- Super great!

A wonderful game with good bgm

- The beat goes on

Good music an beat that keeps you motivated. Challenging for sure but really fun

- Give it up

Jadore se jeux et toute mes amies lon telecharger

- 求更新

快更新 早就通关了 求更新

- The sway

This game is really hard if you would be at my point (I finished the 1st and 2nd I am at the unofficial 3rd) so it is extremely hard I can barely stop tapping I need to tap at every second! The beat goes as fast as you need to tap to motivate you to continue and well.... Stay Alive! And don't give it up!

- Needs to be updated!!

Sound doesn't work with new iOS 9.2

- Awesome

I love it

- 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


- What!!!!!!!

After this update it won't let me open the game and I love the game . Please fix it

- 好玩


- Great!!

Love the game! Some people say it's addicting, not really. Somewhat, I guess. But it's great. I'm on the 3rd level. There's a little jump glitch on one of the parts but not much. Maybe it's not even a glitch. The point is, this game is great. It's a game just for playing, when your bored. I love it😊

- 10/10

Would give it up again.

- good


- Please give me my money back

This garbage game won't even play, give me my money back!

- Problem with touch

While this game is fun, the touch reaction time is sketchy. I tap but don't jump when I tap. The sensitivity is questionable (it took me 185 tries to beat level 2! Come on! And I'm a gamer not some newbie) The blob is cute and the music is great but something needs to be done with the sensitivity

- Awesome

It's all about timing your tap 😃

- Too precise

If you don't tap at exactly the right moment the guy won't jump he will just walk right into the spike

- Nope...

It's not worth your money :( I want my money back!!!!

- Give it up

Pretty awesome! Addictive game !

- Glitchy jumps

There is a slight delay in the jump that messed up the entire experience for me. Please make it jump on touch, not wait 1 second after you click and then jump.

- Fun little addictive game

Deceptively simple concept that keeps you coming back for just one more try

- It's ok...

It's good... But whenever I want to jump, it doesn't really let me. I really like this game but if you could just fix that, it would probably put me to peace. I haven't even got past the first level yet, I'm only at 30%. So please fix it.

- Game Review

Awesomely Addicting!!!

- Superb

The entire family enjoy this game. As fun this game is, it is as frustrating. The game description is spot on. Good music combined cute sounds from the blob. Very addictive.

- Gay

It is way too pinpoint accurate to be fun. Loosen it up a little bit!! Geez!!!

- I like it!!! Download now. :)

Games like this are fun. I like quick play games. :)

- Well worth the buck!

Simple idea but so much fun. Cool graphics and catchy soundtrack.

- Fun

It's a pretty fun game if you like quick reflex games..the movements of the blob character adds to the songs that play in the background...nice touch I think :) . Graphics are nice and smooth quite simple but it works well for this game. Worth the $0.99 for sure!


TOO damn addictive. If you plan on playing this game, say goodbye to your work, your loved ones, and your life. It makes you wanna say "JUST ONCE MORE!!!!!"

- Fun game!


- Awesome game!!!!!!

I love this game so much I got my whole family playing it get this game now so fun totally worth the money (it should be more actually) please make a second one I will buy it no matter what I am so addicted even if I beat it I will never stop playing. GET THIS GAME NOW IT IS CHEAP FOR WHAT YOU GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat 1.9.18 Screenshots & Images

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat iphone images
Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat iphone images
Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat iphone images
Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat iphone images
Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat iphone images
Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat (Version 1.9.18) Install & Download

The applications Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat was published in the category Games on 2014-12-18 and was developed by Invictus [Developer ID: 321262193]. This application file size is 172.61 MB. Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat - Games app posted on 2021-09-29 current version is 1.9.18 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.invictus.impossiball